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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  October 30, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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montgomery county. there have been clashes elsewhere in maryland and virginia and the district. fortunately there are no reports of any deaths at this point. >> as bad as things are here england is dealing with historic snowfall this weekend. the normal dumped several inches of snow in the northeast. many states declared states of emergency and at least three deaths are being blamed on the snow. >> reporter: a halloween blizzard? not quite. but the late october snowstorm that blanketed much of the east coast is one to remember. new york city, which hasn't seen measurable snowfall in october since 1952, smashed an all-time record. the national weather service says 1.3 inches had fallen in central park as of 2:00 p.m. take a look here. the white stuff was enough to add a little color to the yale/columbia football game. as the snow accumulated, so did the power outages and airport delays.
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fortunately, there was enough time for the road crews to gear up and for everyone else to stock up on the essentials. >> it's been a mad rush of people getting, you know, salt, calcium, shovels. i mean, we sell shovels, it's amazing how many shovels we sell. >> new england is no stranger to snow, but not before the leaves have finished falling. >> it's much too early. i'm not ready. >> like it or not, a preview of winter. brian moahr, nbc news. in fact, hraopbgt skyline drive and points west, 9, 10, 11 inches fell.along the skyline drive and points west, 9, 10, 11 inches fell.
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we have had one to three inches of snow. that was certainly enough. it was certainly a remarkable storm so early in the season and to be followed by very cold temperatures. again, another unusual thing we are having to deal with this morning. it's still below freezing in a few locations. most areas now are beginning to get above freezing except for the snowfall blue ridge west. right now reagan national, 40 degrees. later today we'll be climbing up to 50 or so. increasing clouds on monday. could get showers tuesday morning. but i've got great news for you. for the end of the week, look at some of the detailed maps where the snow fell and heavier amounts around our region coming up in just a couple of minutes. stay tuned. >> thank you. well, today thousands are running in and around d.c.. it's the 36th annual marine corps. marathon with more than 20,000 participating and
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thousands more cheering them on. derrick ward is where the race started in arlington. how are the runners dealing with the frigid temperatures? i bet you're seeing a lot of gloves out there. >> it's not all that bad. the music they may have to deal with more than anything. i don't know how it affects their concentration. as you look behind me, some of the first runners ending up the 10k portion of the race. i want to show you video for the start of the race. this is the 36th annual marine corps. marathon. it's an iconic race that starts at arlington national cemetery, makes its way past some of the most notable, recognizable spots in the area. lots of interesting aspects in the race this year. for instance, more than 400 runners aren't letting their active duty abroad, even at sea, keep them from participating in this year's event. runners in afghanistan and even aboard the aircraft carrier uss bush will be running equivalent races where they are. we spoke to two women whose
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husbands are running for a charity called fisher house. >> we're also supporting team fisher house, champions for military families. it's like the ronald mcdonald house for military families. >> it has to be sort of heart warming. there's just a whole bunch of things. is this the first time you have come? >> my first and my husband's second at age 62. >> well, that is certainly encouraging. if he can do it, i had to do it but i had to work. a local man bob ewing is running barefoot and in a tux. he is running for a charity that helps people in need of bone marrow transplants. we are a few hundred yards east of the actual finish line. if i'm not mistaken our own chuck bell is taking part in the race today. how come we got better weather when he's out here in shorts
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than yesterday when everybody else was out here. here races on the way. street closures associated with this will be in place until 1:30 this afternoon. if you're traveling downtown, something to be aware of. if you're coming down to watch the runners finish up, there's time to get over there to the memorial. live in arlington. back to you. >> derrick, we know you want to run that race so bad. we'll put in the request for next year to take part in 2012. >> i'm saving up for my shoes as we speak. >> all right. tkaeubg ward reporting from the marine corps. marathon. thank you. police in alexandria are investigating a string of bank robberies in route 1.
