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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  January 13, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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here we go again after that wild drop in temperatures. now we're dealing with some very strong winds. storm 4 meteorologist veronica johnson joins us now with the latest. >> hey there, jim and pat. yeah, it's been a wild ride over the last 48 hours. that's for sure. we've seen a lot of cold, arctic air rush into the area. that cold air being really pushed into here by some very strong winds. take a look at the current wind gusts now anywhere from 22 to 31-mile-per-hour gusts being reported down at packs river. i've seen that just over the last hour, gusting up to 41 miles per hour. same thing was true for leonard town this morning. very strong winds. the winds are going to start to settle over the next couple hours. i'm still looking for a breezy night though. you can see what it's done to the temperature. 41 degrees currently but the wind chill, 32 degrees. what it actually feels like out there. so that wild ride going from 60 some yesterday to feeling like we're in the 20s today.
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here's a look at some of the other wind chills throughout the area. frederick, maryland, 25 degrees that feel like factor to 32 in d.c. feels like 31 currently in culpepper, virginia. there is some snow out there. you can see it pushing through areas of pittsburgh, well off to the west. we had some morning flurries here but it wasn't enough thankfully to make roads slick anywhere throughout the area including up around i-70 or i-81. as far as the forecast for your good night period, your day planner forecast, or evening planner forecast, 7:00 p.m., 35 the temperature. 34 for 9:00. and 32 by 11:00 p.m. by that time, though, again i expect the winds to really start easing up. but as you saw there on radar, that lake effect snow machine really has kicked into high gear with a pattern change throughout the area. and that has done a lot for areas to the north that have not had very much snow at all. let me show you what's been going on in chicago, illinois. they had five inches of snowfall
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yesterday and they've gotten more flurries today. here's some of the road crews out on the highways there cleaning up, cold conditions today with flurries still falling and a temperature around 20 degrees in chicago. if that wasn't enough, take a look at marquette, michigan. big snows on the highway here and some very low visibility. they've gotten around 6 inches of snow now. believe it or not they could get another 1 to 2 inches of snow this evening, extremely cold air coming off the lakes. that's the cold air across the relatively warmer lakes. meanwhile down in kansas city, missouri, not as much snow but you know what? it's been blowing around. it's been drifting, jim and pat, a lot of snow throughout the country and some very cold air. it is going to be sticking around for a while now with this pattern change that we've seen for us, guys, a cold weekend. wait until you see my seven-day forecast coming up in just a few minutes. >> all right. that wild weather. thanks, veronica. >> he is the prime suspect in the 2005 disappearance of an
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alabama teen in aruba but today joran van der sloot was sentenced in the death of another young woman. >> the dutchman was handed a 28-year prison sentence for the death of 21-year-old business student stephany flores back in may of 2010, at a casino in lima. two days ago he pleaded guilty to killing her. officials say van der sloot showed no emotion as the clerk read the sentence. describing how he beat and strangled flores, van der sloot's attorney argued the young man killed flores because of the psychological trauma suffered from the natalee holloway case. >> the trial of former presidential candidate john edwards is being delayed because edwards reportedly has a life threatening heart condition. during a hearing on the case today, the judge said she received two letters from a cardiologist stating that edwards needs surgery for this condition next month. the trial was then delayed until march 26th. it was tentatively scheduled to start this month. edwards is accused of campaign
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violations. he allegedly used nearly a million dollars in donations to hide an affair and the child he fathered out of wedlock. president obama is asking congress for more power. he wants the authority to consolidate some government agencies. he says the changes will make the government leaner and more efficient. steve handelsman has the story. >> it's a mess. >> reporter: president obama said too many federal agencies overlap. 12 he said regulate food from the farm to the table. 12. ocean salmon are regular lalted by the commerce department but when they swim into fresh water it's the interior department. >> the government we have is not the government we need. >> reporter: he wants the okay to merge commerce and five related agencies into one. to unburden u.s. companies and create private sector jobs. then he'd cut more agencies, reducing the government work force through attrition.
