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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  October 28, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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we have team coverage. darcy spencer has more on the prep for snow. let's begin with chief meteorologist, doug kammerer to show who is under a warning. doug, you warned us of this on wednesday. >> you mentioned we have not seen snow in this area since 1979. we had a third of an inch of snow at the airport. officially, i wasn't born yet. that's not true. what is true, is we have snow making our way. don't think we are trying to fool you. a lot of people are saying this is too early. mother nature says it is, too. 48 degrees now with winds out of the east-southeast at 6 miles per hour. we are seeing some rain across the area and some snow in the viewing area toward west virginia and hardy county. seeing snow around the petersburg area. most of the rain is not affecting us. you can see it moving up from the south and west. the coastal storm has yet to develop and will develop
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overnight tonight. we'll continue to watch as it does. rain moves in at 9:00 in the area. tomorrow morning, raining heavily in places. 41 degrees at 5:00 a.m. we'll see snow to the west. that snow will come down fairly quickly. mostly snow in portions of west virginia. rain to snow around i-81 corridor. from washington, d.c. to the south and east, mainly a rain and snow event. i have updated the snow totals a little bit. i'll have the totals in a few minutes. >> all right, doug, the idea of snow in october took a lot of us by surprise. local power companies and road workers are ready for whatever wintry weather comes our way. darcy spencer continues with the coverage. >> a snowstorm before halloween? the timing is tricky. there are leaves on many trees in the region. they could become heavy with snow and fall on power lines.
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utility companies say they are prepared. in prince george's county today, plow trucks go on a dry run as members prepare for winter. the practice run was in the works long before the snowy forecast, but it was timely as the region prepares for the first significant october snowfall in decades. this year, vehicles will be equipped with eknology to allow the trucks to be tracked. >> we wanted to know where our drivers were. if they were in distress or needed help. >> reporter: much of the region is under a storm warning. expecting eight inches of snow. officials have been dogged by complaints of power outages after storms is preparing for the possibility of outages again. it could weigh down leaves on trees. >> possibility of a wet snow. we have leaves on the branches.
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branches are going to be leaning on the power lines. we are looking at that. hopefully the tree trimming we have done, the residents didn't like it, but hopefully the snow will show what we have done. >> ref addition nol crews to work throughout the storm. more folks will be on call if there are widespread outages. if you lose power 877-petco-62. i hope no one needs it this weekend. >> so do i. program the number into your phone just in case. coming up at 6:30, pat collins has look at what people were saying about the october snow and for the latest on the conditions in your neighborhood, go to we continue to follow here what has to be the best news of the day. the fact they found the 8-year-old autistic boy who has been missing for close to a week. the child wandered away while
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they were hiking in battlefield park in hanover, virginia. a search that involved thousands of people, he was found this afternoon. shomari stone has more on this. >> this is great news for all the volunteers. law enforcement officers out there for six days, david hin hines says he's in good shape. they are evaluating him at the medical center with his family. hanover county sheriff shared the good news about robert wood jr. >> he's been found and reunited with his family. >> reporter: one of the thousands of volunteers found the 8-year-old alive, alert and lying in a fetal position around 2:00 this afternoon. >> martin marietta quarry property. it was approximately 3/4 to a mile from where he was last seen. >> reporter: he was in a creek
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bed where volunteers searched before. he wondered away from his family last sunday. >> the search is over. the investigation continues. there are a lot of people to thank. >> reporter: around 6,000 volunteers helped with the search. there were so many, the sheriff had to turn some away. >> we had to turn them away, not because we didn't want their service or because we weren't thankful, we couldn't support all the service. >> reporter: the governor released a statement saying a true sense of community and self-lessness was displayed as they showed up day after day to participate in the search. he and the volunteers never gave up on hope. >> there are sometimes you have to reach down and find that faith that you were going to find him and prayers were answered. >> reporter: now the wood family released a statement saying on behalf of the family, i would
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like to extend our greatest gratitude to all who have had us in your thoughts and prayers. to all volunteer who is donated time, effort and other valuable resources and to the local, federal and state who helped us. you can follow this on our website at i'm shomari stone, news 4. >> thank you. the third day of testimony in the trial of britney norwood, the employee accused of killing her co-worker. those at a nearby apple store heard a scuffle. lululemon employees talked about their interactions with norwood that day. chris gordon joins us with more. chris? >> reporter: good evening. the apple store shows two
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managers leaning against the law listening to lululemon where they heard a loud argument the night of march 11th. they heard yelling, screaming, grunting and dragging. today in court, the one question they were not asked is why they did not call 911 immediately to report it to police. next to lululemon in bethesda is an apple store. an employee testified she heard loud hysterical noises, coming from lululemon lasting from 10:10 to 10:19 coming from there. one said talk to me, don't do this, followed by more high pitched screaming. norwood's lawyer asked if someone is yelling help me, wouldn't you have gone to help? she replied, who know what is i have have done. another employee was there and heard the yelling next door.