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a woman held up suntrust around 11:00 a.m. a woman and a man demanded money a short time later from the wells fargo at the 6300 block. after that, a man robbed bb&t just a few blocks away. only the third attempt was successful. authorities are investigating another attempted abduction in just two weeks. it happened yesterday afternoon in the governors green subdivision. a 20-year-old woman said a car with at least three men inside stopped as she walked along innisbrook circle. she says a man opened the back door and yelled, let's go! she was able to run away. prince george's county police have arrested a man in connection with the murder of a howard university student. alonzo guyton was killed just after midnight tuesday in mt. ranier. police say 20-year-old william knight shot him in front of his off-campus apartment. they found his hand print on a gun. this was a total team effort between u.s. marshalls, d.c. police, and prince george's county police. >> it's a huge group of people that come together. and when something like this comes together so quickly, it's fantastic for everybody.
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for the police department, the community, to get this person off the road. wright is currently in a d.c. jail. he'll be extradited to maryland in the next few days or so. a memorial service will be held on tuesday night at the howard university campus. it appears the occupy movements around the country are becoming more and more heated. just days after protests in oakland got out of control, demonstrations in denver turned ugly quickly. >> you're beating people. >> police clashed with protesters outside the capitol building after officials said they couldn't set up tents. the situation quickly got out of hand and police started spraying pepper spray into the crowd. protesters say they were peacefully demonstrating but officials say they were attacked by the protesters. >> police started spraying them with pepper spray and shooting them.
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>> we had an officer pushed off his motorcycle. two officers who were kicked. when it escalated to that point we made a city-wide call. overall, 20 people were arrested, including two for assaulting an officer. luckily, there were no reports of any serious injuries. and freezing rain and chilly temperatures didn't stop protesters here in the district. the occupy d.c. group marched to the treasury department chanting, robinhood was right, tax the rich. the protesters also marched on a bank of america branch and the white house. they also marched on the bank of america branch and the white house. another important race is going on next weekend right here in washington. of course it's all for a good cause. we'll tell you how you can be a part of it when we come back. and the terps look to end
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their three-game losing streak. their three-game losing streak. highlights from a busy day of
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at rochester institute of technology. you can't scare me. >> our colleague hoda kotb was at the honor the promised gala benefiting susan g. komen foundation. nbc news andrea mitchell announced she was diagnosed and treated with breast cancer was a presenter. this was held at the kennedy center and raised $2 million. 75% of that money will stay here in the d.c. area. back to john. >> thank you, angie.
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the marine corps. marathon is going on as we speak. if you're not ready to run the 26.2 miles, there's another race next weekend that's much more manageable and it's all for a good cause. nbc 4 is the proud media sponsor of longevity's breathe deep d.c. 5k. thanks for joining us. >> thank you for having us on. >> november is national lung cancer awareness month. >> yes. >> obviously a perfect time to bring it up. longevity, what is that organization all about? >> translator: nation's largest lung cancer nonprofit. we do it in multiple ways. we fund research. we're the largest funder of lung cancer research. it's also about building awareness and building the community and bringing more people out to discuss the disease and to really bring it to the national forefront. >> i know you have a personal connection with lung cancer is that correct? >> my mother passed away from lung cancer in 2008.
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that's when my family and i decided to get involved to bring additional resources and try to help change the course of the disease. >> so now we have the race coming up on november 6th. it's a walk, 5k walk. >> it is. >> how do you think this will bring awareness to the cause? >> longevity, we have over 60 of these community-based events across the country. we have 20 in november alone which is, as you mentioned, lung cancer awareness month. the d.c. walk is one of our largest and most successful. it should have 2,000 participants. it's a really fun, inspiring event that brings people out. we honor those who have been lost by the disease and we also honor those still conditioning the fight. family event. kids's activities. service member activities where we pack up treats, all the extra halloween county that parents might not want their kids to eat. dog friendly, cat friendly if you want to bring them, and kid friendly.
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survivors cutting the ribbon. i strongly encourage everybody to come out. this year we have a special activity beforehand, the walter johnson high school choir performing a special song. one of the choir members lost her mother to lung cancer this past july. >> we saw registration is at 9:30, the race at 10:00. wherewith k people go. >> go online by november 4th. www.lungvevity forward slash dc. >> it is november 6th, 5k walk around the national mall. >> thank you very much. >> angie, back to you. next weekend they're probably in for nicer temperatures. >> i'm happy to report that october has regained its dignity as an autumn month. i'll have your forecast coming right up. i'm meteorologist tom kierein. ♪
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well, a little chilly out there for the runners out there. marine corps. marathon. chuck bell is out there on the course wearing bib number 444. >> on top of his four layers of fleece some and socks on the hands. >> that's right. well, beginning last wednesday, we started talking about this potential for snow on the weekend. a lot of viewers are going, yeah, i'll believe it when i see it. we saw it. now we believe because we certainly did get quite a bit of snow 30, 40 miles west of washington. six to 10 inches of snow. farther west even higher amounts. this morning here thankfully we have the sunshine back.
