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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  February 29, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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hours later, a string of tornadoes cuts a deadly path across five midwest states. today, at least ten people are dead, thousands of others are now picking up the pieces from the storm's direct hit. good afternoon, everybody. i'm jim handly. >> i'm pat lawson muse. that same storm system making its impact felt here, this, the scene on route 1 in alexandria this afternoon. the roadway was closed in both directions because of flooding from this morning's heavy rains. one lane each way was just reopened within the past hour. the entire roadway is expected to be opened again by 4:30. >> oh, it was deep and taking a live look outside right now, hold on, the rain is not done with us just yet. >> meteorologist veronica johnson has the details from the storm center. >> thanks a lot, guys, that's right. we had heavy rain during the morning rush, a lot of folks hydroplaning getting to and fro. here a break. still clouds across the area, waiting for more rain to move in
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for the evening rush, 52 degrees, wind out of the south, a mild wind for us, in fact, temperatures will be rising for the evening in a good part of the overnight. take a look at the rain that we have picked up today, more than an inch in gaithersburg, maryland, just to the north of montgomery county. you folks around leesburg, almost an inch of rain. winchester at an inch. right here in d.c., reagan national, too an inch of rain, close to that even down around quantico as well as pax river, annapolis and baltimore, all an inch of rain and due to get more. look at storm four doppler. we have had a break but rain building just to the west of us, win chester down into northern foggier county. one tornado warning sitting just on the other side in kentucky. what you are looking at now, all of those little circles, those are the reports of tornado reports over the last 24 hours. there were 15 reports yesterday
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and five reports today, the most of which have been in kentucky. but again, same system moving this way, so we are talking about rain, even the possibility of some thunder, maybe just down to the south of us around the northern neck during the overnight period. we will talk more about what you can expect in the coming days in a couple of minutes. >> see you in a bit, veronica. thank you. the town of harrisburg in the southern part of illinois suffered some of the worst damage from the storm. >> dozens of businesses, hundreds of homes were destroyed or damaged and thousands are still without power. >> reporter doug wolf has more from illinois. >> reporter: a tornado outbreak in the heartland overnight tore across four states. the worst hit, the rural southern illinois town of harrisburg. >> this was just a horrific event. this was something that hit about four minutes to 5:00 this morning when people were still sound asleep. >> reporter: in kansas, the storm struck without warning. >> all of a sudden, windows went out just like a big shotgun went off. and i told my wife, hit the
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floor. she says i'm down here already. >> reporter: in missouri, the town of buffalo lost at least one of their own. >> they are devastated. they lost one member of the family. >> reporter: the popular tourist destination of branson, too suffered major damage but did have time to get out a warning. >> fortunately, we were warned early and people took heed of that, so we had very few injuries. >> reporter: back in harrisburg, they were not as lucky. >> felt a truck pick up, slammed on its side and drug across the parking lot. >> reporter: at least six killed, more than 100 injured in the tight-knit town. >> we have lost children, we have lost loved ones, we have lost, you know, part of our family here in this community. >> reporter: heartland now heartbroken over the loss of so much and so many. it's a devastating storm that will leave bad, lasting memories for years to come. in harrisburg, illinois, doug wolf, nbc news.
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it was arson. investigators in prince georges county now say that blaze that left seven firefighters injured was set on purpose. it happened friday here on 57th avenue in riverdale. the blaze so intense it also mounted some of the firefighters' equipment and fire officials say they made a discovery about another arson right next door. news4's derrick ward will have more on that part of the store rained the company on the injured firefighters that's coming up tonight at 5:00. >> the 17-year-old who opened fire at an ohio school on monday may have stolen the gun he used from a relative. the gun was discovered missing after the shooting that killed three students and left two others injured. some of the victims' parents are talking about the shooting today. nbc's jay gray has new developments. >> reporter: two days after gunfire ripped apart their campus and community, teachers at chardon high school came back today. >> there's nothing i can do except for, like, hug them. really without them, i don't
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think a lot of us would be where we are right now. i think it would be a lot worse. >> reporter: it couldn't be any worse for the families of three young men, all gunned down in the prime of their lives. >> you know, like everybody always says it doesn't happen here, it doesn't happen to me. and it did. i don't know how and i don't think we could get through it without the families and the community. >> reporter: a community struggling with the pain of what they've lost and the horror that one of their own is accused in the attack. tj lane arrived at the chardon courthouse yesterday in a bulletproof vest. during a procedural hearing, the 17-year-old looked to be fighting back tears and overheard saying to family members, "i am sorry. i am sorry." >> the worry's not gone. it's not gonna be gone for a while, i'm afraid. >> reporter: freshman class president brittany wilson has an uneasy feeling about returning to classes on friday but knows
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that that maybe the only way her school and this tight-knit community will survive. >> we are going to come together as a family and we are going to get through it, we are one heartbeat. >> reporter: that beat a bit softer now, and at times, out of rhythm after what they have been through, but still strong enough, most here insist, to help them through this unthinkable tragedy. jay gray, nbc news, chardon, ohio. >> and lane was into the student at chardon high school. he went to lake academy, which is a nearby school for students with academic and behavioral problems. a school bus filled with students crashed into this house this morning. it happened in silver spring at the intersection of new hampshire and schindler drive. police tell us the bus hit the house after the driver of an suv cut in front of it the 20 students aboard the bus were not hurt. they were evacuated before they were taken to francis scott key middle school. charges are pending against the female driver of the suv.
