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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  January 25, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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the victims has ties virginia. jay gray has the developments. >> reporter: the high-risk mission was carried out overnight along the african coast, a team of navy s.e.a.l.s parachuting in and taking over an outdoor camp in mogadishu where american jessica buchanan and a danish citizen had been held captive since last october. >> the president authorized yesterday because the special operations forces said this was the time. ssica's health was beginning to decline. she's young woman in her 30s so we wanted to act. and they did. >> reporter: the unit that carried out the rescue was s.e.a.l. team 6, the same special operations group that killed osama bin laden. as they moved in, a firefight erupted. at least nine of the kidnappers were killed. there are no reports of any american casualties. buchanan and thisten, in africa as international aid workers, were rushed by chopper to an undies closed safe location and now are traveling to be reunited with their families. >> basically, they were out of touch with her this whole time,
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other than just little signals now and then indirectly that they would get. >> reporter: the news was a welcomed relief to friends at valley forge christian college where during her senior year, buchanan served as student teacher in nairobi. >> it is like you go from this on hold to absolute excitement and gratitude that she is safe. >> reporter: gratitude shared by president obama, who thanked defense secretary leon panetta before his state of the union address last night. >> good job tonight. good job tonight. tails with the nation, shared releasing a brief statement that said, in part, thanks to the extraordinary courage and capabilities of our special operations forces, yesterday, jessica buchanan was rescued and she is on her way home a much safer trip, no doubt, than the mission to set her
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free. jay gray, nbc news. >> jessica is from bedford, virginia. her father still lives there his name is john buchanan. he told cnn he was flabbergasted, in his words, when mr. obama called out of the blue. buchanan said he was happy it had a good ending and the military had been in touch with him since abduction last october. president obama left town today for a three-day road trip to garner support for his state of the union proposals and his re-election campaign. brian mooar is on capitol hill now with the latest. brian? >> reporter: hi, doreen. if president obama isn't officially in campaign mode, this will do fine for now. president obama hit the road with his state of the union message, a blueprint for what he calls an economy built to last. >> it is an economy built on
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american manufacturing with more good jobs and more products made right here in the united states of america. >> reporter: iowa was stop one in a five-state, three-day tour, stressing jobs, energy, education and changing a tax system that gives breaks to millionaires. >> if you make more than $1 million a year, you should pay a tax rate of at least 30%. >> reporter: he is giving the gop presidential hopefuls a whole new set of talking points. >> the president last night proposed doubling the tax on capital gains, which is the engine which drives job creation in the united states. >> reporter: with the florida primary just six days away, newt gingrich and the mitt romney are polling neck in neck. >> this is a president who talks about deregulation even as he regulates, who talks about lowering taxes even as he raises them. >> reporter: each of the candidates now eager to take on a president they believe has lost his working-class credentials. >> he knows his policies are destroying and making difficult for those folks to get employment. >> reporter: the president and
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his republican rivals fighting for votes in the battleground states. the president is gearing up for the fall campaign, but right now, he is facing some serious fights with congress. >> brian mooar on capitol hill, thank you. authorities in fort washington, maryland, are looking for the man who cause an elementary school to gone to lock down. it started at 2:30 this afternoon. he walked through the front door of the elementary school and tried to rob a school employee but something scared him off. nobody was injured. police are still searching the neighborhood and the school for any sign of that suspect. d.c. police say a woman was forced into an alley at gunpoint, robbed and sexually assaulted. they say it happened last night in the 400 block of q street northwest. pat collins now with details on it. pat? >> reporter: jim, the crime, a gun-to-the-head sex assault and robbery, the victim, a woman the
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scene, an alley here off q street. the bone-chilling words in this police report. talk about what happened in this alley. it talks about the gun placed to -- next to her head. it quotes the sex offender as saying, i will shoot you if you don't do what i tell you to. with those life-threatening words and that gun pressed against the victim, he sexually assaulted her then stole her backpack, her wallet and her keys and made his getaway on foot. police say it happened last night around 11:15 in the 400 block of q street northwest. they say a woman was walking down the sidewalk when she was ambushed by a man with a gun, forced into that alley, where the assault and robbery took place. commander george cusak is on the case. >> add clerked scarf, dark pants and he was about 25 years old
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and he may have been seen walking down the street afterwards carrying a woman's purse. we do not have the purse at this time so if anyone finds purse, we would be interested in that. >> reporter: most of the people who live around here are street-wise, but a gun-to-the-head sex assault and robbery has them on edge. >> i think that's really terrifying and we have had some crimes in the area, i know a few houses have been broken into around here and we neighbors try to watch out for each other but there's only so much we can do. >> i guess it will make me come home earlier from class. and i hope the police protection at night is increased. >> i live in this neighborhood and i have always felt safe walking around at night but i guess i will start taking a cab home from work.
