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tv   Today  NBC  January 28, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EST

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al green song went up 490%. good morning. fighting back with the florida primary just three days away, new polls show mitt romney jumping ahead of newt gingrich. tensions between the two candidates continue to grow as romney says he's the best man for the job. gingrich compares himself to ronald reagan, the anti-washington choice who can shake up d.c. frantic 911 call from demi moore's home. >> right now is she awake? >> yes. well, semiconscious, barely. >> okay. is she breathing? >> is she breathing, yes. >> okay. did she overdose on -- >> she's convulsing. >> what that call reveals about the actresses behavior and personal issues before she was rushed to the hospital.
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and panic in the air. a passenger captures the hair owing moments as a commuter plane experiences engine failure. >> this huge explosion and then all of a sudden everything stopped and it just got totally quiet and everybody started to panic. >> the plane landed safely. we'll hear now. today's saturday, january 28, 2012. captions paid for by nbc-universal television good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a saturday. i'm lester holt. >> and i'm amy robach. i think the only thing i've experienced is crazy turbulence. i do ejt know what i would do if i looked out the window and saw the engine slowing down. >> i think i'd look out the other window and make sure the engine was spinning. as long as you have one. it's not really a jet, it's a
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propeller. we want to tell you about the florida primary. the poll shows mitt romney has recaptured the lead as the candidates plan to crisscross the key stay today. newt gingrich tells nbc news he'll prevail in the sunshine state. we'll hear more from gingrich and the analysis of the republican race just ahead. and the legal victory. garth brooks has created some dishar mo in in his hometown of yu con, oklahoma. plus, is age really just a number? hollywood head turners like jane fonda and tee ta neurosurgeoner are showing you you can look fabulous after age 60 but is it hurtingover women? >> i think they're an inspiration. high fashioned designers like versace and jason woo are
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marketing their clothes now for discount retailers. we're going to tell you where you can find big names at low prices. we're three days away from the florida primary with the latest poll showing mitt romney pulling ahead of newt gingrich. both have gone after one another and the battle could grow more intense by tuesday. nbc's ron mots sat down with newt gingrich who says he's fighting more than governor romney. ron, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. newt gingrich says his campaign is a threat to the political fallen in washington and despite all the money spent, the people power backing him will prevail. in winning south carolina's primary a week ago, newt gingrich shook up the gop establishn't which he sayings favors mitt romney and with florida's primary looming as a springboard toward the republican nomination,
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anti-gingrich voices are growing. >> i thinking we ought to send newt gingrich to the moon and mitt romney to the white house. what do you think of that? >> reporter: on the campaign trail friday, newt gingrich continued firing rockets at mitt romney, with a new ad. >> what kind would do that with just an election. >> reporter: they labeled the ad desperate, the same word some republican insiders are using to describe establishment fears triggering gingrich's south carolina comeback. >> there was also a comeback and they look at newt gingrich. in the general election, he's not the winning horse. >> reporter: no matter how rough the jockeying becomes gingrich says he's in the race to the finish line. >> if you're an established republican and you're enjoying life in washington and you don't mind presiding over the decay, i'm a threat. you can tell who they are by how
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hysterical they get. the fact is ronald reagan had exactly the same opposition. in the end he's the guy who created the majority. >> gingrich hopes the majority will eventually warm to him and his conservative message as they did back in 1980 for ronald reagan. >> gradually people listened to him and said, you know, that's probably right. and gradually he built a sense of momentum. >> reporter: a sense of momentum he wants to carry out of florida along with victory. >> we're either going to win or be very, very close and i think we're going to win. >> reporter: newt gingrich and mitt romney will crisscross the state today stumping. meantime the other two, ron paul and rick santorum have left florida. ron paul is holding a campaign in maine and rick is holding a fund-raiser. >> richard, good morning to see you. bob dole is the latest big name
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to come out against newt gingrich. is he right? is the republican establishment against him? >> he is right. they are zboents them. they think they've had the long experience with him and don't want to see him at the top of the ticket. he still carries his old title of house speaker. he combines some of the history with some of the insurgency that has driven, for instance, the tea party movement. >> but could some of this be on a practical level? are there real concerns suggested in the polls that there might be an electability issue that he might have a tougher time against president obama than romney might? >> no question. he's pulling behind him. what we're also seeing is mitt romney's position against president obama has eroded. his position among independent voters has collapsed more than 20 points in the last couple of months. so both of these people are seeing their electability being questioned at the very least in
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term ofts these polls. >> we had on the screen the latest polling information from florida. let's talk about florida. romney came in from south carolina in a weak position. many think because of his debate performance. have the debate performances now worked in his favor in florida? >> that was a very strong debate performance by mitt romney, a missed tujt for newt gingrich. but the volatility in these polls is pretty unprecedented. newt gingrich came out of south carolina, took the lead in florida. in the space of two or three days he lost it even before the debate. so again we could have another volatile turn of events but for now mitt romney is very strongly poised for tuesday. >> all of the political junkies are trying to map out where things go from here. john mccain was stumping for mitt romney in florida. he's eventually won the nomination. as you look at the primary calendar, richard, let's say over the next four to five weeks, who does it favor and why? >> no question, february is
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going to be a good month for mitt romney. there were a number of states he won even when he was losing the entire contest against john mccain four years ago. maine, nevada, michigan where his father was governor. as you heard from newt gingrich, he's in it for the long haul. there's no reason for him to drop out unless he runs out of money. you don't get a delegate authority until april when the party map is set up. >> i think there's a huge desire to label this a two-man race. it is not santorum. he's short on cash, but he says he's in it to stay. does his continued presence in the race affect either romney or gingrich? >> well, it certainly affects gingrich. if you combine their votes, romney would be in a much weaker position. but santorum, he runs on fumes. he doesn't need a lot of money. he can take it all the way through on his hope, not his expectation that newt gingrich will implode and he can take the
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conservative mantle forward. >> now here's amy. thank you. more delays have been plaguing searchers and crews surrounding the capsized cruise ship off the coast of italy. divers are having trouble locating the victims and there's mounting pressure to remove half a million gallons of fuel before it becomes an environmental disaster. nbc's michelle kosinski is in italy. >> reporter: getting to the point of removing the fuel has been a slow, difficult process. these mediterranean waters look clear blue until divers jump in and start descending deck by deck along that ship. the murkiness, a mess soon overtakes them.
