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tv   News 4 Midday  NBC  October 27, 2011 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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good morning, everybody. welcome to "news4 midday." i am barbara harrison. it's thursday, october 27th, 2011. we begin with an interruption a local radio station didn't expect to get this morning. a car slammed into the room next to the fan studios. it happened this morning. the car came kareeming through the wall as it sports folks were
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on the air. >> here in the 106 the fan building, the sports junkies are used to talking about breaking news, and this morning they had their breaking news of a different kind. >> i thought it was another earthquake. >> it was a glass exploding sound that went along with it. >> the segment just ended so i was coming here -- >> so at about 7:39, adam, who was working in the call screen room works in here because we had to -- >> we had just gone to break! >> about a second or two after i walked out of the room, i hear aloud boom. >> the studio shook. >> it sounded like lightning hit a tree right next to us, and next thing we know we hear glass shattering. >> it was a honda civic that slammed into the building, right into the call screen room where the interns and producers are there throughout the show.
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>> a second or two earlier, who knows what would have happened. it was very scary. >> i know this. adam is not a tough guy. he was scared. >> yeah, he jumped. can you imagine appear car is going to drive right through your wall. >> i guess we will take him at his word. >> we had to get twit pics, jp. >> it was a breaking news story happening in front of us. >> he seemed a little shaken up, and didn't seem like he had any bumps or bruises or anything, and was out of the car and walking. >> the guy took out not just one room, but two rooms in this office are done. >> i think we all got lucky and
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dodged a bullet -- or dodged a car. >> we're going back to coolly's house. >> reporter: normally, there's an intern who sits right here, and a call screener who sits right here. thank goodness for vacation this room was empty. in fairfax city, i am tracee wilkins, news4. we have breaking news out of north carolina, a judge has cleared the way for a trial. edwards is charged with using $1 million in under the table payments from a supporter to hide his mistress. he has pleaded not guilty. his lawyers say the charges are bases on theories that will turn
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the system upside down if validated. and there's a myrrh dr. under trial. and megan mcgrath has been following developments and joins us live with an update. >> reporter: good morning, barbara. first on the stand was a police officer off duty and working security at the hospital on march 12th. he says he met the ambulance that was carrying brittany norwood to the hospital that morning and collected her clothing and put those items in evidence bags for dna testing later. officer o'brien described norwood's wounds, cuts to the chest, legs and arm and a big gash on her head, and a inch cut
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parallel to her thumb, and that got his eye. jurors were told to his regard his answer. and officer o'brien admitted he first believed the wound to be a defensive one. he said i truly believed she was a victim when she came in. and o'brien was asked to remove several articles of clothing to the evidence bags and show them to the jury. he showed them a pair of blood-stained socks as well as yoga pants that had been ripped and cut in the crotch area. they are trying to show the cover-up that norwood's self inflicted wounds showed she had a presence of mind to try and make herself look like a victim and not the killer. they are going for premeditation in this trial. the defense is not disputing that norwood killed murray, but what they are disputing is that
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it was planned, premeditated. they are looking at murder one, life without parole. and it promises to be a long day, and we are expecting graphic pictures to be shown to the jurors as well. one of the jurors got caught in a traffic jam on 270 and they did not get under way until 10:00 this morning. it could be at least another week before a virginia judge decides to release the medical records of love who died last year. her on again and off again boyfriend is charged with her murder. george huguely killed love by slamming her head against a wall in 2010. his attorneys want to see the medical records because they
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contend she could have died from an irregular heartbeat from the prescription adderall and alcohol. a search for a missing boy with autism is going on. more than 900 volunteers tried unsuccessfully to find him yesterday, but those searching for him believe he is still alive. they left behind glow sticks to lead the boy to food, blankets and waters in case he is hiding from search teams. they are focusing on a 22 square mile area where they believe he could be. and there could be rain throughout the day. we will see a big difference in the temperatures in the next few days. tom joins us with his forecast, which i know you mentioned earlier, maybe some wet snow out there, tom. tell me that's not snow. >> it's possible on the weekend. we will have the latest on that coming up. right now we're dealing with rain. we had the light rain from time to time throughout the morning. that's a live picture from the
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sky watcher camera overlooking the northwest neighborhoods along nebraska avenue. and you can see fog but there is light rain continuing to move from west to east across the region. there are areas of darker green with the rain is coming down a little harder in prince williams, stanford and fredericksburg. closer to washington, we have light rain, the areas of green light rain in the district of columbia, and throughout much of maryland and northern virginia. it's mostly light rain now. temperatures are in the upper 50s and low 60s. much of the region, except further to the south is in the mid and upper 60s. in the mountains, it's in the mid-60s. expect passing showers from time to time and a mild afternoon with temperatures in the 60s, and then the colder air arrives tonight. we will talk about that and look at the possibility for snow on