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>> reporter: in this case so far, no suspect, no arrest. jim back to you. >> collins. police hope cash will help stop a disturbing crime trend. since the beginning of the year, 108 people have been arrested for snatching electronic devices out of people's hands. crooks remove the batteries so devices can't be tracked and they sell them on the streets. katherine lanier wants to give out cash rewards as high as $10,000 to get thieves to turn each other n. >> i can tell you, there is no honor among thieves. when i offer this reward program, people will call us. they will tell us. they will turn each other in, if nor nothing else to eliminate the competition. >> the chief is calling october cell phone companies to make it impossible to reactivate a stolen phone, making them useless to thieves. the u.s. is returning a piece of art stolen in a daring
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museum heist more than 30 years ago. today, immigration and customs enforcement officials returned a monotype by camille pissarro to a museum in france. a man snatched the work in 1981. he later sold it to a gallery in texas. a lost art rebel gist industry discovered the artwork in 2003, just before it was set to go to auction for about $60,000. agents say they worked with french investigators for years to return the artwork to its rightful owner. emotional farewell today for legendary football coach joe paterno from family, friends, fans to former and current players, thousands gathered today to say their final good boyce. some remembered the coaching icon at a private funeral service on the campus. hundreds of others lined the streets of state college, pennsylvania to watch his funeral procession pass by. >> probably about an hour. just pay our respects to a great man. >> say my good-byes, say my respects. he was a big part of our family.
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>> paterno divide lung cancer this weekend. he was 85 years old. the public will have another chance to say good-bye at a memorial service tomorrow. coming up tonight, thousands of people took to the streets in egypt to market revolution that toppled former president hosni mubarak. gabrielle giffords resigns from congress more than a year after being shot by a would-be assassin. she doesn't plan on being gone from politics for good. a popular local chef serves up a warning to customers, how he wants to make sure you don't get caught by a new speed trap. who is your favorite? >> hum. >> okay. let's try something different. who is your least favorite? >> dad dad dad. >> mum mum mum. >> dad dad dad. >> the girl tells her dad who's boss. >> dad dad dad. >> doug, top that. >> hey, we have been there haven't we? out there right now, storm 4 doppler radar showing a big storm well off to the west. it is moving our way them i will show you what it is going to bring us and what you can expect
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coming up. my full weather report. dan? coming up in sports, we are here at comcast center, terps ready for duke and the fans getting ready to honor gary williams. also, the wizards trying to
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authorities overseeing the search on the wrecked cruise ship in italy, say it will take a miracle to find any more survivors there dive teams went back to search another deck of that ship today. after nearly two weeks, the confirmed deaths stand at 16. another 17 are unaccounted for. on saturday, crews will start to pump the half-million gallons of oil from the ship to prevent a possible fuel leak into the tuscan sea. today marks the one-year anniversary of the start of the uprising of the downfall of hosni mubarak. tens of thousands of people crowded into cities across egypt to market occasion. while many celebrated last year's revolution, they also protested the ongoing military rule over that country. the egyptian military says it is sticking to a timetable with plans to hand over power to an elected government later this year. an emotional tribute today in the u.s. house of
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representatives as arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords made her resignation official. giffords said she needs more time to recover physically from a gunshot to the head a year ago. the shooting left six other people dead, 13 were injured. chris clackum has our report. >> reporter: proving she needs more recovery time, a shaky gabrielle giffords turned in her resignation letter to house speaker john boehner after having house colleague debbie wasserman schultz tearfully read it out loud. >> every day, i am working hard. i will recover and i will return and we will work together again. >> reporter: before that, tributes flowed for the arizona democrat, who was one of 14 survivors in a shooting in tucson a year ago that left six others dead. >> though gaby may be leaving washington today, i know this won't be the last we see of her or mark. >> reporter: husband mark kelly
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and her mother were among those who gave giffords nearly as many ovations as the president received during the state of the union, but in her case, everyone stood. >> gaby, america thanks you. it thanks you for the example that you have given of overcoming adversity. >> reporter: although she didn't speak publicly wednesday, hers was the only voice in a video posted sunday on youtube. >> thank you for your prayers. i have more work to do on my recovery. >> reporter: and it was wasserman schultz who put an emotional voice to one of the most emotional days in house history. >> there is nothing more important than family and friendship. >> reporter: for her friendship, the house bid her a fond farewell, unanimously passing a bill she sponsored to help arizonans against drug smugglers. not one single vote in opposition. chris clackum, nbc news.
