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tv   Today  NBC  December 29, 2011 2:05am-3:05am EST

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captions paid for by nbc-universal television hey, everybody, welcome. it's wes day wednesday. it's december 28th. this year has flown by. >> it sure has. new year's eve is knocking. it's coming up. >> do you have big plans? >> you know what? i'm going to hang with jay. and we're going to catch a little sun because that's kind of what we do. just have some festivities. how about you guys? >> yeah. we're going to hopefully down in the keys with some friends. what we like to do is just watch
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the ball come down at midnight. then everybody goes to their separate rooms. >> yeah. go to sleep. >> i'll see you tomorrow. then we go to our favorite place, alabama jack's. >> oh, yeah. >> we have lunch the next day at alabama jack's, ring in the new year, clog with all the ladies that don't have teeth and ring in the new year. >> i've got to tell you, that is a fun spot. >> that place is outrageous. >> it really is. >> the whole world comes there, and we have a ball. >> this will put you in a good mood. we have a little father/daughter duo. this guy, jorge, has done -- he used to do some singing with his kids. he put it on youtube. you never know, when you plop something on youtube, is it going to be a big hit or not? he's singing with his daughter, a song by adele. let's take a listen. ♪ there's a fire starting in my heart ♪ ♪ reaching the fever pitch after dawn ♪ ♪ the stars of yore
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♪ remind me of us ♪ and keep me thinking that we almost had it all ♪ ♪ the stars of your love ♪ they lead me breathless ♪ i can't help feeling ♪ we could have had it all ♪ all rolling in the deep ♪ you had my heart inside of your hands ♪ ♪ and you played it to the beat ♪ >> oh, my gosh. what memories she will have. >> looks professionally shot. >> yeah, it sure does. wow! ♪ ♪ the stars of your love >> that's very, very sweet. they have now 61 million views. >> it's unbelievable. >> i can't even imagine how a person's career -- i mean, i did it such the old-fashioned way,
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getting your little picture taken and going and, you know, singing anytime anybody would pay you a dollar, singing for free most of the time just so you could get heard. now there's so many other options. >> you can get on "american idol" or one of the shows, put it on youtube. somebody asked me in an interview yesterday, did you really write that letter to walt disney? and i went, yes. >> what letter? >> when i was 6 or 7, when you learn to write, i wrote walt disney a letter. and it said, "dear mr. disney. i know you love hailey hills and annette funicello, and i like them, too, but you really need to meet me." what kind of chutzpah is that? i'm known for my expresses. i wish i had the letter back. he sent me a form letter, you know, dear kathie, whatever it was, work hard and maybe someday we will work together. or something like that. and darn if i didn't do 15 years with the disney company with reege and i did a bunch of movies for them. >> that's crazy. >> all the little sitcoms and stuff. you never know.
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you think about what's going to happen with that little girl. >> this is a problem that a lot of us women have. they say it is very important to blow your own horn. [ horn sound ] >> good. >> because women -- and i believe this completely -- women have a hard time saying, look what i did. >> well, we're raised to be modest. >> yes. >> not like hey! you know, look at me. you know, that's disgusting. >> and here's the other thing. the women who are, like, hey, i'm so proud of something. i was really, really good today on the show. and i did something great. i can't stand those kind of people. like i don't like people who spend their days talking about how great they are. >> well, let somebody else say it in general. unless there's nobody there, then go ahead. >> but here's the thing. guys are so good at saying what they don't. >> are you kidding me? look at me. you don't want this? >> sometimes even in front of bosses, you'll see a guy bragging to the boss.
