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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  February 7, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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and there are bigger changes for your weekend. >> we've seen a lot of spring like weather so far this winter, a lot of people asking when are we going to see some kind of winter weather? i think we're going to get a taste during the day tomorrow with some snow, and then a big taste coming up this weekend. 50 degrees the current temperature out there right now with windses out of the north at nine miles per hour. a nice evening right now, we're looking at mostly clear skies across the area. 46 in gaithersburg, 46 in frederick. temperatures are going to fall off, and we're going to start to see some rain and snow move in. you have to go way unite to the west. and we're talking about out toward st. louis before you start to pick up on some of that rain and snow that's moving in. it will affect your day tomorrow. we're expecting accumulation, and i am expecting some of the coldest temperatures this winter this weekend. we'll talk about it in my forecast coming up. >> some d.c. officials are a
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little more than upset today as they learn more about a fraud case. dozens of employees are being investigated for collecting unemployment checks and a city paycheck at the same time. pat collins is at the office of the attorney general now with more on this. pat? >> it's not right to collect a city paycheck and unemployment money at the same time. tonight the attorney general speaks out about this double dipping. >> i think it's pretty disturbing that people particularly in certain positions like people in the education of public school or the office of state superintendent of education would not have good enough sense not to be double dipping in this way and taking -- this could be in some cases fraud, and that's quite inappropriate. >> outrage at the wilson building as news of this unemployment scam spreads. >> something is troubling and we'll get to the bottom of it,
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because it's outrageous and unacceptable. >> an investigation by the department of employment services revealed that 130 city workers received unemployment checks at the same time they were on the city payroll. the scam has been going on for at least three years, more than $800,000 lost in this extreme. >> i don't know that it's collusion but i do know that if somebody tells one person, you know, you can still keep collecting those checks, you don't actually have to be in a full blown conspiracy or colluding but word might spread there may be a way to scam the government. >> obviously, a loophole, a very big loophole? >> right, whatever it is, we're closing. >> reporter: the hammer, the department of employment services has turned over workers names. the numbers and all the evidence to the attorney general.
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he then will decide what cases to refer to the u.s. attorney. >> i think the message is, we're not going to tolerate this. and we are going to get the money back, call people out and in appropriate cases send it for criminal prosecution. >> reporter: now, we've been trying to collect the names of people involved in this double dipping. so far we know that one employee worked for council chairman kwame brown. that employee and the other double dippers on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. live in northwest i'm pat collins, news 4. >> thanks, pat. there's a leadership shake-up at the susan g. komen foundation, the breast cancer charity is losing a high ranking official. she turned in her resignation letter today just days over a highly publicized dispute
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whether the foundation should send funding to planned parenthood. she supported the defunding of planned parenthood. she denounced planned patienthood when she ran for governor of georgia. they're trying to select a jury now in the george hughley murder trial in charlottesville, virginia. opening statements could begin tomorrow morning in the case. julgly carrie is at the courthouse where several rows were filled with family and friends of the victim. her name is yeardley love. >> jury selection stretched into the night yesterday and it looks like we're headed down that pathogen today as the defense and prosecution both struggled to find jurors who haven't already judged george hughley. there were high hopes the jury box would be filled and opening statements could be filed. the painstaking process of finding 15 impartial jurors stretched through a second day.
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the 24-year-old faces six charges including first degree murder in the may 2010 death of yeardley love. the incident has drawn national attention since the start and once again, prospective jurors told the court they made up their minds when they first heard of the case, that george hughley is guilty. each time those jurors are dismissed. >> it seems people are saying i was influenced by the media. any time they say that, the commonwealth is acquiescing for understandable reasons in the motion to strike that juror for cause. >> reporter: jonathan shapiro has handled some of northern virginia's high profile cases. he brought some of his law students to court to watch and says he's impressed with the care being taken in selecting jurors. >> i was struck at how easily the commonwealth seems to agree with any claim by the defense that a jury could be biassed and they don't want to fool around
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with that possibility. there's no need to ruin the case. there's plenty of jurors to pick from. >> the second day brought more friends and family to court. love's mother and sisters were joined by other family members and close friends. the other side, george hughley with a blank expression on his face through it all. attorneys realized a husband and wife married 45 years were in the same jury group. the wife was initially accepted as a potential juror but later dismissed when her husband said he had discussed his opinions to her about the case. now to prince georges county, two murder scenes just a few blocks apart in new carollton, police are trying to figure out if these crimes are connected. 16-year-old christopher smith was found along 85th avenue overnight, he had been shot on the way to the scene.
