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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  February 23, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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let me get that door for you... [ man ] i loved my first car... sometimes the door gets stuck... oh sure. ooh! [ man ] ...and then, i didn't. um... [ sighs ] [ man ] so, i got a car i can love a really, really long time. [ male announcer ] for the road ahead, the all-new subaru impreza®. ♪ experience love that lasts. tonight a crowd so big outside a local mall, even
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security is not sure how to handle everyone. they're all there for fyky's new galaxy foam sneakers. >> first to history in maryland tonight. a vote for equal right but not everybody is el brating. -- celebrating. >> it was an historic and emotional day in annapolis as the senate voted 25-22 in favor of the civil marriage protection act. cheers erupted as the votes were announced. the government said he will sign the bill, making maryland the eighth state to allow same-sex marriage. mottalino and many others had plenty to say after this vote. >> i think i'm speechless on
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this vote. it just a remarkable day for the people of the day of maryland. i'm just so proud to have been a part it have. >> i have a wonderful son. he's been with his partner 25 years and he is the love of my life. i don't need anybody to tell me my son isn't a perfect person. >> as one maryland we came together around the principle of human dignity and we're moving forward. >> even after governor o'malglo signs the bill, the future of gay marriage is still up in the air. >> a man sho the in head in northeast d.c. tonight died at a hospital. it happened at 10th and galaton. >> in recent months there has
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been a significant spike in robberies in the district. armed robberies of up 106%. jackie bensen with a report on how police are teaming up in an effort to stop it. >> maybe i should get a weapon. i don't want to go there and i'm not afraid to use one but something has to be done. >> the grim tone of the ward three community meeting reflected the reality of the statistics. robberies are up in every part of the district, an unprecedented series of armed muggings in the tenley town area has residents unnerved. they listened in stunned silence as one of the three people robbed in a short period the night of february 14th spoke. >> i was assaulted and hit with a gun. i am four months pregnant. they attacked me. they were wearing their masks, running toward us and putting their mask at the same time.
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those streets are dark, completely dark. >> d.c. police chief kathy lanier revealed there's evidence to there's a connection to armed robberies in the bethesda area. >> the drive time from here in tenley town to bethesda is about ten minutes. chief lanier says the cooperation between police is yielding fruit and those make an announcement very soon. >> tonight noro virus seems to be spreading. howard university dealing with what appears to be an outbreak of the noro bug. the school is asking students and staff to take extra precautions from getting sick. last week the virus forced an elementary school in westmoreland county, virginia to be closed. >> a huge crowd is lining up to
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get new shoes. there have been problems with expensive sneaker roll outs like this one before. shomari stone reports from the mall in prince georges county. >> reporter: this crowd behind me, many of them have been out here for 24 hours just to get their hands on these. >> deon is lined up for offer 15 hours to get a pair of nike's glow in the dark sneakers friday morning. >> what's so special about them is the galaxy edition. they don't come out with this print often. they come out with a single color. >> the line seems to grow by the hour. police are concerned about scenes like this one. troubles erupted last year when nike released the air jordan retros. some pushed each other, cut line, crowds got out of control.
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lawrence says his son was attacked and robbed for his nicies last week. >> once they are able to acquire the shoe, it seems they have to watch their back. >> reporter: police are watching with 14 officers and mall security. only 57 people will be able to buy the galaxies. police told me mall management made a list but this man tells me there are two lists and that could create chaos. >> this customer started a random list, put his cell first on the list. >> the mall opens at 7:00 in the morning. we're hearing tickets will be passed out starting at 5:00 for the first 57 people. i'm shomari stone, news 4. >> those shoes, by the way, sell for $220. >> looking at the national cathedral tonight, temperatures are still in the 50s. >> the calendar says winter but right now mother nature really
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says spring. we're going to see spring-like storms overnight tonight and into the day tomorrow and spring-like temperatures, too. take a look at storm 4 radar after hitting a high of 67 today at the airport, now we're seeing showers. i wouldn't be surprised to see a couple rumbles of thunder coming from charles county and fairfax county and a pretty good number right around fredericksburg. this is the frontal boundary. it not going to be the storms, not going to be the temperatures that have me worried. i'll show what you i'm talking about coming up in my full forecast. >> the anti-abortion push is losing momentum tonight in virginia. the state senate shelved the so-called personhood bill after spectators shouted at lawmakers. that bill defined life at starting at conception. yesterday the bill that would have required women to get vaginal son owe gram exams before an owe borgs abruptly lost support after it became the
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brunt of jokes on late-night television. >> today in a speech in florida, president obama admitted there is no quick fix to the rising gas prices. he says the u.s. needs to focus on the long-term solution and find ways to reduce dependence on foreign oil. >> we can't allow ourselves to be held hostage to the ups and downs of the world oil market beep have to develop new technology that helps us use less energy. >> one of the reasons gas prices are rising is said to be the fact that there is a threat of military action in the middle east. >> john edwards' former mistress is getting her sex tape back under a lawsuit settled. the tape must be destroyed in 30 days. hunter lived with young and his wife while she was pregnant with edwards' baby. no money will be exchanged as part of the settlement.
