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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  February 11, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EST

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there's a live picture over washington. rain and snow tapered off for now, 37 degrees. temperatures closer freezing mark, western fairfax, upper loudoun county, blue ridge, western panhandle at or above the freezing mark and the temperature will inch up a few more degrees by 2:00 this afternoon and when the leading edge of much colder ir comes in. west virginia, northern maryland and manchester, virginia, you can see a batch of rain and snowflake snowflakes left the washington area and moving to southern maryland. plenty more moisture towards the blue ridge. and the true arctic air coming our way. another chance for snow, could pick up another half-inch to maybe 2 inches, then turning bitter bitterly cold with a strong
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wind. the snow forecast, a half-inch to an inch. bitterly cold, subzero windchills tonight and single digit and teen windchills through the day tomorrow. there's tomorrow's forecast, partly sunny, barely getting up to the freezing mark. any time you want to stay ahead of the forecast, you can stay with us and follow me on twitter @chuck bell4. fun quotes and all that kind of stuff. you can send me pictures and weather reports as well and i'll get them on as fast as i can. >> thank you, chuck. today, friends and family will say their final good-byes to a transgender woman murdered last week in d.c. derrick ward is life in southwest washington where the viewing is just getting under way. derrick.
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>> reporter: we're here at covenant baptist church at the scene of the funeral. this is obviously a tragic event. if there's any kernel of good that can be derived from all this, it's what happened afterward and how it speaks to the humanity of strangers. let's take you back. february 2nd, thursday, just after 8:00 a.m., when the victim, 23-year-old ja parker jones, also went by the names deone and logan, was attacked at a bus stop at the 4900 block of east capital street southeast. that's a heavily traveled thoroughfare and passers by stopped and tried to assist the victim. a transit police officer flagged down a short distance away. the victim did die at a hospital. yesterday, an arrest. police charged 55-year-old gary montgomery of northeast d.c. with second degree murder after police released surveillance video hoping that would help identify the suspect. again, as we hear from the
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police chief, the public assisted. >> we had what we needed to have. we had people driving down the street that did not drive by a crime in progress. they stopped, did what they could to help and they notified police and they waited for police to come to the scene. then we had people in the community that came forward and provided us the information we need. i want to thank all of those who have helped us bring this case to closure. >> reporter: now, police have not determined a motive for this killing. they do say that the victim and the man charged are strangers. we expect some city officials as well as police officials to attend this funeral. i 130spoke to members of the victim's family who said they wanted her remembered as a kind fun loving person who died much too soon. >> derrick ward, thank you. this morning, police in fairfax county are trying to figure out if four separate
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robberies are connected, they happened in a time span within two hours of each other. >> incredibly angry they could try something like that. >> reporter: carolyn's concerned about her fairfax county community, three armed men dressed in black hood ed sweatshirts and ski masks tried to rob her thursday night. >> they came after me, brandished a gun, put it to my head, told me to give them my wallet, empty my pockets. >> reporter: they purged h puncn the throat and she screamed and they took off running. and three others happened within an hour that matched the same description and they may be linked. >> these have proven themselves to be somewhat violent by striking two of the victims. >> reporter: and they punched fred in the face when he pulled his minivan outside his house. >> i pulled up and they shoved
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guns in my face and said give me all you've got. >> reporter: they stole his blackberry. and another happened in kingstowne parkway and quander road. carolyn hopes they catch them. >> if they will stoop as low as to try that -- >> reporter: they want any with information to call the fairfax county police department. we'll continue to bring you updates on our twitter account, ha hashtag nbcwashington. news4. virginia lawmakers endorsed legislation stating human life begins at conception. the courts of justice committee voted 14-4 to send a so-called personhood bill to the house floor. supporters say it establishes a framework for patients to s to -- parents to sue someone who causes the death of their own child but opponents say it is intended to lay the groundwork for out-lawing abortion.
