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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  February 22, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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today my journey continues across the golden state, where everyone has been unbelievably nice. mornin'. i guess i'm helping them save hundreds on car insurance. it probably also doesn't hurt that i'm a world-famous advertising icon. cheers! i mean, who wouldn't want a piece of that? geico. ah... fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent oh dear... or more on car insurance. and now, from washington's leading news station, this is news 4 at 11:00. tonight, george huguely guilty and likely headed to prison for a very long time.
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>> an emotional month in court has ended tonight with yeardley love's family on the stand and jurors in tears. >> a case that shocked the university of virginia and the lacrosse world. >> guilty on three counts, in fact. the jury recommended george huguely be sent to prison for 26 years. >> a judge will finalize the sentence in april. tonight through a statement we're hearing for the first time from the love family. julie carey joins us live from charlottesville with more on the breaking news in this case. julie? >> reporter: well, that jury spent about two hours behind closed doors before announcing its sentencing decision. the jury has recommended that george huguely spend 26 years in prison for killing his fellow girlfriend yeardley love back in may of 2010. 25 years of that was back on the second degree murder conviction, one year for the grand larceny charge that relates to the stealing of yeardley love's laptop. george huguely showed little emotion at the sentencing.
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earlier in the evening he stood and crossed himself as he waited for the guilty verdicts to be read. at the end of his sentencing hearing, huguely broke into tears and had to be comforted by his attorneys. in finding huguely guilty of second degree murder, jurors decided that he committed a malicious killing when they broke down yeardley love's bedroom door, shook her, then left her to die there in her bedroom. here now is reaction to the decisions both the verdict and the sentencing. first from prosecutor dave chapman then from george huguely's attorney francis lawrence. >> there's nothing that we can say that will make good the terrible and tragic loss to the love family. there are no winners in this case. our hearts go out to the love family. they've suffered enormously. >> we are, of course,
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disappointed with the verdict, but we've been proud to represent george in his fight for fairness over the last couple of years. he's hopeful, he's spiritual, and we look forward to some corrections in what happened here tonight. >> reporter: now, yeardley love's family, particularly her mother share and her sister lexie did not speak to the cameras, but they issued this statement. we dread looking back on the events of may 3, 2010, and pray for the strength to get through each day. it's truly devastating to wake up each day and realize she's no longer here. yeardley's contagious smile, kind spirit and gentle touch have left this world but we know that heaven has an angel like no other. we'll continue to keep her spirit alive by performing works of kindness in her name.
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jurors also left the courthouse just a short while ago. none of them wanted to speak publicly. they said they might do so at a later time. this sentence is a recommendation by the jury. the judge will make the final sentence. the judge cannot increase the 26-year sentence. he can only reduce it. defense attorney francis lawrence talked about making a correction. he did not explain what he meant by that. i'm julie carey. >> thank you. here in washington tonight the senate sergeant at arms is warning capitol hill staffers to be aware of potentially dangerous letters. that warning comes after some suspicious letters were sent to house speaker john boehner and other lawmakers. all of them had a harmless powdery substance inside. but authorities say the author of those letters made threats that additional letters could be dangerous. the final four republican candidates took the stage in arizona tonight. ahead of important primaries in michigan and arizona tuesday
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they battled over who is the true conservative. steve handelsman reports. >> reporter: four candidates debated in arizona but just two are tied in the key race in michig michigan. rick santorum and mitt romney. and romney went after his rival. >> i was fighting to save the olympics you were fighting to save the bridge to nowhere. >> government that's the size of the economy went down when i was in the united states senate. governor romney even today suggested raising taxes on the top 1% adopting the occupy wall street rhetoric. >> reporter: ron paul siding with romney running tv ads calling santorum a fake. >> because he's a fake. >> reporter: issue number two, birth control. and president obama requires church affiliated organizations to okay birth control distribution. >> i don't think we've seen in the history of this country the kind of attack on religious
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conscience, religious freedom, religious tolerance that we've seen in barack obama. >> reporter: santorum said birth control can lead to immorality. >> what we're seeing is a problem in our culture. >> i think the immorality creates the problem of wanting to use the pills. >> reporter: newt gingrich fought to get heard. >> it is possible to modernize the federal government and cut taxes and develop energy simultaneously. >> reporter: he's not contending arizona or michigan. that's where romney and santorum have their showdown tuesday. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, washington. a new bill would require women to undergo an invasive ultrasound before having an abortion now goes to the virginia senate. the statehouse revised the measure today after governor bob mcdonnell changed his mind reversed his support and spoke out against it. he said requiring an invasive procedure as a precondition for another is not the state's role.
