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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  February 15, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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the center of investigation into just how the pop singer died. good afternoon, everybody, and welcome to news4 at 4. i'm jim handly. >> i'm in for pat lawson muse. i'm barbara harrison. investigators found several prescription bottles in the hotel room where houston died on saturday. fans across the world who want to bid whitney houston farewell will be able to watch her private funeral on the internet. nbc's mark barger has more on whitney's death. >> reporter: whitney house answers musical roots were in gospel and a member of one of gospel music's most prominent families, the wine nans will deliver her eulogy on saturday. >> she was always a member of the community. >> reporter: the pastor who provided over the marriage to brown in 1992 will perform the service and cece and bebe will perform. >> i wasn't surprised because that is how close our families were when i heard houston died.
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>> reporter: wine nans knew not only of houston's struggles but her faith. >> we sang together "i go to the rock" and it is that rock of salvation, that rock, that faith that we have in jesus that sustains us during times like this. >> reporter: meanwhile in los angeles, the county coroner's office has issued speeches to houston's doctors and medical providers. they are seeking pharmacy and you medical records, standard procedure in death investigations but results of toxicology tests are still weeks away. they will determine whether prescription drugs found in houstons ahotel room were a factor in her death, yet even with that question unanswered, the white house's drug czar says houston's admitted struggles with substance abuse represent a teachable moment. >> when the cdc calls it a public health epidemic, i mean, it is very clear that we have to deal with this. >> reporter: one source of consolation -- >> i really do miss whitney. >> reporter: -- in a time of grief. mark barger, nbc news. meanwhile, houston's
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ex-husband, bobby brown, issued a statement today regarding the health of houston's daughter. the statement said, in part, "bobbie christina is doing much better after being taken to the hospital on sunday. "bobbi kristina who is 18 is houston's only child. after seven days of sometimes graphic testimony, the prosecution rested its case this afternoon in the trial of a former university of virginia lacrosse player charged with the murder of yeardley love. now it is the defense's turn. george huguely is accused in the beating death of his ex-girlfriend in may of 2010. earlier today, huguely's teammate was among the final witness for the prosecution. ken clausen said that huguely's mood changed dramatically the night love was found dead and he said he had a blank stare on his face. other friends and teammates testified that huguely was drinking heavily around that same time. the prosecution is trying to convince the jury that huguely had a violent encounter with love in his apartment -- in her apartment. she played for the women's
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lacrosse team. julie carrie will have the latest in a live report from charlottesville, virginia, on the news at 5:00. after moments of angry party line bickering, it appears it is a bipartisan deal up on capitol hill to extend the payroll tax cut and extra jobless benefits. republicans backed off their demand for spending cuts to match those tax cuts. steve handlesman has the latest. >> reporter: if the payroll tax deal holds on capitol hill it is a win for president obama and the middle class. >> this tax cut means that the typical american family will see an extra $40 in every paycheck this year. and that's gonna help speed up this recovery. >> reporter: republican leaders tried to spin the deal as their win. >> we were not gonna allow the democrats to continue to play political games and raise taxes on working americans. >> reporter: but the president in which is today was celebrating more good economic news. a bump in u.s. manufacturing,
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his rising popularity forced gop lawmakers to back down and make the tax deal. >> republicans saw that in december when they held out for spending cuts, resisted that payroll tax extension. they were pounded for blocking a tax cut for every american. >> reporter: the tentative deal would keep payroll tax rates at 4.2% for all of 2012. with no spending cuts like republicans demanded and no tax hikes on the rich, the democrats demanded. so, it adds $100 billion to our deficit. and on the linked issue of extended jobless benefits, unemployment gets cut from 93 weeks to 73 weeks in hard-hit states, 63 weeks in the rest. senators who worked for months without a bipartisan deal on anything major are relieved. >> congress is not enjoying such a great reputation and here's the opportunity to reach an an agreement to show we can get our work done. >> reporter: president obama says he will sign the payroll
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tax cut extension as soon as it passes. republican leaders hope that will be this week but tea party lawmakers who came here to cut spending and cut the deficit complained this deal does neither. i'm steve handlesman, news4, capitol hill. no ral loin wall street today. the three major indices all ended the day in the red. the dow had its worst day since december 28th of the last year. the nasdaq and s & p 500 also closed in negative territory. clear skies all day today but don't get used to it, folks. >> no. >> is going to change tomorrow. >> when is it gonna rain? storm 4 meteorologist veronica johnson joins us now with news about the weather. >> and that's right. we are talking about some rain again. not any snow, just rain. we have got, once again, a break in the cloud cover and feeling really nice outside again today. it has been a broken record all winter long. just how good it feels, we are at 53 now. look at the current temperature, wind out of the north-northwest at 8 miles per hour.
