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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  February 22, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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murdered his ex-girlfriend at the university of virginia. good afternoon. i'm pat lawson muse. >> i'm jim handily. it is our top story today. they saw a door with a hole in it, her testimony from police and medical experts, as well as friends and family. >> now, jurors have to weigh all of the evidence and decide if the death of yeardley love was intentional or was a tragic accident. julie cary joins us live from charlottesville with the latest on this day of deliberations. >> reporter: deliberations got under wait 9:30 this morning, so we are now entering the seventh hour of deliberations and judging from some of the questions that these jurors are sending into the judge, they are being very methodical as they consider the case against george huguely. one of the first things a jury did this morning was asked to view once again the videotaped police interrogation of george humely. along with that dvd created by the prosecutor into the room went the big screen monitor in this trial throughout. the jury also took some other
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evidence into the jury room, including the bedroom door. that door to yeardley love's room with the big hole kicked through it. it is now in the jury room as they deliberate. prosecutors, of course, say george huguely kicked through that door to get to yeardley love just before midnight on may 3, 2010. they say they shook her, beat her head against the floor and then left her to die on her bed. she was found two hours later by her roommate laying face down in a bloody pillow. now, defense attorneys say that former uva lacrosse player george humely never meant to harm yeardley love that he just went into her room to talk over problems that the couple had been having and that the two got into an altercation and she was killed by accident. of course, in closing arguments over the weekend in that rare saturday court session, we also heard sharply contradictory versions of how yeardley love died. the prosecution has argued all along that she died of blunt force trauma to the brain. the defense attorneys told the jury and their medical experts told the jury that yeardley love
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actually died of a type of asphyxia, that she was intoxicated and that when she was tossed on the bed, she essentially suffocated in her pillow, so jurors to sort out what version they believe the cause of death is. even in closing arguments on saturday though, the prosecution backed away from one of the most serious charges against george huguely and that is a charge of premeditated first-degree murder, however, prosecutor dave chapman did urge jurors to strongly consider another type of first-degree murder charge facing huguely that is felony murder, a killing done in commission of a crime. and we know that george humely was also accused of taking yeardley love's computer, so, that was a robbery that went along with the killing. chapman also said jurors should consider second-degree murder. george huguely's attorney asked the jurors to look more closely at involuntary manslaughter. they say that at the very most, they see this as an accidental death, along with involuntary manslaughter, the jurors have one other charge to consider and
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that is voluntary manslaughter, they also have to sort through various larceny and robbery charges that go along with the alleged theft of the computer. so again, the jurors heading into hour seven here. they seem to be very carefully going through their jury instructions as they consider all these charges against george huguely, we will bring you the latest when this jury does have a verdict. live from charlottesville, i'm julie cary. back to you. >> thank you, julie. it has been a long time in the making. today, president obama took part in a ground breaking ceremony for a new smithsonian museum dedicated to african-american, history and culture. it will go up on the national mall, not far from the washington monument. mark barger has more on the big momentous day. >> two, one, break ground. >> reporter: it is hist, hundreds of years in the making, the groundbreaking on the national mall for the national museum of african-american history and culture. >> this -- this is a milestone.