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>> let me be clear. i will only use this authority for reforms that result in more efficiency, better service, and a leaner government. >> reporter: he is sounding like the republicans trying to take his job. >> this is a way of sort of saying, listen. if romney is the nominee and he is mr. efficiency we can be efficient, too. >> reporter: for 50 years until the reagan era presidents had consolidation authority. barack obama wants it back. >> if you give presidents more power to reorganize government, you're giving presidents more power. >> reporter: and that's why today's congress seemed sure to be wary. but most republican leaders' first reaction to the leaner government obama plan is positive. steve handelsman, news 4, capitol hill. some secondary school students in fairfax county got a preview of things to come when first lady michelle obama joined the cast of nickleodeon's tv show "i carly" at an assembly this morning. take a look. [ cheering ]
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[ cheering ] >> wow. she's keeping up with them. they're keeping up with her. true to the cable show a bit of random dancing broke out. the appearance in hayfield secondary was to promote mrs. obama's appearance on the show on monday where she thanks military families for their sacrifices. on the show amanda kosgro plays the daughter of an air force colonel but some students booed the first lady when she told them about legislation to add more vegetables to school lunch menus. >> probably doesn't like the broccoli. the nbc 4 health and fitness expo begins tomorrow. we are all geared up. doreen gentzler is already down at the convention center getting a sneak peek. >> hey, doreen. what's going on? >> reporter: hey, pat and jim. i'm thinking mrs. obama ought to come down here to the convention
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center and join us this weekend. we'll have all kinds of dancing and fitness and healthy food information and ways to fight obesity, childhood, and every other kind of obesity. so mrs. obama should be coming on down here to the d.c. convention center to join us. it is almost time. we're -- the building is full of fork lifts and people setting up and getting ready for a very big weekend here. this will be the 19th year for the nbc 4 health and fitness expo and we are excited and hope a lot of people will come and join us. we have a whole lot of different exhibits, a lot of different things for people to do, and over the course of the next -- the 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00 broadcasts i'll give you previews. right now i'm with the folks from children's national medical center. they've been our partners here at the expo since we first began and this is always one of the most popular areas, lots of interesting things for kids to do. with me right now dr. shah, an
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ent surgeon with children's. we're standing in front of what i think is an and esthesea -- >> that's right. thanks for having us. children's is really excited to partner for the expo. this is an anesthesia machine. children come here, they can put a mask on, smell the flavors. it is very intimidating when you come to surgery but if they've seen the machine some will be ready for surgery. other children might want to go into medicine. they could be a health care professional, physician, or nurse. we have a mock operating room where children can operate on this bear. they can wear the clothes the surgeons wear, prep the bear, make the incisions, wear the head light. they can practice their skills, minimally invasive surgery, something we do at children's national medical center so they can do minimal invasive surgery and practice their skills. >> this is intimidating stuff if you're a patient. as you would know. >> it is. and you can practice how the surgeons do it. it's really exciting for the kids. there are other things as well.
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we have our blood mobile. if you're 16 years and older you can donate blood. all of that blood comes back to children's national. we have a dental hygiene, the dental -- >> i don't remember dental stuff here last year that. >>'s right. we're going super excited. there will be hands on work. they'll show children how to take care of their teeth. our orth peedics team is here, a big draw for the folks. bone health. they can make milk mustaches, finger casts. and we have our asthma team here to do some education for families and parents. >> a whole lot of things for families to do here with the children's national medical center. we're glad you're here. we'll look for you this weekend and we will look for you here this weekend. we're at the d.c. convention center 9:00 to 5:00, saturday and sunday. you can take metro here. it's really easy to get here. and you won't have to hassle with parking that way. want to let you know that we'll be tweeting all weekend long about all of the developments
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here at the convention center and we hope you'll join us in that. the hash tag is nbc health expo. pat and jim, i'll be back shortly to tell you about something else that'll be here this weekend. see you in a few minutes. >> you got a lot of ground to cover. that thing is huge. >> yes, i do. it is big. >> all right, doreen. >> we'll see you in a few and all through the weekend. thanks, doreen. the evening commute on i-270 is going to be a whole lot better than this morning. a tractor-trailer overturned on i-270 northbound at the shady grove exit. the crash blocked several of the northbound lanes and closed the ramp. there was a minor fuel and oil spill. the interstate reopened two hours ago. >> after an eight-year hiatus the mlk day parade is back. boxing champion lamont peterson will serve as one of the grand marshals. he'll be joined by local civil rights leaders and d.c. dignitaries. the parade starts at 11:00 on monday morning. participants will start at the friendship public charter school
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in southeast and they'll march down martin luther king jr. avenue to lekie elementary school. organizers say they are happy to restore a d.c. tradition. >> it has been. and a cold one usually too. >> yep. >> everybody braves it. coming up on news 4 at 4:00 this afternoon a 911 emergency. actress heather locklear's house. >> what do celebrities get in their gift bags for showing up at the golden globes? >> the emotional video that went viral when a woman heard clearly for the first time. now she is going back into surgery.
