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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  February 10, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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groups. good evening, everyone. i'm doreen gentzler. >> i'm jim vanls. we begin tonight with the weather. parts of our region already under a winter weather advisory. temperatures are falling and there is a chance for rain. perhaps a bit of snow this weekend. doug kammerer is tracking it all. doug? >> that winter weather advisory, jim, affects portions of the area well to the north and west of washington talking about frederick county, the counties in through the western virginia panhandle, and out toward the west. this does not include the metro area but we are going to see at least some snow here. but the snow is not going to be the biggest factor. out there right now current temperatures at 44 degrees. under clear skies or rather cloudy skies. but calm winds at the current moment. temperatures around the region into the 30s. back to the west. 34 in martinsburg, west virginia. 39 frederick, maryland where we've seen a few snowflakes flying and a few rain drops around manassas and washington also over toward annapolis a little earlier. here is storm 4 radar showing moisture moving on in here. this moisture is going to move through in two swaths. one around the midnight hour tonight and then another one
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during the afternoon tomorrow and both of those could give us a little bit in the way of some accumulating snowfall. we'll continue to watch that for you as it moves on in. overnight tonight expect light rain around 9:00 in most locations but also some snow to the north and west. a mixture of rain and snow right on through tomorrow morning. temperatures falling down into the 30s. they're not going to go up that high tomorrow but then the cold air really sets in. it's not just the cold we're talking about. i'll show you what else moves in, too, in a few minutes. >> thank you, doug. now to the birth control controversy that has recently taken center stage in the presidential race. today president obama backed down and modified the rules on contraception coverage. instead of religiously affiliated organizations having to provide free birth control to employees, their separate insurance companies will be required to. steve handelsman is on capitol hill with the latest developments. >> right, doreen. thanks. good evening. for the obama white house and re-election effort, this is tricky. the president wants to be seen
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as responsive, as not anti-catholic but, still, on the side of the tens of millions of american women who use contraceptives. president obama himself announced his new rule on birth control. religious organizations won't have to pay for these services. and no religious institution will have to provide these services directly. but women who work at these institutions will have access to free contraceptive services just like other women. >> reporter: barack obama blinked. after protests even in his own party over the regulation he had insisted on requiring church affiliated schools and hospitals to include free birth control in their health care coverage. now their insurance companies must provide contraception and pay for it. catholic bishops called it a first step in the right direction and women's groups are pleased. >> now birth control is going to be covered because of this administration for no copay.
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>> reporter: but at the cpac conference in washington, conservatives see a winning issue. >> this definitely motivates this part of our base, a good catholic conservative christian base that we have here. >> reporter: at cpac catholic rick santorum who is gaining conservative converts after his triple win on tuesday and said it's not about contraception. >> it's about freedom of religion. it's about government control of your lives and it's got to stop. >> reporter: mitt romney came to cpac. >> i will reverse every single obama regulation that attacks our religious liberty and threatens innocent life in this country. >> reporter: president obama says government rules on birth control should not be a political issue. but now they are. and it's not clear yet which politicians that might help or hurt. doreen, back to you. >> steve handelsman reporting. thank you. there was mixed reaction to president obama's birth control plan. coming up in our next half hour
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derrick ward speaks to catholics in the region. find out their thoughts and the one thing that they all agree on at 6:30. and an emotional day in court today as a police videotape of george huguely was played. huguely is the university of virginia la crosse player charged with murdering his ex-girlfriend, a woman named yardley love. the taped interview brought huguely and several others in the courtroom to tears. julie carey is in charlottesville, virginia with more on this. >> reporter: only jurors, the judge, and attorneys could see that videotaped interview but all could hear it and hear george huguely's sobs and shouts of denial when police tell him yardley love is dead. it was a videotape flashback that brought accused killer george huguely to tears as he sat at the defense table. huguely broke down listening to the moment in his videotaped statement to police in which he learns yardley love is dead. detective lisa reeves was on the witness stand explaining that when they found huguely at his
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apartment he came willingly to merchandise and was read his miranda rights. the interview starts casually. huguely, who had been drinking heavily the day before sounds groggy. he says he went to love's apartment on may 3rd, 2010, to talk about several recent blowups between the two. huguely complained to police when he entered love's bedroom she got defensive, said huguely, i was like chill out, and shook her a little and she started freaking out. he says she kept hitting her head against the wall. and he later adds, somehow she ended up on the floor. i was holding her. i never struck her. i think that's when her nose started to bleed. huguely says he then tossed love on her bed and left. eventually, detective reeves delivers the information that abruptly changes the interview. i have to tell you something, says reeves. she's dead. you killed her. huguely, she's dead? no, i did not. she's dead? how the -- is she dead? reeves, you killed her. soon huguely becomes hysterical,