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now to the republican race for the white house, mitt romney is hoping last night's victories in michigan and arizona will spell success on super tuesday, but rick santorum is still upbeat, heading into next week's critical showdowns and newt gingrich, he is conceding nothing. nbc's jennifer johnson has the latest from the trail. >> just kidding. well, it was a big night last night for me. i was very pleased, very good news. >> reporter: confident and relieved after victories in arizona and michigan, mitt romney is back on the campaign trail talking jobs and the economy to voters in ohio. >> do you want someone who spent his life in the private sector, who understands where jobs come from or do you want someone who spent his career in washington? >> reporter: rick santorum says he is pleased with how he did in romney's home state. >> we had a much better night in michigan than maybe was first reported a we actually won half the congressional districts and so we are going to walk out of michigan with 15 delegates and
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he is going to walk out of michigan with 15 delegates. >> reporter: and newt gingrich's still appealing to voters today in georgia. he believes a victory in his home state will be a key building block to move his campaign forward. >> so, georgia really does matter and the campaigning we will be doing for the next few days really does matter. >> reporter: romney is hoping his latest victories will give him the momentum for super tuesday. experts say nothing is certain yet. >> he has an opportunity to really begin to close down the deal, if you will, but he still has that little problem with the base you can the activist hard-charging republican conservative who is looking for him something that tells him he is one of them. >> reporter: 419 delegates are up for grabs on super tuesday. right now, romney is about 80 delegates ahead of santorum, but the real test will come on super tuesday. on capitol hill, jennifer johnson, news4. now virginia is one of those super tuesday states holding a primary next week.
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maryland and the district hold their primaries on april 3rd. pat? today, the top air force jeep says partial remains of 9/11 victims were disposed of in a landfill based on guidance from the pentagon. the air force chief of staff told reporters the dover air force base mortuary acted on instructions from the pentagon personnel chief. yesterday, a report revealed that partial remains from the pentagon and shanksville, pennsylvania, were disposed of. pentagon officials say they will brief families of 9/11 victims in the weeks to come. news4 at four is just getting started. when we come back, a rock 'n' roll legend is gone. tonight, a look at the legacy of davy jones from the monkees. target pulls a controversial greeting card off the shelves because of what it base is whitney houston. and word from parents after a teenage girl dies after drinking too many of those energy drink. and "top chef" comes to d.c.
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we will catch one some local hopefuls who are auditioning for
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♪ hey, hey, we're the monkees and people say we monkey around
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♪ >> a sad day fans of the 1960s band, the monk coast, davy jones died today. he became famous in 1965 at the age of 20. jones was the only british member of a rock group formed expressly for the american tv show. davy jones was 66 years old. he died this morning in florida of an apparent heart attack. there's one less item for sale at target in the wake of whitney houston's death. according to tmz, the source pulling the greeting card from the shelves that marked the singer's trouble reed lationship with ex-husband, bobby brown. it read, "next time you think of dating the bad boy, consider whitney houston." the card had been available long before houston died earlier this month. actors jennifer gardner around ben affleck are celebrating the birth of their third child. "us weekly" report it is a boy. the couple have been married for seven years. the couple's daughters were helping to pick a name for the baby, their suggestions were
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mostly disney related, such as donald duck and peter pan. >> those are some names. despite her claims to the contrary, there are new reports today that snooki, you know that name of "jersey shore" fame, she is pregnant. e news and the "new york post" report that nicole poll lizzi i denying requirements. if she is, this would be the first child for the 24-year-old actress, i guess she is an actress now. the boyfriend, gian nah lavelle is thought to be the father. mtv is managing news since snooki's party happen hard lifestyle is a spinoff series set in jersey city. now moving on to another actress, shall we say who is known to party, lindsay lohan is trying to stage a comeback now. >> indeed she is. she has been making headlines, more in recent years for her legal troubles and trips to rehab than for her work as a singer and actress.