9:20 am
illuminating the foliage in northwest washington. a little brief brush of winter came by and left a ghost in the attic that came and visited shortly and just left. thankfully it's gone now. we have the sun over the potomac. live from the city camera. it's at 40 degrees. we have a wind west-northwest 10, gusting to around 15 miles per hour. look at the snow totals we had. it did indeed get up to 8, 9, 10 inches along skyline drive. down in the shenandoah valley, 3, 4, 5 inches in some locations. grant county, mount storm, 14 inches fell there. fairmont, 8 and a half insurance. almost a foot in parts of washington county and farther west. northern montgomery, loudon, generally had 2, 3, 4 inches there.
9:21 am
closer right inside washington's border with montgomery county, american university about a quarter inch. and that was just sort of a novelty snow locally. points south and east, mostly all rain. right now there it's near 40. farther west, mid-30s. it's still below freezing most of those locations 30 degrees now. and over the last 12 hours we have cleared out. high pressure moving in giving us plenty of sunshine throughout the day today. the next 48 hours, lots of sun today. as we get into tomorrow morning, back to work and school on monday, clouds moving in during the morning hours. by late afternoon, the clouds will thicken up a bit. during the evening around 10:00, 11:00, we could have light rain falling. here's how things are looking for the rest of this sunday afternoon. we'll be climbing up to 50 degrees. a lot of the snow in western northern suburbs will be gone by later this afternoon.
9:22 am
overnight tonight we'll clear. and then by dawn tomorrow, mid-30s. clouding up during the day on monday. a few sprinkles late monday evening. perhaps a couple hours before midnight. off and on after that through the morning community on tuesday. sun back tuesday afternoon. highs in the upper 50s. and then here's our payback. we deserve it after what we've been through. it's warming back into the mid-60s by friday and saturday. should be sunny wednesday, thursday, friday, and saturday. so this will be a distant memory, a distant might mayor that we'll hopefully -- >> we already feel the sun. it's coming. it's coming. >> all right. thank you tom for that uplifting forecast. >> thanks. >> all right. well, now a look at what's coming up this week in kids post. here's eun yang. >> good morning. this week on kids post tv, the earth's population and some way toss compare, a crazy performance full of hot air, and mice that travel everywhere. joining us once again is tracy
9:23 am
grant of kids post. always nice to see you. >> wonderful to beer, eun. >> first off, a look at a large number that is looming this weekend. 7 billion. >> 7 billion. lots of people heard this, the world's population on october 30th has hit 7 billion. and we use sunday's kids post to explore what 7 billion means. it's such a big number particularly for kids. what does 7 billion people mean? so in our kids posting way we explain that it would take three olympic sized swimming pools to hold 7 billion m&m's. or 7 billion sheets of copy paper all the way to the international space station and back. >> that's a good way. i like kids postian methods.
9:24 am
kids understand. >> also we talk about some of the population issues too. some of the more serious aspects of the population. >> got to learn. always fun but learning as well. a thaoet cal performance that might make you feel like you're inside the thanksgiving macy's day parade. >> next sunday out at george mason university, the the inflatable theater is performing. part juggling, part mime, this inflatable dog is the size of an elephant. he shakes his head. he's just so cute. it's all the invention of this fred garbo who will be performing next saturday at 4:00 hylton performing arts center. the details are in today's kids post. >> finally, your book of the week, secrets at see by richard peck. >> richard peck is just a national treasure.