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the weekend. that will be coming up in just a couple minutes. and, new from overnight, a man is in stable condition after being shot near liquor store. it happened on brandy wine road. the man was transported to the hospital and they have not identified the victim and they still think it's a possibility it's the store owner. they have not released information on a possible suspect or motive. and then a robby happened just after midnight in the 1800 block of minnesota avenue. two men wearing masks and armed with a gun went in the direction of orr elementary school. anybody with information is asked to call d.c. police. the howard university unity is in mourning after learning a
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popular student was killed while being robbed. he was shot to death outside his off campus apartment in mt. rainaire, maryland. he entered the school last year after serving with the u.s. marine corps in iraq. friends say he had it all, talent, ambition and a desire to serve others. >> alonzo's presence was very thick in the building. he would walk through smiling. it was so hard to miss him, even people he did not know, he would speak to him and say what's up, man, and shake hands and he was always smiling and very happy. >> his uncle said alonzo studied martial arts since kindergarten, and he wonders whether his nephew tried to take on the
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would-be robber. the students are being asked to take a pledge. it's an anti-bullying pledge, and educators want students to commit taking a stand against bullying and cyber bullying as well. october is bully prevention month. >> 11 minutes after 11:00 is our time. coming up, the bombshell from madoff's wife, what she and her husband tried to do after the ponzi scheme was made public. why is lindsay lohan's
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survivors of sunday's massive earthquake in turkey are being forced to deal with more hardship in the freezing temperatures, rain and snow. thousands were forced from their homes and are now spending nights in frigid tent cities. turkey is accepting aid that will help get survivors through the winter. even with the cold another person was found alive
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overnight, and officials caution finding more survivors. ruth madoff says the two tried to commit suicide after he was arrested back in 2008. >> i don't know whose idea it was, but we decided to kill ourselves because it was -- it was so horrendous what was happening. we had terrible phone calls, hate mail. just beyond anything. and i said i can't -- i just can't go on anymore. >> madoff is currently serving a 150 year prison term for stealing billions of dollars from investors. on monday, matt lauer will have a live studio interview with
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ruth madoff. and then solidarity among protesters nationwide. they held a march and rally last night in name of the protesters in oakland, and that's why there was a chaotic scene. protesters got in the way of park police who tried to take down a flag that somebody had placed on a statue. >> police in oakland are letting protesters back into the plaza near city hall that they cleared the other night. the city decided not to allow the demonstrators to spend the night in that plaza. and a protest group says police fired a projectile that hit him. police say they are investigating the incident. we are talking weather here because there are changes coming, and tom is here to tell us about them.
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>> yeah, indeed. it will be so much colder by this time tomorrow, we will be happy to have rain and temperatures like today. we have light rain falling in washington, and that camera is showing light fog with light rain coming down. it has been doing this off and on all morning long. the district into maryland, there's a break. and another batch of rain is to the south and west, and way off northwest. so all of this yet to come through here before we finally dry out by later this evening. right now, the radar scanning the sky right around washington, all this area of green is light
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rain. it's raining lightly in prince george's county and the district and howard, and in virginia, in fairfax, and prince william, and loudoun county, all of this area, light rain advancing off to the east. it may stop for an hour and then maybe for an hour or two it could be cloudy and then more on the way later. right now where it has abated a bit, shenandoah valley in the low 60s right now. where the rain is falling it's in the upper 50s to around 60 in northern virginia. southern virginia in the mid-60s, and so is the northern neck, and let's go forward over the next 24 hours. this area of green, that's the zone of rain coming through. we will get a break this afternoon, and then more perhaps late afternoon and early this evening, and then most of it should be out of here by mid evening, and then as we get into late evening, we will begin to clear out and there may be wet snow out in western maryland, and in the highlands of west virginia, and some of the colder air begins to surge in
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overnight. during the day on friday, we will have clouds in and out and a very cold morning tomorrow morning. so for the rest of this thursday afternoon, expect some occasional showers, and temperatures in the 60s and holding steady there, and then as we get into the evening, we will have the wind shifting into the northwest and we will have the cloud cover beginning to break up a bit. sunsets getting earlier and earlier, and it's at 6:14 today. the northwest wind may be adjusting to 25 miles per hour by later this evening. that wind will bring in cold weather. all of these counties in blue are in a freeze watch. the panhandle of west virginia, and washington, and carroll county up in maryland and up in pennsylvania, and all of these areas could have the first freeze of the season, and that would be predawn tomorrow through perhaps 7:00 or 8:00 in the morning and maybe at or below freezing in all of those areas. elsewhere, we will be in the mid-and upper 30s. during the afternoon, highs are
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near 50 tomorrow and partly cloudy. and then on saturday, we will have a storm system along the coast that will probably give us chilly rain, but areas west of the i-95 corridor could get wet snow and there's indication we could get an acalmlation on grassy areas north and west of washington on saturday, probably just wet on the roadways but certainly unusual. conversational-type snow on saturday. and then sunday, should be good weather for the marine corps marathon. it's now 11:20. still ahead, how to burn fat and tone muscles at the same time.