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>> you didn't call police? >> reporter: a lululemon employee testified she worked that night. she was wearing a different pair of pants than she was wear thag morning. norwood changed out of bloody clothing and washed sneakers from the store leaving bloody footprints on the floor. another lululemon employee said norwood called her the night of the attack asking for murray's phone number. they suggested norwood call the store manager who lived across the street. norwood wants murray to return to the store, not the manager. they collected fingerprints on the wall. norwood's defense is she killed murray during an argument which she lost control. it's not first degree, premeditated murder.
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a veteran lawyer thinks it will work. >> premeditation is an issue that works to show that it was a planned murder. this seems to indicate to me more of a hot blooded type of situation more towards second degree murder or second degree heart murder. >> reporter: now, after court this evening, the prosecutor said he anticipated this trial could wrap up by wednesday of next week. the jury could begin deliberations. that's the latest from the courthouse. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. texas governor, rick perry was in the spotlight today in new england. his fade from front-runner status stunned many republicans but they are still paying attention. on paper, perry is the candidate who might be able to unite the tea party and the gop. steve handelsman has our report. >> reporter: rick perry in new
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hampshire, signing up for the primary. >> thank you. we're set. we're in. all right. very good. >> reporter: in fact, the texas governor's campaign is not in good shape. he's polling at 3% in new hampshire. actually, 37 points below mitt romney here. perry has the money to run ads. >> we created over 1 million new jobs while the rest of the nation lost over 2 million. >> reporter: perry insists that will sink in. >> they are going to come to the conclusion there's one person that is about record. that's rick perry. >> reporter: herman cain has no record in any office. >> i'm not supposed to be running. i'm not supposed to win and i'm not supposed to be standing up here with this hat on, but i'm doing it. >> reporter: cain is doing six times better than perry in new hampshire polls.
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back in washington, team obama that cain, romney and perry are taking on played a sympathy card. bill daley said the president's first three years were brutal. >> terrible, terrible, job. that was an ungodly situation. that has been brutal and difficult for the american people. >> it's been a brutal few months for perry. the one-time front-runner still has chance to come back. in a major move that risks the ridicule of rivals and some voters, perry is considering skipping most of the rest of the republican debates. i'm steve handelsman, news 4. this weekend, we invite you to tune into press pass with david gregory. elijah cummings will be on the
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show. it airs sunday morning after "meet the press" at 11:30 here on nbc 4. an illegal immigrant is arrested for murder. how investigators were able to connect him the a crime seven months after it happened. defense presents the strongest evidence yet in terms of whether michael jackson is to blame for his own death. this year, earthquake, hurricane, monsoon, now an october snow. did we do something wrong? i'm pat collins. the story coming up, news 4. hakeem, what's coming up in sports? >> reporter: how do i top that? that was wonderful. world series game six, epic. the caps perfect record is no more. how a veteran goaltender stifled ♪
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on monday, prosecutors will start cross examing on behalf of michael jackson's doctor. that expert says he thinks michael jackson gave himself a fatal injection of the drug propofol. stephanie had the report from los angeles. >> reporter: the jackson family getting moral support from another famous family.