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governor o'malley is ou out-lining his push to legalize same sex marriage. he argued legalization would help provide children with stable homes. the house judiciary committee and government operations committee are both hearing arguments for and against same sex marriage. last year, the senate approved such legislation but the bill stalled in this house. two girls are in serious condition after being hit by a van in montgomery county. it happened in north fredericksburg avenue in gaithersburg. they were transferred to the pediatric trauma center in children's hospital. they shut down north and southbound lanes for a while on lake forest boulevard. no word how the accident happened. in prince george's county, police are investigating a shooting that happened during a vigil in new carrollton. a man suffered
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non-life-threatening injuries. investigators interviewed witness but have not released any information on a possible suspect. as many as 200 people had gathered to remember 16-year-old kris smith, who was shot and killed tuesday. for the first time since george huguely's murder trial began, he was moved to tears in court. he wasn't the only one. jurors listened to his first interview with police taken just hours after yeardley love's death. julie carey reports. >> reporter: george huguely, dry eye'd as he came to court, but the accused killer ended up in tears, his head down, as prosecutors played the videotaped statement he made to police on may 3rd, 2010, shortly after yeardley love was found dead. only jurors, the judge and lawyers could see the video. but all could hear huguely's voice and his hysterical shouts of denial later in the interview when detective lisa reeves drops a bombshell. i have to tell you something. she's dead. you killed her.
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huguely. she's dead? no, i did not. she's dead? reeves, you killed her. and as detectives handcuff him, he says, please tell me she's not dead. detective reeves, i wish i could tell you that, george, she's a 22-year-old, she's gone. huguely, kill me! oh, my god, no way she's dead. earlier, he said he went to her apartment to talk about romantic fights over their rivals and i was like, chill out and said she kept hitting her head against the wall and he said he held love down on the floor and her nose was bleeding. detectives press with tougher questions. did you grab her neck? huguely. i may have grabbed her a little on her neck but never strappingled her. >> reporter: huguely denies breaking down her door and admitting it only after detectives asked repeatedly. jurors saw it for themselves, a large hole knocked through it.
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julie carey, "news4 today." today, occupy d.c. protesters will hold another protest at the annual conservative political action conference or cpac. about 400 protesters gathered outside the conference in northwest washington yesterday. today, demonstrators march from malcolm x park to marriott. it starts at noon. meantime, the republican candidates for president are trying to prove dollar the be-- they're the best choice for conservative. newt gingrich said c pack was created to challenge the establishment conservative and he's the best person to do that and newt gingrich said mitt romney is the stepchild to obama-care. >> i was a severely conservative republican governor. on my watch, we fought hard and prevented massachusetts from becoming the las vegas of gay
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marriage. >> we are gathering together a team have a conservative dream team, governor rick perry, herman cain, fred and jerry thompson, todd palin. >> gingrich left sarah palin off that list. the former vice-presidential candidate will be the keynote speaker today. ron paul will not make an appearance at the conference and his campaign said because of travel constraints. it's 9:10. don't you hate it when your phone is in your pocket and you accidentally dial one of your contacts. and that happened to two people and they ended up in jail. new developments in the ongoing saga of josh powell. the evidence that may offer some
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the hospital and the judge says he's no longer fit to represent himself. there are reports that he has rapidly deteriorated. the "washington post" has reported that he is on a hunger strike and hasn't eaten in two months. he's charged with killing 91-year-old viola draft last august. there were claims she died from a fall but medical reports she was beaten and strangled. and disappearance in a washington state mother, police found a bloodstained comforter inside her husband, josh powell's storage unit. police in utah are now testing that blanket to see if it's related to susan powell's disappearance. josh powell has been a person of interest since his wife disappeared in utah in 2009. he killed himself and his two young sons in a home explosion last sunday. they considered the murder-suicide an admission that he killed his wife. this morning, we're hearing from the 91 w1 operator who took the
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call from a social worker outside the powell's house the day of the explosion. >> it was horrible. this has been a nightmare. >> david sat down with nbc's "datelin "dateline." he has been criticized when he was called on sunday and been described as his handling of the call as clumsy. >> as i re-list onto the call, i recognize now i missed, for example, the fact that she said she smelled gas. >> this could be life-threatening. >> realizing what we all know now, i wish i had recognized the urgency of the situation. >> he didn't say why it took 22 minutes to get a deputy to the scene, only that no one could have predicted what had happened. the woman accused of stealing a newborn more than 24 years ago and raising the child
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as her own pleaded guilty to kidnapping. >> ann pedaway pleaded guilty to taking 3 week old carlena white from the harlem hospital in 1987. white discovered her past when she discovered her own baby picture from the national institute of missing children. white was reunited with her family last year and pedaway will be sentenced in may. >> a pennsylvania judge did not rule whether to tighten jerry sandusky's bail restrictions or other restrictions related to the child sex abuse case. he was in court yesterday for a pretrial hearing. prosecutors want stricter bail conditions for sandusky, requiring him to stay indoors. neighbors complained they saw him watching children on a nearby playground from his back
9:17 am
porch. the 68-year-old wants to be near his own grandchildren. he said it hurts to see his wife explain to his grandkids why they can't see them. >> we came home after visiting with grandchildren or sitting there when grandchildren call on my birthday and they ask to talk to me and she has to tell them that they can't. >> sandusky told the judge he wants the trial to stay in state college. that means he cannot appeal a conviction on the grounds that the jury was biased. sandusky's trial is set for may 14th. okay. it's probably happened to you, the accidental pocket cell phone dialed. two people in florida are now behind bars for their unintended phone call. 911 dispatchers received a call but no one was talking to them. then they heard a conversation about drugs and decided to keep listening. the suspects were quite surprised when the police showed up a short time later and busted them.