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shouting and crying. and as detectives handcuff him, he says, please tell me she's not dead. detective reeves, i wish i could tell you that, george. she is a 22-year-old and she's gone. huguely, kill me! oh, my god. there's no way she's dead. the video seems to bolster the defense contention that huguely didn't intend to kill love but it also reveals he initially lied to police, at first denying he kicked in the bedroom door, stole love's lap top, and, he said, the bruises on his knuckles were from a la crosse match. today jurors saw her bedroom door with a big hole kicked through it as the prosecution introduced it as evidence. george huguely wasn't the only one moved to tears today in the courtroom. at least two jurors cried as they watched the videotape. the prosecution continues its case on monday. reporting live from charlottesville, julie carey, news 4. >> thank you. there was gun fire today
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outside a prince george's county high school. it happened this afternoon. officers arrested one person. the police say two groups got into a fight outside duval high school in greenville. somebody reportedly pulled a gun and fired some shots. nobody was injured. it is not clear to whom the gun belonged or whether the person arrested by police is a student. there is an arrest tonight in the murder of a transgender woman in d.c. 55-year-old gary niles montgomery of northeast is in custody now. he was arrested about 2:30 this afternoon. investigators believe he stabbed dionne jones last thursday at a bus stop in the 4900 block of east capital street northeast. police say a tip led to the arrest. >> we had what we needed to have. we had people driving down the street that did not drive by a crime in progress. they stopped. they did what they could to help and they notified police and they waited for police to come to the scene. and then we had people in the
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community that came forward and provided us the information that we need. i want to thank all of those who helped us bring this case to closure. >> at this point police aren't saying whether this murder is related to any other transgender crimes in the d.c. area. in the race to the white house now the republican presidential hopefuls are here in washington tonight looking for support. rick santorum, newt gingrich, mitt romney all took the stage today at the annual conservative political action conference here in washington. those candidates took shots at one another and at president obama as they battled to win the republican nomination. romney started his day in northern virginia's tech corridor. he was joined there by one of his top supporters in the battleground state, and jane watt trel has our report from reston. >> if america is to remain the strongest nation on earth then we must be the most innovative nation on earth. >> reporter: it was a pro business message to a pro
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business crowd. gop presidential contender mitt romney getting a rousing welcome from those who work in northern virginia's high tech corridor. >> we can't be number 40 or 41 on the table of innovative environments and lead the world innovatively. we will lose innovation. it will go elsewhere. >> reporter: innovation is a theme that most of the 900 people gathered in this reston ball room can relate to as members of the northern virginia technology council and consumer electronics association. these are the risk takers, on the cutting edge of the high tech world. >> it's extremely important. without innovation you have no growth and with no growth you won't have employment. >> it is very, very critical and very much a global playing field. we have to do something to keep up. >> reporter: romney appeared with one of his top supporters, governor bob mcdonald, touting the state's unemployment rate of 6.2%. >> i thank you for the tremendous partnership over the last couple years to work together, to help our state rebound from perhaps the
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toughest periods since the great depression. >> reporter: it was clear romney was enjoying his talk on innovation and economics. to business leaders eager to hear more. >> i think this economy is starting to pick up for starters. >> reporter: it's no wonder mitt romney is all smiles when it comes to virginia. two of his closest opponents, rick santorum, and newt gingrich, failed to qualify for the march 6th primary. in reston, jane watrel, news 4. dozens of protesters spent this afternoon outside the cpac conference voicing opposition to many of the candidates speaking and to the ideas that they're presenting. a group of about 400 protesters many part of the occupy d.c. movement gathered outside the hotel where the conference was taking place. some tried to go inside but were quickly removed by security. the protesters say the people at
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cpac represent the 1% and that they the protesters represent the 99%. up next new details in a deadly police shooting outside a catholic school. we'll tell you why a witness is contradicting the officer's account of what happened. the man at the center of the penn state scandal is speaking out as neighbors complain about his behavior while on bail. telecommuting trade-off. wait until you hear what some people would give up in order to work from the comfort of their own home. also we'll tell you how this exercise is helping a dog trained to be at the top of his game. >> dan, what is ahead in sports? coming up in sports, why the caps collapse could cost them in the playoff picture. lebron james looks forward to a warm welcome against the wizards and lebron's decision was big. the one for a good i stepped on the machine, and it showed me the pressure points on my feet and exactly where i needed more support.