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you're, like, oh, my gosh. we all know what happened. >> he's taking credit for it. >> yes. they say that's what we should be doing more of this year. >> working mothers say they are happier than stay-at-home mothers. and i don't know. i've been both. so i think you have to be a happy person to begin with. and then the details are -- you know, the devil's in the details. but you've got to be a happy human being regardless of your circumstances. >> this is upsetting to a lot of people because the study says that working mothers are happier than stay-at-home mothers according to this study, but the happiest group of all are those who are part-time. >> part-time working mothers. they can be as involved as they can be with their kids, in the schools and all of that, but they also have a little income, and they have a different life that may seem a little bit more -- maybe not exciting but challenging. there's a different kind of challenging thing. >> when we were growing up, both of my parents worked. like we always came home. >> that's who your role model was. >> yeah.
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we came home, and sharon, our baby-sitter, was there. we'd get the key when we were old enough. and our parents drilled, they said they get home at 6:00 or 6:30, and when they got home, dinner was supposed to be on the table, period. one of us would cook. >> what about the pierpot thing? let her make it. >> she was gone. she was history. >> did she cook? >> one person made the salad. we'd be, like, they're coming up the driveway. we were dragging stuff out of the oven and we'd plop it on the table. it was awful but it was ours. >> is that why to this day you thit cook? >> i guess. that's why she loves whole foods. >> we were always late, burned on the outside and frozen or raw on the inside. he would eat that chicken. i remember him cooking it and cutting it and talking. i was, like, oh, my god, he's eating it. oh, my gosh. but every day that was the drill. >> yeah. >> but i don't feel like, you know, i know my moms feel guilty because i want to be home for my kids. i'm lucky. i like how i was raised.
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i like -- i don't feel like i missed something. i mean, i don't know. how was it at your house growing up? >> my dad worked three jobs at once. and my mom sold eggs door to door. and we didn't have -- we didn't have anything materially. we had everything that we needed. >> mm-hmm. >> so i think the biggest mistake we all make is in thinking that if we just give our kids more stuff, they're going to be happier. just spend time with them. a bunch of things i had to do yesterday, right? but cassidy called me and said, mom, can we take a walk at 3:00? and i canceled everything. your 18-year-old daughter still wants to be with you? but if i made something else more important, she would know it. you get away with it once in a while. it adds up and they remember it. it's a balancing act. it really is. but when i was first up on broadway, and i only say this because a lot of women out there are thinking yeah, you know what? cassidy was 1 year old. and my lifetime dream had been to do broadway.
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and julie andrews calls me to do "victor victoria." just take one day out of the week to do it. and i was so tempted. and i called her back and said, i can't believe i'm saying no to mary poppins. but the truth is, my daughter's 1 year old. she'll never be 1 again. and broadway's always going to be there. and she's so lovely. she goes, kathy, i had to make the same kind of decisions when my children were little, too, and you'll never regret putting your family first. you'll always regret it when you don't. so that's not from me, that's from mary poppins. >> exactly. and you know what's funny, they did one of these polls and they polled working moms and stay-at-home moms and working moms wanted their daughters to be working moms. stay at home moms wanted their daughters to be stay at home moms. >> i want my daughter to be what she wants to be. we have got to stop dreaming our kids' dreams. stop it. let them be the human beings god wants them to be. otherwise, they're not going to
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like you and they're going to write a book. >> and it's going to be mean spirited. all right. do we have time? >> yes, we do. so here's the deal. we know what's happening. it's christmas. it's new year's. it's during the holiday time. and you're lonely. and you're thinking, should i call my ex? just to say happy holidays? [ phone ringing ] should i say, ring-a-ring, happy new year? don't do it. >> how do you keep from doing it? >> they say erase all of your phone numbers, your ex's phone numbers from everything. just get rid of them. >> just in case you're drunk, you just happen to call him. >> i say no to that, because you know what happens? they don't remember and you pick it up. because you need to see the name. >> have you changed your number since you got divorced? >> no, i haven't. it's the same number. but i think once you see the name pop up, then you know. because otherwise numbers are confusing. >> some say restricted. you think maybe, you know -- >> but in that case, if he's calling you, you should know. >> they say exercise a lot, you'll be accomplishing a few things at once, keeping occupied, staying healthy and
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staying away from all electronics devices. also, you're going to look so doggone good that if you do run into him, he's going to hate it. he's going to see what he's missing. now, this is disgusting. you say it. >> no. >> spread your joy, nothing else. you know what i mean. i'm not going to say it. nothing puts priorities in focus like a little do gooding. and that is the truth. >> remind yourself. make backup plans and back those up. boredom leads to bad decisions, hoda woman. >> when you are home by yourself and your mind goes crazy, you do go on his facebook page, you know what i mean? that's what people do. >> what would you be doing now? what do you think your life would be like if you hadn't met jay over a year ago and found this unbelievable happiness that everybody hates you for? >> what would i be doing? i don't know.