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here at the bottom are the crushed edges of the concordia. through a cracked window, only a pile of plates is visibility. sideways cabins are shaken apart. and on the reef itself, a most unnatural angle of mattresses, furniture, everything that was ejected out with the occasional stark reminder of the humanity onboard. divers tried ss try to reach 1a day, pry them open, going through that jumbo one by one, but the victims remain hidden. wrenching for the families waiting, missing americans barbara and jerry heil's website, their family now writes needle in a haystack certainly seems like an appropriate comparison. but a second task needs to happen at the same time. drilling into the ship's 17
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tanks, heating them, letting fuel out and seawater in to keep the massive wreck stable. >> there might be some difficulties, but these are workable. the only problem we can have is a rough sea and marine conditions which could be, i guess difficult, but that's part of the game. >> reporter: crews announced a compensation plan for passengers who were not hurt of around $15,000 each blue travel and trip expenses. some have rejected it. a lawsuit was just filed by six passengers, another alleging gross negligence and others seeking millions in punitive damages saying passengers were left to fend for themselves. fuel removal might not start until tomorrow, maybe even monday. and divers want to use robotic cameras to reach some of the places they haven't been able to. amy?
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>> michelle kosinski. thank you. now, let's get a check on the rest of the top stories from msnbc's thomas roberts. good morning. >> good to see you. we begin with a hotbed in iran that concernboat the good morning. >> good morning, thomas. the delegation is due to arrive in tehran today including two weapons inspectors which is an unusually clear statement of the agency about the focus of their mission. tehran has initially rejected the weapons objective. the fact that iran is allowing these iea inspector in and saying on thursday that they were willing to restart negotiations is a sign that they're being more counssel tair on the issue of secret weapons. however, western powers are more skeptical saying this is a st k
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tactic, a stalling tactic and that it's likely to produce very little substance. norm they're holding an emergency session to decide whether north to stop oil sales in europe after the eu imposes fresh sanctions on iran. the violence in steer ja has been escalated. there have been forces loyal to the president. passengers on a flight had quite a square thursday night. this regional flight, take a look, one passenger shooting mobile phone video, one of the two engines shutting down while in the air. another passenger jenny allen tells us what happened just before that propeller stopped. >> a huge explosion and all of a sudden everything stopped an it got totally quiet and everybody started to panic and every phone was out, so we're all thankful to be back. >> quite a square indeed. this happened shortly after the
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plane took off from portland national airport. the pilot turned around and landed safely at the airport. a 911 frantic call by a friend to help the actress demi moore moments before she was rushed to the hospital. she suffered a series of seizures after she smoked something that her friend was similar to innocence. she was hospitalized. her publicist has said 244-year-old actress has decided to seek professional help for exhausti exhausti exhaustion. depending what you tweet, it may not show up. they believe the free speech may be weakening as it expanhandles in the new country. twitter says it's trying to comply with different laws around the world. on friday ticket matter started selling tickets for the
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bruce springsteen concert. individuals were pushed aside by big brokers who resell the tickets on other websites and they do so at a much higher price. that's going do it for the news right now. i'm going to send it back to lester, amy, and bill. >> you were a few characters other on that twitter story. >> i'm sorry. i'll work on it. bill karins is here with a check of your forecast. bill, it's been a crazy weather week. >> it's been crazy. tornadoes, warmth. i haven't given an ice or big snowstorm forecast in weeks. it's like we throw january out of the winter-like weather. not much on the map. there's some gusty winds in southern california. temperatures are pretty mild. we're going to be in the mid 40s as far north as boston. areas in the northern plains will get a lot colder this we the mid 40s north of boston. areas in the mid northern plains will be colder but supposed to
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be colder and not shocking. good saturday morning. meteorologist chuck bell. we're off to a quiet start this morning. temperatures in the upper 20s to mid 30s. 24 at national airport. 28 degrees in manassas. 32 degrees in leesburg, 32 degrees in gaitherersburg. a mix of clouds and sunshine. more clouds the further west you >> that's the weekend forecast. amy. a yale quarterback made headlines last fall when he chose to play in a game against archrival instead of attending an interview for a prestigious rhodes scholarship may not have been faced with that tough choice after all. nbc's anne thompson explains. >> reporter: he explains his insist tency for it was not
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suspended. he attracted national attention last year for having to choose in playing in the game against harvard or going to the rhodes interview. friday "the new york times" reported he had no choice, writing that both witt and yale had been told by the rhodes commitny ty his candidacy would not go forward because of the accusati accusation. the times story was based on six annan news sources. >> i think he's a public figure in the public eye and a mis misimpression was createsed about him. in the statement he said when the rhodes trust asked for a reendorsement patrick had already informed the act let image department officials that he intended to with draw the candida candidacy. the women file and inform nal complaint, never went to the police and no disciplinary action or finding of guilt or
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innocence was made against witt. he cited federal law and the rhodes trust had no comment because of privacy concern. for today, anne thompson, nbc, new york. >> once again here's lester. the countdown is under way. in six months the greatest athletes in the world and millions of fans will be watching the summer olympics in london. nbc's stephanie gosk haas an update on where things stand. >> reporter: it's the final push to the biggest sporting event in the world. the main venues are finished, on budget and on time. among the highlights of the $11 billion project, a sleek building. >> this is the completion of a sleek mel oh droem. >> tom daily. and the centerpiece, the main stadium that will hold 80,000 cheering fans.
