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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  October 27, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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stay with us now. news 4 continues at 5:00 a.m. show of support, protesters in washington rally in solidarity with those out in california. >> also troubling images put jurors in the who lululemon case on day one. good morning to you. >> welcome to news 4 today for this thursday, the october 27th, 2011. the october. >> one of the octobers. this one this year. >> that's right. it's 5:00 a.m. 59 degrees out there. a little rainey when we were coming in. want to know if that's going to stick around, tom. >> it is. have your umbrella handy. this morning, we'll have some
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occasional light rain farther east. that's what we're having in the areas of light blue and green on the radar. this will continue for a couple of hours and some of that heavier rain will move in. perhaps around 8:00, 9:00 this morning. right now, we're in the 50s. much of the region. mid 50s in montgomery, arlington and fairfax. near 60 in the georges district and southern maryland and through central virginia and out in western maryland and much of west virginia. it's mild there. they're in the low 60s. sunrise will be at 7:30. we'll be hovering around 60 through the morning with these occasional lighter showers and then some moderate showers moving in around 9:00 or so and off and on into the afternoon. passing showers. some of them could be moderate at times and a mild day into the mid and perhaps upper 60s by midafternoon. much colder tonight. we'll look at your evening planner. that will be in ten minutes. good morning, danella. how is the commute?
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>> good morning. the rails are open. so far, none are reporting delays. metro, marc all reporting on schedule. they look pretty good. here is a view of the bellway in prince georges county right around 50. you can see we have volume increasing. there are no delays n in or on the outer loop. getting just a tad busy at fairfax county parkway, but so far, clear in all directions north and south on i-95. if you're continuing on to 395, here is the view at duke street. it's a nice view. unmatching any problems clear to the 14th street bridge. >> danella, thanks so much. 5:02 right now. police in oakland are keeping occupy wall street protefrts outside of city hall. they will not be allowed to spend the night. police raided the protesters encampment on tuesday and cleared the plaza. an iraq war veteran who was among the demonstrators was
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critically injured during that presentation when something struck him in the head. a protest group participatan said police fired the projacket i'll that hit him. protesters broke into small groups and took off in different directions. some of the smaller groups were seen running through the streets and disrupting local traffic. demonstrators here in washington are showing their solidarity with protefrts out in washington. no one was arrested. the prosecution in the li lululemon mrurd trial is trying to prove the killing inside the bethesda yoga shop was planned. news 4's megan mcgrath joins us live as day two of this trial
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begins. did morning to you. >> good morning. that's right. whether brittany norwood killed jayna murray was not a dispute in this case. norwood's own attorney admitted that she has. what is at the heart of this trial is meditation. the prosecutor says the murder was premeditated, that she lured janemy murray back to lululemon with the intent to kill her and that she should be convicted of first degree murder. but morewood's lawyer says the argument happened after an argument with murray. jurors heard testimony from several witnesses who stumbled on the crime scene, including the manager who came to open the store the next morning. she and a bystander entered,
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found murray lying face down on the floor and norwood tied up in the bathroom. officers testified norwood was injured and appeared to be trauma advertised. prosecutors say norwood's story began to unravel in the coming days. we are expecting the prosecution to present evidence in terms of exactly what didn't match up here and what brought them to the conclusion that norwood was not a victim, but the actual killer in this case. testimony will resume which court comes into session this morning. more coming up, later in the show. >> we'll see you then. thank you so much. 5:05 is the time. people out west are waking up a little rattled this morning. an earthquake hit in northern california overnight. the u.s. geological survey says it was a 4.7 magnitude quake