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i'd probably spend the holidays with my family. i think i was always fine. i think i feel so much better than i did. i didn't know. so i think i wouldn't have known what i didn't know. so i would have been happy but not this happy. >> i have some girlfriends who think that, you know, all their life they just wanted to get married and have children. that was going to be their -- and that's all they want. so you then sit down with them. they had no hopes and dreams other than that. and i said to one of them the other day, why don't you work on being an interesting person? so that when you do sit down with somebody someday, you're going to have something to talk about and interests and hobbies that are going to make you look appealing and fun to somebody instead of the oh, my god. this is my worst nightmare because i'm everything this woman's been waiting for her entire life. am i right? >> yes, i know those people. how about the worst christmas present you ever got? debbie from pennsylvania shows off hers. these are some m&m earrings. her husband got them for her. >> they're now divorced. no, they're not.
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get ready to rock, everybody. >> bret michaels is giving back more than just his gift of music. >> right after this.
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rock star, reality star, spokesperson and philanthropist. bret michaels has been through a lot in the past few years, notably suffering from two major medical emergencies. >> we're very happy to report bret has recovered so well, he was able to go on tour and give back through a new "reader's digest" campaign. >> you look good. >> thank you very much. >> you look strong. >> thank you. >> was it two years ago? >> 2009? >> when i took the hit? yeah. we went down there, and we were playing. we were just getting ready to kick off a tour for the summer out in the arenas. and i took a pretty severe hit to the head. you know, like i said, the show was great. everyone there, nice people. and it just was an unfortunate accident. and yeah. it rung my bell. >> yeah. >> well, we didn't know if you were going to make it with that one.
2:22 am
i didn't know about the one this past summer. >> the disco ball? >> what happened with that? >> that one barely missed me, so i was fine. the brain hemorrhage, like i said, everything that happened with the -- they sewed up my heart. and i feel a lot better. i feel great. it's weird because even when all that stuff happened, i never felt healthier. this is good, and it shows it can rock your world and i'm a fighter. >> how did it change you? >> obviously, first of all, you know, i say this, it's faith, you know. it wasn't my time to go. you could say as much as you want, but it just wasn't my time. as far as, you know, great doctors and faith, family and good doctors, but it changes your perspective. i've always taken life with a lot of respect being a diabetic my whole life. >> oh, that's right. there's that, too. >> yeah. you know, that's four shots a day since i've been 6 years old. and i said it puts -- i look at it sometimes like that's the card i was dealt. and instead of being angry about
2:23 am
it, i just had to work a little harder to get the things i wanted. but i think it made me, through life, fight harder and be a tougher person. >> what's great about you, you not only spread your music, but you're working with "reader's digest." tell us about this charity. >> "reader's digest," great magazine. >> forever. >> yeah, forever. great stories. a lot of stuff i would read as i was younger and then as i got older. what happened for me, it's really simple. they did a campaign a year ago. i play out when you tour, you live your life in every single city across america. right? so my whole thing has always been this sort of we hear you, america. and that's what "reader's digest" is doing. we go into these cities and we help them fund stuff and stuff that i do on my own. "reader's digest" had this huge campaign called "we hear you, america." which is unbelievable. all's people have got to do is go to and whether it's a skate park, a public pool that got shut down, we're going through it really, really awful. people like to say tough economy.