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this is a milestone moment, not only for the smithsonian, but for the united states. >> reporter: the smithsonian's newest museum will document the history of african-americans from slavery through civil rights to the present. >> this day has been a long time coming. >> reporter: the museum was first proposed by black civil war veterans and years later, by members of the civil rights generation. >> this is their day. this is your day. it's an honor to be here to see the fruit of your labor. >> reporter: on display will be thousands of artifacts, including the plane used to train the tuskegee airmen, the hymn book owned by abolitionist harriet tubman and a dress wore by civil rights icon, rosa parks. >> we must tell the story, the whole story, 400-year story of african-american contribution to this nation's history from slavery to the present. without anger or apology. >> reporter: seven floors of
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displays will showcase the rich cultural heritage to the painful struggles for equality. >> we really have a duty to remember, even if it's painful. >> it is gonna hurt. i got a book that show the type of stuff like that it hurts but i had to know it, 'cause it is my history. >> reporter: history documenting america's past through the lens of the african-american experience. the museum is to open in 2015. mark barger, nbc news. >> i love the early look that we are getting, just magnificent. >> looks beautiful, doesn't it? >> what a beautiful day they had today. it has been a nice one is it going to be a nice evening? >> that is the question for meteorologist veronica johnson, who is in the storm center with the answer. hey, veronica. >> hey there jim and pat. yeah, let's just say, i don't think you are going to be frowning too much. let's take a look outside. you can see beautiful sky there. we have got a few high clouds out with us now, fast forecast, giving it to you early, talking about this taste of april and the fact we could see a few
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showers not only this evening but we will talk about the possibility of some showers, too as we roll through the rest of the workweek. our temperatures now, 63 degrees, you folks in fairfax, manassas, warrington, great falls and vienna, big good afternoon to you. up north, cooler, folks in montgomery county, 59 degrees, olney, bethesda, 62, landover and blamesburg, not bad on this wednesday. then 65 down in stafford, virginia. there you can see a little bit of clouds over the area, montgomery county to prince william county, but stale lot of sun left around the area right now. we are, however, going to see an increase in cloud cover and we are talking about a few showers for the 8, 9, 10, 11 p.m. hour and then especially after midnight. so we are going to be looking the some showers moving into the area, but look at those temperatures, only, only down to 52 degrees at 11 p.m., folks. that is mild for right now. we are talking about getting a little bit of rain, too, between you a tenth and quarter inch of
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rain i tell you where i think there could be a little bit more of that rain coming up in a few minutes with the full forecast. pat? >> thanks, veronica. the alexandria, virginia, man charged with plotting a suicide bombing inside the u.s. capitol was in court this afternoon for a bond hearing. he waved his right to preliminary around detention hearings and was ordered held without bond. 29-year-old amin al cal leafy arrest old friday, charged with attempting to use a weapons of mass destruction. prosecutors say he was headed to the capitol and he planned to explode what he thought was a bomb in a suicide operation. he allegedly discussed the attack with an undercover fbi agent who was posing as a member of al qaeda. he also considered attacking other targets here in the washington area. his arrest follows a lengthy undercover investigation. is it constitutional to lie about being a war hero? the u.s. supreme court is taking up that case today and so far, justices are sharply divided
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over the stolen valor act. the california man was prosecuted under that act for falsely claiming he won the medal of honor. today, some justices seemed concerned about restricting freedom of speech and criminalizing other kinds of lies if the act is upheld but others say the stolen valor act is very specific and it doesn't threaten first amendment rights. now to the republican race for the white house. there is some good news for mitt romney today. the latest nbc news poll shows him in a virtual tie in his home state of michigan ahead of tuesday's primary. romney made news today when he said the wealthy ought to pay higher income taxes. steve handlesman has the latest from the campaign trail. >> reporter: in arizona, mitt romney call forward 20% across-the-board income tax cut but raised eyebrows by also calling for a tax the rich more plan, like president obama. >> i'm going to limit the deductions and exemptions,
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particularly for high-income folks so that we make sure the top 1% keeps paying the current share they are paying or more. >> reporter: or more. barack obama says that's what's fair. high-income folks to pay more. he would raise their tax rate. the president today proposed a cut in corporate tax rates, like romney proposes but not as big a cut. some obama and romney proposals are converging are. and in states that vote tuesday, arizona and michigan, voters see romney as the republican with the best shot to beat the president. that helps explain romney's 16-point lead in arizona in today's nbc news/marist poll and romney's comeback in michigan. >> thank you. >> reporter: where the rick santorum surge seems over. romney and santorum are in a virtual tie in romney's must-win home state. santorum told tea partiers in tucson today he is the only religious and fiscal
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conservative. >> you will find one candidate who has been unafraid to go out and fight on all of the issues. >> reporter: newt gingrich is counting on tonight's debate to spark a comeback. >> my goal is going to be to go back to the big solutions and big issues and not get drug down to his level. >> reporter: he means mitt romney, whose popularity levels in today's polls seem to indicate he is back on track. but tonight's debate in arizona could shake up the standings and it is the last time these candidates will clash before super tuesday, the week after next. i'm steve handlesman, news4. when news4 at 4:00 continues today, the controversy over rihanna's decision to reunite with chris brown in the studio. good-bye and i'll see you next time round, yeah? >> oh, you saw it, but you didn't. what got adele so angry she used an obscene gesture at an awards show?