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paris hilton's parents attended court sitting behind the jacksons. meanwhile, direct examination continues of the final witness, dr. paul wright, known as the father of propofol. using new computer models and bottles of propofol, white demonstrated why dr. murray is not responsible for michael jackson's death. >> it's what it suggests. it's what dr. murray said he did. it's certainly a very safe way to do it. >> reporter: he disputed the propofol expert who claimed dr. murray gave michael jackson propofol through an i.v. drip. >> shafer said his scenario reconciled with all the facts in this case. i want you to tell me, does it reconcile with dr. murray's statement? >> no. >> does it reconcile with the physical evidence found at the scene?
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>> no. >> does it reconcile with the urine concentration found at autopsy? >> no. >> reporter: the defense contends jackson was an addict so desperate for sleep he gave himself the deadly dose of propofol. have they swayed the jury, i don't think so but they at least scored points in the world of theater and dramatics. cross-examination of dr. paul white begins on monday. stephanie stanton, nbc news, los angeles. >> the court session ended just before lunch. the reason the cross-examination begins monday is to give prosecutor a chance to review new evidence. thailand is struggling with the worst flooding in 50 years. the worst is yet to come. government officials back away from previous assurances that
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bangkok remains dry. now, seven of the city's 50 districts are heavily flooded. people are splashing through knee-deep water. the prime minister says if flood barriers do not hold, five feet of water could crash through bangkok. it will bring the highest tidest of the month to the city. >> it's ugly over there. >> it is. doug is here with more details on our weekend weather forecast and the approaching snow. how much and when. and why. >> why? exactly. we have seen so many extremes over the past couple months. why not throw one more into the mix. we have a coastal storm developing. we see these types of storms in october. we see nor'easters in october. normally, we don't have enough cold air that comes down. this case is different.
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we have the cold air. the cold air is going to set the stage for snow, especially back to the west where we are already seeing snow. we told you earlier, the last time we saw snowfall in the washington area at washington international airport or washington national was actually a third of an inch back in 1979. there's been other snows outside the city but 1979, this was a big one. 11 to 12 inches in montgomery county. look around front royal, this is scott bowserman in his tunnel. thank you for sending in that picture. something called a polaroid. i'm not sure what that is. 48 degrees. we have the cloud cover. the rain is moving our way, too. temperatures are on the cool side. not cold enough, yet, for snow. it's going to change. 48 in leesburg and 46 in fredericksburg. where it is cold enough for snow? look at elkins. down to 34. 37 in roanoke.