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throughout the area, up one to three degrees higher than we were yesterday. down south, culpepper, virginia, fredericksburg, 57 degrees, go up to the north, 48 to a rally, 43, german town, kensington, rockville and wheaton, 53 in prince georges county, new carrollton and adelphi, maryland. all right. a break in the cloud cover, but guess what, the clouds are going to be moving back in throughout the overnight period. as you heard jim say talking about rain in the area. the rain establishing itself while off to the west and down to the south, as a matter of fact there are some big storms down to the south, so what are we going to get here? details on that in a couple of minutes. at least for your good night forecast, we will be dry. we will dip down to 47 degrees by 7:00, 46 by 9 p.m. with a partly cloudy sky by that time. sun sets today at 5:45. by 11:00, only down to 43. not going to be that bad at all,
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temperatures during the evening hours. so, we have got one storm system here to talk about tomorrow and the potential of a bigger storm, possibly a coastal storm coming our way this weekend. i will give you the time and the details on that, jim in a few minutes. >> all right. we will see you then, veronica. thank you. friends and family of a fallen alexandria paramedic are paying their final respects today. joshua wiseman died in the line of duty last week when he fell nearly 20 feet from an overpass on i-395. news4's megan mcgrath has more now on how the community is honoring him. >> reporter: alexandria's fire stations are draped in black bunting, a sign of mourning for a fallen comrade. joshua wiseman will be laid to rest on thursday. visitation is from 5 p.m. to midnight tonight so that wiseman's colleagues may attend. firefighters from neighboring jurisdictions will staff the fire houses for a 48-hour period.
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the different fire departments regularly work together so they are already familiar with alexandria's operations. >> the individuals coming into the city of alexandria know the city. they know the protocols, they know the channels, all of our radios are co s are compatible other and they will be operating on our channels with our dispatchers through our 911 center. >> reporter: thousands of firefighters are expected to attend the services. 200 fire trucks will take part in the procession there will be extensive rode closures and congestion. people not attending are asked to avoid the area between the everley wheatley funeral home. between 1 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. wednesday, closures will affect the following streets --. alexandria schools will close
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early on thursday, including -- tonight's viewing is expected to have a big impact on rush hour traffic. motorists are asked to avoid the area around the funeral home. that's the 1500 block of west braddock road. in alexandria, megan mcgrath, news4. a college campus is rocked by a massive early morning drug bust. officers arrested 17 students at texas christian university. that's in fort worth, texas, today. four of those students are on the football team. police say during a six-month investigation, the students sold pot, cane, ex-stas circumstance acid, prescription painkillers and other drugs undercover officers. investigators trying to figure out how or if the students are working together. more arrests are possible. we are just getting started here on news4 at four, the top dog at this year's westminster has plenty of hair. the backstory on this furry
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friend there is a face under there. 400 shades of lipstick contains small amounts of lead. liz crenshaw joins us to explain. michaele salahi starr
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♪ oh, baby give me one more
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chance ♪ >> maryland's own erin willett, we told you about the soulful singer from gaithersburg yesterday on news4 at 4. on monday, she sang her way to a spot on the hit nbc show "the voice." but the audition didn't come without a major challenge for willett. she learn herd father had pancreatic cancer just before auditioning. her dad was able to cheer her on throughout her performance but not long after that taping, he lost his battle with cancer. >> probably the most nervous about seeing my father on tv, knowing that he has already passed away. i'm so glad he was there for t and, yeah, i got a little angel on my shoulder for the rest of the show. so, i got a little -- i'm one up on everybody else, i think. >> yeah, she has a lot of people rooting for her. chuck willett was once the voice of a d.c. oldies band. his daughter says she has drawn
