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tv   Today  NBC  October 31, 2011 7:00am-11:00am EDT

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good morning. halloween nightmare, more than 2 million people still without power this morning, after that freak october snowstorm slammed the east coast. at least 11 people are dead, schools closed, roads blocked, and officials say it could be more than a week before power is fully restored. the madoff speak, bernie madoff's massive ponzi schemed rocked the financial world and ripped his family apart. this morning his wife, ruth, and son, andrew, are here for an exclusive live interview. and play dressup, our crowd is decked out for a big halloween bash on the plaza and we've got lots of surprises in store for them, including our big costume reveal today, monday, october 31st, 2011.
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captions paid for by nbc-universal television >> announcer: "today" celebrates halloween with matt lauer and ann curry, live from studio1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and good morning, everyone, welcome to "today" on a monday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> and i'm ann curry. boy a lot of great costumes outside. >> looks pretty good. >> it may say halloween on the calendar. look at what's happening to hartford, connecticut. it looks a lot more there like christmas, just one of the cities dealing with the damage from the weekend nor'easter that dumped a blanket of heavy, wet snow over the weekend. >> it's the weight of all of that snow, started falling saturday, quickly built up in trees still covered with leaves that caused a lot of branches to snap, power lines came down. we'll have the latest on the storm just ahead. also this morning there's a new report out in politico that
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games gop presidential hopeful herman cain was twice accused of sexual harassment back in the 1990s. cain already has a response. we'll tell you what he's saying coming up. also the latest in the search for that kansas city baby lisa irwin. it now looks like the family will let the police interview lisa's two half brothers. we'll have an exclusive and candid conversation with the family of bernie madoff, their first live interview since madoff's ponzi scheme was exposed about three years ago. we'll talk to them a little later on. we begin with the cleanup from that unusual and record-setting snowstorm in october. nbc's ron allen is in hartford, connecticut. ron, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, matt. you can find this incredible scene in so many communities here in connecticut, the same thing happened, about a foot of snow fell on these trees, still covered with leaves, dragging down the power lines. you can see them dangling across the roadway. this sign says caution, electricity, because the line
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might be alive and therefore very dangerous. across the state, about 750,000 people are without power and it's very easy to see why it could take a long time to fix all those problems. they're calling the destruction in connecticut unprecedented, even worse than hurricane irene, all because of that disastrous mix of heavy, wet snow and fall foliage, snapping utility lines, knocking out power, and in some places, even sparking fires. >> i drove up into town and it looked like a war zone with all the trees that were down. >> reporter: a record-breaking halloween weekend storm that dumped more than 31 inches of snow in northern new england, and the earliest snow in over 100 years in new york's central park. >> i was just thinking maybe it was just a halloween trick that we got a winter storm, you know, but it's actually real. it's real and uncanny and scary. >> reporter: and destructive. a huge limb crashed into this
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house in new york. >> the tree fell on my house, and it went through the roof and went into the family room. >> reporter: not far away another narrow escape. >> if i was staying in the car two more seconds i would be dead today. >> reporter: traveling has been treacherous and tedious, especially by air. passengers aboard this jetblue flight, one snapped these pictures, still have not forgiven the airline for leaving them on a plane for seven hours on the ground with no food, water, or bathrooms available. >> it almost came to fisticuffs on the plane. there were children who, children under the age of 3 for eight hours on a plane isn't pleasant. >> reporter: the storm saturday had forced the flight bound for new jersey to land in connecticut. jetblue apologized, a statement said in part, "the airport experienced intermittent power outages, which made refueling and jetbridge deplaning difficult." full refunds were promised.
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from new jersey to massachusetts, trying to clean up the mess is what many folks are still doing today across the northeast. many businesses and schools are closed, as streets are clogged with downed trees and power lines. the first halloween that's brought a snow day in a very long time. >> she's handling it fine. she wants to build a snowman all day. >> reporter: maybe a very pleasant day for her and thousands of other kids who don't have school today but a lot of headaches in connecticut and across new england because of the storm. we've seen people in line for groceries and outside gas stations to get gas, so few are open in some communities and the essence of the problem is trying to fix the power lines, get rid of the trees and repair the damage and it's going to take a while, several days, perhaps a week for some people before the lights are on and before they have power again. >> ron allen in hartford this morning, thanks very much.
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stay warm. we get a check of the rest of the news from natalie morales. >> a report of allegations against republican presidential candidate herman cain that he was accused by at least two women of sexual harassment. nbc's chief white house correspondent and political director chuck todd is in washington with that and the campaign's reaction. chuck, good morning. >> nbc news has not independently confirmed these allegations. here's the politico report, though, that the two women, while herman cain was president and head of the national restaurant association, a lobbying group trade association in washington, d.c., these two women complained of what they call sexually suggestive behavior and in exchange for departing, they got some sort of financial settlement, after they decided that they were angry and they could not work for him anymore. now, the campaign is not addressing the specific allegation about whether there was a financial settlement and whether mr. cain had ever been accused of sexual harassment.
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"dredging up thinly sourced allegations stemming from mr. cain's tenure as the chief executive officer at the national restaurant association in the 1990s, politico trade press are casting aspersions on his character and spreading rumors that never stood up to the facts, since washington establishment critics haven't had much luck in attacking mr. cain's ideas to fix a bad economy and create jobs, they're trying to attack him in any way they can." natalie, i emphasize the campaign has had three or four chances over the last 12 hours to specifically deny the allegation of the sexual harassment or the sealed financial statements -- settlements. they will not address that allegation specifically. natalie? >> all right, we'll be watching and waiting to see how this develops. chuck todd, thank you. a major milestone today. countries around the globe are marking the world's population reaching 7 billion. demme graphers aren't exactly sure when the event will be bed. qantas is resuming air
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flights again after a labor dispute prompted the airline to ground its entire flight. the australian carrier is expected to return to normal operations within a few days but tens of thousands of flyers should expect delays. we head to wall street and cnbc's mandy drury is at the new york stock exchange. >> even if it is halloween today there is nothing spooky about this past october for stocks. even if today is negative we've had an incredible run with the stock market giving you and other investors double-digit gains. this is one of the most crucial months of the year, a crush of economic reports and also earnings reports and at this stage we've been seeing some pretty resilient numbers coming oumt out of the economy this week and the payroll numbers which tell us how many jobs created by the u.s. economy. let's hope things continue to be better than expected. back to you. >> we are hoping. mandy drury at the new york stock exchange, thanks. israeli arch kolgzs made a
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discovery of a tiny box made of bone with a cross etched on the lid, dates back to the sixth century a.d. inside, two portraits of a man and a woman fwh gold, possibly jesus and mary. experts believe a christian likely carried it and lost it on an ancient jerusalem street. this is just two doggone cute, a howloween parade in california sunday. 500 pups donned their best costumes, there was also a bulldog kissing booth or maybe a slobbering booth. all proets go to an annual charity. very cute. :09, we turn it to matt, ann and al. those will not be our costumes. >> mr. roker outside with our trick-or-treaters. first ek ch of the weather. >> we've got a costume channeling the number within movie this weekend, puss and boots, very nice. what is your name? >> kayla. >> where are you from? >> indiana. >> you don't seem too happy
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about it.r weather and see what's going on. we'll show you snowfall totals. mill brook, new york, 21 inches. hazleton, 16 inches. mount storm west virginia, 14. nine inches in sky land, virginia. 31 in jafrey, virginia. daily record snow falls for yesterday and the day before. newark picking up almost five inches. 13 in concord. for today, the good news is not quite so scary even though spook hill will have sunny and clear skies today. mummy pass looking for mild weather. pumpkin center california, sunshine as well. showers in ghost cove, florida. that's what's going on around the country. here is what's happening in your neck of the woods. good morning. we've got a halloween orange and black sunrise under way. that's a live picture from the sky watcher camera. sun is up at 7:34 this morning.
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it is cold. i'm meteorologist tom kierein. right now down in the upper 20s to near 30 in most of the region. later today increasing clouds into the mid 50s. for trick-or-treaters tonight, should just be cloudy and chilly, in the 40s. sprinkles south and east of washington. into the metro a >> and that's your latest weather. ann? >> al, thanks. new details in the search for lisa irwin, the kansas city baby who vanished from her crib four weeks ago today and coming from the security consultant working on behalf of the family. nbc's john yang is in kansas city. john, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ann. this morning, lisa irwin's parents, deborah bradley and jeremy irwin, are behind closed doors in seclusion but the former new york city police cop -- new york city cop hired to investigate the case has taken his first look inside this house, and he took us along with him. for the first time, bill stanton
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took a look inside the scene of the baffling mystery he's been hired to investigate. >> i think it was someone outside and either got through that window or walked right through this front door. >> reporter: no cameras allowed on this visit, though the family has invited nbc news in before. stanton walked us through what deborah bradley and jeremy irwin told them about that night's events how jeremy, up for neither 20 hours arrived home 3:45 the morning of october 4th, how he found the front door unlocked and because they were behind on their bills he was annoyed the lights were on and how he discovered his then 10-month-old baby's crib was empty. stanton dismissed apparently inconsistencies in deborah's evolving public accounts of what happened that night. you're saying deborah changing her time line of when the last time she saw lisa and other details of that evening are irrelevant. >> it may conflict, but that doesn't make a person guilty. >> reporter: with deborah and
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jeremy under increasing scrutiny, stanton points to report of a man carrying a baby wearing only a diaper in the neighborhood around 12:30 that morning. >> to me, that's imperative that is glaring. this needs to be followed up by everyone. >> we haven't at all eliminated the possibility of an outside intruder, nor have we eliminated the possibility of some terrible accident or other incident that happened to that child within that house. >> reporter: investigators continue to press for unrestricted interviews with deborah and jeremy. sources close to the family tell nbc news that interviews with the couple's two young boys, aged 5 and 8, that were postponed last week, could happen soon. sunday afternoon only a handful of volunteers turned out for a search through the woods, organized by local residents. >> she touched my heart. >> reporter: others used flyers, bumper sticker, even the hood of a car to get the word out. meanwhile, lisa's parents are in seclusion. how are deborah and jeremy holding up? >> i look in their eyes and i
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see pain. you know, how many tears can you shed 24/7? >> reporter: there has been a shakeup in the legal team representing deborah and jeremy. the local attorney who had been representing them is out. sources close to the family say she was fired. she says she'll continue to look for baby lisa, as a private citizen. ann? >> john yang, thank you so much. it is now 7:14, once again here's matt. >> ann, thank you. now to our exclusive live interview with the family of bernie madoff. his massive ponzi scheme destroyed thousands of lives and tore his own family apart. in a moment, we'll talk to madoff's wife ruth, his son andrew and his fiance katherine hooper. first how that multibillion-dollar scam finally came to life. it was the scandal heard round the financial world. >> it has been shock and awe over the bernie madoff scandal, the size and scope incredible. >> reporter: in december, 2008, bernard madoff, a wall street titan and member of the financial industry for decades,
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confessed to his wife and sons that his investment business was a giant ponzi scheme. it was a $65 billion fraud with thousands of victims around the globe, from mom and pop investors to sophisticated financ financers. the scam collapsed because he had run out of money during the financial meltdown. after his confession his sons immediately turned him in. bernie confessed to prosecutors and sentenced to 150 years in prison, but that wasn't the end of the story. his wife, ruth, and his sons, andrew and mark, would become pariahs and tabloid prey. many say they knew about the scam and benefitted from it, seeing the vacation homes, trips and boats as signs of complicity. >> neither mark, andrew nor ruth have ever been the target or the subject of a criminal investigation. he says they didn't know and they say they didn't know and at
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some point in the absence of any proof to the contrary, i think you have to give them the benefit of the doubt. >> but the guilt by association may have been too much for his son, mark. last december on the two-year anniversary of his father's arrest, mark hanged himself while his 2-year-old son slept in the other room. one of his last e-mails read, "no one wants to hear the truth." now madoff's wife, ruth, son andrew, and his fiance katherine hooper are speaking out and trying to answer some of the many questions left in the aftermath of this massive financial scandal. in this new book "truth and consequences: life inside the madoff family." we are joined now exclusively by ruth and andrew madoff and andrew's fiance katherine hooper. good morning, thank you for being here. >> good morning. >> one story that jumped out of the headlines the story you tell, ruth, about christmas eve 2008 and an attempted suicide,
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you and bernie deciding this was simply too terrible, decided to take your own lives and you write that you took a bunch of pills, whatever it was around, you think you took ambien and other things and went to bed. how long did you plan it? was it spur of the moment? did you talk about it for five minutes, five hours, five days, what? >> more like 15 minutes i'd say. we didn't plan it really far in advance. >> do you remember whose idea it was. did you say to bernie we should kill ourselves or did bernie say it to you? >> i think it was my idea more than his. i was in agony over the losses of all my friends. everyone i know and love was a victim of bernie's, and i just was getting phone calls and you know, letters and it was agonizing, absolutely agonizing and i couldn't do anything to help. >> all of these people had been hurt and all family members and yet you two did not leave a note
7:18 am
behind. >> it just was very spur of the moment, and i just wanted to get it over with. >> how do you say good-bye on that night? you take the pills, you're expecting not to wake up in the morning, you can't just get in a bed and roll over like a normal night. did you say good-bye to bernie? >> i don't remember. i think we just did it and fell asleep and maybe we said good-bye, maybe we didn't. i don't remember >> there's been some speculation as to whether your husband agrees with this version of the story because he told "new york" magazine not long ago on the subject of suicide, "it's just not the way i am." your husband called me several times last night after the interview on "60 minutes" aired and he agrees completely with the way you told the story and said yes, in fact that is what happened. he went further and said he took ambien, aspirin and blood pressure medication and tell me if any of this is right or wrong. the two of you got into bed that night fully dressed, because you
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suspected that your bodies would be found. >> i don't remember that. >> the next morning. >> it could be true. i don't remember that. >> he apparently didn't want to be found in some way that was inappropriate. he woke up the next day to the sounds of you saying, "i'm alive, i'm alive." >> he remembers a lot more than i do. i don't remember that but i remember feeling glad that i was. >> he then stumbled into the bathroom and threw up because he was very sick and the two of you decided the next morning after you were alive not to try it again. >> yeah. >> why did you not decide to try it again? you're in a penthouse apartment. there are other ways to commit suicide. >> it wasn't that high up. i'd never jump off that roof. >> never thought about it in. >> no, no, it was much easier to take pills. >> the pain and the shame and the guilt that you were feeling on that night that caused to you make that rash decision, has it subsided? >> no, not one bit.