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the teacher at the center of a sexual abuse scandal was paid $40,000 to resign by the los angeles school district. the los angeles times says mark berndt was removed from miramar elementary school in january of last year as the los angeles county sheriff's department was investigating him. he was fired the next month and appealed but dropped the repeal and resigned after the school district paed him four months of back pay and reimbursed him for health benefit costs.
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former penn state football coach jerry sandusky asked a judge today for more time with his children. prosecutors vehemently opposed that request. they did so after neighbors voiced concerns about sandusky's behavior outside his house. >> reporter: jerry sandusky arrived at the courthouse wanting to tackle conditions of his house arrest, conditions that may be partly behind wife dottie's open hostility toward the media. here is what dottie did to wpxi reporter courtney brennan outside the sandusky home thursday. >> reporter: police have gotten several complaints. >> reporter: the complaints courtney brennan was reporting on were from sandusky's neighbors who say he's frequently seen outside on his porch peering toward children on a school playground nearby. that's why prosecutors ask at the hearing that the conditions
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be tightened to force him to stay inside. but sandusky said the neighbors are wrong. >> now all of a sudden these people turn on me when they've been in my home with their kids. >> reporter: sandusky asked that his house arrest be relaxed so that he can have the same freedom to visit grandchildren that his wife has. >> who came home after visiting with grandchildren or sitting there when grandchildren call on my birthday and they ask to talk to me and she has to tell them that they can't. >> reporter: sandusky can't have contact with anyone under 18 after being charged with 52 counts of sexually abusing ten boys. the judge says he'll rule soon on the conditions of house arrest as well as whether an outside jury will be brought to state college for sandusky's trial. >> do you have anything to say? >> reporter: that's now tentatively set to start in mid
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may. >> sandusky told a judge today he wants the trial to stay in state college, pennsylvania. he acknowledged that his position means he cannot appeal a conviction on the grounds that the local jury was biased. now to our weather. we're getting ready for cold temperatures this weekend. snow crews are already gearing up. officials in the district will deploy 60 plows starting saturday afternoon. they're reminding drivers to be careful on wet roadways and give the plows enough room to work. they are also asking residents to treat sidewalks early to prevent people from slipping if we get icy conditions out there. so we need to get more detail now about when you think bad weather is moving in and just how it's likely to affect us. >> they'll put out those plows but i don't think the plows will be needed on the streets. i don't expect this to be widespread snow. when it does come down winds will be blowing so much that the streets may be okay at least around the metro area. as we move over the next couple days we are going to be talking
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about very cold air coming in and, yes, i do think most of us should see at least some accumulation this time from the snow that will be moving on in here. first it's going to start out as rain. out there right now we're looking at cloudy conditions. we already had one little area of moisture come through. the d.c. area saw some rain. up to the north and west we're look agt some snow and even a coating of snow toward northern frederick county. high temperature right now 47 degrees where we were a little bit earlier today after a low of 33 this morning. get ready for the cold and the wind. once again the temperatures will be the biggest story this weekend. not the snow. 44 degrees. the current temperature out there right now with winds. they're calm and going to stay that way overnight. at least through around midnight tonight. but then they'll start to pick up and really pick up during the day tomorrow. 34 right now martinsburg. 36 in frederick. 37 in leesburg. right now 43 down toward la plata. temperatures are still at or just a little bit below average and we'll continue to go down a little bit tonight but tonight's not when the cold air is going to move in. up to the north 30 in pittsburgh