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>> quite the sendoff for gaby giffords. doug is here with a check on our weather forecast, pretty nice out there this afternoon once again p. >> another nice day. i mean, this has been pretty much an uneventful winter so far. haven't had any real big storm, one area of snow and ice we saw just the other day you that was on a saturday. didn't cause problems. monday, a little something something. the next couple of days, we will see a little bit more, won again, too warm for any snow or ice. this time it will fall as all rain across the area. outthere right now, a very nice shot and a very nice evening, temperatures starting to fall, going to be a cool evening but not bad at all. high temperatures, 49 degrees, low of 36 this morning, average high, 44. once again, above average. record high for today, back in 1950, 75 degrees, wouldn't that be nice? a lot of you saying if it is not going to be cold, how about a little bit warmer? temperatures above 70 degrees? i don't think we will see any of that any time soon what we will see is the chances for rain on the increase. 47, current temperature out there right now with winds on the calm side, i think they are
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going to stay that way the evening tonight. 43 in martinsburg, 39 in hagerstown, 37, frederick, 46, manassas, fredericksburg, 50. we saw 54 down there a little bit earlier today. closer into the metro area, montgomery county, rockville now at 45, fairfax county, reston, herndon, chantilly, 47 degrees, also my friends at centerville, 42, camp springs, copper county right now at 41 degrees. storm four doppler radar, no rain to talk about in the immediate area, watch what happens when we widen out here, you see a lot of rain moving into the ohio river valley, in through ken keep, in through ohio, this will try to move in most likely stay to our north, could be a chance of a shower overnight. this is the actual storm that's pumping in all of this moisture. out ahead of this, a big cold front that cold front producing thunderstorms, even possible tornadoes today in eastern texas, eastern portions of louisiana, they are now under tornado watches and have been
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quite a few tornado warnings. for us, high pressure around the region, mild weather during the day today that will give way to that chance to shower activity tomorrow, again, into the washout, just some showers throughout the afternoon,s that warm front comes through, then watch this area of low pressure come right around the area this will pass us by probably early on friday morning, right around rush hour, quo see some of the heaviest rain, behind it, friday afternoon, expect the wind winds to pick up, temperatures to fall, a cool friday evening. as far as the rain is concerned, see now, watch what happens tonight. that is about it 7 a.m., rush hour, not bad, scattered shower, here or there i would make sure you take the umbrella with it, as you mentioned, not a washout, scattered showers once again, all-day rain, not going to be very heavy tomorrow, most will be on the light side, most will be if you follow washington, 66, up 270, that is where we have
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the best chances to see the rain. everybody gets in on the action, overnight thursday night and into the morning hours on friday. 6 a.m. this is when that frontal bound very starting to come in here, see heavy rain, rush hour, friday morning's rush hour, create the one that has months problems, behind it, cold enough for snow, back here toward west virginia, into western maryland, but that will not make its way the mountains, this evening, a rather nice evening, step outside tonight, 43 to 47 degrees, cool but nice tomorrow morning, mostly cloudy, mild start with a shower chance, 42 degrees, tomorrow afternoon, going to see that chance for showers, once again, not a washout, cloudy and mild, 50 to 56 degrees, winds out of the southwest, 10 to 20 miles per hour, winds pick up late friday afternoon, 30 to 40 miles per hour, the rain moves through, even on saturday and sunday you that is the cooler weather. 51 on saturday, 46 on sunday,
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the coolest day moves in on monday, high of 40 degrees. once again, get out of that real quick, above average, we make our way into the middle of next week. out of this, really only one cold day. >> getting off easy so far. march is going to be something ugly happening. >> wouldn't be the first time. >> no, it wouldn't. coming up next, a neighborhood under siege from thousands, thousands of blackbirds. they have been there for weeks. why won't they go away. a new tool to help you track where snowplows are once itself veer weather hits, if it ever does. hey, would you like to skip
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quite a show today at a vocational school in the district. officials from volkswagen took in two lamborghinis for the students at the excel institute today. excel is a nonprofit program in northeast washington. it operates with the purpose of teaching individuals who may have fallen through the cracks skills that could get them high-demand and high-paying jobs. the cars were brought in today so the students, the automotive students, could get some hands-on training with high performance elite vehicles. a local chef is fighting back, trying to keep people in
6:24 pm
d.c. from getting nailed by a speed camera. chef jeff tracy says he is planning to hire a guy to stand on fox haul road with a sign pointing to the camera. he says he figures it will cost him about $1200. but he says that trap got him three speeding tickets in three days, totaling $425. before that, he says he was ticket-free for 21 years. tracy says the camera is perched on a traffic light that is aimed do down hill, sees i do get caught because it is not easy to spot. this is one of nine new cameras installed in the district. good news for drivers in virginia, the dmv is rolling out its mobile customer service van tomorrow, parked near the front of the fairfax county government center from 9 to 4. customers will go there to license plate, apply for or renew driver's licenses and obtain vehicle titles.