7:20 am
theres' not a day that goes by that, well, of course with mark, it's just unbearable, but the victims go on and on, and my life is, you know, just always full of shame, walking down the street, anything i do is difficult. >> andrew n some ways the headlines of this scandal have moved off the front pages. for the victims, it's still check in their mind but the daily headlines have disappeared for the most part. and here comes this book, you guys write this book and you do the interviews that go along with promoting and selling the book, and here come the headlines again. why would you go through this again? >> well, from the beginning, we have not really been able to speak and tell the story in our own words and this project provided an opportunity to do that, and i'd been eager to speak really from day one and just tell the world the story as it really happened, not the way
7:21 am
it was portrayed by the media. we were so vilified by the tabloids, and it was just, it was painful to go through and this was a chance to let people hear it again in our own words. >> you say you were eager to speak from day one. i think on the intervie last night you said you were desperate to speak in some ways. i try to put myself in the position of one of bernie's victims. i say wait a minute he wanted to talk from the beginning but he waited until this book is coming out, to promote this book, and speak now. and i'm wondering if i could contain my anger at hearing that. how do you respond to that? >> well, i think that i completely understand the way people feel. you know as my mother said these are not nameless anonymous people. these are friends and family and people who i love and care about and have known my entire life, and i know their struggles intimately and feel them deeply every single day, and it's
7:22 am
awful, and you know, i speak to many of them on a regular basis, and this book is an opportunity for me to speak to the thousands of victims who i don't know and hopefully give them a better understanding of what happened. >> how do you deal with the hatred? the headlines that have come out in the wake of the book, one in the new york paper had the pictures and stories and said "meet the worst family on earth." how do you deal with that? >> it's horrible. my father, what he did was awful, and affected the lives of so many people, stole people's dreams and futures, and us among them, and i'll never forgive him for that. this is just a continuation of that same thing. >> you're going to stick around. we'll spend much more time talking to you, ruth, andrew and katherine in our next half hour. we're glad you're here.
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we'll be back right after this. this is "today" on nbc. verizon 4g lte. america's fastest and most reliable 4g network in over 160 cities.
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good morning. it's 7:26 on this monday, the 31st day of october. i'm joe krebs. let's get the halloween forecast now from meteorologist tom kierein. tom? >> gorgeous sunrise under way. live picture from the sky watcher camera. we'll have the sunup with a few clouds around here shortly. the sunrise is not until 7:34. it's a cold morning starting off this monday morning. you'll need to layer up. it's only around 30 degrees throughout much of the region. increasing clouds today, highs mid 50s for trick-or-treaters, should be cloudy. there may be sprinkles in southern maryland, northern neck and eastern shore. those will move into the pre dawn hours on tuesday. dawn ho[ female announcer ] this is trish.
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♪ this is halloween, this is halloween, halloween, halloween ♪ 7:30 on this halloween morning, monday, october 31st, 2011. we've got a big crowd outside in rockefeller plaza, sporting some very creative costumes and our eyes are peeled for the very best of the bunch, because we have a lot of great prizes to give away, including not only our justin bieber concert tickets next month but guess what? one lucky person will get to meet the superstar himself, one of the winnings. ann curry along with matt lauer and we'll all be getting dressed up. >> a short time from now. >> we'll get a move on and you may not want to miss our reveal coming up.
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more with our exclusive live interview with bern bern's family, what's their life like more? we'll talk with madoff's son ruth, their son andrew and andrew's fiance katherine just ahead. >> first let's get a check of the weather with al. >> "today's weather" is brought to you by massage envy, from stress relieve to healthier skin, massage envy is here for you. you can find nationwide locations at >> wow, you are a dead ringer for gene wilder's willy wonka. impressive. >> you're a good egg yourself, too. >> what is your name? >> randy buckwalter. >> we love the popcorn mom. are you okay in there? >> yes. just a lot of popcorn fumes. >> very nice. let's checky nice. let's check your weather. those are two good ones. see what's happening.
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below normal temperatures with rain along the mid atlantic states. mountain snow out west above normal from the plains back down into the southwest. for the week ahead which starts to warm up in new england. showers in the mississippi river valley. we've got mountain snows in the pacific northwest. then the latter part of the week, western half of the country down into texas, above normal from the plains and great lakes into the northeast with rain through the mississippi river valleys into the mid mississippi river valley. that's what's going on around the country. here is what's happening in your neck of the woods. good morning. partly cloudy and cold, near 30 degrees throughout much of the region. later today with increasing clouds, we'll peak into the mid 50s. for trick-or-treaters, cloudy, a small chance of a sprinkle especially south and east of washington. maybe sprinkles from after midnight to dawn. sun back tomorrow afternoon, into the 50s again. milder on wednesday, thursday with sunshine.
7:33 am
could get showers friday. >> and that's your latest weather. matt? >> al, thank you very much. it's been nearly three years since the massive ponzi scheme run by bernie madoff imploded. for the first time his family is speaking out, in the new book "truth and consequences: life inside the ma madoff family." we're joined exclusively life by ruth, andrew madoff and his fiance katherine again. the question that's been asked more than any other question in three years, did ruth know, and of course the second one would be did andrew know. you were his constant companion, married for more than 50 years, you lived the lifestyle he lived. for a short time you had an office at his business, a very short time. did you see nothing, ruth? >> nothing. >> nothing? >> absolutely nothing. when he called to say he was coming home with the boys, he had something to tell us, i thought, well, the market was crashing. everything seemed, the world seemed to be coming to an end so
7:34 am
i was worried because i didn't know what to expect but what he ended up something was something in a million years you never would expect. >> you had no knowledge of his business, never really cared to ask questions? >> well i sort of knew he invested money for people. it was clear a lot of our friends, people we knew and loved had money and seemed as if everybody had money there, but he had a huge trading business. he had been in the industry for a long time, he had done humanity are huge advances in automated trading and over the counter order flow that traded new york stock exchange companies. he was known for all of those things. never occurred to me. >> andrew, you and your brother were smart guys, you worked in the same business although different sides of the business. you know what it takes, the financial industry, what it's made up of. when you would go to your dad and say dad, tell me about your side of the base he would say
7:35 am
basically it's none of your business and keep that floor of the building very much off limits, didn't that throw up a red flag? didn't you suspect something? >> i didn't. i didn't. i had grown up my entire life attending functions where he was being honored and hearing about the legend of bernie madoff from the time where i was a young boy, people i would meet in the street or once i graduated college and started working for the business at industry functions would say oh, you're bernie madoff's son, the man is incredible and you know, if there's some way that i could get in, please put in a good word for me, and just people had this incredible vision of him as spectacularly skillful trader taken just never occurred to me that it was all fake. >> when he broke the news at this family meeting in the apartment over on the east side, you and your brother immediately turned him in, and that's basically the last time you
7:36 am
spoke to him. you cut off all contact with your dad. a lot of people can understand that. but you also cut off contact with your mother, and as an outsider looking in, ruth, do you no he what i thought? i thought it made you look guilty. >> it did. i thought so, too. >> did you not think about that? >> we never for a moment suspected that she was aware of any of this before we were when my father -- >> as an outsider if you won't talk to your mom, i think he knows she knew something. >> we hadn't planned not to spoke to her. the two of us discussed taking her into our homes. we assumed she'd call us and say look i'm leaving and can you take me in. we had that discussion and figured out the logistics of how that would work. a day or two later we got the phone call asking him to sign on to his bail bond and recognized that was not going to be the case >> house arrest for three months, bernie was in house
7:37 am
arrest in the penthouse on the east side. you were there with him and boy, the media focused on that building. >> they sure did. >> an effort of full disclosure i know because i live in that building, and like so many other people, ruth, i was wondering what are they doing up there? what's going on in that penthouse? what was the relationship like with bernie during those three months? >> we had just a kind of everybody happening, the lawyers will come, the paperworks, watched television, ate meals. nothing was going on. >> you were speaking to him? weren't you screaming at him? were there fights? >> you know, it took some time for me to realize that the person whom i lived with for 50 years and loved for all that time, practically my entire life, was the same person that destroyed all those people, relatives, friends, everybody. i couldn't -- there was a part of him that was warm and loving.
7:38 am
he was wonderful father. we -- and i had, you know, a very close family life, the four of us. i couldn't figure it out. >> what you couldn't have known during those three months that this khan zal would take another very personal toll, that your son, mark, would commit suicide on the second anniversary of your husband's arrest. how do you handle a call like that, when you got that news? >> i -- you know, the last time i ever saw mark was when he left that room, when bernie told us. i never saw him after that confession, and i, i just, i'll never get over that, no matter what happens, and i blame bernie and i -- it's the worst thing that can happen, just the worst. >> you blame bernie as well, you blame your dad, andrew?
7:39 am
>> absolutely. >> katherine? >> no question about it. >> do you think in some ways that mark killed himself not only because he couldn't handle the burden of the headlines but in some ways to punish your dad, to give your father something to think about every day for the rest of his life? >> i think there was an element of that to it. after his first suicide attempt, when i visited him in the hospital, he and i talked about that, how it had come to this, and trying to get at what he was feeling and exactly where he was, and he talked about that specifically, and i tried to explain to him that that was not going to be effective, and it was just to take his own life, to try and send a message was horrible, and something he couldn't do, his four beautiful children, and to leave them without a dad is just unbearable. >> ruth, it seems to me you have lost an awful lot.
7:40 am
you lost your husband. you lost your son. you lost your wealth. you lost your good name, and now in an effort to reconcile with andrew and the grandchildren, you have cut off all contact with bernie. >> yes. >> do you miss him? do you ever lie in bed at night and wish you could speak to him? >> i'd like to speak to him and tell him a few things, but it's not because i miss him anymore. i -- you know, the villain of all this tragedy is behind bars. the rest of us are just trying to get back to our lives and make peace with whatever we have left, and the victims, sort of figure out their lives, and the family figuring out our lives, and that's what we do. >> i asked the question because this was a man you were willing
7:41 am
to die with, after 50 years of marriage, you were willing to take your life at the same time he took his life. how do you go from that to not speaking to him at all? >> well there was a long time in between, and that very first moment, i felt so helpless, and then i started to get a little bit stronger, and i had -- i did have an extensive e-mail relationship with mark and stephanie. our attorneys didn't want us to speak, and i think if we had been able to talk to each other, it would have been helpful, helpful to mark, and to all of us, but that was verboten so we never did. >> andrew as was mentioned in our piece, no criminal charges have ever been filed against you or your mom or your brother. do you still live in fear that you'll get that phone call and would you like the prosecutors to stand up in front of microphones one day and say,
7:42 am
"they did nothing wrong. they were not involved"? >> one of the reasons i've wanted to speak publicly from the beginning is because i have nothing to hide and i just want to have a chance for people to see me, see who i am. we've been cooperating with the authorities from the beginning, and i'm hopeful that i will be able to put this all behind me sometime soon. >> i mentioned that your dad, your husband, called me several times last night and one of the things he said to me that still haunts him is that he never had the chance to explain to you and your brother what really happened and how he got into that position. he's written you letters, i know, and he said all he wants is the chance to explain it. aren't you curious what he has to say? >> not at all. there's no way to explain what he did, the damage that he has caused to so many people, so many lives that he's destroyed, what possible explanation could there be? the few things that i've read about him from his interviews
7:43 am
and the audio interview that he gave, i'm not hearing sincerity and remorse in there, and you know, i try to find it in my heart to be able to forgive him but i'm got there. >> andrew madoff, ruth madoff, katherine hooper thank you for joining us this morning. i appreciate it. and the book is out today i believe. we're back right after this.