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actress heather locklear is resting comfortably today in a california hospital. the former star of melrose place was taken by ambulance yesterday afternoon to a hospital in thousand oaks. no details were made available about the cause of the emergency. a hospital spokesman says locklear's parents were with her last night. her parents say she is doing well and is out of harm's way. she'll stay overnight in the hospital. >> the golden globe awards will be handed out on sunday and so will a lot of pricey gift bags. today we're getting a look at some of the goodies the guests will get. among the freebies? massage sessions, beauty products, jewelry, clothing, sunglasses, even trips abroad. globe guests could easily walk away with up to $50,000 worth of merchandise. can you imagine? over 40 companies around the world are providing all of the goodies.
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event organizers say it's not just about lavishing celebrities with gifts. it's all about the marketing of course. if the clooneys of the world are seen with your product of course that would be priceless. but of course there is no better gift than winning the coveted trophy, itself. >> jen cheney is the celebrity blogger at "the washington post" and is here once again to share her insight on the big night. good to see you again. >> good to be here. >> so much buzz about british comedian and actor ricky gervais hosting the globes once again this year. do we expect him to be as biting this year? anything different? >> i think he has to be as biting as he was last year because there's been all this hype around it. you know, right after last year's event it was oh, i'm not going to host again and everybody thought maybe he wouldn't because he had gone too far. and now they're kind of bringing up the controversy what is he going to do this year? i think he has to as matt lauer said come out with guns blazing. >> would you be scared if you were a celebrity in that audience? >> a little bit. >> i would be. >> i'm scared at home in my
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living room. >> i think that's what they're hoping for. >> exactly. >> a lot of them will be duck igbavboa. many folks of course think the globes are a preview of the oscars. do you go along with that? >> well, i think they are in the sense that they give you kind of a general lay of the land for people who aren't paying, you know, super close attention to awards until this moment. you know, you'll see george clooney there for the descendants, the artist, the cast of the help. those are the faces you'll see at the oscars but in terms of the winners it doesn't always sync up with best picture. they gave best picture to avatar. >> right. >> the year that the hurt locker got it and last year to the social network and the king's speech won the oscar. so there isn't always the same thing there but to get a general feel of who might be nominated it is a good indicator. >> of course the oscars don't have the tv categories. let's get your predictions on some of those. the globe predictions starting with best tv drama out there. >> you know, with the tv stuff, the globe voters tend to be a little wacky. sometimes i think they're voting
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during happy hour or something. they want to, you know, vote for things that are new or fresh. my prediction is actually game of thrones which is critically acclaimed, has a very strong following. i think there is -- i think homeland also has a chance too, a new show time drama but i'm predicting -- >> what about best tv comedy? >> that is another one that is kind of interesting. modern family has never gotten the golden globe for best comedy but in keeping with my weird prediction tradition here i'm going with enlighten the hbo show that has laura dern on it. it hasn't been seen by a lot of people yet but is edgy, new, fresh, and that is the kind of thing that often appeals to globe voters. >> modern family already has the eyeballs watching them. they don't need more. who needs that. your prediction for best movie comedy? >> this is the one i feel pretty confident about and that is the artist. that's the front-runner going into the best picture race and i think it definitely stands out.