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>> don't do all of it. >> you're going too fast? >> you're going all over the road. >> are my tires wobbly. >> your phone is on. >> my phone is on? >> step out of the car. >> i don't have a cell phone working right now. >> the 911 always works, miss. >> as they suspected, police did find drugs in the car and arrested the two people inside. the conversation recorded on 911 is being used as evidence against them. key lock or not, just remember, 911 always works. someone can always be listening. >> i'm glad to know 911 works no matter when, service north. remember, those pocket phones get you in trouble. >> mother nature calling. >> for the nature is calling us. she says it will be cold this [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices
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after much debate, an inscription on the martin luther king jr. memorial will be changed. the national park service made the decision to change the quote after critics complained it was not accurate. the quote says, i was a drum major for justice, peace and righteousness but the original quote was much longer. the chief architect was upset with the plan saying it will deface and scar the granite. the changes will be made in time for king's birthday next year. a new honor for congresswoman gabrielle giffords, the navy announced it will name its ship the uss gabrielle giffords. she was joined with her husband, mark kelly at the being, the 17th ship to be named for a woman and only the 13th to be
9:23 am
named for someone who is still livin living. >> talking about the weather right now, we're in for big changes, body shock. >> no kidding. winter without winter sneaking in a little cold air in for a change. >> just a little? >> it will stick around for so very long. if you're making plans to get outside and try to enjoy your weekend, you need to dig up the oldest heaviest winter coat you have, dust it off, because you probably haven't needed it all winter and become very good friends with it. it will become a big part of your winter forecast. as you get outside, it's not terribly cold out there, temperatures in the 30s, but tomorrow morning, temperatures in the teens. a big shock to your system. cloudy skies and a little bit of light rain and snow early this morning. we're in the middle of a break
9:24 am
in the metro washington area, but light snow coming this afternoon. that's what it looks like from our city camera view early this saturday morning. what should you be expecting this weekend. a little more snow this afternoon and half-inch to maybe 2 inches of snow between 2:00 or 3:00 this afternoon and 8:00 this evening. once the snow is off, bitter cold cranks up and below zero for windchills, a very cold start. fairfax county, 34 degrees in reston and falls church and 37 in springfield, 36 in manassas. 35, and a touch colder in the panhandle of west virginia. fairly chilly day today, winter
9:25 am
weather advisory remains posted for winchester and front royal as well. light snow coming here, light rain across st. mary's counties in southern maryland and moisture in culpepper. the leading edge of the much colder air is back out to our west. how much colder? pittsburgh isn't so much colder with temperatures in the mid-30s. back out to columbus, ohio, 16 degrees. that real cold stuff, that comes in with a very gusty wind, late this afternoon is when it starts to arrive and the winds will howl overnight tonight. our future weather forecast. light rain and snow, not much of a big deal. the leading edge of the colder air late afternoon today, by 4 or 5:00, winds start to increase and then real cold stuff with no more than a few passing
9:26 am
flurries. most of the passing flurries, midnight tonight. another potential for half-inch to inch and a half around town, a total of 1-3 inches out west. today's highs, light snow. overnight tonight, where the cold stuff starts to settle in. windy and cold. overnight lows tonight, 15-23, windchills near zero. tomorrow, partly sunny, windy and cold, windy tomorrow. the real heart of the cold air is tonight and tomorrow, moderating trend, maybe chance for rain tuesday and then highs back up near 50 degrees by the end of the week. winter lasts about three days. >> looks like it rebounds nicely. >> it does. 9:26. a teacher charged with abusing some of his students is paid tens of thousands of dollars to resign.