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customers can also apply for or renew i.d. cards. tonight, some new questions about who will pay for the second phase of metro silver line. >> mayor gray trying to raise half a million in private donations to fund his later idea. a crime spree in a montgomery neighborhood but this time, thieves aren't after money or high-end electronics. in sports, the newest national is introduced, the wizards get bass backe to business and here at comcast cent
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jessica buchanan, the woman freed by u.s. special forces is traveling now to be reunited with her fam late. navy s.e.a.l. team parachuted into somalia the middle of the night and rescued buchanan and her danish colleague from an outdoor camp where they were being held by a group of somali kidnappers. buchanan is from bedford, virginia. president obama will visit five election battleground states in the next three dies persuade americans to support his proposals in the state of the union address. the republican presidential canned candidates are campaigning in florida ahead of tuesday's primary there newt
6:29 pm
gingrich says the president's speech plans to show for re-election as a left wing populist, in his words. the d.c. police are accused of rock and sexual-- looking fo of rock and assaulting a woman last night. the man threatened to shoot her, attacked her and stole her wait and backpack. investigators say they have no suspects so far. d.c. mayor vincent gray is trying to raise $300,000 in private funds to pay for a city-wide citizens summit next month. >> the mayor says that event will allow ordinary steps to tell him what they think the government will be doing. the mayor says he will use government money for that day-long summit if the private fund raising falls short. >> reporter: mayor vincent gray met with the d.c. council wednesday morning and then met with reporters for a biweekly press conference and on february 11th, wants to meet with a
6:30 pm
thousand or more district steps at the washington convention center. >> i'm prepared to go ahead with this, it gives citizens the chance to participate. >> reporter: the mayor can raise money through his government office and promised to report to the public quickly any amounts he raises. >> we will have a report in the aftermath of the one city summit. >> reporter: gray took a year to disclose how he raised and spent $1 million for a his inaugural fest tavgts report released just last week to skeptical reporters. >> the report speaks for itself, if nick has any questions undue preference or undue influence, we will be happy to answer questions to that. >> reporter: the mayor says he won't hesitate to raise pry mat vath money again for his citizens summit. i won't have any reservations
6:31 pm
about saying i will get 1,000 or 2,000 people to come to talk about the future of this city. >> reporter: the mayor remains under federal criminal investigation over how his 2010 campaign for mayor raised and spent large amounts of campaign cash. tom sherwood, news4, washington. >> in addition that citizens summit on february 11th, the mayor announce in order big public gathering, his office will deliver the state of the district address on february 7th. the rising price of copper is creating a new wave of criminals. several home minutes on montgomery county say copper gutters and down spouts with disappearing. since this past november, more than two dozen homes in the potomac area have been vandalized. after copper gutters are stolen, they are traded in at scrap
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yards for crash. >> have occurred to them that it is an easy thing to do and nobody is expecting it and if you know how do it quietly, maybe you can get away it, especially if you come around after they have all gone to bed. >> police say in more than one care witnesses saw a gold, beige or brown pickup truck taking off. today, copper prices settled at the highest price in more than four months at nearly $3.83 a pound. new bears to the metro to dulles project, otherwise known as the silver line. lawmakers in loudon county are in a budget-cutting mood and that is causing concern in fairfax county. chris gordon has our report. >> reporter: the dulles rail project sunder construction, all the way out to reston, but phase two of the silver line that would extend beyond dulles international airport to serve two metro stations in loudon county may now be in jeopardy. that's because seven of the nine
6:33 pm