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>> the black and white silent film. >> it is wonderful. it really is. >> a lot of folks are talking about the best movie drama. >> i'm thinking it is going to be "the descendants" and it doesn't hurt that george clooney who is a big star is the lead of the film. >> okay. all right. there you have it. we'll rewind on monday. >> okay. >> enjoy. we'll be tweeting away. >> of course i will. salute linchts good. as we all will. great to see you. thanks so much. >> all righty. well, all this week on news 4 at 4:00 we've been giving you a chance to weigh in and vote for your favorite globe nominees. >> yesterday we asked you to vote for the best tv series drama and the nominees in that category are, american horror story, boardwalk empire, boss, game of thrones, and homeland. >> and you think the winner should be -- here is the drum roll -- american horror story on fx. it was your overwhelming
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favorite for best tv series drama. >> now today we invite you to vote for best actress in a tv drama series and the nominees in that category are -- >> clare danes in homeland, meray enos, madeline stowe in "revenge" and celli thorn in "necessary roughness." >> bryan cranston in "breaking bad" and kelsey grammer in "boss." jeremy irons in "the borgis." to vote search nbc washington on facebook and we'll announce your picks tomorrow on news 4 at 6:00 p.m. for all of your golden globe coverage, visit our website nbc golden globe awards. the show will air this sunday night at 8:00. you can watch it right here on nbc 4. >> after we rest up from the expo. >> that's right. >> sit back and watch that for five hours. >> a long, fun weekend.
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>> it is. so much. coming up on news 4 at 4:00 we'll explain this very rare sunset called the green flash. and for the first time in history, the new york philharmonic orchestra goes silent. the conductor tells us why. >> for all your news be sure to follow news 4 online. just search nbc washington on
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a japanese photographer captured a rare type of sunset recently. take a look at this. >> kind of blew a lot of people away. the color last seen here was taken over the pacific. green flashes usually take place before sunset or shortly after sunrise. scientists say the phenomenon occurs when the sun's rays are refracted by the atmosphere and appear green. they also say capturing one on camera is rare since a green flash only lasts for a few
4:24 pm
seconds. >> the prettiest colors that take place in the sky. >> that is gorgeous. >> every time i take a picture people have green or red eyes. >> anyway. your pictures are beautiful, too. >> so we've got real winter weather on us. >> yes, we do. doug and i were just talking a couple minutes ago in storm center 4 and saying, wait a minute. it's supposed to be cold. >> very. >> it's just that we're not used to it. okay? we have wind chills in the 20s for sure but low 40s our temperatures and that is really average. okay? so again, we're just not used to it. in fact, if we took a look back and we've only had three days this month so far here we are on the 13th of january, only three days so far where temperatures, highs for the day have been below average. only three. so it's been so mild. 41 degrees right now. factor in the wind. it's blowing out of the west at 17 miles per hour. yes there is still higher gusts coming through the area and with that wind and those lower temperatures, what it feels like out there, very cold. here is a look at some of the
4:25 pm
current wind gusts now at 31 miles per hour. the current gusts, packs river and that is the highest and where i have seen the highest winds today. generally now between 20 and 25 miles per hour so still looking for a breezy evening. the wind is not going to go away completely, not going to settle completely. we still have to deal with some wind but it won't be quite as stiff as it has been earlier today. current wind chill 23 degrees is what it feels like in frederick, maryland, compared to 31 in manassas, virginia. your coldest temperatures to the north and west. overnight and by tomorrow morning we head down to the low 30s and then upper 20s just inside the beltway. mid 20s elsewhere. 5:00 and 7:00 a.m. it's going to be cold and still again a little bit of wind around. showed you earlier that snow coming across the lakes. look at the temperatures. 22 in chicago, illinois right now. st. louis, cincinnati, ohio. 22 degrees. look at atlanta, georgia, guys. 38 degrees the current temperature. colder there now than it is
4:26 pm
right here. >> yes. >> and you can see now as we zoom on in the lake effect snows all the way south down to kentucky. even areas of west virginia getting the snow. in fact, overnight, baird county, pendleton county, 2 to 3 inches of snow. so on your future weather we're cold and we're still a bit windy for the evening. we'll settle to a breezy type of condition as we get into the late night and early tomorrow morning. continued cold to partly sunny sky. there is an area of low pressure. we'll stay to our south but it will provide the area with some clouds i think late saturday and more sunshine behind it for sunday but again continued cold. 30 to 36 degrees for your evening forecast. that west wind still at 10 to 20 miles per hour. tomorrow morning, 23 to 28 degrees so when you head off to the expo, make sure you bundle up and have nice exercise clothes on underneath. we know how to do it at the convention center each year don't we? >> oh, yeah. >> we want you to exercise. cold weekend. we're back into the mid 50s by tuesday.