9:25 am
sets at sea is a little bit of cricket in times square. it's a little bit the tale of despero. four orphaned mice who stow away on a ship and go across to england on a shift. ages 8 and up. a nice family read allowoud forl ages. >> always nice to see you. for fun family activities visit or and click on kids post. i'm eun yang. >> always great ideas. >> i look forward to it every week. i do. >> it is 9:25. still ahead at this hour, tens of thousands of travelers are stranded as a labor dispute grounded qantas airlines. what's being done to get the planes back in the air. >> okay. i don't know what's worse, being stuck on a plane on a run way
9:26 am
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good morning to news 4. i'm an yo goff. >> i'm john schiffen. welcome to this sunday, october 30th, 2011. look at some of the accidents reported. no major injuries reported but this is a pretty good indication of how slick the roads are right now. but bearing some better news, we have meteorologist tom kierein now in the house for chuck bell, who is out running the marine
9:30 am
corps.. >> those areas with the most snow, blue ridge still below freezing. elsewhere, thankfully we're getting above freezing throughout the region. ahh, looks like ought item again. it's not winter anymore. that's a live picture. there's no snow falling. that's a blue sky. there's sunshine. it's actually real. and we do have temperatures at or below freezing in the shenandoah valley, points west. closer to washington, upper 30s to near 40. it's near 40 now at reagan national and by the way as well. we did start off, though, most of the region below freezing this morning. now, the last 12 hours we quickly cleared out after the snow ended, the rain ended. now we are calm as an area of high pressure is pushing in. it will give us a beautiful afternoon. a few clouds popping up.
9:31 am
temperatures into the upper 40s to perhaps near 50 degrees or so. a lot of snow that fell close to washington today. but the heavier snow will be around a few more days because it was so heavy. how much snow we got and where. improving news for the week ahead in a couple minutes. >> thank you, tom. >> looking forward to it. >> a developing story out of northeast kansas at this hour. at least three people are dead and three others missing after a massive explosion at a grain elevator. the explosion in the town of atchison sent a fire bolt into the sky it was so high it was visible in missouri. the blast could be felt for miles away. they are bringing in heavy machinery to dig through the rubble looking for the three missing workers. a deadly day for american forces in afghanistan after a suicide bombing by the taliban.
9:32 am
this was the aftermath immediately after the attack in kabul. a suicide bomber rammed a car packed full of explosives into their bus. they staged a dozen major attacks in kabul this year trying to weaken confidence in the afghan government as it prepare toss take every its own security. two dozen rebel fighters from libya are now in the united states recovering from the war against moammar gadhafi. the fighters arrived yesterday in boston and were transported to a local hospital where they will receive treatment for their injuries. it comes from sent of state hillary clinton who requested for more than 200 fighters to be transported to the u.s. for treatment. libya's transitional government said it is using an internationally established fund to help pay the hospital bills. two presidential hopefuls are pulling ahead in the race for the republican nomination. a new poll shows herman cainand
9:33 am
mitt romney ahead of the back in iowa. the des moines register shows cain with 23%, followed by romney, just one point behind. ron paul with just 12%. michele bachmann, rick perry and newt gingrich only managed single-digit support. it's been his campaign's biggest weakness but that won't keep rick perry out of upcoming debates. rick perry's campaign said the texas governor will not be skipping out on future debates. his popularity plummeted since entering the presidential race. many blame the drop on struggles during his first five debates. his campaign says the governor has already committed to five more debates in november and in december. well, some area schoolchildren got a very special halloween surprise.
9:34 am
kids from d.c. area schools trick-or-treated at the white house yesterday. president and mrs. obama handed out special white house edition m&m's. and dried fruit as a healthy option. the first family held this halloween party every year since moving into the white house. >> the australian government is stepping in this morning trying to get qantas airways back in the sky. it surprised employees and tens of thousands of passengers saturday after it grounded its fleet because of ongoing labor issues. both sides were called in for emergency arbitration session today ordered by the government. workers have been on strike due to fears their jobs will be cut. there is new trouble for jetblue. >> passengers found themselves stuck on a plane for more than seven hours. jet blue is forced to divert a network bound flight yesterday during the snowstorm. once the plane landed passengers spent hours waiting to be allowed into the terminal. fights nearly broke out as people tried to get off the plane.
9:35 am
>> there were children who -- children under the age of 3 for eight hours on a plane isn't pleasant. >> jetblue blames bad weather and infrastructure problems in hartford for the delay in getting passengers off. back in 2007, hundreds of passengers spent hours stuck on jetblue planes during a valentine's day blizzard. the tension on board that plane not a pleasant trip at all. it's time now for a little sports. after going 7-0 to start this season, the washington capitals are ready to get the heck out of canada as they have dropped two straight north of the border. last night the caps played the canucks. they traded goals back and forth until the third period. that's when the canucks pulled away with three goals, winning it. the final score, 7-4. they will head home to play anaheim on tuesday. hakim dermish with a busy day in sports and a sports minute.
