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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  February 15, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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about her medical history. >> i'm jim vance. >> i'm doreen gentzler. the defense is starting to present its case to the jurors in the murder trial and didn't take long for sparks to fly. julie cary has details. >> reporter: one of the most important witnesses for the defense is on the stand right now, he's neuropathologist and he disputes the state autopsy finding that yeardley love died of blunt force injury to the brain. the doctor has testified that love died instead from a lack of oxygen to the brain, a kind of asphyxiation created from lying face down on a pillow. now, earlier today, the prosecution finished its case, calling five of george huguely's lacrosse teammates to the stand. he was george huguely's friend and lacrosse teammate but ken clausen called yeardley love one
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of his best friend at uva. the day before love's death, humely began drinking at 9 in the morning and got increase leg intoxicated throughout the day. clausen said he was with his roommate when huguely walked in. clausen had been with huguely much of the day but testified, i noticed there was a change in his demeanor, add blank stare. clausen testified, "i asked him what's wrong with you? he said nothing. i asked him two more times, george, what's wrong with you? i got no response." clausen testified that huguely lied about where he had been that evening. prosecutors say it was shortly before that encounter that huguely went to his ex-girlfriend's apartment, kicked in her bedroom door and attacked yeardley love, leaving her to die. but roommate and teammate kevin carroll remembered that night differently. a far more reluctant witness, he told prosecutors he didn't notice anything unusual about
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huguely. said carroll, i just thought he was really, really drunk. the defense started its case, calling a toxicologist to the stand as its first witness, dr. alfonse pokelis testified that yeardley love's blood alcohol level was closer to .16 or .17. his testimony contradicts the state's toxicologist who said it was .14. said pokelis, her emotions would be out of control. he also said love's coordination and judgment would be impaired. prosecutor dave chapman challenged his assessment, questioning if the doctor asked how her metabolism might have been affected as her head injury caused her heart to slow. the doctor said he hadn't seen anything to cause her heart to slow and stop. an angry chapman snapped back, she must be alive still today. the defense of george huguely will continue with its witnesses tomorrow morning. live in charlottesville, julie carey, news4. >> thank you. a prominent law professor at
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georgetown university could be facing some legal trouble. he is accused of leaving an accident scene last month in northwest d.c. pat collins has an interview with the victim in that crash. he is at the scene now with more on this. pat? >> reporter: jim, why did a noted law professor leave the scene of an accident? and what was he doing in that car before it happened? this case now in the hands of the city's attorney general. this is concerning because, they say the driver of the striking car left the scene of the accident. >> he said i'm not waiting. and we said yes, you are and he said, no, no, no i'm not waiting, i'm leaving. >> did he give you his information? >> no. >> nothing? >> no. >> reporter: it's more concerning because of the way a witness says that man was driving the car before the accident. >> we followed him for a few blocks, we get to st. john's and
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he is straddling the other lanes of traffic and he swerves over. he ran a stop sign and it was a light that we came up to and he actually stopped in the middle of the intersection. >> reporter: it's most concerning because they say the driver of that striking car is a prominent professor at georgetown law school, an expert in criminal matters. >> the fact that he knows better and he is representing a law school and he is teaching people about criminal law yet does this not -- does this law not uphold to him? >> reporter: the scene, 27th and military road northwest, january 24th, 7:45 in the morning. this bmw car stopped at a light when a man driving another car slams into the back. about $600 worth of damage to the bumper, but for the driver
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of the car, it's a bone rap. >> i had really bad whiplash, severe, severe headaches, i could not move my left shoulder, rotator cuff. the pain went down into my hand, went to the doctor's twice. >> reporter: this is gail peg, she is a witness. she says she saw that striking car going down the road before the accident. >> i think it's very, very odd, and i think that it's very unfortunate that he was driving all this way. he seemed to be aware that he was not driving safely but didn't seem to bother him. he seemed to think that he would be fine. >> reporter: the driver of the striking car, identified as professor john copaseno, pictured here on the georgetown law school website. now, we called, we e-mailed, so far no comment from the professor. live in northwest, i'm pat collins, news4. >> thank you, pat. for the first time, metro is publicly taking responsibility for the deadliest crash in the transit system's history. metro and three train equipment companies admitted legal responsibility for the accident
