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tv   Today  NBC  October 29, 2011 2:05am-3:05am EDT

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captions paid for by nbc-universal television ♪ mr. know it all ♪ well you think you know it all ♪ but you don't know a thing ain't that something y'all ♪ >> are you going to sing with me? >> are we on? >> we've got a special guest co-host today, ms. kelly clarkson here in for kathie lee gifford. we are so happy to see her. what is this song? >> "mr. know it all." >> what's the point? >> i don't like people who think they know everything. no one likes that person.
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i do like dancing with you on this plateau. >> i have to say, kelly came into the makeup room and you said you're a little bit nervous. >> yes, i am nervous. >> look at you here right now. >> this is a team of people. >> by the way, i had to be reminded you and me had an interview many years ago. >> oh, i remember. it was years ago. >> let's flashback just a second. blink. and we're here. blink. >> is this my life? >> oh, no! do i have a scarf on? i am so cool. >> look at us back in the day. i had a wetsuit on. that was back in 2005, i think. >> i had blonde hair then. i always go by my hair color.
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>> you know what the difference is? >> yes, the length and the color. >> a lot of us came to know you back with "american idol" back in the day. i remember singing a clip of you singing a capella to the judges. >> was it "at last" or "express yourself?" ♪ at last our love has come along ♪ my lonely days are over ♪ >> look at my head. it just keeps going. watch my head. here we go. we're going to turn. turn it again, turn it again. ♪ skies above are blue >> beautiful. >> here's my head, watch. i keep doing this. >> do you get nervous in those settings? you a capella by yourself? >> i feel i'm better when i'm a capella because i have no rhythm. when i go with the band, the musical director is pounding on
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the keyboard keeping me in check. when you're singing apella, you don't have to. >> that was absolutely beautiful. >> i was nervous. we walked in there and they didn't tell us what was going on. that was the third audition. i walked in and paula abdul is sitting there. i was like, where am i? >> what a long way you've come. that was ten years ago. >> i'm old now. i'm 29. >> you are? is that freaking you out a little? >> no, no, were your 20s just searching? >> i don't remember my 20s. >> you were drunk. i'm just kidding. my 20s were searching years so i'm looking forward to my 30s chilling out a little bit. >> i like your life for so many reasons. one, you're a texas girl. >> an oklahoma girl. >> yeah. i was born in oklahoma. you have a huge farm you and your family hang out on? >> we have a rescue ranch.
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we have like a bunch of animals. my mom, we were raised to rescue animals. to get them from the shelters. those are nubians, nubian goats. that's one of the ponds. dogs, horses, everything. >> so you get home, there's all the land, the animals, what happens? >> we all live on the same plat of land. we all take care of them. we had to go amputate one of his legs so it was bad. there's always stuff like that going on because it's a rescue ranch. i just walk around the land because it's peaceful. >> it must be calming. plus you spend time in nashville. >> i love nashville. >> that is a hot city. can i do a toast to you? >> okay. >> i promised you that we would have drinks. >> i love a show where you can drink in the morning. >> by the way, this girl was up late last night. >> i was watching the rangers. >> it was the world series, or the cardinals, depending on what you are for. >> rangers.
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>> if you're not into baseball, we could intrigue you. this one loves, loves, loves the rangers. there is a guy last guy named freese. >> he's hot by the way. call me. >> he's really cute. >> he's probably married and i made some woman mad. >> it was fifth inning. there was a pop-up fly i thought i could even caught. look what happened. here's david freese. right to me oh, no. dropped out. >> unfortunate. >> when you're that guy, you feel terrible. you think this is the worst moment ever. you want so badly to redeem yourself. some people when they mess up, they keep messing up. the bottom of the 11th this guy freese, redeems himself. it's full count and pitch comes in and he hits it out of the park. now we've got one more game. let's watch the close up. that happened at the end. tell me your type of guy.
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is he your kind of guy? >> he is hot. that is definitely a good type of guy. >> it's hard to see him in that mob. >> they definitely ripped his shirt off. look at that one guy. he's got rage issues. that doesn't look like happiness. it just looks mean. he's just tearing at him. my sister and i were like, that's weird. >> your sister happens to be here. >> my sister is here. >> along with your best friend. >> hey. >> they hate me right now. >> they are all talking in the make-up room and now they are shy. >> they're not like that in person. >> you guys are very close, you and your sister. are they singers, too? >> april sings. we grew up singing together. the blonde. >> you sing country? >> country, classic rock, blues. >> go ahead, girl. >> oh, no. >> really? >> she's really good. >> maybe you could sing with us.