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the ambulance came across another body near garrison road and 78th avenue. that victim was shot while riding a bike. police identified him as 23-year-old alfonso thompson, jr. so far, nobody arrested in either indication. two police officers in prince georges county have been suspended after a police involved shooting in brentwood with earlier this month. surveillance video in the scene does not support the earlier version. news 4's darcie spencer reports. >> i was able to see that surveillance video. it clearly shows the suspect walking down the sidewalk. two officers approached from behind. one officer reaches around his waist area and strikes a suspect on the head. at that point you see a flash. the video was taken by this surveillance camera outside parkinson construction in brentwood. it shows the suspect walking, two officers approach, and then one of the officers strikes a suspect, 19-year-old ryan dorm in the head. you see a flash and the suspect
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goes down. dorm told his attorney the officer hit him with his gun and it went off. >> my client tells me he didn't commit any crimes, that he was assaulted. he was not resisting any type of arrest. he complied. he was hit with a gun in the back of the head, the gun went off, and he was beat in his back. >> the officer has been identified as a 13-year veteran of the force. it all started friday night, taylor said he saw two men enter this lowest prices gas station on rhode island avenue with masks on. fearing was a robbery. he and another i've investigated. they claim dorm ran out of the store, they caught up with him a few blocks away. dorm tried to grab his gun, but that video tells a different story. >> it was immediately determined by the police department this needed to go to the state's attorney's office. >> reporter: a friend of dorms who didn't want to be identified said he did nothing wrong.
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>> all he did was walk to the gas station, get a soda and chips or whatever he needed to get from the store. and the police squad is always around here harassing us, everywhere we go. >> the charges relating to the assault that corporal taylor had been dropped. dorm remains in jail on a $15,000 bond. he's facing additional charges related to that incident. in oxon hill, darcie spencer, news 4. nobody was hit by the gunfire when the officer's weapon fired. vincent gray will deliver his annual state of the district speech tonight. he's expected to deliver that address at 7:00. at that time they say he'll lay out his agenda and priorities for the year. we'll also find out tonight whether firefighters will take any action to protest the changes being made bit fire department. more on that speech in our broadcast tonight on news 4 at 11:00. coming up next at 6:00, mitt romney has momentum going into
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tonight's gop contest. and he's taking aim at a new target. the next phase of the metro/dulles project moving forward. it's creating delays for drivers and it's not over yet. why was an anti-gay letter sent home with students last week. we'll hear from the school superintendent ahead. i'm chris gordon, i'll have the report and reaction. you could be forced to pay more the next time you buy something online. the caps getting ready for a fight with florida here at verizon center tonight. wall, a wonder for the wiz and it is a hero's welcome for the super bowl champion, new york giants in
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this is the first time so far in the republican presidential race that more than one state had a primary or caucus on the same day. today voters are going to the polls in minnesota, missouri and colorado. as they vote, the candidates are arguing over a new issue. it involves the new health care law and birth control. steve handlesman has our report. >> rick santorum figures this could be the start of a comeback. >> if you're looking at the polls today could be a very good
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day for the conservatives among us. >> reporter: today's voting is already underway. santorum's catholic social conservatism helped him win iowa, now he has a perfect issue. the new rule by the obama department of hhs requiring religiously affiliating employers like catholic colleges and hospitals next year to pay for birth control as part of health care coverage. gop front-runner mitt romney jumped in. >> this kind of assault on religion will end if i'm president of the united states. >> reporter: newt gingrich accused his rival of hypocrisy. >> governor romney insisted that catholic hospitals give out abortion pills against their religious belief when he was governor. >> team obama clicked on damage control. >> we're going to continue to work with religious groups to try to allay their concerns. as we implement a policy to
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provide this coverage to women across the country. >> reporter: back on the trail, gingrich is struggling, hammered by 16 million in negative ads by romney's super pac. president obama opposed super pacs until he flip-flopped last night, urging democrats to pump cash into his. ron paul, santorum, gingrich and romney compete to take the president on. >> this could be a late night nail biter as the caucus results come in from colorado and minnesota. the primary in missouri is nonbinding. steve handlesman, news 4. the maryland state senate is considering a new measure to expand casino gambling in the state. the measure would allow table games like black jack, roulette and poker. right now only slot machines are allowed. the bill would make it possible to build a sixth casino in prince georges county either at national harbor on the waterfront or rose croft raceway
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in washington. donald trump is getting ready to convert a d.c. building into a luxury hotel. the old post office pavilion started business in 1895. right now it houses a food court and shops. trump is planning to bring in 250 upscale hotel rooms, restaurants, a spa and conference facilities while preserving its history. looks like we have some winter weather finally coming our way zm. >> finally. finally, and we've scoffed at the winter weather we've seen thus far. this weekend i think serious winter weather -- i think tomorrow some of us will get snow once again across the area. it's going to be the same people that saw snow the other day. we're talking about 1 to 2 inches of snow for the most part. south and east mostly a rain event for you. take a look at this stat.