7:19 am
the olympics have been held in london twice before, over 100 years ago in 1908. then again in 1948 as the country was still recovering from world war ii. the games have changed a lot. this summer more than 200 countries will compete with 15,000 athletes, 9 million tickets are up for sale, and a new sport that would have really turned some heads back in the '40s. women's boxing. there are also different challenges including security. a massive operation is getting ready. running drills like this one on the river thames. >> terrorism, we're taking it very seriously. >> reporter: it will be a combination force of police, military, and thousands of security guards. dogs that searched for explosives are in short supply, so they're being pulled from units in afghanistan to come back to help. there's also the specter of
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buildings, but this brand-new lab, the most high tech in the world was built to stop cheating in its tracks. it will be up and running 24 hours a day during the game. all of this preparation, organizers say, to make sure this is not only a smooth olympics, but a memorable one. expectations are high after beijing. that city's opening ceremony in 2008 captivated the world. london is hoping to do even better, giving oscar award-winning director danny boyle everything he needs for the performance, including lots of money. >> you know, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to showcase united kingdom. billions of people will be watching that ceremony, and think it's a very appropriate investment. >> reporter: the london games will also have a secret winnipeg, some very familiar and much loved royal faces acting as
7:21 am
olympic ambassadors, william, kate, and harry, hoping to set these olympic games and this olympic city apart. >> i'm looking forward to it. it's such a great city, but i wonder how the traffic is going to be. >> they have a tube there. it's a great way to get around. still to come, a legal victory for country singer garth brooks. why is it hitting a wrong note with people in his town? why is it hitting a wrong note with people in his town? we'll explai
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still to come on "today," health news you won't want to miss. five tests women should have every year. what your doctors should provide at these visits. plus 25 year after he became a pop culture smash, a look at ferris bueller all grown up. )ó1
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figure good morning. it is 7:26 on this saturday, january 28th. i'm chris gordon. topping your news for today. crews will begin digging to recover a body in a well in maryland. crews received an unanimous tip earlier this week. the process is expected to take a couple days. there is speculation the body may be that of lenny harris, an alexandra activist missing since september. occupy d.c. protest have
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until noon to pack up or risk being arrested. they are enforcing a law making it illegal to have camping equipment in the protest square. they set out flyers yesterday
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northrop grumman. a good saturday morning to you. i'm chuck bell. we're off to a nice start in washington this morning. a few more clouds north and west towards hagerstown, mostly cloudy this morning, martinsburg and fredericksburg, a mix of clouds and sunshine the more west you go. breezy at times but on the mild side today temperatures 10 degrees, a little warmer than
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average. a risk of cloud cover and late day sprinkles sunday afternoon before we get back to the sunshine on monday. back to we're back on this morning, january 28th, 2012. we have a great crowd with us on another warm winter morning in new york city. we're going to join the crowd to say hi in just a bit. back in studio 1 a i'm amy row bam along with lester holt. still to come, the dramatic 911 calls made from actress demi moore's home. >> she seemed only semiconscious after smoking is an undisclosed substance. she was then rushed to the hospital. one of those 911 tapes reveal, what do they tell you? we're going to talk about this. looking great after 60. beauties like helen mirren, jane
7:31 am
fonda and even vera wang looking better than some in their 30s and 40s. we'll get a look at what keeps them staying gorgeous. it's been 20 years since ma through broderick started in "fehrris bueller's day off." there's a clip on youtube. what does this tease mean? can we handle it? we're going to explore coming up. >> bueller, anyone? anyone. that's a great teeth. we want to begin this half hour with garth brooks. the country star has sued his hometown and he won big but some people in his hometown are not happy about it. nbc's lilly luciano tells us why. >> reporter: outside the courthouse, a concert-like atmosphere. >> people all excited. we're ready to see garth r
7:32 am
inside garth brooks sang a different tune, one of relief. >> i'm so glad it's over. >> reporter: this after a jury sided with the country singer in a lawsuit against a hospital in his hometown of yukon, oklahoma. he claims he had a verbal agreement with integris health that would build a wing in honor of his mother in exchange for a $500,000 donation. they could never come to an agreement. a three-year legal battle ended this week with jurors awarding broks his donation amount plus punitive damages, a total of $1 million. >> we wanted to show them they can't do it to other people who couldn't take them to court if they needed to. >> reporter: garth brooks and his wivtry shah yearwood drew crowds of onlookers.
7:33 am
the hospital, which stands along garth brooks boulevard also has its defenders who say brooks is the one who broke his promise. >> i think if he wants the building for his mother, he's got enough money to build his own. >> reporter: there's been talk of stripping the singer's name from the town ice iconic water tower. he has no ill feelings against his hometown and still wants to honor his mother. >> one day his name will be on the building and it won't be owned by integris. that's my dream. time now for a check of the frachlt bill karins is outside on the plaza. good morning to you. >> good morning to you, lester. unusual birthday out here. whose birthday is it? >> my labrador. >> he's 56. >> same age as my husband.
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>> i want to say hi to my husband and kids. >> you djts trust him, did you. we're watching snow showers and rain showers out there from ohio into areas of west virginia. that's not going to cause much if any trouble on the roads. that's going to blow on through. maybe flurries in the northern plains, gusty winds in northern california. otherwise this is as quiet as a winter weekend as you're ever going to see as in southern california, otherwise, as quiet a winter as we will see. it will be the peak of winter t. good saturday morning to you. i'm chuck bell. outside our window in washington, we see a little bit of saturday morning sunshine getting through, a couple clouds to your west. no more than a few sprinkles late tomorrow afternoon. in the upper 20s and low 30s.
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>> we know there's not going be any snow or rain. if you want the temperature you can get the forecast hour by hour on coming up next, five medical tests all women should have this year, and how finding a doctor and making an appointment are now easier than ever. plus, proof that age is just a number. a look at women over 60 who look great and aren't afraid to show it. but first these messages. when it comes to home insurance, surprises can be a little scary. and a little costly. that's why the best agents present their clients with a lot of options. because when it comes to what's covered and what's not, nobody likes surprises. [ click ] [ chuckles ] we totally thought -- [ all scream ] obscure space junk falling from the sky? we cover that. moving on. aah, aah, aah, aah. [ male announcer ] we are insurance. ♪ we are farmers ♪ bum, ba-da-bum, bum, bum, bum ♪ i've discovered gold. [ female announcer ] roc® retinol... the gold standard in anti-aging.
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"what the yuck." no one likes go to the doctor. you say even if we're healthy, we should still makety a pointment. >> absolutely. around the new year time, people make resolutions to stay healthy. what's equally important is getting preventive care, the screening checks. >> this first one is the one i'm most guilty of. not making your appointment with your primary physician. why should you get a yearly physical? >> get the routine things like blood pressure check. it's not just a disease of older people. diabetes, you want to be screened for with a fasting blood sure, cholesterol, especially if you have a family of heart disease and then as you get older, things like a bone density test, a fecal occult blood test that checks for colon cancer. there's a lot of very basic things you should be checked for even if you feel great. >> okay.
7:40 am
and the next appointment women shouldn't miss and that's their annual trip to the gynecologist. and there's a lot of confusing data on when we should get them. >> this is why it's drushl see your gynecologist because it's a very individual thing. all the guidelines youear in the news are broad guidelines for the pub lirks not an individual person. you may have a particular risk in your family. you might need to get your mammogram earlier, get skreends more frequently for stds. any time you go to the gynecologist, you're getting a pelvic exam, breast exam, but you should talk about these other cancer screening tests. >> another appointment you say we should make is one to a dermatologist. this isn't just for aesthetic purposes. it's to get a full body check for skin cancer. >> every three years under 30, if you're fair skinned, had a lot of sun exposure, you need to go more often. talk to your dermatologist about how frequently you should
7:41 am
return. >> i'm proud. i just went to the dentist. you shouldn't go to the dentist about your oral hygiene but overall health too. >> yes. they only go when they have a toothache but you need to get frequent cleaning every six months, get checks for cavities. recent research shows poor dental hygiene can be linked to heart disease, inflammatory conditions like rheumatoid arthritis. it's not just about having pearly whites. this is a tough one. make your appointment with the gastroenter roll gist for a colon colonoscopy. i do it every day. it's a test that can really save your life. colon cancer is one of the leading causes of death and it's
7:42 am
preventable. >> truth be told, everyone has intentions but it's so hard. is there an easier way to make appointments? >> absolutely. now technology is helping us. many have online booking and there's a new service called zocdoc where you can search by zip code, the type of insurance, which insurance you have and they'll give you appointments. many times you can't find doctors for weeks but they take advantage of cancer lagss. there's no more excuses. >> no more excuses. >> you can do it anywhere you are. >> thank you so much. and we're back. but first these messages. here . driver's license. past five years' tax returns. high school report cards. and i'm gonna need to see a receipt for that watch you're wearing. you know, you really should provide us with a checklist of documents we're gonna need up front. who do you think i am? quicken loans? at quicken loans, we provide a checklist of the mortgage documents you'll need up front.