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that hit about 2:30 this morning hour time. there were no reports of any damage or injuries out there. yet another survivor has been pulled from the rubble overnight in turkey four days after a 7. magnitude earthquake rocked that country. the 19-year-old man was found in a collapsed building. officials say hopes of finding more people alive under all this rubble is fading now and the death toll is expected to rise. overnight, it had jumped to 523 confirmed dead and more than 1600 injured. on top of that, rescue crews and thousands are now homeless from the quake. they're dealing with frigid temperatures out there this morning with rain and snow. new from overnight, a man is in stable condition after being shot from a liquor store. this happened in the 11,000 block of brandiewine road. police say the man was shot and transported to the hospital. police have not released any information on a possible suspect. we'll brng you updates as they
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come into our news room. new from overnight, police are investigating an armed robbery in southeast washington. it happened just after midnight. police say two men wearing masks and armed with a gun robbed a person before running in the direction of the orr elementary school. investigators have not said what was taken or whether there were any injuries. anyone with any information is asked to call d.c. police. metro transit police say they've arrested a man with multiple armed robberies. detectives believe michael macintosh was involved in at least four robberies in the past two months. he would show a gun and demand the items. police arrested macintosh after a robbed a business near the u-street metro station. today, the board of directors voted to chaeng some of the station names. some stations will have a primary shorter name and then a
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longer secondary name. examples include smithsonian/the national maul. navy yard/ballpark and king street/old town. the new metro naming policy limits station naimts names to just 19 characters. today, a happy home coming for about 70 national guard soldiers for our area. members of the 29th infantry vision are coming home after serving in afghanistan since december. they were helping nato develop afghanistan's national security forces. they came back to the states a week ago and underwent routine health screenings before returning to their homes. welcome home and thank you for your service. >> absolutely. 5:08 is our time. a d.c. tourist with a story to tell. how he was able to track a couple of suspected robbers from hundreds of miles away. also, a wet start to the morning. tom will tell us whether you'll need an umbrella all day long. >> next, the surprising discovery two months after a cat
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went missing.
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talk about nine lives. jack the cat disappeared bag in august just as hurricane irene was hitting the city. but yesterday, the cat came crashing through a ceiling tile in the customs room at the airport. can you imagine? jack, hungry and dehydrated was immediately taken to a veterinarian where he will spend the next three to five days recovering. american airlines says they will fly jack to his owner in northern california as soon as he gets better. >> i think jack may have been smuggling something. i think he was trying to avoid customs and ka boom, he fell right into their lap, caught. >> i bet you he gets to fly free from american american airlines for the rest of his life. >> but he's never going to be
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made to say it. >> and i shouldn't be saying it any more, either. and here is tom. he's looking at the weather. >> good morning. 5:11. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. this morning, you'll need your umbrella. farther to the west, heavier rains out in west virginia. that may be arriving here later, perhaps into the shennendoah valley. right now, light rain across northern virginia, the district and maryland. we'll have that with us here for another few hours. and it's a milder morning we've seen the last few mornings. we're in the mid and upper 50s. right now, 59 at reagan national. later today, we'll stay in the low 60s through the morning, maybe mid and upper 60s this afternoon with occasional showers throughout the day and into this evening, as well. we'll likely have more showers early evening and clearing out and getting chilly with a blustery northwest wind down to near 50 by midnight. these counties in blue l a
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freeze by this time tomorrow morning. we'll take a look at the weekend. that will be come up in ten minutes. danella, how is traffic? >> good morning. let's check travel times around the beltway. if you're traveling on prince georges county on the inner loop, traveling about 59 miles per hour and heading towards montgomery county on the outer loop of the beltway right now. taking the beltway in virginia, i'm not seeing any issues for you. here is the view at robinson terminal. inner loop and outer loop is clear. if you're making your way from i-95 interchange, heading to the dulles toll road, you're traveling at about 57 miles per hour and it will take 30 minutes to do so. 5:13 now. ahead on news 4 today, he stands 8 feet tall, has an unusual message and no one knows where he came from. >> 911, your emergency.