7:44 am
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7:46 am
i don't know if you heard but nbc news is launching its first new prime time newsmagazine in 20 years tonight, it's called "rock center with brian williams." recently brian gave me a tour of studio 3b, his new home for "nbc nightly news" and "rock center." mr. williams good morning, i wanted to bring you a casserole for the new studio. >> thank you so much, i'll pop it in the oven, 350 for about two hours, thank you. >> look at this. >> this is fantastic, isn't it? this is, well, allow me to say modestly, where we'll address the nation every night. this is "nbc nightly news," and then over here, "rock center." you've probably heard a lot about it. >> i've heard a promo or two.
7:47 am
>> they're calling it the future. i don't know if that's an overstatement but. >> well, a conversation pit? >> a conversation pit, please. everything's the most modern lucite, a faux -- >> is this naugahyde? >> it's from the nauga family. >> is this is a news penthouse. is this like a casino? look at that. >> all this real estate. it actually makes me nervous. >> my first network appearance was in this studio -- the mid section of the country not quite as fabulous. >> this was the old "today" show studio. >> most of the maintenance staff are still talking about that day. >> the weather wall was right here. >> how much of this is going to be about you and how much by percentage will be about our news broadcast? >> i think we'll start now. >> okay, because we're here. >> talking about "rock center." >> i think this show is going to be something a little bit different. i think this show will have a voice and a feeling of its own. i want viewers to come away from
7:48 am
"rock center" and say oh, so that's where the best people in television news are working. >> you're going to be live. >> we're going to be live. only because if you're live, there's some endorphin that flows through the human brain that keeps you sharper. you know it's real. i think we're more creative when we're on live television. monday nights, 10:00 eastern, 9:00 central, beginning halloween night, even that, even that is part of our design. >> i don't know about that. >> we're hoping people are crashing from a kind of post starburst, post peanut butter cup high and join us for an hour-long newsmagazine and subsequent mondays, just eat a lot. >> i love this over here. >> this is my favorite corner, we found this sign that says "apple sauce" this was up in the rafters. >> i think "the doctors" the
7:49 am
soap opera this was from there. >> kathleen turner, alec baldwin, first big acting job. >> that diary got me in a lot of trouble. >> this was matt lauer's television at home, sadly making the family watch this. friend of mine is a former new york city fire captain, 23 engine in new york. >> this is nice. >> this is not part of my, that's disturbing, this is not part of my collection. >> what happens upstairs? can i -- >> i'd love you to. good to see you. >> brian? brian? catch the series premiere of "rock center with brian williams" including a special live appearance by fake newsman jon stewart tonight at 10:00, 9:00 central right here on nbc. just ahead our halloween bash live on the plaza, we'll be revealing our costumes but first these messages.
7:50 am
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7:53 am
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good morning. it's 7:56 on this monday morning. i'm joe krebs. we have a nice day out there right now. let's get the halloween forecast from meteorologist tom kierein. beautiful sunshine, tom. >> yeah, the city camera showing the sunup on a partly cloudy sky. we're still below freezing many much of the area, upper 20s to near 30s. for trick-or-treaters, a small chance of a sprinkle, a greater chance until pre dawn tuesday. sun back tomorrow afternoon into the 50s again. could get showers on friday, the weekend looking pleasant. weekend looking pleasant. >> we'll take a break and come woman: working in public relations is not for the faint of heart. i love what i do, i enjoy the work, but it's a very hectic pace. ♪ don't want to miss a thing
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7:59 am
branch avenue at the inner loop at central. over to 395, a slow commute for you. taking a live look. you can see we have delays at duke and those delays continue to the 14th street bridge, traveling north through 95 you're slow. southbound is clear. back to you. >> thanks very much. another update in 25 minutes. now
8:00 am
we will are back now on this monday morning, the 31st day of october, 2011, that make it it halloween morning and the people outside dressed up and ready to celebrate. i'm matt lauer alongside ann curry and al roker. we've already seen some great costumes. i think these folks started planning a while ago >> like last year. >> we'll pick the finalists for our costume contest and by the way we have some wonderful prizes lined up for them including those vip passes to our big justin bieber concert. >> in just a moment we'll get dressed up and join the fun. get in your final guesses because our big reveal is just
8:01 am
ahead. >> yes, the big reveal. plus still time to get your house detected out before the trick-or-treaters arife. just ahead some last-minute do-it-yourself decorating ideas to make your home the spookiest on the block. first a quick check of the morning's top stories. natalie is off to get her costume on so tom ran hall is at the news desk. good morning to you. >> good morning, everyone. millions of people from virginia to vermont are spending halloween in the dark after a record-breaking weekend storm knocked out power. many roads are blocked by fallen trees. officials say it could take a week to clean up, repair all the damage and get everyone's electricity restored. jetblue is apologizing to hundreds of passengers trapped for more than seven hours after three flights were stranded on the tarmac in connecticut. the airline could face hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines. herman cain's cain is pushing back against a report of allegations of sexual harassment, according to
8:02 am
politico, cain was accused of sexually harassing two women who worked for him in the 1990s. cain's campaign callings the allegations unsubstantiated. nbc news has not inpendley confirmed the report. a california man is recovering after being attacked by what is believed to be a great white shark. nbc's miguel almaguer has the story. >> are in california beachgoers have been warned to stay out of the water, where it's believed a great white shark attacked a surfer. friends helped pull aaron tarantino out of the water. the surfer air lifted to the hospital in stable condition with wite wounds to his neck, shoulder and arm. >> i think he's going to be okay. when we got him to the beach he was coherent and we stopped the bleeding immediately. >> he said it was incredibly strong and he doesn't know why it let go, whether it was because he kicked it or not but it did let go. >> reporter: friends say around
8:03 am
tarantino paddled into the ocean the great white was spotted but the surfer couldn't get out of the water fast enough. though shark attacks are rare, just four years ago, todd endris, tarantino's friend was also attacked by a great white >> shakes me up. i started sweating this morning at like 7:50 when somebody called me about it. >> reporter: today tarantino is lucky to be alive. friends and family say he will surf again. miguel almaguer, nbc news, los angeles. >> miguel, thank you. now for a look at "what's trending today" the blogosphere is buzzing with steve jobs last word, according to the eulogy delivered by his biological simpler mona simpson the apple founder gazed at his wife and children and said "oh wow, oh, wow, oh, wow" bfrgs passing abay. the family of bernie madoff
8:04 am
is already a hot topic on twitter, wife ruth and son andrew said they knewing in nothing about the scheme and the family was completely destroyed. ruth madoff told matt her life is always full of shame. thousands are flocking to google's home page, putting the happy in halloween. shows people carving pumpkins that light up to say google. >> thank you very much. let's get a check of the weather from mr. roker. >> it's a little spooky out there boys and girls.for today sunshine here in the northeast. you can see all the ghouls and goblins. a few spooky showers in the plains. windy conditions along the pacific northwest coast. for tonight, look out. it's going to be cool and showery in the upper ohio river valley. a few mountain snowshowers in the northern plains. we've got nice, mild conditions for trick-or-treaters through the south, a few showers along
8:05 am
the mid atlantic states and in the upper ohio river valley. that's what's going on around the country. here is what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning, i'm meteorologist tom kierein. sunrise on this final day of october, sun is up in a partly cloudy sky. it's cold. our temperatures are still in many places at or below freezing except right in washington and right near the bay. it's in the mid to upper 30s there. later today we should be climbing into the low to mid 50s with increasing clouds and should be cloudy to night for trick-or-treaters. a small chance of a sprinkle. greater chance midnight to dawn >> and that is your latest weather. >> all right, al, thank you very much. gather the kids, alert the neighbors, our big halloween costume reveal is right after this.
8:06 am
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8:10 am
drop of chocolate. ♪ >> good morning. you are cordially invited to the wedding of the century, equal parts fairytale, royal pageant, and love story. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is a special edition of "today at the royal wedding" live from westminster abbey in london, england. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to a special edition of "today" at the royal wedding. we are outside buckingham
8:11 am
palace. you've listen looking forward to this day. congratulations. >> finally here. you are seeing now the bentley leaving clarence house with prince william and prince harry aboard heading to westminster abbey. >> there are the brothers in their military uniforms. go ahead, ann. >> matt, the prince is arriving, waving to the crowd. you can see people very excited. i'm going to let you hear their roar.
8:12 am
>> well, looks like the girls are late again. >> we're seeing a live shot of the bridesmaids preparing to go to westminster abbey. they look just beautiful, with flowers innier hair. >> i don't know if you saw in between the two little ones there was pippa the maid of honor. >> i noticed meredith had her hair down. >> there's pippa. >> hello, harry. call me. >> i believe this is charles and camilla. >> yes, it will be. they are the next most senior to leave buckingham palace and arrive here at westminster aby. >> look at the prince of wales
8:13 am
dressed in full regalia. >> hello, dad. >> hello, sons. who is your daddy? >> nice to see you. s where' camilla. >> she's right here. >> somebody said off with her head. >> this is now the senior royal family leaving buckingham palace, the duke of york andby stress eugene. >> two daughters in magnificent he headdresses. >> we have no excuse actually. >> except of course the british royal family does have a long history of insanity. >> how many people are going to get out of that car? >> hello. >> there she is. >> leaving the hotel and leaving
8:14 am
behind her old life. >> she's really enjoying this. >> it's holding a bouquet in one hand and waving in the other. this is a relaxed young lady. >> she's a dmanatural and class act. >> let's go back to westminster abbey. >> the sun has just come out in theify moments before kate middleton arrived. >> lovey! >> jolly good. lovely, isn't she? she's actually lovely. i don't care for her, but she's
8:15 am
lovely. >> i never did care for her. i suppose it's all right. >> shwing! >> can we still change our minds? >> how are you? >> doing okay. >> so what do you think? we covered it for 730 day this is year, and look, here we go again. >> wow. >> just a little obsessed. >> they pulled us back in. you look beautiful. >> thank you so much. >> although i think it's bad luck for me to see you quite this early before the ceremony. >> let's pretend it's the, i was going to say deed but i'll say the job is already done. something about you makes me think does he or doesn't he? >> i might look -- >> you'll find out later. >> it's a great group we've assembled. the shame is we don't have the queen, which would be -- oh,
8:16 am
what? they're telling me wait. that the queen has decided to join us. >> hello! hello! hello! >> meredith, oh my god! >> hello! >> meredith! >> hello! mwah! my darling, mwah! >> oh, my hair fell off. oh my god! >> i love you. >> i can't believe how my life has been reduced. >> meredith. >> you look lovely and you look exactly like him. >> thank you. >> hi. oh yes, hello, hello.
8:17 am
i shouldn't be standing here. >> what a way you decided to rejoin us. >> look at my boobs, they're so royal. hello. i can't see my feet. it's unbelievable. look at the crowd you've got. >> i know. >> does it bring back memories of that day? >> it does. >> it does. >> it was such a great day. you look gorgeous. >> you know i can't get over, al, you look like elton john. >> that's me, rocket man. >> and your ears -- >> i never felt sexier. >> hold on. you're right. >> those hats incredible. who knew they would move.
8:18 am
>> a lot of hangers had to die for this hat. >> this was the toilet seat. >> yes, yes. >> by the way nice to see you. >> it's nice, too. >> very nice. >> oh, yes, i couldn't stay away. >> we thought your first visit would be "rock center." >> we have much more ahead. >> oh, no, i'm leaving. >> stick around. >> we're going to be selecting our finalists for our halloween costume contest come to the plaza all dressed up, we'll get to that and many more surprises as we continue on halloween morning after these messages. >> oh, geez. f daisy so creamy and delicious? care and dedication. our family-owned company has focused on making... the best-tasting sour cream for over four generations. it's made with farm-fresh cream... that's 100% natural without any additives or preservatives. and no added hormones. so you can feel good knowing every creamy dollop...
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oh boy... i used our slate card with blueprint. we can design our own plan to avoid interest by paying off diapers and things each month. and for the bigger stuff, we can pay downalance faster to save money on interest. bigger? bigger. chase slate with blueprint helps you save money on life's little surprises. trip...lets... start your path to saving today, call 855-get-slate. ♪ hello! hello! >> we're back now on halloween morning here on "today," all dressed up in our royal finest, as we relive the royal wedding, but enough about us. >> yes. >> let's talk about some of the people who have come down to our
8:23 am
plaza this morning, wearing their finest halloween costumes. we've got some really creative ones this morning. we've chosen five finalists. >> yes. >> lots of great prizes to give out but first let us recognize the people who are our finalests. melanie amaroso, she's 9 years old from freehold, new jersey, and she is here as an oral bb toothbrush. melanie how are you? >> good. >> where'd you come up with this idea? >> i have an oral-b toothbrush, so i came up with, since i use it every night i came up with the idea to make a costume out of it. >> does your dad work for oral-b? just checking. >> no. >> congratulations. you're one of our finalists. okay. >> then next we have in this costume believe it or not i think three, four people, we have alison, the mom, sloan the niece, and julia is the daughter and steven. >> yes, i'm the mom. >> you're the mom, alison.