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right now. 32 state college. 32 in morgantown. 31 in elkins. this is the area that is already seeing the snow. i'll show you what i'm talking about on the radar picture. this is sensitive mode showing moisture in through montgomery county over through howard county. most of this very, very light. we are seeing some make its way as snow back toward the higher elevations of frederick county and even northern portions of montgomery county around damascus and mount airy also reporting a little in the way of light snow. most of the precipitation though still well back to the west. a lot of gulf moisture here and here is our storm system that's making its way down. this is the one that has the colder air. they are going to combine to give us not one but two chances for snow. the first will be overnight tonight and the next one will be tomorrow afternoon. all of that with the very cold air in canada. it has been trapped up there all winter long. it is finally able to make its way all the way down toward the south all the way down toward atlanta and the jacksonville area. here we go for our future weather forecast. tonight just some shower activity but watch what happens
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tonight around 1:00, 2:00, 3:00 in the morning. we start to see the snow north and west of washington. gaithersburg back through loudoun county, leaesburg, winchester. we could see some accumulation by the time you wake up. i expect you to look outside and see white ground. here is the rain around washington down to the south and east. watch what happens around 5:00. we start to see that change back over to snow. so even around the washington, d.c. metro area you may wake up to some white roofs and some white grass out there. i'm not expecting much by tomorrow morning but give yourself extra time on any roadways that you're going through. then we'll see a little bit of a lull around 11:00, 12:00. maybe a few snow showers here and there but that's about it. tomorrow afternoon however the snow returns with our second band. this is when everybody, even you folks in southern maryland, have a good chance of seeing some snow here. maybe a coating up to an inch in some locations. let's show you what i'm thinking as far as the snow forecast goes. down to the south and east and talking ocean city maybe 1 to 2 inches with the second band but
6:21 pm
here's is the biggest area over to washington coating to an inch possibly more. we'll have to continue to watch out for that. 1 to 2 to the west. in the mountains, we're talking 5 to 10 inches back there toward the ski resorts. very good snow back there for them with winter storm warnings in effect. most of us though will only see a little. so rain, snow developing tonight. most of it will come after midnight. and it will be here during the day tomorrow. expect winds tomorrow. that's not the one i wanted but you can follow me on twitter. there's the one i wanted, the four-day forecast showing a high of 42 tomorrow but falling temperatures tomorrow. sunday high of only 34. wind chill about 18 degrees in the middle of the afternoon on sunday. >> so whatever the snow sticks is going to be there for a little while. >> for a couple days chls we may actual git some snow that may stick around baufs the cold air. >> thank you, doug. coming up tonight the national park service planning to make changes to the martin luther king memorial. >> one of the toughest things to
6:22 pm
do and countless people have failed their driving test because of it but not anymore. why d.c. has put the brakes on test forgue paing for parallel .
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the national park service is going to change a controversial quote on the dr. martin luther
6:25 pm
king jr. memorial. officials plan to remove the paraphrase and replace it with a full quote from the civil rights leader. some people complained the wording didn't accurately reflect king's words. the inscription currently reads, i was a drum major for justice, peace, and righteousness. the full quotation is, yes, if you want to say that i was a drum major, say that i was a drum major for justice. say that i was a drum major for peace. i was a drum major for righteousness and all of the other shallow things will not matter. >> finding a parking space in the district can be so difficult even the department of motor vehicles can't find one. now it's been forced to change the way it tests new drivers for the past three years. new drivers in the district have not been tested on parallel parking. the dmv tells the american automobile association that is because there is no place to do it. the triple-a calls that troubling because if you can't parallel park then you probably shouldn't be driving in the district. city officials tell the triple-a
6:26 pm
they hope to be able to reinstate the test by next year. if the city can lease suitable space. coming up a new warning tonight about snatch and grabs in the district and what's being done about that. >> in virginia, culpepper police officer kills a woman outside a local catholic school. he says it was self-defense but the victim's husband says he is not convinced. president obama has made changes to his rule over birth control coverage. tonight we'll hear what catholics in our area are saying about that. coming up in sports the terps look forward to playing in one of the toughest arenas in college basketball. the football terps eagerly await a superstar's decision plus the caps get lost in a jet stream