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>> my mom's car backed out. >> plus, a 5-year-old girl takes matters into her own hands when she came home from school to an empty house. a
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welcome back at 5:17. it could be another week before the judge sdietsdz whether to release medical reports of yardley love. her ex-boyfriend is on trial for her murder. police say george ugley killed love by slamming her head on to her apartment wall in may of 2010. his attorneys want to see her medical records. more medical experts will
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take the stand today in the man slaughter case against michael jackson's personal physician. character witnesses brought out a rare show of emotion from conrad murray. he's accused of giving conrad murray a fatal dose of the powerful anesthetic propofol. several of his former patients murray would never do anything to harm anyone. one woman's testimony brought murray to tears. >> if thisman had been degreedy -- excuse me, judge. if this man would have been degreedy, he never would have come to an area, a community of these homes, 75% of them poor, on welfare and social security where he was making less than where he was in vegas. >> murray's attorneys claim that jackson was desperate for sleep
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and gave himself the fatal dose of propofol when his doctor left the room. an expert on the anesthetic was scheduled to testify today along with an addiction specialist. the man charged with the 2009 ft. hood shooting will be back in court today. major nadal hasan will be in court to consider bringing expert witnesses in the case. hasan was charged with 32 counts of attempted murder after opening fire on the u.s. military base. he faces the death penalty or life in prison without parole. the trial is set to begin in march 2010. a pro gun group plans on holding an all-day demonstration next month at virginia tech, the site of the worst school shooting in u.s. history. the virginia citizen's defense league says the november 17th demonstration is in protest of efforts to ban concealed carry in hand weapons of campus buildings. virginia tech is considering pushing for a state regulation
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that would ban permit holders from carrying a weapon on campus. the d.c. council chairman says the council will pass an ethics bill yesterday. council members have introduced ten ethics bills. they include propose yaels that will enact term limits and ban council members from holding outside jobs. the council's committee on government regulations will take all of the proposals and unveil a single ethics bill. d.c. police can credit an iphone app with helping them track down two suspected crooks. police used the find my friends app twice recently to help people recover their stolen iphone. the first involved a man robbed in franklin park. his wife in pennsylvania used the app to track the phone and police found the thieves 15
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minutes later. >> i'm still totally impressed and amazed that the metropolitan police department responded so quickly and didn't say there's nothing we can do for you because this is about as close as you can get to a needle in a haystack. >> just a few moments later, a similar event happened in the logan circle. a police officer used the same app to track down the robbers. >> there's the find your needle in a haystack app. forecasters are calling for clear skies and temperatures in the low 60s tonight where game three of the world series will be played tonight. the game was postponed last night because of rain. trainingers lead the series, three games to two. hopefully the phone system between the dugout and the bull pen will work. take a look at this view of hurricane rina. it is expected to regain
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strength to the mexican shore. the island was devastated back in 2005 by hurricane wilma, the most intense storm ever recorded in the atlantic ocean. so the hurricane season continues for a few more weeks, i guess. let's go to tom joining us in the studio. >> here is the latest on rina. right now, it is center circulation which is here and here in the yucatan peninsula of mexico. and it has weakened overnight. it comes inland with a lot of the rain in the yucatan. there is the projection it will curve and regain a little more strength, but not really become a very big hurricane after that. well, here locally, we've got rain to deal with. we've had some light rain moving in from west to east, so all of
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the roads are wet this morning. allow yourself extra time. farther to the west, we've got heavier rain in west virginia. that will move in perhaps in another several hours. right now, sprinkles in washington, prince gornlgs, howard candidates. farther to the south, prince william, fairfax and into loudoun, as well. sprinkles in the shennendoah valley, as well, but there could be moderate rain moving in in the next hour there. and we're in the 50s around washington. as the day progresses, we'll hover around 630 through the morning. sunrise is not until 7:30. then this evening, rain ending early evening and then by midnight as we clear out with a blustery wind, we'll be near 50. and then a freeze tomorrow morning in the blue counties. panhandle of west virginia, up into frederick, washington counties into maryland, up into pennsylvania.
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a freeze tomorrow morning and a chilly day on friday. highs only near 50 tomorrow and partly cloudy. a chilly rain on saturday, maybe even a few wet snowflakes in some of the high spots. chilly on sunday and still chilly first part of next week. danella, good morning. how is traffic? >> good morning. starting with the rails, so far the rails are running on or close to schedule. that's metro, marc and on the roadways. starting to see some congestion build. not seeing any accidents. let's take a look at i-270 at father hurrily. hurly. so far, no major delays just yet. heading over to virginia if you're making your commute on i-66, heading east, you'll see a lot of headlights coming toward them. 66 in both directions, both inside and outside the beltway, not seeing any accidents. if you continue east through the rockland tunnel, nice and clear is your commute this morning.