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a grand jury will now take up the case of the capitol hill bombing suspect in court today. a judge denied bond for amine el ka le khalifi. he planned to detonate a suicide bomb at the capital last week. khalifi discussed his plan with an undercover fbi agent who posed as a member of al qaeda. families are taking measures to secure their houses in fairfax county. burglars have hit in the franconia neighborhood with all the break-ins during the day and in the same manner. shomari stone has this report. >> reporter: ken feels a stens of insecurity at his townhome after finding a shattered window in the living room a few days ago. >> i saw the plant was tipped over, glass on the floor, dirt everywhere. and you start going -- your mouth goes dry and you're scared. >> reporter: police say there
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have been five burglaries in the franconia area over the past ten days. crooks smashed windows in the daytime, climbed in and walked away with jewelry, laptops and ipods. >> frightening because we've been quite safe here for the last 17 years, without any problems. therefore i'm quite shocked. >> i'm not too comfortable. >> reporter: many residents are now on alert and installing security alarms. >> i was feeling shaky for about 24 hours, then we realized to start counting our blessings. nobody was hurt. >> reporter: police want people in fairfax county to make sure you're vigilant. if you see a suspicious car, make sure you try to get the license plate number. i'm shomari stone, news 4. in connecticut this evening it appears a workplace dispute led to a shooting inside a rehabilitation hospital. a hospital employee has been arrested. police think he shot two supervisors after an argument. no patients were injured or otherwise affected in the resulting lockdown. a woman who disappeared from
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a gas station has been confirmed dead in mallory, but how and why she died is not known. jackie bensen tonight spoke with the mother of crystal anderson. >> i don't have a full child that i'm bringing back. when i contact the medical examiner, which will be this week, i'm getting bits and pieces of a full grown woman that walked out my house and told me she'll be back. >> reporter: partial remains. words so awful that a mother's mind cannot even accept them. with the ash wednesday mark of her strong faith on her forehead, angela anderson says she knows her daughter crystal did not end up dead in a charles county ravine by her own hand. >> whoever knows what happened to her, be a human being and give me what i need and give the detectives what they need. a lead, a conviction and justice. >> reporter: so strong is her
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connection to her daughter that angela anderson actually traveled to the remote charles county area where the remains were found, she climbed down a steep reveen and she said she knew even then that her beloved child was gone. reporting from prince george's county, jackie bensen, news 4. low tech hammers and high tech ultrasound machines are helping engineers inspect highway signs in virginia. v-dot engineers have been out checking signs after an overhead sign fell just ten days ago. it hit a pickup truck. v-dot ordered the inspections to make sure no other signs will be vulnerable to strong winds. the first weight loss drug in america in more than ten years is now a step closer to reality. the fda advisory panel has recommended the approval of a drug called qnexa. studies show that patients on the drug lost 10% of their body weight. there are concerns that
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ingredients in qnexa may contribute to heart problems or birth defects. the fda will decide whether to approve the drug in the next two months. still ahead tonight, wildlife wandering into urban areas is becoming more of a problem tonight. the i-team takes us along for a ride with the men and women responsible for keeping us safe. some areas seeing pretty good rains and there's more on the way in the forecast. just how high will we go tomorrow? thousands of dogs in iraq are now finding new homes in washington. [ male announcer ] with citibank, it's easy for jay to deposit checks from anywhere.
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someone moves into a new home, someone else usually moves out. but what if the old owner just won't go? it's a problem in our area. tisch sha thompson is here with details. >> reporter: when you think about animal controls you probably think about dogs, cats and other typical pets, but we'll take you where the wild thing are for a real look at what officers face on a daily basis. we do want to warn you some of these pictures might be tough to watch. ♪ if it's furry, angry or hurt, officer tanya roberts will answer the call. she's taking us on a trip to the wild side of prince george's county. >> i'm terrified. >> reporter: our first call a home under construction with a problem that keeps coming back. >> this one's bigger. and i'm getting out of your way.