8:24 am
how long did it take you to put this together? >> embarrassingly long, about 200 hours. not a lot of sleep. >> keeps you warm. >> i know. >> what did it take to get the costume here? >> we were fortunate. i work for sun dock productions, with he rent a property from ted brit ford and they hooked us up with a car at the last minute when we were mapanicked, couldn fit into the car. >> further down the list peter compon, 37 years old from binghamton, new york, legman and kids are lego fans. what gave you this idea, peter? >> i'm a libig lego fans and my kids brenda and abby are big fans. >> are you supposed to put the mike there? that where you are? yes, that's where you are. >> yes, this is me in here. well done.
8:25 am
how long did it take you to put this together? >> about 60 hours. >> this looks like it's really made out of wood. >> lindsay nicholas, she's 16 from ewing, new jersey, her costume, justin bieber's perfume sunday. do you like the scent of the per tomb? >> yes, i love it. >> are you wearing it now? >> no, i'm not. >> more importantly, how much do you want that justin bieber concert ticket? >> yeah. >> our lasts could sume, sean gautier, 38, here is his birthday. you were' the f-train headed to brooklyn and you brought the rat as well. how long did it take to you do this? >> working on it for about a month. it's my birthday so i like to put a lot into halloween. >> you were inspired by a long commute? >> i thought of it on the subway, yes. >> happy birthday to you, by the way. >> hang out, guys, we're going to be selecting our winners, giving out great prizes, we have much more ahead live from the plaza on halloween morning, but
8:26 am
first, these messages and a look at your local news and weather. k at your local news and weather. 8:26 is your time now on this monday, october 31st, 2011. happy halloween. i'm eun yang. let's go right meteorologist kierein for your forecast. good morning. >> good morning. sun is up and a partly cloudy sky. still cold. temperatures al approaching 8:30. in many low cakeses at or below freezing. a cold start to this monday morning. later this afternoon increasing clouds, highs mid 50s. small chance of a sprinkle for trick-or-treaters this morning. a greater chance from midnight to dawn this morning. sunny wednesday and thursday, maybe rain friday, a nice weekend to follow. that's the way it looks reich noit, eun? n[ male announcer ] want to achieve more with your money?
8:27 am
pnc virtual wallet gathers your spending and saving in one place. credit and debit purchases, checks, bills, and other financial information. it lets you see the details as well as the big financial picture. so you can do more with your money. see what a complete view of your money can do for you at ♪ pnc bank. for the achiever in you. ♪ [ multiple sounds making melodic tune ] ♪
8:28 am
[ male announcer ] at northrop grumman, every innovation, every solution, comes together for a single purpose -- to make the world a safer place. that's the value of performance. northrop grumman. good morning. a disabled tractor-trailer takes away all your northbound lanes of ox road at the fairfax county parkway. expect significant delays in this area. also, if you're traveling 270,
8:29 am
here is the view at west montgomery avenue. we had an accident earlier that's now out of the roadways. delays continue to the
8:30 am
koppel. >> williams. >> welcome aboard. >> kate snow. >> brian. >> seth myers, fake news anchor. not one of ours. ♪ you are looking at the crowd, the masses making their way now, some on shoulders to buckingham palace, where they will witness the first kiss of prince william and princess catherine. >> this is the best of british at a phony british occasion. >> we have peter alexander of nbc news apparently in that crowd sbr. peter? >> meredith and matt good to see you. a couple of football fields down with several, perhaps tens of
8:31 am
thousands of our favorite british-americans and friends from around the world. how is it, guys? >> great! >> extraordinary scene. that was the scene then. this is the scene now, as we have come to the balcony here at buckingham palace and -- >> uh-oh. >> kiss, kiss, kiss! >> let's show as much emotion as they showed on the day. >> wow! yeah! >> there you go. >> that's better. >> there you go. >> all out this morning, not only with the kiss but look what we've done, we've got the royal fly-over all the way from the uk, take a look.
8:32 am
>> aircraft flying over. >> wow! >> did you see that? you caught a glimpse? >> i think those are pigeons. >> what do we have coming up in the half hour? >> hi. great seeing you guys. >> mommy sends her love. >> keep moving. keep moving. good to see you guys. we'll have prizes for you down there. >> so nice of you. coming up, geana de laurentiis will talk about some of the things you can do to make your halloween party and dinner more special. >> we knew that with you two here. >> she'll be drumming up halloween treats and do you still need to get your house ready for tonight? some last-minute decorations that you can do and party ideas to dress up your whole neighborhood. also ahead, how did we all come to look like this? we're going to take you behind the scenes and tell you how
8:33 am
these transformations -- what is she doing -- coming up. >> ah, yes, just like the real royal wedding. >> before we go any further, mr. roker, how about a check of the weather? >> all right, let's show you >> just like the real royal family. let's show you what we're looking for for the week ahead, the royal week i head. we've got below normal temperatures along the eastern seaboard, also the pacific northwest. west coast looking above normal. midweek we have more showers making their way into the mid mississippi river valley. above normal moving into new england down into the gulf. that warm weather spreads from the plains across the great lakes with wet weather through the mid mississippi and ohio river valley. more wet weather in the pacific northwest. good morning. the sun is up and we have a partly cloudy sky. we have some ghostly fog lingering over parts of the potomac river. we have peak foliage in northwest washington now.
8:34 am
temperatures are cold, just right near the freezing mark throughout most of the region. later today we should be climbing into the low and mid 50s by later this afternoon and then cloudy this evening for trick-or-treaters. a small chance of a sprinkle, greater chance from midnigh >> and that's your latest weather. >> did you just ask her if she's pregnant? >> maybe she's pregnant. >> in the tabloids again. >> just want a little one. >> she's talking to charles. >> you are so typecast it's incredible. we are going to have much more ahead on halloween morning but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:35 am
8:36 am
♪ california girls, we're unforgettable ♪ back now on halloween morning, doing some gooking with all of our favorite california girls, miss giada de laurentiis.
8:37 am
>> your daughter, jade, 3-year-old daughter, jade, katy perry is one of her favorites, she loves the song "california girls" so you decided to indulge here. >> indulge her in katy perry from head to toe. >> how did you get this today? >> a lovely guy in l.a. named nathan cardenne made this with guidance from katy's people and a sprinkle of nails a girl in new york did. >> you went all out. >> i did, i detectcked out. >> since we are the royals you cooked for the royals when they came to the united states. >> i did, i did and you know what? you guys are in luck, you have never tasted my food and you get a second chance. >> all right first thing you're make something a tea perfect for halloween. >> it's high business cuss tea because the royals always have a little tea time. after a cold night of trick-or-treating' a hot tea. i usually make it iced tea. if you want an extra kick there's a little bit of vodka.
8:38 am
they're high business discuss flowers and you seep them and add sugar. >> it's red. >> it's red because once you release the high business cuss flowers into the water it turns red. >> pumpkin and beef stew? >> it's good any time during the fall, quite frankly. we start with onions and garlic. you want to do that and i add a little thyme and rosemary in there for flavoring and then two tablespoons of flour. >> you know the royals never cook for themselves. >> that is true but you harry are not going to be king so it doesn't matter. >> rub it in, katy. >> prince william likes to cook. >> does he really? they cook up in scotland in wales? >> that's what he says. >> oh, because you've talked to him. because you two are like this. >> pals. >> i forgot, sorry. don't be hatin'. >> all right so then -- >> wow, she's a professional. yeah. >> i'm katy perry today.
8:39 am
i don't actually have to know all of this stuff. so you brown the meat. there we go. and then this is sir loin aloin little bit of marsala and add sun dried tomatoes and pumpkin. >> it is raw pumpkin? >> it is raw. beans, so it's the colors of halloween. what i do is cook with this beef broth for about an hour and i cook the pumpkin. >> and you serve it in a pumpkin? >> i serve it in a pumpkin. hallow out the pumpkin, put it in a 350 degree oven for an hour and cook this in the oven turned off for a half hour. >> it's your version of soup in a bread bowl. >> that's right. appropriate >> what's next? >> [ sighs ]. >> i'm curious, i want to get to it, what's next? >> this is black rice, already cooked and then what i add is some shrimp that i sauteed, with peaches and snap peas, top with
8:40 am
rice vinegar, soy sauce and dressing. >> you serve this cold? >> at room temperature. it looks like little bugs and it's vermin rice because in china only the royals were able to eat it. and then my macaroon lollipops, orange, and chocolate in the center. >> what is jade going as? >> i wanted her to be black swan, she wouldn't have it so she is arial. >> a little dark for the 3-year-old. could we be ariel or a homicidal ballerina. >> i thought it was a good idea. >> she's 3. >> are you putting anything away for her therapy later? >> i have a dark side, there you go. >> hey, good of you to dress up
8:41 am
and join us. thanks for the yummies to are halloween. >> you're welcome. >> good to see you. back with much more from the plaza, we'll announce the winners of our costume contest. first this is "today" on nbc. >> black swan! state farm. this is jessica. hey, jessica, jerry neumann with a policy question. jerry, how are you doing? fine, i just got a little fender bender. oh, jerry, i'm so sorry. i would love to help but remember, you dropped us last month. yeah, you know it's funny. it only took 15 minutes to sign up for that new auto insurance company but it's taken a lot longer to hear back. is your car up a pole again? [ crying ] i miss you, jessica! jerry, are you crying? no, i just, i bit my tongue. [ male announcer ] get to a better state. state farm.
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8:43 am
♪ welcome back, everybody. you may have the perfect costume, but do have you lined up the perfect decorations for your home? well kimberly schleigel-whitman editor at large for "southern living" magazine is here with some good ideas. >> good morning. >> dpoorpg. it is the last minute all of the things we need for this are probably lying around the house. >> that's right, and not only that, you'll get a high-end look for a very, very little cost with these projects. >> you've got a special welcoming kind of wreath for our front doors. >> the doors are important on halloween. >> we're looking at the finished
8:44 am
product there, and you're using branches and of course there are a lot of branches here in the northeast because of the last storm. >> that's right. >> how do you put this together? >> we collect up the branches from the yard, spray paint them black, also paint a wreath foam here. i have a glue gun for you ann and some i've already painted and cut. >> we use the glue gun all the time. >> place them on this absolutely and threw it down. it's a good idea to place bigger ones all around maybe like a clock, marking the hours to give you the shape, and then you're going to add -- >> maybe i'll put that one right there. >> whatever you like. >> okay. >> then you can add insects to it to give it a halloween look. >> hopefully those are orange, they look perfect. >> the great thing about this, you can spray paint it silver or gold, remove the insects and use it for the holidays. >> anything you can use? >> any round shape, anything. >> anything you want. >> let's talk about these, a
8:45 am
creatively named item, called jar-o'-lanterns. >> at "southern living" we're looking for new uses to are mason jars so any jar you have around your home will work, you can recycle them. we painted the inside orange and then this one is for to you decorate. we cut electrical tape up and you can have a little face on it like these are. you cut it right up, pre-cut it for you and you can use a sharpie and draw it on instead. >> sure, on the outside, okay. >> we have the tap lights that are adhesive and you add it to the top of the jar, and click it like this, and it turns on and then it will glow from the inside. >> i get it. okay. i can't even make them scary. that's a happy face. i can't help from trying to do that. plrt, movi all right, moving on. >> a last-minute dessert idea, taking the cookies a lot of us
8:46 am
have. >> it's a no bake project. a high-end cookie look. add the hershey's kiss to the top. >> i think the icing is frozen. >> uh-oh. i know it is chilly. add the hershey's kiss. >> and do a little bow. >> more orange around to make a bow. >> perfect. >> for the adults, you've got an idea for our boo-ze. >> you don't want to leave a regular label, these are mailing labels, we made them ourselves and you peel the back off and cover up any label. if you don't want to take real wine and want to make decor you can use any old bottle you have and stick new labels on there we it a creepy look. >> a great idea. >> kimberly, a couple of good ideas if you don't feel like carving jack-o'-lanterns, these are panty hose? >> i was going to ask you to do
8:47 am
that. >> i'll take the gloves off. >> old panty hose, cut a hole in the toe. >> you got the textured kind. >> stick your finger through the hole i cut in there and try to grab the stem and wrap it around. >> i see, that's cute. >> very fashionable pumpkins. >> clean, no mess with these. >> what have you done with the buttons? >> with these pins we spelled out the word "boo." you can do anything you want, put your house number on there, someone's name, whatever you'd like to put, and we just kind of by freehand spelled this out. it takes a lot of pins but the matt pins are available anywhere >> and no mess from the pumpkins. thank you so much. >> all right, kimberly scheigel-whitman thank you for saving the day with the last-minute tips. much more including handing out our winners, their awards for
8:48 am
their best costumes, but first this is "today" on nbc. [ boy's voice ] hi, samantha. [ girl's voice ] hi todd, do you wanna be my boyfriend? [ chuckles ] sure! great -- gimme your melt. myy--melt? [ singsong voice ] yeah. i'm your girlfriend now. ahh, i don't think this is working out. [ male announcer ] get your own subway steak melt. like the steak & cheese -- layers of juicy steak and bubbly, melted cheese. subway. eat fresh. you can choose your channel package. ♪ you can choose your own internet speeds. ♪ you can even choose to chat with a live person. ♪ and you're always guaranteed the lowest prices online. so don't wait... try, compare and buy at today.