members of the loudon county board of supervisors are new and wanted to review financial commitments made by the previous board as they look for ways to cut their budget. it will be about a month before the board will decide whether to cut the two loudon stations out of the proposed 23-mile silver line, according to county board chairman scott york. >> going through the election cycle, most of the members that are currently sitting had expressed their support, not all of them, but most of them expressed support for rail. but all of us are very concerned about the potential cost of the citizens of loudon county, they will be burdened with 75% of that cost as well as the future operational cost. >> reporter: if the silver line stops short of loudon county, commuters have to drive or take a bus into fairfax county to use metro, adding to traffic and parking problems. >> create issues regarding pa
6:34 pm
parking, and people will have to take the train. >> reporter: since the silver line is being substantially fired by motorists using the dulles toll road, that increasing tolls could cause problems. >> we need to look at what are the impacts, high tolls in that corridor. were >> i will pay for good transportation. we>> reporter: they will have 9 days to decide whether to opt-in or out of the full completion of phase two of the silver line after they receive a report. in fairfax county, chris gordon, news4. >> the estimated cost of that entire project is $2.8 billion. v dot is taking it easier to
6:35 pm
find out when the plows are going to reach your neighborhood. once it snows, at least two inches, residents in fairfax, louden and prince william counties can go to this site, enter their address and track whether crews are plowing the neighborhood. you can take a test drive of the site to see how it works. go to our website,, and search plowing. coming up tonight, a new warning from officials at the university of maryland. they don't want to see what happened the last time maryland met
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take a look at this, haltom city in texas, saw between four and six inches of rain, creating big-time flooding problems. see a couple of cars in the roadways there. once again, a good idea, turn around, don't drown. they have seen a tremendous amount of rain. believe it or not, this is good news for the dallas area. they have seen very, very dry conditions since this la nina started well over a year ago. now that same area of rain is making its way toward the east in through portions of louisiana and also into mississippi. they have tornado watches in effect and we have seen unconfirmed reports of a couple tornado, in through texas, louisiana, too, the storm moving off to the east and it will eventually move our watch see a chance of shower activity
6:39 pm
overnight tonight and a better chance of rain tomorrow. overnight tonight, temperatures around 40 in washington, 32 in frederick, 33, leesburg, a few shower chances tomorrow afternoon, a better chance for some scattered showers but not a washout, high temperatures around 54 degrees during the day tomorrow. one thing i do not expect here, the chance for severe weather that should stay well to our south. >> all right, thank you, doug. the first lady paid a visit to an alexandria elementary school today, making a big announcement about healthier school lunches. mich ole 'bama sat down with students at park lawn elementary this afternoon she announced a joint effort with the u.s. department of agriculture calling for higher nutrition standards for school lunch. celebrity chef rachael ray was there, too. the new federal standards mean
6:40 pm
more frurkts vegetables and whole grapes in the cafeteria. >> when we send our kids to school, we have a right to expect that they won't be eating the kind of fatty, salty, sugary foods that we are trying to keep from them when they are at home. >> popular options like pizza will be offered but healthier version with whole wheat crust and healthier cheese. >> a way to keep the pounds off. the district is near the top when it comes to commuters who walk or bike to work there is a new study out from the alliance for biking and walking. and that study puts d.c. as second in the nation, boston was on top with san francisco, seattle and new york rounding out the top five. d.c. is also the sixth safest for pedestrians and cyclists. that's based on the number of deadly crashes. boston was first again in that category. ft. worth, texas, meantime, fell to the bottom of both lists. >> i wouldn't have guessed boston for the top of that list. all those hills and cold weather. up next, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. hear from a mcclaine woman who
6:41 pm
sat with the first lady during last night's state of the union address. a retail chain unveiled a new plan that it hopes will bring business in the door. dan, what's ahead in sports? >> doreen, vance it is duke and maryland and it is more than just a game tonight. gary williams being honored here at comcast center. you know, spring training doesn't start just yet but the doesn[ male announcer ]but the this was how my day began.