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but lohan is in new york this week rehearsing for her upcoming hosting role on "saturday night live" and she salt down for an exclusive interview with matt lauer. he asked whether the recent death of whitney houston rebel gi -- registered with her on a personal level? >> not really. i wouldn't like to -- i don't want to go there. that's kind of a scary, morbid thing to discuss. but i mean maybe to some extent when i was really -- when i was -- you know, when i went to jail and being in that place, that was really terrifying for me. >> but abuse also, i mean, in terms of substance abuse it can rob talent. >> yeah, no i completely agree and you can just kind of completely fall into that world and that is a really scary thing and i have experienced it -- things like that. >> simplest, blunt question, you clean and sober? >> yes, i'm good. i'm clean and sober now. >> how long has that been? >> it has been a while. it has been -- it has been a long time. but i -- and i -- it's nice to
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feel that i have -- i also have a lot of great people in my life that are in the same position so i can always turn to them and i have great people that i can talk to at any time and that have help mend kind of figure myself out. >> you can watch more of matt's interview with lindsay lohan tomorrow the "today" show and you can watch her on "snl" this saturday, right after our 11:00 news. >> and billy bush said she was going to be playing elizabeth taylor in some film coming up, too. >> he sure did. well, at least one person is admitting that she knew crist humphries and kim kardashian's marriage was not going to last. >> it was kim's sister, khloe, that one. she talked to jay leno on the tonight show. she said her first encounter with kris humphries, she said she didn't think her sister's relationship would have a happy ending. >> one of the first things that came out of his mouth in the first five minutes is, so how much are you getting paid to
4:17 pm
fake your marriage? like, how long are you going to keep this up for? and i was like, dude york know if you're trying to, like, make me laugh, but it just rubbed me the wrong way. >> khloe has been married to nba star lamar odom since 2009. kim and kris infamously divorced last year just after 72 days of marriage. a popular cooking show made its way to the district today. >> it sure did. the casting team of bravo's "top chef" season ten was in northwest washington on the hunt for our area's most talented chefs. >> the open casting call was held all afternoon at graffiato in penn quart earthquake the restaurant owned by d.c.'s own top chef, mike isabella. he and other chefs had a lot to say about why d.c. chef was have what it takes to win. >> new york is new york, san fran, san fran, we are totally trending right now. there's so many great chefs.
4:18 pm
as a d.c. chef, i will bring forth to the whole world my love for chicken and mumbo sauce because we do it so well and no one else can duplicate that dish but d.c. >> he is pretty confident, isn't he? >> you have to be. >> the "top chef" casting team says it is looking for passionate chefs with great charisma. there you have a job description. they stay could be several months before they make any decisions. >> that's making me hungry. you know, d.c. has become a very serious restaurant town. >> oh, yeah, great town for foodies and chefs. >> yeah. coming up next on news4 at 4:00, a new weapon in the bat of the bulge, talking the flip side of the eating now the technique that promises to freeze your fat cells away. and veronica will be back with another check on our forecast and she will tell us how much rain this storm sys
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water, water, everywhere. >> yes. >> all we have seep today. >> right. and how about some more water, because we are talking about more rain and the potential for moderately heavy rain here for the evening rush as well as the overnight. we had, of course, reports of flooding this morning.
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take a look, tinnily town, where folks jumping the puddles here on leap day. that's right. the umbrellas opened, trying to stay dry, hang out under the limp, right? that guy doesn't have his umbrella. i guess he didn't listen to my forecast yesterday. it has been pretty soggy in the morning, a break in the afternoon. but as i said, the evening rush, after 5:00, more rain moving back in. temperatures today, at least they have been cooperating, hasn't been that chilly at all in the 50s, temperatures rise here during the evening and overnight. 52 degrees right now. we are in the 40s up to the north, 42, hagerstown, 45 in frederick. 57 down southed in fredericksburg, big range across the area. as far as your good night/wakeup forecast, expecting more rad rain for 7, for 8, for 9:00, even some moderate rain for 10:00 but then going to start pushing out as it ends very quickly around that 10 -- around 11 p.m. to around midnight.