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what do you sing, anything? >> i sing everything. >> give us something in the control room. >> this is your girl. >> i love her. ♪ bringing me out to god finally i'm being crystal clear ♪ are you singing? >> this is so wordy. i know the chorus. >> here it comes. ♪ bringing me out of the dark it's not there. this is embarrassing. ♪ thinking we could have had it all ♪ the sounds of your love ♪ we could have had it all
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>> play my kind of song. >> we need to drink. >> here it is. ♪ >> you are dead on! you are ghetto! this is awesome. this is like, okay. i feel like i should booty dance. this is like booty club music. i've got to go dance with you. what are you doing tonight? this is awesome. >> it's a big day on the show. i-hop is doing a special deal where they are decorating pancakes in a spooky way. we want to let you know why all this stuff is out here. so you go decorate. >> to start? >> get over there. >> you're bossy. i'm just kidding. >> scary faces. this happens all day today. kids 12 and under can come in
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and make a scary face. >> and i get to eat in the morning and drink. this is the best show ever. >> it is the best show ever, don't you think? >> i was nervous, now i'm drinking and eating. >> free pancakes all day? >> under 12, right. >> did you read your notes? >> i'm bragging. i was nervous. i totally read my notes. >> i can't believe you were nervous. we'll bring on our good friend bobbie thomas for bobbie's buzz. >> b.t.! >> we've met. we go back. >> your voice is like therapy. >> it's better when i know the words, right? sounds like what? >> i'm excited. it's the end of october, but it's important to support breast cancer awareness all year long. my friend fergie, friend of yours, too, she made sparkle pink shoes called awareness. the brown shoe company donated $20,000 to the susan g. komen foundation. betsy johnson happens to be a breast cancer survivor herself.
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she made this amazing collection. all the proceeds go to the fashion target's breast cancer and presbyterian hospital breast center where she was treated. i love 100% of these beauty products goes to the cause. lip gloss, key chain compact and philosophy shower for the cure. these products in particular give much of their money back. >> what are you wearing on your finger? >> your favorite ring. this ring is such a great ring. hoda always has it on. it's her signature ring. >> take one. >> i don't want yours. >> buy for $5. $2 goes to the susan g. komen foundation, but i love it. >> on monday it's halloween. wish you were going to be around on halloween. >> we are going to be in germany. >> are you going to dress up for halloween? >> of course. >> as what?
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>> i don't know yet. >> this is what kathie lee and i have done weird costumes over the years. we've done, i don't know, lucy and ethel. that was tragic. >> that's my favorite episode. >> we did that. she was c3po and i was the ugly and hideous yoda with pink lipstick. she was the big bad wolf and i was little red riding hood. this year we want you guys to come out to the plaza and we are going to have this great halloween costume contest. if you win, we have justin bieber coming on the 23rd of november. it's going to be crazy. come out to the plaza. we want to see you at 10:00. justin bieber's concert is november 23rd. get busy on that. coming up next, you know what we are doing? >> what are we doing? i read my notes. >> we'll have that and cal penn come talk to us. what did you say about him? >> i can't believe a guy who is known as a pot head works for
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the obama administration. >> we'll talk to him after these messages.
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it is time for today's plaza ambush makeovers. two lucky ladies have been plucked from the plaza and surprised with a brand-new look. >> hey! first-timer. for the better part of four hours they get coifed. >> and our stylist to the stars luis lacari and jill martin is in the house. >> i've done great so far. >> you're kicking it. i think we peaked earlier. >> you went out in the crowd. how was the crowd today? >> great. new york is hopping. those crowds were full. >> here is our first lucky lady. peggy hale, 58 years old from tampa, florida. her daughters were secretly
2:22 am
planning to make her over. they were so excited when we approached them on the plaza. let's take a listen. >> your mother is still freaking out so why does she deserve this and why do you want this for her? >> she is such a great person and she does everything for everybody but herself. i really want her to feel good about herself. >> i'm going to cry. >> what a good daughter. >> i know. i'm blessed with two beautiful daughters. >> well, are you ready for this because we are going to find you a husband. >> look at that. >> kelly said help me. >> here are her daughters stacey and kim. is emanuel here? also their children are there, as well. cute guys. everybody keep your blind folds on. here is peggy hale's before. peggy, let's see the new you.