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>> thank you. danella. apparently you don't have to be human to enjoy one of the country's best beaches. take a look. this giant lego man mysteriously appeared on the beach in florida. the synthetic sun tanner dawned a t-shirt that read, quote, no real than you are. what do you suppose that means, joe? if you can figure out what it means, perhaps you can figure out how the leggonman wound up on the beach in the first place. but he's believed to be the work of european artist ago or perhaps ego leonard. ael little girl in ohio is proving it's never too early to teach your children to call 911 in an emergency. she's just 5 years old, but she knew just what to do when she got home from school and no one was home. >> no one is here. i miss them so much. >> amelia kegley searched for her mother when she came home to an empty house.
5:26 am
she climbed behind the wheel of the family's suv, backed it out of the driveway and accidentally crashed into the yard across the street. at that point, she called 911 asking for her. amelia cannot know her mother had been rushed to the hospital by ambulance in the day with an unspecified illness. her father was supposed to pick her up from school but he never got the message. there is no word on the mother's condition, but we're told amelia is safe. just a couple hours ago, talks wrapped up between the owners and players in the nba lockout. more meetings are planned for today. both sides say they made significant progress and could possibly come to an agreement in the next few days. the first two weeks of the season, though, have already been canceled. after a long layoff, the capitals are back in action tonight on the road as they play the edmond ton oilers. the caps started this season -0
5:27 am
and are just three wins away from tying the league record for the best win of the season. first, they play the oilers tonight at 9:30. go caps. they have had such an amazing start. >> they really have, yes. and, of course, win the stanley cup. >> advance beyond the first couple of rounds of the playoffs. time right now is 5:27. coming up, new evidence that the gap between the rich and poor issing growing. >> also, police say they know where the body spotted on top of a moving tractor-trailer came from. and next, the graphic images shown on day one of the
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shocking scene, the jurors in the lululemon murder case get a look at the bloody crime scene inside the posh bethesda store. groeg gap, the richest americans are getting a lot richer. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. welcome back to news 4 today. it's thursday, 27th day of october. taking a live look outside right
5:31 am
now, we have 59 degrees in the nation's capital and we've had some rain overnight. >> and it continues. we've had a little light rain this morning. good morning. i'm meteorologist tom kurine right now you see that radar, the left of your screen, those of you watching in wide screen hd can see that. moderate rain moving into west virginia. closer to washington, that's light rain, just a few sprinkles now in montgomery, arlington, fairfax and prince georges county. a few sprinkles in charles county in southern maryland and farther south into prince william. farther to the west, a few sprinkles, as well, in far western loudoun county. and into frederick county, washington county maryland. we will have the light rain with us for just a couple of hours. that may make its way into the shennendoah valley now. right now, we're generally in the low 50s to near 60.
5:32 am
big changes on the way tone. a look at your evening planner in 10 minutes. danella, how is traffic? >> good morning. congestion is starting to build in our area. let's head up to i-270. then you get a little bit of a break. once you get towards hurly, i'm starting to see this congestion build around father hurly. and heading over to d.c., this is your commute, as well. new york avenue is getting pretty busy, but not seeing any accidents for you, either, traveling in d.c. back to you. >> thanks so much. 5:32 now. today is day two in the lululemon murder trial. the prosecution said brittany norwood lured jayna murray to the store. lawyers say she used a number of weapons, including a metal bar from a clothing rack to attack her coworker.