2:24 am
it's an awful economy and tough. and people out there are such -- america is so resilient, but "reader's digest" goes in and funds all of these campaigns. >> that's fantastic. >> and i'm the voice. i get to go in and say, here's what's happening. we started this a couple weeks ago this year. and it has been over 4 million people write in, which is unbelievable. i mean, it just pours in. but people really want to be heard. and as a musician and artist, that's what we bring out. >> so how's the rest of your life? the kids? the girl? >> you're engaged to the mom of your two daughters. >> life is good. life is rocking. i'm out on the road. >> look at her. why won't you marry this woman? >> you're hard on me. every time i come here. you're making me out to be a bad guy. i'm a good guy. >> you're a good guy. >> i'm a good guy. >> look at your family. you are engaged. so you have made progress. >> it's moving forward. >> tiptoeing. >> can i say work in progress? >> work in progress. >> how about that "reader's digest"? how about them steelers? >> well, we wish you a great,
2:25 am
great new year with your family. >> thanks for coming to see us. >> you're very welcome. thanks for having me on. up next, what the what? the funny, off-the-wall photos you sent us. it's not our fault. you sent them in. we're going to show you right after this. on my journey acros, i've learned that when you ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance, it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak... ...or big hair... i think we have our answer. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. [ boy's voice ] i've already given my sub to sally. sally?!?! [ girl's voice ] hey samantha. how could you. [ male announcer ] get your own subway steak melt. like the irresistible big philly cheesesteak. subway. eat fresh.
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♪ we're back with our irreverent look at "what the what?" >> sarah's here. >> our first photo is from barbara stowe from cincinnati, ohio. is this a single room or a double? clearly that's a side shot of an actual inn, but it was unfortunate placement. >> yeah. >> i could get a good deal. >> our next photo was sent in from palmer, alaska. is this payback for thanksgiving? >> oh, my gosh. >> we missed an "l" on that one. but thank you, it was only $3.50.
2:30 am
>> can't be the turkey dumping. >> sorry. susan from madisonville, tennessee, submitted this photo. one of these things is not like the other. >> funny. >> they rescued that dog from a live trap. he had accidentally gotten trapped, and they've had him ever since. he'll go into their closet and do that sometimes, and they thought it was hysterical. >> they're from texas? where are they from? >> that was cents in from alaska, actually. >> alaska. that's at sarah palin's house. >> we have a photo from sara from columbus, indiana. what happens if they win? this is really sad. >> that is mean. >> look how they keep crossing off because the colts haven't won a game. >> that is cruel. >> some of these teams, you feel so for them, and the fans. >> because peyton is not well. >> but the positive twist is the consumer is getting a break in this tough economy. >> okay. i like it. >> glass half full. >> giving it away free pretty soon. >> eddie from grimesland, north carolina, sent us this photo. there's no such thing as a free ride. this is my favorite. win a free ride by shoplifting.
2:31 am
lucky winners will also have their name in the paper. >> so family and friends can see. that's clever. >> that's really good. >> reverse psychiatry. >> i love it. and finally, gavin from jacksonville, north carolina, submitted this photo. too late. busted. we cannot figure out why, we went back to the person that took it and said we don't understand if it's a loitering thing, why they would have that on one sign. >> well, then say don't loiter. >> one would think. >> thank you, sarah. is that it? send all of your pictures in to we have some interesting things you may not know about new year's day. you think you know everything? guess what? plus, your places to travel to in 2012. and what does your man want? >> really? >> donny deutsch man has got the answer. >> i like him with his glasses on. >> he's sitting on the answers right now. and we are back with more of "today."