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we are seeing snow around the elkins, west virginia area. we are starting to see the rain fill in, too. i have a report of hardy county, east of petersburg, snow coming down quickly. the main storm, however, still hasn't taken shape. it's going to take shape and move up the coast. a classic system for us as far as nor'easters are concerned. that's why we have winter storm warnings in effect in october for loudoun county, frederick county, portions of fauquier and culpeper county. everybody out toward the west, including all the counties in west virginia. montgomery county, howard county, a winter storm watch. nothing southeast of the d.c. area. 2:30 in the morning, rain. some heavy at times. the heaviest rain will wait until tomorrow. snow back to the west. most of this stays snow back toward our western counties of
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west virginia and into western virginia, 11:30, look at the heavy rain. we'll see snow in this area, too. i have the higher snowfall totals there. by 5:30, we are dealing with the rain. maybe snow in here late in the afternoon as the system pulls out. everybody clearing out by tomorrow night. it's a quick system but enough moisture very quickly to provide us with four to eight inches of snow to the west. it could include parts of the blue ridge here. two to four inches in front royal, charlestown and around washington, now, i'm thinking less than an inch. if we get a heaviest burst of snow, that could pile things up on grassy surfaces. i'm not worried about roadways. to the south and east, this is rain and wind. i'm talking 20, 30 maybe 40-mile-an-hour winds as we go through saturday. not a nice day out there. rain moving in throughout the evening, mainly on the light
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side. snow toward the west virginia area. now, tomorrow, rain. heavy at times. with the winds increasing, starting off 36 to 39 degrees. the snow well west tomorrow morning in most locations. tomorrow afternoon, rain heavy at times. 36 to 41 degrees. over the next couple days, we dry out and get closer to average temperatures into the 50s by monday and tuesday. as we move into the middle of next week, looking good. another chance for a storm. that one will be small and rain. sounds like a piece of cake by comparison. >> exactly. >> timing. when are we looking at this? >> the rain is moving in right now. tomorrow morning. a lot of people have events tomorrow morning. i think it's all rain in virginia and most of maryland. frederick and winchester to see the snow. >> okay. thank you, doug. coming up, a scientist rescueed from the south pole after suffering a stroke.
6:23 pm
speaking out about her ordeal and recovery. would you pay money for a faster commute? that's the idea behind the
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more hope today for the families of those missing from sunday's earthquake in turkey. a 13-year-old boy was pulled out of the rubble alive overnight. he was trapped in a collapsed
6:26 pm
building for more than four days. he kept himself alive by drinking rainwater. rescuers say the chance of finding anyone else alive is slim. the 7.3 magnitude quake killed more than 570 people. thousands left homeless are struggling to stay warm in freezing temperatures. scientists from new hampshire suffered a stroke in one of the most isolated places on the planet. that is the south pole. she's back in the u.s. now and being treated at johns hopkins university in baltimore. she faces a lot of therapy. during a news conference today, she and her doctor say they are hoping for a full recovery. >> almost intact on the visual side. her speech is improved dramatically. >> i will probably recover. >> she manages a research
6:27 pm
station on the south pole. back in august, she developed vision and speech problems, which are symptoms of a stroke. she had to wait seven weeks before a cargo plane could come in and bring her back to the states for treatment. she didn't think she would survive. still to come, a dramatic rescue as a deer falls into the water and gets trapped. the occupy movement getting support from howard yumpbt. the forecast is calling for snow in october. we look at how people are preparing. >> reporter: three, two, one -- coming up in sports, we go one-on-one with mike shanahan as the redskins visit the bills to the north. the capitals facing edmonton last night.
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a hometown
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work crews and others over the d.c. area are preparing for the possibility of snow this weekend. plows went on a dry run that had been scheduled. monitoring bridges tomorrow to
6:31 pm
make sure they are safe for drivers. technology will allow the trucks to be tracked. they are preparing for outages. an 8-year-old boy missing in virginia for six days has been found alive. he was found at 2:00 this afternoon in north anna battlefield park. he was not even a mile from where he wondered away from his parents. right now, he's with his family at the hospital. the sheriff says the little boy is in good shape. >> at the lululemon murder trial, jurors heard testimony from employees at the apple store next door to the shop. the workers heard a loud scuffle on the night she was found dead. they heard murray pleading for help. britney norwood is accused of
6:32 pm
