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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  February 23, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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and we are pushing 70 degrees out there in the washington d.c. area. >> beautiful. >> enjoy this while it lasts. we hope you're not suffering too much with the pollen count. i'm pat lawson muse. >> folks, 70-degree temperatures in february. not the norm but many got the chance. many workers opted to spend the lunch break outdoors, smart ones. wouldn't it be nice if this would stick with us? >> well, is it going to happen? meteorologist veronica johnson is out there in it and, veronica, answer that question for us. >> there is a good likelihood but i'm not going to give the forecast away just yet. uh-huh. let's talk about what's going on right now because, yeah. another 70-degree day for us. this is number five since november first. the winter that wasn't. and when it's this nice out here
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of course you can see some of the grass coming along there turning a little green. what that does since we are so close to spring is it shoots that pollen count way up. and today it is running high at 481 grains per cubic meter. some of the offenders out here right now for trees, cedar and juniper. all right. we don't need the wind to blow it around but it has been a little breezy today. take a look at the current temperature and the winds that have been out of the southwest. in fact, we're waiting on a warm front to come on through our area. that will give us a little more warmth west and southwest wind generally today between 5 to 15 miles per hour. we're at 65 degrees at reagan national airport and some neighborhoods down to the south like warranton there you see at 79 degrees. so probably the next hour warranton i think may crack 70. 59 degrees way up to the north. for leesburg 61. 59 in gaithersburg and olney. what's next for us? well, a mild night.
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there will be clouds moving in and some showers, too. you'll want to at least for the evening keep your umbrellas handy. we'll talk more about the temperatures for the rest of the week and especially the weekend, guys, coming up in a couple minutes. your best chance of rain 10:00 to 11:00 p.m. there you go. >> wash a little of the pollen away. thanks. all right. well, this early spring has a lot of folks and plants fooled. megan mcgrath has the story. >> reporter: flowering trees and small snow drops on one street. purple crocuses and daffodils on another. even the squirrels are frolicking. all signs point to spring. but it's only february 23rd. >> really crazy. i feel like mother nature is on drugs. >> it's so nice. i'm ready for spring, ready for it to be warm again. >> you think it's going to last? >> i hope so. >> pucks taney phil may have predicted another six weeks of winter but mother nature has other plans. with temperatures near 70 today, cafes are opening their patios
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and people are losing layers. >> it's amazing. i'm loving it. >> reporter: what does all the warm weather mean for blooming plants? mitch baker with american plants says this is one of the earliest spring blooms he's ever seen. >> we've had snow drops in bloom since december, then crocus and daffodils and they're very early and fine. the cold weather is not going to bother them. you can't really reverse it. it's all based on soil temperature and our very warm daytime air temperatures. and once the process begins there is no way to stop it unless it gets cold again. >> reporter: so just enjoy them. >> enjoy it. an early spring. >> reporter: another big question is what does the warm weather mean for the cherry trees down on the tidal basin? are they going to bloom before the start of the festival on march 20th? i tried to put that question to the experts with the national park service and they're not talking about it. they say they won't release their prediction for the peak bloom period until a press conference on march 1st. from tenley town, megan mcgrath,
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news 4. >> keep us guessing. president obama today confronting the growing anxiety over the rising cost of gasoline. the president spoke today down in florida about his energy policies at an event in miami. mr. obama stressed the need for investment in a greater mix of energy sources to reduce our nation's dependence on foreign oil. the president admitted doing this won't bring any short-term relief but stressed the need to stop putting off big decisions. >> we're not going to overnight solve the problem of world oil markets. there is no silver bullet. there never has been. and part of the problem is when politicians pretend there is then we put off making the tough choices to develop new energy sources and become more energy efficient. we got to stop doing that. >> the president also dismissed republican energy plans that focus mostly on drilling. today the president sent a letter to afghan president hamid
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karzai formally apologizing for the inadvertent burning of the muslim holy book. the letter expresses deep regret to the afghan people and emphasizes that the mishandling of the koran was not intentional. in the meantime, the violent anti-american protests across afghanistan have now claimed two u.s. soldiers. it happened as u.s. and afghan forces were trying to control a crowd attacking a u.s. base. there are conflicting accounts of exactly what took place but it appears that a man wearing an afghan army uniform shot six americans, killing two of them. a former university of virginia la crosse player in chevy chase resident is now facing 26 years in prison for the beating death of his former girlfriend yardley love. the jury recommended that sentence last night hours after finding george huguely guilty of second-degree murder and grand larceny. formal sentencing will take place in april.