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okay, you guys ready? take off your blind folds. peggy, are you ready to see yourself? are you sure? turn around here. >> is that really me? thank you. >> look right here. tell us about the hair. >> obviously, she liked it. first thing this, lena gave her this -- she had long hair doing nothing for her. we shaped her face, showed her face. layered around the face, popped up the color just a pinch. natural, believable. >> look at the daughters, by the way, are sobbing. what do you think? >> beautiful. beautiful. she always was beautiful, but this is the cherry on the pie.
2:24 am
>> jill, that outfit is smoking. >> that's a hot outfit. >> tell us about that. >> the holiday season, everyone is going to invest in one thing, go for a sequinned blazer. this is available at macy's by calvin klein. and she doesn't walk in heels. so this is a flat shoe. it shows you can dress up an outfit and wear flats. all right, peggy. you're the sweetest thing ever. >> woman number two is up. barb weber. she is 52 from middleton, wisconsin. she throws her hair into a ponytail every morning just like me because she can't manage it. she was overjoyed at the chance to get a new do. let's listen to her story. everyone is a little nervous here. tell me one reason why your mom deserves this. >> because she wants it. >> she'll really appreciate it.
2:25 am
>> why does your wife deserve it? >> she's been working hard lately. her father's been ill and she has been doing a lot of stuff to help him out. >> it's time for her to get pampered. >> time for her to get pampering. >> we are going to take good care of you. are you ready to go? >> i'm ready. >> she is here with her husband steve, and her children matt and ally. >> look at those kids! >> let's take one last look at barb's before. let's bring her out. oh, my god! you look so great! >> guys, take off your blind folds. >> oh, wow. >> you look so beautiful! great dress pick. >> you want to see yourself. are you dying? >> i'm ready. >> right here. >> oh, my god! >> you look hot. you look hot.
2:26 am
>> oh, my god. >> what happened to the other 20 years? >> i love it. turn right around and look in that camera. tell us about the hair. >> that is a great hair cut, great hair color and natural make-up can do. hair cut by lena. she used a straight texture in the front, left the curl in the back which gave her softness with volume. they kept the make-up soft. i just barely lightened around the face. just gave a hint of color. >> look at her husband with tears in his eyes. what do you think? >> you're smoking. she always had great hair. i always loved her hair. it's really cool. >> he wants to get his hands it in. >> jill, that dress is terrific. >> it's a great dress. >> it's by adrianna arpel and i love she keeps doing this. >> great job. >> where is peggy? peggy, come on out.
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a big round of applause for both of our ambushees. how about a hug for you? coming up next, we have a very, very funny actor. >> that's up after this. >> you guys look awesome. [ male announcer ] this is coach parker... whose non-stop day starts with back pain... and a choice. take advil now and maybe up to four in a day. or choose aleve and two pills for a day free of pain. way to go, coach. ♪
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a couple of years ago cal penn put his acting career on hold to work for the obama administration. he decided to return to acting for the role he was born to play, a lazy stone with daddy issues. well, well, what a stretch, huh? >> how are you? >> when you went to the white house to work for the obama administration, everyone knew you or people knew you from this movie. what did they think of you wandering around and doing important, serious work, knowing your back story? >> i think there's a little bit of a difference. i started working for the president in 2007 out in iowa when he was sort of coming out of the slump. he was 30 points down in the
2:32 am
polls in the primary election. there were a lot of other people did the same thing, doctors and lawyers and students and veterans who took time off from their jobs to serve. it's not that different. it's just everyone was doing their part. >> then you decided, it was a two-year stint that ran its course. >> two-year sabbatical. >> i found out very funny, you're walking in the white house. how did they take you seriously? >> everyone was there to do serious work. it worked out well. >> when you take two years off in the acting world that could feel like forever. when you're out of set, you're out of mind. were you worried you may have trouble getting back into the acting world? >> i was very naive. i have an incredible manager. when my two years was up, he pushed hard to make sure i could come back to something. i'm indebted to the business side of folks who i have on my side. >> the guy you play in the movie is a lazy pot head -- >> absolutely. >> hilarious.