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>> you have him in the shower? >> reporter: that's right. there's a raccoon in the bathroom. roberts carefully wrangles her opponent into a cage only to walk back outside and release the raccoon into the trees behind the house. >> this is where he used to live. so he doesn't know any better. >> i feel so sorry for wildlife, because they're being displaced. >> reporter: animal control chief rodney taylor says prince george's county's housing boom has produced a showdown between new residents and the animals who lived here first. >> it's a great interesting problem that everybody is facing now with all the building that's going on. >> this is like a small snake? >> reporter: the chief says requests like this one to find a potentially poisonous snake inside a kitchen used to make up about 2% of calls. now wild animals account for almost half of all calls to
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animal control. >> she was laying down right there. >> reporter: one of the biggest problems, deer hit by cars. using a sheet to calm the doe, robe roberts sedate the deer to take away the pain, then they euthanize her. >> we want to end their suffering quick as possible. >> reporter: roberts explains they put them down because the cars do so much internal damage. >> he's been out here for a long time. there's ice on him. >> reporter: they have no way to rehabilitate these wild creatures. >> if she laid out here and died on her own, she's been flailing since 3:00 thm. clearly it won't be a quick death. >> reporter: but if the animal is healthy, roberts will try to return the animal back to the wild, which is proving a bit of a challenge with this critter. >> the only thing i can think of is pulling my van up and climbing on the van. >> reporter: this homeowner called animal control after realizing the fox somehow got up the tree but couldn't figure out
11:17 pm
a way to get back down more than six hours later. roberts gives a gentle push. and another until this wild thing runs back into his natural habitat. >> now he's happy at home. that's the best. >> reporter: which seems to be getting smaller and smaller every day. as animal control officers are responding to more and more wildlife calls, they're also juggling a growing pet population along with a shrinking budget. we're going to show you why prince george's county's people problem is causing so many pets to be euthanized. and what the county says it's doing to fix it tomorrow on news 4 at 6:00. jim, doreen. >> thank you. the whole kitchen was full of smoke. >> but it wasn't a stovetop fire, it was the dishwasher. a class action lawsuit claims a well known companies a hidden a dangerous product defect from the public. so the question is is your
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dishwasher safe? we've got a news 4 special report tomorrow at 11:00. >> usually you want to wash the dishes rather than cook them. >> yeah, mine better be safe. >> are we safe to head out into the sunshine tomorrow? >> the sunshine tomorrow but maybe not the darkness tonight. there's rain out there. some areas are seeing light to moderate maybe heavy rain into into southern maryland. it should be out of here by the time you step out of the door tomorrow morning. what's happening out there right now, a pretty nice evening around the washington, d.c., but just down to the south we are seeing the rain. right now just a few sprinkles around washington, but heavier rain down there. 63 degrees the high today. once again above average by nearly 15 degrees. last winter a temperature of 43.9 degrees. that's on the cold side. this winter, 50.8, nearly 7 degrees above where we were last year. you know it's been extremely warm and it's just going to
11:19 pm
continue. current temperature right now 56 at 11:00 at night. the average high is 49. winds at 10 miles per hour. temperatures still quite warm. 53 in fredericksburg cooled down by the rain. and here is that rain. waldorf seeing some rain. look at this right here in st. mary's county and cal vert county. thunderstorm activity. wouldn't be surprised to see a rumble of thunder or two. i have not seen any lightning with this just yet, but now it's making its way over across the eastern shore coming right into washington. this is not reaching the ground here. maybe a sprinkle or two, but this is where the rain is. we're talking in through portions of stafford county, around fredericksburg. that's where you're seeing rain. it will most likely stick around. because look at the fetch here right out of the southwest. you see those areas of queyello and orange pop up. wouldn't be surprised to see a
11:20 pm
rumble of thunder. it will be a fairly wet night in some locations north and west of washington. only a slight chance of sprinkle activity there. temperatures, they've been very warm over the past 24 hours or so. 75 today in jackson. near 80 in dallas and 70 in raleigh. that's the kind of air that will move in during the day tomorrow. if you thought today was warm, just wait until tomorrow. the showers moving through overnight tonight as a frontal boundary moves on through. near 70 tomorrow. we'll see a warm front come through first. that will help the warm temperatures to push to the 70-degree level. then showers most likely friday morning before another front moves through. that front will still allow for warm temperatures on friday but it will become very breezy. winds upwards of 20 to 30 miles an hour. snows back to virginia and western maryland, good ski weekend if you're thinking about skiing into that area. much cooler as we head into the weekend but right around average
11:21 pm
if not a little bit above. 40 to 46 degrees. could be a few leftover showers but most of it out of here. breezy tomorrow. a taste of april. 65 to 70. 65 on your friday. this weekend, cooler, 50 on saturday, 52 on sunday with plenty of sunshine. then why not just stay above average as we move into next week? >> why not? >> why not? >> why
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we want to protect the house. >> why not? >> why right. but... home security systems can be really expensive. so to save money, we actually just adopted a rescue panther. i think i'm goin-...