9:27 am
new questions about the deadly shooting of a woman by a virginia police officer. why witnesses say the officer's account is not completely accurate. a very good week for rick santorum. gives him momentum heading into future contests and a rough week for mitt romney, hurting his inevitability, essentially guaranteeing that this process will continue to go on. the other story that dominated this week had to do with the obama administration's rules on
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>> i'm angie goff. the time now 9:30. a look at top stories. fairfax country police are investigating a robbery spree. detectives say there were four robberies within a two hour time span within five miles of each other thursday night. they're trying to figure out if the crimes are connected. two 12-year-old girls in serious condition this morning after being hit by a van in montgomery county. it happened last night around 7:00, in gaithersburg. no word how the accident happened. today, occupy d.c. protesters will hold another protest at the cpac conference. about 400 gathered outside the conference in northwest washington yesterday. today, demonstrators will march from malcolm x pack to the marriott. the march starts at noon. police in culpepper are investigating a deadly shooting involving one of their own. it happened on northeast street on thursday. police say an officer shot and
9:32 am
killed a woman. after an altercation in a school parking lot. there are questions if that actually happened. >> reporter: 54-year-old pat cook, a retired cosmetologist, shot and killed by a culpepper police officer. it happened in the parking lot of a catholic school. they say someone complained of a suspicious person in the car in the lot and the cop went there to investigate. police say the officer fired a shot after pat cook closed the window of her car on the officer's arm and started to drive off. but chris buckly, he's an eyewitness. he says it didn't happen that way at all. the officer's arm caught in the window of the driver's side. >> no, sir, not at all. >> reporter: where was his arm? >> on the door handle. >> reporter: trying to open it up? in his other arm,
9:33 am
he had a gun. >> one hand on the door handle, one hand on the gun. >> reporter: what did the officer say? >> he said stop or i'll shoot. by the time she finished rolling the window up, that's when he shot. >> reporter: he said he saw the whole thing and the cop continued to shoot at mrs. cook's jeep as it drifted down the street and crashed into a telephone pole. she was pronounced dead at the scene. >> reporter: have you ever known her to be confrontational with police? >> no. no. >> reporter: garry cook is the victim's husband and said she didn't drink or use drugs, never in trouble with the law. she got a traffic ticket back in 1979 in illinois, he said. that's about it. >> they said there was an altercation but she never left the vehicle. she was shot while in the vehicle. >> reporter: pat cook was affiliated with the culpepper united methodist church. they say she worked with
9:34 am
children there. our prayers are with any involved in this situation and not a good situation for anybody. >> reporter: many questions yet to be answered. why was pat cook in this parking lot? why did she try to drive away. was that officer's life really in danger? how come so many shots were fired? the virginia state police, they're working the case. in culpepper, i'm pat collins, news4. >> police have not released the officer's name. he is on routine administrative leave as the investigation continues. officials from the los angeles school district say they were acting in the best interests of their students by paying a teacher to resign. the district paid mark berndt $40,000 to drop his appeal back in june, charged with 22 lewd acts on kids between 6 and 10. they said the settlement was to insure he would not be a threat to any other students. the elementary school opened its
9:35 am
doors earlier this week after replacing the entire staff. police in pennsylvania are investigating the death of a cardinal. he died late last month. it was originally reported he died of cancer and dementia. a county's district attorney found the timing of the death odd. he was being investigated. just days before his death, he was considered a key witness against a high ranking church official accused of covering up the catholic church sex scandal. >> i had the same reaction many people had, many people communicated with me that morning. it struck many of us as odd, as peculiar the cardinal passed away so suddenly after the court ruling. >> reporter: the county coroner is investigating the cause of the death of the cardinal. results aren't expected for another two weeks. clint eastwood is defending
9:36 am
his super bowl commercial, urging the country to rise up from the recession. the actor and director made a stop at cnbc. he says the biggest issue the country needs to focus on right now is cutting spending. >> the last couple regimes are putting us deep in the hole. i don't know why it's so -- it's such a basic thing, your parents always tell you, when you don't have a dollar in your pocket, you don't spend $2. >> eastwood appeared in a chrysler ad that aired during the super bowl last weekend. in the two minute spot, the 81-year-old actor talks about the rebirth of chrysler and detroit. the commercial was titled "it's halftime in america." greek officials have approved a new bailout plan for the country, taking a $170 billion loan from the european union and the international monetary fund. the plan also includes even more job
9:37 am
cuts as well as reduction in minimum wage and cuts to employee pensions. greece's prime minister says that the bailout must be approved and any cabinet members who don't support it should resign. greece's parliament could vote on the plan as early as tomorrow. track work will cause delays on four of the five metro lines this weekend. there are no trains running between west and east falls church stations on the orange line. free shuttle bus going on between the stations and red line trains will single track between van ness and friendship heights and new york avenue and rhode island avenue and duane naylor avenue and red line runs between huntington and stadium armory station and the blue line and l'enfant plaza and mt. vernon. the font on many signs have been changed to coincide with federal standards. the changes have some people
9:38 am
scratching their heads. t one sign has upper and lowercase ed letters and the lower case is half the size of the capital letters. no word when it will be fixed. cold air coming. >> we don't know if it will stick around or set
9:39 am
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9:41 am
the man who stalked madonna is now in police custody. police caught up with him yesterday. he received and served 10 years in prison for threatening to kill the pop star.