9:36 am
>> reporter: good morning, everyone. your sports minute beginning with college football. maryland hosting boston college. terps down 21-3. danny o'brien trying to start a comeback. third and 11. avoids the sack. then on the run a perfect pass to adrian cox. after a failed on-side kick, boston college shuts the door. finch punches it in from three yards out. 243 yards rushing. eagles win their first acc win of the year defeating maryland, 28-17. terps lost four in a row. they fall to 2-6. virginia tech on the road at duke. second quarter, tied at seven. first and goal. josh oglesby gets the pitch. he breaks one tackle, then another, and bulldozes his way in for the touchdown. setting an acc record with their 11 straight road victory.
9:37 am
navy taking on notre dame. tommy reece downfield to a wide open michael floyd. 56 yard touchdown. notre dame wins big. navy's worst loss since 2002. midshipmen lost six in a row. redskins play the buffalo bills in toronto. kickoff set for 4:05. that's your sports minute. i'm hakim dermish. have a great day. 9:37. >> up next, wednesday's child. a pro at making piezza. a[ male announcer ] want to achieve more with your money?
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our wednesday's child this week said she wants to be a star. chanel is still learning of all the possibilities ahead of her. >> but she knows one thing that could make a difference in her life and that's having a family to guide her. barbara harrison has her story. >> a pizza starts with a
9:41 am
fabulous dough. we make this in-house all day. >> chef pike says everything starts with good ingredients. handle it with loving care and it can be formed into the most wonderful pizza crust imaginable. the most wonderful thing is to make it fun. 14-year-old chanel is concentrating on getting the pizza dough just right. she was a real ace when it came to tossing it into the air. she said it's fun learning new things. >> i love school. i love activities. i love to learn. >> chanel says it's difficult when you're in foster care and have to move from one school to another. >> chanel has been in several placements since the age of 7. she's come a long way. she has a lot of hopes and dreams for life. very positive outlook in life
9:42 am
despite the dangers she has had to deal with at a very young age. >> what would you like to be when you grow up? >> i would like to be an actress. >> look at that. you're a pro. >> chanel likes praise. she wants to please. >> i want a family. any kind of family. >> a family that can provide her with a lot of one-on-one attention, a lot of structure. >> i want my family to be respectful, caring, get along with each other. >> i've seen a lot of cooks in many restaurants, and i would say you're pretty much a natural. >> i try. >> i want to present you with a t-shirt. >> chanel also got to take the pizza she made with her, along with memories of a day really had fun.
9:43 am
barbara harrison, news 4, for wednesday's child. >> well, if you have room in your home and your heart for one of our wednesday's children, please call our special adoption line 1-88-to-adopt-me or logon to our home page at >> all right. so yesterday a bunch of us here at nbc washington participated in a great tennis championship. check this out. it's the heart to heart tennis experiences in its 13th year. it was at the southeast tennis center over mississippi avenue. great event. let's look at some of the pictures. all right. so this was the final match. it was a celebrity paired up with a junior partner. i was with a hat. my partner was damian against jim hanley and his partner. unfortunately jim hanley won the
9:44 am
tournament. there's our general manager jackie bradford with one of the kids there. it's great to get the kids active and involved. they really do a good job getting involved. tom sherwood with the bright green shirt on. and kwame brown was there. the tennis ball was out there. so many people. they even gave out some trophies. how about this guy. >> whoa! >> this is serious. pretty serious stuff. do you see this? >> i like that, finalist. >> yeah. true it only says finalist because i was a finalist and not the winner. jim hanley has the championship trophy. and i think on monday he said he's bringing his trophy in. >> good. bragging rights. >> thank you so much for letting nbc 4 be part of that event. cora master, founder of the heart to heart challenge. she does a great job with it. it benefits the kids in
9:45 am
southeast. wonderful. >> well, good. good for you. >> it's an indoor center. >> indeed. and the rain too and the wind. now it's all gone. it's back to autumn. i'm tom kierein. the forecast is coming right now.