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when bp made a commitment can your mto the gulf,r do that? we knew it would take time, but we were determined to see it through. today, while our work continues, i want to update you on the progress: bp has set aside 20 billion dollars to fund economic and environmental recovery. we're paying for all spill- related clean-up costs. and we've established a 500 million dollar fund so independent scientists can study the gulf's wildlife and environment for ten years. thousands of environmental samples from across the gulf have been analyzed by independent labs under the direction of the us coast guard. i'm glad to report all beaches and waters are open for everyone to enjoy. and the economy is showing progress with many areas on the gulf coast having their best tourism seasons in years. i was born here, i'm still here and so is bp.
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we're committed to the gulf for everyone who loves it, and everyone who calls it home. more and more women are defying their age and showing the world you can look fabulous at any age. nbc's joel gar julia is here. good morning. good morning. 60 and older. these women are sure to have you asking, you're how old? could age really just be a number? some women who celebrated their 50s birthday years ago are proving that you can look great, no matter how old you are. >> 50s the new 30. 60's the new 40. it's really a timeless thing.
7:46 am
age is just an attitude of mind. >> reporter: designer vera wang showdown off her body in a lay jouchlt she posed in a body hugging bathing suit. her figure could easily belong to a women in her 20s. helen mirren credits sleep for her appearance. at 66 years old, not afraid to show off that body. >> helen mirren is a poster child for a woman who appears so effortless effortless effortless effortlessly chic. and jane fonda. >> you see how she uses a great new hair cut, a vibrant aspect of how she puts herself together. she's comfortable in her own skin. >> reporter: easy to say when you look like this. other women who have beat the aging process including tina
7:47 am
turner, meryl streep, and susaner susan sarandon. >> often it is jeannetgenetics reality is you're about got to work. >> reporter: exercise turned things around for kirstie alley. last year she lost 100 pounds be i dancing. does it help or hurt struggling women with model issues? >> it serves as a role modal for women to be as healthy and youthful as possible then it's fantastic. but if women are going to use it as a way to attack themselves for not looking a particular way or fitting some small idea of beauty, then, of course, it can be a bad thing. >> reporter: women over 60 define age and expectations with grace and feeling good enough to show it off. ♪ you make me feel like a natural women ♪ >> what an inspiration for women of all ages as these ladies have
7:48 am
shown us, at 60, you're just getting starter. lester? >> thanks very much. just ahead, the 911 call that sent emergency officials to demi moore's house. what was going on before she was rushed to the hospital. first this is "today" on nbc.
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7:50 am
we all remember that classic theme from the 1986 film "ferris bueller's day off," but have you ever wondered what happened to that loveable character? >> i think we're about to find out. a short clip has been circling around the web. many have been wondering what he would be like playing it as an adult. here's a look.
7:51 am
>> how can i handle work on day like today? ♪ >> that's the entire clip. there's rumors that it will be on the super bowl ad. >> some think there may be a sequel, but their dreams were quickly dashed when word got out that the words were just a tease for a super bowl commercial. we'll have to wait and see. i'm so glad they included the music. that brings back so many memories. >> the commercial work and getting buzz out there. i wouldn't mind seeing a sequel of the film. >> neither would i. >> it's a classic. we have a lot more to continue with on this saturday. we'll talk about a new york city anch anchor. he happens to be the police chief's son. we'll talk about that. designer duds at discount
7:52 am
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7:56 am
good morning. it is 7:56 on this saturday, january 28th. i'm chris gordon. topping your news for today, expect delays on four of the five metro lines this weekend. two stations, woodley park and cleveland park are closed and take passengers on van ness and the circle. trains are single track iing on branch avenue and naylor and only going between huntington
7:57 am
and mt. vernon square. they should use the redliner to complete their trip. everything should be back to af.
7:58 am
7:59 am
meteorologist chuck bell has some pleasant news. >> absolutely. a little bit of sunshine getting through our skies, especially over downtown washington. you folks over the panhandle of virginia experiencing mostly cloudy skies to get your weekend started. a check of the four-day forecast. more clouds north and west, a mild day saturday in the mid-50s for you folks in fredericksburg and stafford and spotsylvania. and slightly cooler behind the weather front this afternoon. today's high, 57, tomorrow, 48. more clouds and risk of a couple
8:00 am
of passing sprinkles and generally dry weather early next week. monday's high with sunshine, 45 degrees. chris, looks like a decent weekend to be outside. welcome back to "today" on a saturday morning. it's the 28th day on january, 2012. a nice day on the plaza enjoying springtime and winter. that's what i'm calling it officially. a beautiful day out here. thanks to them for spending time with us. remember, if you're in the neighborhood, stop on by for the weekend. we're glad to have you around. outside on the plaza i'm lester holt along with amy row bam. coming up we're going to talk about the 911 tapes where demi moore found herself in jeopardy. >> the caller said the actress had smoked something, she was barely conscious and suffered from seizures. coming up, we're going to get the latest on her condition and find out where ashton kutcher was during all of this.
8:01 am
then we're going to have the story of a local tv news anchor in new york city who's been accused of sexually assaulting a son. he's also the son of the new york city police city commissioner. and now questions raised about her story. then we're going to switch gears and talk high fashion at low prices. celebrity designers like vera wang, jason woo and others are marketing their lines on a budget. we're going to tell you where to pick up famous names and low prices. let's get a check on the headlines with thomas roberts. the two leading republican presidential candidates are locked in a tight battle. nbc's ron mott joins us from port st. lucie. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. they say gop mitt romney is the
8:02 am
leading candidate. we got the speak oren a record on a number of things including fears and concerns out there that he could actually hurt other republicans running in the fall if he becomes the nominee. >> look. if you're an established republican and you're enjoying life in washington and you don't mind presiding over the decay, i'm a threat. and you can tell who they are by how hysterical they get. the fact is ronald reagan had exactly the same opposition, and in the end, he's the guy who created the majority. >> reporter: now, i asked him if anything surprised him out here on the campaign trail. he said the intensity and the scope of the romney attack but added he thought his campaign was weathers that storm pretty well. the body of another woman has been found in a submerged cabin on the "costa concordia" cruise ship. nbc's michelle kosinski is in
8:03 am
giglio, italy, with more. >> reporter: it's been two weeks. now findingsing the dead body of a woman this morning bringing the total recovery to 17. aet least that number is still missing. divers know they have not been able to recover them all which has been heartbreaking for families waiting here. searchers want to use robotic cameras to reach inaccessible areas in and around the ship. at the same time, another big task has to happen. removing the fuels, half a million gallons inside before an environmental disaster happens. now because of high waves, the crews that have been here for more than a week may not be able to get started until the middle of next week. thomas? >> michelle kosinski in giglio, italy, for us. thank you. there's a big hole on a bridge where a cargo ship hit it. no one was hurt but the driver stopped five feet from the break.