murdering her at the store. a murder at a burger king restaurant in frederick remained a mystery. >> the suspect and victim knew each other. >> reporter: it was a cold-blooded crime that rocked the frederick community. the assistant manager was found shot to death inside the burger king back in march. nearby business owners turned over surveillance tapes as restaurant workers mourned. >> a picture on the counter. they were collecting moneys for the family. it's a terrible situation. >> seven months later, they charged her former co-worker for her death. the 24-year-old faces first degree murder and robbery charges. locals are thrilled a suspect has been identified. >> i think it's great they found him. a lot of this stuff, i don't
6:33 pm
like. violence, i just can't stand. >> reporter: it took hundreds of hours of leg work to charge the suspect. he was questioned initially buzz he worked at burger king. under routine questioning, they discovered he was in this country illegally after being deported in 2009. >> he came back to frederick to live. his family is here. he came back to be with his family. >> reporter: he arrived at 5:30 march 18th. she was discovered dead a half hour later. >> officials in frederick say the suspect's trial date will be set within the next six months. a virginia man accused of acting as a spy is a flight risk and should main in jail as he awaits trial. it's a ruling from a judge. the suspect is a 47-year-old from leesburg. he worked with intelligence
6:34 pm
agencies to video tape syrian expatriots in the u.s. opposed to the president's regime. he pleaded not guilty to the charges. his trial is set for march. a group of students at howard university marched to see solidarity with the occupy d.c. protesters today. they got together for a rally at mcpherson square. they are propesting student debt policy and what they say is predatory lending. the students say the average washington area college student is leaving school with 30,000 dollar in debt and few job opportunities. >> students are a large part of this movement. i mean, they are the one who is are coming out of school with large amounts of student debt and not being able to find jobs. it's wrecking their lives, basically. they are a very, very important part of the movement.
6:35 pm
>> the march ended at the chamber of commerce. snow in october. it hasn't happened since the 1970s. it's about to change this week. pat collins went out to see what people think of wintry conditions in fall. >> oh, come on. >> oh, come on. >> ah, come on. >> reporter: ah, common. it seems like yesterday we were walking around looking like this. now this. and this. and this. and this. and maybe even this. >> i don't think you'll be needing that. all right, if it makes you feel better. >> reporter: i say snow you say -- >> no. >> reporter: snow. >> no. >> reporter: snow. >> no.
6:36 pm
>> reporter: it has not snowed here in october since 1979. back when cell phones looked like bricks. no october snow in 32 years. that was when bob ewing was born. we called him barefoot bob because he's running in the marathon this weekend shoeless. he's doing it to raise awareness for bone marrow transplant and because it's healthy. you are going to run rain, snow, shine, no matter what. >> that's right. >> reporter: this is a big honking state highway snow truck. they say they have 2400 of these babies they can use. well, if they need to. >> our trucks are ready in august. >> reporter: i say snow, you say -- >> no. >> no. no. >> we're not ready for snow.
6:37 pm
>> reporter: kids and snow, like ice cream and cake. hamburgers and french fries. don't take my word for it. >> give me an s, give me an n, give me an o, give me a w. what is it? >> snow! >> reporter: i'm pat collins, news 4 washington. >> how does he get people to do all that? >> some trance or something he puts them in. after the break, a deer goes in the
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hello, everybody. i'm meteorologist doug kammerer. we have been telling you this could be the first snow in d.c. since 1979. yes, there has been a couple times we have seen snow in other parts of the region since that time. at the airport, where they had a third of an inch in 1979, we have not seen snow since, once again, at the airport. doppler radar making its way in now. some of it is snow. we'll zoom out and you can see what i'm talking about.
6:41 pm
peterburg, romney, reporting snow. west virginia reporting snow. snow along the blue ridge. the blue ridge could see a good amount of snow. what to expect? mostly snow to the west including the west virginia counties. as you move farther to the east, this is a rain to snow event. may start as snow, go to rain and back to snow. for the washington, d.c. area, mostly a rain event and wind event with winds gusting upwards of 20 to 30 miles per hour. flakes arnds the d.c., metro area. not much in the way of accumulation. something to talk about to the north and west, if we see significant accumulation, we could soo a lot of power outages. be prepared for that. >> thank you. after many years of planning and debate, the inner county connector will be open in time for thanksgiving. drivers should be able to make the trip between 370 and 95. it will be toll-free for almost
6:42 pm
two weeks as drivers get acquainted with the highway. they will collect tolls on the entire length of the icc starting december 5th. drivers will pay 25 cents at peak times, 10 cents overnight. you must have an easy pass or pay an additional fee. they rescued a deer in a tidal basin this morning. he was stuck in the water beneath the bridge. d.c. fire, ema and water rescue team got together to help pull the deer out. they had to tranquilize him for the rescue. he's in good shape and plan to release him once he's warmed up a bit. how many points was that? six or eight? >> i couldn't tell. >> it's what i was trying to see. >> that's how many things are sticking out from the antlers? >> how many things are sticking out?