4:27 pm
and that means with temperatures in the mid 50s we're talking about rain and not snow. sorry for you snow lovers. we'll hit the extended forecast when we come back. >> what you and doug are saying is this is completely normal. we've just been conditioned to be wimps. >> spoiled. looks like we'll continue to get spoiled with more of the up and down and more probably up and down. >> all righty. thanks, veronica. still to come on news 4 at 4:00 exactly 30 years ago a plane crashed into the potomac. plane crashed into the potomac. we'll relive the when you first find out you have breast cancer, you feel like you're in a nightmare. terrified. horrified with the news. when i was diagnosed, i felt very out of control and very helpless and a victim of the disease. i was just so overwhelmed, and, um, my heart just started to race.
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and welcome back, everybody. at 4:30 i'm jim handly. >> the prime suspect of the 2005 disappearance of an alabama teen in aruba was sentenced in the death of another young woman today. joran van der sloot was handed a 28-year prison sentence after pleading guilty to killing 21-year-old stephany flores. the two met at a casino in lima, peru back in may of 2010. traffic on i-270 is back to normal after a tractor-trailer flipped over this morning. the accident happened at the shady drove exit here. several of the northbound lanes were blocked.
4:31 pm
police say the crash caused a minor oil and fuel spill. no one was hurt. president obama is calling on congress to give him more power to streamline federal agencies in order to build a leaner, more effective government. he promised to start by compressing six major economic departments into one. parts of the plan have already met with opposition from party leaders on both sides of the aisle. >> down for the day but up for the week. the dow was off 48 points to end the week at 12,422. the nasdaq also off about 14 and the s&p 500 was down six points. it was january 13th, 1982. in the middle of a blizzard an air florida jetliner crashed into the 14th street bridge and into the frozen potomac killing 78 people. today marks 30 years since that tragedy. and while the crash was horrific, what occurred that day was also remarkable. wendy rieger takes us back.
4:32 pm
>> reporter: it was surreal. a plane had crashed into the potomac river. a 737. but what was more surreal was the shattered ice. no plane, just debris. and people, survivors, five of them brought to this awful moment by a series of tragic errors. january 13th, 1982, it had been snowing all day. national airport had to be closed for more than an hour to clean the runway. air florida flight 90 was heading to tampa. it was deiced but it sat for almost an hour -- snow and ice building on the wings. the pilot larry wheaton had never flown in snow. he takes off without inspecting his plane. as it rolls down the runway, the gauges tell them something is terribly wrong. his copilot roger pettitte wants to abort. the pilot continues. at liftoff the plane begins to shake violently. >> i don't think i'll ever
4:33 pm
forget the vibration of the aircraft. >> reporter: air florida flight 90 hits the 14th street bridge smashing cars and killing four people. it then plunges head first into the icy potomac. >> people were screaming and then it got very quiet rnks the tail section breaks off giving five people a chance to escape. but now they're in the water. the crash didn't kill them. the cold could. >> the cold is cold. and you start freezing up pretty quick. >> reporter: roger olyian a sheet worker at the hospital at the time sees the victims and races to the shore. tying a rope around his waist he jumps into the river and tries to swim to them. >> i thought, well if they can see somebody coming out, maybe they can hold on a little longer. >> reporter: the cold defeats him. suddenly the park police helicopter eagle one arrives with don usher and gene windsor inside and an amazing rescue begins. all the more incredible because
4:34 pm