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and judges usually follow the jury's lead. >> we are of course disappointed with this verdict, but we've been proud to represent george in his fight for fairness over the last couple years. >> there are no winners in this case. there's nothing but loss everywhere. our hearts go out to the love family. they've suffered enormously. >> university of virginia president teresa sullivan released a statement expressing sympathy and compassion to the huguely and love families. a student at laurel high school has been arrested that led to a false report that led to a lockdown at the school this morning at 8:00. laurel police tell us a female student said another student had threatened her with a gun. as a precaution they locked the school down. after less than an hour they gave the all clear. this afternoon police say the student made the whole thing up. >> there was a mess in
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gaithersburg this afternoon after a tractor-trailer tipped on to its side at the intersection of copper road and quince orchard road. it happened just before noon. the truck was hauling scrap metal and trash. it all spilled all over the road. several lanes of quince orchard road were closed for several hours while the trash and the truck were removed. the driver suffered minor injuries. it's not clear yet what caused the crash. >> maryland is now poised to become the eighth state in the country to legalize same sex marriage. the state senate could pass a bill legalizing gay marriage later today. lawmakers are reconvening at this hour for a debate and vote on the measure. the bill is expected to pass a similar proposal passed last year in the senate by a vote of 25-21. governor martin o'malley is ready to sign the bill if it passes. opponents have vowed to bring the issue to voters with a referendum on the november ballot. the personhood bill down in virginia is headed -- is dead for this year after a raucous
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committee debate, a bill defining life as starting at conception was passed on to the senate. just a few minutes ago the senate voted to send the bill back to committee, thus killing it for this year. td state senate vote was 24-14. during a debate today the committee chair threatened to have police remove spectators opposing the bill because they were speaking out and interrupting the session. now to the presidential race. mitt romney followed up his aggressive performance in last night's debate with new attacks on his closest rival rick santorum. today it was santorum's first time in the front-runner seat and he reportedly found himself on the defensive. steve handelsman has the latest. >> reporter: a lost tuesday in his home state of michigan could devastate mitt romney's campaign. but he's fought back to a tie in the polls with rick santorum and today attacked him. >> he voted to fund planned
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parenthood even though that was against his principles. >> reporter: the former senator did look like a classic washington politician. in last night's debate he listed measures he opposed but voted for like no child left behind. >> it was against the principles i believed in but, you know, when you're part of the team sometimes you take one for the team for td leader and i made a mistake. >> i wonder which team he was taking it for. >> reporter: no mercy from mitt romney. >> i can tell you one thing. if i'm president of the united states i will abide by my principles and my team will be the people of the united states of america. >> reporter: santorum is charging romney changed his stand on abortion. in a new ad to run in michigan --. with the focus on michigan president obama put up an ad saying he saved u.s. car makers. >> every republican candidate turned their back, even said let detroit go bankrupt. not him. >> reporter: whoever takes
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michigan tuesday gets a big boost going into super tuesday on march 6th, roughly half the republican delegates needed for nomination are at stake in the next two weeks. i'm steve handelsman, news 4. arizona has 29 delegates at stake in tuesday's primary. michigan has 30. when we come right back on news 4 at 4:00, not in my city. a city is lashing out against the cast of "the jersey shore" saying you're not welcome here. >> apologize on facebook or go directly to jail are the options facing a man going through a divorce. >> reporter: and the bizarre circumstances surrounding the death of a reality
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authorities in uganda are trying to figure out what killed an american tv producer, 39-year-old jerry rice, who was found dead in his hotel room last weekend. his assistant was also in the room and is now reportedly in a coma. according to reports an initial autopsy revealed large amounts of cocaine in rice's stomach. family members think rice may have been forced to ingest the drug. rice worked as a producer for the current season of "the amazing race." back close to home a former d.c. police commander who organized that police escort for actor charlie sheen here is planning to file a whistle blower lawsuit against d.c. >> hilton burton says he was demoted after he testified to the d.c. council that celebrity escorts were common place. that contradicted the testimony of chief kathy lanier who said