9:42 am
he was sent to a mental hospital after being classified as mentally disturbed offender after another run-in last year. the cia is up and running after being attacked by the hacker group, enthusiasm. that's not all. they also claimed to have stolen information from 40,000 people in alabama. hackers enthusiasm says the s says -- hackers anonymous says it's for racist information to punish criminals. jeffrey zaslow swerved to avoid a semi-truck in michigan. he's best known for his book "the last lecture" that told 5 million copies alone.
9:43 am
he was 53 years old. parts of the interstate were shut down for hours because of a 13 car pileup and a nine car pileup that included a school bus. forecasts say a sudden drop in temperatures caused the rough road conditions. lucki luckily, there were no serious conditions from those accidents. >> please tell us none of that is headed our way. >> it won't look like michigan by tomorrow morning, that much, i can promise you. that being said, we might get another half-inch of snow leading arctic air that brought all the snow to michigan does make its way to the mid-atlantic. it will take most of the afternoon to filter its way to get here. you will notice it by late this afternoon. the winds will start to increase after about sundown, 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 this evening. temperatures start to tumble if you're going out on the town or
9:44 am
early morning service tomorrow, bitterly cold. cloudy skies, not much precipitation coming down just yet. most light rain and snow, just enough to lighten the grounds on the morn parts ing parts of mon county. a grey sky out there this morning. more light rain and light snow coming our way getting to the mid and afternoon hours. 37 at national airport. winds already back to the northwest. but 7 miles an hour, not much of a breeze. wince will increase 25-35 miles an hour range overnight tonight to early sunday morning. that will be a real shock to the system compared to how mild it's been. 32 in gaithersburg, 34 in reston and falls church, 36, manassas. 36 in shadyside and deal. a little colder across northern maryland and mountains of west virginia. saturday planner, filled with
9:45 am
cloud cover and moisture, mostly light rain and light snow coming our way this afternoon. much colder air comes in but as it comes in, it comes in with a drying trend. winter weather advisories posted in northern maryland across east west virginia. winter storm warnings across far western maryland. deep creek lake, some snow resorts could get 5-10 inches of snow. far western maryland. not around the washington area. form form -- storm 4 radar, light rain in southern maryland and towards solomon's island. parts of northern virginia light rain with snowflakes across the plains and gainesville, virginia, interstate 81, not much coming down yet but more snow over the arctic air coming in the next four or five hours and should be clearing the
9:46 am
washington metro area 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 this afternoon and this evening. 16 in columbus, ohio. that real cold stuff settles in her late tonight to early tomorrow. the future weather forecast, the leading edge of much colder air marching in, 3:00, 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 this afternoon and the wind machine this evening makes for a cold wind tonight. a half-inch to inch and a half around town. today, rain and snow showers adding up to a half-inch or inch or so. windy and cold overnight tonight. windchills, 5 below to 10 above by morning time tomorrow. that will be a shock to the system for sure and staying very windy and extremely cold through the day tomorrow with highs barely making it to the freezing mark. windchills will stay in the teens and single digits all day tomorrow. winds lay down by sunday night
9:47 am
and 42 will feel like a bargain by monday and you're 50 again by the end of next week. >> makes me want to bring out the beard beanie. a hat with a fake beard that protects you from the wind. >> you would look marvelous. 9:47. want more followers on facebook or twitter? a social expert will join angie, our resident twit ter queen wit secrets to boost your bottom line. this right here is my '45. >> talk about tough love, what led this father to open fire o
9:48 am
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more followers on twitter, use
9:51 am
your facebook page to boost your bottom line. you can learn it on social media week on d.c. joining us now, peter corbit of istrategy labs. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> these are things we can learn at this conference. >> social media weeks starts monday. the first time washington d.c. is joining 13 other cities around the world to focus specifically on social media. if you want, you can go to a session at the being, a very d.c. thing to think about or any agency around the city hosting conferences in their own conference room or restaurants or citiies and a very vibrant city and a lot of great content. >> and a lot of people and big minds we can tap into and those leading the charge in d.c. >> some of the best in the region. over 3,000 registered to attend sessions. >> this is what people want to know. when it comes to twitter and building your own online presence, what are some things to keep in mind?