30 years ago all they had was a rope. >> we were in the stone age of rescue equipment, yes. >> reporter: but usher was a chopper pilot in vietnam. he knew how to maneuver. gene windsor, on the skids, was fearless. at one point simply grabbing nicky feltd from the water. >> he physically reached down, picked her up, pulled her up on to his boot, and he was not strapped in. >> we will never forget priscilla torado. her husband and 2-month-old baby dead on the plane. she's cold, she's weak, and she's now blinded by the jet fuel. and she is going to drown. but it was a day of incredible moments and lenny xutnick a bystander who worked for the government suddenly dives into the water and grabs her bringing her to shore. air florida on that surreal afternoon showed us ordinary people doing extraordinary things. >> that was the best i can be
4:35 pm
that day. and the rest of the time, i guess i'm just stuck with myself. >> and today at 5:00 wendy will have part two of the air florida 30th anniversary story including interviews with the videographer chester panzer who was the first photographer on the scene. plus the latest on lenny scutnick. an update on a woman we introduced you to last summer, a woman who received an ear implant that allowed her to hear clearly for the first time. >> yeah? >> it's exciting. >> the emotional video of her transition taken by her husband became an internet sensation. today she is having the same procedure done on her other ear. she was born with a rare genetic condition that keeps sounds from being transmitted to her brain. the implant overcomes that. >> live music sounds awesome
4:36 pm
like going to listen to live music. hearing my kids interact with each other. >> the surgery takes more than nine hours and then it takes about six months before the device can begin working. it opens up a whole new world to her. >> pretty amazing for her. there is more to come on news 4 at 4:00. why the entire new york philharmonic came to a halt in front of more than 2700 stunned concert goers. >> they could have done without that sound. plus, thousands will pack the convention center this week for our free health and fitness expo.
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the nbc 4 health and fitness expo is now in its 19th year. >> you ready? >> yeah. >> we've been working out just to get fit. hey, it kicks off tomorrow morning and doreen gentzler, we know she is ready, down at the washington convention center checking out the cool preps that go into this huge and free event. >> reporter: important to say "free." i can't say that often enough. the price is right at the nbc 4 health and fitness expo. all of the activities here are free. hey, jim and pat, we promised people lots of activities and lots of sports. want to tell you that the washington wizards are going to be with us this year. the wizards girls will be here. we're glad to see them. they're always popular. and you might recognize if
4:40 pm
you've been a washington basketball fan for a few years you might recognize these gentlemen from happier times. >> we're a lot older. kevin and bob, both with the 1978 championship washington bullets team. we're glad you guys are here and you lift our spirits a little bit. it's kind of tough to be a wizards fan these days. >> we'll turn it around. we're having fun. bob and i are supporting this team no matter what. it'll be maybe another year or so. >> all right. bob, we're glad to see you here. >> it's good to be here especially for health occasions and so we're just excited to be here. >> reporter: all right. tell me what people can do if they come down to check out the booth this weekend. >> we have the shooting express. let me show you. >> let me get out of -- >> back to the rim. they can come and compete. i want to say it's very important for the young kids to
4:41 pm
stay fit. thank you all for hosting this and being part of this. bob and i will certainly tell you the kids today got to get up, play, and the wizards mystics have spring camp april 2-6 so that mibt the first orientation of basketball and fitness and that's what we're trying to promote here. >> all right. we're glad you guys are here. >> thank you. >> i might also mention the wizards girls will be hosting dance camps at spring break. sign up for those. the wizards are giving away all kinds of free prizes and tickets and all sorts of things. so this is just one of the many active things that you and your family can do here at the d.c. convention center. we'll be here saturday and sunday 9:00 to 5:00. jim and pat, i'll be back soon with another look at what people can find if they come down here and join us this weekend. >> any chance you could send our '78 bullets over to verizon and help out the 2012 wizards? they could use them. >> i tried that already. they weren't buying it. >> didn't work.