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♪ baby don't you want to go ♪ come on, baby don't you want to go ♪ >> and the president singing again this time, he is singing the
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♪ come on, baby, don't you want to go ♪ ♪ ain't no place
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♪ sweet home chicago ♪ >> sounding good. president obama showed off his pipes again at a jam session at the white house today. "sweet home chicago" was the song this time. the president sang it with music legend bb king at a blues concert celebrating black history month last night. the concert featured, probably saw in the background there, mick jagger in the red shirt and buddy guy. well, british superstar adele made an obscene gesture during an awards show in london. take a look. >> i'm so proud to be in the room with all of you. >> and i can't believe -- >> cut me off. >> just sorry. >> can i say then, goodbye and i will see you next time round then? >> you didn't see it we saved you. it happened last night at the british equivalent to the grammys. adele was upset after being cut off during her acceptance speech for album of the year. she later apologized on twitter. an american tv producer
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found dead in a hotel in uganda under suspicious circumstances. 39-year-old -- i'm sorry, the other story. first and second graders playing football could be getting hit hard enough to cause a concussion. researchers at virginia tech and wake forest university commissioned the study. they fitted seven youth football players with a special helmet that measures the impact of a direct hit. the study found that over the course of the season, some of the hit also the same force as seen in a college game. researchers say most of the hard hits happened during practice. if you are already suffering from allergies, blame the went they're wasn't n today's get healthy for life, the absence of a good hard freeze this winter has meant an overabun dance of mold and meant trees are pollinating already. so it is going to be an early and really bad allergy season but an early spring cleaning of
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your home can help. dr. jackie rory sabet ta is here is help us. i woke up this morning feeling like there was a full balloon inside my head that is the reason? >> is the reason. it was the women they're wasn't. and hence the trees already pollinating, yes, i mean like right now. it is going to be that much longer of a season. all those things that i would normally say you better get ready for, get ready now. start taking your medication now, start doing everything you can to make a good spring. >> spring clean the whole house, starting with the bedroom. >> the bed room is where you spend most of your time if you think about it. if you are lucky, get to spend eight hours sleeping. start with things like washing the sheets, would you wash it in hot water. don't forget about dust mite covers, should you can on the bed, pillow and mattress, special covers to make it so those dust mites can't crawl out and get to you. no down pillows no down comforters, they attract a ton
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of dust mites, don't forget about any sort of foam rubber and egg crates are, things like that get moldly. sadly, tough kick the dog out of the room once and for all and that includes the cat, too, shouldn't be sleeping with that unnecessary exposure to animals. lastly, stuffed animals in your kids' rooms, get them off the beds, hang them up in your nets above the bed, unless you can put them in the wash. >> go to the family room where we spend most of our time. what do we need to do there? >> we spend most of our awake time there what we spend time doing laying down on the floor, especially playing games, a kid, wrestling with the kid, make sure you get rid of the carpet egg. that is really where you spend an awful lot of time and had to get rid of the carpeting all over the house that would be wonderful, think about getting rid of it in the family room. upholstery, in general is not your friend. you want things like leather furniture where you can check for mold in that living room,
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where you would find that, strangely enough is in plants, particularly in house plants. think of things like washing the pots, scrubbing the pots and repotting the plants that could be full of mold. don't forget the mold around the seals, contracts, window, doors as well and get a dehumidifier. forget about the hepa filter. really not so proven to work. >> okay. let move to the kitchen. what could possibly hurt you. >> so much stuff in the kitsch than can do you in allergy time and the number one thing would really be, again, the mold, check for leaking faucets and then all of the stuff that you do for cleaning is usually kept in the kitchen, so think of when you reach for the latex gloves, some people were allergic to latex, be careful with that, when you do the cleaning supply, many people who have allergies, really irritated by all those strong scents that are in the chemicals and lastly, sadly, roaches. roaches are a big problem. they are the number one cause of pediatric asthma in the innercity, set those roach traps, get rid of all the open