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a police video of george huguely's first conversation with detectives was played in open court today. the former university of virginia la crosse player told police he shook yardley love at her apartment but did not strangle her. he said she kept hitting her head against the wall. he also sounded surprised when police told him that love was dead. the tape brought huguely and some of the jurors to tears. a trial dated may 14th has been set for jerry sandusky the former penn state assistant coach who is facing 52 counts of child sexual abuse. sandusky is accused of molesting
6:30 pm
young boys over the course of 15 years. he asked for permission to see his grandchildren today. that was during a pretrial hearing. prosecutors are opposed to the move after neighbors said sandusky was peering at a school playground from his back deck of his house. >> there's been an arrest in the murder of a transgender woman. 55-year-old gary niles montgomery was taken into custody this afternoon. investigators believe he stabbed dionne jones last thursday at a bus stop on east capital street northeast. police say a tip led to the arrest. now here's doug with our forecast. we're still watching the moisture move in. some locations picking up some sprinkles and others some flurries. we are looking at that storm 4 radar right now. you see the moisture, a lot of moisture looking like it's making its way in here. most of this is not quite reaching the ground in our area but i expect it to pick up overnight tonight. once again areas of rain around the d.c. area, areas of snow to the rth and west. some of you will see accumulating snow by the time
6:31 pm
you get up tomorrow morning and i'll explain who in a few minutes. >> thank you, doug. in virginia a 54-year-old culpepper woman is dead, shot by a police officer after an altercation in a school parking lot. >> exactly how that all happened is not clear. the officer's story is different from that of an eyewitness. pat collins has our report from culpepper. >> reporter: 54-year-old pat cook, a retired beautician shot and killed by a culpepper police officer. it happened in the parking lot of a catholic school. they say someone complained of a suspicious person in a car in the lot and the cop went there to investigate. police say the officer fired a shot after pat cook closed the window of her car on the officer's arm and started to drive off. but chris buchle is an eyewitness and says it didn't happen that way at all. the officer's arm wasn't caught
6:32 pm
in the window of the driver's side? >> no, sir not at all. >> reporter: where was his arm? >> on the door handle trying to open the door. >> reporter: and his other arm he had the gun? >> yeah. he had one hand on the door handle and one hand on his gun. >> reporter: what did the officer say? >> he said stop or i'll shoot. about the time she rolled, finished rolling the window up is when he shot. >> reporter: buchle said he saw the whole thing and he said the cop continued to shoot at mrs. cook's jeep as it drifted down the street and crashed into a telephone pole. she was pronounced dead at the scene. have you ever known her to be confrontational with police? >> no. >> reporter: gary cook is the victim's husband. he says his wife didn't drink or use drugs. he says she has never been in trouble with the law. she got a traffic ticket back in 1979 in illinois, he said. that's about it. >> they said there was an altercation but she never left the vehicle. and she was shot while in the vehicle. >> reporter: pat cook was
6:33 pm
affiliated with the culpepper united methodist church. they say she worked with children there. >> our prayers are for everybody who is involved in this situation. it's not a good situation for anybody. >> reporter: many questions yet to be answered. why was pat cook in this parking lot? why did she try to drive away? was that officer's life really in danger? and how come so many shots were fired? the virginia state police are working the case. in culpepper, i'm pat collins, news 4. >> in the 50 years the town of culpepper has had a police force this is the first time an officer has ever killed anyone. that officer's name is not being released right now. he is on routine administrative leave as the investigation continues. today the man accused of randomly killing an honor roll student in northeast d.c. was sentenced to 60 years in prison. 17-year-old joseph sharps jr. was shot to death in november of
6:34 pm
2010. he was a senior at spingarn high school and walking home with friends after finishing some home work when he bumped into 20-year-old kwan kearny. prosecutors say kearny shot the teenager in the help for nothing. kearny was convicted of first-degree murder and assault in december. he and sharps had no known connection to each other before the night of the murder. >> d.c.'s mayor and the police chief are teaming up in an effort to stop an increase in the number of robberies. they say three thieves are grabbing cell phones and ipods right out of people's hands or cars and then selling them for cash. there have been 476 robberies of that kind in the district so far this year. to stop the trend, police are offering a $10,000 reward for information that leads to a conviction. officers are also working with federal authorities to deactivate stolen cell phones in order to prevent thieves from cashing in.