8:04 am
nasa is observing one of its darkest moments today. 25 years ago the space shuttle "challenger" exploded just after lift-off. seshl astronauts were killed including christa mccall off, the infamous teacher. colton harris-moore pulled off a two-year international spree of break-ins and boat and plane thefts that ended in 2010. earlier this week a clip on youtube surfaced showing matthew broderick recreating a well known scene from the pop culture classic "ferris bueller's day off." we're told it's a tease. it's a tease for a honda commercial that you're going to see right here on the super bowl on nbc. that's the news right now. we're going to head back to the plaza to amy robach. i never got to skip school
8:05 am
like that. but if we could skip work like that. >> thanks so much. let's get a check of the weather from bill karins. >> hypoyou were doing a little "shake it up, baby." >> no, no, no, no whoo no "twist and shout?" >> what are you doing? >> what a goofy weather guy does. i wanted to see you do it, not me. you ladies are here for a special occasion. who are you here for? which special occasion is it? >> i turned 60 yesterday. year of the dragon. 1952. they flew in from california, texas, boston. >> good group of good-looking ladies. i'd love a rose. thank you so much. don't tell my wife as i give it to her. here's the weather. this month we've been talking more tornados than winter storms. we've actually had 73 tornadoes this month. that's the third highest total. these records don't go back that
8:06 am
far. it doesn't look like we have many big storms heading this way. what will february bring? everybody wants to know, will winter finally show up? it doesn't look like it. we're going to see temperatures that are near normal or above. there's going to be rain in the ohio valley or the kblaiks but february doesn't look like it's going to be starting off to se that are near normal or above. there's going to be rain in this ohio valley. that's a look at your national forecast. now, a look outside your window. good morning, your weather is off to a pleasant enough start. a look at the sky window. looking at downtown bethesda and chevy chase, there are extra clouds in the panhandle and blue ridge. we'll call it a mix of clouds in the sunshine state. the further south and east you go, more sunshine you get and further south and west,
8:07 am
>> all right. michelle, hannah, lynn darks all three birthdays in a row. here's a rose. let's send it back to lester. now to the draw plattic 911 calls made from demi moore's home the night she was rushed to the hospital. the heavily edited tapes revealed new insight into the individual's issues. >> reporter: the frantic call comes from demi moore's bever will i hills home. she's collapsed, suffering from seizure-like symptoms. with the ambulance on the way, the caller reveals what's happened to moore inside her home. >> she smoked something. it's not marijuana, but it's similar to it. it's similar to innocence. and she seems to be having convulsions of some sort. >> reporter: the call came monday night when moore gathered with a group of hollywood
8:08 am
friends. he her her 23-year-old daughter rumor is reported to have been home. >> okay. right now is she awake? >> yes. well, semi-conscious. >> reporter: authorities wouldn't release every detail of the 911 call. several sections were redacted, they say, to protect moore's privacy. >> what did she take? >> some form of a something. i really didn't see. she's been having issues lately with other stuff. >> reporter: in november moore announced her split with kutcher amid reports of his infidelity. during the 911 call kutcher was inin brazil, spotted at parties, tweeting of pictures, but said nothing of moore's trouble since returning to l.a. >> going through a divorce is very difficult, especially when the divorce is happening in a non-consensual way. the limelight magnifies that,
8:09 am
you know, brutally. >> reporter: moore is now out of the hospital. >> she's breathing fine. she's not convulsing. >> reporter: and is said to be focused on getting better. for today, misch gel >> charlotte trig trigs is a staff righter. let me start with you. we heard on the tape, one friend said there's been stuff recently and goes on to say we've all been finding out. have her friends been expressing prove lit concerns about her? >> demi's friends have been concerned for a while because of her prescription drug use. we're finding out that they're really concerns about her and just, you know, her current state of mind and her health in general. >> what do we know about where she is now? >> we think she's out of the hospital. she reportedly left the hospital on friday. you know, she's at home. her friending are talking her through this right now and
8:10 am
trying to convince her to potentially enter rehab. >> and the only thing that we know right now is she's been suffering from exhaustion, i think, is how her spokesperson puts it. this is not the first time she has sought some kind of treatment, is it? >> no. she sought help in the 1980s. acording to the daily news, she recently lost her aa sponsor in december. split with ashton in november, lot her sponsor in december. she's had a death of a relationship and a death of a loved one. >> let me ask charlotte about ashton kutcher. what has been the nature of their relationship since the split in terms of their contact. >> since the split they haven't been in contact very often. we have heard he has been reaching out to her here and there. sources about ashton says he's deeply concerned about her but they are split and they're moving on with their lives.
8:11 am
he can't be there for every crisis that happens and he was away on business. >> people have noticed she's looked a lot thin ner recent years. she's talked about the body image. is that the problem or a symptom of some deeper problem or struggle issues? >> i think it's both. i think it's difficult for someone like demi moore who has been noun for her beaut and fabulous figure to age in hollywood. i think dealing with the loss of this relationship with a significantly younger man hasn't helped matters. and she's probably thinking what is she going to do for the rest of her life. that's very tough for demi moore. >> hue about the children? >> rumor is very close with her mom. she was there when happened. i think rumor was probably helping her mom get her mind off of things, taking her mom out on the town. they were seen a few weeks before. that night they were having a dinner party. it was probably all fun. >> until it wasn't. >> exactly. >> i want to talk about her
8:12 am
career. at one point she kind of went off the radar in her career, but she's been back doing independent films. she was in "margin call." >> she got rave reviews. she directed "five, chts which is a "lifetime" movie. she's been doing a lot of work with haiti charities. she's been working. she's not the star she was in the '80s and '90s, but she's still relevant. this is not a complete setback in her career. it's not insurmountable. she's one meaty role away from a comeback. she's got to take care of her health. she's got a 23 and 27-year-old. she's got to be present emotionally and physically. she's one role away. the looks may fade and body may fade but if you're truly talented, the work doesn't go away. >> thank you. good to have you both here. coming up on "today," designer labels without designer prices. we'll tell you where to find
8:13 am
high-end fashion without the high cost. and tigers woods talks with jerry fawell and tips on how to say "i'm sorry," the right way, right after these messages. a premium roast coffee st od and a savory sausage mcmuffin for only a dollar each off mcdonald's dollar menu at breakfast, so... he has a certain... je ne sais quoi. unpack this one first. ♪ it doesn't matter where we are. when i'm here... i'm home. [ male announcer ] surround her with the strength of love's embrace from kay jewelers the number one jewelry store in america. ♪ every kiss begins with kay no, i wouldn't use that single miles credit card. nice ring. knock it off. ignore him. with the capital one venture card you earn... double miles on every purchase. [ sharon ] 3d is so real larry. i'm right here larry. if you're not earning double miles... you're settling for half. really? a plaid tie? what, are we in prep school?