4:19 pm
food containers that would attract more roaches. keep that kitchen clean. >> okay. all right. we keep the bathroom clean, but that's not necessarily enough. >> because it can be full of mold. you have to look around, look on the ceiling tiles, look particularly around the tiles, around the bathroom, around the toilet, get the mold out of there the other thing that's in the bathroom is the medicine cabinet and you should clean that out as well. think about even though these medications haven't technically expired, if you are reaching for a nasal spray that you used last fall, that's been sitting in the medicine cabinet three or four months, document want to stick that up your nose, don't want to stick those drops in your eyes and lastly, don't want to stick those asthma inhalers in your mouth. many asthma inhalers that are powder asthma inhaler, if they have been opened for so long, they only can be opened for 45 days out of the foil package go get new ones even though they haven't technically expired. >> i don't have to ask you about the garage, i know to clean that out. >> the garage is if you have a science experiment going on in the garage, a bunch of fertilizer and chemicals for the
4:20 pm
pool, put them in containers, they can just irritate you. >> or stay out of the garage. thanks, dr. jackie. jim? >> wow, we are taking note. dr. jackie helping us out early. coming up on news4 at four, a man blames a demon with the voice of barry white for making him shoot and kill someone. casey anthony's attorney reveals why he is calling it quits. if you thought today was nice, just you wait. veronica will
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well, we were just talking about allergies and it is really starting to feel like allergy season. >> today, the allergy count higher than yesterday. any time you get the warm weather in here, just that. tomorrow it is going to be higher than today. so, as we talk about the warmth, yeah, you know there will be a a lot of neighborhoods hitting 70 degrees tomorrow. >> wow. in february? >> right. >> up believable. >> yes. take a look at this graphic, because i want to just show you how many times we have hit 70 degrees. 70 just once since february 1st but we have done it three times, three times, in november. what a winter this has been, right? mm-hmm. all right. go out there today, not too bad either. we have had a mixture of clouds
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and sunshine. 62 degrees, the temperature, wind out of the south at 16 miles per hour. let's take a look at some of the other temperatures, up to the north, 59 degrees, montgomery county, frederick county. 59, loudon county, stafford county, 64 degrees, so, nice, mild conditions all through the area. during the overnight period, not going to drop to the 30s this time, 40s, low and mid-40s at worse for early tomorrow morning. but look at the cloud cover, got a better chance of some showers coming to the area after 11 p.m. and after midnight. that temperature, 11 p.m., just 52 degrees, that rain gone by tomorrow morning and going to be a very mild start for us. look at where that rain is coming from. you are going to see showers, western maryland, down around charlotte, there is a weather system that is kind of weak, only going to bring a tenth to a quarter-inch of rain. most of the rain over southern maryland. by tomorrow morning it will be well east, mostly sunny to partly sunny day for us, high
4:25 pm
pressure moves in, a chance for more rain on friday, another area of low pressure moves in. as a matter of fact, right now, the best chance of rain for friday will be early in the day, probably up until 11 a.m. for your evening, increasing clouds with a chance of showers, those will be moving in late. temperatures in the mid-50s to just about 50 degrees, nice and mild tomorrow morning, breezy for early part of the day 40 to 46 degrees starting out, with winds even early in the day, gusting up to 20 miles per hour. for tomorrow afternoon with he get a taste of april in here h you're going to love t 65 to 70 degrees tomorrow. again, most of our clouds will be early in the day. 65 degrees on friday with a chance of some showers hanging around till about lunch time. overnight, temperatures will be nice and mild, too, until we get to the weekend. but the weekend, not too shabby, right now, looks like we will have partly sunny skies on saturday. the high 50. start out in the mid-30s.