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that killed nine people on the red line back in 2009. the move is expected to shorten the duration of the trials that could be starting next month in two wrongful death lawsuit against metro. metro also settled seven other lawsuits filed by families of the victims. a memorial service will be held sunday for the culpepper, virginia, woman killed by a police officer. 54-year-old patricia cook was shot after a confrontation in a church parking lot last week. the officer told investigators that cook closed the car window on his arm and tried drive off sew opened fire but a witness tells news4 that's not how it happened. virginia state police are still investigating. breaking news from george washington university tonight. health officials there have confirmed an outbreak of norovirus at that school. at least 85 students have come down with stomach illness since monday. norovirus is easily spread through close contact with people and contaminated
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surfaces. crews will do extra cleanings inside gw's heavily used common areas in an effort keep the norovirus from spreading. quite a mystery along i-95 in maryland today. hundreds of dead birds turned up in the laurel area this afternoon. that disrupted traffic. the birds were found between routes 212 and 198. maryland state highway administration closed the northbound lanes while crews cleaned up the area. all the lanes are open again. still no word on what caused all those birds to die. after months of angry bickering, it appears it is a bipartisan agreement to extend the payroll tax cut and jobless benefits. republicans backed off their demand for spending cuts to ma. tax cut but deal will add to the deficit. steve hammedsman is on capitol hill with the latest. hi, steve. >> reporter: hi, doreen. let's not get too excited. congress remains bitterly divide. this burst of bipartisanship comes out of fear. lawmakers from both political parties up here on the hill but
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especially republicans are worried that voters would take it out on them in the fall if taxes go up. if the payroll tax deal holds on capitol hill it is a win for president obama and the middle class. >> this tax cut means that the typical american family will see an extra $40 in every paycheck this year. and that's gonna help speed up this recovery. >> reporter: republican leaders tried to spin the deal as their win. >> we were not gonna allow the democrats to continue to play political games and raise taxes on working americans. >> reporter: but the president in wisconsin today was celebrating more good economic news, a bump in u.s. manufacturing. his rising popularity forced gop lawmakers to back down and make the tax deal. >> republicans saw that in december when they held out for spending cuts, resisted that payroll tax extension, they were
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pounded for blocking a tax cut for every american. >> reporter: the tentative deal would keep payroll tax rates at 4.2% for all of 2012. with no spending cuts like republicans demanded and no tax hikes on the rich, the democrats demanded. so, it adds $100 billion to our deficit. and on the linked issue of extended jobless benefits, unemployment gets cut from 93 weeks to 73 weeks in hard-hit states, 63 weeks in the rest. senators who worked for months without a bipartisan deal on anything major are relieved. >> congress is not enjoying such a great reputation and here's an opportunity to reach an an agreement to show we can get our work done. >> reporter: president obama says he will sign the payroll tax cut extension as soon as it passes. republican leaders hope that will be this week, but tea party lawmakers who came to washington to cut spending and cut the deficit complained this deal
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does neither. i'm steve handlesman, news4, capitol hill. hundreds of people paying tribute to an alexandria paramedic who died hero. there are new questions surrounding the death of whitney houston. why the coroner issued subpoenas to the late singers a doctors. a small dog scores a big win at the westminster dog show last night but this pampered pekingese, his owners have bigger plans for the future. >> doug, nice day out there today. beautiful today, jim but tomorrow, the rain making its way in, lot of rain during parts of the day tomorrow. let you know when that rain starts plus, the phone information a coastal storm this morning. we will talk about it in just a mite. hey, dan. former caps goalie, olie [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices
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in more ways than ever. and our networks are getting crowded. but if congress frees up more wireless spectrum, we can empower more people to innovate, create jobs, and put momentum behind our economy. and a spectrum auction could raise as much as 30 billion dollars to help fund the payroll tax cut. it's simple. more spectrum means more freedom. for everyone.