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what the heck is going on with this team? this is not good. >> i honestly wish i had an answer for you because this really is baffling. it doesn't matter who's missing
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or who's healthy, it seems like these guys are losing by astronomical amounts quite often. the capitals followed it up by getting crushed again. they've now been outscored 10-2 in the last two games. if you listen closely, you might be able to hear the fat lady singinging. this team is in trouble, folks. the team playing without alex ovechkin tonight. don't know if it would have mattered. senators up 1-0 and looking for more. are you serious? tomas vokoun beaten like an old rug. absolutely -- oh, man. fifth time in the six games caps go down 2-0. second period ottawa up on the power play. chris phillips from the point fires and scores. tomas vokoun is pulled. michael noivert comes in in relief. if you want to get rid of vokoun, you can't because he has
11:26 pm
a no-trade clause. watch this one closely. ricochets off o a defenseman's face and then into the net. the header good for the goal. you don't see this very often. but the capitals still fall 5-2. they have now lost 11 of their last 15 game. so the good news is that the capitals game was on the road so the fans didn't have to see it in person. the bad news t wizards were at home tonight. i kid because i love. the wizards actually played hard for most of this one. randy whitman's career hosting the kings. jordan crawford going coast to coast, tunnel vision here. and it worked out. gets the bucket and the foul. he had 19 in the first half. the wizards had 68 in first half. that's a season high. third quarter, watch mcgee. the ball is coming down. clearly a goaltend. another terrible decision by the supremely talented mcgee.
11:27 pm
meanwhile, john wall making some very smart plays. hits the floater to put the wiz up by 6. he had 21, 11 assists and 9 rebounds, almost a triple-double. crawford, got it. he had a season high 32. wizards take a one-point lead, but after that hoop the kings go on a 12-2 run to pull away. of course they do. led by isaiah thomas. not that isaiah thomas. the wizards have now lost four in a row. what about linsanity, you ask? jeremy lin and the knicks hosting atlanta. he wants to pass here. looking for somebody. but shoots it instead. that works out. tied the game early. second quarter, lin showing off passing skills. nice drop-off to carmelo anthony. melo had 15, lin had 9 assists.
11:28 pm
lin getting by his defender. he loves that floater in the lane. he finishes with 17. very efficient. 6 of 11 shooting was lin. new york wins it 99-86. linsanity hits south beach tomorrow as the knicks take on the heat. mason losing to northeastern in overtime, gw falls to charlotte. danny o'brien allowed to transfer to any school he want to now. >> a change of [ male announcer ] technology accelerates at a relentless pace. anything not moving forward is moving backward. [ tires screech ] [ engine turns over, tires squeal ] introducing the 2013 gs. with the lexus enform app suite,
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some abandoned and neglected dogs in the middle east are finding a new home in our area. some people call andrew leeson the dog whisperer of baghdad. he cared for dozens of stray dogs including this one called two face. he's brought a handful of them to the u.s. and found them new homes. eight more dogs will be stateside soon. you can get information on how to
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