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because there's never been a better time to build the perfect fios bundle. the world needs more energy. where's it going to come from? ♪ that's why right here, in australia, chevron is building one of the biggest natural gas projects in the world. enough power for a city the size of singapore for 50 years. what's it going to do to the planet? natural gas is the cleanest conventional fuel there is. we've got to be smart about this. it's a smart way to go. ♪ ♪ cause this is thriller, thriller night ♪ all right, we are back and it's time to pick our winner and runners up in our annual halloween costume contest. first of all, congratulations to all of you. the costumes are creative and elaborate and you can tell you put a lot of effort into it, but
8:50 am
as with the academy awards, and all other things, there can only be one winner. >> that's right. >> so we have pooled our minds and come up with about half a mind and we have decided that the winner of this year's halloween costume contest, the winner of a pumpkin trophy. >> yes. >> $200 in cash, a cash card, the nintendo wii, with the new kirby's return to dreamland. >> woo. >> and a pair of vip tickets to justin bieber in concert, and a chance to meet him. >> to meet justin bieber, okay, to meet justin bieber, the winner is -- >> mr. potato head and group! alison, julia and steven, from fairfax, virginia. congratulations. >> all right! >> thank you very much. >> how do you feel, winning? >> we feel a little warm in here. >> so you're kind of a baked potato. >> baked potato exactly. >> are you guys looking forward to come back to see justin be
8:51 am
bieber? >> yes, the runners up get a $50 cash card, 3ds, a pair of vip tickets to the justin bieber concert on november 23rd. >> you still are coming to the justin bieber concert. are you cool about that? yes? okay, good, awesome. >> congratulations to everybody. every year we go through this massive extravaganza to get ready. here comes victoria beckham. >> looking good. >> any minute now, she's going to blow. >> you're barely showing it off. >> i may be showing more than she was. >> at least you're a girl. >> oh, that's true. we always like to do, this is time for our "behind the scenes" right? >> yes. >> we love getting into this every year so we'll give you a little glance of what goes on behind the scenes. ♪ on the road to royalty --
8:52 am
>> hello, hello! >> reporter: it's sometimes smooth. >> also fun as a whole team. >> occasionally bumpy. >> please take this off. i hate it. >> this is probably a career ender. >> at "today" you're always guaranteed a few twists and turns. >> i get a tiara? >> reporter: it takes a small army to plan the extravaganza and it all begins months in advance with the concept and casting. >> we've done weddings on the plaza, we've done halloween on the plaza and now doing both at once. >> yes, that i can wear. >> reporter: costume designer brian hemiseth transforms the "today" team. >> today's challenge was to take a very real event and heighten it to halloween. >> reporter: some outfits like matt and al's prince costumes were available at costume shops. >> the gift that keeps giving. >> reporter: and the duchess and pippa dress off the rack. >> instant costume. >> reporter: hoda and kathie lee's frokz were made from scratch, painstakingly designed
8:53 am
to look exactly like the originals. >> what i want to make is a perfect garment. >> reporter: naturally, wigs are a critical component, too, for most of the characters, so heads are measured and molded. >> you've never had this done, right? >> no. look at my peanut head. >> reporter: each wig can take up to 40 hours to make using half a pound of hair. >> here goes hoda in the dryer. >> reporter: gender transformation is a whole different story. >> bye, world. >> reporter: to turn savannah into prince charles a special face mask was molded. >> that is hilarious. look at my face. you can see all of the makeup i have on. >> reporter: it's not just costumes, though. it's customs, too. >> hello. it's the queen. >> reporter: and channeling your inner royal. >> i think it's just like that, isn't it? >> i don't know how to do it, so i'm going to did g hi! >> reporter: a few sips help get into character. >> i a little before one goes
8:54 am
outside to greet the peasants. >> reporter: giant sets are also designed and constructed. >> we're doing 14 by 28-foot backdrops. >> reporter: the final stretch is the most intense. >> 5:30 rehearsal, we'll start free taping at 6:15. >> reporter: overnight the plaza was turned into a set, an early morning run-through helps establish the routine. everyone scrambles up against the clock to change from work to wedding. they're styling, gluing, quaffing, final live the big moment. all in all, a one-of-a-kind "today" halloween fit for royalty. >> oh -- >> sorry, i am in character right now. i want to know where my husband is. where is my husband? >> where is he? >> i don't know. >> we need a david beckham. >> i'm your daddy. >> where did our happy couple go, that's the big question. where did they take off to? i think the duke and duchess of york have left, making a
8:55 am
dramatic exit. look, that way, that way. >> is there a kissing scene? >> okay. >> on cue as they make their exit. >> very nice. >> bye-bye. >> oh, good-bye. >> hey, i'm drivin' here! >> how royal of him. very nice. >> and the attitude. there's much more ahead on "today." >> let's go around the block, shall we? >> we want to make sure, every year this doesn't just happen. they're a talented team of folks, brian hemeseth, donna richards, betty in wigs, louie with more makeup and entire "today" show. >> the whole team right behind you. it takes a village >> it takes a village! here we go. >> all of these folks put this together and they're all wearing disguises. none of them look like this. >> well done, guys. >> it's unbelievable. we also thank manhattan motor cars, auto sports design for all of this. it was quite an extravaganza. thank you so much, guys. you did a wonderful job.
8:56 am
>> and a huge thank you to meredith vieira, guest appearance as the queen! >> that's right. and our pal, cecelia, and rene, where did rene go? with the car. rene is in the cecelia. >> we got a lot more coming up, all that but first we've got your local news and weather. your local news and weather. 8:56 is your time. 43 degrees out there. happy halloween. it's october 31st. i'm eun yang. tom kierein is standing by in the storm center. we'll need coats over our halloween costumes, tom? >> it doesn't look like winter.
8:57 am
it certainly does feel like it. it is wintery cold. in fact, only in the low 30s to upper 30s throughout much of the region now as we approach mid morning. later today we should make it into the low and mid 50s with increasing clouds. for trick-or-treaters tonight, cloudy, small chance of a sprinkle, especially after midnight and man: my employer had been putting together a program for executive education, grooming the leadership abilities of their top 5%. a requirement to be accepted in the program was an undergraduate degree, which i did not have. that was the wake-up call i needed. ♪ don't want to miss a thing strayer university has afforded me the opportunity to progress to the level that i am now, which is chief information officer at the largest teaching hospital in southern new jersey. i'm michael sinno, and i earned my bachelor of science degree from strayer university.
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8:59 am
good morning. traveling in northwest d.c., an overturned vehicle at georgia avenue and bryant street. please be aware of that. if you're taking i-95 in virginia here is the view at route 123. no accidents to report but significant fog. be careful on your commute. and still slow outer loop of the beltway at university boulevard. delays start at new hampshire
9:00 am
looks like the girls are late again. >> we have a long history of insanity. >> hello! hello! >> ahh! my hat. >> back with more of "today" on our halloween monday morning, october 31st, 2011. that was just a short time ago as we got the royal treatment, revealing our halloween costumes. i'm al roker along with natalie morales, savannah guthrie, the
9:01 am
prince and catherine, we last saw them headed toward the lincoln tunnel but they didn't have their e-z pass so we're not quite sure where they are. >> they got their passports. >> matt's enjoying that astin martin. probably like off, bye-bye. >> he's boosting that thing. >> exactly, with he dressed up. what if you still don't have your costume picked out? not to worry. just ahead some last-minute outfits that you can make before the first trick-or-treater arriv arrives guaranteed. >> we don't want to leave out furry friends, fun costumes for your pooch as well. >> you don't want to scare the neighbors unless your house is decorated. last-minute halloween crafts to keep the kids occupied and the leftover candy. >> really? not in my house. >> well, we have some really great ideas, incorporated into some desserts so we'll get into some of those recipes as well. >> fantastic. first a check of the top news
9:02 am
stories of the morning, for that we turn to tamron hall for natalie at the news desk. >> good morning, everyone. more than 1 million people along the northeast remain without power this morning after a record-breaking snowstorm. officials say it could take most of the week to completely restore power to those in the dark and states of emergency were declared in jersey, connecticut, massachusetts and parts of new york. 12 deaths at least have been blamed on this storm. ruth madoff, the wife of convicted ponzi schemer bernie madoff never expected in a million years her husband was involved in such a fraud and she knew absolutely nothing about it, if their first live interview this morning, matt asked her and her son, andrew, about the guilt they still feel. >> there's not a day that goes by that, well, of course, with mark, it's just unbearable, but the victims go on and on, and my life is, you know, just always full of shame, walking down the
9:03 am
street, anything i do is difficult. >> there's no way to explain what he did, the damage that he's caused to so many people, so many lives that he's destroyed, what possible explanation could there be? the few things that i've read about him from his interviews and the audio interview that he gave, i'm not hearing sincerity and remorse in there, and you know, i try to find it in my heart to be able to forgive him but i'm not there yet. >> ruth madoff went on to say she'll never get over the suicide of her son, mark, and that she blames her husband. libya's prime minister confirms there are chemical weapons in the country and that foreign inspectors will arrive this week to deal with the unwanted weapons. meantime, this is the last day of nato's seven-month bombing campaign that helped libyan rebels overthrow moammar gadhafi's regime. starting today the nation's biggest peanut butter producers are raising their prices as much
9:04 am
as 40%, big brands like jif, skippy and peter pan say a hot and dry summer devastated this year's peanut crop. "puss in boots" was the cat's meow at the box office raking in an estimate $34 million. "paranormal activity 3" came in second followed by "the thriller in time." a zoo in indonesia is proudly showing off its latest newborn, a baby orangutan named demi, which means peace. the primates are threatened by illegal logging, forest fires and poachers. four past the hour. back to matt, ann and the rest of the crew. you look amazing. >> you're so sweet. >> people thought you were just getting married. >> new york city is like no other city. you could be dressed like this in a fancy car driving around, people actually -- >> looking like royalty. >> people would be on the phone going -- la, la -- la, la, la.
9:05 am
>> they paid no attention to us. >> some people said congratulations like we had just gotten married. >> what the heck? >> there you go. >> mr. roker, how is it going to be for theroker, how is it goin to be for the trick-or-treaters out there tonight? >> for the most part, not too bad. smoefl wooisz, from this past weekend, anywhere from 14 to nine to 16 inches of snow. 21 in mill brook, new york. here in the city we picked up awful most three. concord, 13 inches of snow. the good news is for today no big problems. a few showers along the mid atlantic states. we have a shower or two down in southern florida around ghost cove. plenty of sunshine in the midwest. showers in the northern plains, sunny and cool in deadwood oregon. that's what's going on around the country. here is what's happening in your neck of the woods. good morning. patchy dense fog south of
9:06 am
washington, parts of prince william county and southern fairfax. that should quickly dissipate. we do have a lot of sunshine coming through the high clouds, and the autd tom color is at peak here now in washington and around the region. cold. a little above freezing. much of the area into the mid 30s. near 40 in washington and by the bay. later today in the 50s, a lot of clou >> and that's your latest weather. >> announcer: "happy halloween today" is brought to you by hershey's bar pure delight. what makes a hershey's bar good? pure hershey's chocolate. now do-it-yourself costume, it's the last minute. if you still need a costume have no fear. >> elizabeth mayhue is here from "woman's day" magazine you say you can pull costumes together with a few items from the store. >> go to your hardware and grocery store and pull some
9:07 am
things from your closet, and you're good to go. >> you're jackie o. >> jackie o. inspired. this is not from the grocery store, it's from a designer named lee anderson but that being said you can certainly do this all at home. >> let's get started, first of all, we've got a little crab, little leanna dressed up as a crab. >> leanna the crab. >> oh! >> as you can see we basically just started with a red hoodie sweatshirt, red sweatpants and took mittens, felt for claws and buttons for eyes f pipe cleaners. >> and she's warm. >> which is great. good job, liana. >> thank you. come on over this way. >> come here. come on >> she wants to you come there. >> there you go. >> michael is dressed up as an astronaut. >> yeah. >> tell us about this costume.