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as we look outside now, just a gorgeous night tonight. a full moon as you walk out the door last evening. the moon rising at 5:44 earlier this evening. we talk about the mild winter, how about this stat. 68 degrees was the high. the 28th day we've been at 54 degrees or higher this winter. this is almost an entire month at 55 degrees or better, that's how warm we've been. an incredibly warm winter, it's time to actually see what winter can bring us. 50 degrees, winds out of the north at about nine miles per hour, that's dropping temperatures, 43 in frederick. 50 in culpepper and 52 in fredericksburg. highs today close to 60 degrees. storm 4 ray dwdarradar, nothing you. this kind of tells the tale, we have a cold front moving from boston all the way back down through the pittsburgh area. that's where the colder air is.
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the colder air moving on down, we're moving on through overnight tonight. we have a storm system toward the st. louis area, the storm moves in after the cold air moves in. it will bring enough cold air that most of us will see snow from this during the day tomorrow. 50 here, only 36 in state college. 38 in pittsburgh, 40 in morgantown, you can see that colder air. we'll continue to move on down across the area tonight. that's why most of us should start out seeing snow north and west of i-95. here we are tomorrow morning. do not expect any cancellations of any schools. tomorrow afternoon, around 12:30, here we go, north and west. this is where we expect the snow to come in, this is where it may remain all snow. frederick, westminster, gaithersburg, leesburg
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winchester. if you live south and east of i-95, including all of southern maryland, this should mostly be a rain event for you. north and west, montgomery county, prince william and falkeer this will be a snow event for you. it goes right on through the 10:00, 11:00 hour tomorrow night. even you folks in southern maryland may end with some snow. let's talk about how much we're expecting, down to the south as we talked about, mostly rain here, not really a factor, one to two inches along the i-95 corridor to the west, and then two inches plus, including the west virginia panhandle over toward frederick and back toward western louden county. i'll show you what's happening around the metro area. southeast d.c., northeast d.c., i think you'll be sitting in rain, a switch over to snow late. that includes buoy, crofton, annapolis. back toward resten, one to two inches here for you in rockville
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and bethesda. to the west, leesburg and mt. airy, you're talking about two inches near you. this evening, a nice evening, you already knew about that, it is simply gorgeous out there. you'll notice the colder air coming in here, 35 for a low tonight. there's the mixed precipitation. 44 on thursday, 50 on friday. you go, we're rebounding, right? saturday, sunday and monday, highs only in the 30s, and we could see some light snow on saturday. it will not amount to much, but saturday is going to be cold. we're talking windchills, upper teens, lower 20s all day long. get ready, get out the coats, we haven't needed them. >> you're sure there's no chance of us affecting schools tomorrow. >> i'm sure. >> just checking. all right. thanks, doug. still ahead on news 4 at 6:00 a sex scandal is rocking the las vegas school system. tonight two teachers face charges. why is the entire staff being
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replaced? >> new details about what >> new details about what happened moments before
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america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering. there are more gruesome details coming to light about a fiery murder/suicide in washington state. josh powell not only said the
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blaze, but that his two young sons suffered far worse at the hands of their father. stephanie stanton reports. >> reporter: when police removed the bodies of josh and his two young sons from the burned out home. investigators found a hatchet at the scene. preliminary autopsy results revealed that powell and the boys died from smoke inhalation. the boys also suffered hatchet wounds to the head and neck. >> this was something evil, let's not refer to this, please, in public as a tragedy. this was not a tragedy, this was a horrible murder of two little kids. >> reporter: a carefully planned murder, police say in which powell used ten gallons of gasoline to soak the home. he also got rid of the boys toys. >> he had taken boxes of toys and books and donated them to the goodwill sometime over the weekend. this is a deliberate, planned out event. >> reporter: neighbors left flowers and stuffed stois at the scene of a deadly fire.