4:26 pm
then the high on sunday, 526789 start out probably below freezing. so, cooler weather after friday. >> i'm also thinking the breezy blowing the pollen around, too. >> yeah, it s doesn't help when you mix mild and wind. >> look out. bless you. thank you. still to come on news4 at 4:00, a study that finds infant formula is sweet, folks are calling it a baby milk shake and you won't find sugar on the label. rihanna and chris brown reunited through their music but their tweets have led to speculation this is not just a professional collaboration. also, a reporter's story turns into breaking news when it
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welcome back to news4 at 4:00, i'm pat lawson muse. >> i'm jim handly. it is something a lot of parents keep close track of, how much sugar their kids are consuming. >> but if you look for the information on baby formula labels, you're not gonna find t nbc's lisa parker investigates just how much is actually in there.
4:30 pm
>> reporter: with nutritional labels at every turn it is easy to spot suge ghar our diet but one place where sugar content is not listed. >> hi, baby. >> reporter: many argue it is the most critical food of all. . we are looked a all the formulas in the grocery store, even the store brand ones and none of them listed the sugar grams per serving, none of them. >> reporter: new mom nancy brace couldn't believe her eyes when she couldn't find a sugar amount listed on the baby's formula. >> i called can't and said how many grams of sugar per serving are in the baby formula? they told me they don't add sugar to the baby formulas. >> reporter: corn syrup first in ingredients, brace wasn't buying that answer. >> why doesn't it list the grams of sugar? >> reporter: her question brought us here to an independent lab with seven popular baby formulas we bought for testing. >> going to need about five
4:31 pm
barack obamas a sample. >> reporter: scientists did a sugar profile on each sample testing for five types of sugar. among the result, enfamle premium and parents choice premium formulas the highest sugar content, 13.5 and 12.4 grams per serving. a significant amount but the best type of sugar, lactose, the kind found in breast milk. three test load for any sugar, gerber good starts, similac complete and enfamle pro soeb bit. two made by similac did contain other sugars. similac complete nutrition contained one of the sweetest kind, sucrose, mesh st. petersburg at 3.5 grams of sugar per serving. similac soy infant formula with iron contains four kinds of added sugar including sucrose for a total of 3.8 grams per serving. roughly the equivalent of one teaspoon of sugar every five ounces. in europe, concern over childhood obesity led to a ban
4:32 pm
on sucrose in baby formula. does of country does not allow the kind of sugar we found in these two brands. >> we are conditioning them to crave sweetness. >> okay, baby, wither gonna go back. >> reporter: white number of sugar grams may be low, pediatric dentist kevin boyd, who has a masters in nutrition and dietetics says the impact on sugar on babies is huge. >> they are conditioned to like super sweet and their fat cells are saying more, more, more, please. >> reporter: some of the formulas so sweet tasting, boyd calls them baby milk shakes, a major factor, he believes in our country's battle with childhood obesity. >> if a child makes too many fat dleshlgs never go cells they never go away and they want to be fat. if we are raising our children in the baby bolt, they are densed to become overweight. i don't want to see that happen to her. >> reporter: while the food and drug administration does regulate manies a ast spoevgs formula it does not require
4:33 pm
makers to show how much amounts, the agency is also silent how much is allowed. the makers of enfamle and parents choice do not add sugars, including sucrose, because they are not found in breast milk. the maker of similac did not respond but the international formula council did step in to point out sucrose has been shown to be safe in both clinical trials and years of consumer use. >> that was lisa parker reporting. now, in a statement, the international formula council also said members of the council's select formula ingredients based on their ability to meet nutritional targets and to assure product quality. a state lawmaker in indiana is standing by his claim that the girl scouts have become a radical organization that promotes abortion and homosexual i republican state lawmaker bob morris was ridiculed by the of his own party yesterday for comments he sent in a letter to other republicans in the state house. he said he had conducted some
4:34 pm
internet research and he concluded that the scouts are what he called a tactical arm of planned parenthood. >> my problem is on a personal level with my family and our believes and my wife and i pulled our daughters out of girl scouts effective yesterday. >> we have no relationship with planned parenthood, doesn't exist there's no formal relationship. there's no money that changes hands. we have no relationship. and that's the bottom line. >> planned parenthood also released a statement calling bob morris' allegations woefully inaccurate. end yap nah's republican house speaker dismissed his colleague's comments as absurd and handed out girl scout cookies from the podium at the state house yesterday. attorney jose baez says he no longer represents casey anthony, the mother accused of murdering her daughter in orlando. baez won acquittal for anthony last summer around the high-profile trial made him one of the best-known criminal defense lawyers in the country.