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and we are back with more of "today." our weekly trivia game we call "who knew?" 2012 is just days away. we're testing our knowledge with the chief historian at the history channel. she's with us. kathie lee, of course, is right across the street at the nbc experience store. she's going to give $100 to the winners who answer her question correctly. and to those who answer it incorrectly, they get her cd. okay. is everybody ready to play? are you ready for this one? >> i'm ready. >> all right. let's go across the street. >> look at this handsome father with his two sons from boston. which city is most popular among americans for new year's celebrations? las vegas? new york? new orleans? or miami? >> i'm going to go with new york city. >> sorry. no. no. >> yeah. oh, sorry. >> all right. so the correct answer -- i would have thought new york, too, but it's actually las vegas. >> that surprised me, but las vegas for the past six years has been the most popular
2:37 am
destination on new year's eve. new york and the theater district and times square, of course, that comes in number two. as a new yorker, i was surprised. and then we've got new orleans. >> that's a fun one. >> and miami. these are great party cities. not a surprise. people have a good time wherever they go. >> back across to kath. >> finish the lyrics to this classic new year's song. ♪ should old acquaintance be forgot ♪ >> go ahead. >> i'm with her. >> i'm blank. ♪ should old acquaintance be forgot ♪ ♪ for auld lang syne >> in her defense, that was a little bit of an interesting version. a little different. >> yeah. >> tell us about that song.
2:38 am
no one ever gets the words, including me. >> "auld lang syne" means a long time ago or old time sake. it's written by robby burns, he was like the hugh jackman of the day. he was tote 58 -- totally hot. you could look him up on wikipedia. he was quite a womanizer. >> all right, we'll google him. go ahead, kat. >> lovely lady from new jersey. rosh hashanah, the beginning of the jewish new year, takes place in which month? september? october? december? or january? >> october? >> it's a big day for me. >> yeah, kat's giving those away right and left. september is the correct month here. >> well, it's kind of funny. it can go into early october, but it's in the fall. >> oh. >> it's the seventh month of the hebrew calendar which is not a predictable month according to our 12-month calendar. >> then maybe she should get the money. >> i don't know, it has occurred in october. >> give her some money. >> another lady from new jersey. what is the first country to ring in the new year?
2:39 am
is it the philippines? new zealand? australia? or denmark? >> i'm going to go with australia. >> close but no cigar. >> she was right on the edge. the correct answer, new zealand. >> new zealand. they have parties and, you know, people dancing in the streets. it's only 300 miles from the international dateline. so there it is. the first city on the globe. >> got it. back across to kath. >> this lady is from texas. in which country do people wear red underwear on the new year's day? isn't that hysterical? as a symbol of good luck throughout the year? is it italy? portugal? spain or greece? >> spain. >> you listened to the cheaters and you lost. >> the correct answer here, red underwear in italy. italy. >> no wonder they have so much fun. >> yeah. >> it brings them good luck all year round. it should be new, and it's nice if it's a gift. >> i think we have time for one more. let's go back across. go ahead, kath. >> true or false?
2:40 am
the ball has been dropped in times square every year since 1907. oh, i want you to lose because i want these kids to get this. >> true. >> this is kathie lee's favorite day of all. is right now. all right. so the correct answer is false. what happened? >> well, during world war ii, they wanted to take a couple years off. they didn't want all the lights on times square. they were worried about sabotage or air raids. >> okay. so that was the only time it didn't drop. >> that's the only time. if you want to learn more about these things, you can go to >> libby, thank you so much for joining us. >> thanks so much for having me. >> really appreciate it. kathie lee's going to come back over here because our man donny deutsch is going to decode your man. old donny is with us after these messages. you go next if you had a hoveround power chair? the statue of liberty? the grand canyon? it's all possible with a hoveround. tom: hi i'm tom kruse, inventor and founder of hoveround.
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[ boy's voice ] i've already given my sub to sally. sally?!?! [ girl's voice ] hey samantha. how could you. [ male announcer ] get your own subway steak melt. like the irresistible big philly cheesesteak. subway. eat fresh.