5:33 am
the jurors saw pictures of the bloody body police found in the back of the store. the defense says the two women got into a fight and the killing was not planned. the phrase we are the 99% has become a motto of sorts for the occupied protesters around the country. now there is new evidence that the gap between the so-called 99% and the wealthiest 1% of americans is growing. tracie potts joins us from capitol hill with more on these new numbers. tracie, good morning. >> good morning, everyone. the congressional budget office found over the last 30 years, everyone is earning more, but the rich are getting rich much faster than everyone else. the top 1% of earners, the richest americans had seen their incomes go up over that period. 40% for the middle class, 18% for the poorest americans. this is what we've been talking about as part of these occupy protests. now, in a separate study, the
5:34 am
census bureau ranked cities based on their gaps between the rich and the poor. and take a look. atlanta and new orleans at the top, our city, washington, d.c., comes in at third followed by miami and ft. lauderdale. in fact, there were three florida cities in the top ten, in the -- and that's the layest here from capitol hill. back to you, joe. >> thanks so much, tracie potts. the two sides of the so-called congressional super committee are far sides at reaching a deal. democrats are looking for $1.3 trillion in higher taxes, all over a ten-year period. the super committee has until november 23rd to recommend deficit savings of $1.2 trillion. otherwise, massive cuts will be triggered automatically. new from overnight, a show of shower from occupied d.c. protesters for their fellow protesters out in oakland.
5:35 am
police raided the demonstrator eps's encampment on tuesday. protesters here held a march last night in form of solidarity. no one was arrested. right now, police in oakland are seeing police out of that protest that they cleared the other night. the city has allowed protesters back into the plaza, but they will not but allowed to spend the night there. a protest groups says police fired a projectile that hit him. overnight, european leaders agreed on a second bailout for greece. they agreed to expand a bailout fund and 0% losses for greek
5:36 am
bonds. well, the u.s. supreme court could decide whether to hear appeals to president obama's health care overall as early as november sew. the main issue in the cases is whether forcing people to buy insurance is constitutional. it would allow them to hear arguments in these cases in march and then the justices would have three months to render a ruling. 5:36 now. today police in hannover county, virginia, are looking for volunteer toes help them search for a missing boy with autism. 8-year-old robert wood vanished sunday. more than 900 volunteers tried unsuccessfully to find him yesterday. but police believe the boy is still alive. if you'd like to help in the search, go to the king's dominion parking lot at 9:00 this morning. there's new information about that body found on top of
5:37 am
a tractor-trailer truck. police say the victim committed suicide. a witness saw the man falling from the wilson bridge pedestrian overpass on to the back of a trash truck as it drove down the street at 2:30 on tuesday. after receiving a 911 call, police pulled over the driver of the truck near the fairfax county parkway. new overnight, police are investigate ago shooting near a linker store. it happened around 11:15 last night in the 13700 block of brandiewine road. he is in stable condition, but police have not released in the information on a possible suspect. the local firefighter who does not have to go far to save a life. and bracelet backlash, a student in trouble with his school because of the message. and the rein is falling this morning. we'll tell you how lon
5:38 am
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[ male announcer ] act for kids, with maximum fluoride for up to 40% fewer cavities act. stronger teeth and better checkups in every bottle. time right now is 5:40. let's take a live look outside. there it is. we have some rain in the sky here in the nation's capital. it's a dreary, drizzling night
5:41 am
overnight. and it's extended into the day or the morning, at least. we'll see what the rest of the day looks like. hi, tom. >> and there's the radar. we see the rain moving from west to east. heavier downpours now in west virginia. those are heading towards the shennendoah valley over the next perhaps hour or so. closer to washington, we have light sprinkles in the district. prince georges, fairfax, arlington, montgomery county as well as howard and far south into charles as well as prince william. few spripgels in louden county, as well, and along the northern part of the blue ridge. temperatures, most locations in the mid and upper 50s. 59 now at reagan national. later today, we'll have our sunrise not until 7:30. it's getting later and later. throughout the day, we'll be with us and occasionally moderate at times.
5:42 am
highs reaching upper 60s. now for your evening planner, we will have occasion showers until early evening and then a blustery wind out of the northwest will clear out and we'll be down to near 50 by midnight and by this time tomorrow morning, these counties in blue just to our north could have a freeze, including frederick and carol, washington, panhandle of west virginia. that will be tomorrow morning. a look at big changes on the way for the weekend county 5:51. danella, how is traffic? >> looking at the rail, seeing a delay right now. penns train south on the 505. your delay, ten minutes. and on to the roadways right now, checking the roadways, starting to see conguston build. the inner loop and outer loop is clear. this is what the commute looks like as you make your way out of 550. if you're traveling in virginia taking i-95, heading out of dale city, here is your view as you pass the prince william parkway. your lanes are filling up.