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a warning to students at the university of maryland. scenes like this will not be tolerated after tonight's maryland/duke basketball game a letter sent out by the school asks students to celebrate a victory with class and dignity and discourages fans from being destructive two years ago, police arrested 28 students during riots that followed the terps' victory over duke. out at the -- i want to call it coal field house. comcast center, radioity? not quite the same team that took on duke last year, right? >> no it is a little bit different, jim and doreen. last year, of course, gary williams was here, here at maryland for 22 years and during that timeframe, gary was seldom emotional, tonight, one of those nights, gary back at comcast for the maryland/duke game you the ultimate honor, name the court
6:45 pm
after him, going to be gary williams court here at comcast center with apologies to lefty drizzle, gary williams, the most successful coach in maryland basketball history, 461 whips, a national championship, just over two decades here in college park. gary's trademark, finding players who weren't always highly recruited and helping them become great. gary has been looking forward to tonight's duke game for a while. >> it will be something i will remember the rest of my life. that game doesn't need anything else. that is always the game and to have the coordinating at the same time it will be great and hopefully fire up the crowd and get them ready for duke. but the one thing i want to watch is if krzyzewski comes out and walks on my name as he goes to his bench. >> we have big 10 network, espn.
6:46 pm
you are an official mick of the media. do you carry around a notebook? >> i can't believe coaches talk to the media. i don't have a notebook yet, i will pro belie need one. i'm really enjoying it. it keeps you connected with basketball, number one, which after coaching for 43 years, that was important to me to h college games, pro games, you doesn't have a chance to watch, you are preparing for your own and coaches out there worked with over the years and see them get to play most of the time now. >> great catching one gary. as you can see, they are ready for him here at comcast center, 8:45 is the time the ceremony will start, tipoff set for just after 9:00. alex lents sprayed his a.m., not sure fess playing. duke eighth in the country, 16-3, this is not going to be an
6:47 pm
easy game for mark tergen and the terps. perhaps this new gary williams court will give the undermanned terps a little motivation. i knew the whole gary, how he got fired up for them and that was well documented. there were great whips for maryland and heart-breaking losses for maryland during that stretch a rivalry is a rivalry. more important to the people involved. rivalries. >> an opportunity to go against duke at home for me is you know, my last go-round playing and hopefully we can get the victory, human for us, grate motivation and great win, you know, for us in acc and the give us some confidence going into
6:48 pm
playing other teams in acc. >> senior sean moseley. up a level it is the start of a new era, could you say for the wizards. randy whitman taking over, flip saunders has been fired. the question will things change? the wizards 2-15, the worst record in the nba. a bit of good news, take october second worst team in the nba, the charlotte bobcat that game at verizon center, randy builtman's first game you met with players before a shoot around this morning and said we are going to over expectations, wasn't guys to be accountable. whitman does have head coaching experience, going 100-207 in cleveland and minnesota. he said changes will be made and they will have to play hard no matter who they are. >> a decision to move forward, been here two and a half years. tough to see him go, wished he would play hard, do the right things, stay here. we got to make the right
6:49 pm
decision to move on the. >> always sad to see somebody lose their job and we all feel bad about it because the way we played is why he is not here. this is a result-driven league and we weren't performing under coach flip and now randy's here and it is a new slate and we are excited for the new challenge to turn the season around. >> all right. that's roger mason. so the wizards debut a new coach. the nationals debut their newer pitcher day. after pulling out of the prince fielder sweepstakes, they trotted out geo gonzalez this afternoon. add chance to meet the media for a while. gonzalez acquired from oakland in december. last week, the lefty agreed to terms on a new contract extension through 2016. it is a nice deal, too. five years, $42 million. gonzalez coming off an all-star season. he won 16 games, 3.12 e.r.a. one of the best young starters out there. so, what convinced him to come to d.c.?
6:50 pm
>> as soon as they made this opportunity happen, i figured, you know what this is a great organization to be a part of. the names, the young talent, the core that they have, you know, and not to take away only from the rotation but our defense is going to be unbelievable and so is our offense. you look at our rotation and our lineup, i think it's going to be a fun season for the washington nationals. >> all right. nationals new ace geo gonzalez, we are here at comcast center, maryland getting ready to play duke and it will be the unveiling of gary williams court. it is going to be a funner is mean starting at 8:45. only gary can bring a little leffity to situation, wond ityi wondering if mike krzyzewski will walk on his name. >> he ride out on a motorcycle? >> we will get one good first pump from gary tonight, my guess. up next, we will meet a little girl who tells dad who's best.