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he is back. our resident man's man, donny deutsch man. ♪ deutsche man deutsche man
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donny donny deutsch man ♪ >> he's here to give it straight to the ladies. >> man's man could be taken the wrong way. i want to say that for the record. >> what do you mean? why? >> thank you, somebody got it. >> because we know you so well. >> here he is anyway. >> hi, guys. let's go. >> okay, vanessa is asking, i need to get my husband a present for christmas, but i feel like i've already given him the shirt and tie. he won't give me any hints. what's the ultimate gift without breaking the bank? >> christmas is past already. >> let me give you one for the future. it's very interesting. do something that's very personal. get him his own baseball glove and bronze it or vintage rock t-shirt, a band that he loved. do something very personal. not about you, what you want him to have. the other thing, timex, 80 bucks on ebay. they have thousands of these old vintage timex. isn't that cool? >> now she's all set for next year. >> hanna's asking, me and my ex have been separated for six
2:46 am
months. we have a 1-year-old son together. we're still in communication because of our son. he has a new girlfriend but still calls me to talk. he says he wants a friendship, but i feel like i'm being played. should i continue the friendship for the sake of our son? >> very important question. i raise my girls part of the time and their mom has them part of the time. we work really hard to be friends. in a separated and divorced home, if the parents get along, the kids are great. if they don't, the kids are screwed. you have to work hard at a friendship. it's so important for the kids. absolutely do it. you're not being played. your ex is actually approaching it the right way. >> and never use your children as some sort of tool. >> i hate that. but you work hard at it. >> do you think that's even fair? he's dating someone else? >> my ex is engaged. and i want her to be happy. the kids to be happy. what's important is that my kids know their mommy and daddy are not going anywhere and that we get along. >> alex is asking, do you have any suggestions on how i can spice up my marriage? i've been with my husband for ten long and loving years. and i think it's time to stir things up a bit and get out of our routine. >> okay. okay.
2:47 am
it's 10:30 in the morning. i think what's interesting, women don't do this, why don't you turn to your guy and say, by the way, what's your fantasy? everybody has fantasies. he'll go, like, you can tell me. whatever it is. let's do some role play. have some fun. be crazy. don't make him go outside to get crazy. bring crazy inside, okay? >> so ask him what? >> fantasy, nurse, whatever it is. i mean, like just don't make him have it in his mind. don't make him ever have to go someplace else. i'm your girl. whatever you're up for, let's do it. that's the answer. like it or not. that's the correct answer. >> okay. next one's from rachel. i found some incredibly inappropriate text messages between my boyfriend and one of his girlfriends. i don't want him to know that i looked through his phone because i know it was wrong. but i also want to confront him about this. what do you think i should do? >> first of all, if you're going to go into this thing, be prepared what you're going to find. don't look if you don't want to find it because if you find it, you have it act on it. by the way, there's no explanation. when he says, why were you looking? you say that's not the point. this is it.
2:48 am
that's not a good answer. >> well, she did wrong. >> no, she did what she wanted to do. but if you're going to look, before you look, be prepared to act or don't look. because otherwise you're just torturing yourself. right now she's tortured, he's not. she's carrying this information around. she's not acting on it. >> but they don't have the relationship she thinks. >> that's it. good-bye. later. >> why didn't you just say that? >> because i want -- because a lot of women run into this predicament and they snoop and don't do anything about it and they're tortured. don't snoop unless you're going to act. >> what's the difference between looking in a blackberry in a pocket -- >> that you weren't looking for but you happened to find. >> the difference is you're looking. >> thank you, donny. we've got to go. that's all there's time for. >> we don't want you to go. all right, up next. people just threw up in their mouth. >> a little. coming up next -- >> travel deals. >> yes, for the new year because that's coming up later. after this.