4:35 pm
in a statement today, baez said he has with draw up from the casey -- the anthony case and has to attend to the needs of other clients. one of those clients is gary giordano, the gaithersburg man named as a suspect in the disappearance and presumed death of his traveling companion, robyn gardner. when we come right back on news4 at four, it looks like kate and pip parks but it's not. the lookalikes who are having people doing double takes. and how about an angel with a face of olivia newton john who is now a factor in a [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable and enjoying it less and less? stop paying for second best. upgrade to verizon fios and get tv, internet and phone for an incredible price: just $89.99 a month for two years with a two-year agreement. it's an amazing deal, but it's for a limited time only. so don't wait. want to save even more? call right now and we'll add a special bonus: $300 back. unlike cable, fios delivers a 100% fiber-optic network
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our app of the day is all about doing good p >> hey we like it when that's the app. here's angie to tell us how it works. >> hey, jim and pat. we all want a pat on the back when we do something good. here is a way to put your good work to work for u the app is called reward volunteers and it does just that. all you have to do is type in an organization, for instance, i'm typing in the washington humane society, an organization i've supported in the past, and this is really just a plethora, a dictionary of local places you
4:39 pm
can volunteer and you notice that we found that organization right there. say that i wanted to give a couple hours or a couple days and i want to do it in, i guess, instead of social services, just going to do something good and going to do it for about three days. this is going to log that information. you notice it is attached to my facebook page and immediately, i can share that information and that's going to go across my social network to let people know just the good that i've done around town. now, what's also great about this, you can monitor other people in our city that are doing good. for instance, we want to check in with julia, or julie a. i should say. she just volunteered for nine hours with the dinner garden, i can choose to like that once again that will go across my network, let everyone know that i'm a fan of the good work she is doing in the city. now this is where the brownie points come n you know, we don't really expect to be rewarded for volunteering our time, but what's so great about this app is that they actually do that. between now and july, it looks
4:40 pm
like five $3,000 cash awards will be rewarded. i know, we are talking an alaskan cruise. we need that after winter that we've got here. we didn't get much snow. and then it looks like there's a lot of gift certificates up for grabs. basically, the way it works is the more hours you log, the more points you get and then the more prizes get in the end. we know that is not why we are doing it we are doing it out of the good of our hearts. we want to remind you we have our iphone 4 app for nbc 4, keep you up to speed on the latest news and of course, all your weather. back to you. >> thanks, an jim. >> a cool one, an jim. we love the humane society. >> brownie points for doing good. >> should be rewarded, huh? when news4 at 4:00 continues, we will show you stunning, stunning pictures of the sky. >> wow. and we didn't do anything to that video. that's the real deal. we will talk about the implications of chris brown and rihanna making music together, three years after that violent encounter. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable
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and enjoying it less and less?