6:43 pm
yeah. hakeem, friday night football. >> reporter: some good friday night football in germantown. we are talking football and world series drama. ends in edmonton and why coach mike shanahan might be losing sleep when thinking about the buffalo bills as
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
hakeem is out talking about friday night football. where are you? >> reporter: i love me some
6:46 pm
friday night football. jim and doreen, hello. a big game here in germantown. it's under way. late in the first quarter, no score. first, we start with the world series. game six was epic. st. louis was down to the final strike twice. the cardiac cards punched back. the final punch in extra innings when third baseman david freese put the rangers on ice forcing a decisive game seven. cardinals fans hoping for a miracle. guess what? they got one, or two or three. cards trail. one-two count. deep to right. nelson cruz at the wall. can't make the catch. albert pujols scores. lance berkman is in there. way to go. hometown coming up.
6:47 pm
we go to extra innings. top of the tenth now. rangers slugger, josh hamilton at the plate with a man on. he gets ahold of one. two-run shot to right. his first home run of the postseason. texas take as 9-7 lead. not so fast. back come the cards. two outs, two strikes on berkman. knocked to center. are you kidding me? john jay comes around to score. we are tied at nine. epic. just epic. bottom of the 11th. same score. david freese, full count. crushes one high and deep to center. unbelievable. a walk-off home run for freese. cardinals going crazy. incredible comeback win. st. louis defeats texas 10-9 in extra innings. the cardinals believing in their manager and what they can accomplish. >> he knows what he's doing.
6:48 pm
whether we are down or running in the thick of things, he knows what he's doing. the character on the team, you know, we won't be here. we're not going anywhere. we are going to fight to the end. >> i'll play it now. but, you know, i think coming out tomorrow and take the same attitude to play a good ball game. >> reporter: game seven tonight at 8:00. it's the first game seven since 2002. we have drama. now to hockey. oilers goaltender made 34 saves including 19 in the third period. here is how it went down. alex ovechkin. they didn't go down without a fight. scoreless in the first period. check it out here. the first goal since december 18th, 2010. caps take a 1-0 lead. second period now, tied at one.
6:49 pm
shot is saved by thomas. jordan ebberly is on the rebound. take another look with a great kick save. ebberly there on the rebound. oilers take a 2-1 lead. it's was enough. he was a beast in the third period. 30 seconds later, dennis wideman, 34 saves. the caps fall 2-1 and suffer their first loss of the year. next up on a visit to vancouver tomorrow night. redskins injury news offensive tackle trent williams missing the second straight week. fullback mike sellers is out because of a back injury. london fletcher is listed at questionable. he hasn't missed a game in his entire 14 year career. here is dan hellie with head coach mike shanahan. >> usually the biggest concern is when you lose in a game, they
6:50 pm
have practiced in a week. i feel good about the football team. guys go down. we have veteran players with a few positions or a few experiences. we have an excellent two days of practice. >> the bills won four straight. they have lost two. they are a good football team. they are the third highest scoring team in the football league. what impresses you most about their offense? >> they have done a good job of getting turnovers on defense. offensively, they haven't turned the ball over much. when they have been in the red zone, they scored touchdowns. >> reporter: redskins and bills playing up in toronto sunday. the high school football game of the week 7-1, seneca valley. the two teams have split the past six meetings. tonight's game could come down to defense. it's one of the top in the area.