2:33 am
>> it was fun to shoot. >> he's so the opposite of you. >> that's what i love about him. it's funny for me to play. i would never get away in real life doing the stuff he does. >> i don't think anyone can. >> that's true. >> is the thing in 3-d. >> it is. >> you have to wear the glasses in the movies? >> when you go see it, yeah. it's worth it. we are not a big budget action movie so the gags you see in 3-d, like this clip you're playing now, it's beer pong. >> of course it is. >> a little beer pong coming at you in 3-d. that's not something you get every day. >> we love it. we wish you good luck with this movie. >> i can't wait to see it. >> we're going. that's it. actress maria bello and her best production ever. look at her son.
2:34 am
>> and halloween cocktails. >> johnny weir wearing an outfit that is unforgettable. truly, after your local news.
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we are back on this dry day friday. in kathie lee's seat today is the grammy winning kelly clark. >> i made her introduce me like that. >> donny deutsch is here. he's our resident guy's guy. he has a segment called the other viewer. he doles out advice for women everywhere. >> stop the presses. you look gorgeous. you're single. you must have a question. it's hard for you, you're famous, you're beautiful. i'm here to help. >> i don't even run into single people. that's my problem. >> that is a problem. >> yeah.
2:39 am
>> chances are you have to find somebody with a similar lifestyle of yours. you have a traditional guy, you're on the road. >> that's the problem. i like traditional. >> it's very, very challenging. somebody can have traditional values like yourself but have an untraditional life style. it's going to be somebody in your universe. >> you're saying you're asking me out. >> actually, i was going to do that. >> this is a little awkward, but okay. >> you cannot ask her out on the air. i'm never coming on the show again. >> sara, take it away. >> first question from rachel. she has a husband who is very generous in his conversation. but when they're alone together, he has nothing to talk about. he claims he has nothing to talk about. >> people out with friends and other people, i tend to be like that sometimes. he feels he doesn't have to be on with you. that's actually a compliment. i had that with women. you're so talkative. because with the person i'm with
2:40 am
i'm relaxed and feel i can let go. so you're his partner. i know it's hard to understand. >> that's not a turn-on. >> but it's a reality. just be honest and say i need a little bit more from you. it doesn't mean he doesn't love you. in a strange way it does show he loves you. >> good advice. >> can a guy honestly be too tired for sex? >> he's lying. >> i got to tell you something, particularly during the work week, if a man had a bad day at work, he's not feeling good about himself -- i'm telling you guys. it's wrong. >> you are lying. >> i'm not lying. >> if your man says he is too tired, i'm going to break it down for you. >> you're going to cause a lot of divorces. >> women are applauding. >> the women are applauding. >> should i be worried my boyfriend of seven months has a female roommate? any advice?
2:41 am
>> kelly's got all the answers. >> i need to do your show. >> you do it. >> you know what? if it's a serious man in your life, why does he have a roommate? grow up a little bit. >> i know guys in their 20s with female roommates. >> look at you. >> i'm single. are you kidding? >> one of them likes the other. i'm telling you that. >> that's not necessarily true. he's obviously immature. you know what? maybe we should go out. there's a thing going on here. >> i'm honest. >> we've got to go. you guys ask each other out and we'll come back after the break. coming up next, we'll talk with maria bello with us. she is a great detective. [ male announcer ] this is lara. her morning begins with arthritis pain. that's a coffee and two pills. the afternoon tour begins with more pain and more pills. the evening guests arrive. back to sore knees. back to more pills.
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she started college intending to become a lawyer so maybe it's not a surprise maria bello now plays a detective. in the new series "prime suspect."