6:25 pm
the boys grandparents who had been locked in a bitter custody battle with josh powell said they feared josh may harm the children. >> i was concerned how this first visitation would go. >> reporter: it's been a two-year ordeal in the search for their daughter. police labelled josh a person of interest in susan's disappearance. he was never charged. utah investigators have joined washington authorities and say they were getting closer to solving the case. >> we had to turn over every rock to be able to get as far as we got. and i'm optimistic, i promised the coxs i wasn't giving up, i'm still not, we want some closure here. >> reporter: the cox family believes her daughter isn't coming home, now her boys are gone too. >> we know that the children are with their mother and they're safe. >> reporter: stephanie stanton, nbc news, graham, washington. in california, the entire staff at an elementary school in
6:26 pm
los angeles is going to believe replaced after two teachers were arrested on charges of child sex abuse. administrators decided to pull more than 150 staff members from the school. they decided that last night while the investigation is underway. that move is an attempt to restore confidence in the school system. police arrested two veteran teachers last week amid abuse allegations from the students. when the kids go back to class on thursday there will be a new staff in place along with social workers in every classroom. coming up on news 4, controversial flyers sent home with thousands of local students tonight. the superintendent of montgomery county schools fires back after anti-gay pamphlets were handed out. construction on metro's new silver line could create trouble for drivers in northern virginia over the next few days.
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the wizards get a rare win, but not without an embarrassing moment for one of their starters. the terps try to tame the tigers and here at the verizon
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jury selection continues for a second day in charlottesville. that's in the trial of a former
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uva lacrosse player accused of murder. if the jury selection wraps up tonight, opening statements could start tomorrow morning. the suspect is george hughley, he's charged with beating to death his ex-girlfriend a woman named yeardley love in 2010. >> two police officers in prince georges county have been suspended after an investigation of a police involved shooting last week. one officer fired his weapon after the suspect reached for the gun. surveillance video does not support their account of what happened. the new evidence has been turned over to the state's attorneys office. a highly publicized dispute over plans to cut funding to planned parent hood, the vp stepped down. she supported plans to cut off funding and said she was
6:31 pm
disappointing the organization reversed its decision. here's doug now with the forecast. a beautiful day out there today. plenty of sunshine, highs in the mid to upper 50s. things are changing out there. look at this, a beautiful shot of the moon. we call this the hunger moon right over the potomac river. right now, it's a gorgeous shot. hungry for winter weather. we have some winter weather, take a look at this. this is our future weather forecast at 12:30 tomorrow. that's all snow just about to the west of washington, we will see that snow move on in here, i'll give you the latest prediction of just how much you can expect and when you can expect it coming up in 10 to 15 minutes. anger is growing over a pamphlet sent home to thousands of local students. a pamphlet that says gays can seek help to overcome their feelings. >> why despite the
6:32 pm
superintendent's disapproval they had to go out. >> reporter: a twitter question read by the board of education. >> recently a flyer was distributed to schools across the county, the person wanted to know why mcps would support allowing flyers being sent around. >> i find it to be reprehensible and deplorable and we're bound by law to enable the distribution of them unless we cut off all flyers. >> reporter: montgomery county schools are required to distribute the pfox pamphlet if it sendses home others from the boy scouts and the pta. the pamphlet says ex-gays
