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tv   News 4 at 11  WRC  February 20, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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children. but first to a scene still active tonight after a speeding car flipped and then cartwheeled into a restaurant. one person is dead. debris everywhere. >> reporter: the witnesses describe in vivid detail what happened. this scene is more than 100 yards in length. based upon what they say, it's like a scene from a movie. >> the impact was so hard that the glass just flew everywhere. >> reporter: a horrific scene at a cfc in landover. prince george's county police say two people in this bmw crashed outside the restaurant killing a woman who was inside the bangled car. a white sheet covered her body at the front doorway. >> and then we ran over there. we pulled the guy out. he was hollering. but another guy took the girl's pulse. it was very weak. >> reporter: rose smith was standing at the next door citgo gas station when she watched the
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bmw fly down the highway. >> when it hit the curb, it went airborne and flipped, flipped, flipped. >> this is a brutal scene. >> reporter: we're bringing you closer to the scene. police say the driver was most likely going more than 100 miles per hour. he hit the curb right over here, started tumbling, plowed through shrubs, hit a sign, smashed through a fence and then eventually hitting that suv and then falling right in front of the doorway. miraculously, the woman sitting in the suv survived with minor injuries. drugs or alcohol involved? >> too early to tell. there's going to be a blood toxology screening. >> reporter: the department's collapse team is expecting the building to make sure it's secure while investigators search for evidence at the scene. >> our accident reconstructionist have their work cut out for them.
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>> reporter: a flatbed truck is moving both vehicles. crews are cleaning up. police have not identified the person who died in this crash. it's unclear if she was a driver or a passenger in the bmw. a man was stabbed in a road rage incident today. the victim was a newlywed. his new wife and his kids were in the car when it happened. jackie bensen reports the argument started after a game at a red light. >> reporter: investigators had both vehicles, a ford suv and a silver chrysler pt cruiser towed away as evidence in a strange crime. road rage? >> yes, it was a road rage incident. >> reporter: rocky colter was driving behind the two vehicles about 4:00 this afternoon. he says the people in the ford had caught his eye when stopped at an earlier traffic light, playing a game where everyone got out, ran around the suv, then got back in. >> it was a red light. they weren't holding up traffic. the person in the pt cruiser was
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talking a bunch of crap and making gestures and obscene things. the person in the explorer got out to confront him. and the guy opened up his door and just stabbed him. >> reporter: but the victim managed to pursue and rammed the pt cruiser to make it stop right in front of the honda dealership. police say both vehicles contained kids and at least one dog. >> there was a gentleman running around. we heard somebody say, he's been stabbed. >> reporter: colter says he later learned the reason why the people in the ford seemed so happy when he first saw them. >> they had just got married. >> reporter: the folks at the honda dealership say they have scene plenty of accidents along this stretch of road. but never anything like this. reporting from crofton, jackie bensen, news 4. soaring gas prices are turning clerks into targets at gas stations across the country with the cost of a gallon a gas up 40 cents from last year. customers are so fed up, they're taking it out on the people who put up the prices. in some cases in california,
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yelling or even throwing things at them. >> we have -- i have regulars that come. and normally they're very pleasant. but they're very rude. what's wrong, what's going on with the gas prices? >> gas has never been this expensive in february. as republican candidates for president look for some kind of buzz issue to attack the white house, this pain at the pump is quickly fitting the bill for them. we have more on the politics of oil. >> reporter: that's right. experts say gas prices could hit four bucks a gallon by summer. republicans are ratcheting up the rhetoric on that point in a push for votes a week ahead of some important primaries. in ohio today, rick santorum says president obama's environmental policies are helping push gas prices so high and is threatening to derail the economic recovery. this weekend he used the words "phony theology" to define the president's environmental
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beliefs and later clarified saying he was not attacking the president's faith. today, same message, different word. >> look at this ideology of the earth, if you will, and rise it above the interests of man. >> reporter: both arizona and michigan are holding primaries next tuesday. meanwhile, mitt romney also in ohio today counting on a strong finish in michigan to catapult him into the super tuesday primaries. but a gallup poll shows he's in trouble, trailing rick santorum by ten points there. some analysts believe a romney loss in michigan will shatter any remaining consensus that he is the gop front-runner. and in the meantime, romney continues to bring in the cash. one of his super pacs raised more than $6 million last month. doreen? >> thanks, wendy. a developing story in the district. one woman is in a fight for her life after being critically injured in a fire tonight.