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[ male announcer ] get the venture card at and earn double miles on every purchase every day. what's in your wallet? i was gonna say that. uh huh...
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[ laughs ] [ laughs ] [ laughs ] that's awesome. you can read that? ♪ [ female announcer ] the accufit digital system, exclusively at lenscrafters... is about 5 times more precise than manual measurement techniques. lenscrafters. consumer, designer fashion without the designer prices. now you can fill your closet with versace and vera wang without breaking the bank. janice lieberman is here with
8:16 am
more. this might be the favorite story of the day. >> i think so. this is what we care about. this is a growing trend. big box stores teaming up with designers. the price is right but it's still your hard-earned dollar, so what are you getting with that name. want your little ones to rock gwen stefani style? how about a wardrobe classy enough for the first lady? >> big design always starts with a sketch. >> or a bit of jessica simpson's sex appeal? from versace's bling at h & m to miss me sony. style lists help med navigate the trend at kohl's.
8:17 am
luch janne says polka dots on this laura conrad sweater is what you're paying for. >> it's not typically i something you'd find in kohl's. >> the style is there, but what about the quality? >> you're getting style comparable to the store you're shopping at. >> celebrity lines are all about capturing a persona. for 144 bucks, luciani turned me into an idol. >> sexy mama. >> when you think vera wang, you think glamorous couture wedding gowns, but eve she's bringing her signature chiffon to the mall. >> so bridal, so floral, so crepey. >> it's the business. vera wang's line is simply one of the big sellers. wang showed me some of the accessories she's working on due out next month. >> the trend for the very high
8:18 am
platform is to elongate the leg. >> wang says the mass market line is all about eve. >> it was a great opportunity to bring in things i really loved that i feel are the main stage of a woman's style. >> many of the other designer lines are limited releases only. shoppers going mad over missoni. the day target released misson, the websites crashed and the shoppers flood stores. >> jason woo, famous for dressing michelle obama, releases his collection, super bowl sunday. >> i look forward to seeing women wearing it all over the place. i think the girls will find the selection really wearable. >> no matter how big the name, always think before you buy. >> is this really a well made product? do i expect this to last a long time, and if i'm going to spend more money for a celebrity or designer product, is it worth
8:19 am
it? >> fun anyway. well, the guys out there don't have to feel left out. style lists are starting to catch on as well. marc anthony has a line at kohl's and david beckham is about to release a line of underwear at h & m, the ads airing on the super bowl, of course. >> can't some of these limited release sales backfire when there isn't enough product to keep up with the demand? >> it's so frustrating for you and i to get in there and get that missoni. but you know what? once you're in the store, you're in the store and they're heaping you see other things that grab your attention. >> it works for them, maybe not for us. janice, thanks so much. coming up, still ahead, when your fridge is on the fritz, should you fix it or replace it? we're going to tell you. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:20 am
8:21 am
8:22 am
so this week, lester, i understand you made the move from morning to daytime. >> a little daytime television. i was a guest on "the wendy williams show" this week. >> i think she has a little anchor crush on you. i'm just saying. here's a look. >> wow. aren't you svelte. >> how nice of you to say that. >> you have a nice figure. >> thank you. >> you've been around as a newsman for quite a few years, but we found a picture of you. i think this is from the '80s. >> that ain't right. oh, excellent. >> okay. you actually look handsome both ways. is this from the '80s? >> '80s or '90s. >> it kind of looks like tom selleck. >> i want to know why when i
8:23 am
walk in here -- >> wow, you look svelte. >> there's a lot of great energy on the show. >> she seemed excited to have you sitting there. >> it's fun but it's very intense. everything about the show is very intense. >> you're staying on mornings. >> although i like those hours better. 10:00, not bad. anyway, more to come on "today." we're going to talk about a real life "law and order" for a new york city tv anchor coming up. [ hermann ] there's always something that's going to have to be done by a certain date. you always have homework, okay? i don't have homework today. it's what's right here is what is most important to me. it's beautiful. ♪ ♪
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8:26 am
good morning, everyone. it's 8:26 on this saturday, january 28th, 2012. i'm angie goff. topping your news for today, crews will begin digging to recover a body found at the bottom of a well in fort washington, maryland. the body was discovered after police received an unanimous tip earlier this week. the process is expected to take a couple days. there's speculation the body belongs to lenny harris, an activist missing since september. occupy d.c. protesters have until noon monday to pack up or risk being arrested.
8:27 am
park police will start enforcing a law making it illegal to have camping gear and temporary structures at the protest site at the plaza and square. and notices were put out to notify them of the upcoming deadlines. two red line stations, woodley park and cleveland park are closed. shuttles are taking passengers between dupont circle and van ness. on the orange and blue lines, trains are single tracking between mcpherson square and smithsonian and single tracking between naylor road and branch avenue and only going between huntington and mt. vernon square. riders should use the green line riders should use the green line to complete their trip oh, i see. a throne for the tv... room for movies... your workout gear... non-stop football... it's a man cave!
8:28 am
the boys next door will never leave. who says we want them to?
8:29 am
good saturday morning for you. we have clouds across the area and plenty of sunshine across fredericksburg. your temperatures right now. 35 in washington, 32, frederick, maryland, 31 in martinsburg, west virginia, 31 in maryland. a mix of clouds and sunshine. more clouds the further north you go in the high spots of west
8:30 am
virginia and the blue ridge. plenty of sunshine along the i-4 corridor. plenty of sunshine around and may be sprinkles tomorrow afternoon. at least 85% of your weekend will be we are back on this saturday morning, january 28th, 2012. we have a great crowd out with us on our plaza. we want to thank them for coming out on this regular actively mild january day o. outside on the plaza, i'm amy robach along with lester holt. coming up in this half hour, a new york city tv anchor is charged with sexual assault. >> to complicate things he's the son of the new york city police commissioner. there's twists and turns and we're going to have all that coming up. the best way to say "i'm sorry." tiger woods held a news conference to apologize.
8:31 am
jerry fawell cried on camera. would a few words on facebook suffice these days? we're going to ask the experts about the art of an apology. >> i kind of miss "my bad." that was out for a while. from your vacuum cleaner to your washing machine, when should you fix your appliances and when should you get rid of them? we're going to tell you the cost you should be factoring into the decision. before we get though that, let's get a check of the weather on the plaza with bill karins. >> i have something that's going to blow your mind. i haven't gotten over this either. what's your name? >> tristen. you're going to visit your great grandmother. how old is she? >> 110. >> what did you say? >> i am going to new york city. you can say hi to your grandmother too. is this your brother?