6:33 pm
demonstrate that those with with same sex attractions can seek help and information on overcoming their feelings. some students object to the message. >> i think it's a heinous display of ignorance. i was really offended by it. >> after the student town hall, i asked school superintendent dr. joshua starr what he intends to do with the letters. >> there's only so much we can do as a school system. there are ways we can help folks understanded issues. >> reporter: the pamphlet for students is meant to provide diversity for the gay community and tolerance. >> pfox promotes tolerance for gays and ex-gays. the problem is the school promotes tolerance for gaze but intolerance for ex-gays. >> reporter: for now, they will comply with the law and distribute pamphlets as it is required to do. in montgomery county, chris gordon, news 4. a former maryland school bus
6:34 pm
driver pleads guilty to child porn charges. 29-year-old scott smallwood left his cell phone memory card on a convenience store counter in clinton in march of 2010 about someone found the card and discovered it had images of a man sexually abusing a child. investigators identified smallwood and a 7-year-old boy in the pictures. at the time he drove a school bus with elementary school children. he's facing up to 60 years in prison. a family in ft. washington maryland is recovering from carbon monoxide poisoning. a father took a 6-year-old son to the hospital last night, after he suddenly fell at their home. doctors discovers high levels of carbon monoxide in his blood. that's when the father called home but nobody answered the phone. firefighters were then called out and found five family members unconscious when they got there. >> my uncle called right away, he called another one of my
6:35 pm
uncles and told him, come get everyone out. because the gas is all over the house. they're all safe, they're all good. i just talked to their doctor. they're all safe, that's the most important thing. >> a faulty natural gas furnace may be to blame. a bus caught fire today creating delays during rush hour. a viewer captured this cell phone video. no word on how the ride-on bus caught fire. the driver was the only person on board at the time. and was not injured in the fire. heads up if you're traveling through fairfax county tomorrow. you may run into afternoon traffic delays, crews are bringing big equipment from winchester to the tysons area for part of the dulles road project. it will mean rolling blockades. these traffic delays are actually a sign of progress. >> it's a sight to see.
6:36 pm
the mess of dulles rail metro project known as the silver line rising up along route 7 in tysons corner. >> it's progress. it will be great to have metro run out to the airport. >> it's great, we need it, obviously. >> just this morning, drivers were dealing with delays and slowdowns. >> it along with other elements helped provide the train throughout the area. >> reporter: at one point the project was months behind schedule, but now it's back on track. extending metro rail service from east falls church to resten. >> it's amazing, it's going to improve the whole area. >> reporter: back at the power substation, components are being put into place. >> this has to come before the rail can come through obviously.
6:37 pm
we have the stations coming out of the grounds, we're starting to look visible. >> reporter: the dulles rail project is now over 60% complete. and is skijs scheduled to be up running in 18 months. in tyson, jane watrell news 4. a fight over the alexandria waterfront has taken another turn. last month the alexandria city council voted in favor of a waterfront development plan. opponents of that plan today said they'll ask the alexandria court to overturn the counsel's vote. more than 200 property owners signed a petition protesting the plan that would allow hotels and other high density development along the waterfront. they argue the city ignored their petition and the vote was not properly conducted. trying to customer back on salt? you may want to skip the dinner rolls. the ten foods that account for nearly half of the sodium in the american diet.
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good afternoon, everybody.