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the escort violated department policy. burton was demoted in august. lanier says the demotion was not connected to the escort or to burton's testimony. an important thumbs up for lindy lohan. not everyone in jersey city is happy about the new kids in town. and one of the hottest singers in the world, she gets an apology. >> it's time for hollywood headlines. georgia is here, cohost of the russ par morning show her week days on wks 93.9 is back with us today. the other night at the brit awards adele got cut off while accepting her award and she flipped the finger. >> she did. >> obscene gesture and now there is an apology. >> there is and it's surprising because it is coming from the suits. they are the ones who cut her off and they're saying we are really sorry and hope this didn't affect you because she did flip the finger off. they're like we hope that doesn't make other people upset
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with you but they're saying this is a live show and what we have to do. yeah. that british host is like, you know, i was having the best night of my life until i was told to cut off the biggest star in the world. he is having a hard time because people are mad at him when he was just doing what he was told. >> we know her fans. there she is in the uk her homeland. >> what she was saying was i am so proud to be a british person. that's when he cut her off. >> let's talk about the other finger now, a thumbs up for lindsay lohan from a judge woe g working through community service and therapy and she is getting good reaction. >> this is the third time she's gotten glowing reports. all she has is 14 days of community service and five days of therapy and she is free as a bird. i shouldn't say free as a bird because actually she will still be on informal probation for the pricey necklace that was stolen. she won't be free but will be free from that probation. >> she won't be a jail bird that. >>'s right. she has to do this all by march
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29th. i hope she doesn't get in trouble again. >> she is supposed to be on "snl." >> i'm excited for that because i know she'll do something crazy. >> keep our fingers crossed. you just never, ever know. >> if she doesn't do it on "saturday night live" she'll probably do it right after saturday night live as soon as she leaves the show. >> there you go. >> the cast of "jersey shore" made its share of news and now they are moving to jersey city and making more news and they're not welcome. >> the thing is the mayor welcomed them with open arms and said this is going to be great for jersey city but business people don't feel the same way. mtv is going to businesses in downtown jersey city and saying hey we want to film and they're like no, no, no. just about every place they go. and this show has been delayed several times. it's supposed to start filming this weekend and may not happen. maybe we're jersey shored out. you think? >> i think. would you want them in your back yard? >> i really wouldn't. >> no sleep. okay. >> just too bad.
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>> steven colbert targets a new audience for his latest book "little ones." >> and the funny thing is he makes it known that he doesn't like children. but he does like -- he does like the fact that you can make a lot of money from children's books. so he was talking to the author maurice sanduck about "where the wild things are." he was like how do you do it and make this money with the kidies? it's so hilarious because the book he is writing is called "i'm a pole and so can you" and it is about a flag pole who has an identity crisis. leave it up to steven colbert. he's got a book on the "new york times" best seller list but i can't imagine me letting my 6-year-old read this book about a flag pole with an identity crisis but it can be hilarious for a 6-year-old or really -- >> kids may be protesting. >> you never know. especially with colbert. you know, he's a nut but you have to love him. we're still doing under 30
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tomorrow so if you know someone who is 30 or under 30 and theye doing their thing in the community and all you have to do is go to and nominate them. if they win you could win a thousand bucks. >> not bad. >> i've nominated 20 people and i haven't won anything. you guys are nominated. >> right. >> thank you. >> three more years until i'm 30. >> i thought so. i cheated. >> our best friend, georgia, from the morning show. we'll be listening to you. >> thank you. >> all righty. and coming up on news 4 at 4:00 a gas station giant headed to d.c. we'll tell you about the plan. and the reason why it might not happen. and the young girl allegedly forced to run until she died. coming up why police say a family member forced a 9-year-old to run for three hours straight. and for all your news be sure to follow news 4 online. just search nbc washington on facebook and twitter.
