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tv   News 4 Midday  NBC  October 26, 2011 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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good morning. welcome to "news4 midday." i am eun yang in for barbara harrison today, wednesday, october 26th, 2011. today prince georges county police are trying to figure out why this driver crashed into mcdonald's. this was the scene on greenbelt road around 8:30 this morning. nobody inside the restaurant was hurt. the driver was not seriously injured. right now in montgomery county, the lemon trial is in
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the third day of brjury selecti. we are joined live with an update. good morning, melissa. >> reporter: jury selection was scheduled to begin at 9:30 this morning and they had to wait and it started at 10:00. it's still going on as we speak. six men and five women have been selected. one person has not been selected. it's still going on after opening statements begin, and the defense can eliminate 20. prosecutors say she killed murray inside the store in march, beating her and stabbing her, and all she had 107 wounds. once the jury process is complete, the state's attorney will take the floor and start
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with opening statements, and that could happen in a little while. the prosecution had to change its tactic a bit. they wanted to show 11 photos to the jurors, and the judge decided to four and thought the others were 22 gruesome, and the family is expected to be in court but we have not seen them up to this point. jury selection underway still here in rockville. right now, a judge in virginia is trying to decide whether to release the medical records of a university of virginia woman's lacrosse player who police say was killed by her boyfriend. huguely's attorney maintains love's medical records will show she may have died from an irregular heartbeat caused in part from drink alcohol and
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taking the prescription a adderall. and this happened after 4:00 this morning at a crowne gas station. the owner says he ran into the station's rest room as soon as he saw the men armed with guns, and he is not sure whether they were able to steal anything. there has been a string of armed and snatch and grab robberies sunday in a similar area. two different groups of robbers might be responsible for these crimes. fairfax county police are also investigating an armed robbery from overnight. they say it happened around 1:00 this morning at the huntington metro station. two men armed with guns and a knife approached the victim and took a cell phone and money. there are no reports of any injuries. happening today, a new
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protest is expected to spring up in the district as part of the occupy movement. occupy pennsylvania avenue are planning to launch daily rallies beginning with an event in an hour. the group says they are targeting politicians and change in gut. unlike occupy d.c., this group has no plans to camp out. tom kierein joins us with our first forecast. we knew the nice weather wouldn't last, tom. >> it's still pleasant in washington and points south and east where the sun is still out. at northwest, we still have a little of the last bit of sun shining down on the autumn foliage which is beautiful now. in the distance there are dark clouds moving in from the west, and over the last 12 hours we have been watching them move in ahead of train that has been holding together, and it's diminishing in intensity. there is the radar.
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the nearest rain is in frederick county, maryland, and up into southern pennsylvania and further to the southwest of their panhandle of west percentage, and that stretches into the northern shenandoah valley, over towards the highlands in west virginia at the potomac highlands. and they are tending to dry as they come our way, but we may get a few sprinkles in the next hour or two. and it's mid and upper 60s in the southwest area, where there has been more sun. and it's only 52 in frederick and down into the 50s to just the low 50s and upper 40s up in western pennsylvania where the rain is coming down harder. we do have snow falling in the rockies. i will show you that coming up. for the rest of the afternoon, mostly cloudy, a chance of a passing shower, and temperatures in the 60s and big changes on the way for the end of the week and weekend. details coming up.
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>> tough to think about snow already. let's check on midday traffic. and didn't you tell tom no "s" words. >> i told him no "s" or "r" words, and he threw them both out. who wants rain. and now the inner loop of the beltway is seeing green and it was all red earlier. 66, that's where i have my eye, because we are seeing delays troubling east inside the beltway. the delays start from west moreland street. and then not seeing any accidents for you 270 south. a live look at shady grove, nice and clear. right now, near richmond, there's a massive search for a missing autistic man.