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veronica johnson is right over there. out there right now, 50 degrees, the current temperature. we are looking at mostly clear excise around the area. a few high clouds starting to move on in, you can see the full moon, a beautiful night tonight. temperatures have been so nice and warm, but they're not going to be that way when you wake up. 36 in washington, 31 in frederick. tomorrow afternoon they're not going to go up all that much. we'll see clouds on the increase tomorrow, snow to the north and west of washington, and this is going to be an accumulating snow. south and east, this should mostly be rain. down toward fredericksburg and southern maryland. here's what to expect during the day tomorrow, snow developing between 11:00 and 3:00 p.m. across much of the area. areas of moderate snow and low visibility. mostly rain to the south and east where it could end as snow. i don't expect any accumulations south and east of washington. i expect one to two inches to the north and west. we'll talk more about this
6:42 pm
coming up tonight at 11:00. a bill that would force online retailers to checked sales tax in virginia. that bill would close a loophole that allows internet merchants such as amazon to avoid collecting virginia's 5% sales tax. that is what people pay when she shop in brick and mortar stores, it would boost virginia's treasury by hundreds of millions of dollars a year, it would do that by collecting a tax that's already on the books. neither amazon nor any other internet retailer spoke out against that bill. we're taking in over twice as much sold yum as we should be, and most of it is not commenting from the salt shaker. the cdc says much of our salt intake comes from eating out. the biggest culprits, things like lunch meats, pizza, fresh and processed poultry, soups, cheeseburgers, cheese, pasta and bread. to reduce the salt, the cdc
6:43 pm
suggests eating out less frequently and eating more fruits and vegetables. coming up tonight at 11:00, most children get strep throat at some time in their lives. doctors give them antibiotics, usually it goes away. some children are developing obsessive compulsive disorder. all of a sudden if may be the result of strep infection. find out the warning signs on our story tonight at 11:00. dan hellie is at the verizon cent center. >> it is a big night here, they're taking on the division leading florida panthers. the capitals are playing, the giants are celebrating with a ticker-tape parade right through the middle of manhattan. the wizards are not celebrating a championship, just a win, they are rare this year.
6:44 pm
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6:46 pm
dan's at the verizon center. a catchup game tonight. did i hear somewhere today that a team with as much talent as they have are are struggling to get into the playoffs? >> if the playoffs were today, the capitals would be sitting at home. you're right. they've struggled to find consistency this year, here's
6:47 pm
the weird thing about it. if they can beat the florida panthers tonight they're in first place in the division which would put them? third place in the conference. if they lose, they would continue to be in ninth place, which means they would not make the playoffs. the good news we have for you tonight, brooks has a banged up knee, probably going to play. he skated this morning, said he felt good. he was just out here skating in the pregame, he looked good. they said, unless he has a last minute change of heart, brooks will be playing tonight. capitals really haven't played well since the all-star break, even with alex ovechkin in the lineup. they're still without nick backstrom recovering from a concussion, they have not scored a power play goal in four games, the sense of urgency has arrived and now the capitals really need to play like it, they haven't won back to back games since mid january. >> i was just saying earlier that we can understand when you lose a game against a team like boston, who's a powerhouse, you're going to lose those games
6:48 pm
sometimes. a team like florida who's so close to us, these are games that are necessary for us to win. >> must wins at this time of the year is not a must win, it's definitely a big game. it's kind of -- those little things add up. you look at this as a big game. it's an important game. >> rashard lewis could miss tomorrow's game with knee soreness, the wizards 5-20, they need all the help they can get. they did win in overtime a thriller thanks to nick young and john wall who combined for 60 points. what a night for their back court. there was a night of ups and downs as usual. javale mcgee with a little brain lapse in this game. third quarter, this is embarrassing, he goes in, misses the shot. hustling back on defense. the problem is, the wizards
6:49 pm
still have the ball. javale get back here. you can see him looking at them like what are you doing? once he gets back, it's a botched alley-oop. mcgee finishes with just eight points in the game. as far as wall, he was getting big. a game high 31 points, and none of the buckets bigger than this one, late in the fourth, the wizards win it in overtime, 111-108. >> the coach talked to me about thing things, being aggressive on the offensive end. being aggressive looking to score. >> john led it with his -- both ends of the floor. pace of the game, he was incredible, all the way to the basket. that was as good a game that i've had with him that he's played. >> reporter: wizards and knicks tomorrow night on our favorite
6:50 pm
sports network, comcast sportsnet. can you check them out there. college hoops, maryland can really use a win, they've lost five out of their last six games tonight, trying to tame the clemson tigers, a team that's similar to them in terms of conference record. both teams 3-5 in the acc and seventh in the conference. mark ready for something, anything to go the terps way. >> it's no fun right now. i mean, it's no fun losing. if it's fun loses, you're in the wrong profession, and you're playing the wrong sport. it's no fun. i'm pretty sure they'll keep playing hard. you shouldn't -- you should still be full of confidence even though we're not winning. because you're playing better. you're competing. you're playing at a much higher level and you can keep that same aproduction, good things will happen for us. >> terps looking for a w tonight.