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>> who's your favorite? >> mum. [ sighing ] >> okay. let's try something different. who's your least favorite?
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experts aren't sure why the birds decided to gear at this particular area for so long. more and more concerns today over a sweeping change to google's privacy policy. yesterday, the company announced a plan to link user information across most of its sites. that means you might see more video suggestions on youtube related to topics found in your g-mail account. right now, users who don't want their information shared have no
6:55 pm
way to opt-out. privacy advocates and members of congress say that's all troubling. those changes will take effect march 1st. the tradition of inviting guests to sit with the first lady at the state of the union address began exactly 30 years ago during the reagan administration. among the guests for the first lady's box this year were the widow of apple founder steve jobs and mark kelly, husband of congresswoman gabrielle giffords. invited last night, an openly gay service member. jane watrel has her story. >> mr. speaker, the president of the united states. >> reporter: it was a night for president obama to lay out his vision for america, including
6:56 pm
many pats on the military. >> when you put on that uniform, it doesn't matter if your black or white, asian, latino, native american, conservative, liberal, rich, poor, gay, straight. >> reporter: words that resonated with air force colonel ginger wallace, an openly gay officer. wallace's presence underscored the september 20th repeal of don't ask, don't tell, a policy that banned homosexuals from openly serving in the armed forces. >> it was just unbelievable to represent obviously thousands of gays and lesbians who serve, who served and who will serve in the future, under much better circumstances. >> reporter: wallace and her partner were guests at the white house and got to talk to mrs. obama and jill biden with their support for military families. she believes the repeal of don't ask, don't tell has been seamless. >> i think for the military, it has been a nonevent for the most part. it really has we have the most professional force in the world and the best military in the world and it has been -- it has been -- we have conducted ourselves in that manner. >> reporter: wallace and her commended to the white house
6:57 pm
by service members united, a group that fought for the repeal. she hopes her presence in the first lady's box will inspire others. >> what we have been through in this country with bullying and kids struggling with their sex you will ality, it is an example of getting better. >> reporter: the white house recognition comes as wallace is preparing to deploy to afghanistan, where she will serve as an adviser to the afghan government n northwest, jane watrel, news4. >> wallace was promoted to colonel in december, three months after the repeal of don't ask, don't tell. jc penney is trying to bank on new low-cost pricing strategies. the department store will no longer have sales, but instead, will mark down merchandise by at least 40% beginning next week. this move is part of a three-tiered strategy that offers what they call every day
6:58 pm
low pricing. monthly value discounts will also be offered. best price deals will be available the first and third friday of each month, targeting the time when many shoppers get paid. >> one more check on the weather forecast. doug? >> a good evening tonight. not a bad day tomorrow but are going to see a few showers out there i wouldn't leave without the umbrella, i also wouldn't leave with the top down, a lot of people the last couple of days, believe it or not in january, have the top down. 54 degrees for the high temperature tomorrow, so, still nice and mild. 50% chance of just some shower activity. 56 on friday, that will be early in the day, i think. we will see a good chance of rain early in the day, most likely clearing skies and falling temperature, 46 on your sunday, the cold air moves in late sunday afternoon, monday morning i think is going tonight coldest morning. some areas waking up to the teens, in the city, 28 degrees, high temperature of around 40 degrees, even with plenty of sunshine, cold air once again not sticking around. >> thanks, doug. >> mm-hmm. few things in this world that can humble a parent more than a child, especially a man,
6:59 pm
especially a little girl. make a total chump out of him. this latest video to go viral on youtube suggest it is takes parents a bit longer than others to learn this. watch as this little girl named maddie matches wits with her daddy. >> can you tell me what noise a fish makes? okay, next question, where's your ear? good girl. okay. last question. think very carefully about this, okay? >> okay. >> who's your favorite, dad or mum? >> mum. >> okay. i didn't actually finish the question, darling. why don't we break for recess, have something to eat and come back to it, okay? ♪ okay, you feeling better? repeat after me. dad. dad. >> dad. >> dad. >> dad. >> dad. >> dad. >> dad. >> dad. >>


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