9:08 am
>> now we used oven mitts in silver, the steel wool around his belt so you're just going to the hardware store, spray painted his rain boots and turn around a little bit, he's got an aluminum foil, we spray painted a water bottle and his bicycle helmet. he's warm and safe and if you turn around, just the tape is electrical tape and the little dots are the little peds you put underneath chairs. a lot of stuff from the hardware store. >> he can check for cookies in the oven. >> thanks, michael. >> next we have gab riella is a cupcake. >> this costume starts with a laundry basket we accordion filed. >> not so easy to walk in. >> you can lift it up a little. the icing is just done with white stockings like adult stockings, we twirld around and the sprinkles are cut up pieces
9:09 am
of straw. and the hat a cherry on top. thanks, beganriella. >> if you want a parent/kid, we've got, this is great. baby connor and dad pat, as the empire state building and king kong. >> yes. now if i had some warning i would have done 30 rock instead of the empire state building but this starts with the hoodie, fake fur we cut and glued onto his front, a bar key doll from the toy closet and spray paint boxes, that's a plunger spray painted silver. >> the nose is sticking out perfectly. thanks, pat. looks good. >> finally twins amel and cairo with their parents shaun and is it toni? >> roni, they're cheffed and two
9:10 am
devilled eggs. these are just white onesies and we took a ball we cut with a serrated knife, colored them yellow and devilled ears. >> come on out you guys, everybody come on out. >> she's back, we got the crab back. >> so again, this is just really easy stuff, glue gun and scissors, pretty much all you need. >> lots of creativity. elizabeth mayhew thank you for your great ideas. trick-or-treat bags to spider webbs, last-minute halloween crafts the whole family can enjoy, plus creative costumes for your family pet. first these messages. ♪ baby, baby, come along ♪ baby, baby, come along with me ♪ [ air horn blows ] ♪ i love you and i need you ♪ just to hug and squeeze you ♪ baby, why can't you see? [ female announcer ] the newest member of the prius family
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9:14 am
welcome to our special halloween edition of "today." we're dressed up, if you couldn't tell, in the spirit with homemade halloween crafts, joining us is jody. >> we have easy do-it yourself projects. jody levine is the kids craft expert for martha stewart. you have an easy way to make bags. >> today is halloween and the last thing i always make kids costumes, spend so much time on the costume, you don't have a cute trick-or-treat bag. here is an easy way. we need a circle cutout because we'll make a moon. this is our circle cutter, makes it so easy. you stick this in and press hard
9:15 am
and swivel around. you don't need this. >> like a spirograph. >> you see how easy it makes a greatsirkle? >> i like that thing. that's our background. >> our moon. i'll have you tape it down with the double stick tape. we made a cute bat. you can find clip art, just have your kid draw whatever, we sprinkled glitter on it, and then i'm going to use the phone dots to put it on the moon. it gives it a little bit of dimension. you can use glue or tape. what i like is whatever bag you have with a store logo on it, use what you have around the house, that will cover up the store logo. you don't need to go buy any special material. >> any brown bag will do. >> exactly, here you can see. >> like that. >> three-dimensional. speaking of cool stuff, tell us about the decorations you're wearing. >> speaking of last-minute
9:16 am
costumes, these are made out of coffee filters. what do you have around the house? look in your cub boards and get inspired, make easy flowers. >> you put tint on the end? >> i hot glued it to the ribbon. the glue gun was going yesterday. >> candy creatures. >> maybe you have friends over, want a fun activity. any soft, sticky candy is a great craft material. let me show you how. can you craft with the gloves on? >> i think so. >> first we'll make the heads for a little creature. if your kids are doing it, you have to use a plastic knife, cut off the bottom, of course it's a little cold. >> frozen. >> just frozen, no problem. take a lollipop and it sticks on, you don't need glue or anything. you can make a hat for him by cutting off the top of that. it's cold. so i'm going to use the scissors
9:17 am
because we're working with cold gumdrops. >> that worked better. >> so now he's got a little hat. >> love it, cute. this is easy, like i said, stuff you have around the house and common candies, gum drops you can get at the drugstore. put the eyes in, poke, poke and expose that stickiness. they stick to themselves. now my toothpick is kind of sticky and i should be able to pick up a sprinkle, just use a dark sprinkle, and then pop it right in to the hole you made with your toothpick. >> don't attack it. >> you have a lot of patience. >> this keeps the kids busy and not eating the candy. i'd rather have them crafting. eat one, craft with one. so then i have the eye and you could take a red sprinkle here. i'll show you how to do a nose. nerds make great kind of noses. >> kind of like sarah in a,
9:18 am
savannah? >> look at the cute ones you made. i like the caterpillar. >> makes a great centerpiece if you're having a party or use them to decorate cupcakes. so let's move on >> these are glow-in-the-dark balloons. kids love anything glow-in-the-dark. >> maybe you haven't carved a mill pumpkins and house is not fully decorated. no problem, the glow sticks at the party store, crack them to activate the glow. it looks very cool in the dark, and pop it in, you can even put two in, and then maybe you guys can blow it up. once you have it, i have some already inside here, you can blow those up, take a permanent marker, and just draw on a scary ghost face. this is a good thing to keep the kids busy if you're getting ready for a halloween party and you can line your steps with
9:19 am
these, they really glow in the dark at night or hang them in a doorway, a great decoration. >> where do you get the glow sticks? >> any party store. >> the glow stick store. >> no problem. >> halloween, they're out. >> really cute. you draw on them. make a scary face. this is something the kids will get into doing. and then you can see we even made jack oh l-o'-lanterjack-o' inexpensive and a lot of bang for your buck. [ balloon pops ] >> oh! >> you have cheese puffs in your house, but if not you can get it at the supermarket. hold that up, how easy it is to make cobwebs, cutting into cheese cloth and stretching and tearing. there's no rules. it looks spooky, hang it in a doorway and mantle. we hung it on the front of a table. the plastic spiders you have
9:20 am
around at this time of year you can stick them in. >> easy ways to get into the spirit. jodie, thank you so much. >> very nice. >> we've got a lot more halloween to come. [ balloon pops ] >> oh! >> what do you do with the leftover halloween candy? easy recipes coming up, but first these messages. [ male announcer ] scrubbologists have made a remarkable leap forward in hands-free toilet cleaning. introducing the one-step toilet bowl cleaner from scrubbing bubbles. just step on the pedal. the 360 degree sprayer delivers a powerful cleaner to tackle lime scale, hard water and toilet rings. the new one-step toilet bowl cleaner
9:21 am
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9:24 am
we always have a tradition here, not only do we get dressed up but our staff bring their children and they get dressed up as well, and this year, no exception. we've got of course our model astronaut over here. what's your name, young man? >> michael. >> michelle, our fabulous person of the year. who is this little chick? >> this is leo. >> and who have you got there, saravann savannah? >> what is your name? >> this is aidan. >> we have beatrice, what are you dressed as? >> the black swan. we lorz o we lost our tiara. >> and sbaebastian o and rosema, little lamb and over here? >> zoe enjoying a cookie and my husband, the man with the yellow hat. >> thanks for showing up this morning. zus ahead last-minute costumes
9:25 am
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9:26 am
[ female announcer ] swap one thing a day for a yoplait light at around 100 calories. it will add up to amazing. 9:26 is your time now. it's 44 degrees out there. good morning to you, i'm eun yang. it's monday, october 31st, 2011. let's get your halloween forecast from meteorologist tom kierein in the storm center. hi, tom. >> all right. well, tom, while we're waiting for him to get in position we have a few clouds in the sky, a little chilly start to the day. tom says we probably will need coats to cover halloween costumes tonight because it's going to be a little cooler tom. >> cold right now. temperatures in much of the region are only in the 30s. here in washington climbing up into the 40s. there's sunshine over the landscape now and we'll have increasing clouds as the day progresses. right now into the mid and upper
9:27 am
30s throughout much of the region. later today we'll make it into the 50
9:28 am
good morning. an earlier train malfunction at union station is causing big delays on the red line. taking a look at the outer loop
9:29 am
of the beltway at georgetown pike, an accident that's off camera. the fire department is on scene
9:30 am
oh, my hat fell off! oh my god! >> hi! >> i love you. >> i can't believe what my life has been reduced to. >> welcome back to more of "today" on this spooktacular halloween monday morning. we had so much fun with our royal theme this year. we outdid ourselves but our crowd did as well. we've had everything from popcorn machines to zombies and mr. potato head costumes, legoman my son would love. >> the oral-b toothbrush, that was her idea and we got into the
9:31 am
royal theme, i'm getting into my man side. >> this is hazing. >> this is such a new girl thing, to be a man. >> you get to be a man this time. >> man up, guthrie. >> i'm trying. >> that's right, so does this mean chuck todd is going as a woman? >> if i had facial hair that would have completed the picture. >> what is your pet going as? we're going to have some ideas for you, for some great costumes for the furry members of your family. >> how cute. now from the leftovers to the stuff your kids bring home, halloween is a big sugar fest as you all know. this year instead of eating all of that candy one pieces at a time, why not turn it into a special treat? how it's done with adam richmond. >> frankly, i don't give a darn. >> rhett butler, i thought so. how about i saw that. first how about the halloween trick-or-treat forecast. >> very skirry. let's show you what's happening
9:32 am
for today. week ahead, below normal temperatures on the eastern seaboard. above norm nl the midsection of the country. midweek, above normal in new england, rain along the great lakes and mid mississippi river valley, mountain snows in the northwest. latter part of the week, chilly from the gulf coast to the pacific northwest. midsection of the country looking a little on the damp side. good morning. watch out for patchy fog south of washington. otherwise quite a bit of sunshine from high clouds. that's a live picture from the sky watcher camera. temperatures are still cold. we have it into the mid and upper 30s throughout much of the region now. near 40 in washington, climbing into to the 50s. a greater chance for sprinkles after midnight into dawn. >> and that's your latest weather. trick-or-treat for unicef marking its 61st year.
9:33 am
carol stern is the president and ceo of the u.s. fund for unicef. you're looking very fairy-like today. >> well, thank you, thank you. >> this year the traditional orange box, goes a little high-tech this year. >> we sure did, high-tech in a couple of ways. the most exciting on the side of the box we have a microsoft tag this year, so if you don't have change when the kids ring the bell, you can take your smart phone, swipe it, make a donation on your phone bill. >> that's cool. i can't imagine there's anybody who doesn't know but tell us about trick-or-treat for unicef. >> it's the opportunity for your kids to do more than just collect candy. it is the orange kids helping kids program, we're 61 years old. as you said, raised a lot of money, and it doesn't take a lot of money to save a life, really $1 buys enough water for a child for 40 days. >> we should give out these boxes, fill these boxes up. >> absolutely. >> carol stern, thank you so much.
9:34 am
>> thank you. >> happy halloween. >> happy halloween. >> ladies -- i should say lady and sir? coming up, creative uses for the leftover candy, right after this. part of my job is teaching my patients how to take insulin. but i've learned a lot from patients who use flexpen. flexpen comes pre-filled with the insulin i take and i can dial the exact dose of insulin i need. i live my life on the go and need an on-the-go insulin. i don't need to carry a cooler with flexpen. novolog is a fast-acting, man-made insulin used to control high blood sugar in adults and children with diabetes. do not inject novolog if you do not plan to eat within 5 to 10 minutes after injection
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9:36 am
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9:38 am
leftover halloween candy. >> if you're not in my house you'll probably with leftover candy. >> adam richmond from the travel channel's "man versus food" is talking to us. you've already been sampling. >> yes these are hess pis for halloweens gone with the wind. you can make these from frozen junior mints or york peppermint patt patties, you can freeze a batch ahead of time. >> york peppermint patties my favorite candy. >> these are good if you work with kids. i know a lot of white gloves here so i might have to do it. you basically just get cookies, favorite ice cream and you have right here, you want to do a little smashing? >> i do. >> royal smashing. >> smashing. ooh, smashing. >> this feels so good. >> it's cathartic. very good. >> just the fact that everybody wants to you step down from the throne. >> exactly like our lovely pippa is doing, roll it, we have
9:39 am
butter finger and i love it with plain m&m's or put it on the cutting board. >> i bet the kids love this part. >> it's fun. i don't have any kids but from what i understand. >> you've heard tell. >> mom richmond is not so pleased with that one. these are smores cups. that's way more trick than treat for me on this one. so this is philo dough. >> she can't see this. >> trust me she's not happy the only ring is on the end of my watch chain. it's not connected to my anatomy or anything. >> hey! >> hello. this is philo dough, layer of cinnamon, layer after layer with butter, cinnamon in between each layer, marcshmallow and chocolae and you have the almost 'smores tarts and you can serve them hot so they're runny or cold.