6:51 pm
it was a bittersweet moment watching that giants parade. sweet because it wasn't the cowboys, bitter because it wasn't the redskins. so i'm sure a lot of people had that same feeling today, nothing quite like a ticker-tape parade in manhattan, unless, of course, was down constitution avenue. the giants have one of the greatest mid season turnarounds in history and squeak into the playoffs at 9-7. only to win their second super bowl in five years. mayor bloomberg gave each member of the giants a key to the city, thousands as you can see were on hand for the celebration. >> we believe in every guy that's on this football team. offense, defense, special teams. obviously, we wouldn't be here today without your support. coming into that stadium every sunday 85,000 blue, red and white? why would you not love to play for these giants opinion. >> when we started the season
6:52 pm
6-2, we said, coach this is not tough enough, we need to lose four in a row, make this challenging. that's what we did, we got off to a 9-0 lead, we said, coach, this is too easy, we have to make it tougher. we have to lose the lead, make a fourth quarter comeback, sure enough, we did. and we made it possible. >> we got a ring. we got a ring! >> eli showing a little funny bone. you don't see that very often. and one interesting nugget about that parade, guys, it's supposedly injected $38 million into the new york city economy. so we have a parade here, maybe we can start building buildings, maybe a stadium. who knows. >> i was just going to say to both you guys, welcome back from your week in indianapolis, it will be great if you get to cover one with the redskins in it next time. >> we're looking forward to going to new orleans to cover a
6:53 pm
redskins super bowl, right? >> next year, they better hurry up. >> see you, dan. coming up next, a legal victory for supportsers of same sex marriage. for all your news, we invite to you follow nbc washington on facebook and
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we have an update tonight on the murder trial of the university of virginia lacrosse player. 28 potential jurors have now been selected. final jury selection will not happen tonight. the court will reconvene tomorrow morning shortly after 9:00. and after they select a jury, they will offer opening statements. george hughley of chevy chase, maryland has been charged with beating to death his ex-girlfriend yeardley love back in may of 2010. it is a monday umtdal day for supporters of same sex marriage. a federal appeals court has declared california's ban on gay marriage unconstitutional. the battle over proposition eight is not over. >> what two we want? >> equality. >> the crowds gathered outside the courthouse in san francisco and outside city hall in west hollywood, waiting for the
6:57 pm
court's big decision. >> we already knew in our hearts that proposition eight violates the law of love. to hear from the court that it violates the rule of the constitution is the greatest thing we could have hoped for. >> after a roller coaster ride of rallies and public pronouncements -- >> do you joseph take frank -- >> reporter: today a quiet e-mail release from the ninth circuit court of appeals in san francisco added another voice. speaking louder than all of them. a three-judge panel ruled prop eight's ban against same sex marriage is unconstitutional. >> very soon proposition eight will be gone forever. when that day comes, we can all celebrate a victory for freedom fairness and equality. >> this is an important step we're not at the end of the line yet. but i cannot overstate the importance of the decision today. >> the much anticipated appellate court decision takes
6:58 pm
the ongoing public debate and court battles over same sex marriage one step further down the aisle. >> i now pronounce you spouses for life. congratulations. >> today's decision does not end the debate prop 8 supporters vow to appeal. both sides agree, before same sex couples can legally say i do, it's likely the u.s. supreme court will have to say, you can. in los angeles, noelle walker, nbc news. coming up tonight, a developing story in miami, where six live gras nieds were just found in a building downtown. also, donald trump taking over the old post office pavilion, we'll find out what the deal will mean for business and entertainment downtown. as the new york giants got a parade in new york city. a lot of iraq war veterans are wondering when their turn will come coming up at 11:00. >> one more check on our weather? when is that snow going to
6:59 pm
start? probably around 10:00, 11:00 to the west. noon to the 1:00 area north and west of the city. it includes parts of louden county and western portions of montgomery county. mostly rain south and east. here's the next seven days showing you 44 on thursday, 50 on friday, and then cold this weekend. >> all right, thank you, doug. there's a dog named patton in texas, it's a leonburger. he's going to go to new york next week to compete in the westminster dog show. his prowess in the show ring is only part of what makes patton special. he's also a service dog for a woman with multiple sclerosis, balance issues and diabetes. patton is trained to push automatic door openers so the owner does not have to break stride when she passes through the door. when her blood sugar falls he


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