2:49 am
good morning. we do have some changes to the weather as we get closer to new year's. we're not expecting much snow in the big cities but around the interior, northeast, into the lakes, the snow will be flying, of course. this is your forecast for later today. wintry mix in the upper midwest. sunshine and less wind for us in new york city. dry across the southern states. all the active weather further to the north. that's where the colder air will be, as well. cold, it's all relative, because this time of the year, it can be a lot colder. 47 in chicago, dropping to 39 in new york city. you certainly felt that air cool down. 55 in denver, and a lot of wind blowing in ahead of this system. winter weather, no doubt for the northwest. we have wind, rain and snow. and still looking stormy here with showers moving back in the
2:50 am
form of rain for new york city on friday. here's your temperatures still cold across the northern states. saturday, new year's eve looking quiet. into the mountains, warming slowly across the northeast. temperatures closer to 50. on new year's day as we kick off 2012, more showers moving in around the ohio valley, down through the south. 51 in new york city. so that will support rain. the snow will stay closer to the lakes as we get into monday, around the u.p. of michigan. quiet west of the rockies. on tuesday, lingering snow showers here in the northeast, down the spine of the appalachians. 44 in atlanta. watching cold air which will drop in east of the mississippi. that's going to be a change we haven't felt. tune into the weather channel every morning at 6:00 a.m. goat your latest forecast with stephanie and a.m. that's "wake up with al." ♪
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like so many great pioneers before me, guided only by a dream. i'm embarking on a journey of epic proportion. i will travel, from sea to shining sea, through amber waves of grain, and i won't stop until i've helped every driver in america save hundreds on car insurance. well i'm out of the parking lot. that's a good start. geico, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent, or more on car insurance.
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it is time for today's "countdown to the new year" with great getaways for 2012. >> after ringing in the new year, it's time to pack your bags and take advantage of great deals all over the country. >> sara spagnola is the editor at "travel & leisure" magazine who always gets it perfect. >> perfect. hello, honey. what you got for us today? >> is it okay, should we be booking flights now to go away for new year's? >> yes, right after the holidays is the perfect time to travel. especially if your resolution is to get out there and explore. i have some great deals. >> take us. >> jacksonville, florida, the one ocean resort and spa has a great deal. $119 a night. you'll stay on a 254-foot stretch of sand in one of 193 rooms which have floor-to-ceiling windows. so you can overlook the water. you can get right into the sun and in the sand. they have all sorts of activities such as deep sea fishing and jet skiing. a great kids camp for sand castles, sculpture making. all sorts of fun stuff and fire
2:54 am
pits where you can drink martinis and watch the sunset. >> a lot of folks, we are lucky enough to live in new york, but a lot of people want to come here. >> yes, new york can be a very expensive city just around the holidays. but just after that, but what i love about staying at this hotel, not only are they offering a deal at $245 a night and throwing in breakfast which makes it even more affordable, but you have easy access to great shopping and all of the sales in january. >> oh, that's smart. >> you can go shopping and explore a fun part of town. >> that's a steal. >> that is a steal. >> and you can still see all the holiday decorations. which will still be up in early january. >> somewhere october, go to hawaii. >> who doesn't love hawaii? particularly a more relaxed side. it's on the eastern side of maui. no kids are allowed. only 16 and over so you can relax. it will be quiet. to get there, you take a 2 1/2-hour drive past 59 bridges. you'll see incredible rainforests and beaches. unwind, do cooking classes. they have a great spa.