9:40 am
>> it's a smo'smores muffin. you can put it on top and i would suggest 325, and you just keep checking it until it's golden brown for about 15, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, fending upon how your often runs. >> do you brush it with butter? >> a little bit of butter for color on top and if you want to do the runny 'smores thing but without the cracker, crumble and the mess. >> could you throw a little graham cracker if you want? >> you could but there's graham cracker in between each layer of the phyllo do. you can do bread crumbs and garlic powder, fill it with mushroom and cheese so it's a great thing. this is one of my favorites. >> the butterfinger caramel seesaw cheesecake. >> exactly right. i froze the kit kat, combine it
9:41 am
with graham cracker crumbs to make the crust. >> i'll try it. >> by all means i have a cup of pieces here for the royal family. whoops. and also into the cheesecake we combined actually ground up butterfinger and then store bought caramel, throw them in a pyrex container with water and nuke it. >> you're going to do that later for me, aren't you, pippa? >> a little sea salt on top and a little bit of sweet, a little bit of salty and crunch and creamy. what do you think, pippa? >> mmm. a royal winner. >> you know harry's wrong for you, right? just saying. >> he is royalty though. >> adam, you also had a savory, give us a description of the savory? >> i like molee, the combination of chillies and chocolates. you can do oil, garlic, chili
9:42 am
powder, cumin, oregano and cinnamon and put in frozen mr. goodbar and goobers and you can make a molee or in the pan, uncooked chicken breast and poach in the liquid and it's chilies, chocolate and garlic and a whole bunch of wonderfulness. >> thank you so much, adam. >> you can get creative with your lunches. >> think outside the box. >> or the bag, whatever the case may be. >> making the recipes i was so happy halloween was coming up. >> a little caramel there. >> has a lot of calories but frankly my dear, i don't give a damn. >> well, enough about you and your mom. >> i love you, mom. >> great halloween costumes are coming up. flushes ] i come in peace... i come in peace. but you go in pieces. [ female announcer ] you can't pass mom's inspection with lots of pieces left behind. that's why there's charmin ultra strong.
9:43 am
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9:47 am
you'll find games, photos and funny videos. >> this morning on "tooled's pets" creative costumes for your furry friends. wendy dowman is the pet lifestyle expert for >> good to see you al. >> you're done as the peacock. >> this is the one i got online. what you see is amazing outfits people created themselves, but this one i bought online and i was able to get the feathers. no peacock was harmed. >> that's right. the peacock looks very proud. >> a fun group costume, a couple of dogs at home. this is great. come on out. >> you guys ever played angry birds? >> angry birds, angry birds, and listen, this is adorable, they created this themselves, they went to home depot and created
9:48 am
this. what is amazing, you don't want to have angry dogs. do not feed your dogs chocolate or any candy for halloween. dog treats are the best if you're walking with your dog. >> and they don't have to walk. >> thank you, guys. oh! >> isn't that the bomb? >> that's the bomb. we have millie? >> yes. >> this is frankenstein and this is frankenstein and the bride, and look at how adorable. >> that's a look and first of all they're shivering because it's cold and little boots for the dogs like herman muenster boots and they light up. if you're taking your dogs out, make sure they're lit up and make sure they have microchips and i.d.s on them in case they get loose.
9:49 am
thank you, frankenstein. this say classic. there's always a witch during halloween, right? this is a pumpkin made out of silk, handmade, absolutely adorable. now also with dogs, make sure -- not every dog wants to get dressed up and make sure they're able to move around. thank you. >> thank you to all of you. >> humane society of new york that's where all of the costumes came from. >> eli the chicago ch withtaco chihuahua. not the taco bell chihuahua. >> very cute and how. >> next up, look at this outfit. if you're a flight attendant wouldn't you want this outfit? this is the critter glitter pet
9:50 am
club. >> nice outfit. >> she has a had to go with the dog but the hat fell off. >> looks like she's on pan am. a beauty pan am. >> you should also leave the pets in a safe room upstairs, as the trick-or-treaters come. this is fisher. look how adorable this is. this is like an outfit you can use on your dog, also another t-shirt. >> bring everybody out. >> well done. >> fantastic, wendy. that's a great witch's laugh right there. [ snorts ] >> oh, and a snort, too! very nice. >> nice job. >> of course we've got much more halloween excitement on the plaza, but first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪
9:51 am
♪ a couple years of up all night ♪ ♪ and a few thousand diapers later ♪ ♪ oh, yeah ♪ he loves that little girl [ male announcer ] all her life, she's been coming toward you. now that she's driving, she's going the other way. ♪ there goes my life [ male announcer ] thanks to state farm's steer clear program, teens learn safer driving and parents gain peace of mind.
9:52 am
9:53 am
as always we had a lot of fun on this halloween morning. we want to thank everyone who joined us on the plaza, except for you, mr. grim reaper. bye-bye. >> the best part everybody is ready to go trick-or-treating later today. fantastic. >> before we go we have a look back at our fun royal spectacular here. >> did you have fun on your first one? >> i did. i think it was a little bit of hazing but that's all right. natalie is happy she doesn't have to be a boy. >> yes. >> the baton has been passed. >> are you going to take the nose and ears off? >> oh no, never part with the nose and the ears. >> let's have a look back. ♪ >> looks like the girls are late again. ♪
9:54 am
>> who's your dady. >> nice to see you. where's camilla? >> she's right here. >> we have no excuse actually except the british royal family has a long history of insanity! ♪ >> jolly good. >> the queen has decided to -- >> the queen? >> hello! hello! hello, darling. oh, my hat. oh my god. look at my boobs. they're so royal. >> you look like elton john. >> that's me, rocket man. >> a second kiss. >> wow! >> yeah!
9:55 am
>> there you go. >> that's better. >> good-bye. >> hey, i'm drivin' here!
9:56 am
9:57 am
beautiful morning out there. we've got some sunshine for a change, actually very nice for halloween. 9:56 monday, october 31st, 2011. i'm barbara harrison. and how spooky is the forecast? let's talk to tom kierein. tom? >> feeling like autumn again, not winter like it was on saturday. a milder afternoon into the low and mid 50s with increasing clouds. right now it's near 40. a small chance of sprinkles this evening, a greater chance after
9:58 am
midnight and into the morning hours on tuesday. sun back tomorrow afternoon. danella, how is late morning traffic? >> much better. we had an earlier accident outer loop of the beltway. right now in virginia traveling at 52 miles per hour from the dulles toll road towards i-95 interchange. outer loop of the beltway at colesville road, your travel speed is about 50 miles per hour. hour. >> coming
9:59 am
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10:00 am
our website to apply. captions paid for by nbc-universal television we are back here at buckingham palace. >> this is the royal family leaving buckingham palace. beatrice and eugenie.
10:01 am
>> how lovely! how lovely! >> thank you so much. hello, darlings. >> hi, everybody. let's sit on down. >> how are you all today? i'm exhausted. >> i think you need a spot of tea. >> hello, darling. >> oh, don't you love a little tea in the morning? okay, cheers, everybody. >> cheers. how are you? >> so good to see you. >> we had a nice reveal this morning, didn't we? >> what's with your english accent? >> i'm like madonna, it comes and goes. >> stay in it for a moment. >> i'll try. we are beatrice.
10:02 am
>> and you are eugenie. >> it doesn't matter. when we arrived on the plaza, we noticed there were two ringers just like us. >> they got their outfit from loehman's. >> where did you get those teeth? >> mum, mum gave it to us. >> mum mum says hello. she wasn't invited to the wedding. >> no. >> we had dates when we gotxd t the wedding because we don't have any men in our life. it's very sad. >> who do i look like, you guys? who do i look like? >> chita rivera or carmen miranda. >> anyone with a lot of fruit on her head is who i look like. >> are you all still here? vamos. >> this morning was a beautiful reveal on the plaza.
10:03 am
>> it was nice. >> let's watch the reveal. >> looks like the girls are late again. >> i can't stand natalie. >> lovely bride. lovely. she's lovely. >> look at that little butt natalie has. i think she was only picked because she has a pippa butt. >> the best reveal for the whole day was the queen. >> meredith vieira came out.
10:04 am
>> i did not know it was her. >> you know with's funny? people were asking if we knew? the only two people who knew were matt and ann. i saw the gray hair, i saw the dogs. >> we were told either judi dench. somebody like that would be playing the queen. when she started coming down i thought, oh, my gosh, who did they get? meredith. it was so great to see her. >> there are some more fans waving in the balcony. we have victoria beckham. >> she proves it is possible to be skinny. >> nice. and behind them, of course, are
10:05 am
the waving family. >> i'm actually surprised they even invited us. we tried to dress down so as not to draw attention away from the bride, but it didn't work. we tried. would you like to play a little game? >> i'm afraid. i wanted to play a hoop game. when i saw her hat i said this is one of those things where you try to throw a hoop on it. i'm a little afraid because they're plastic. what the heck. ready? one, two, three. one, two -- oh! last one. come on. oh! >> it's not my fault. the woman is ridiculous. >> nice try. if you want to know what the most popular costumes today are going to be. for men it's charlie sheen.
10:06 am
>> hello. >> for women it's katy perry, lady gaga or snooki. i thought snooki was yesterday. >> so last year. >> and for kids, angry birds are the number one costume. >> we're going to have a little costume party later. you can still change your mind and go tonight as something different. >> yes. i can't do it. i can't do british. i'm ruining this show. >> you're ruining the show. >> we narrowed down some of the costumes. the top ones. the top one is going to win four seats to justin bieber's concert. >> on the 23rd. you really want to win this one. >> do you have bieber fever? i love saying that. i practiced that. if you have bieber fever, we hope you win. >> we do hope that you win. >> this is such fun.
10:07 am
>> do you lies like jibjabs? i love jibjabs. >> let's show them a little jibjab. >> let's hit it. ♪ ♪ >> is that us? >> that's us. >> hope you enjoyed that. we have no idea who they are. i'm the little sunflower. >> i'm the pumpkin. the dark one. >> i thought that was al. apparently it's hoda. ♪ >> we didn't dress up alone, obviously. >> bobbie thomas is here.
10:08 am
>> i love that. >> talk about your face. >> this is about make-up in minutes. i'm a zebra in case you didn't get the stripes and the tail. andrea is a pixelated girl. it took them an hour, but i think with a black eye liner pencil you could do this and do this sponges with squares. you can upload face charts. this is out of my closet, a coat. >> i've seen it before not one of my favorites. >> air kisses. >> make-up forever has this really cool make-up glow in the dark. you can mix it with your own so at night your make-up can glow. if the kids are trick-or-treating. that's at sephora. i found these kids. one tube, a blue make-up can
10:09 am
make the whole family smurf. you can do something for a couple of dollars. this is what i need later to take it off, cold cream. >> nothing better. marvelous. thank you ever so much. i didn't like her. >> we've got to talk about our favorite things. >> what have you got on? >> i was in seattle. lovely sitle over the weekend for the end of a magnificent show called "saving aimee." >> we'll talk in detail about this. it's a big finish. >> met a young man named randy, very cute, who showed me something he has called attitude. look at this you can get a tattoo without getting a tattoo. i think i'll bring it over here. >> of course you will. >> there you go. it's a tat too, but look. it's not. i like to surprise the men in my
10:10 am
life. it's called attitude and available on >> we have two favorite things. hi, can you come here? this is ashlynn. there's mom and dad. this is our head producer's little girl. she is my favorite thing, your favorite thing, our favorite thing. >> where is that fan of the week? >> victoria. >> my favorite thing is my husband. my darling husband. fan of the week, let's get a drum roll, please. that worked really well. our winner is trish aucoin from massachusetts. she watches on channel 22, wwlp. trish loves starting date with kathie lee an hoda because she says they are entertaining and fun. she is a busy mother of two and dvrs the show. she sips a wine glass full of cranberry juice and relaxing in
10:11 am
the middle of the busy morning. sometimes her sister comes over with her kids. it reminds them of their relationship. the favorite part of the show is ambush makeover as bobbie's buzz. congratulations trish for being our chosen fan of the week. we are sending you to sun river resort in sun river, oregon. you will spend more days and three nights at the sun river resort hotel. trip includes two all-day ski lift tickets, dinner for two at the grass water grill and round trip airfare for two provided by sun river resorts. >> okay. we have a big show, you guys. who's up next? >> reese's peanut butter cup. >> i swore off sugar. >> piper's up next. >> we have a big show, a lot of fun. we'll have our costume contest revealed.
10:12 am
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10:14 am
i think you're paranoid. >> go.
10:15 am
>> oh! she made it out. she is fine. >> who is the hot guy with her? >> that is a thing from "covert affairs." it combines action, adventure is a romance. >> piper is a lovely, lovely actress, not that lovely, but lovely. she plays annie walker. you've been golden globe nominated for this, my darling. >> yes, i have. >> why? >> this is the ugly stepsister. somebody has to use an english accent. >> congrats. >> it's very exciting. we just got back from europe. we were filming all the exteriors from europe. >> you went to berlin. >> stockholm, venice, paris. >> people who watch your show,
10:16 am
there is something new that happens. your cia status has been revealed to your sister. >> i told my sister. so now my family knows and it's complica complicated. i can't run around with that secret. >> they could torture you or something. >> i know. >> like she is torturing me not using an english accent and ruining the show. >> if you're just jumping in the show right now, could you enjoy it, too? do you have to catch up? >> right now the way the cliffhanger was at the end of the season was, the end of my first year as a cia agent and i just told my family. now i'm in the field and they know the secret. i think you could catch up. >> who are all these good-looking people, by the way? you're stacked with hotties on your show. >> that was sand santiago cabreo
10:17 am
used to be on "heroes." >> what happens when the cameras stop running? we have to live vicariously with other women because we live together. >> usually we have to go back to our marks. >> here is a factoid you may not know about piper, today is her birthday. so happy birthday. >> we have a little cake. >> happy birthday -- whoo! >> and we have champagne, too. it's your party. >> hey, thank you! >> cheers to you. >> cheers, girls. >> bless you and god bless the queen. lovely to see you. >> god bless us everyone. >> i don't really care for her. >> we are going to pick favorite costumes after this.