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the county sheriff's office says wood wondered off while with his family there sunday. 500 people have been helping with the search. many have never met the boy's family but they had to do something. >> i hate to see things like this happen, and you have to -- everybody needs to stick together. they need to do what they can. i think it's fantastic that the community has come out like they have. >> the 80-acre park is not fenced in, and authorities are concerned the boy could have wondered off the property. broken escalators are constantly frustrated. two of the three escalators at the bethesda escalators went down forcing riders to climb 250 feet up. business leaders packed the room and told metro officials they cannot wait much longer for a
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fix. >> we don't care why it's out, it's out. >> it's off. >> we don't want metro to be insane, so doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result is insanity. >> there are no quick and easy fixes. they estimate it will take three years to get new escalators at the station and six years for a new high-speed elevator. we have seen lots of protests and marches in the district this year, but this morning computers may have seen a different side on d.c. streets. hundreds of kids blocking traffic in an end homelessness. >> reporter: today the children of meridian public charter school decided to give d.c. a surprise with a march in support of the homeless. >> people earlier this morning probably heard them before they saw them. and then the next thought was -- what's going on. >> more than 500 students from
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the meridian public charter school in the west took to the neighborhood to -- >> help, help homeless! >> some people don't have no clothes or shoes. no shoes, no house, and no cars. so we don't -- they don't buy no nothing because they have no money. >> the average homeless person is 9 years old, and our children raez realized that and they go home and spread the message. >> reporter: the students held signs and chanted as they walked the route. one of the instructors told me this is by no means a one-time event. >> it's like sharing, and always said sharing is caring and that's what we try to stress to the kids and we have to share and care for one another. >> one teacher told me when asked what effort would they like to support, these children said an effort to end homelessness.
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in northwest, i am tracee wilkins. 11:09, and 68 degrees. coming up, people still being pulled from the rubble in turkey. the lighter side of president obama, why he says he is careful about what kind of
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it's been three days, but people are still being pulled from the rubble alive. a total of five people have been rescued today including the 18-year-old university student and two school teachers who had been trapped for 67 hours. after two frigid nights they expect the death toll to grow. in other parts of the country, there is chaos. a huge after shot sparked a riot overnight. inmates fought with the prisons and started fights after the aftershock. the prisoners were afraid they would be crushed in their cells. on sunday 200 prisoners escaped after the quake brought down a parameter wall, and 50 returned
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after checking on loved ones. john edwards will inbound court trying to get the federal charges against him dropped. he is charged with using $1 million in under the table payments to hide his pregnant mistress. he is also charged with helping falsify campaign finance reports. edwards has plead not guilty, and the charges are based on incoherent legal theories that would turn the u.s. campaign finance system upside down if validated by a court. and trying to help cash-strapped college students to pay off debt. they want to help reduce payments and consolidate federal loans with private loans. he is out paced by mortgage debt, and tuition is at an all-time high, averaging $17,000 a year at a state school. president obama made a stop
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on t"the tonight show" with jay leno, and he talked about how trick-or-treating needs to change at the white house. >> she has been giving, for the last few years, kids fruit, and raisins in the bag. and i said, you know, the white house is going to get egged. >> while on the west coast, president obama made a stop at the landmark, roscoe's house of chicken and waffles, and he described eating his meal in the presidential limo. >> we were actually going to a fund-raiser with will smith and jada, and i didn't realize it was so close, so suddenly we pull up and my sleeves are rolled up and i have a spot on mai tai, and i am looking for one of the wet ones, you know, and getting the chicken out of my teeth. it was not elegant, but outstanding chicken.
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>> well, this was mr. obama's fourth appearance on the late night talk show and his second as president. don't they have the presidential limo stocked with those things for emergencies? >> yeah, snap your fingers. >> too bad you can't snap your fingers and have 70-degree weather. >> that would be boring, wouldn't it? >> yeah, that's true. >> we're trying to put a positive spin on this. we had our share of rain recently, but now dealing with snow in colorado. >> no. >> yes, indeed. the big snowstorm is hitting there right now, and we have video from earlier this morning. near denver, the snow did start there predawn, and they picked up about a couple inches of snow earlier this morning. they had the snowplows out. this is october 26th, for crying out loud. >> this is not right! >> it's not even halloween, yet.
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it's scary, trick-or-treat snow. my brother lives north of denver, between denver and boulder, and i just e-mailed him and they said they already have a foot there on the ground now, and it's heavy and everything is going to snap, they have had a lot of tree limbsnapping. my younger sister lives at a higher elevation outside rocky mountain national park and they got that much as well, it's a heavy wet snow there. let's enjoy what we have here, just maybe a little bit of rain. right now at reagan national, 62. a little sun still trying to get through. we have our wind coming in out of the south. as we look at what has been happening here over the last 12 hours, a weak, cool front is coming down from the north and west and beginning to spread rain closer to us. and so in frederick county, right near frederick county and
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over towards carroll county, stretches into loudoun county, and then breaks up a little bit into the west in the northern part of the shenandoah valley. and then sprinkles where they had rain in the 50s, but elsewhere we're climbing in the 60s. look at culpepper, already 70 degrees and in the upper 60s and near 70 on the eastern shore. you got your wish at least for today, eun. and then going forward over the next 12 hours, this moving color, these are the zones of potential, perhaps sprinkles later this afternoon and maybe this evening, otherwise just cloudiness around, and not much rain at all. thursday, a greater chance of rain, and one wave may come in tomorrow morning and another one during the afternoon on thursday, and then big changes on the way for friday and the weekend. cloudy and a 40% chance of light showers, and in most areas we may get over 70 in southern maryland and central virginia.