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really awful story down in honduras today. a massive fire swept through a prison there. at least 350 inmates either burned up or suffocated. hundreds more are missing and presumed dead. firefighters say the inmates were trapped in their cells and they could hear them screaming as the prison staff scrambled to
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find the keys to the cells. we were told the guys who had the keys to the cells couldn't be found. about 500 prisoners did manage to escape. no word yet on what set that blaze off. one survivor though said an inmate set fire to his own beth bed. the prisons in honduras are overcrowded and run down. they have been hit by a series of deadly riots and fires throughout recent years. white house officials say iran is putting up a show of defiance to cover the negative impact of international sanctions. today, iranian officials claimed two major advances in their nuclear program. they started loading nuclear fuel rods that were made in iran into a research reactor in tehran. the president, mahmoud ahmadinejad, inserted the first rod himself. they did it on live television. previously, iran had to buy those rods from other countries. iran also announced thousands of
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advanced seine ritr seine riff centrifuges are working. as the investigation continues into whitney houston's death, so do preparations for her funeral, it will be held this weekend in her hometown of newark, new jersey. tonight, the man who will deliver earth eulogy is talking about the late singer. mark barger has the latest. >> reporter: whitney houton's musical roots were in gospel and a member of one of gospel music's most prominent families, the winans will deliver her eulogy on saturday. >> she was always a member of the community. >> reporter: the pastor who provided over the marriage to brown in 1992 will perform the service and winans' siblings,
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cece and bebe, will perform. >> i wasn't surprised because that is how close our families were when i heard houston died. >> reporter: winans knew not only of houston's struggles but her faith. >> we sang together "i go to the rock" and it is that rock of salvation, that rock, that faith that we have in jesus that sustains us during times like this. >> reporter: meanwhile in los angeles, the county coroner's office has issued subpoenas to houston's doctors and medical providers. they are seeking pharmacy and you medical records, standard procedure in death investigations but results of toxicology tests are still weeks away. they will determine whether prescription drugs found in houston's hotel room were a factor in her death, yet even with that question unanswered, the white house's drug czar says houston's admitted struggles with substance abuse represent a teachable moment. >> and when the cdc calls it a public health epidemic, i mean, it's very clear that we have to deal with this. >> reporter: it's one source of consolation -- >> i really do miss whitney. >> reporter: -- in a time of grief. mark barger, nbc news. >> houston's god maother, areth
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franklin is set to perform at the ceremony on saturday. doug is here. it was spectacular this afternoon. a couple more to come. i think friday, i think saturday, both those days similar to what we saw today. some a fly in the ointment as far as that rain is concerned. you are going to need the umbrellas when you step out tomorrow. sunday, still not sure if you are going to need the umbrellas or the snow snowfalls. hmm. talk about that in just a second. out there right now, a very nice evening, a great night to get out and about. once again a lot of people out and about today, temperatures reached 55 at the airport today. but yes, we are watching the changes ahead for the potential overnight tomorrow morning, then chance for coastal storm later on. 50 the current temperature, winds out of the north-northwest about 7 miles per hour. temperatures around the region on the mild side, the most part, 53 in fredericksburg but look back toward martinsburg, 47 there, only 43 in winchester and hagerstown, we are starting to cool off, a lack of cloud cover,