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it started about 8:00 tonight in southeast washington. a child was also hospitalized with minor injuries. several others were treated for smoke inhalation. no word on what might have caused this fire. a freak collision with a deer killed a virginia man and seriously injured two others. a car on route 9 in loudoun county hit the deer saturday night. the animal went flying and landed on the windshield of a car on the other side of the road. a passenger in that car died. the driver and another rider were hurt. >> i just heard like an explosion right into my windshield. it happened like in half a second. when i heard that, my reaction -- i mean, my foot went exactly into the brakes. >> police identify the victim as 26-year-old rodolfo viatoro of michigan. tonight, a family in maryland is blaming the
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controversial alcoholic beverage called four loko for the death of their son. a car hit and killed 13-year-old michael trulock after he fell out of another car while he was trying to throw up. family members claim the only reason the boy got sick was because he drank the beverage. a caffeinated form of four loko was pulled off the shelves in 2010 after several states banned it. it's not clear if the child a middle-schooler, had been drinking the caffeinated or uncaffeinated form of that drink. you see this water rescue. police pull a man from sullivan cove after he fell in about 6:30 tonight. doctors treated the victim for hypothermia. tomorrow, the students at anacostia high school are expected back in class. a fire did serious damage to that school on friday. however, crews spent the weekend cleaning up and repairing the damage there. inspectors determined it was
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safe for students and staff to return. tonight, getting a first look at the potential names for new metro stations in fairfax county. it's part of metro's expansion out to dulles airport. >> reporter: work on the silver line is ahead of schedule. as more concrete is poured, naming the stations becomes even more important. take a look at the list of suggested names here, from the fairfax county board of supervisors for all eight stations leading up to the dulles airport. now, metro wants your opinion and an online survey starts tomorrow morning. two stations in particular, they're in the middle of a discussion. the seventh and eighth stations, station seven will be on the western edge of reston at the herndon monroe street park and ride. leaders in herndon don't like the name herndon-reston west. reston is being considered for
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two other station names and herndon deserves its own station nation. station 8, the suggested name is hearn do herndo-dulles east. you can see the suggestions on our website. in richmond today, nearly 1,200 people demonstrated against the strict anti-abortion bills that are advancing through the general assembly there. the protesters stood in silence as lawmakers went into the building. they are upset about one bill that defines life as beginning at conception and another which would require women to have an ultrasound before they get an abortion. delegates in the house ended up delaying the scheduled vote today. the vote on that ultrasound bill. looking outside tonight, temperatures are falling fast.
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but springlike temps are on the way. right, doug? >> that's right. we're looking at a storm out to the west. we did see some snow in parts of the area yesterday. other locations seeing some sunshine today and just about everybody enjoying a pretty nice afternoon. i'm watching this storm out here towards the center portion of the country. this is going to move to the east very, very rapidly. i think most of us are really going to enjoy what it brings along with it. we'll talk about the temperatures and just how high they'll go and what comes after the storm for the weekend. >> sounds good. coming up, we'll tell you how a convenience store owner rescued two men from a furious fire. >> the upstairs is on fire, help me. >> neighbors team up to help a man who can't walk make it
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a community in massachusetts is celebrating a store clerk who saved two men from a fire. it was caught on tape this weekend. the man ran across the street from the store he owns and went right into the burning house. he was able to help get both men out alive. the house was a total loss. a story of neighborly love tonight. neighbors put their own lives on the line to save a woman and her husband who was bedridden from their burning home. >> prince george's county 911. >> there's a fire in my house. i've got an invalid in here and i have stairs that are on fire. help me. >> that is the frantic call from
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donna musser to 911 as flames roar through her home in prince george's county. firefighters rushed to the scene but before they could get there, musser's neighbors ran into the burning home. >> saved his life. >> yeah, he's a good friend, a good neighbor. he's like a dad almost to me. >> jim and donna musser and even their cat, all expected to be just fine. we've seen what happens when consumers get angry over new fees. last year, there was an uproar when bank of america and verizon wireless both tried to implement new fees. liz crenshaw is here with a look at extra charges you may be paying when you pay your bills. >> we call it paying to pay, your phone bill, your cable bill, your power bill. there are dozens of way to pay for free but many consumers pay a fee to pay their bill. >> shame on them. that's all i have to say. >> reporter: verizon wireless's plan to impose a $2 fee back in december did not go over well with consumers.