10:18 am
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it is time for our favorite part of halloween on the plaza. we are going to talk about best costumes. >> i believe we should have won, of course, but since we can't, we are here with the top four finalists. >> there are big prizes. if you win, the grand prize, justin bieber tickets, third place 100 bucks, second $250, third place $300. here is john mulgrew. he wears the "today's show in. "chicken fight. i learned how to walk on stilts just for this. >> it's unsettling.
10:22 am
>> who is on the back, natalie and anne. >> he didn't include us. >> thank you so much. please leave. >> you're not doing very well. be careful. someone watch john. >> from bergen county. they are cinderella and their fairy godmother. they love the fourth hour of "today." god bless you all. thank you. you've got my vote. >> sandra and erica ramos from milford, new jersey. they went as a popcorn machine and justin bieber himself. >> that's adorable. >> so you're together.
10:23 am
>> thank you so much. who is next? >> hop folly. it is darn cute. love it. >> we have to ask her about this. >> i'm up. we've got to show mr. elephant. can we show him? you might have to lift him up. can you? we have to show the elephant. oh, my goodness. how did you come up with the idea? >> river up there is a fan and our family is a circus. >> great imagination. who is last coming out? >> i don't know. i don't have another card. >> i think it's just dancing girls. they're from new orleans. in new orleans you've got to
10:24 am
make it into the party somehow. >> who came in third? >> third might have to be al. >> so strategically place. >> does matt get second? >> be happy with what you've got. don't complain. it's not nice. >> second place, the fairies are in second. >> in a perfect world they would get first place because it's the most adorable, but they don't care about justin bieber. you do. what we are going to do, $200. >> yeah! >> so you can feed your little elephant. you all get the justin bieber tickets. >> what do you think about that? >> thank you so much.
10:25 am
>> what's your name? >> erica. >> erica is having a moment. erica is going to see justin bieber. >> we've got to give the money out. >> here are the two tickets two justin bieber. >> here's the $100. >> all right, gang. we'll be back. we have a big show. more candy, more costumes. bieber fever. stuck here in a rut. ever since that ol' broom dumped me here... oh, oh. oooh! will love ever come my way? oh my! ♪ i believe in miracles [ male announcer ] swiffer attracts dirt. swiffer sweeper's new, thicker cloths get deep into ridges picking up more dirt, dust and hair than a broom to help leave your floor up to three times cleaner. you sure are a pick-me-up! [ male announcer ] swiffer cleans better or your money back. it's bring your happiness to work day. campbell's microwavable soups. in three minutes -- the deliciousness that brings
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♪ this is halloween >> welcome back to this halloween monday with today's buzz and all the celebrity news you missed over the weekend. >> i'll try again. everyone from lindsay lohan and kim kardashian. you are dressed as? >> nancy grace from "dancing with the stars." and it was a pasty. >> okay. i'm back. >> celebrity halloween costumes. what do we have? kim kardashian? >> poison ivy, really sexy with the red hair. heidi klum does that big party.
10:31 am
she was dressed like a body works anatomy. it was crazy. she was completely transformed. she is always really into it. >> what did debra messing and her husband go as? >> they were mexican skeletons. >> bethenny frankel? >> she had a hello kitty costume on. >> this is interesting. taylor swift is upset. she is one of those girls who is a great clean-cut and there were rumors there were nude pictures of her, something like that? >> a website celebrity jihad published a photo they said was taylor swift with her top off. her lawyer says it's not her and they threaten to sue if they don't remove the photos. normally after scarlet johanson
10:32 am
said that is me, i have the photo and you can't publish it. taylor says it's not me but a trademark infringement. that you say a celebrity endorsed my product but you lied. >> you know what bothers me so much? nobody ever takes naked pictures of us. if only they would. >> i wonder why. >> i think you can repair that beatrice. >> stop it. >> george clooney. >> you're surprising me. >> what is her name? >> elizabeth, his ex. >> she said up until now i haven't been able to clarify this our relationship was more like a father and daughter. that's weird. this is the great fear of a man with the younger woman who will say you remind me of my dad. >> did she elaborate? >> she didn't explain it. she said we had a great relationship, but he was really like a father to me, which makes people wonder, what, were they
10:33 am
really dating? it's right when his new relationship is heating up with another younger woman. >> i would like to know the whole context. one little thing is pulled out. >> maybe it was lost in translation. >> it was an interview in italian. >> see. silly. you've got to think things through. >> right. >> what else? >> what about chris humphries being scammed? >> one of the wedding guests at kim and kris' wedding is kris' financial advisors. he was arrested on friday for investment fraud. kris himself lost hundreds of thousands of dollars to this man. he's a victim. kris right now is in a difficult financial situation in that he is a free agent and the nba is on a lockout. he isn't working. then he finds out he lost a bunch of money to this guy. >> what happened to lindsay lohan's teeth. that is very important breaking
10:34 am
news. >> they make so much fun of the evening establish's teeth but she is american. >> lindsay lohan, after everybody criticized her for those rotten looking teeth tweeted a picture she had just gotten her teeth fixed the other day from her dentist. it's interesting she feels the need to justify herself always. she has to tweet, i fixed it. >> the truth is we don't care. we don't ever. >> we just go on with our lives. pay no attention. thank you. >> we'll be right back. >> coming up next, things that go bump in the night. watch. scary. hey! you kids almost ready? i've got breakfast waiting for you. whoo! uh-oh. what? mom's doing her exercise video again. when mom's on a health kick, all of us are. and now she's made us breakfast. uh-oh.
10:35 am
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the difference between hiding my skin and showing it off? jergens ultra healing moisturizer. even my driest skin looks healthier, instantly. jergens is the difference between i'm here, and here i am. jergens®. the beautiful difference. those five food groups sound a whole lot better when you put them in a taco shell instead of a pyramid. old el paso. when you gotta have mexican. time for today's "call of the wild." we thought we would get you into the holiday spirit with creepy creatures. >> our animal expert brought along special guests. one is a little puppy and the other is full grown. they like tattoos. >> and they don't like the hat. >> they don't like the hat. >> nobody likes the hat.
10:39 am
>> this is naiche here. they are from jackson, new jersey. you are taking a look at a timberwolf here. sampson is a wolf hybrid. when we think about wolves, so many people are scared of them, they hate them, but believe it or not, wolves are more scared of us. they are literally scared of us. unfortunately, people hate wolves. >> how come they're not scared of your hat? >> i don't know. it's the indiana jones hat. >> there was that movie "dancing with wolves." >> unfortunately, people think they make good pets. they do not. they require a lot of land. beautiful animals. they need to be respected. like i said, wonderful creatures. very misunderstood like all the other animals.
10:40 am
>> i got you guys cocktails. this is your cocktail here. lift up the cups very, very carefully. >> ew! ew! ew! >> isn't this great? >> nasty. >> it's charlotte. this is petey. petey is a mexican tarantula. charlotte is a rosehair. touch the bottom right there. just touch it. >> touch the bottom? >> isn't that incredible. she likes to be handled, too. isn't that great. >> these aren't poisonous? >> they are venomous. >> that's different. >> if they were to bite us, it would be like a bee sting. they have very strong muscular fangs. do you want to pick it up? >> i'd rather put my cup back over it. make it flat.
10:41 am
>> watch out because they have jet black things. don't fling it. >> look at that. isn't that amazing? >> it's going up my arm. >> she likes you. females live to be 25. males only 5 to 6 years old. >> don't swing it. >> you're doing great. we are going to put the tarantula away. good job, charlotte. >> charlotte likes me. >> is it okay in the cup? >> we are going to see. look at this. this is incredible. take a look. >> that is nasty. this is diesel, an african bull frog. this is one of the largest bull frogs. can you give it a kiss? >> no. >> we are not that disgusting. >> one of the largest frogs in the world. they'll get to be the size of dinner plates. so diesel is not full grown. do you want to hold him? >> no.
10:42 am
>> hold him over the table. he likes you. he is puffing up. that is a defense mechanism. that is a defense mechanism to scare away predators. they'll pop-up, open their mouths. anything wants to eat this in africa. usually you shouldn't handle frogs because they breathe through their skin. the males have the beautiful yellow throats. hoda, they have a very, very strong bite. if they get hold of you, it would be a nasty injury. >> can i put it down? >> i'll put it down. we have our last animal here. this is beautiful. take a look now. be careful. this is a blood python. perfect for halloween. this is a very dangerous snake. very dangerous snake. always pretty testy. you're pushing me away. >> unfortunately, people kill these animals fiore their skin.
10:43 am
it's awful. it's very unfortunate. >> thank you so much. >> we've got to go. >> we've got to go. >> we'll be back. we've got great experiments coming up around the corner. >> actually, i do have to go. i wish you guys had layaway -- well... 'cause i could pay a little at a time... that would work. actually we do -- the kids would just be like, "no way, awesome!"
10:44 am
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10:47 am
we are gathering around the calderon this afternoon casting a spell. you might want to get your kids to try a weird science experiment. >> this is an associate scientist from the dow chemical company who brought friends along. i'm trying to do the accent and it's not working. this is a way to get kids involved in science, correct? >> absolutely. 2011 marks the international year of chemistry. this is a year when dow and other organizations are working together to increase the public
10:48 am
appreciation and enthusiasm for science. >> let's blow things up. >> let's go for it. we call this the elephant tooth paste. so justin has a mixture of soap, water and yeast. he is going to pour into a solution of hydrogen peroxide and food coloring. >> now you can see why we call it elephant tooth paste. >> that's cool. nice one. >> our next experiment is called the baking soda volcano. similar to this. we are producing a gas. here we have baking soda. >> i produce gas myself. >> oh, god. >> we have baking soda and water in a volcano. you can buy this in a toy store or make it yours out of paperier mache. go ahead and pour it in there. >> what happened? >> what you're seeing here is a
10:49 am
reaction between baking soda and vinegar to produce carbon dioxide. >> you're just making a mess. >> all right. our next experiment -- >> i don't get it. >> this will get you in the halloween spirit. we are going to make slime. go ahead. >> what is your name, miss engineer? >> maeve. >> go ahead. >> pour that in. >> do it, maeve. >> stick your hands in there and given us our slime. >> i like that. >> so we are making what's called a polymer. we interact with polymers every day. there are polymers in your hair, in your cell phone, everywhere. >> take us to the last one. >> our last one is very cool. this may look like magic, but it teaches an important scientific principle. take a look. do you see the pyrex in the oil?
10:50 am
>> yes. >> you're not supposed to. you don't see it in the oil. it disappeared. >> you're right. you don't see it. >> no i don't. you're right. >> you don't see it in the oil because these two materials bend light in different angles. this is called the refractive index when the light hits the rod in the oil it gives this disappearing effect. >> what is your name? >> alexa. >> everyone did such a great job. thank you, guys. >> we'll be back with drinking. but first this is "today" on nbc. [ screaming ]
10:51 am
[ zapping ] there goes dwayne's car. oh, man. there goes dwayne's house. whoa! whoa! and there goes dwayne. man, that thing does not like dwayne. [ male announcer ] state farm's got you covered. nice landing. it was. [ male announcer ] get to a better state.
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10:53 am
finally, the moment eugenie and i have been looking forward to. we are going to stir up a
10:54 am
fabulous concoction. >> nobody is better than ray. >> nice to be here, arrgh. we are talking stormy deadman's punch. it's got rum, lime juice and it's got a little bit of ginger beer. it's delicious. the main thing it has, eyeballs. you take a lichey, put a brandy cherry in it, it's delicious. with it we have worms and dirt. whoa, that was a siren. black seaweed, tofu and carrots. >> sounds awful. >> evidently, they don't like the worms and dirt. what we've got next is a bubbling calderon punch. take pear liquer.
10:55 am
it's a delicious light drink. >> lovely. >> it's nice. >> with that we have a cool black widow spider goat cheese lawn. basically the goat cheese, cream cheese, feta cheese all rolled together with caramelized shallots and black sesame seeds. we tried with black widow spiders, but we lost too many people in the test kitchen. then we have the jersey witch. it's straga, an italian liquer, it has laird's apple jack, the oldest distillry in new jersey and i've known a few new jersey witches in my time. >> arrgh. >> who is that?
10:56 am
>> finally, the darn scarfs when you're a pirate, they get in the way. finally, we've got ghost pops. it's pound cake, a little bit of lemon zest. arrgh. dipped in white chocolate. you take a bite, it's just delicious. >> yes, it is. >> arrgh. >> is this show over yet? >> it's over. >> hey, preggers, you can't drink. >> ray, we love you. >> nice spending halloween with you. >> we'll be back as normal tomorrow. god bless you all. god bless the queen. >> thank you for coming to see us. -- captions by vitac --
10:57 am
10:58 am
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