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steve hayes is here to motivate you. and pl
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some folks don't realize it's not just diet or exercise that's going to make you look good, but a combination of both. in order for your body to burn
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fat you must take in less calories than you expend, and diet modification can help you in the beginning but exercise will help make the real difference of burn fat and build muscle and look great. we have our exercise expert who brought his partner today. >> this is phil silverman. >> i hear you're an actor? >> sometimes. >> what do you -- >> i am a living statue at parties. this is a workout, too. >> i bet. so you would dress up like james bonds. >> yes. >> notice the accent. >> yeah. you can talk along with the exercises as we go along. you will show us cardiocombination and weights. >> it will help build cardioas
11:25 am
well as the body. it goes from a squat thrust, and you notice he has weights in his hands, and you push up and he goes to the biceps and shoulders, all in one. >> he is so tall -- stay there because we have to go down. we go to a push-up, and a squat thrust, which is an arobic one -- >> most of us cannot do that. >> we show you the modified version. just step down and bring your foot in and one foot in and it works. >> all right. do that one more time so we can see it. we go down -- >> you walk into it. and it works, cardio, shoulders and biceps. >> how many do we do that of? >> three sets of ten
11:26 am
reputations, but the rest of 20 to 30 seconds between reputations. >> this is going into a lunge, and a biceps press. you go up and punch out. you are working chest, legs, and chest. >> so it's a punch out, not a lift -- >> well, you go up over the shoulders. we do all three at once. here is one, and then he goes to the punch up, to the shoulder press, and -- >> again, ten of these rests, and three sets of ten each. >> yes. >> with little rest in between. >> you have a nutrition test for us today. >> it's pumpkin month, halloween, and pumpkins have an incredible amount of vitamin a and the fiber can help flush you out. >> cook those pumpkins up after
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you make them into jack owe lan turs. coming up in the next half hour of "news4 midday," we are seeing huge gains on wall street today already. plus, will the defense in the conrad murray trial rest without putting the doctor on the stand? testimony is set to resume in a few minutes. also ahead how an iphone app helped to track down two suspected thieves. and cold air is
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right now on news4 midday, police first to the scene of the scene. investigators said initially norwood lied and said two men attacked them both. defense lawyers say murray died during a fight with norwood. the manslaughter case against michael jackson's doctor is winding down. character witnesses brought out some rare emotion in dr. conrad murray. he is accused of giving michael
11:31 am
jackson alley -- lethal dose of pr propofol. >> if this man was greedy, this man never would have come where 75% are poor, on welfare and social security. where he was making less than where he was in vegas. >> before quart adjourned, the judge told murray he would ask if the doctor wanted to testify in his own defense, and the judge warned murray taking the stand leaves him open to cross-examination. and the father of lindsay lohan is back in custody. he made a harassing call to his girlfriend early this morning, and when officers went to lohan's hotel he jumped off a
11:32 am
third floor balcony breaking his foot, and this was hours after he was released from a jail on domestic charges. and then last week more than 50 tigers, bears, lions and other animals were let loose by terry thompson, who then police believe killed himself. thompson's wife said the zoo took six animals with her permission, but have no legal right to keep them, she says. and then fairfax is honoring a firefighter who died while on duty. he was found dead inside station 41 on saturday morning. he was a 21 year veteran in the fairfax county fire and rescue department. today's services will begin -- organ at 10:00 at the greater little zion baptist church and
11:33 am
will be buried at quantico national cemetery. new information about the body found on top of the tractor trailer in fairfax county. the victim apparently committed suicide. a witness saw a man falling from the bridge on the back of the trash truck as it drove across on tuesday afternoon. virginia state police pulled over the driver of the fairfax county, or the driver of the truck who was on the fairfax county parkway at the time and no word of the identity of the victim. an iphone app is getting credit for tracking down two suspected thiefs. police have used the finds my friends app to help those who have been robbed. it's used to track the phones and the police found the thieves 20 minutes later. >> i am amazed the metropolitan police department responded so quickly and just didn't say,