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temperatures should go down the next couple of hours before the clouds move on n those clouds will be moving in ahead of our next storm system, you can see that rain beginning to approach from the west. talk about western portions of west virginia and kentucky and ohio. as we widen out, see all this moisture is making a bee line toward the washington, d.c. area. going to see it tomorrow morning. high pressure, plenty of sunshine that moves on out. here comes the rain during the day. i think most of this should start, say around the 9, 10, 11:00 hour, about 9:00 back towardism-81 i-95, including the washington, d.c. metro, 10, 111:00, see that start, could last throughout much of the afternoon. this is tomorrow at 5:00, you can sigh we are inundated with rain, light to moderate rain, not heavy out there, but this rain will continue throughout much of the afternoon, do think rush hour tomorrow could be problematic as far as wet roads
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go, the storm moves out, we get breezy with plenty of sunshine. then we have to look toward our next storm, once again, friday and saturday looking very, very nice. a storm out there right now this is where it is, out toward northern portions of the las vegas area, will make its way down to the south and these southern storms do have the potential to pick up a lot of moisture out of the gulf. the storm tracks north, a higher chance for snow and some rain, some of the latest computer models bring it really far north that would be almost an all-rain situation for us and a warmer storm. the other scenario would keep this a little farther to the south. the storm does not make its way up the coast and could track to the south, nothing, swigd something further to the north here, i think we will see some changes for snow on sunday, but also a better chance for rain most of our areas continue to watch this. this is something going to be changing the next couple of days, a forecast you want to stay tuned for. 45 to 49 degrees in the evening. make our way in the morning hours tomorrow, cloudy, a mild
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start, take those umbrellas with you, 32 to 39 degrees, i think we will stay dry early,ize mentioned, that rain moving in around 10, 11:00 tomorrow, periods of rain throughout the afternoon, mainly on the lighter side, 47 to 52 then watching out friday and saturday, some beautiful weather and then there's that coastal storm going with a high right now of 45 degrees. monday, tuesday and wednesday, we dry out. another storm next wednesday but it is really that sunday storm, talking about it now for a couple of days, still is one of those things where it can go either way at this time, but we are going to continue to hone that forecast the next few days. >> we are counting on you. >> that's why i'm here. >> thank you, douchlgt. >> we always wondered. thank you, doug. now we know. residentses in one local county forced to boil their water for months now
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only 20% of the traffic signals in the region have a backup system. the traffic signals played big role in last jap's sudden storm that knocked out power and
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jammed roads all around the region. >> if you are looking at having the critical intersections in the region for a major weather convenient, evacuation or emergency with backup power, we can't say that we have got all of the main intersections taken care of. >> right now, transportation officials are working to identify the most important traffic signals in the area and try to find money to make sure those traffic lights get backup power. that magnitude 5.8 earthquake in virginia last summer created a lot of problems above ground but it also left people living in one town dealing with a major problem underground. since that quake hit, the 1300 residents of bealeton have not had clean water to drink. melissa mollet has our report. >> reporter: a crack let surface water in and dirtied the supply
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with coliform and e coli. 20 tests later, the boil order was put in place. went earthquake happened, it shook the well and maybe cracked the grouting. >> reporter: lisa rogers and friend debra leonard are among the 1300 residents under a boil order since october. since then, they have been lugging jugs, avoiding their icemakers. >> you got to have drinking water, cooking water. >> reporter: limiting laundry cycles and buying bottles of water. >> it is very frustrating. >> reporter: between buying water and her water bill, she is shelling out 90 bucks a month. >> i think they have nerve sending us a water bill every month. >> reporter: crews worked on the old mint brook well to my right here for six weeks with no success, then they had an idea, start work on this inactive well. they built a new water line and say with health department approval, this will well could be working within a week.