8:32 am
is your brother embarrassing you? does your brother embarrass you? >> not really. >> that's very sweet of you. you say hi to grandma. you have fun today. good morning, everyone. let's talk about the forecast out here. santa ana winds will continue to be very gusty in southern california. this is about as nice and peaceful a weekend as we have ever seen as far as this time of year goes. the pacific northwest, you're not going to have nice weather. overall i'd say about 95% of us are going to in the pacific northwest, you won't have a great day. almost frigid conditions in the northern plains and most of us will have a nice winter weekend. good saturday morning. i'm here with live pictures from the camera and there is sunlight splashing off the white house this morning. there are clouds the further north you go, martinsburg, virginia, cloudy and 31 degrees and 31 degrees in fairfax. forecast today, mix of clouds
8:33 am
and sunshine. breezy at that's a look at your mild weekend forecast. of course it's going to be a high of 31. we don't want to forget our friends there. back to you. >> too bad for them. thank you. more questions have been raised about a woman's rape claims against new york city news anchor greg kel where who also happens to be the son of the city's police commissioner. investigators continue do police interviews and so far there's state little everyday to support criminal charges against greg kelly. wnbc's chief investigative reporter jonathan dietz has the latest. >> reporter: the police commissioner made his first public appearance since the rape allegations first surfaced against his son, local tv anchor man greg kelly. he declined to discuss any aspect of the investigation. >> all those question s aren't going to happen. >> reporter: the nypd stepped
8:34 am
aside to avoid a conflict where they investigate the police commissioner's son. his office, no stranger to high-profile cases. they brought and dropped sex charged against dominic strauss-kahn just last year. new york city mayor michael bloomberg said the d.a. will follow it. >> there's always going to be high-profile complicated cases. there's always going to be second-guessing. he's tough enough to focus on the job. >> reporter: sources close to the investigation say there are questions. even some confusion about the woman's accounts, that after a night out drinking with kelly, they went back to a law office where she works and was then raped. she then waited three months before reporting the incident to police. kelly denies any wrong-doing saying what happened was consensual, and sources familiar with the case say the two exchanged friendly text messages after their night out in october.
8:35 am
>> apparently they've been described as leavi flirtatious messages. if there's no evidence and you have text messages on top of this, it's very unlikely they'll bring charges against greg kelly. >> he's taken time off from work. his dad the police commissioner was asked how he was holding up with his son the subject of an investigation. >> i respect that question but i'm not going to answer it. >> reporter: for today, jonathan deetsz, dietz, nbc news new york. >> joining us sunny hostin and p.r. representative. good morning to both of you. it's interesting because these text messages exist between greg kelly and his accuser. what are investigators are going to be looking for in those messages specifically? >> i mean they're going to be looking for basically an cofegs because that's what they would need in a case like this. this is an alleged acquaintance
8:36 am
rape. in a case like that it's he said/she said. you've got a late report, no rape kit, no corroborating evidence, no photos of injuries. so all you have is her word. you need more as a prosecutor. so they're looking for more. and my understanding is at this point they just don't have it. >> and, sunny, speaking to the late report, three, four months from when the alleged rape took place to when she reports it. it's a big red flag. >> it is. i tried sex rape. that was my specialty. there are reasons why women don't come forward. sometimes they're afraid. sometimes they've been threatened by their rapist. so you can try these cases but given all the circumstances of this particular case, it is just doesn't sound right. >> and marvet, this is an interesting case for a couple of reasons. greg kelly is a well known
8:37 am
television anchor here in new york city and he also happens to be the son of a very famous police commissioner here in new york. how could that affect the investigation? could it affect the investigation? >> it will always affect the investigation because there are high-profile figures involved, so they definitely have to be sensitive and be very careful not to rush to judgment. so i would imagine that the sensitivity involved will definitely, you know, ensure that everyone is meticulously handling this case. but i would imagine that, you know, we just went through this with esk. they're going to be very careful to make sure all the facts line up before they rush to any sort of judgment. >> sunny, let's talk about dominic strauss-kahn. the d.a.'s office was involved in the case. it was very embarrassing. they had to retract and take away some of those charging, a very milk cause because of the credit sh credibility of the alleged victims. will they act differently because of actions learned from
8:38 am
that case? >> you learn from every case as a prosecutor. let me say this. we're talking about the manhattan d.a. sex crimes division. they're probably the best prosecutors in type of case. in that case, they had special circumstances but i can't imagine that they aren't smarting a bit from it and that they haven't lender from that because when you drop charges in a case like that, it has a chilling effect. it's very difficult for women who have been raped to come forward. and so, you know, thing that case in particular did have a chilling effect because i've spoken to many of my prosecutor friends and less women are coming forward in part because of situations like that. so i think there's no question that they are investigating this with every sex crime, of course. every sexual allegation needs to be invest gated. people need to have the right to have this sort of thing invest gated. >> absolutely. on the other hand, someone like greg kelly, if he is exonerated. if charges are never filed, do
8:39 am
public figures ever really go back to the way things were? i mean how does it affect their image? >> they can go back to the way things were, but unfortunately this always be part of his dna. he'll always be someone they question. it makes front page news when it's the news story, but when it goes away, if it goes away, no one will really think about it, read about it, or really care. >> just remember he was accused. >> exactly. coming up next, how to say "i'm sorry." is it okay to apologize by writing it on facebook or twitter. i say no. or do you need to say it face to a face? i say yes. first these messages. and what that feels like. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva helps control my copd symptoms... by keeping my airways open a full 24 hours. plus, it reduces copd flare-ups.
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8:41 am
as long as people have been talking they've been apologizing. how do you say "i'm sorry," so it means something? >> we've taken this question to the street for a little advice. be sincere. >> i think you really have to say it from the heart and really feel it, not just say what's expected but really what's inside. >> i think it's very important to learn from your mistakes because if you apologize and you keep repeating it, you -- honestly you're not sorry about it. >> reporter: in tiger woods' famous mea culpa he spoke slowly and solemnly and from the heart. >> i'm deeply responsible for my irsfonl and selfish behavior i engaged in. >> reporter: get emotional. >> he's on his knees begging for forgiveness. >> tears is possible. i've about had lots of practice. >> reporter: the king of
8:42 am
emotional apologies, jimmy swaggart. i have sinned against you, my lord. i am sorry. >> reporter: make it memorable. >> i would apologize in a victoria's secret red lace outf outfit. >> when we mess up, we take our girlfriends shopping. >> reporter: on "saturday night live" miley cyrus put her apology to song tongue and cheek. ♪ i'm really sorry i'm not perfect". >> reporter: and finish with a hug. >> hair yet coal is a "today" contributor and etiquette expert. i feel like i should say i'm sorry. i don't know why. >> sorry to wake you up on a
8:43 am
saturday morning. hair yet, in all seriousness, how can you tell if it's a quick "hey, i'm sorry," or you've got go in depth. >> if it's small and you immediately apologize, it's good. apologizing is good. when you do something wrong, as soon as possible, in person, apologize that you did it. >> gayle, in watching think we have different expectations. >> you can't say it across the board "for everyone. but overall women are often more comfortable apologizing because for them it means connection, maintaining a relationship or friendship. for men it's humiliating, shameless. to do it they don't want to because it makes them more uncomfortable. >> attaching an excuse with it -- >> that's not an apologize. i apologize but, really, you did something.