11:34 am
look, there's nothing we can do for you because this is about as close to looking for a needle in a haystack. >> and then a man said a responding officer used his iphone and the same app to track down the robbers. a school closing will be closing at 12:30 today due to an power outage. we will check in with tom kierein. >> it's going to be cold later tonight, but we are getting cold showers this morning. in fact, getting moderate rain in prince william county, and that just developed in the last few minutes the area of yellow and orange, and on the mountains, another batch of
11:35 am
rain. but there's moderate rain moving towards southeastern fairfax county, and elsewhere where you see the areas of green, that is light rain throughout much of the metro area, including montgomery, prince georges and other areas east and north of washington, and across the bay in the eastern shore. temperatures are in the upper 50s to low 60s throughout much of the region. reagan national is at 61. we will climb into the upper 60s later today with occasional showers and have a southwesterly breeze around 5 to 15. the rain should be ending early evening, and sun sets at 6:14, and then we will be near 50 by midnight, and winds gusting 25 miles per hour tonight, and then as a result of the cold air the first freeze of the season up in northern maryland and frederick county. a freeze watch for tomorrow morning. highs near 50 friday and partly cloudy. chilly rain on saturday. maybe wet snow, west of i-95,
11:36 am
and maybe accumulating a bit on some of the grassy areas ending saturday and late afternoon, and sunny sunday and chilly. might get an afternoon sprinkle. that's how it looks right now. >> we won't see the snow, if any at all, until the weekend. >> until saturday. >> thank you, tom. meanwhile, forecasters are calling for clear conditions with temperatures in the low 50s at busch stadium in st. louis tonight. after a long layoff, the capitals hit the ice tonight again in edmonton. they started the season 7-0 and are three wins for tying the record for best record in the season. the 13th annual heart-to-heart tennis experience is taking place this weekend.
11:37 am
it's going to benefit the southeast tennis and learning center. and we are joined with more on the event. i know this is your baby. you have had this tennis center, and worked to keep it going for a long time. >> yes. >> welcome. great to have you. >> good to be back. >> start by telling us about the tennis and learning center. >> i guess ten years ago we opened it, and we started building because the community needed more than just athletics, and children were playing in the streets, and we built courts and the building and we started a tournament called heart, because the courts are next to the middle school, and we would say bring your heart-to-heart and get your adults play doubles with kids, and you see the interaction. when we built the southeast tennis and learning center, we kept the title. we call it the lucky 13th year now, and so we're having adults come out and play with the kids.
11:38 am
we have about 500 or 600 people that come. we have free food and give people wonderful sweat shirts. we have many colleagues playing. >> yeah, everybody is very supportive of what you do there, because people don't realize, it's not just tennis. you have to get your lessons done and do well in school to be able to get out and play. >> yes, we have the education a component. we have sewing and those kinds of programs, so when we raise money for the southeast tennis and learning center, we raise for the athletic part as well as the ang dcademic part. >> you have a new wing of the center that will be opening, too? >> no, there's another center opening in northeast washington, and it will be similar to what we do but not exactly.
11:39 am
>> tell us about the weekend's events. >> this is what we call lucky 13 with rain and snow? i don't think so. but we have a great building, and we have indoor courts, and everything that happens outside as long as it is cold and rainy we will do it inside. we have the celebrity tennis matches, which involves tom sherwood from here, and jim handly from here, and also your station manager will be playing. and also, we will have mark play, and also courtland malloy, and -- >> you have all kinds of cl celebrities. >> even my husband, marion barry, and we hope he will be able to make it. they are all teaming up with the kids? >> what time should they be there? >> everybody should be there
11:40 am
10:00 saturday morning, and it goes from 10:00 to 3:00. >> the cost? >> spectators, $50, and for players, $100. >> sounds like it's wonderful and benefits kids. >> don't worry about the rain. >> congratulations for all the hard work. it paid off for the kids. >> do you play? >> i can. maybe i will show up, just to watch. thanks a lot. good to see you.