2:46 am
she was transferred to a new squad where she was forced to work in a new squad and is now in a male-dominated network. >> you think you're too good for regular police work. >> i think you're trying to dump your loser cases on me. >> if it's not high profile and cameras flash and get your face on the tv -- >> you don't want it. >> a fellow officer comes in the spirit of cooperation. asks for a little help. >> that's what take this case off my plate means? >> hello, maria, how are you? you do play a tough cookie on this. describe your character for people who haven't seen "prime suspect" yet. >> she's like no other woman you've seen on tv. she is not trying to be likable to anyone. she is completely honest to a fault sometimes. self-possessed and quirky, has her own sense of humor and her own style. >> there are so many crime shows on. every channel you see them. why do you think this stands
2:47 am
out? >> i've never been a fan of straight procedurals. i always found them too earnest, too serious. this show has such a great sense of humor. like most cops i know with that dark underbelly sense of humor, this show has that. you'll laugh at the same time you're trying to put this case together. >> the fedora, the hat you wear, was that something you decided on or something your character? tell us about that? >> a friend of mine, claire, gave me that hat and i put it on and i knew it was jane. it was all about an attitude, having a hat, a woman with an attitude. i went into the producers with a powerpoint of columbo, look at all these guys. they had a thing. why can't a woman detective have a thing? >> and you look hot in it. people will tune in for that. >> speaking of people with a thing for hats, you have a very cute son. >> jack, you might as well step up here. that hat is so funky, we need to show it.
2:48 am
how old is jackson by the way? >> i'm 10. >> your voice, i'm 10. like a grown-up. have you ever seen your mom tape on the set? >> yeah, i have. >> what do you think of her character? >> i think she, like, really, like, she doesn't care what other people think of her. >> is that the same in real life, too? >> no. >> what do you have in your hat, anything? >> i have some candy. >> of course you do. >> you're my kind of guy. >> jackson, thank you so much for coming to see us. he is so cute. >> adorable. how many kids do you have? >> close your ears, jackson. he volunteers at this school for disabled kids. >> what a sweet kid. >> we are excited. what is next for you? what is your next project? >> i'm off to haiti december 9th. my work in haiti. i have an organization called we advance working with women in haiti to empower them
2:49 am
economically. it's been a really exciting time. this new administration is incredible. >> what is it called? >> we advance. i just joined the advisory council on investments in haiti. some real change happening in the country and i'm excited to be able to be a part of it. >> you are a part of it. >> what brought you to haiti quickly? why haiti of all the places on earth? >> i landed there four years ago meeting my friend and i knew i was home and i was supposed to be there. that was my place. when you see the worst poverty you've ever seen in your entire life, and i traveled all over the world, you can't believe it. you think this is unconscionable and you've got to do something about it. our clinic and community center is in the poorest slum of the western hemisphere. >> thank you and good luck with your tv show, as well. >> bye, jackson. "prime suspect" thursday nights
2:50 am
at 10/9:00 central. johnny weir is next. good morning. tracking this nasty nor'easter moving across the northeast today into the mid-atlantic. we're going to see snow, wind in some areas, heavy rain, all coming together to create an unusual and powerful october storm. several inches of snow forecast along the i-95 corridor. the farther west and northwest you go, a foot or more in the poconos and catskills. still raining in florida. quiet in the mid section to have country and another storm dropping into the northern rockies. by the way, denver, more snow on
2:51 am
the way by next week. 57 in denver for the forecast high as we kick off the weekend. temperatures are not going to warm all that much with the rain and the snow falling in the northeast. we'll be lucky if we wake it into the 40s today in new york city. rain showers move back in by sunday, but we clear out from d.c. to new york, lingering morning snow in boston and rain snow showers around the great lakes. the cold air gets stuck here on sunday. only at 44 for the high. temperatures will cool off as the next storm swings in out of the intermountain west. monday, more rain showers forecast around the ohio valley. dry in new york city as we kick off the workweek and your halloween, as well. 51 in new york city by tuesday. 57 in d.c. 74 in orlando. we're starting to heat up and dry out as we head through wednesday. that's where we see more accumulating snow moving back into denver.