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what a day this has been.
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nice. i don't think you've gotten a chance to get outside enough. >> during the fire alarm we did. >> exactly. we went to a fire alarm. perfectly time so we had an excuse to go outside. >> well, you'll have another day of warmth tomorrow but it's not going to be nearly as pretty. now that today was completely gorgeous but, hey, at least we didn't have any showers or thunderstorms come through the area which there is a potential of tomorrow. not like these storms. let me take you south where just south of the weather system that will be moving through, yesterday it was a stormy one that we're in the low 80s, 26 wind reports and a tornado report right there in floyd county, georgia. that's near rome, georgia. you can see a lot of the damage, structural damage with roofs torn off, about a hundred homes were damaged by those storms just south and east of our current weather system that is going to be moving in tonight as well as tomorrow. there were no reports of any injuries. national weather service today assessing that damage. meanwhile, as we talk about the warmth, yet another day with highs above average.
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in fact, we've only had five days that have been below average this whole month of february. that is it. so we are right now at 65 degrees. been flirting with 70. west wind 7 miles per hour. the air dry and you can see some of the temperatures up to the north in the 60s. down south and east around virginia it's closer to where that warm front is. look at fredericksburg at 68. charlottesville, too, in virginia at 68 degrees right now. so we'll be stepping it down. it will be a very mild night. those are drops falling at 11:00 p.m. we have a chance for some showers then. up until about 7:00, 8:00, or 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. so it will be mild tomorrow morning. as the wind drops, though, for a period during overnight, might get a little foggy in the areas until that wind picks up early tomorrow. so here's the front that i'm talking about. you can see the rain laid out and a little bit of snow back in the midwest. and there's that warm front. by 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning lifting through the area. that's what's going to spark the showers until 8:00 or 9:00 a.m.
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tomorrow morning. then the cold front comes through and a chances specially over southern maryland the northern neck of a few thunderstorms right down through southeastern virginia. wind behind it, cold for saturday morning. we'll be back in the 30s. that factored with wind, we'll be talking wind chills again. 55 to 63 degrees. nice, warm, and mild for your evening tomorrow morning. isolated shower, windy, warm, 54 degrees. by tomorrow afternoon kicking it back to the upper 60s. i think there will be more than a few neighborhoods that hit the low 70s tomorrow. so windy with some thunderstorms possible for your friday. the weekend again cold to start saturday morning. the high 48. still windy conditions on saturday. so lots to talk about there. we have to pick it apart. i'll tell you again almost neighborhood by neighborhood and county where there could be those storms tomorrow. >> okay. from spring weather to wind chills again. >> yeah. >> getting really busy. >> crazy.
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>> thanks. >> february. all right. thanks. for many of us choosing a gas station is largely based on the price. but some people just have to have their wawa. >> we're not talking about water. this is wawa, the pennsylvania based gas station and convenience store known for its made-to-order sandwiches and large selection of coffee is looking to add more locations in the d.c. area but finding space in the district could be tough. wawa stores typically need at least 5,000 square feet of space, something that is in short supply in the district. they also want to add more stores in maryland and northern virginia. still to come on news 4 at 4:00 a facebook rant backfires. >> i just went on facebook to vent. coming up, a judge orders an online apology or jail time for something posted on the social media website. >> and it's the video that sent shock waves across the country.