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test the water around waiting for results took moment. the fix cost the county more than $100,000. >> we have to ensure that the water is good when it comes out. >> reporter: debra and lisa say they received two notices. the only other updates have been online. school also to boil water in the cafeterias. gas stations bear taped over ice machines and the warnings and this dairy queen. >> as far as dishes and things like that everything has to be sanitized, not able to give out water to the customers, they have to buy the bottled water. >> reporter: county may now build a water treatment facility so that this doesn't happen again. the latest test results are expected want next few days. in bealeton, virginia, melissa mel lakers news4. coming up tonight, a touching tribute to an alexandria paramedic killed on the job. and a look at how the service could impact the commute. controversy as virginia moves closer to requiring women to get ultrasounds before having abortions. and some tough new rules to
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protect you from those unwanted, aggravating robocalls. coming up in sports, ohmly kolzig says what's wrong with alex ovechkin and george mason
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now the prosecutors are done, the defense is presenting its case at the trial of the former uva lacrosse player charged with murder. a toxicology expert said on the stand today that yeardley love's blood alcohol level was .16 the night she died. that is more than what prosecute hearse said earlier about her blood alcohol level. the toxicologist also adds that love died of asphyxia, essentially being suffocated while like on her bed. love's ex-boyfriend, george huguely, is charged in her death. a law professor at georgetown university is accused of rear ending another car and then driving away. his name is john copaseno. the accident victim says copaseno. driving erratically and refused to stay on the scene after he hit her car in northwest d.c. last month. news4 has not received a response today. president obama says he will sign the new payroll tax cut extension as soon as it reaches his desk. members of congress reached a bipartisan agreement that would extend the tax cut through the
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end of the year. a vote in both chambers could happen on friday. here is doug with our forecast. right now, watching that rain off to the west right now into southern portions of illinois as well as indiana and kentucky, all of that rain moving our way, i think we will get through the night on the dry side tonight. watch what happens by tomorrow morning. i think we will see mostly cloudy skies in here by 6 a.m., but i don't think we will see any rain until about 9:00. so most of the rush hour should be okay. by 1:00, most of the area underneath that shield of rain and that rain could last throughout the afternoon or even through the 5, 6:00 hour. tomorrow's rush hour could be on the wet side, give yourself extra time tomorrow. how much extra time could we need this weekend? i will have the 4-day forecast for you one more time which includes a possible coastal storm in a few minutes. >> thanks, doug. hundreds of people turned out to remember an alexandria paramedic who died in the line of duty. >> joshua wiseman's wake was
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today. he died last week after falling from an overpass on i-395. erika gonzalez has more on today's tribute. >> reporter: just before entering the everley wheatley funeral home in alexandria to pay his respects to the fallen paramedic, josh wiseman, his brother, gabe, spoke briefly to our cameras. >> if it's possible to take anything positive out of something so tragic, it would be how thankful we feel that there are people like josh who are unflinchingly there in the most trying of times for those they know and those they don't. all of us should be thankful for those like him. >> reporter: flowers lined his ambulance, unit 206. his helmet and jacket on display surrounded by pictures and thank you letters. hundreds of firefighter, friends, family and community members alike have come to see their hero at rest. authorities say wiseman was responding to reports of a car fire and three-car collision last wednesday night when he fell from the overpass of
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interstate 395, about 20 feet, into the creekbed of four mile run in sher lington. the seven-year veteran suffered a severe head injury and died the following day. >> josh always had a smile, he was always positive. i never heard a negative word. >> reporter: fire officials say it is the first time an employee has died in the line of duty in over a century. >> someone, he paid the ultimate price. >> he is in heaven. he is an angel and raised up a gentleman, a good spirit and soul who helped someone else. >> reporter: funeral services will be tomorrow at 1 p.m. at beth el hebrew congregation in alexandria followed by the burial at ivy hills cemetery. following that will be a celebration of josh wiseman's life. in alexandria, erika gonzalez, news4. >> tomorrow, thousands of firefighters and others are
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expected to say their final good boyce and the funeral could back up traffic. roads around the funeral home in zone andrea ya wi alexandria will be shut down intermittently. schools will be let out early. for a complete list of tomorrow's closures, head to our website at there are some new projections that suggest a one-way trip on the dulles toll road could triple in the next six years. a traffic study was presented during today's monthly board meeting of the metropolitan washington airport authority. the leaders this said the toll could climb to $6.75 by the year 2018. curt represent rate is 2.25-- t rate is 2.25. this is only part of a study and no actual proposals have yet
