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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  January 12, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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tonight strong words from the pentagon as we learn more about the marines photographed desecrating bodies of afghan
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fighters. >> new video tonight of that baby found abandoned at occupy d.c. we hear from her mother. >> he physically reached down, picked her up, pulled her up on to his boot. >> and 30 years later images many washingtonians will never forget after a plane crashed into the 14th street bridge and then into the icy waters of the potomac river. we begin tonight with the weather, though. winter coming back. >> in a big way. it all start with a drastic drop in our temperatures tonight. let's get right to doug with the latest. >> you talk about that dras being drop in temperatures. charleston, west virginia, went from 50 degrees a couple of hours ago to a wind chill of 20 degrees. it's snowing in central portions of west virginia. now chicago seeing snow. look at video out of chicago. you can see the people not
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enjoying it very much at all today. look at the all the snow. four to eight inches of snow for them. a winter storm warning. we will not see pictures like this. i do not expect to see the snow but what we will see is the very cold temperatures and, again, those temperatures are rushing on in here. the cold air just to our west by only about a hundred miles now. can you see that line right here. that's where that cold air is moving in. the snow is going to move into parts of of the area. i will tell you who i think has the best chance of seeing snow and what kind of temperatures you'll wake up to tomorrow morning. >> thank you, doug. >> tonight's washington's most powerful are keeping a close eye overseas the world reacts to a videos that shows u.s. marines desecrating the bodies of the dead afghans. they have identified all four marines. they expect swift and strong punishment that could run up the chain of command. tonight the pentagon tapped the same man who oversaw the repeal
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of don't ask/don't tell to lead the investigation. shomari stone joins us with the action of former marines. shomari? >> doreen, a local veteran we talked to says that the marines you see in the video do not represent the marine corps values. the youtube video has been shown around the world, u.s. marines standing over what appears to be dead afghans and urinating on their corpses. we're showing you a still image and blurring out offensive parts. >> you can't justify. it's just wrong. >> reporter: richard is is a u.s. marine who fought at vietnam. he said it appears the ma roons in the photograph are not under attack and there's no excuse for their behavior. >> once the fight is won, it's time to stop. >> condemning the deplorable behavior. >> secretary of state hillary clinton. >> it is absolutely inconsistent with american be values. >> pentagon officials say they know who is in the video,
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marines from camp lejeune. now the white house describes the video in three words. >> deplorable, reprehensible and unacceptable. >> the video comes at a bad time when parties are stepping up efforts to establish a peace agreement. >> any time something like that happens, you always get a little tarnish. >> pentagon officials say they will have a swift investigation. no word on how long it will take. live at the pentagon, shomari stone. >> a standoff with swat officersnded tonight with a man taken off into custody in kensington, maryland. that man refused to leave a house on edge wood road when police tried to serve a warrant there. after an hour and a half, he gave up without incident. >> pepco warning customers about a new scam. nearly two dozen customers have
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received a phone calls saying they need to buy a credit card in order to pay their utility bill. they're then told to pay with in a new card but pepco doesn't get the money. pepco has notified law enforcement official and it's asking customers to be vigilant. >> mayor vincent gray wants to move occupy d.c. protesters out of mcpherson square and con sell date them in freedom plaza. he sent a letter today requesting that move. gray said the health department found deplorable conditions at mcpherson square recently, including a rat infestation. the mayor also requested reimbursement for keeping the camps on federal land safe. >> new tonight a baby found alone in the mcpherson square occupy camp is back with her mother now. police arrested samuel mack yesterday after he left the 13-month-old girl alone in a tent. news 4 spoke with the baby's mother tonight who said mack is is a friend who occasionally watches the little girl but she