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happen poi wednesday afternoon, everybody. welcome back to news4 at four. mother name chaur little busy today, giving us some warmth, we are in the low 60s throughout the area. take a look what is going on with mother nature in the arctic. boy, oh, boy you down the normally see something like this another solar storm, another majestic aurora. you can see the twinkling kur tape there is in the upper latitudes, just awesome. these are the best displace of the aurora borealis in decades, the bright greens and pink sweeping and striping across the sky. it almost looks like it is unreal. those glowing rings, some of the coolest images, too, that we've seen from space in decades. and that is just incredible, even if you get to see it in person, if you ever do incredible images from space and on ground. 62 degrees here. we have got a wind out of the south at 16 miles per hour. so a southerly breeze, a warm
4:45 pm
breeze. 60 to 63 degrees across the area. warrington, 65 right now. heading down only into the 40s by tomorrow morning, so, a mild start. and we are going to get a little rain but most of that rain is going to be while you are sleeping. 11 p.m., midnight, up until about 3 or 4 a.m. in the morning, clouds are going to be moving out of here. we will be left in the 40s tomorrow morning, just some breezy conditions, so, who is going to get the rain? look at the blobs of green to the south, kwaupt co-fredericksburg, 1 a.m. in the morning, most of the rain down to the south and southeast across charles county, st. mary's county, even prince georges county. that's where there could be maybe a quarter inch of rain, at best, out of the little system rippling through. for thursday, going to see clouds building again across the area. so, 40 to 46 degrees. overnight, early tomorrow morning, a high of 69, close to 70 degrees and that's more like mid-april-type temperatures for us. that's what we will be feeling tomorrow with a dry day. the rain comes in again thursday
4:46 pm
late, early friday morning, should be out of here by noon. weekend, much cooler, in the low 50s, that is the tway is looking now. toss back to you guys in the studio. >> thanks, veronica. >> you bet. it is a controversial music collaboration and now, there is more buzz about what singers rihanna and chris brown are doing together outside the recording studio. >> a lot of talk. russ paar morning show co-host georgia alfriedas join us and you have a big surprise, you will hold off to the end. not even giving us a hint? >> i won't even give you a hint. >> let's talk about these songs that rihanna and chris have put out there, both remixes. we are gonna take a listen. ♪ turn up the music, i need it ♪ turn up the music, just turn it up louder ♪ >> okay. this is "turn up the music," in case you were wondering. we heard this song yesterday, didn't we? you know it is going to be in clubs all weekend long.
4:47 pm
>> yeah. >> it has got a catchy beat. let's go back to this assault case back in 2009. it has critics shaking their heads now the fact that the couple is working together again, but does it seem like the fans of both artists, georgia, can get past this? >> you know, we asked this question on the russ paar morning show, we got tweets, e-mails, calls and of course, some fans are really angry, they feel betrayed by rihanna, but a lot of the fans, a majority of the fans said, you know what, if she can forgive him, then what are we doing even asking the question? you know, they are saying she is on his -- they were doing remixes together, they dropped them the same day. and if you really listen to the words of these remixes, they are, you know, talking about missing each other, clearly i love you, baby. he says, i have -- it's been a long time, i missed your body. that's on another one. >> "birthday cake." >> we can't play that on the air. >> no, you can't. you had very to do a lot of editing. >> these remixes have rumors heating up whether they are really having a personal row man
4:48 pm
theic relationship again. >> the rumors have been circulating, we heard they spent time together at the grammys, also heard that he was -- chris brown was at rihanna's birthday party, told people not to take pitch excamera people couldn't get them together but we hear they were really together and they have been tweeting each other, tweeted happy birthday, robin and she retweeted and said thanks. here is the thing, when somebody retreats what you wrote, they want other people to see what you wrote. now, she did retreat a lot. she got -- happy birthday wishes from katy perry, lots of celebs, the fact they retweeted chris brown, she took him back in, this is what it s but i don't think they are really together together. i think they have an open relationship h. >> he has a girlfriend and you're gonna tell us who she has been seeing. >> well, i will tell you who she supposedly left the brit awards with last night, his last name is kardashian. robert kardashian. >> no! >> what? >> i heard they went home from brit awards? >> "dancing with the stars," the
4:49 pm