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been put forward. a controversial measure moving through the virginia state ledge slachl chur now would force women to get an ultrasound before having an abortion. >> reporter: todd gilbert found himself in a controversy. a bill required women to have an ultrasound before they have an abortion, gilbert referred to abortion as a case of lifestyle convenience. before the end of the day, he publicly apologized for the comment and the bill would eventually prevail. supporters reason it would help ensure there would be as much deliberation as possible ahead of the decision to terminate a pregnancy. >> they have made this decision after weighing it greatlism. >> reporter: rosemary kogt of falls church health care center says the problem she has with the bill is not that it is just about a medically unnecessary procedure, it is also that in most cases it would mean a
6:36 pm
24-hour period must elapse between the sonogram and the termination. >> it is a big imprint on our small business. we are a doctor's office. that means i have to have two sets of appointment for this woman when i could have one and a follow-up. >> reporter: it would confirm things like the gestational age of the fetus and an important facet of the state's informed consent law. still, other opponents look at it in the context of other language in the legislature regarding legal abortions, among them, a move to define life as occurring at the moment of conception. if we are seeking to reduce unintended pregnancies that lead to abortion then we should make all forms of birth control available and this bill would effectively outlaw those -- some forms of birth control. >> reporter: the governor has indicated that he would sign the sonogram law if it comes to his desk and passed the state house of delegate buys 63-36. no word from the governor on the
6:37 pm
life beginning at the conception legislation. derrick ward, news4. an awful incident that became known as the goff family murders can still bring a chill to people who remember. but what happened to erma goff, the wife and mother from potomac, maryland, who survived that event is also tragic and inspiring. wendy reariheendy rieger joins the story of mrs. goff, rebuilding a life after a horrible death. >> reporter: 17 years ago this summer but the murders still reverberate. how do you go on after your husband and three beloved drawers killed in your home? for the first time in almost 17 years, erma goff is revealing what that journey was like, the journey for survivors coming took li back to life after death. >> i was lucky to have my son. i was lucky to be functional. so i focused on that. i focused on what i have. not what i didn't v do i miss my
6:38 pm
family? oh, absolutely. does day go by i don't think of them, i don't pick up something or talk to somebody and think about them? doesn't happen. just doesn't happen. silly things, you know that remind me of david and the girls. but you have to -- you have to move forward. you can't -- you can't be a victim. >> erma goff tells her story tonight on news4 at 11:00. she is a remarkable, gutsy woman who will surprise you with her philosophy and sheer tenacity. you really want to hear her story on news4 at 11:00. jim, doreen? >> thank you, wendy. still ahead on news4 at six, the state of maryland wants counties to help foot the bill for teacher pensions but local leaders say that move could backfire, hurting students in the long
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dog he is rescued from a hoarder in mississippi have arrived to washington animal rescue league. nearly 110 animals were found living in deplorable conditions late last year. now 19 are here. soon, they will be ready for adoption. the dogs range in able from two weeks to eight years.
6:42 pm
a pekingese in the spotlight after being crowned a champion. malachi, four years old, won the coveted best in show. that was the prize last night at the westminster dog show in new york. he caught the judges' attention with those flowing locks and that smushed-in face and that wobbly little walk. this morning, malachi was on the today show. look at that his handler says that they are still soaking in the news. >> how did you celebrate the big win? >> well, a lot of champagne. >> for you or for malachi? >> for me and my friends and the other owners. we had a big party after the dog show. >> his handler says malachi has taken home 115 best in show titles. first at westminster. the dog is retiring because there is nothing to win after
6:43 pm
you win westminster. he is going to enjoy a relaxing life as a house pet and we might assume as a stud and that can't be all bad. people hate robocalls and tonight, new rules are in place to fight them. the federal communications commission is requiring telemark earths to have written consent from consumers before sending the auto dialer or prerecorded calls, even if the consumer hasn't list third phone number on the do not call registry. this ruling does not, unfortunately, impact political campaigns, nonprofits or informational messages such as school closings. rules already prohibit robocalls to cell phones without consent. >> school closings are okay. the rest, i want to talk to a human. >> really, please? >> what's up? you are human, right? >> barely.