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much of her inspiration for singing from him and you can watch "the voice" on mondays, 8:00, right here on nbc. michaele salahi, remember that name? she has some sharp, biting things to say about her estranged husband, tarik. >> many people got to know the salahis through the white house gate crashing episode and the reality show, "real housewives of d.c." but they split back in d.c. when michaela left tarik for journey guitaric, neil schonn. this morning on "today," she spoke about why she felt compelled to end that marriage. >> had gotten -- our relationship was very controlled by tarik and anyone that watched the show or even spent 24 hours with tarik and i knew where i had come from and what i had been through. there wasn't a time, you know, that's one of the things through the real housewives that they kind of joked about, they couldn't get to have lunch without him right there. and what he did was push me away. when there's control or abuse or
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hurting someone mentally and that, you know, on someone, it's not love. >> michaele salahi stars in a new music video for the journey single "resonate", the video was leased late monday, the same day tarik salahi filed a $50 million slaw suit against neil schonn claiming emotional distress and other issues. >> i'm going to go out on a limb and say that video is not going to make $50 million. >> interesting if he gets it. a peek his was crowned top dog at the westminster dog show. >> he brought it with a lot of fur. check this out, 4-year-old malachi won the coveted best in show prize last night in new york, wowing the judges with his flowing locks and that smushed face. this morning, he appeared on the "today" show after the big win. his handler says both he and his furry friend are still soaking in the news. >> how did you celebrate the big
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win? >> well, a lot of champagne. >> for you or for malachi? >> for me and my friends and the other owners. we had a big party after dog show. >> his handler says malachi has taken home 115 best in show titles, wow, and he is now retiring from the competitive world, competition, that is, to enjoy the relaxing life as a house pet. we learned he is also going to be kind of studded out, right? >> i wonder how relaxing will that be for him? you never know. >> living it up. the man who created the tv show "the simpsons" is honored with a star on the hollywood walk of fame. matt groening created the snow 1989. he was honored yesterday in los angeles. hank azar yark the voice of moe, joined in the ceremony along with yeardley smith t is the longest running animated series
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in television history. it will air its 500th episode on sunday. >> the faces behind the voices still going strong. >> greet see them. something many women put on every single day lipstick. the latest testing on lipstick shows popular brands can contain traces of lead. >> liz crenshaw is here now with what this means for consumers, a lot of people talking about this today, liz. >> both got it on. >> both have our lipstick. you don't have your lipstick. >> not today. >> reports about leaded lipstick are not new and the food and drug administration still does not set limits for lead in cosmetic bus what the agency did this time around is taken a expanded look at lipsticks. the fda tested 400 lipsticks. it found traces of lead at an average of 1.1 part per million. close to an average recorded during the fda's previous testing in years past. the top five worst offenders on the list are mabel lean's color sensational pink petal, lore
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yale's color rich volcanic, nars semimatte red lizard. ruby remix from hughes and rounding up the top five, nars semimatte funny face. lead in lipstick is not new. the campaign for safe cosmetics has long asked the fda to set lead limits for lipstick. the fda says it does not consider the lead levels found in lipsticks to be a safety concern. for a list of all 400 lipsticks that it did test, go to our website, and search lipsticks. so, again, fda does not consider this to be a threat. other consumer groups say, you know what lead lipsticks on the mouth not a good idea. >> tested 400. who knew that there were that many colors. >> the brighter colors they were talking about? >> a question of the deeper colors, the brighter colors. fda did not make an assessment of that but said we are looking at it, we don't think it is a safety concern, but i think we will hear more about this. >> thank you, liz. >> thank you. >> thanks.
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coming up on news4, a local military spouse receives a valentine's day makeover. here's before. we are going to show you the after, coming up next. plus, police dash cam videos released on the arrest of singer randy travis, why he was so upset with the officer. and for all of your news, be sure to follow news4 online, search nbc washington on facebook and twitter.
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yesterday on news4 midday, it was a special valentine's salute for a special group of women. they are wives of soldiers and marines treated at local military hospitals. this he received flowers and gift bags for their courage during the challenging times. the gifts included a head-to-toe makeover from neiman marcus, bobbie brown cosmetics i and a local salon. heather is one of the makeover winners our cameras followed along yesterday she got a new hairstyle, makeup done and picked out a brand-new outfit she returned to our studio this morning for the big reveal.