9:52 am
>> i don't know if there's a magic formula. really know what you're talking about. if you have something to say, you understand the space, defense, marketing, communications, what have you, know what you're talking about. be prolific, tweet a lot and send messages to them and follow the right hashtag. >> you do this 24/7? >> i don't think i actually tweet, i wake up and tweet it out. >> you say you can't tweet too much? >> the most successful people are very prolific. >> like on facebook, you don't want every tweet going on your facebook fall. all your friends don't necessarily see that. >> and you mentioned relevant hashtags. >> most people don't know what a hashtag is. i have a channel of information. for example, pound d.c. tech, if you want to know about technology in the d.c. region,
9:53 am
follow that and sign your tweets with that hashtag and will see the conversation of people in that space. >> a lot of people are joining on this bandwagon, a lot of experts in the topic. you said be interesting. this encourages sharing. >> sure. the reason i said be interesting. facebook has 850 million users now. a lot of content, a lot of facebook pages. how will you stand out. if you have a facebook page say you're a business in washington d.c. or global brand, you have to post photos. >> photos are important? >> absolutely. >> they encourage that. we talk about other things you can do on facebook, you say promotional, free stuff? >> sure. a sweepstakes is the easiest thing you can do on a facebook page. you'll have thousands of people that want to grab that free spa package or stay for free, whatever it may be. >> how important is it to get offline and get in front of crowds. >> 1,000 percent.
9:54 am
if you want to let people know your social profile is @corbit, for instance, or @angiegoff. >> i look for people doing the same thing as me, a morning anchor and i look at their followers and i talk who's following them and see if they'll follow me back. if they're interested in this morning, they might be interested in me. >> what you're doing is social network analysis. who follows whom? who's interested in what. you look for a site called l listerous and you see anchors and who follows them and maybe they'd like me, too. >> valuable information we will have available on our website, if you're interested in social media, the bens is socialmediaweek/washington d.c. >> we'll have all that online for you. thank you so much. >> my pleasure. thank you. >> we'll send it over to chuck
9:55 am
and chris. >> thank you, angie at -- a father has become a viral sensation for unique punishment he gave his daughter. his daughter posted to facebook using some colorful language, complaining about all her chores she had to do. he decided to post a video showing everyone his punishment for her. >> i don't know how to say how disappointed i am in you and how disrespectful you were. this right here is my.45. and after that comment you made about your mom. you mom told me to make sure i put one in there for her. that one's from her. >> well, the father says his daughter can buy herself a new laptop after she pays him back for the one he shot up. out of bounds of the norovirus are on the rise. the virus is also known as the stomach flu. it spreads quickly in close
9:56 am
quart e quarters like cruise ships. there are a number of out of bounds. dr. nancy snyderman reports. >> reporter: this cruise was anything but a pleasure. hundreds of luxury cruise members were hit by an unwelcome party guest, the nor row virus. >> it's been a nightmare. we lost two full days of our cruise. >> reporter: another ship, he ruby princess, docked early after 100 of its passenger and crew were unable to leave their cabins. >> the captain came across and said there was sickness on the ship. >> they didn't want us to touch anything somebody else might touch. >> reporter: here's the norovirus under a microscope. it thrives in moist environments and its easiest route of transmission, close quarters. >> because everyone is jammed up so tightly together, it's so
9:57 am
easy for that virus to spread one person to another, those people spread it to four others, those four spread it to 18 others. >> reporter: it's not just cruise ships. in new jersey, more than 150 students contracted norovirus at dozens of universityies and the were gripped by painful stomach cramp, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. both universities stepped up cleaning and sanitizing classrooms and restrooms and officials urged to take precautions. >> it is important to make sure it doesn't spread by washing our hands and making sure we sanitize and scrub the halls and bathrooms and places where this can spread. >> it's 9:57 right now. up next, it may prove to be one of the most important satellite photos taken this year. how these pictures could impact the crisis in the middle east for years to come. we continue tracking snow as
9:58 am
it heads toward our area. chuck will have the
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