4:26 pm
a 9-year-old driving her drunk father. now we've learned his fate.
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welcome back. it's 4:30. i'm jim handly. >> i'm pat lawson muse.
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here's what's happening in the news at this hour. after finding him guilty of second-degree murd ear charlottesville jury recommends that a judge sentence george huguely to 26 years in prison for yardley love's death. formal sentencing will take place in april and the judges usually follow the jury's lead. president obama spent some time in miami today talking about the rising price at the pump. mr. obama admitted there is no quick fix and stressed the need for america to invest in a greater mix of energy sources. a former d.c. police commander who organized a police escort for actor charlie sheen is planning to file a whistle blower lawsuit against the city. hilton burton says he was demoted after he testified before the d.c. council that celebrity escorts were common around here. lanier says the demotion was not connected to the escort or to burton's testimony. well the dow flirted with 13,000 again today but never crossed it. stocks did close higher though during the relatively light trading day. the dow was up 46 points closing
4:30 pm
at 12,984. the nasdaq shot up 23 and the s&p closed up 5 points. stocks rallied late in the day thanks to some better than expected economic news. a guy going through a divorce used facebook as a sounding board to air some grievances with his estranged wife. >> and now a judge is telling him to apologize using facebook or go directly to jail. terry daniels has the story. >> i just went on facebook to vent. >> reporter: mark says it was his frustration over his upcoming divorce and child visitation that led to his posting on the social media site. >> i kind of liken it to, you know, having a drink with a friend at a bar or something and telling them how i feel about things. it's just that on facebook i can do it on a much larger scale and people that are interested in talking to me about it would say something and those who are not interested would ignore it. >> reporter: even though he says his wife is blocked from his facebook page, she somehow saw this picture and read comments from friends.
4:31 pm
mark is a photographer but says his wife painted an unfair picture of him to a domestic relations court. and the court ruled that facebook comments violated a civil protection order against him. now he must post this apology every day for 30 days or go to jail for 60 days. >> on one hand i've been told i can't say what i want to say on facebook and now i'm also being told i must say something that they're telling me i have to say. this prewritten apology. >> it's going to garner a lot of attention. >> reporter: attorney jill meyer says the case may make national headlines because social media is still so new. >> and what the courts have said is that the notion of preventing somebody from speaking or compelling somebody to speak raises the same constitutional first amendment issue. >> reporter: mark says he just wants freedom of speech and to see his son more often. >> people really enjoy the freedom that they have on the
4:32 pm
internet and on facebook especially where they can go out and talk about how they feel about things. >> that was nbc's terry daniels reporting. court records show byron must allow his estranged wife or someone she chooses to monitor his facebook page. >> the video shocked the country. now the drunk man who was allowed -- allowed his 9-year-old daughter to drive him around has learned his fate. sean hua mwimer received two da probation for child abuse and allowing an unlicensed driver to operate a motor vehicle. his crime was caught on tape. police pulled him over last october and found the girl behind the wheel. in an interview last year he told reporters he once drove on the family farm when he was her age. and wanted to share that experience. he has been attending alcoholics anonymous meetings since the arrest. a 9-year-old alabama girl is dead tonight after being forced to run in her back yard for
4:33 pm
hours. police say it was punishment for lying to her grandmother and step mother about eating some candy bars. savannah hardin ran for three hours last friday without stopping. she then collapsed and died three days later. >> pathology says savannah was extremely dehydrated and had very low sodium levels. much like a marathon runner with no water. >> the girl's grandmother and step mother, there they are, they were arrested yesterday and charged with murder. some local catholic students will have to find a new school next year. st. michael the arc angel catholic school in sprng closing at the end of this academic year saying they were forced to close because of declining enrollment and rising operating costs. about 150 students are currently enrolled at st. michael. school officials say they will work with students and their families to help them transition