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>> the ambulance of an alexandria paramedic who died two weeks ago was bag on the street this evening. joshia weissman died earlier this month while responding to a reckon 395. he fell through an opening and landed 20 feet below in a creek bed. he was 33 years old. >> the president of the nation's largest public university is out without explanation tonight. the university of maryland university college that placed susan aldridge on indefinite leave. an e-mail sent to students yesterday did not explain why. this is video from her inauguration in 2007. even a school spokesperson said her leave came as a surprise. >> the army private charged in the largest ever leak of classified information finally got his day in court but bradley manning didn't say much. he declined to enter a plea and deferred a choice to be tried by a judge or military journey.
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he's accused of passing secret war documents to the web site wikileaks. he could get life in prison if convicted. >> the state of maryland has nearly spent its entire snow removal budget. the state highway administration reports using $30 million of its $36 million budget. where did all that money go? baltimore radio station report highway crews have gone out 14 times this winter. also keep in mind that about seven feet of snow has fallen out in western maryland. >> eating disorder are typically associated with women but doctors say more than 1 million men are now fighting anorexia. for eight years thomas starved himself and exercised compulsively. he was try tying chief the perfect body and a six pack. he died during his nightly routine doing 1,000 situps.
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he weighed 78 pounds and his heart gave out. >> he wanted a six pack. he wanted rock hard abs, he wanted muscles. that's how it all started. he could ask us, beg us, please don't tell anybody, it so embarrassing, everybody thinks this is a girl's disease. >> doctors say parents are the most important tool in helping a child overcome anorexia. they say behaviors such as eat ago loan or wearing baggy clothing to hide weight loss are red flags. they say treatment should include hospitalization and therapy. >> still ahead tonight, hit by a truck. what caused this incredible crash caught on camera. >> viagra for children. the reason doctors are now using viagra who are sick. >> plus dishwahers catching fire.
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startling video as a truck smashes store. this comes out of northern massachusetts. police believe a medical condition caused the driver to lose control and crash into the store. >> doctors in california say they have successfully used viagra to treat children with a rare deadly disorder. researchers say the drug was used to help an infant girl who had severe mall formation growths on her hurt. the disease caused high blood pressure, a condition viagra is known to treat. after a year, researchers say the growths virtually disappeared and they got similar results on other kid under 4. all with few side effects.
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clinical trials are now under way to see if it can safely work for others. >> hundreds of people across the country have seen their dishwasher start smoking. some have even caught fire. the complaints have led to a class action lawsuit and plenty of questions. monica buchanan has more. >> home alone, pam panicked when smoke started billowing from her newly remodelled kitchen. >> there was hot water spewing from my dishwasher, as well as a lot of team. >> she says something was seriously wrong with her kitchenaid dishwasher. >> there was spewing water, there were flames but they were contained coming up the front panel of the door. >> despite the long list of complaints, there's been no warning or recall from the the parent company of kitchen aid.
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>> we have evidence at least as early as 2008 whirlpool and sears had actual knowledge of the problem and did not acknowledge what the problem to the public was. the company says "whirlpool corporation building its dishwashers with among many other start of the aeft safety petierss a component that shuts off the cole board in the unlikely event the control boar. >> they really had no solution for me other than i hope you've
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enjoyed your dishwasher for five years, you got your use and go buy another one. >> pam says she'll continue washing her dishes by hand. >> i really do feel that other homes that have these dishwashers in there are unsafe. >> whirlpool is asking customers who experience any difficulty to call them at 800-422-1230. >> our weather today certainly was incredibly pleasant for february. so much so that it made ice skating just a bit more challenging for folks out at the restin town center where doug spent most of his day. that's how he rolls. staff members had to keep cones in the middle of the rink to keep skaters away from puddles. skaters also had to watch out for him -- >> he was a menace out there. and you were a lot taller than most of the skaters. >> that one kid came flying out of nowhere. that wasn't my fault. >> course not.