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a new government report shows the rich are getting richer. the congressional budget office says from 1997 to 2007 income for america's top 1% almost tripled. up 275%. income grew 40% for the middle class and 18% for the poor. washington, d.c. had the widest income gap. the high salaries for ceos and athletes and entertainers are as high as we thought they were. if you plan to travel by air for the holidays and have not purchased your ticket yet, get ready to pay up. analysts say the prices have gone up $20 in the last two
11:44 am
weeks. airlines blame the economy for that. the industry lost $50 billion in the past decade. while all the extra fees add up, prices are only $2 higher than ten yerz ago. >> i don't expect prices to go up too much more, but for the holidays there's not enough seats for everybody and demand is good. >> to save money the experts advise avoid traveling the sunday after thanks giving and the monday after christmas, and lights with connections are often cheaper than direct flights. slightly fewer people sought unemployment benefits last month. >> the weekly unemployment benefits were down to 402,000. and the market is up, and the europeans reached a deal on the
11:45 am
greek debt. and officials are agreeing to $1.4 trillion stability funds to shore up the stocks in europe. mobile earning more than $10 billion in the last quarter. and that's even as americans are driving less according to the department of transportation. with the prices at the bump still above $3.50 natalie, driving is down 3% than a year ago. that's putting us at the lowest level since 2003. and the makeup giant sales were down in the u.s. for avon, and brazil is one of the biggest markets and weighed on earnings. folks who are unemployed continue to put on a brave face. unemployed workers, more than half believe they will find long-term jobs within the next
11:46 am
year at the same or higher salary than in their previous jobs. you know, and attitude is a big part of that. you certainly want to be enthusistic and really optimistic certainly when you go for a job interview as well. >> absolutely. i agree with with you. it's great to hear that there are so many optimistic people out there, because we don't see -- i guess a lot of us don't see the reasons for it, but hope should never -- >> hope is a powerful thing. >> certainly is. our wednesday's child this week says she wants to be a star. chanel is still learning about all the possibilities ahead of her, but she knows there's one thing that can make a difference in her life and that's having a family to guide her. >> a really good pizza starts with a fabulous dough. >> the chef at we the pizza says everything here starts with good ingredients. good dough.
11:47 am
response. poke it and pushes back. handle it with love and care and it can be formed into the most wonderful pizza crust imaginable. the important thing is to make it fun. 14-year-old chanel was concentrating hard on getting the pizza dough just right and she proved to be an ace while tossing it in the air. she says it's fun learning new things. >> i love to do all kinds of stuff. i love activities. >> she says it's difficult when you are in foster care and have to move from one school to another. >> she has been in the foster care system since the age of 7, and has a lot of hopes and dreams in life and a very positive out look in life. >> what would you like to be when you grow up? >> i think i would like to be an
11:48 am
actress. >> we are going to scoot it. look at that! you're a pro. >> chanel likes praise and wants to please. >> i would love a family. >> a family that can provide her on one-on-one attention and structur structure. >> i want my family to be respectful and caring and get along with each other. >> it's a big pizza. >> look at that! oh, my goodness! >> i trained a lot of cooks in my many restaurants, and i would say you are pretty much a natural in designing it and cooking it. i want to present you with a t-shirt. >> she also got to take the pizza that she made with her, along with memories of a day when she really had fun. >> if you are willing to open your home and heart for chanel or one of our other wednesday's children, please call the special hotline. you can log on to our home page
11:49 am
at nbc 11:48 is the time. coming up, the halloween hot spots in the area. plus, meteorologist, tom kierein will be back with how
11:50 am
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> facebook fans you can download tunes on us. go to the nbc washington page on footba facebook and like us. and tomorrow is ipad friday, so like nbcwashington today to make sure you don't miss out, and like us tomorrow, too. and front man taylor had an accident. >> some of your fans sees these pictures this morning and they will have questions about whether it was a fall in the shower or a fall off the wagon. >> i love the way you put that.