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here she is. heather, how do you like it? >> i love t. >> you look fantastic. >> thank you. hart. d >> what did your husband say? >> he was excited. he loves shorter hair, excited to see that he loves my red hair, very relieved and please they had didn't take away from that. >> heather is from minneapolis. her husband, corporate mark letenski lost both legs and an arm after stepping on a landmine in afghanistan in 2010. heather says he is doing better now and thriving. and so is she. tomorrow on news4 midday we will show you the results of another makeover, on news4 midday at 11:00. >> love seeing makeovers. >> bryants that screen. love her beautiful red hair. >> same thing i was going to say. >> even though she didn't have to be changed it changed her on the inside. felt better about herself and her husband was excited. >> good for the new year. right. well, wither not maybe getting overly excited right now. >> uh-huh.
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there. is a slight possible that we could be looking the a coastal storm this weekend, what might bring a little bit of snow to the area. >> really? >> on guard, watch it as it develops the next couple of days but for today, we have got a lot of sunshine throughout the area. you probably have been loving the temperatures. we have been in the low 50s today, very light wind out of the northwest. and we are talking about some cloud cover that's going to be moving into the area and we are talking about rain possibilities for tomorrow. so, let's go ahead and take a look at things. for some reason there, we got a little bit of a glitch here on the computer system, let see if i can get it to catch up real quick for you you temperatures in the 50s throughout the area. step over to the weather computer here and see what could possibly be going on. we are in the 50s again, clouds will be on the increase and as far as tomorrow morning goes, i do think that tomorrow morning, we will be looking at some dry conditions across the area, with rain developing probably around the tail end of the morning rush.
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so, as far as the overnight period goes, we are going to be dipping on down into the upper 40s to low 40s throughout the area there is a look, 39 to 40 degrees at 5 and 7 a.m. so for the area right now, we are dry. we have got some showers are developing off to the west, around ohio, and around kentucky. you can see it there. cincinnati, a little wet. memphis, tennessee, too, a bit wet and big storms down south around louisiana and eastern texas. so, that's where the storm system will be coming from, down through the deep south and around the gulf coast states, so that area of low pressure very quickly moving in. may have a sprinkle or two around the area early part of the day tomorrow. then that area of low pressure comes in and we are wet for the evening rush tomorrow. we are not going to get a lot out of this weather system, probably only .1 of an inch of rain, out of here by friday morning early. the way it is looking now for our next weather system. we have got some clear skies, a nice evening, 45 to 49 degrees,
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northwest wind, 10 to 15 miles an hour. tomorrow morning, mostly cloudy, nice start. you will need the umbrella, 42 to 49. cloudy with periods of rain, mainly light, 47 to 52 degrees. wet weather for tomorrow but we are just talking about rain. friday right now looking dry with sunshine, the early part of the weekend, too dry with sunshine, but again, right now, there's a 50% chance that we could see a coastal storm around the area on sunday with a little bit of rain changing over to possibly snow. another citizscenario gives us snow. i will explain on the next weather hit what is happening on the two scenarios, the way it is looking for the weekend. >> we have had it so easy. keep us on our toes. keeps us in weather on our toes. >> not a real winter yes. just a little bit. when we come back on news4 at 4:00 this afternoon, a royal treat. the famous couple is becoming a doll now.
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plus, betsy johnson is known for her outrageous clothes. today, we hit the cat walk with the designer and her new
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and welcome back at 4:30. i'm jim handly.