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blame it on the kid. >> nice day to be outside at the skating rink or anyplace else. >> it was. tomorrow is going to be a warmer day than today. tomorrow is going to have a lot of problems associated with a warm front coming through the area now and a cold front that comes through the area tomorrow. temperatures tomorrow in the 70s but the winds could be in the 50s. that is, extremely strong as far as the winds are concerned. we are looking at rain and thunderstorms. i wouldn't be surprised to see some thunder out of these, out around quantico, around stafford and over toward prince georges county, over towards andrews air force base. rumbles of thunder, nothing severe. don't worry about that and don't worryb the winds quite yet.
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right now along i-95, big-time showers, pretty good downpours out of these. wouldn't be surprised to see a bolt of lightning or rumble of thunder. to the west, there have been some severe storms making their way to the east. they will make their way our way. we have a chance of severe weather in our region tomorrow. only three days this month have been colder than average and that says something when you're talking about the month of february. it has been extremely warm and right now we sit at 56 degrees at 11:00 at night. winds out of the east right now at 3 miles an hour. as i mentioned, not a factor yet. if these were the highs today, we would have been happy but temperatures are going to remain in the upper 40s to lower 50s all night long.
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here's 11:00. you can see the showers to the south. tomorrow morning, shower activity, maybe a rumble of thunder. before watch what happens around 3:30 tomorrow morning. we see a line tomorrow. even if it's not your typical strong thunderstorm, it's going to have access to very strong winds aloft. we could easily see 40, 50 and maybe even 60 mile-an-hour wind gusts across the area. that's the frontal boundary. behind that front we still continue to see those wind. that's why we have a high wind watch in all the areas in this orangey color. again 50 to 60 mile-an-hour winds. even those of you not in the wind watch, we still are going to have very strong winds tomorrow. he comes the kind in the
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afternoon with a chance the thunderstorms. not everybody will see the thunderstorms but everyone will see the wind. saturday and sunday we cool down closer to average and looks like we do warm back up into the mid upper 50s as we make our way into next week. just a pattern that is much more reminiscent of what we should see in april rather than mid february. >> wild winter we're having. still ahead, a local man's million dollar luck with a scratch-off lottery ticket. >> and boy, what a game down in miami tonight. miami[ male announcer ] with citibank, it's easy for jay to deposit checks from anywhere. easier than actually going to the bank.
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ism guess the heat said you're coming into my house. >> remember jeremy lin was living on his brother's couch? now he's living in a penthouse. he's now living in a two-bedroom apartment on the 38th floor of the w hotel in downtown new york. this weekend lin will get time to rest up during the all-star break but first a visit to south beach where it's been home sweet home for the miami heat. miami 14-2 at american airlines arena. the heat the highest scoring team in the nba. marchos chaumers says not in my house, takes it from jeremy lin. later lin with the ball.
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chalmers. remember him? lebron finishes with the big dunk. he added 20 points. mime mami goes on to win 102-88. >> college hoops, american hosting buck nell. eagles unbeaten at home. the bison in first place in the patriot league. first half, john. brewer. brewer finished with 13 points. american up 2 at halftime. less than four minutes to go. buck nell leads by four. johnson from deep buries it. bucknell beats american 55-50 snapping the eagles' 11-game home win streak. >> ryan braun's 50 game suspension was overturned today. he tested positive for elevated testosterone back in october. he is expected to report to spring training tomorrow.
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>> the biggest story right now is ryan zimmermann's contract situation. he has set saturday as a deadline. if it doesn't happen, he would like to table talks and not talk about it the rest of the season. >> we're working hard to do that. you know, he's long been the face of the franchise. he was the lone star player when we were very, very -- in our very, very lean days. >> for me to stay here is a no-brainer. obviously things have to work out on both ends, that's how negotiations and contracts go and hopefully we can work it out. >> neither zimmermann or rizzio are going to answer a question about whether progress has been made but they've been talking and that's a good thing. tomorrow pitchers and catchers, everybody having physicals and the full-squad workout slated for saturday.
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>> dan, thank you. in daytona today, tony stewart and matt kenseth win the gatorade duels. the daytona 500 scheduled for sunday at 1:00. that's going to be a great race. danica patrick will be in that race. a lot of big names in that race. michael waltrip wrecked today and will not be in the race for the first time in 25 years. >> the nats are trying to sell tickets only to local washington area fans. it's part of an effort called take back the park, a celebrated effort. it to keep those obnoxious philly fans from buying up all the tickets like they've done in the past years and you think you're in citizens bank park, whatever they call it.
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pennsylvania senator bob casey wrote to the nats. he's complaining about shutting out his beloved philly fans. nats wrote him back saying get over it. that's not what they said. they said they're just trying to protect their fan base. philly fans in their obnoxious way say they're going to find a way to
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