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said she had no idea he was taking her to occupy d.c. >> he had no idea why he was going to occupy d.c., nor did this they have any idea he was there. >> she's here, nothing happened to her. >> mack has a hearing next month on child cruelty charges. >> there could be reason to celebrate for teachers and others in fairfax county schools. tonight proposed raises were unveiled as one piece of a spending spree you might call it. jackie bensen has more on this. >> the proposed increase in the budget is seen as significant after three years of belt tightening. >> that's exactly how we built this budget. >> reporter: fairfax county public school superintendent was taungi talking spending, most designed
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to accommodate the 4,000 new students expected to enter the school system next year. the bulk of the budget is for employees. 88% of our resources now go to salaries and benefits. >> the hiring of an estimated 700 new employees, many of them teachers, is one of the largest proposed expenditures. summer school would return in limited form. dale proposes unfreezes teachers pay and raising custodian salaries comparable to those in other areas. >> i like they're going to compensate the teachers more. they've been waiting a long time in not getting the compensation due to them and they work very, very hard. >> members can comment on the proposed budget on january 30th and 31st. back to you. >> thanks, jackie. >> a teen-ager allegedly killed over a pair of basketball shoes
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was remembered tonight. david robin s inrobinson was sh back while waiting for a bus. before he was shot the suspect stole his nike shoes. he leaves behind a girl friend who was expecting a child. >> he actually was just showing me pictures of the baby, he was very excited about having a baby. he grew close to my son, who is 1-year-old. he was getting ready to be a father. it's sad somebody didn't know what they were taking away. >> police say some shots were fired at that getaway car. they won't say who fired those shots. nobody has been arrested yet. >> take a look at had. this is just one page of tweets of dc police about robberies. we counted seven of them. and this isn't an unusual site. multiple robberies are happening across the city every single day. earlier in the night there was an armed robbery in chevy chase circle and it's the rise of
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armed robberies that prompted this public meeting tonight in northwest d.c. residents and visitors from the suburbs are worried they could be the next victims. police at the meeting tried to reassure residents they're doing all they can to stop the robberies. >> a judge in alabama declared natalee holloway legally dead today. she disappeared while on vacation in aruba nearly seven years ago. her body has never been fond. her father filed a petition last september so the family could have closure and he could stop making payments on her medical insurance. and the suspect is being sentenced tomorrow on the death of another young woman in peru. >> robin gardner disappeared last august. her travel companion, gary giordano said she drown while they were snorkeling but
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prosecutors say his story doesn't add up. while he's considered a suspect in her disappearance and pru presumed death, he's never been formally charged. >> students are coming together to help pay the funeral expenses for a former student. 18-year-old carlos hernandez died last week from injuries he sfrd in a car accident. attended jeb stuart high school before he got his ged early. his former classmates felt the need to help after they learned his parents could not afford a proper funeral. >> when you lose a close friend, you don't expect him to be gone. i saw him four days before the accident. >> we've known him since middle school. he was never, never, sad. he was always happy, had positive energy. >> the students had a bake sell and are selling t-shirts and collect donation every day. >> still ahead, it was no miracle landing in the potomac
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river but there were plenty of heroes. >> medics rushing to get to the second leg of the heart transplant dropped the cooler, the heart fell
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air florida, chilling word to anyone who remembers that awful day. it was january 13th, 1982. in the washington area here we were in the midst of a blizzard