5:43 am
they continue to fill up as you make your way north. so far, no accidents on i-95 in either direction as you continue towards the interchange. this is the view. back to you both. >> danella, thanks so much. our time is 35: 5:43. the new type of pledge that local students will recite today. walk like bad flight twist, the proposted tax hike that movie gores will not like.
5:44 am
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5:46 am
welcome back at 5:46. ruth mad yau, wife of ponzi scheme architect bernie maud madoff recently revealed the two tried to commit suicide after his arrest. they combined sleeping pills and antianxiety medication on christmas eve that year in an attempt to end their lives. the madoff's oldest son, mark, took his life nearly a year ago.
5:47 am
bernie madoff is currently serving a 150 year prison term. a fairfield county in the middle school student is fighting to get back his breast cancer awareness bracelet. it's not that the school administrators object to breast cancer awareness. it's the message written on the bracelet that says, i love boobies. the school calls the bracelet inappropriate to wear to middle school. >> were you doing anything inappropriate with the bracelet? >> no. just sitting there. i sat there and raised my hand to ask a question. >> were you making any jokes about the bracelet? >> no, sir. >> were you disrupting class or students in the lunchroom? >> no, sir. >> so why did the assistant principal remove your bracelet? >> i have no idea. >> fairfax county school officials say the students can wear pink breast cancer awareness bracelets to school as long as it doesn't include the word boobies.
5:48 am
metro police have arrested a man suspected of multiple armed robberies. he would show a gun and demand wallet eggs, cell phones and other items. no one was hurt in any of the incidents. police arrested macintosh after a robbed a business near the u-street metro station. the howard university campus is in a state of shock this morning after learning that a fellow student and iraq war veteran is dead. 24-year-old alanso was shot outside his apartment on tuesday after what police are called a robbery gone bad. gieton entered college last year after serving in the u.s. marine corps. police say gieton had it all. they say he had talent, ambition and a desire to serve others. alonso's presence was very
5:49 am
thick in the building. he would walk through, smiling. it was so hard to miss him. even people that he didn't really know, he would speak to them, say what's up, man? shake hands. he would always smiling, always very happy. >> gieton's uncle says alonzo studied martial arts, was a standout football player in high school and he wonders whether his nephew tried to take on the would-be robber. today, a group of national guardsman soldiers are heading home after serving more than nine months in afghanistan. they are from ft. bellvar's 29th infantry division. they were in indiana one week ago for health screenings and administrative tasks. today, they return to our area. a fairfax county firefighter died while on attitude and a funeral will be held for him today. he was found dead inside station
5:50 am
41 saturday morning. he was a 21-year veteran of the fire department. today's services begin at 10:00 this morning at the greater little zion baptist church and he'll be buried at quantity koeco national cemetery. students in north georges county schools are being asked to take a bridge today. it is an anti-bully pledge. it reads in part, i pledge to take a stand against bullying and cyber bullying. i will not use technology to hurt others. i will think before i click. i will stop, block and tell if a cyber bully is targeting me. a new grocery store chain coming to the rescue from one local community. the new york based evergreen super markets will take over the spot in the 2300 block for iverson street. a safeway store was at that location for 60 years but closed about three months ago. the store will specialize in
5:51 am
fresh sea food and produce. evergreen officials hope their smaller dproesh stores will help complement larger, surrounding stores. facebook fans, another great give away today. >> yes, indeed. we're giving away a $100 itunes gift card. go to our nbcwashington page on facebook and then enter to win. the winner will be announced in the 11:00 p.m. news cast. tomorrow is ipad friday. so like nbc washington today and make sure you don't miss out. >> i feel like we need a special effect, a sound effect. >> like an echo chamber. >> right. you can do it yourself. 5:51. time your weather and traffic on the 1s. >> keep that up, maybe you'll scare the rain away. guess again. we have some light rain around the metro area now, so grab your friendly pal, your umbrella. you've had with you, probably it's velcroed to your coat. and there he is, capitol hill in
5:52 am
the distance. and we have just a few sprinkles in washington. now, 59, a rather mild degree at reagan national. a calm wind now and the radar showing this light rain advancing west to east through the metro area. but farther west, we see that big area of yellow and orange way over there to the left of your screen. west virginia, that's moderate to heavy rain. that is advancing to the east. much of that, though, may pass north of washington over the next fews hours. right now, locally, we have wet roads around the region. allow yourself extra time. it is fender bender weather. we have light sprinkles near fredericksburg, wall discover, arlington fairfax and montgomery and down into north and east of us, as well. howard and anarundal county getting light showers now. temperatures are in the 50s to around 60 throughout much of the region. it's mild in southern maryland, around the bay in low 60s. it's a mild morning, as well, out in much of western maryland and west virginia.
