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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  February 25, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> you might want to hurry up.
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the house next door is burning fast. the wind is blowing hard. >> seven firefighters burned, some still in critical condition tonight. good evening, everyone. i'm aaron gilchrist. tonight, two of those firefighters are telling us about the heroism in inside that infer inferno. darcy spencer live at the fire station with that. darcy? >> these firefighters were injured last night. where were they tonight? right back here at their fire station. but their thoughts are at a hospital in washington. that's where their two fellow firefighters remain in critical condition. >> you just got released from the hospital today. tell us how you're feeling. how are you doing? >> still a little sore. just glad to be out. thought and prayers with kevin and ethan. >> reporter: michael mccleary has burns to his hands and rib injuries after being burned battling a blaze at riverdale friday night. the 19-year-old, one of seven prince george county firefighters who were hurt was
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visited at the hospital burn unit by the fire chief and county executive. >> have you ever been injured before like this? >> yeah, a year ago i was shocked when a house fire put in a same floor. so hopefully i don't go back. >> reporter: the firefighters were put inside a vacant house on 57th avenue when there was a sudden rush of air, creating a fire ball, engulfing firefighters. lieutenant michael naples was also injured but helped pull some of his fellow firefighters to safety. >> i'm shooken up. ethan and ken are in my thoughts and prayers. hope they make a full recovery soon. >> reporter: 911 calls came pouring in. residents were con serpd the winds were fanning the flames. >> it's burning fast. the winds are blowing hard. >> i seen flames coming out. smoke everywhere. >> reporter: two firefighters from the bladensburg fire station remain in the burn unit,
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including ethan sorrell. two years ago he was awarded for helping a 4-year-old. cheryl mccleary was at the riverdale fire station when that call came in. >> i'm proud of him. our whole family is prud of him. but you just want to look at him and shake him and say please change your profession. >> we have to appreciate what they do. so selfless in the work that they do every day 37 these guys say they're all eager to get back to work once they're well enough to do that. now to the wild wind we had to deal with today, which meant lights out in bethesda. lights went dark after wires blew down on top of each other. tonight, the winds have died down a bit. but tell you what, it is still plenty cold out there. news 4's chuck bell joins us live from storm center 4. >> yes, indeed a wind chilled
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saturday night. no doubt about it. winds are still in the low to mid 20s out there. bundle up for the late nagt dog walking tonight. temperatures are shutdown in the mid 30s. as has been the case all day long today, that's only half the story. luckily, the winds are dying down a bit. winds are gusting 20 to 30 miles an hour. expect a cold start on your sunday morning. what it will feel like, a 10 to 15 degrees improvement tomorrow. we'll talk about our next chance of rain in the seven day, aaron. all that coming up. a man was killed in a hit and run after his friend let him out of their car. he's identifieds alonzo rodriguez in bethesda. his body was found about 3:30 this morning in rockville. two of his friends told police they dropped him off there an hour earlier. officers hadn't released any information on what kind of car might have hit him. they're hoping witnesses will come forward. an injured bald eagle caused
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some delays on metro's blue line today. the american icon was trapped inside a track fence near the van dorn street station on the blue line. it was taken to the raptor conservancy of virginia in falls church. it's unclear how the bird was injured in the first place. . mitt romney and rick santorum, revving up the attacks in a final push for votes in michigan today. there are primaries there and in arizona on tuesday. romney leads in arizona, but is tied with santorum in michigan. a loss there would be a big blow to the romney campaign. he grew up there and his father was governor of michigan. while a confident santorum took aim at romney, he also focused on obama. >> we can't continue to take one for the team. my team is the people of the united states of america and i'm
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going to fight for that team, not for the partisans in washington. >> president obama once said he wants everybody in america to go to college. what a snob. >> ron paul is making four stops in michigan. rather his campaign denying rumors of an alliance with mitt romney. newt gingrich is skipping michigan to focus on the 200 delegates up for grabs in the super tuesday states. the son of the late senator robert f. kennedy accused of beating up nurses at a new york hospital. surveillance video shows douglas kennedy trying to take his 3-day h of old son beau on a walk back in january. nurses there, though, tried to stop him for taking the newborn off the maternity floor too soon. kennedy got into a confrontation with the nurses. one says he stwised her arm and another says she was kicked
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around. kennedy says the nurses started it. >> nelson mandela was admitted for an undisclosed stomach problem. mandela spent 27 years in prison for fighting racist rule in south africa before becoming that country's first black president in 1994. coming up, how you can be denied a job or a loan all because of your name. ben & jerry's is accused of racism in a flavor created for jeremy lin 37. >> and a viral web series celebrates uncomfortable situations.