11:53 am
you know, being in the program i am in it's something that we have to accept. i went public with my problems only to address them straight on, so you know, people thinking that is natural and normal, you know. we flew last night from paraguay after the incident, and where are we now? argentina for two hours. if anybody knew anybody that used substances, they would not be up the hour after having a talk with matt lauer and the rest of america. it's nothing i don't understand. i get that people think that. it still bothers me a little bit, but it's something that i have to deal with for the rest of my life. >> steven tyler went on stage the next day and the band broke house records for attendance. there's a new trend in washington you may not know about.
11:54 am
karaoke clubs. joining us to talk about some of them, we have our guest. they are popular and i know a lot of people love karaoke. >> we are seeing a boom in k karaoke clubs. and one of the trends that we have seen that is really unique is private room karaoke. these are from korea, and we have one here in washington and it's called musette. you and your friends rent the room by the hour and can you have birthday parties. >> how much is a room? >> about 60 to $80 on weekends per hour, and then you are dividing that between ten of your best friends. >> can you get ten people in there? >> 15 people the there, actually. >> can you choose the music noo with private rooms, can you choose the type of music and you don't have to wait as long to get your turn. >> they have all the genre of
11:55 am
music there? >> they do. they do. >> sounds good. you say there's a place in anacostia that is cool. >> yeah, it's a nice play. they have great cocktails and great american food and on tuesday night, they do karaoke. i think you really have to be a good singer, because people sing songs like prince and the temptations, and this is where you can show off your skills. it's every thursday from 8:30 to midnight, and happy hour precedes that, and if you want to get there early, they have happy hour and enjoy it. >> any opera karaoke around? >> haven't seen it, but now that you mention it i am sure we will get calls. >> let's talk about halloween. any parties we should know about? >> people think halloween and people think georgetown, and
11:56 am
there's something coupling up on m street, and for $20 you can get a wrist band and that will buy you specials all night. we will have metro coasters all weekend, so if you do go give yourself time to get home. >> metro will be running late? >> about 20 minutes between trains. >> that's great to hear about your party and all the karaoke clubs. for more information go to we're going to take a look at some of the stories we're following for this afternoon. we have jim handly in the news room to tell us what is coming up. >> we have a busy afternoon coming up at 4:00. testimony today at a trial of a teacher accused of having sex with the students. some of the students themselveses are taking the stand. and then plus, tobacco companies under fire today with
11:57 am
targeting kids with products flavored like candy. and then tonight, avoiding the high monthly fees of cell phone plans. many americans are turning to prepay plans, but are those plans good for you? it all begins first at 4:00 right after coldplay on "ellen." we have time for a final check of the forecast. here is tom. >> occasional showers through the rest of the afternoon and then it will come to an end tonight and cold weather for tomorrow. highs near 50, and starting off 30s in the morning. and then saturday morning through midday cold. and then sunday, highs near 50. halloween, maybe an afternoon or evening sprinkle.
11:58 am
international superstar, justin timberlake, visited the "today" show. and matt's plan backfired. >> how many emmy awards do you have? >> four. >> how many times you have hosted "snl"? four. >> i have some questions for you, matt. what is your office number at 30 rock? >> 307. >> that's incorrect, sir. >> how many olympic games you have hosted? state farm. this is jessica. hey, jessica, jerry neumann with a policy question. jerry, how are you doing? fine, i just got a little fender bender. oh, jerry, i'm so sorry. i would love to help but remember, you dropped us last month. yeah, you know it's funny. it only took 15 minutes to sign up for that new auto insurance company but it's taken a lot longer to hear back. is your car up a pole again? [ crying ] i miss you, jessica!
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jerry, are you crying? no, i just, i bit my tongue. [ male announcer ] get to a better state. state farm. and more... and more? stop paying so much for second best. upgrade to verizon fios and get tv, internet and phone for our best price -- just $89.99 a month guaranteed for two years with no annual contract required. go to and save $600 in your first two years with our best price online. fios is a 100% fiber-optic network that delivers superior picture quality, more hd, plus america's fastest, most consistent and most reliable internet. why keep paying so much for cable? get fios tv, internet and phone for our best price online -- $89.99 a month with a two-year price guarantee and the option of no annual contract. ordering online is easy. you can even chat live with a fios agent. visit call the verizon center for customers with disabilities that's at 800-974-6006 tty/v.


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