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and for the evening, sunset, 6:15. another chance of a passing light shower this evening and in the low 60s and down into the 50s by midnight. and the low 50s and a wet start to the day tomorrow starting off thursday morning with a little bit of light rain and during the afternoon, perhaps more passing showers, and then 30s on friday morning. so a big change coming in. a cold start to friday. friday afternoon, only the mid-50s. looks like chilly rain on saturday. we may even get a few wet -- >> don't even say it. no. you can't say it. >> i won't. but we might get it so don't be surprised if you see a little bit of -- whatever we call those white things coming down from the sky and floating around. on sunday, low and behold, sun should return. still chilly. 30s, and a chill krae start to next week on monday and tuesday. that's the way it looks. >> i think we should have a
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rule, no hmmm before thanksgiving. danella sealock joins us for the traffic. >> let's head down i-95. not looking so bad at all, seeing a lot of green. this is for the director, kurt, he says how can you live in a 2 d world when you can live in a 3-d world. no accidents or delays at all. traveling northbound and southbound on 95 in virginia, clear in both directions. 395, clear at edsall, and clear to the 14th street bridge. >> still ahead, one of the stars of usa networks is in our studio. the special event that brings him to d.c. >> ♪ ♪ drive in around town with a girl i love ♪
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our next guest is one of the stars of the popular usa show, "covert affairs." he joins us now this morning to talk more about what is happening and to talk about the
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new season of "covert affairs." tell us what you will do at the museum. >> usa network has something called partners unite. and they put together these amazing events where they bring fantastic storytellers in to tell a story to the audience. and i went to one of these events last year in new york city, and it's so powerful. it's to hear firsthand stories of prejudice stories of discrimination and the goal, of course, is to end those, to promote tolerance and understanding. >> are you one of the story tellers. >> i am not, but i am introducing the whole event tonight. >> what message do you want kids to take away from the event? >> the message is, telling your story is very important. the idea of being heard is something that is very
11:25 am
important, and something that we're promoting tonight. because, you know, the more that you learn about somebody else, about another group of people, the harder it is to hate them, frankly. >> sounds like an amazing event. covert affairs beginning a new season. you play a blind cia agent. let's take a look, first. >> same thing. my right, your right, and break it -- very nice, ms. walker. one more time. where did you go. >> that looks really hard. how do you pull off that role? >> before we worked on the pilot i reached out to an organization called the canadian national institute for the blind and have been working closely for them since the pilot, so for two years now. >> i loved you in "ugly betty," and you are henry. this is a complete departure,
11:26 am
right? >> yes, augie is not henry. he was one of the most nerdiest people on the planet. he was adorable, but augie is very much a leading man. and he was a unique character for television. he's a veteran who is a leading man on the network shows. >> the show is set here in washington. do you ever film here, and do we see washington in the show. >> in the summer finale, piper came and shot in the mall. piper and odet came and shot. we just got back from venice, berlin and stockholm. >> you are working so you can't enjoy it? >> we are working, but we also enjoy it. >> do you like d.c.? what would you like to see? >> i love d.c., but i never have free time when i am here lately
11:27 am
to enjoy the sites and hangout at the mall. two of the senator softball teams were playing against each other last time we were here. >> so washington, stumble upon a softball game with senators. >> senator kerry's team won. >> check it all out while you are here, the museum. >> absolutely. >> "covert affairs" on usa network. coming up, big questions remain this morning after a body is found on top of a moving truck. and
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state farm. this is jessica. hey, jessica, jerry neumann with a policy question. jerry, how are you doing? fine, i just got a little fender bender. oh, jerry, i'm so sorry. i would love to help but remember, you dropped us last month. yeah, you know it's funny. it only took 15 minutes to sign up for that new auto insurance company but it's taken a lot longer to hear back. is your car up a pole again? [ crying ] i miss you, jessica! jerry, are you crying? no, i just, i bit my tongue. [ male announcer ] get to a better state. state farm.