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pakistan is tearing down the compound where osama bin laden hid for six years. it's also where u.s. forces killed the al qaeda leader back in may. a senior back stanny government official tells nbc news 80% of that compound is gone. demolition started after dark. ben & jerry's is feeling the heat for a new frozen yogurt flavor inspired by jeremy lin. they wanted to put fortune cookies in their new taste the linsanity flavor. some called it racist and the company apologized on its facebook page. they are replacing the fortune cookie with waffle cone pieces. they say the fortune cookie pieces got soggy anyway. a web series is going viral
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by embracing life's awkward moments. like how to play it off when you wave at somebody and they don't wave back at you. from awkward moments on the sdwrob social situations that couldn't quite go as planned. it stars aisha ray. >> i never expected 50,000 awkward black girls to come out and proclaim i'm awkward. >> the cast is multiracial. the series is so popular that fans chipped in more than $50,000 to pay for new episodes. and now there's a nationwide awkward black girl college tour that alies at american university on march 8. so when you do the wave and you
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look at your watch. >> next 37. >> next on news 4, the lies employers could be learning about you, thanks to your background check. and chuck is back to tell us
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sometimes what they find is flat-o flat-out false. nbc's lisa parker has the report. >> as if a hunt for a job isn't tough enough these days, some job seekers say they're being hit with curveballs they never saw coming. >> my client is not a sex offend per. his only crime is having a common name. eert that name, samuel jackson. adds iffing a having that name isn't tough enough, a background report found three other less desirable samuel decades, all decades older, a different race and two currently in prison. all of their profiles attached to his background check. >> the background check company was aware that mr. jackson is only 30 years old. so it clearly couldn't have been him. and obviously he couldn't be all three sex offenders at the same time. >> reporter: jackson sued and the background company settled for $35,000, but not all cases are so clear cut. the way it is supposed to work, if a job seeker is not hired because of a negative background
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check, the prospective employer must tell them that. the fair credit reporting act requires it. but how is a job seeker to know? and along with the explosion of companies ordering background checks are the ones performing them. >> they're not all created the same. some are more careful than others and i think that job seekers do have to be careful. >> reporter: they say all of us, job or no job, should get a credit of our background checks to see if any otherer rors lie in wait. there is a way to correct them, but it takes time, something job seekers don't often have. >> there's a significant risk thigh ear going to get a background check report that has nothing to do with them and shows a criminal record that doesn't exist. >> reporter: financial experts advise those working for work to do their own background check. some companies even do checks after a person is hired to determine if they're responsible enough for a promotion. and we turn now to meteorologist
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chuck bell. >> now, are you much of after sky watcher on your time off? did you look up at the sky at all? >> i like up. >> i'm an avid sky watcher. you would expect that. but outside tonight, an absolutely great view. take note ops this and you can impress all of your friends and neighbors. take a check of the picture. here's the crescent moon outside right now. just double play to the left of it, that's planet venus. the next closest one to us. and up there is jupiter. if you see the bright object. down from the moon is venus and up higher is jupiter. great shots. these are sent in from stafford, virginia. go outside after the show is over and take a look up.