6:35 pm
>> working with the federal communications commission and working with the providers of these communications devices to immediately render them useless, to immediately deactivate them so that stealing them would lead to no economic gain. >> metro transit police are also cracking down on robberies and using undercover officers as what are called bait cops, decoys if you will, to stop thieves from snatching phones on metro platforms or near metro stops. president obama has modified a proposed rule that would have required church affiliated employers to provide health care coverage that includes contraception. here is a live look at the white house where mr. obama made the announcement. the compromise means women would still get birth control without having to pay for it no matter where they work. today's move sparked cautious optimism from some catholics in our area. news 4's derrick ward has our report. >> we gather on this campus for a moment of prayer, reflection, and as i said some celebration.
6:36 pm
>> reporter: but it would be a cautious celebration. on the campus of mount st. mary's university in emmitsburg, maryland the compromise or accommodation announced by the president frees the church and church affiliated institutions from providing or even referring employees to free contraceptive care. now it falls to the insurer and it garnered praise among some in the clergy. >> this was an example where religiously motivated men and women and other men and women of good will put forward their visions and the administration found a way to accommodate people of competing views. >> we are relieved that the white house did not cave completely to the demands of the u.s. bishops. >> reporter: the group catholics for choice took out a full page ad in friday's "the washington post" and after the accommodation they are even more guarded. >> now we believe that the promise of contraceptive coverage for workers at catholic-controlled institutions is on a wing and a prayer and really dependent upon insurance companies doing the right thing.
6:37 pm
>> reporter: this woman worries it will be just women's care compromised. while we're hearing a degree of cautious optimism in light of the compromise that's been made we did hear from one student who said the whole exercise actually served to restore his faith in democracy or at least enforce it. >> my active citizenship mandates me as well as my conscience to fight for religious freedom. it is not about impose mooig view on anyone but having my views respected. >> reporter: at dgts for choice there is a sense that the issue isn't so much over who pays for contraceptive care. they say the true debate is over its inclusion in health care at all. questions remain what about the devout private employers of any religion who object to contraception? can they be exempted? will a provision drive up insurance premiums? here ironically there is agreement from both sides. >> of course the devil is in the details. >> the devil in these situations is in the details. >> reporter: derrick ward, news 4. still ahead on news 4 a look at the top ten most romantic cities in america and one local
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hello everybody. i'm meteorologist doug kammerer. right here in storm center 4 watching our next storm system as it moves in across the area
6:41 pm
we have not seen a whole lot of winter weather so far this winter. it looks like we'll see it as it makes its way in over the next day or so. storm 4 radar right now showing a mixture of rain and snow across the area. that is exactly what we're seeing to the north and west. washington, d.c. reporting light rain across the area but up toward northern portions of montgomery county in through frederick county back down through the higher elevations of loudoun county and through west virginia we are seeing a mixture. some of you are seeing some snow. others are seeing some rain. that is what we're going to see for the next couple hours until we see that changeover to all snow coming up later on tonight for those areas to the north and west. this is through tomorrow night. i think a coating to an inch around the washington, d.c. area and the i-95 corridor to the north and west about an inch, maybe two, maybe even a little more here and then back to the west we're talking about garret county and portions of west virginia where we could see 5 to 10 inches of snow if you're thinking about doing some skiing wisp or maybe snowshoe looking very good as far as new snow is concerned. just on the cold side. i'll update you on the seven-day
6:42 pm
forecast. >> thanks, doug. some people say they would give up twitter, vacation days, even their spouse just to avoid driving in to work every day according to a poll by telecommuting services provider. team viewer. 29% of people surveyed would give up chocolate to work from home. 25% say they would sacrifice their smart phones. 17% said they'd give up vacation days in order to telecommute. 12% oh, my said they'd give up their daily shower. >> wow. >> and 5% say they would get a divorce. if that would help them work from home. >> the shower part i can understand. if you're working at home. >> who are these people? >> some of the other stuff i don't know. >> maybe we ought to look into that further. >> that's not happening. coming up the caps' playoff possibilities taking a tough
6:43 pm
hit. maryland can't wait for the cam ron crazies. plus the wizards know they might be up against more than just [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices
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in more ways than ever. and our networks are getting crowded. but if congress frees up more wireless spectrum, we can empower more people to innovate, create jobs, and put momentum behind our economy. and a spectrum auction could raise as much as 30 billion dollars to help fund the payroll tax cut. it's simple. more spectrum means more freedom. for everyone.