5:53 am
it's in the low 60s there, as well. we won't have our sunrise until 7:30 this morning. we'll have a few passing lighter showers after that. highs climb into the mid and upper 60s. then this evening, winds will increase out of the north and west after the rain ends around 7:00 or 8:00. but it will be cold. near 50 by midnight. and then, by dawn tomorrow, looking at a freeze watch. and up towards the pennsylvania border. and much of the region in the 30s tomorrow morning, highs near 50 and partly cloudy. chilly rain will follow on saturday. areas north and west of saturday, sunday, sunny but chilly. higher near 50. chilly afternoon, as well.
5:54 am
a bit milder with sunshine tuesday and wednesday. danella, how is traffic? >> good morning. if you're taking the trip on route 50, not seeing any problems there. i am seeing volume increase as you head west towards the city. no accident on city. continuing on to new york avenue, no seeing any accidents there. now on to i-66 in virginia, inside and outside of the beltway on i-66, not seeing any accidents for you, just a few at fairfax county parkway. as you head east, it's continuing on inside the beltway. it's clear for you at this time. here is the view. no incidents to report. >> thanks, danella. >> well, you could soon see new, more simple metro station names. the board of directors is expected to vote today to change some of the names. the goal is to make station names shotter and more simple. the summary will have a primary shorter name with a longer secondary name.
5:55 am
examples include smithsonian/the navy mall. navy yard/ballpark and king street/old town. the new metro and aiming policy would limit station names to just 19 characters. as if movies aren't expensive already, your theater snacks could soon cost you more in d.c. the mayor is proposing a 5% sales tax on movie concessions. mayor dry says the proposed tax would help build a theater east of the river and would create more inventives to lure hollywood filmmakers to the district. in an effort to save the chesapeake bay could force marylanders to flush more money down the drain. lawmakers could triple the so-called flush fee. all property owners in the tate pay $30 a year to pay pay for upgrades to sewage treatment plans and septic systems. the new fee could hike that to see 60 by 201 and $90 by 2016.
5:56 am
and look out, starbucks. soon dunkin donuts will be popping up on more street corners in our area. the doughnut chain just announced plans to open about 86 locations around the d.c. region. "the wall street journal" reports that dunkin donuts signed a number of development agreements over the last year. the company hopes to open them all by the year 2020. it seems like there's been a surge of duncan doughnut in our area. he seems to have a cult following. >> a lot of people really love the coffee. >> that's what i need, b more doughnuts in my life. firefighters are used to saving lives, but not usually each other's lives. >> he noticed a coworker choking on a piece of food. he jumped right into action, performing the heimlich maneuver, and he saved her life. >> she was obviously in
5:57 am
disskres. afterwards, i reached around behind her, gave her one abdominal thrust and the piece of food that she had ingested came out. >> amazingly, the woman roth saved went right back to work setting up a firehouse luncheon, which might sound like a recipe for disaster. >> there you go. >> so be very careful when you're eating. >> at least they're trained, ready to go. and she was in good hands. >> when you eat, always have a firefighter standing nearby. >> congratulations to him and thank him for his work. the popular department store changing its credit card policy. >> the sticker shock you'll experience if you haven't booked your holiday travel plans yet. uh-oh. >> ouch. and as always, we'll have your weather and traffic together on the 1s coming up next at news 4 continues at 6:00 a.m. stay with us.
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