same one? >> kim kardashian, khloe kardashian, the brother of the very famous sisters. >> the plot thickens. >> yes. >> a bombshell. you're right. you got us. georgia, thanks so much. we will be tuning in tomorrow morning. >> thank you, please do. next on news4 at 4:00, a report reporter's life shot when breaking news happens behind her. and lookalikes are giving kate and pippa a run for their money. tonight on news4 at 5:00, metro is calling it spring break. why you won't have to wait as long on the weekends to catch a train. plus, a news4 exclusive tonight, a 10-year-old boy says his teacher assaulted him. hear from the mother and what the school is saying about the incident. tonight on news4 at 6:00, abused and neglected, a man's mission to rescue dogs fro
4:50 pm
[ other merv ] welcome back to the cleaning games. let's get a recap, merv. [ merv ] thanks, other merv. mr. clean magic eraser extra power was three times faster on permanent marker. elsewhere against dirt,
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oil and gas prices go up -- [ crashing ] >> a story about high gas prices quickly became a story about a car crash morning to as reporter adrian betterson was talking, a car collided with a cab right behind her. betterson didn't seem to know what had happened until the anchor mentioned it and then she turned around. neither the driver of the car or the cab suffered serious injuries. members of the press did a
4:53 pm
royal double take when they attended a fashion shoot in london. >> you take a look now. this appeared kate middleton and her sister, pippa. well, showing off their fashions, celebrity photographer allison jackson set up the fake scene yesterday. oh, my goodness. they are ringers. she wanted to do something different for lon done's fashion week a woman named gabriella douglas played the fictitious kate. she says people often mistake her for the real duchess. fooled us. >> everybody has a double. up next, a father killed he's dropped his kids off at day care. now his wife is under a lot of scrutiny as the man accused of shoo [ husband ] i don't talk to them as much as cindy does. good morning, chickens! [ jim ] you know, that's our business. so we want to be the experts in chicken. we're not the status quo. perdue is the first and the only chicken company to have usda process verified programs
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for fresh, all natural chicken. [ jim ] this is an all-vegetarian diet. no animal byproducts, no animal fat. our chickens are not fed steroids or hormones. it's not gonna happen. [ jim ] we raise our chickens cage-free, and we set our goals higher than anyone. we're trying to make a better chicken. [ jim ] my dad did, my grandfather did, and it's what we do today.
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4:56 pm
a trial is under way in georgia in the case of a father above two murdered in front of a day care center as he dropped his son's off. nbc's tom trang reports. >> the state may proceed with his opening statement. >> reporter: case against henry newman boils down to one simple sentence, the prosecution said. >> the man wanted someone else's wife, sew kill herd husband. he got caught. >> reporter: newman admits he shot rusty snyderman, the father of two young children gunned down he's dropped his sops off at day care, but the defense claims newman was delusional, he thought he had been visiteded by
4:57 pm
a demon sounding like barry white and an angel sounding like olivia newton-john. >> the angel told him that rusty was going to harm the children. that he needed to protect the children. that he needed to kill rusty. >> reporter: newman's attorney described a man in financial crisis who had suffered an abusive upbringing. >> the state calls andrea snyderman. >> reporter: with the first witness, debate over newman's mental health turned into a salacious soap opera. andrea snyderman told prosecutors that newman, her boss at ge, was obsessed with her and made repeated unwanted passes but she never reported it. prosecutors presented records of numerous business trips the two had taken together, including one to south carolina. >> what happened in greenville, ma'am? >> we were holding each other's hands and that's it it may sound
4:58 pm
worse than it s. >> reporter: snyderman denied she had a sexual affair with newman. >> asnare no affair. there was no affair. who kills someone else's snbd. >> reporter: despite constant advances and a barrage of romantic e-mail, snyderman says she never felt threatened by newman but then her husband spotted someone snooping outside their home in a mask. police later discovered it was newman. nine days later, newman shot rusty at the day care center. snyderman says the day care worker called, telling her something had happened to her husband. the prosecutor pressed her to explain why she never called her husband. instead, calling her family and then newman six times. >> why didn't you call rusty? >> because they just told me something had happened to rust z what are the chances he is going to answer his cell phone? >> just curious why you didn't call rusty. >> that was tom trang reporting. that is news4 at 4:00. news4 at 5:00 starts right now.
4:59 pm
good evening, i am doreen get letter in for wendy rearing. >> i'm jim happened squlichl it is in their hands. jurors had at least one question as they decide the fate of a former lacrosse player at the university of virginia. >> reporter: the judge wanted a status report, progress report at the 5:00 hour, but he made it clear that it is type with him if they want to deliberate into the night. all signs today those questions point to the fact that this jury is analyzing the charges against george huguely very carefully.


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