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everybody is waiting. where is this kid going to school? >> we hope he is going to maryland which would be one of their big recruits, was vernon davis back in 2003 the third ranked tight end. that turned out real well. it would be a huge get for maryland if stefan digs end up in college park. five star recruit and good council wide receiver stefan digs couldn't make up his day on national signing day so today is
6:46 pm
the day to decide where he'll go to college. auburn, florida, ohio state, and maryland his choices. he is set to make his announcement this evening in college park which leads everyone to believe he'll pick maryland including the head coach of good council bob malloy. the hall of famer said, quote, why would he go to college park to say he is going to florida? good question. but today diggs tweeted even my own city might be mad at me. diggs is ranked as the second best receiver in the country and sixth overall prospect in the nation. this season diggs led good council in receiving with more than 800 yards and nine touchdowns. from one decision to the guy that made the decision lebron james and company in town tonight to play the wizards and the numbers really do the talking. miami is second in the league in scoring. washington is 26th. the wizards are coming off a loss at home to the knicks on wednesday. might remember this guy. rookie sensation jeremy lynn scored 23 points earning favor from the majority of the verizon center crowd. the wizards have lost 5 of the
6:47 pm
last 6 games. meanwhile miami coming off a loss to orlando but before that the heat had won 8 of their last nine games. lebron james who is second in the nba in scoring with 28.5 points per game looking for another warm welcome in d.c. >> i love coming here. i love the city. we play the regular season and the postseason games against this team, always good to be back. >> we played enough games. we know what the crowd is going to be. seems like they're against fours the first three quarters and on their side for the fourth. i guess that's how washington works. >> it's our job to play to have those guys on our side. obviously at home you want your fans on your side. and we'll get that to where it's going to be that way here some day. >> most of those types of team come in, we're making it a good game. you know, when you got a crowd
6:48 pm
on your side, you gain more energy and light to do certain things. we got to do it even that day. >> you can see tonight's wizards heat game at 7:00 on comcast sports net. hometown hockey the washington capitals charities will host its third annual caps care casino night and auction this evening in alexandra. fans have a chance to play poker with the caps with the proceeds going to charity. unfortunately the caps were unlucky on the ice last night against winnipeg. coach dale hunter and the caps up 1-0 in the third period thanks to alex ovechkin's 23rd goal of the season. later same skoal caps on the power play. ovechkin with it on the boards here. check this out. perfect pass to his buddy alexander semin and he beats andre pavlac his 14th of the seasons. with less than three minutes to play jets on a power play. brooks light goes down to block a shot and byfuglien's shot breaks a stick. you can't play with a broken
6:49 pm
stick. two guys in the penalty box and the jets score. seconds later jets strike again. byfuglien from center ice fires a shot. goes off carl alzer's stick and past tomas vokoun. game tied at two. we go to overtime. matthew pro trying to keep it alive from the shootout. the caps lose 3-2 in shootout. they pick up a point but this was a game the caps know they should have won. >> we thought we played a good game to that point. we were out shooting. we can take a lot of good things out of it. but, you know, against a divisional team it is just a tough way to lose especially when we needed a big two poinlts just a collapse. seemed to be in the driver's seat and took our foot off the gas too early and way too much. we needed more toughness on the puck. >> one of the most unfortunate
6:50 pm
finishes. we should have had the hockey game. it's not a -- there is no excuse. it's disappointing to lose it that way. >> big news out of college park, not the news we were waiting for. maryland sophomore guard howard is out for the rest of the season. howard tore the acl in his right knee during practice yesterday. and the final results were released today. a huge loss for the terps as they get ready to play ninth ranked duke on saturday. since losing to the blue devils last month the terps are 2-2 in the conference including this week's road win at clemson. the acc's leading scorer stogeland pumped in 27 points to help maryland earn a victory. duke off a buzzer beating win against north carolina down by two austin rivers buried a three-pointer to help the blue devils knock off the fifth ranked tar heels. as for the rivalry between maryland and duke terps have lost four straight and they know cameron indoor is a tough place to play.