4:34 pm
to other schools. well, thousands of animals are euthanized every year. and it's only getting worse. that's the stark reality for local animal control shelters. the i-team's tisha thompson is here with a preview of her story tonight. jim, last night we showed you how wild animals make up almost half of the animal control calls in prince george's county these days. but that doesn't mean traditional pets like dogs and cats are any less of a concern. we spent three days with animal control officers and discovered how many pets are being euthanized. not because they've done anything wrong but because of their owners. we're going to show you why this growing people problem is costing all of us more and more money and who ultimately pays the price. you can see the full story in about an hour on news 4 at 6:00. all right. we'll look forward to it then. thank you. >> thanks, tisha. still to come a grandmother gets terrifying news. >> and then she called me five
4:35 pm
minutes later and told me she was shot, that my granddaughter was shot. >> coming up the investigation into why there was a gun in an elementary school classroom. and viagra for children? why some doctors say the little blue pill
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's known as the little blue pill use today spice things up in the bedroom but doctors in
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california say they've successfully used viagra to treat children with a deadly disorder. researchers at the lucille packard children's hospital used the drug on an infant girl who had severe malformation growths around her heart. they say the growths shrunk after about a year. three other patients under 4 years old had similar results with few side effects. researchers believe viagra opens up blood vessels allowing fluid out and the lesions then to shrink. clinic trials are beginning to see if it works on other children. all right. it's time to take a look at the day's daily deals. >> let's do it. if you are sick of driving through traffic in northern virginia, why not let someone else take the keys? on living social pay $24 for a three-hour chauffeured winery tour. there are a number of options and stops along the way,
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including wineries in leesburg, middleburg, and warranton. more than 600 folks picked up this deal so far. then on to groupon. get ready for spring time and warmer weather. it's here. shed a few pounds that you maybe packed on, picked up over the holidays, for $39 you get one month of unlimited boot camp classes at custom fitness concepts. the deal is good at more than a dozen locations across d.c., maryland, and virginia. be careful what you ask for with those boot camps though. they are tough. >> you'll get it. >> and early. you'll get it. when news 4 at 4:00 continues a condition seen primarily in women runs the risk of going untreated in men who are facing it in increasing numbers. coming up a mother shares the story of how anorexia killed her son. plus a car thief caught on tape and the owner thinks he may have struck before.
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a warning today about the dangers of eating disorders. they're typically associated with women. we know that. but more than a million men are now battling anorexia every day. nbc's chief medical editor dr. nancy snyderman has the story. >> reporter: t.j. to family and friends, a straight a student, exceptional athlete, and a boy secretly obsessed with diet and exercise in hopes of achieving the perfect body. >> he wanted a six-pack, rock hard abs, muscles. >> reporter: it was anorexia nervosa, a life-threatening eating disorder. for eight years t.j. starved himself and exercised compulsively. eventually he stopped eating for up to 23 hours a day while exercising close to five. >> he would ask us, beg us, please don't tell anybody. it's so embarrassing. everybody thinks this is a girl's disease. >> reporter: t.j. died in the middle of his nightly routine
4:44 pm
doing 1,000 situps. at 22 years old weighing just 78 pounds his heart gave out. >> the look in his eyes, the last pictures he took of himself on his camera, it wasn't t.j. >> at least 1 million males in this country suffer from eating disorders dying to be thin. experts say it takes a certain personality to go to this extreme tnchs is very unusual for someone to come into my office for an assessment of anorexia if they do not have straight as. this is true for boys and for girls. and in sports these are great athletes usually who drive themselves to the next level. >> reporter: doctors like this psychiatrist believe kids strive for the same air brushed perfection they see in the mass media. while girls obsess about calories and weight boys concentrate on muscle mass and fat index. >> i didn't hwan anorexia or bulemia was at the time. i realized, oh, if i was just a little bit -- i get a little high off this. i feel a little bit better.