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>> it's crazy. i don't want to pay $2 for that. >> reporter: verizon wireless's fee would have charged consumer 2s if they chose to make a single payment online or over the phone using a debit or credit card. the company said the fee was designed to improve the efficiency of those transactions. >> you shouldn't have to pay a fee to pay your bill. it doesn't make any sense. >> reporter: in fact, verizon wireless said back in december it reversed its new fee in response to customer feedback. the uproar prompted us to look at utility bills to see if other companies make you pay to pay. here's what we found. when making a single payment online or over the phone, with pepco, you'll pay a fee of $4.95 if you do it with a credit card and $1.95 with your debit card. washington gas, you'll pay $4.55 extra if you pay using your debit or credit card.
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dominion virginia power, it costs you $3.95. northern virginia electric cooperative, $2.45 credit or debit. all these fees are for the same bill payment method verizon wireless decided to retract. >> paying your bill is the price you pay. but paying a fee to pay your bill is a price too high. >> reporter: you think some of those fees are high? take a look at these. to pay a cox bill by phone with a live person, it charges a $10 fee. in person at the cox counter, $5. pay rcn over the phone and speak with a live agent, $6.95. comcast, owner of nbc universal, if you pay over the phone with a customer service agent, a fee of $5.99. companies tell us consumers have many free option when they pay their bills and when they charge fees, it is to offset the cost of labor and the expensive using
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third parties to process the charges. but this man argues these costs should not be passed on to the consumer. >> it's not a valid reason. it's a cost of doing business. >> you have very little recourse with utilities whether it's electric, cable or phone. i don't think it's right. >> reporter: one recourse every consumer has, find a free option for paying your bill and use it. so in our survey of 15 utilities and cellular phone company, all had numerous ways to pay for free. with verizon wireless, every bill pay option is free. but the bottom line is, don't pay to pay. it's just crazy. >> if you can avoid it. >> if you can avoid it. >> sometimes it is unavoidable. >> and unfortunately a lot of times it's when you wait the longest and then you're up against the wall and you're like -- and then you end up paying to pay. >> thank you, liz. doug's here with more about this nice, warm weather. >> i'm not paying to pay. i'm sticking up for this. >> that's it, doug.
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plan ahead. >> our weather the next couple of days, really, really nice. i'm telling you, temperatures the next few days, not only into the 50s tomorrow, into the 60s on wednesday and maybe close to 70 on thursday. how about that? this, a day after some of the area, about half, saw some pretty good snows yesterday. most of that into northern virginia and southern portions of maryland. high temperature today got up to 50 degrees at the airport. low of 34. no snow at the airport today. that is dca, only 2 inches of snow for the entire winter. a lot of people saying, any chance for snow anytime soon? i don't see it this week. some of the latest computer models have saturday looking a little interesting. we'll talk more about that the next couple of days. 40 degrees, the current temperature out there right now. winds on the calm side. you say, 40, that's not too bad outside. but that's at the airport where it's much, much warmer. take a look at the numbers around the rest of the region.
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27 in manassas. 28 in leesburg. frederick, maryland, coming in at 25 degrees. it is going to be a cold morning tomorrow in the suburbs. and really just about everywhere. but especially in the colder suburbs. nothing to show you on the radar. we're all clear and we're going to stay that way through the day tomorrow. we're watching this storm. this storm is not a very strong storm. it is bringing the potential for severe weather earlier. a lot of wind damage into parts of kansas and oklahoma earlier today. this storm for us is going to be more of a temperature maker. it's going to draw in a lot of warm air over the next couple of days and really help us to warm up. high pressure over the region right now. clear skies. that's why the temperatures are falling very quickly in some of the suburbs, especially the areas that saw snow to the south. your temperatures are going to go down very quickly. tomorrow, we'll see a warm front pass usbay by from that same storm system to the west. we'll see partly cloudy skies. more clouds than we saw today. but warmer temperatures, into
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the low to mid-50s i think for most of us. we'll watch the actual cold front come through. but this cold front has no cold air behind it. as a matter of fact, we're going to get very warm on wednesday. i think wednesday we get to clear 60 degrees. could be a couple of showers, some sprinkles during the day on wednesday. i'm not expecting too many of those, though. most of the day should be pretty nice. it will also be fairly breezy. same deal goes on thursday. but thursday, we get a little bit more of a southerly component. and with that, we get near 70 in areas down to the south of washington. right now, i'm going 67 degrees for a high temperature on thursday afternoon. mostly clear, chilly, 23 in the suburbs to 33 in the city tomorrow morning. once again, wear that coat. for the kids going back to school tomorrow, make sure they are dressed very warmly tomorrow. through the day tomorrow, partly sunny, milder, becoming breezy. temperatures, 50 to 54 degrees. a nice afternoon but the winds, 10 to 20 miles an hour will make it feel a little bit cooler. 60 on wednesday. 67 on thursday. friday, 62 with a pretty good chance of rain.