2:55 am
rates there, $219 a person. and i mean, look at that. that is just heaven. >> i love how open air. >> hoda's there. >> i wish i was there right now, but i kind of am. vermont. how about vermont? >> so from warm to cold, woodstock, vermont, it's called one of the most charming small towns in america. and isn't it such? you can tour independent bookstores. you can walk a country market. the woodstock inn and resort is an historic resort. what i love about it is the rooms, four-poster beds, 600 thread count sheets. they also have a wonderful restaurant called the red rooster with locally sourced ingredients such as cheeses, apple cider brined pork shop. they have a sommelier. you'll cuddle next to fireplaces, cross-country skiing. just a lot of fun. >> you may not want to go home. >> speaking of skiing, aspen is a hot spot. >> aspen is a great ski destination. and you know, of course, it's prime season in january and february. but they're offering a deal for
2:56 am
$345 a night which might sound like a splurge, but they're going to throw in a $175 resort credit which you can spend at the spa or at the restaurant. they have 3,000 acres of skiable terrain, a great ski school, great choice to bring your kids, and they have a kitchen in the room. if you want to make your own breakfast and save money. >> you know what she did? she did it again! >> she did it again! >> happy holidays. >> happy new year. up next -- how to choose your favorite foods at a holiday party and not pack on the pounds. it is a quiz. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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christmas, hanukkah, kwanzaa and new year's as you enjoy the party hop from one celebration to the next, you've got to watch your waistline, baby, or you'll be sorry. >> keeping track of calories will be the key to starting the new year off on the right foot. here to help us out is madeline fernstrom. >> we love you. >> yes, we do. >> we're going to start off with some fun things. and actually, you might not have thought of is some foods for the new year are associated with good luck. >> okay. >> one of these foods is not. is it the oranges? black eyed peas? cod fish? noodles or sauerkraut? which one is not the food? >> which one's not good luck? cod fish? >> no. >> what was the first thing you said? >> oranges. you are correct. oranges are not a good-luck food. all the others are worldwide good-luck foods. moving on, we know that hanukkah is the festival of lights. and oil is an important symbolism here.
3:01 am
which one of these two traditional oil-rich foods has more fat. is it the jelly doughnut or the potato pancake? >> which has more fat? >> which has more fat? >> the potato pancake. >> ooh, hoda. it is the jelly doughnut. >> the jelly doughnut. >> why are you giving her two before she gets it right? she has to answer before you give her the point. >> now familiar territory. we have two holiday favorites to taste. we have egg nog, and we also have champagne. and calorie to calorie, they're not matched. my question for you is, how many glasses of champagne could you drink for the same calories as this glass of egg nog? is it two? three? or four? >> kathie lee. >> four. >> no. hoda? >> three. >> it is three. so three glasses of champagne for that glass of egg nog. so choose carefully. >> so how many calories? >> it's 300 calories. >> i'm surprised. i thought it would be more. >> well, it would be more with a larger glass and more alcohol. >> if there's some rum in it.
3:02 am
>> you get credit for that. who would like snack foods along with cocktails? but how many calories would you save if you replaced this one cup of deluxe mixed nuts with two cups of air-popped popcorn? would you be saving 250? 500? or 750 calories? >> 500. 750. >> well, let's -- you get one answer. 500. >> i've never heard the last one because she was answering. >> would you save 200? 500 or 750? >> 750. >> you would be right. >> let's get competitive. >> many people are celebrating kwanzaa. one of these foods we see here, grapes, peanuts and corn represent the celebration of children. is it the corn, peanuts or grapes that are the tradition? >> i don't know. i don't know. grapes. grapes. >> no. >> wait.
3:03 am
>> peanuts. >> no. it is the corn. >> i get it, then. i get it. corn. >> you get that point. why not? moving on to desserts. one of these three desserts has less than 300 calories. is it these two cookies? the chocolate cake? or the apple pie? >> less than how many calories? >> less than 300. >> the apple pie. >> no. that's the most. that's 350. kathie lee. >> the cookies. >> no. >> wait, i got it. the brownie. the brownie. >> the brownie. okay. give me a point. >> and the winner is -- >> tiebreaker. wait. it's over? >> i'm sorry, this one you legitimately lost. even cheating, you lost it. >> the prize for the winner is a bottle of armand brignac champagne. >> i'll regift it. >> you want to regift it? >> that's beautiful. >> thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> all right, madeline. >> tomorrow, jane fonda is in the house, plus must-see movies for 2012. and the best bubbly to bring
3:04 am
in the new year. have an awesome day. >> bye-bye. >> bye. -- captions by vitac -- [ cheers and applause ]


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