8:44 am
that's why this happened. >> by the way, that's not just men who do that. >> that's completely true. >> if you hadn't done that, i would nltd have done this. >> you can't have qualifiers to your apology. >> put a period on the end of it. >> what about a work force apology. say you did something and you lost a klein and it affected an entire group of people? can you say id to the group or go up to each person? >> start with the group. it's much more difficult and daunting to speak to the whole group and say, look, this is what i did, this is what happened, i'm sincere le happen and here's what i hope we can do to make amends and then you may talk to each person individually but i think you do the individual talks after. >> here's an individual question. we're in a social network society where we communicate a lot through e-mail, facebook and twitter. can you apologize through there? >> my opinion, never. that is not a communication. those are public statements and they have nothing to do with
8:45 am
connections, with intymycy, with maintaining relationship. you lose body language, facial expression, intoe nation, and actually i think you can infuriate someone even more. >> and you're losing sincerity because you're making a public show of it. >> a lot of people have huge facebook followers and twitter communities. if you did something that was public, then you -- think you should say something one on one to the individual bus if there's thousands of people you've offended for some reason through your social media -- >> we ev've seen that before. >> for real people. most don't have thousands of twitter followers. >> maybe in their mind they do. >> one on one is better. >> for most relationships, pick up the phone if you can't do it in person, but don't do it in a text. >> yeah. it's like the e-mail breaking up. you don't do that because it's hor snoobl that's another segment. >> here's another one and i've
8:46 am
actually had personal experience with this one. what if you forget a significant other's birthday or anniversary, how do you say you're sorry and get in their good graces. >> after fighting? >> after fighting in the closet? if you realize it, you immediately say i cannot believe that i forgot. admit you forgot. i'm so sorry i forgot and you make up by doing something that you believe that person would like but not overdoing it. overdoing it makes it seem worse. >> we should point out that amy's birthday is next week. so -- >> and my anniversary is the same day. >> well, that's good for you. that makes it easy for you to remember. >> you'd think, right? >> are you registered anywhere? should we know? up nechkt broken appliances, when should you fix it and when should you ditch it? answers from the experts next. but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
whether the fridge is on the fritz or the washing machine has gone capoot, a broken appliance can put a big accident in your wallet and the big question is it cheaper to fix it or replace it all together. supery is deputy editor of "shopsmart" magazine and she's here to answer all of your question. good morning. >> good morning. >> when your appliance breaks and the manufacturer's warranty has expired do you call a mandy man? >> you make sure he knows his way around appliances. get word of mouth recommendations, ask if they belong to the certified trade group. but there's a reason that you might want to go with the manufacturer's authorized technicians. they know their way around that appliance. they also know about the repairs of that appliance. and they also have access to proprietary parts. but, you know, before you go with anybody, always get an
8:50 am
estimate first. >> exactly. and we say follow the 50% rule. if the cost of the repair is going to be over 50% of what it's going to cost you to buy a new appliance, buy the new appliance. >> right. that makes sense. let's talk washing machines. we've got the front loader versus the top loader. they're more energy-efficient but more brown to having problem. >> this is the cull writ right here. the rubber gasket. what happens is moisture building up and what can happen is mould and mildew can collect in here and you'll have to replace that gasket. so that's -- but, you know, there's an easy fix to keep the repair guy away. wipe it dry after you wash, keep the door a little bit ajar. keep it aired out, and the moisture can't build up. so you can keep the repair guy away. >> that's always good news. and these guys are usually good in terms of repairs? >> yes. these are among the simplest of machines to repair. any of the appliances can be between one to three years old is young so it's always worth
8:51 am
fixing your appliance between one and three years old. >> good information. let's move on to the vacuum cleaners, the yub rite and the canister models. what tends to be the biggest problem? >> when you lose the suction. a lot of people think it's when you change the bag. it's the filter. both of these machines have a filter and you can have a clogged filter and that's an easy dui fix. it costs about $10 to fix yourself. it can cost up to $60 to replace yourself. >> more than that, replace the thing. >> these are expensive. you want to hold onto these as long as you can. even six to eight years old, you can still consider it. this one, it's cheaper to buy. four to six years. if it's going on the fritz, you may want to trade it in. >> let's go to refrigerators. what typically i goes wrong with them? >> on the side-by-side it is this.
8:52 am
the ice dispenser "water dispenser that goes right through the door. this is the little gadget in this that breaks down, not the fridge itself. these are twice as repair-prone, side-by-sides as the bottom and top-mount freezers. >> you say nine years? >> it's an extensive investment. you want to hold onto it as long as you can. one to five years, definitely getting it fixed. five to eight years you may still want to get it fixed. >> i always want to ask. are extended warranties worth it? >> no. they typically never break down. don't buy it. >> i feel good about saying no. thank you, sue. we're back, but first these messages. i'm proud to be a healthcare professional with va. our work truly fulfills america's promise to take care of our veterans, and that's rewarding. i can use my current license to work for va anywhere in the u.s.
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8:55 am
tomorrow, what they use to convict a killer. nbc sports are teaminging up with the hl and national science foundation to release science of nhl hockey it's video series that looks at the fattest game on the ice. you can learn a lots about it at thanks for joining us, everyone. we'll see you back here tomorrow. have a great day. and have a gr.
8:56 am
good morning. i'm chris gordon. >> i'm angie goff.
8:57 am
straight ahead, recovery crews hope to excavate a body from a prince george's county well, who authorities believe the body may be. >> life in prison without parole for the women, convicted of killing her co-worker inside the bethesda yoga store where they both work. i'll talk one-on-one with the victim's father, david murray, what he thinks of the sentence. about to be booted. why occupy protesters days in parks, they may be numbered. the winter of discontent? i don't know how discontented you might be. it's awfully mild. and we'll join you with new
8:58 am
8:59 am
minutes. >> see you then. a body found in prince george's county well. we're learning authorities may have a hunch who it may be. good morning. i'm angie goff. >> i'm chris gordon. welcome to news for today. this saturday, january 28th. as we speak, crews are working on recovering that body. excavation crews started digging


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