4:45 pm
>> reporter: his family knew he was in trouble when in a matter of weeks he went from being a picky eater to having a psyc psychosomatic illness and couldn't swallow solid food. >> i felt i was up against death and watching my child potentially die on me. i was fighting to save him. >> reporter: parents are the main tool. they are your best resource to help a kid get better. they can help them eat at home. they can disrupt them maintaining exercises. they are really the people who understand their child and who love them and that love leveraged properly and supported by the right professional advice can change their entire outcome. >> avi, now 14, admits he still struggles with a distorted body image. >> i definitely sometimes, you know, look at myself and say, i'm so fat. >> reporter: for now with the help of his family food is not his enemy. >> if you're not eating for a few years everything seems so good. >> that was dr. nancy snyderman
4:46 pm
reporting. she adds that eating disorders are a real psychiatric illness and that treatment including hospitalization and therapy is imperative. well, if you were sneezing or itching, scratching, coughing out there today. >> all of it. >> it could be worse tomorrow air saying all because of the breeze. >> all because of the breeze. the wind. it's going to be gusty tomorrow. a lot more so than today. along with it, it's going to be just as warm, maybe even a few degrees higher tomorrow. that is going to kick the numbers way up again. we are talking about a little rain for tomorrow. it's going to come in two different parts. let's go ahead and walk over to the weather wall and i'll explain. 61 in gaithersburg still up just a couple degrees higher and one degree higher too in warranton. there is the 70-degree temperature we've been waiting on and looking for. meanwhile, your good night wakeup forecast. look at how mild it is going to be during the overnight, early morning period. only down to the low 50s. so some really high temperatures to start the day tomorrow.
4:47 pm
and some light rain possible. starting at 11:00 p.m. and running until early morning until about 8:00 or 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. then we're going to be talking about more rain moving in for tomorrow afternoon i think during the afternoon rush. here is a look at your future weather. there is the clock. early friday morning. shower chance mainly north of d.c. far west for tomorrow morning. it's going to be light. then i think by the afternoon we could get more robusto type of rain in here. by that i mean showers, thunderstorms. waldorf down toward lexington park, st. mary's calvert county, and down through the northern neck. you could be looking at some thunderstorms tomorrow with some very high winds. that's the key, too, for early weekend forecasts, too. it's going to be very windy and awfully cold. temperatures rushing in in the 30s and some snow in west virginia. so tomorrow more neighborhoods hitting the 70. the 71-degree pocket. your fourday forecast from the 70s tomorrow to the 30s by saturday morning. a range between 35 and 39.
4:48 pm
that's with wind. the high on saturday 48. i think sunday is going to be the prettiest and mildest day out of the weekend. we hold on to that warmth not only going into the first part of next week but for all of next week. upper 50s maybe 60 degrees on wednesday with a chance again of more showers and thunderstorms so pack the umbrella tomorrow. you know we could be looking at some storms. i think if they're worn down tomorrow into the northern neck it would be mainly for wind, for high wind throughout the area. >> all right. i just did quick math with your numbers. 72 to 30 in two days. 32 degrees. it's hard to believe. >> like our wardrobe, our coats have been all over the place. >> what to wear. >> crazy. >> been that kind of winter. thanks. >> you bet. coming up next on news 4 at 4:00 --. >> i heard like a gun shot and i was really scared. >> gunfire rings out inside a third grade classroom and police say the gun was brought to
4:49 pm
school by one of her classmates. >> and a man fed up with crooks sets up a security camera but he sure wasn't expecting what happened next. i'm wendy rieger. coming up on news 4 at 5:00 an 82-year-old fairfax county woman the victim of a home invasion. there are so many different types of insurance. which one is right for you? liz crenshaw joins us with the dos and don'ts. also --. >> i'm julie carey in charlottesville, virginia where uva students and residents are still absorbing news of the sentence in the george huguely murder case that came down last night. i'll get their reaction and a comment from one of the jurors who delivered the verdict. the story coming up on news 4 at 5:00 and 6:00. >> also at 6:00 a local county rapidly growing has led to a disturbing trend -- too many pets, not enough people to care for them. tonight the i-team takes a look at the problem and what is being done to fix it. doug's outside. >> you had to be outside on a beautiful day like today.