2:52 am
rain showers through the western lakes and southern plains. by thursday, this system moves further east. be sure to tune in monday morning at 6:00 a.m. for "wake up with al." woman: day care can be expensive. so to save some money, i found one that uses robots instead of real people. 'cuz robots work for free. robot 1:good morning... robot 1:...female child. sfx: modem dial-up noise woman: are there flaws? yeah, um, maybe. anncr: there's an easier way to save. anncr: get online. go to get a quote. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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we are out here at the rockefeller ice skating rink to celebrate today at rink. who better to start us off than three-time u.s. national champion and three-time olympian mr. johnny weir. >> good morning, good morning. >> what's happening? >> the only thing separating me from you is a thin layer of fish net and another layer of net. it doesn't go with this weather at all. >> this guy just got a terrific award the other night. tell us about that. >> i was honored by the ice theater of new york which is a
2:55 am
great skating troupe in new york city, as a dare to be different award. i am a little weird. so i got an award for being a little strange. >> finally, your hometown fans haven't seen you in a while, but you're going to go there and do another performance for them? >> absolutely. december 23rd, holiday dreams on ice. i'm performing in philadelphia, first time performing in my home state in five years. i'm very excited. >> what do you think of his outfit? >> hot, you stole it, whatever. i was going to wear that. i wish i had your thighs. i'm not going to lie. >> wait until you see the butt. >> johnny is going to skate to -- >> gaga and "poker face." >> take it away, johnny weir. take it away. [ applause ]
2:56 am
♪ ♪ ♪ i wanna hold them like they do in texas plays ♪ fold them let them hit me ♪ raise it baby stay with me ♪ i love it luck and intuition play the cards with spades to start ♪ and after he's been hooked i'll play the one that's on his heart ♪ i'll get him hot ♪ show him what i've got ♪ oh oh oh i'll get him hot ♪ show him what i've got ♪ ♪ can't read my can't read my
2:57 am
♪ no he can't read my poker face ♪ can't read my can't read my ♪ poker face she's got to love nobody ♪ ♪ poker face poker face ♪ poker face ♪ poker face i wanna roll with him a hard pair we will be ♪ a little gambling is fun ♪ promises prommes can't read my ♪ can't read my can't read my ♪ can't read my poker face ♪ she's got to love nobody ♪ can't read my can't
2:58 am
read my ♪ can't read my poker face ♪ my poker face my poker face ♪ ♪ >> thank you, johnny weir. up next we are stirring up special drinks for halloween.
2:59 am
3:00 am
time to start having a happy halloween today. if you're hosting a bash, you need more than halloween costumes and candy.
3:01 am
>> she's got some ghoulishly good halloween cocktails. >> look how we are starting. >> they look so pretty. >> mar-gore-ita. this is for your monster mash. it's a straight forward margarita. >> that is killer. >> it's fabulous. >> this is red caramel. this is how you make these drips. like the coating on a candy apple. >> you buy this at the grocery store? >> that's not very pretty. >> it's supposed to look scary. >> this is an eyeball garnish. i step it out on my website to make it. it's homemade for your zombie party. these zombies. all i've done for this. this is a zombie cocktail. it's got a gummy brain. this is just a latex mask i put over a canister i got at party city.
3:02 am
i got the brain at party city. they're all set for their zombie party. these gummy brains are super good. i got these at target. that's the only place i found them so far. >> what's happening down here? >> this is a pumpkin mojito you had earlier. >> i loved these. >> you are wicked. >> you make it just like a regular mojito. you muddle your mix. >> muddling is a big deal. >> you've got rum, lime juice. this is a pumpkin syrup, a cup of sugar, cup of water, half a cup of canned pumpkin. boil it and keep it in the refrigerator. this is what is cool about these here. these are just wrist bands you would buy for halloween. you go to the favors section of the store and do something like this. all party city favors.
3:03 am
>> for a pirate party, i did this captain kathie lee and high seas hoda. it's a sangria. you can drink it. >> oh, yeah. >> that's cute. >> i'm taking kathie lee's. >> this is a bottled portion. this is the back of the corset. i made this using the cricket, you know the table top paper-cutting machine? you have halloween cartridges. the nightcap. the adults come back. these are the dunkin' donuts dunkinmunchkins. >> a big thank you to miss kelly clarkson, guys. >> you're going to be on jimmy fallon tonight. >> you're very busy. >> come down monday to the plaza. we'll have a special halloween show.
3:04 am
we have great costumes. we want to see yours. come dn to possibly win justin bieber concert tickets. have a great weekend. -- captions by vitac -- [ cheers and applause ] captions paid for by captions by vitac


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