4:42 pm
oh, well. >> maybe we can get them to shoot some more hoops for us. >> looking good. thank you. we'll see you in a few. when news 4 at 4:00 continues, it wasn't music to their ears. ♪ ♪ but it was a real show stopper at the new york philharmonic. and why so many people were angry waiting in line for the new ip
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should we hibernate this
4:45 pm
weekend? >> yeah. at the convention center. >> all together. >> everybody. >> warmth in numbers. >> that's right. let's get together and stay warm. >> of course. why? because i just said during the break, growing cold for the weekend. how can it be any colder? 41 degrees now. by the weekend highs in the low and mid 30s, guys. the thing is we'll lose some of this wind. tomorrow is still breezy. right now we've got a west wind at 17 miles per hour. with that 41-degree temperature reading it feels like 32. there you can see that at the bottom of your screen. your wakeup forecast, all right. we'll head on down to the low 30s by 11:00 p.m. mid to upper 20s by tomorrow morning. just a few clouds i think, very, very few clouds. for the most part a pretty clear sky. 21 hagerstown. 28 d.c. 25 waldorf and la plata by tomorrow morning. growing cold? yeah. tomorrow 36 degrees. but even colder for sunday. so a little breezy through the area. we'll have a bit of a wind chill
4:46 pm
tomorrow where it's going to feel more like we're around freezing during the afternoon. your higher temperatures down to the south, fredericksburg, virginia running at 39 degrees for a high. so for tomorrow afternoon still cold. a little wind still left over. check out your four-day forecast while the weekend is going to be cold, running at 36 and 34 for a high temperature, monday 46 degrees your high. and into the mid 50s on tuesday. we're not talking about a little weather system getting real close to us on tuesday then moving on through so right now pretty good chance that we are going to see some rain around the area. if that system continues, late enough, maybe changing over to a few flurries or some light snow but even the end of next week highs in the low 40s and that is seasonable for this time the year. after a cold weekend we'll bounce right back. >> i'm going to whip up something nice and warm for you to eat at the expo tomorrow. >> that's right. >> chicken and basil pasta at 2:00. we'll talk about teen texting at
4:47 pm
4:00. we'll see you. >> you've got your zoomba class you're leading at 5:00 a.m. right? >> 5:00 a.m.? >> all right. thanks, veronica. well, it was the day the music died. >> tuesday night for the first time in history the conductor of the new york philharmonic put down his baton and stopped the music. roseanne colletti explains. ♪ >> reporter: thousands of performances by the new york philharmonic at avery fisher hall and no one can remember such a show stopper as tuesday night's. you heard it and so did more than 2700 stunned concert goers. just as conductor alan gilbert was leading the orchestra through the final movement, the culmination of the 82-minute long symphony. >> it was more than annoying. it was completely destructive. there was no way the music could go on. and i knew it was going to continue because i have the same ring tone.
4:48 pm
i use the same tone for my alarm when i wake up in the morning. ♪ >> reporter: identified as the marimba ring tone right in the front row. the maestro did something he has never done in his entire career, put down his baton and stopped the show. and it's shocking when do you that because you just don't expect the natural flow of the music to be interrupted. i said, i know it's embarrassing to turn it off. you're going to have to admit it's your phone. just do it so we can get back to the music. >> reporter: the voice of alec baldwin admonishes philharmonic patrons to silence their cell phones. while the "30 rock" star didn't take his own advice aboard american airlines frequent concert goers and the conductor wish they would. >> i think it is very poor taste. >> people need to take that extra second and third look at their phone because it can be incredibly disruptive. >> gilbert received a standing ovation following the performance. >> i'll bet he did.
4:49 pm
the marimba can get in your head. coming up it was not a cell phone ring that caused fights to break out in this iphone line. >> plus, james bond's car has all new high tech gizmos on it. >> good afternoon. i'm wendy rieger. coming up police have a murder mystery on their hands. a body was found in a dumpster and it was wrapped in plastic. the battle for virginia heads to court. what did a judge think today of the gop candidate's argument that virginia's ballot rules are unconstitutional? decision day tonight at 6:00. find out what happens to a d.c. night club just several weeks after a double stabbing occurred there.