4:50 pm
temperatures near 70 degrees in some locations. we'll update you on what to expect over the next couple days.
4:51 pm
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4:53 pm
broke into the car. hernandez says he has turned the surveillance tape over to police but so far there are no leads. he installed the cameras after the same car was broken into several times last year. >> the fairfax county animal shelter is holding its second annual become a foster parent month in march. no special experience is required to become a foster parent and the shelter provides training, supplies, and medical care for the animals. volunteers have helped to save the lives of puppies like these, barney and betty have already been through the program and been adopted. i guess they're siblings but there are more puppies available as well as kittens and other shelter animals. you can contact the fairfax county animal shelter on west ox road to sign up for the foster parent orientation. it happens on march 6th. it looks like he needs a home there. >> they are so cute. i wish i could take all of them home. still ahead on news 4, shots ring out in an elementary school
4:54 pm
classroom. a little girl clings to life. coming up her family members talk about the moment they found out that she had been hit. >> and for all your news be sure to follow news 4 online. just search nbc washington on facebook and
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
crisis teams and grief counselors were at an elementary school in washington state today because yesterday an 8-year-old girl was shot after a gun in another student's backpack accidently went off. today the little girl is still in critical condition. >> reporter: a shooting inside an elementary school. >> i heard like a gun shot and i was really scared. >> reporter: it's a parent's worst nightmare. and frantic mothers and fathers raced to find their children when the news first broke. >> my heart was beating a little fast. so when i first got the information, you know, kind of sped up the heart rate and everything. >> reporter: when police first got the call of the shooting they put the school on lockdown. >> we quickly worked with staff to identify the location of the victim. we then worked with staff to locate the person with the gun and the weapon. >> reporter: police later determined that a gun concealed in the backpack of a third grade boy had accidently gone off. the bullet, police say, went through the backpack and hit
4:58 pm
8-year-old amena bowman in the abdomen. >> she will pull through. we have all our family praying and pray for her. that is all i need. >> reporter: her grandmother said when she first heard there had been a shooting at the school she immediately called her daughter who was already on the way to pick up amena. >> she was on her way to pick her up from school because they had a half day today. and then she called me five minutes later and told me she was shot, that my granddaughter was shot. she was the one that was shot. >> reporter: she was air lifted to a seattle hospital about 20 miles away where she underwent surgery. >> she arrived a little before 3:00 and within five minutes was wheeled down to surgery to do some exploration and repair if needed of her injury. >> reporter: police say the third grader who brought the gun to school is now at a juvenile detention center held on charges of unlawful possession of a firearm and bringing a dangerous weapon on to school grounds. >> that's news 4 at 4:00.
4:59 pm
news 4 at 5:00 starts right now. same sex marriage in the state of maryland is almost a done deal in the legislature. good evening everybody. welcome to news 4 at 5:00 tonight. i'm jim handly. >> i'm wendy rieger. maryland is just one vote and a signature away from legalizing same sex marriage. the state senate says it will vote on the measure tonight. governor o'malley says his pen is ready to sign the bill into law. news 4's darcy spencer is in and am wisconsin the latest. >> reporter: there was a lot of debate here in annapolis about when the gay marriage bill would be taken up for vote. the senate president mike miller tells me the vote will happen on the senate floor today and already passed the house of delegates late last week. miller says he expects the bill to pass the senate and once it becomes law, maryland will become the eighth state to legalize same sex marriage. miller says personally he is going to vote against the bill but he re


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