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lawyers in the lemon murder case select 12 jurors, six men? six women. now they are working to find alternates. norwood is accused of killing her colleague. and now alcohol is being blamed for the death of singer, amy winehouse. she was more than five times over the legal drunk driving limit when she died. the singer known for her sultry voice and history of alcohol and drug problems was found dead in bed at her london home on july
11:31 am
23rd. winehouse's doctor said the singer started drinking in the days before her death after quitting for a time. she was 27 years old. the church is mourning the loss of one its members after she was found dead. she had gone up to help her father-in-law who was recovering from a car accident. and her body was found in a creek. police are not saying if the death is suspicious or who found her body. the death came as a shock where she taught sunday school. >> she was very energetic, very bright, very intelligent, and she was a great worker in the church. >> church members say they want to know what happened to her, who was a mother of three. the police are telling residents the public is not in danger and
11:32 am
they believe this is an isolated incident. investigators are trying to identify a person found dead on the top of a truck on i-95. the police pulled over the driver and troopers are trying to figure out how the person died and ended up on the truck. a fairfax county woman was cleared in a trial about dog poop. yes, her neighbors claims she did not clean up after the dog she walked. neighbors took pictures of what they claim was unscooped poop. >> looks like a horse's poop. >> another charge against me, and another call the police on
11:33 am
me to try and cause harm to me and my family. it was a waste of the court system's time. >> this was not the first time her neighbors have made these accusations against her. in 2009, they claimed she ran them down with her car, and she was acquitted of those charges as well. hundreds of students are living in hotels after their dorms were deemed a health hazard. mold was found and now crews are cleaning. and the college is planning to move them into a cruise ship that will dock alongside the campus. the hpv vaccine is recommended for girls, and now the vaccine is also being
11:34 am
recommended to give to boys. it's offered to design protection from a human p papillomavir papillomavirus. it's linked to a 200% increase in head and neck cancers in men. it linked to heart disease in women. the reason you aknock late kids early is because you want them to have the anti-bodies in their bodies, and will protect their bodies when they become exposed, hopefully many years down the line. the recommendation is for girls 11 to 13, and now the data is in and the cbc says let's cover the boys and girls. >> the vaccine comes in a series of three shots and costs about $300. and they could encourage more insurance carriers to cover the vaccine. rate and age could make a
11:35 am
difference in how well a new vaccine works. it may not work for obese people or for people over 65, even in healthy young adults the study shows a vaccine only works 60% of the time. the centers for disease control says people should still get flu shots because they are safe and can save lives. if you are one of the people that reaches for the hand sanitizer after touching things in public, well, listen up. there is a list exiled at the dirtiest places. at the top, the gas paump. public mailboxes, 68%, and more than 40% of escalator rails and parking meters were also highly infected. makes you want to wash your hands. tom kierein, let's check in with you for the forecast. >> well, we had some sun this morning, and now the clouds are beginning to push in and covering the metro area.
11:36 am
that's a live picture from the sky watcher camera. the clouds moving in from the west. a radar showing the leading edge of some of the light rain is right now near the montgomery frederick county line in maryland and in far western howard county, and further to the south and west of their, into northern loudoun county, getting a few sprinkles. a few sprinkles in jefferson, berkeley, and clark, and that's continuing to advance to the south and east, but it's breaking up, so we may get a few sprinkles in the metro area perhaps in another hour or two, and out ahead of that we're in the 60s locally. and it's in the upper 60s, southern maryland, up around the northern neck, and culpepper now, 70 degrees and it's only in the 50s further west where the light rain has been falling. later today, perhaps a few
11:37 am
passing light sprinkles as well as into the evening. and much colder weather is moving in. friday morning, in the 30s. we may see a few wet snowflakes on saturday, no accumulation, but just certainly unusual scene to see before halloween. sunday and for halloween, and starting off next week, looks like good weather for the marine corps marathon on sunday. let's check the midday traffic once again. danella sealock has the latest. >> well, right now i am seeing an accident, i-66 traveling eastbound at washington boulevard. it's blocking the left lane. and then the lanes are getting packed, but as soon as you make your way on i-66, clear as you continue to make your way east. now, outer loop of the beltway in maryland as well as inner loop in montgomery county, it's clear. right now you are traveling at a good speed, 54 miles per hour.
11:38 am
looking good out here. >> sounds good. thank you, danella. andy rooney's family is asking for privacy this morning as the long time cbs correspondent is in the hospital this morning. his condition is described as stable. his family would not elaborate on his medical problem or where he is hospitalized. he retired as a regular "60 minutes" correspondent a few weeks ago. tyler spent three hours at the hospital after falling in the shower, and he said he fell because of weak from food poisening. the 25th annual aids walk washington takes place.