9:46 am
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welcome back. you've been saying it all morning, it's over. >> it's receding into the misty past. away it goes. >> until the next one. >> yeah, that's right. it really happened. it actually did happen. it was more of a novelty snow closer to washington. it was one of those things where maybe you stepped outside yesterday afternoon, look, snow is falling. well, let's go shopping. fatter west, it was serious snow. it brought things to a halt around the blue ridge, shenandoah valley and the mountains. up until new england there are 3 million without power in new england. it was a major blizzard up there for them.
9:49 am
and so incredibly unusual for october. well, let's just enjoy what we have now. the sun has returned. now it's autumn again. and the temperatures are beginning to climb. it's 40 in washington. there's the statistics on the reagan national. wind kicking up west-northwest. look at the snow totals we have. generally across northern virginia, nearby suburbs, a quarter to half an inch. a few miles farther north and west 3, 4, 5 inches. skyline drive, 8 and 9 inches. farther west in west virginia they had over a foot in many locations. northern maryland, along the pennsylvania border, 8 to 12 inches of snow there. and now it is gone. and replaced by a cold morning. it is still below freezing most areas from the blue ridge west. western maryland, panhandle of west virginia. farther east, 30s to 40 degrees.
9:50 am
and it will continue to climb. the last 12 hours we cleared out. the storm rapidly moved to our north and east and unloaded tremendous amount of snow from northern new jersey, new york state, new england. as we go forward the next 48 hours, lots of sun. weak high pressure moving in. a weak disturbance passing us tomorrow morning. clouds as we get back to work and school monday morning. by monday evening, this area of green moving in around midnight. trick-or-treaters, before midnight should be fine. shouldn't be out at midnight anyway. by tuesday, a wet commute tuesday morning. afternoon highs climbing to 50. the snow will be melting later on this afternoon. then overnight tonight, partly cloudy. by dawn on monday, mid-30s. tomorrow, increasing clouds. highs into the mid-50s. monday evening, again, sprinkles
9:51 am
perhaps 9:00, 10:00, 11:00 and off and on after that. tuesday afternoon, sun back. highs upper 50s. then a wonderful warmup coming our way for wednesday all the way into the weekend. sunshine wednesday, thursday, friday, and saturday. morning lows. low to mid 40s. near 60 wednesday, thursday. mid-60s friday and saturday. looking great. >> a really nice week. >> 9:51 right now. talk about going for a dip. >> yeah. up next, the very wet world record this man hopes to break. ♪
9:52 am
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it was that magic after all that inspired caroline kennedy in the famous endorsement here to say no one since her father had come as close as barack obama to
9:55 am
fulfilling the dream. leaders are desperate to get their candidates to talk sense. if they want to win. are republican blowing the big chance to win the white house back? join me and bob woodward, an stkraoe ya mitchell for a discussion. now for a look at what's coming up on meet the press, here's david gregory. david? >> thanks, chris. new polling shows cain and romney. the president fights for his own reelection. will this strategy work? we'll go inside the reelection playbook with david plouff. and a taking on this question, why is it washington can't find a leader like steve jobs? walter isaacson, the author of
9:56 am
the jobs biography is on the roundtable. stay tuned after the program for my special press pass conversation with committee on oversight and government reform congressman cummings, democrat from maryland. it's only here on nbc 4. and a quick programming note. rock center with brian williams debuts tomorrow night at 10:00 in the evening right here on nbc 4. a man from turkey can now dry off and take a deep breath as he is a world record holder. he stayed under water for a little more than eight days. he had supporters cheering him on while he swam his way to the record. when he finally got out of the water, the crowd cheered him on. too bad he couldn't hear it. he said both of his ears were blocked. i'm not surprised about that. >> what have we got here? >> before we go to break, we have a special section in today's sunday post with date
9:57 am
lap. >> we're going to show it to you here. it's special because there's someone we know that's in it. >> our production assistant aaron went on one of these dates. interesting enough he told us in the interview he talked about religion, politics and past dating experiences on this date. three no-nos. >> he said he does not facebook. he knew her name ahead of time but did not facebook it because that would take away from the idea of a blind date. we hope it works out. >> that's it for the
9:58 am
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