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it's absolute lit beautiful. bundle up on your way out the door. 37 right now. winds still out of the northwest, 15 gusting to near 30 miles an hour. that has wind chills well down into the 20s. so definitely a cold saturday night to be outside. 34 now in hargstown, frederick and gait hersburg. wind gusts right now, generally 20 to 30 miles an hour. that's a big improvement. most of the amp, we were guesting between 40 and 50 miles an hour. so this is a big improvement, but still any breeze at all has wind chills down to the 20s. nothing showing up on doppler. a couple of snowflakes, those are long gone. still reaching far western maryland. great weekend for the skiers out in western maryland and southern pennsylvania. tomorrow, more sunshine,less wind. and as a result, it will feel a whole lot warmer tomorrow afternoon than it did today. officially we made 47 today. probably only going to be technically three or four
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degrees warmer tomorrow. but it's going to feel 10 or 15 degrees warmer because of all the sunshine and less wind. another chilly start coming up monday morning, but monday is looking like a great day. yes, indeed, temperatures back near 60 degrees. bundle up for late night and early morning activities. going to be a cold start. temperatures in the 20s. then tomorrow afternoon, sunny and cool. a light breeze, so it will feel much more pleasant to be outside tomorrow than it did today. then 60 degrees and sunshine on monday. a few clouds back tuesday. next chance for rain showers looks to be on wednesday. then we dry it out once again. thursday, the first day of march. and nearly every number on there is warmer than average. here comes springtime. >> thank you, chuck. coming up in sport, the caps take
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>> capitals. sor are i. capitals, let's talk hockey. >> stuff goes on that people don't see. >> you mean in breaks? >> let's joust go. hockey night in canada. it was less about desperation and more about celebration. both on the outside of the playoff picture looking in. the last time the caps played in toronto, they got thumped, losing 7-1. neuvirth gets some support. marcus johansson wraps around the net. beats james reimer. beautiful move by johansson. 32 seconds in, caps take a 1-0 lead. three minutes later, caps turn defense into offense. alex semin, steals the puck. quick shoot, and he scores. less than four minutes in, the caps take a 2-0 lead.
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neuvirth was on his game. makes a incredible save, simply glovely. the caps beat the maple leafs, 4-2. winning back to back games since mid january. the caps are now one point out of a playoff spot. john wall competed in the skills competition, but it was san antonio's tony parker who won the event. as for who won the dunk connest, let's hit the highlights. this is paul george of the pacers. lights out tron style. apparently the people like utah's jeremy evans, dunks two basketballs over teammate gordon hayward. the winner was decided by fan voting. so jeremy evans, your slam dunk
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champi champion, get excited. vcu grads are smiling big tonight. the rams broke the patriots heart tonight in rich month. patriots with the ball. later in the half, george mason down big. and they turn it over. scooped it up and scored. vcu 43-27 at halftime. burgess making his 141st consecutive start. knocks down the three. he pumped in a career high 31 points. and on senior nigh, vcu defeated george mason, 89-77 and the ncaa tournament starts from i had. ninth-ranked georgetown hosting
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villanova. hoyas coming off their first loss of the season in an 18-point defeat against see tto hall on tuesday. the freshman hits the stepback jumper. georgetown up 19-8. final minute of the half, porter creates some space for three. friendly bounce. thank you very much. 15 points n s for porter. jason clark pokes it away. thompson scoop, and one. georgetown defeats villanova, 57-66. maryland visiting last place georgia tech. the terms just 1-6 on the road this season. two minutes to play in the game, drives, gives maryland the lead. a game high 18 points.
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drives and one. the coach said, quote, i thought we were growing up. today showed we haven't grown up all the way. sdel ru del curry on hand. his son seth plays for the blue devils. less than 10 seconds to play, tied at 58-58. eric green, a shot for the win. no seth greenberg, come on. can't believe it. weer. >> going to overtime. seth curry drives open lane to the bucket. he had 19. and his dad is loving it. duke goes on to win 70-65. hokies drop to 4-10 in the acc.
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big game in charlottesville, virginia. seconds remaining in the first half. lets it fly from deep. beats the buzzer. cavaliers up 30-26 at the half. tyler zeller, big man, drives, dunks. >> american beats lafayette, 76-59. >> thank you. that is our news for tonight. "saturday night live" is coming up next. up ne[ male announcer ] with citibank, it's easy for jay to deposit checks from anywhere.
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