6:51 pm
an average of six points per game thanks to a 14-year-old freshman. his name is blake dove. he stands 5' 10," 180 pounds. he plays for his father who died in a motorcycle accident. he's the leading tackle for the screaming eagles. a freshman playing varsity isn't unheard of but pretty uncommon. >> a child in a man's body. when we have conversations with him, i think he talks about sponge bob square pants and eating skittles and eating candy. >> when i thought about it, i was nervous because i'm going to have to go against the lineman. it's going to be weird. i never did nothing like that ever. me coming up from little league football to play varsity in high school, that was a big deal. you can be the youngest but you
6:52 pm
can be the toughest, thou. >> reporter: seneca valley and damascus, the high school football game of the week. back to you. >> all right. thank you. we want to make a correction here. we made a slight mistake. toll prices 25
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
news for your health, a new study of 300,000 women in europe
6:55 pm
finds taking birth control pills for ten years or longer cuts the risk of ovarian cancer in half. the study also found that a healthy pregnancy lowers the risk by one-third. it gets lower with each additional child. researchers aren't sure why it lowers the risk of disease. it may be related to hormone exposure. thousands of people stepping off freedom plaza for the aids walk washington. we caught up with two walkers who have been there since the beginning. pat lawson muse has the report. >> in my heart, i was walking for all the patients i lost to this disease. >> i have a partner who suffered from hiv aids now since 1985. >> reporter: for joe and money, the 25th annual aids walk is
6:56 pm
personal. jones, a retired army nurse who lost two nephews to aids has done every walk. >> they are all alone. i would do something to make a change here, even in the hospital. >> reporter: izzo, a staff therapist has been walking since '87. his partner has been living with aids since '85. they walk together. >> it's still a major crisis that we are dealing with, particularly in this city. >> reporter: this weekend thousands don their walking shoes to remind us of that fact. one in 20 d.c. adults has hiv and a third of them don't know it. >> we encourage people to get involved. whether they know it or not, they know someone who has hiv, if they live in this city. >> at the health clinic, they pick up race packets and
6:57 pm
t-shirts. newly renovated to expand state of the art health services, this is a model of progress made over the years. walker's like jones and izzo say progress made fighting the disease can be misleading. >> the treatments have gotten better. people have lived longer. you don't see as many die. people think the epidemic is over. >> reporter: so, they will keep walking. >> walking means that we are getting somewhere and we are letting people know about this illness. pat lawson muse, news 4, washington. nbc news 4 has a proud history with aids walk washington. back when the walk first began in 1987, our community affairs director realized this disease had the potential to be
6:58 pm
devastating. with her encouragement, nbc 4 threw their support behind the walk then and has done so over the past 25 years. tomorrow morning, she and nbc 4 will receive awards for their work. we are very proud of our partnership with whitman walker health clinic. we congratulate her. >> you'll be out there in the morning, too, right? >> yes, to get them off. >> it's a good cause. >> it is. coming up on news 4 at 11:00, new details about the rescue of a young boy in virginia. the boy has autism. we'll find out how he survived six nights in the elements. a hospital seen two patients killed within a week. the thief that tried to outrun police in a forklift. you won't believe what his loot was. another programming note, nbc news will unveil a new program soon. you may have seen the promoes. it's called "rock center" with
6:59 pm
brian williams. the top reporters will be contributing. it premiers monday night at 10:00. we hope you will check it out with us. final check, doug, some of us are going to get slammed? >> i told you what to do, what to wear and what to take? >> yes. >> take the umbrella. dress warm. >> not like last year. >> it's not the case. winter storm warnings. now, the national weather service put montgomery, howard, prince william into a winter weather advisory for the potential of one to four inches of snow. we are going to watch out for that closely. look at the snowfall totals here. these are the totals from storm center 4 year. two to four inches to the west. an inch to two inches, maybe, into that area.


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