4:50 pm
4:51 pm
here's a friendly reminder. it's your last chance to get verizon's reliable high speed internet and phone for small business for only $84.99 a month. call now or visit only $84.99 for high-speed internet and phone. plus your choice of either no annual contract
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or a two year price guarantee. call or visit today. hurry -- this offer won't last long. contact the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 1-800-974-6006 a former bond car is getting an eco friendly upgrade. take a look at this. engineers unveiled the car in tokyo today at the auto show there. the 1967 toyota 200 gt is now tripped out with solar panels to be 100% solar powered. the car made its big screen debut as the getaway car in the movie "you only live twice." this time though it might not be such a great getaway choice. the 100% solar power comes with a catch. it takes about two weeks for the vehicle to completely power up. no chasings for that. >> in case you're in a hurry to go somewhere. the apple iphone 4s was
4:53 pm
supposed to go on sale for the first time in china today but sales had to be suspended because of unruly crowds. shoppers waited overnight in frigid temperatures outside the apple store in beijing just before the store was set to open at 7:00 this morning it was announced that the iphone sale was canceled because of security concerns. then scuffles broke out and some people got so mad they threw eggs at the store. apple apologized and said the phone will be available online. it's already on sale here in the u.s. >> we behave a little better. >> sometimes we do. coming up on news 4 at 4:00 after a series of binge drinking cases voters in one city are
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
now to a most unusual mayoral election campaign that is royaling a small wisconsin city. voters in sheboygan, wisconsin, have to decide whether to throw their mayor out of office. >> reporter: sheboygan, wisconsin mayor bob ryan says he wants to be known for his efforts to revitalize this city's economy. >> we haven't been losing jobs since i've taken office. we're actually adding jobs. >> reporter: instead ryan has gained notoriety for a series of alcohol related incidents dating back to this cell phone video
4:57 pm
from july, 2009 just months after taking office. last july he admits he went on a three-day bender, once passing out in a tavern. ryan makes no excuses and flatly acknowledges his problem. >> when i was drinking i'm a binge drinker. i can go for a week or two without a drink and, you know, when i was drinking i was drinking. >> reporter: he says he has been sober for six months now and that his drinking never interfered with his official duties, but he has become a national punch line. >> here is another one of those stupid men behaving badly stories. the mayor of sheboygan, wisconsin, a man named bob ryan, has apologized after he was caught on a cell phone. >> reporter: last summer city council detractors began efforts to throw him out of office. then a citizens group gathered enough signatures to force next tuesday's recall election. in order to, in the group's words, preserve the integrity of the mayor's office. >> my problems with alcohol have never interfered with my office.
4:58 pm
i've never missed a day of work. i've never come into the office intoxicated. >> reporter: it's a judgment voters are making. >> mayor ryan is an embarrassment to the city, but i think he's done a good job. >> there are worse things going on than somebody getting drunk. >> if it had happened just once, it may have been okay. but it happened repeatedly. >> reporter: the contest has drawn a crowded field of seven challengesers including the politician ryan defeated in 2009, a restaurant bus boy, and a musician. perhaps the most unusual candidate is high school senior asher heimerman who is just 18 years old. >> it will be the first time i will be voting. >> reporter: you'll be on the ballot. >> yes. >> reporter: so your first vote will be for yourself. >> yep. >> that's news 4 at 4:00. news 4 at 5:00 starts right now. tonight at 5:00, decision
4:59 pm
day. republican candidates sued to get on virginia's primary ballot. now a judge has ruled whether the commonwealth's rules are indeed unconstitutional. and enough is enough. d.c. mayor says the mcpherson square protesters are a health hazard and wants them to join the movement at freedom plaza but the occupiers say they are not going anywhere. >> we are here. we are the 99% just like you. >> good evening and welcome to news 4 at 5:00. i'm jim handly. >> i'm wendy rieger. police say a woman was assaulted during a home invasion in the 2500 block of berkeley street around 6:30 this morning. police say they are now talking with police in montgomery county to see if this invasion is connected to one that occurred in bethesda earlier this week. they're also looking for a honda civic stole ferren today's scene with maryland tags 6 ae8.


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