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when an air florida jetliner crashed into the 14th street bridge and then into the frozen potomac river. 78 people were killed. tom marks 30 years since that tragedy. while the crash was horrible, some of the things that occurred were remarkable. wendy regan reports. >> reporter: it was surreal. a plane had crashed into the potomac river, a 737. what was more surreal was the shattered ice, no plane, just debris and people, survivors, five of them, brought to this awful moment by a series of tragic errors. january 13th, 1982 it had been snowing all day. national airport had to be closed for more than an hour to clean the runway. air florida flight 90 was heading to tampa. it was deiced but it sat for almost an hour, snow and ice
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building on the wings. the pilot, larry wheaton, had never flown in snow. he takes off without inspecting his plane. as it rolls down the runway, the gauges tell them something is terribly wrong. his co-pilot, roger pettitte, wants to abort. the pilot continues. at liftoff the plane begins to shake violently. >> i don't think i'll ever forget the vibration of the aircraft. >> air florida flight 90 hits the 14th street bridge, smashing cars and killing four people. it then plunges head first into the icy potomac. >> people were screaming and then it got very quiet. >> the tail section breaks off, giving five people a chance to escape but now they're in the water. the crash didn't kill them, the cold could. >> cold is cold. and you start freezes up pretty quick. >> roger, a sheetworker at st. elizabeth's hospital at the time sees the victims and heap races to the shore, tying a rope
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around his waist, he jumps into the river and tries to swim to them. >> and i thought, well, if they can see somebody coming out, maybe they can hold on a little longer. >> the cold defeats him. suddenly the park police helicopter, eagle one, arrives with don usher and gene windsor inside and an amazing rescue begins, all the more incredible because 30 years ago all they had was a rope. >> we were in the stone age of rescue equipment, question. >> reporter: but usher was a chopper pilot in vietnam. he knew how to maneuver. gene on the skids was fearlicious at one point simply grabbing nicky from the water. >> he physically reached down, picked her up, pulled her up on to his boot and he was not strapped in. >> and we will never forget priscilla. her husband and 2-month-old baby dead on the plane. she's cold, she's weak and she's
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now be blinded by the jet fuel and she's going to drown. but it was a day of incredible moments and lenny scutnick, a bystander who worked for the government suddenly dives into the water and grabs her, bringing her to shore. air florida on that surreal afternoon showed us ordinary people doing extraordinary things. >> that day, that was the best i can be. and the rest of the time i guess i'm just stuck with myself. >> that air florida crash fbs not the on tragedy on that day. a metro train crashed 30 minutes later. three people were killed. tomorrow wendy will have part it would have the air florida 30th anniversary on news4 at 5. it will include interviews with the videographer. he was the only one to capture that rescue on tape. and we'll have the latest on lenny ask thenick. >> the "today" show is celebrating 60 years of helping americans start their day. past and present hosts marked
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the anniversary with a big gail la in new york city. there are also tributes going on at landmarks across the country. a goodyear blimp lit up with a special message. and the bellageio in las vegas, the empire state building and niagara falls. >> looks like fun. >> it does. and before the "today" show gets on the air tomorrow, we'll have some dramatic changes in our weather. >> they always had people outside. today those people outside watching the show feel pretty good. tomorrow not so much. the cold air is coming in now so fast. if you're outside for the next couple of hours and thank goodness it's almost midnight now so most of you will not be, you're going to feel it in a hurry. most of these winds right now are out of the south. we're seeing winds gusting upwards of 20 to 30 miles an hour across the area. this is the flag on top the
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veterans affairs building. we saw a high temperature of 57 degrees. it was spectacular outside earlier today with plenty of sunshine but temperatures are going to be tumbling tonight. not just tonight, over the next couple of hours. 51 degrees, the current temperatures out of the south at 11 miles an hour. all the snow back to the west but here is that boundary, that frontal boundary that's moving towards the east. that is going to continue to move our way. as it does so we're going to start to see shower activity. already seeing some of that shower activity around the district. heavier showers, maybe a rumble of thunder down towards the valley. we're going to see the cold air move in very, very quickly. current temperatures around the region, still filed, 54 in manassis, 55 in fredericksburg. watch what happens when we widen out just a little bit in through west virginia.