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i'm barbara harrison in for pat lawson muse. and here's what's happening right now. medical records and pharmacy records have now been subpoenaed from whitney houston's doctors. the l.a. county coroner's office says that is standard procedure for any death investigation. meanwhile, reverend marvin wine nans who presided over houston's marriage to bobby brown will deliver her eulogy. houston's funeral will be held on saturday. in charlottesville, the prosecution reds the case today against george huguely, the former uga lacrosse player charged with murdering his ex-girlfriend, yeardley love. today, his teammates testified that his demeanor changed the day love was found dead and he began drinking heavily. the defense begins presenting its case in the afternoon. after months of angry party line bickering, there is a deal on capitol hill to extend the payroll tax cuts and job
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benefits. republicans backed off their plan to get tax cuts. the president will sign it as soon as it hits his desk. the dow losing about 98 points today. the nasdaq down about 16 and the s & p 500 fell 7. concerns about the debt deal in greece and division in the federal reserve about steps to aid the economy drove the market down. the i team looked into parking tickets across the dmv after receiving tips on our hotline. many people have the same problem, they are frustrated because they got tickets for vehicles that aren't even theirs. i team reporter tisha thompson has this exclusive report. >> reporter: they write them, you pay them, or you fight them. jack parker loves to ride his bike around fairfax county in virginia. >> this motorcycle has never been in the district of columbia in its life. >> reporter: but that hasn't stopped the d.c. government from sending him three parking
4:32 pm
tickets for a ford truck and two honda sedans. >> and this is not a four-door honda sedan. >> reporter: his personalized tag somehow linked to vehicles he doesn't own. >> can the d.c. government stop this mess? >> reporter: around the same time, jake in waldorf, maryland, started getting tickets from d.c. he contested the first one through the city's online adjudication process. >> a couple weeks later, i get another ticket. >> reporter: even though he says he rarely visits the district this is a white van? >> yes. >> reporter: not brown? >> it is white. >> reporter: which makes him wonder why he got a ticket for a ups truck. >> never drove a ups truck. >> reporter: both men called the i team, fed one fighting the system. >> i'm most frustrated with the d.c. department of motor vehicles. >> there are, in fact, errors made in the ticket writing process. >> reporter: d.c. dmv director
4:33 pm
lucinda babber says she understands the frustration but points out the whole adjudication process exists because ticket writers make mistakes. >> your responsibility to provide evidence. >> reporter: meaning even if it's not your fault, you can't ignore the ticket, you have to prove it's not your vehicle by providing dmv your registration. >> how many of them are cases like mine? >> reporter: the dmv says it doesn't know because there's no way to red flag people in the system that have mistakenly received tickets in the past. >> we do not do cross-checks on tickets that were already written. >> reporter: as danny white found, that burden can cost time and money. >> five tickets a week, just kept coming, kept coming. >> reporter: white says he has had to take time off from work to fight the dozens of tickets for cars that don't match his red chevy avalanche. the dmv says don't ignore tickets even if they are not yours. >> they sent to a collection agency saying that i owed $505
4:34 pm
on a ticket i don't own. it is for a dodge. >> reporter: after 120 days, the dmv sends them to collection. >> the collection agent called me back again. we gonna send this thing to the credit bureau. i said, look, you can't do that i'm trying to get my house refinanced, you do that, gonna mess me up. >> reporter: leaving wail labor day others wondering just how much they will end up paying for something they didn't do. the dmv dismissed jake whaley's tickets after it confirmed with maryland's mva that he does not drive a ups truck. now, one of the guys we interviewed has racked up more than $20,000 in tickets. we are gonna show you why his call to the i team now has d.c. ticket writers changing the way they operate and, guys, that's coming up tonight on news4 at 5:00. >> this was an eye other and gets under your skin, not only is it costing them time but money, too. the gentleman there mentioned credit report r. >> credit reports are really important because a lot of these
4:35 pm
folks just wanted to ignore the tickets, will the i sent it in one time, they know it is not my car, i will ignore the rest of the tickets, you cannot do that jim, you cannot do that because you will end up with a creditor calling and you the worst thing that can happen is it goes to your credit report. you have to fight them, as annoying as they are. >> how frustrating. >> a lot of people are going to be looking at their tickets to make sure -- >> it is their car. >> yep. most people don't. >> you got to -- it is annoying but tough look at the tiny details and you have to fight them if they don't belong to you. >> tisha, look forward to your follow-up at 5:00. see you then. despite the bad economy, one company made enough profit to give all its employees a valentine's day to remember. delta air lines handed out some big checks to its employees. every one of them from the pilots to the baggage handlers, equal to about 4.9% of their annual salary. that's $264 million total from the company in profit sharing, which had employees celebrating,
4:36 pm