11:39 am
it's a walk and timed run produced by a nonprofit community-based organization, and it helps those affected by hiv or aids. and we are joined with more this morning. thank you so much for being here. good morning to you. >> tell us about this year's walk. a huge milestone, and whether or not people can get involved. >> it's our 25th. like most things in life, anniversaries are important to us. when we mark this one, we will clearly remember a lot of people we have lost along the way. but there is lot of hope, and there are prevention tools that more and more people are getting involved in. with respect to the walk, www.aidswalk people want to know why it's so important to support
11:40 am
organizations like this. talk about the statistics. >> we have 3.2% of the adults confirmed living with hiv, and there are many that have hiv and don't know it, and that puts the number somewhere around 25,000 people with hiv, and that's a lot of virus in the community and includes a lot of on going treatment and medication and having people get tested regularly so they know their status. >> what sorts of services do they provide for the community? >> this is one of the things i have been talking a lot about in the last few years. we're a community center, and we take care of people living with hiv, and whether they are positive or negative we take care of them, and we offer legal, clinical research program, and it's a pretty robust program and it's wonderful when you think about the health care reform coming into play. >> and how are they doing in the financial times? >> doing well. it's one of the interesting
11:41 am
things. we still need donations from the community. there's a lot of stuff we do that is not covered by third party insurance or grants. we fund a lot of activity related to pure support, testing and counseling interventions not funding and that's the type of things we use the funding from the aids for walk. >> you showed off some of the newly renovated features. >> we renovated a patient reception area and exam rooms, and we let people come in on friday and see what it looks like. it's a different health center than what people may have remembered if they came through for an hiv test. >> you are continuing to do more advanced work for the community. >> you bet. >> good luck on saturday. >> thank you. i hope tom can take the rain away. >> yeah, reduce that 50% to
11:42 am
about 10%. >> we will work on that. >> thank you.
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11:44 am
if you want to dine at disney world, you better mean it. diners who fail to show up for
11:45 am
reservations at disney world will pay a hefty price. it's a $10 per person fee for parties that don't show up or don't cancel 24 hours in advance. they are aiming at providing greater available. strict there. and then according to the washington examiner, a state transportation commission is recommending to raise the tax from 23.5% to 38 cents a gallon. the commission also suggests raising vehicle registration fees by 50%, and doubling the fee for emissions inspections. the gasoline tax has not been raised since 1992.
11:46 am
and then we are joined with the rest of the business headlines. >> markets are mixed easing. sfil, questions remain. here in the u.s., the commerce department is saying the sales of new homes rose 5.7% in december, and that's because builders cut their prices. that's one positive point to balance out other data. and they are not buying planes, trains and automobiles. boeing said it should make more money than expected this year. it's rolling out the 787
11:47 am
dreamliner, making the first trip today from tokyo. and then two big debates remain, high unemployment and steep student loans, and today president obama will address one of them. he is expected to announce today, plans to ease the burden of student loans of nearly 6 million barrowers. thank you so much. it is now 11:47. could we have the next justin bieber in the mix? good morning to you, josh. >> great to be here. >> you are one of the four finalists in a nationwide talent search. it was a 2011 kids usa talent, and you beat out like tens of thousands of other children to be in the competition. what was it like to be part of it? >> amazing. the whole experience, from the
11:48 am
start to end was amazing. whether i won or not, meeting the people and getting exposure, it was so awesome. >> we are proud of you to be one of the top four in that nationwide search. what was it like to work with american idol's kris allen? >> he was great and a good, down to earth kind of guy. he was fun to work with. we worked with him in the studio and got to be on the stage with him, and behind the scenes we got to hangout, and seeing him on tv and on "american idol" and now i got to see him and work with him, it was so awesome. >> what about what you learned from this experience, about yourself and singing and your career, what do you think? >> well, i think that i learned a lot about, you know, being original, and a lot about my originality. but i learned about how the music business works, the industry, and i learned about
11:49 am
the stuff i was wondering about and i got to get a piece of that. i learned so much other stuff along the way. >> we can't let you go without making you sing. can you sing something for us? >> yeah, you know, you mentioned is there a next justin bieber, so maybe i will try something out like that. i have not -- i have never done that before, so i will stand up. >> you want to stand up? hang on. we have to get you framed up. okay, when you are ready. >> ♪ ♪ i will wait on you forever, hand and foot ♪ ♪ your world is my world ♪ yeah, and the way you get any less than you should, because baby ♪ ♪ you smile, i smile, ohhhh, you