6:51 pm
>> maryland right there screaming in your ear. the refs are tough on you. just a hostile environment. you play your hardest and it is tough to win. i think we could go out and perform on our game plan and come out okay. >> one of the hardest things. it gets so hot in there. and you can't hear the coach. that is one of the hardest parts about it. >> i hope it's real exciting and fired up. not nervous and not like their fans can beat us up. all they can do is scream and yell at us. hopefully we'll go out and handle it well. we'll see. >> terps taking on duke tomorrow at 4:00. look forward to that one. >> good point. all they can do is scream and yell. >> exactly. don't even listen to them. >> thanks. still ahead it's a couch potato's dream. the dog gets his workout and the owner doesn't have to do
6:52 pm
anything. >> here is brian williams with a look at what's next on nightly news. coming up tonight on nightly news if you're a dog lover then this is your super bowl. we're behind the scenes of the westminster dog show before best in show is announced. we'll have the best preview there is. that and more when w
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6:55 pm
we know virginia is for lovers. that is the slogan right? one place is apparently more romantic than most of the cities. not just in jinja but in the nation. erika gonzalez explains what makes reston so special. >> reporter: four square the social networking site that allows you to check in at locations on your phone has come up with a list of the ten most romantic places in the country. it looked at the percentages of check-ins to places it deemed romantic over the last year in cities with over 100,000 four square check-ins. reston came in number seven. >> i never thought of reston as romantic. >> you can find romance anywhere. >> in reston? >> yes, heck ya. >> reporter: what qualifies as a romantic check-in? french restaurants and lingerie stores as well as wine bars. >> i think the wine is complex like relationships. >> reporter: and flower shops.
6:56 pm
mae of mae flowers says she has been helping customers find their romanticism with these beauties for over 20 years. >> rule number one for valentines, roses. the next one would be hydrangea and then calle lilies. >> reporter: how much does romance cost? big bucks here. $100, $200 for valentine's day arrangements. one of the biggest spenders? how about $1200? that says romance. this couple met 25 years ago in high school, went their separate ways, and are now giving their relationship a shot in reston. >> what kind of reston romance is in store for the little lady over the weekend? >> the reston condo. however, others don't notice the romanticism at all around here. you want to take this gal for a night on the town, for a romantic night on the town. where do you take me? >> in reston? >> yes, in reston.
6:57 pm
>> reporter: but where is the most romantic place according to four square? lake buena vista, florida, in the number 7 most romantic place in the country, reston, virginia, erika gonzalez, news 4. clean energy is gaining steam. president obama even talked about it in the state of the union address. this one town that says there is a hidden cost to that, it is keeping them up at night. so they called the news 4 i-team. tisha thompson with a look at what she'll be presenting on news 4 at 11:00 tonight. the news 4 i-team started getting calls from viewers in west virginia with an intriguing problem. they asked us to come up to a small town in the mountains because neighbors say they're frustrated. on a foggy day, they kept pointing into the trees telling us there is something new in the woods that is so noisy it's made living here almost unbearable. >> i'm not going to live with
6:58 pm
this. i can't live with this. you can't sleep. >> reporter: and then just like that the fog began to lift and there it was. tonight the news 4 i-team heads to the mountains to show you why this new green wind farm has neighbors seeing red and why if you live or work here in the d.c. area you might be unknowingly contributing to the problem. tonight on news 4 at 11:00. >> thanks, tisha thompson. doug is here with one more look at our sketchy weather forecast. >> sketchy to say the least. we'll wake up i think many of us to some accumulating snow maybe even in the washington, d.c. area. expect that when you step out the door. i don't think it will cause problems on the roads. biggest problems will be up to the north and west where we have the winter weather advisories including frederick county, virginia and frederick county, maryland, the panhandle of west virginia for maybe 1 to 2, maybe upwards of 3 inches and you see that winter storm warning back to the west including garret
6:59 pm
county, maryland seeing 5 to 10 inches. that is very good news for the ski resorts out there. as far as the next couple days go how about a mix of rain and snow tomorrow? snow to the north and west. rain to the south and east. high of only 34 on your sunday. wind chills tomorrow will probably not get above 20 all day long in most locations. we will however begin to get out of this just a little bit but maybe another little chance of snow coming up on tuesday. that is just a little chance on valentine's day. >> okay. thank you, doug. alaskan huskies are sled dogs. they love a good run. life is now easier for trainers who have a doggie treadmill. it's not a hamster wheel. it is called a husky wheel. this video was filmed at the husky homestead. >> whoa. >> the sledding dog training center at the nali national park and preserve near anchorage, alaska. the trainer says that dog would run that wheel all day long if she would let him do so. he is smoking too. >> look how fast.


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