as you can imagine. >> it means a whole lot. in this economy, it means extra money. i will go on a nice vacation with it with my wife. >> worked hard in 2011 to achieve great results. the company was profitable. the station did well. we took honors what we call hub of the year in the delta system. so we are just proud. >> but the economy has taken its toll. this year, profit sharing is down about 16% over last year. we don't know how william and kate will mark their first anniversary in april but we know how some fans of the royal couple might celebrate. m math tell is releasing two collector dolls to honor the duke and duchess of cambridge. barb is taking preorders for the royal wedding gift set. the figurines were replicas of the real attire, including a long-sleeved lace gown for the kate doll and will be available in match, a month before the
4:37 pm
first anniversary. >> look stiff there, but people will be buying that up, safe to say. >> you know they will be. next on news4 at 4:00, a one-of-a-kind wedding dress is shown off that dazzles with pearls. plus, country music singer randy travis is
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country singer traced a kips lends his voice for an animated adventure e-book. >> this one is for the dapsd center active. wendy rieger joins us for app of the day. >> did you ever hear of oney, the postal rail dog? i hadn't until i looked a this the app. it is called oney, tales from the rail. this tells but oney. he was the most famous dog in america, traveling all over the country and around the world. his home was the albany, new york, post office but didn't spend much time there. he was always on the railway mail car. suspect that cool? so you can start the journey of oney. this lovely little animated picture book that has traced a kips narrating it for you. isn't that sweet? press over here and it turns the
4:41 pm
page as you go through the story of how oney became a postal dog and it is just really, really sweet. and then this is great for the kids it center active. one point, you get to pick a dog for this, right here, you get to pick a dog to put into the little frame t is just really sweet. the smithsonian has a national postal museum and take you out of here, i will show you, press that there you go, if you want to learn more about the national postal museum and stuff like that it is just really cool. there is oney, tailtales from t rail launched by the smithsonian national postal museum. now you know who he was. >> pretty cool. >> isn't he sweet? yeah, for your ipad. >> i bet we are going to be seeing oney. >> one other thing, excuse me, don't forget, you can download our own iphone app for free to stay up to date on the latest news and weather on the go search on
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itunes. you have oney and you have us. what more could you want? >> what more? >> perfect family for you. >> mascot, wendy. >> thank you. coming up on news4 at four, russell simmons and photographer nigel barker weigh in on designer betsey johnson's new clothing line. plus, how much a designer says this pearl dress could go for. and join us tonight at 10:30 on nbc washington nonstop as we celebrate black history month. the story of two family-owned african-american newspapers that have been fixtures of the washington region for more than 150 year
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a little rain tomorrow, but down the road -- >> a possibility, not talking about saturday but talking about sunday. a couple different scenarios, want to go straight to the maps, don't have much time to get into this explanation, but there are accuweather pattern we are in now, area of low pressure around the gulf of alaska that one developing and dropping southwestward, it digs down into areas around southern california not too long from now then to the gulf coast, down around louisiana and texas once again, that's where we have got yet our current area of low pressure, but by friday late, it's here. this storm system tracks more northeastward, that would mean, yes, we would get a little bit of snow here, at least the higher chance of it with some
4:46 pm
rain for southern maryland. as you could see there, the storm system were to track more due eastward and off the coast, staying pretty far down to the south, we could get maybe a little bit of snow, some flurries, some light snow at best, but not much precip at all coming with this storm system if that is the track. right now, there is only a slightly higher probability that this is the track that we could see. so for right now, we are going with 50/50 odds, the computer models, they are all over the place with it now. 53 degrees where we are now, northwest wind, 8 miles per hour, 48, cool spot in gatorsburg, olney. 58, the warm spot in southern counties. overnight, tomorrow morning, drop down to the 30s, midand youer 30s. do think that we are going to be dry tomorrow morning, showers coming into the area 10 a.m. or so. 31 to 35 by early tomorrow morning. here is a look at those clouds moving in and by tomorrow afternoon this time, showers
4:47 pm
around the area, probably only getting a tenth of an inch out of it in and out of here rather quickly, by tomorrow morning, we are dry. high tomorrow, 50, not too bad, right? 53 high with sunshine friday, looking to be a brighter day, saturday, 52 degrees, a 50% chance of that coastal system for sunday and then the early part of next week, we are once again parked close to 50 degrees. so, right now, 50/50 odds, seeing a bit of snow sunday. >> thanks, veronica. designer betsey johnson's signature party dresses were a big hit during fashion week. >> as nbc's joel garjulo reports, johnson was showing off her fall/winter 2012 collection. >> reporter: betsey johnson is known for funky designs and quirky person eighth, she is fun, she is fierce, she is fabulous and she is here talking
4:48 pm
to us. it is the show everyone wants a ticket to because anyone who knows bethcy knows they are in for a guaranteed good time but the party doesn't stop on the runway. backstage, everyone is having a blast. there's cupcake, candy, models and music. it's a major bash, betsy style. >> just look around you. pink balloons, craziness, vivacious. >> reporter: but with all the betsy johnson shows, the star is always the designer. easeding the crowd back stage, the 69-year-old was already putting an a show with the stretch, signature cartwheel and split. but i had to bring it back to the collection. her inspiration this time around, 1960s and rock 'n' roll. >> so, it is elegant, young twiggy, an older sharon tate, glamorous, beautiful.