11:50 am
smile, i smile ♪ >> all right. watch out, justin bieber! have a seat. that's terrific. you are going to have a lot of young teenager girls at your doorstep. sorry about that, mom. who inspires you? >> well, the main artist that really inspire me, i would have to say, stevie wonder, and i really started out by listening to a lot of motown, and i really love him. i love maroon five, and adam -- he's probably today my favorite artist. and a lot more. >> you have upcoming recordings, is that right? >> yeah, in new york i got a lot of exposure, so i met a producer there while i was there, and i will be doing some songs, they sent me a song. i just have to see what is next. hopefully good things will come out of it. >> you are doing all of this and still going to school. do your classmates treated you
11:51 am
differently? what do you think of this? >> obviously i have gotten a lot of support from them. i am so glad with all of the support that you have got. just behind the website, but from all my friends. >> and you also have a band as well, and you are playing in a battle of the band here at the 9:30, is that right? >> yeah, i am playing at the 9:30 club, and it goes to a music school. we do it every six months. the band is calls pulse. it's something that i do on the side and really enjoy. it's a rock band and i love that, too. love all that stuff. >> do you do other stuff in school? the mom in me has to ask you. while you are doing all this stuff? >> i am trying to do it. struggles come along with it. >> must be tough to balance your schedule. >> well, it's not coming to a close, but i have to start focusing on everything else as well. >> well, we're going to remember your name, josh bernstein, i
11:52 am
think we will see you in lights. >> thank you. it's now 11:51. coming up, meteorologist, tom kierein is going to be back with a check of your cooler weather in the days ahead. stay with
11:53 am
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state farm. this is jessica. hey, jessica, jerry neumann with a policy question. jerry, how are you doing? fine, i just got a little fender bender. oh, jerry, i'm so sorry. i would love to help but remember, you dropped us last month. yeah, you know it's funny. it only took 15 minutes to sign up for that new auto insurance company but it's taken a lot longer to hear back. is your car up a pole again? [ crying ] i miss you, jessica! jerry, are you crying? no, i just, i bit my tongue. [ male announcer ] get to a better state. text save to 7-8836. night."
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running in high heels can be a dangerous business, as you can tell from the annual high heel race in dupont circle, although they make it look easy. several racers fell at the start of the race. thousands watched as the men in drag raced. the high heel race is one of the distri district's most endearing competition. and starting this month, a hotel chain will figure out what you need by looking at you. this is happening at the liaison hotel in northwest washington. a body language expert trained them on what cues to look for.
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two prices up for grabs. head to nbc washington facebook page, and like us, and then you can enter to win an hd camera or tickets to see the red hot capitals. the winter will be announced tonight during the 11:00 p.m. newscast. and let's look at a preview of things to come. >> coming up this afternoon at news4 at 4:00, we will die into the myths of vaccines. dr. jackie will join us. and then the latest steven tyler's fall in a bathtub. at 5:00, losing weight can be an uphill battle at any age. two women with different lives are going public with their weight loss struggles, and they say they are ready to make a big change. we will have those stories and all the day's news coming up at 4:00. >> we will see you then. a final check of your forecast. meteorologist, tom kierein, is here with the latest and the greatest, or maybe not the
11:57 am
greatest. >> the sun is faded now. we had a beautiful morning, and now the fun is over and it looks like we will have rain, perhaps a little later on. the radar right now showing a few sprinkles on radar, northern -- right now loudoun county into the northern shenandoah valley, and that's drifting, and we have sprinkles into montgomery county, and that's drifting off to the south and east, and they may make their way into the metro area, perhaps in another hour or so and so don't be surprised if you run into a few sprinkles. right now, temperatures where they had the rain are still in the 50s, but generally elsewhere we are climbing in the mid-and upper 60s, and 70 from c culpepper, and charlottesville, 73 right now. quite a variety of temperatures based on if you do have the sun. those that do have the sun have
11:58 am
clouds later, and perhaps a passing shower, and then a likelihood tomorrow. partly cloudy and much colder weather for friday. 30s in the morning. afternoon highs, the 50s. chilly rain on saturday and even a few wet snowflakes. sunday, sunny but chilly, and for halloween, it should be dry weather for trick-or-treaters, and cloudy and 50s in the afternoon. >> you did say the "s" word tom? >> think about next week, and we will keep moving forward. that does it for "news4 midday." thank you for joining us. join us at
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