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and then watching what happens this weekend, right now, we've just got it cool out there. but the pattern actually is pretty good for a little storm. we'll talk more about that the next couple of days. i won't talk about it now because i'm out of time. >> we'll enjoy all that warm weather in the meantime. thank you, doug. still ahead tonight, we're now just minutes from fat tuesday. that means a lot of work and a lot of celebrating in new orleans. and in sports, >> woman: don't forget the yard work! >> o.k. >> announcer: with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. >> nice job, ben. >> announcer: well played, dan. well played. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. [ male announcer ] citibank's new app for ipad
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makes it easy for anne to view her finances from anywhere. like gate d12 for the next three hours. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. what is going on? he just said it was 5-0? >> yeah. it was the straw that may have
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broke the camel's back when you read all the things on twitter. this is a very important road trip for the capitals and just the reaction from the fans after this game, more vitriol then we've seen in a while. after a lackluster performance in tampa, the caps had a chance to make amends in north carolina. the hurricanes, the worst team in the eastern conference and they were playing without their starting goalie. how did it go? about as bad as it possibly could have. thomas vokoun took the loss in tampa on saturday. on an early power play, the rebound bounces out to justin falk and he buries the putback. mike green getting turned around and faulk takes advantage. 1-0, carolina. over a minute later, more problems for the capitals. johansson coughs it up.
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vokoun was pulled over just five minutes of action. in comes neuvirth. turnovers continue to plague the capitals. carolina, three-on-two. sutter to nodl, canes up 3-0 after one. second period, caps on the power play. another horrible turnover. eric staal on the breakaway beats neuvirth going five-hole. hurricanes shut out the capitals 5-0. the caps have now lost 10 of their last 14 games. they wrap up their road trip on wednesday in ottawa. the wizards trying to wrap up their longest road trip of the year with a win but they just did not have enough juice for steve nash and the suns. it's been a problem since, oh, 2006. that was the last time the wizards won in phoenix. here's general manager ernie grunfield taking in the game with cnn's wolf blitzer. wizards down by five at the half.
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but john wall driving. gives it to trevor booker for the big old slam. that gets washington to within two. booker having a game. it would be booker again this time in the lane. up and in. and he's fouled. wizards up 55-54, their first lead of the game. but it was misery after that. phoenix responds with a 31-6 run to end the quarter. man, wizards have already lost their tenth straight to the suns 104-88, the final. they are back home, are the wiz, against the kings on wednesday. and finally, jay-z and beyonce taking in linsanity. jay-z part owner of the nets. nets visiting madison square garden and the knicks. stevenson feels this, getting his pocket picked by jeremy lin. lin leading the break, keeps it all by himself. he had 21 points and nine assists.
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but the knicks had no answer for this man. how about another point guard on the court getting some things done? deron williams. eight threes in the game. he goes for a season-high 38 points. and the nets beat the knicks 100-92.
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[ male announcer ] technology accelerates at a relentless pace. anything not moving forward is moving backward. [ tires screech ] [ engine turns over, tires squeal ]
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introducing the 2013 gs. with the lexus enform app suite, the most connected information and communication technology available in an automobile. [ tires screeching ] the all-new 2013 lexus gs. there's no going back. the city of new orleans now just minutes away from the biggest party of the year down there.
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fat tuesday is tomorrow. that's mardi gras. that season draws more than $300 million in business to the area. vendors getting food and drinks ready and thousands of beads and costumes that will be on display tomorrow. they're all being laid out tonight after weeks of parades and parties. fat tuesday is the culmination. on wednesday, they start cleaning up. >> one day, i'd like to go to that party. >> my flight leaves at 1:00. i'm ready -- >> that's our broadcast tonight. >> see y
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