4:49 pm
>> reporter: just call it bethcy mania. >> i love short, graphic, the opener is very beatle black and while. seems you have to have a time zone these days. >> reporter: designer's fall 2012 line traveled back in time for london and the swinging '60s. among the looks that made it down the run wake mod inspired separates, high-waisted trousers, pea coats, old blouses, floral prints, lots of faux fur, lots of sparkle and some demure pieces, too. well, demure for this designer. tell me about the show, what did you think? >> i thought it was absolutely amazing. >> betsey johnson every year, always inspiring, fun, creative, really great combination. >> all of the things that are a no with betsey, so wrong sometimes, they are right. that is what we love. >> reporter: a collection that is quintessential betsey. >> what do you think, barbara? you loving it? >> i don't know. maybe the more demure pieces. >> you can't do cartwheels and
4:50 pm
splits in that. >> can you believe she is still doing that? >> got it going on. >> i give it to her for that wow. coming up on news4, going to show off a dress that has more than 13,000 pearls on it. >> whoa. and talk about hugging it out, the record-setting adventure, next. i'm wendy rearing. coming up on news4 at 5:00, hundreds of dead birds mysteriously turning up on i-95 in laurel. chia pelts turn into a fad diet. why people are going crazy for those chia seeds, they like to eat them, they are nutritious. tonight at 6:00, state of maryland w
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4:53 pm
pearls are a common feature on modern-day brides but this wedding dress from a japanese designer is anything but ordinary. it is made from 13,000 akoya pearls. among them are 10 millimeter pearls considered very rare. the dress is estimated to be worth just under a half million dollars. it is molded by two-time world figure skater mickey andot might taken a athlete to wear this dress for a day, weighing 13 pounds, about twice as much as a regular wedding dress would weigh. >> that is a workout. more than 150,000 peruvians set a guinness world record
4:54 pm
today for the largest group hug. take a look. it all happened inside a stadium, residents say the province has a violent history so they organized the event to show the world that they have moved on to a peaceful present. >> that's nice. still ahead on news4, singer randy travis was shocked that his arr
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
an eyewitness account of what went down last week when country star randy travis was arrested. the dashboard camera caught it all. >> reporter: the dashboard camera was rolling in the early morning of february 6th when police in sanger spotted a car parked in a church parking lot. >> what is your name? >> randy travis. >> randy travis? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: a common name with the one-of-a-kind voice, belonging to country music legend randy travis. the superstar told police he didn't have any i.d. on him and he had been in an argument with his wife-to-be, but there was more. officers smelled alcohol on his breath. >> have you had anything to drink today, sir? >> yes, sir, i have. but i am not driving. >> reporter: travis steps out of the car.
4:58 pm
that's when police pull a wine bottle from inside. officers say he looked just like the man who sold more than 25 million albums. >> you're gonna go to jail for public intoxication. >> really? >> are you kidding me? >> no, sir. when we get to the jail, we can figure out who -- get some more information on who you are. >> are you kidding me? >> no. >> reporter:ste officers handcu travis and took him to the denton county jail. >> no comment from the publicist who said neither she nor the singer had seen that video. travis apologized for the incident after the arrest. that is news4 at 4 p.m. news4 at 5:00 starts right now. tonight at 5:00, after nearly three years, metro takes responsibility for the deadliest crash notice history. a teammate tonight talks
4:59 pm
about the changes in george huguely on the night he is accused of killing yeardley love at the university of virginia. good evening, everyone, i'm jim handily on this busy day in the news. >> i'm wendy rearing. first tonight, a news4 exclusive a man accused of breaking the law by leaving the scene of the accident turns out to be a prominent law professor at george collins. pat collins is live from the scene of the accident with an exclusive interview from the victim. pat? >> reporter: the city attorneys general office said a law professor left the scene of an accident after an unusual road incident here in northwest. this is concerning because they say the driver of the striking car left the scene of the accident. >> he said i'm not weight and we said yes you are and he said, no, no, no i'm not waiting, i'm leaving. >> did he give you his information? >> no. >> nothing? >> no.


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