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look at these numbers, 29 in charleston, 22 in jackson, kentucky and 21 in columbus. that's the cold air streaming on in here. the warm air ahead of this front. here comes the cold and not just the cold but the wends tomorrow could be gusting upwards of 40 miles per hour, combine that with the cold and you get wind chills in the upper 20s pretty much all day long. what about our chances for snow? future weather shows not a whole lot going on but watch what happens around 4:00. that cold air comes in, we see shower activity but a lot of us could see snow on the back side, including parts of montgomery county, loudoun county, parts of west virginia. i don't anticipate much in terms of accumulation but it will be cold enough for slick spots tomorrow morning in those areas. just watch out tomorrow morning in the higher elevations. tomorrow the precipitation is out of here, though, it's the cold air that will be here. tomorrow 31 to 34 degrees.
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tomorrow afternoon it's going to be feel about 30 degrees colder than it was today with wind chills in the upper 20s all day long with those winds guesting to 40 miles an hour. the next couple of days, just cold. 36 on saturday, 35 on sunday, 40 degrees on monday with a little bit of a rebound before our next system comes in on tuesday. winter, it's been gone for a while and now it going to punch us in the mouth. >> hello, january. >> key wee can take a punch, though. we know how to do that. >> a couple. >> we'll check back with you tomorrow about that. >> virginia cavaliers
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virginia hardly ever has beaten duke in the last millennia or something like that? >> they haven't won down there since '93. >> that's a long time. >> 15, 18, 20 years. >> since the last century. >> thank you, meteorologist. doug is right on it as always. it has been a while since the virginia-duke game actually mattered but things have changed this season. virginia, 14-1. they rank 16th in the country. that ranking on the line at cameron indoors stadium where uva was trying to knock off eighth ranked duke in how many years? >> 19 years, baby. >> duke fans amped up as always for this one. first half, how about we give you a local kid, quinn cook. nice little move in the lane here. his only bucket of the game was a sweet one. later in the first half, virginia on the break. joe harris misses. mike scott does not. he had 16 points in the first
11:26 pm
half for virginia. duke up 61-56. virginia clawed back. how about that by mitchell. a great putback to make it a 3-point game. last chance for virginia. mike scott misses. jontal evans gets it and, oh, man, just off the mark. virginia lose as tough one 61-58 is the final. how about mason taking on drexel tonight, trying to extend their 18-game home winning streak. first half, mason up by 1, getting it done with defense. eric copes with the block. andre cornelius going the other way. he gets it to go. coats had seven blocks in the game. mason forcing another turnover, running the fastbreak. cornelius taking the three, he misses. jonathan is there. chucks it up to beat the buzzer. mason takes a 5-point lead into the break. head coach paul hewitt not a
11:27 pm
happy camper. he said play some defense. they didn't do it. damien lee sinks the three. that gives drexel the lead and mason would not come back. 21 points, oh, man. drexel wins it 60-53 in this one. at the nfl playoffs were college basketball, we would be down to the elite eight. the ravens heavily favored to beat the texans in baltimore on sunday. there's a sense of urgency in the charmed city this year. ray lewis said his team is more complete than the ravens super bowl winning team. anybody beside a trip to the super bowl would be disappointing for baltimore fans this season. despite the expectations can you tell everybody's pretty loose up there in baltimore. probably because they've been in this situation before. the ravens have won at least one playoff game for four straight years. that must be nice. they're a perfect 6-0 against playoff teams during the regular season this year. so no reason to be uptight, right? >> come on, man.
11:28 pm
of course we still lose. i mean, who better than me to keep the team loose? we still loose. but like i said, we all know the task at hand. we all know the consequences of playing bad and we all know what we got to do -- excuse me, what we got to do. we all know the objectives. >> no pressure on those guys. all they have to do is win the super bowl and everybody's happy, right? >> they know what to do. and how to do
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fumbling in football is one thing but in the medical world, it can literally be heart stopping. yesterday paramedics used a helicopter to deliver a heart for a transplant in mexico city but on the ground the medic stumbled and the heart came out of the cooler. officials say since it was wrapped in plastic, they were still able to perform the surgery. doctors are waiting a couple more days before they call it a success. so far, though, everything is okay. oh, my gosh, that stopped your
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