6:44 pm
do a little ollie and ovi. sher rod wright rocks the fairfax, the whole town, the whole county, everybody in fairfax. plus, nick young and the wizards do something they haven't done all season. now, here's doug with the forecast. >> i will show you when the rain is going to move in the next couple of days plus what is the
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we have come smack talking what is going on with the caps, ollie and ovechkin? >> i think like real talk. owely kolzig, used to be a star goaltender for the capitals is now a coach who works with a lot of the minor league teams came back and visited today and somebody asked him about alex ovechkin and he had a couple of comments to make, they were interesting. a lot of experts thought hypothesizing what is wrong with the caps this season, one thing they all agree on, the caps wouldn't be better until they get nick backstrom and mike green back and alex ovechkin starts to play likest being paid to play. this morning, capitals associating coach kolzig, happens to be one of the most popular players in capitals history with some strong words for ovechkin. here is ollie on ovie. >> i think a lot is frustration. he is not -- obviously, he is not scoring at the clip that he is accustomed to.
6:48 pm
you know, part of that obviously is not having nikki backstrom in the lineup. for alex it is a work ethic. he just has to get back to being the way he was in his younger days and maybe not get up too much in the rock star status that comes with being alex ovechkin. >> hmm. what do you think about that? out of turn? he is not his head coach. should he be saying this? >> you know what, i don't know. truth to power maybe or something like that. and maybe -- maybe that's what ovie needs to hear. >> something definitely got to change. >> something needs to. >> the fact's former player and former all-star player maybe carries a little more weight with somebody like alex ovechkin. >> kind of knows what's talking b. >> been around a long, long time. capitals starting a four-game road trip in florida. it is called the most important road trip of the season, the team up decided if mike green who practiced fully today will travel with the team to florida. speaking of road trips, the
6:49 pm
wizards in the midst of their longest of the year, playing in l.a. against the clippers tonight and for the first time all season, they are riding a winning streak. late tip in portland last night. hey, john wall, wake up for this one. what's going on there? this will wake him up. second quarter, wall around felton, hangs, hits. also gets foul. take another look at this thing. john wall said game on last night. he has been playing very well lately, 29 points, nine assists for the second year point guard. third quarter, wall to nick young at the bottom of your screen for three and that's finding the bottom of the net. on the ensuing wizards possession, young saves it and then pulse the trigger, all in one fell swoop, back-to-back threes, 7-8 beyond the arc, pumped in a season-high 35 points did nick young. fourth quarter, can't do this, leave mcgee wide open below the rim, going to get the bucket, 18 points, 11 rebounds, the wizards
6:50 pm
win huge, 124-109, now just 7-22, just the first time in franchise history they have won back-to-back road games by 15 or more. jeremy lin and the knicks, linsanity taking the show north of the border to toronto last night. lin and amare stoudamire playing today the first time, they had chemistry. stoudamire, 21 points in the game. jeremy was dirk and jeremy was scoring. knicks down three, a minute to go drives, the free throws, tied at 87. three seconds remaining, still tied at 87, until linsanity does it again, lincredible, linpossible. finishes with 27 points, 11 assists, knicks win 90-87, the legend continues. so from the lynnderella story, to a couple real-life sin der rel last, a buzzer batter, vcu stun ted patriots center by george mason, a team that
6:51 pm
refused to give up, came back to win the game thanks to a flurry of three pointers in the waning seconds of the game. vcu sitting atop the caa conference along with paul hewitt's patriots, just one loss at home this year, coming in for hugh wet in the second half, just over 3 1/2 to play, ryan pearson, the tough reverse layup, 24 points, 11 rebounds, under a minute and a half to go tied at 51. vcu's burgess, call him big shot brad for a reason, he had 13. vc off. three-point lead. back comes mason, under ten to play. vaughans in the corner, tough shot, drapes the three, mason within one. last chance for mason now. down by two with three seconds to go, here's how it sounded in fairfax. [ cheering ] sophomore wright with the game winner, the biggest shot of his
6:52 pm
career, look at him. did that really just happen? mason wins a thriller, 62-61 was the final. >> things that kids dream of, i dream every day hitting the big shot. i see kobe hit big shot, lebron, but for me to hit a big shot for my team to win, i can't explain the feeling now. >> i can't talk enough about that guy. he come through in clutch moments and that was the biggest shot right there that was just great. look on his face after that was just so happy, i was more happy for him that he made a shot, more than winning. >> all i could say is wow. all i could say is hope don't show this to my wife but the best valentine's wife i have had in a long time. for our players, in particular, wright, kept playing hard and kept playing hard, that is what we talked about before the game, steal the ball and turn it over,
6:53 pm
that is what we do how ironic it comes down to the last play. >> we were sitting right behind the bench and hewitt really did turn around. >> good stuff. >> the kid, 10, 12 years ago, out at night, a street light over the hoop, just him all by himself and he is dreaming of that shot and he is saying to himself, he shoots, he scores, the crowd goes wild, the crowd goes wild. >> all doing t. >> the real thing. >> they were basking in the glow of that for a good 30,
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
budget cuts and layoffs could be coming to police and other services across maryland if state lawmakers force counties to pay more for teacher pensions. today, county officials with tonight annapolis hoping to put an end to that idea. chris gordon reports. >> we are all standing here
6:57 pm
strong together. we are gonna fight this together as one, thank you. >> reporter: the maryland association of counties is banding together to send a message to governor martin o'malley to stop the teacher pension shift, a massive and immediate shift from the state to its counties and cities to pick up the burden of paying $240 million toward teacher pensions. >> this shift comes, there will definitely be cuts. >> where? >> have to look at across the board. >> reporter: we are told school children will be hurt by the cuts in arts, libraries and social services. teachers and mothers neighboring howard county could be laid off. >> not just teachers it is police officers, firefighters, yeah, i mean if this shift happens the way that it's proposed, everything's on the table, layoffs, furloughs, reductions in salaries. >> reporter: shifting teachers' pension would cost montgomery county an additional $47 million to pay for teacher pensions. >> the impact in montgomery county would be devastating, we
6:58 pm
simply cannot easily absolve $47 million. >> reporter: some local lawmakers here in annapolis told me if governor martin o'malley's tax increases are passed this session then perhaps the state teacher pensions will not have to be shifted to the counties and the cities. in annapolis you chris gordon, news4. >> montgomery and prince georges counties are already struggling with massive budget deficits. officials from both those counties say adding the cost of teacher pensions is just too big a burden. tonight at 11:00, we are learning more about an outbreak of the norovirus on a local campus. also, a christian university rocked by a drug sting that took down some of its best football players. and the story of a man who had a heart attack after that triple bypass burger at a restaurant called the heart attack cafe. tonight at 11:00. one more check on our weather, doug. >> we have got some rain that is going to be making its way -- our way during the day tomorrow. i don't think it is going to affect us much during the rush hour early tomorrow morning but
6:59 pm
i do think it will affect your rush hour tomorrow afternoon, call it cloudy, periods of rain on the light side, could see a moderate shower or two coming through the area, temperatures 47 to 52. so at least it is a fairly mild rain, not the cold rain that we have seen this winter. winds out of the south 10 to 15, temperatures rebounding took 53, think friday and saturday will be beautiful. call it a fantastic friday, sunday, there's where the things go down hill a little bit. we have got a coastal storm that's going to develop. where will it develop and how far north will it get? those are the questions that we will continue to look at the next couple of days but right now, going with a chance for rain or snow on sunday, a high near 45, 46 on mondays, the storm pulse on out. next storm will not move in until the day on wednesday this storm on sunday could be a very significant storm, whether it is rain or snow all up and document east coast, one we are definitely watching. >> stay tuned. thanks, doug. we have just learned that there have been two arrests in


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