4:23 pm
we are in the 50s for tomorrow morning, not too bad either. upper 40s to low 50s. montgomery county, areas down south milder, rain pushing into the area, leesburg, charlestown, i-81 wet, 15 soon wet and south and west of frederick, maryland. then inside of west virginia that's where the storms are right now the thunder, the lightning, severe thunderstorm warnings around beckley, just south of charleston. and all this again, will be pushing east. this whole cluster that you see here into charlottesville, and they have issued down that southwest pocket of virginia and through much of west virginia, a tornado watch that goes until 10 p.m. so, here's the weather system, pushing east around midnight that rain ends, the front heads to the east, we get the clearing skies and it is going to be breezy tomorrow, with sunshine back into the area. then for friday, expect an increase in clouds with rain returning late, about 6 or 7
4:24 pm
p.m. it is a new system for us and a new system at the end of the week and for saturday, early part of the day, especially on saturday, that could be bringing some more thunderstorms to the area for your evening forecast, 47 to 54 degrees. rising temperatures. keep in mind that we are talking about some heavy rain. so on area roads, take it easy, go slow, plan accordingly and give yourself some extra time. we are breezy and mild for tomorrow morning, 46 to 55 degrees. then for tomorrow afternoon, we are nice and warm, spring, big range in temperatures from 58 degrees north and west around hagerstown, to 70 degrees in d.c. we will take a look at those area highs coming up in a few minutes, there is your rain again for saturday, but wet here
4:25 pm
for a good part of the overnight. >> turn off those faucets. >> and spring is here or will be arriving tomorrow, i should say, meteorological spring. >> bye bye. >> so long. >> to the winter that wasn't. coming up on news4 at four, a very special delivery, a baby who will always look younger, always, than her age. >> she sure will. after a teenager dies from drinking two large energy drinks, a warning today about caffeine. a local congressman accused of supporting tax breaks for men who grow mustaches.
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good afternoon, welcome back
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backtonews4 at 4:00. i'm pat lawson muse. >> i'm jim handly. taking a look at some of the top stories making news, prince georges fire county officials say a blaze that put seven firefighters in the hospital was set on purpose. that blaze happened friday in a home here on riverdale. 57th street, investigators also discovered another arson at an unoccupied home right next door that had not been reported. a deadly outbreak of tornadoes across five midwestern states. the storms struck overnight, killing at least ten people, injuring more than 100 others. much of the damage is concentrated in southern illinois, kansas and in missouri, where hundreds of homes were damaged or destroyed. and the republican presidential campaigns have left michigan and moved on to super tuesday states. mitt romney is celebrating you the return of his front runner status with last night's big win in michigan and arizona. now he is campaigning in ohio where rick santorum is leading
4:30 pm
in the polls right now. santorum is in tennessee. the 17-year-old who opened fire on students at an ohio school on monday told authorities he stole the gun he used from his uncle. tj lane is accused of killing three students in the cafeteria of chardon high school. two other students were injured. reading the cans of popular energy drinks these days, you might see promises of three times the buzz or charred up intensity. but what you might not find on the label is just how much caffeine is in one of those drink. >> and now some doctors are warning that drinking too many of these energy drinks could be dangerous, even deadly, as the family of a teenager in maryland found out. news4's doreen gentzler has that story. >> she was upstairs watching a movie with her boyfriend, he came running down and said there's something wrong with anise. >> she literally exhaled funny, like loudly and then she just started to go back a little bit, making noises.
4:31 pm
>> reporter: and that was the last time 14-year-old anise fornier would spend at home with her loved ones in hagerstown, maryland. >> it was horrible. i mean no other parent should have to go through that. >> reporter: her mother says anise suffered a severe reaction after drinking two large energy drinks in 24 hours. she was rushed to the hospital that day but she never regained consciousness and was later pronounced dead. her cause of death, cardiac arrhythmia due to caffeine toxici toxicity. according to the autopsy report, she had a pre-existing mitral valve prolapse, a very common heart condition, where one of the valves doesn't work as well as it should. her mother says she was screened regularly and was never given any caffeine restrictions. >> these drinks can be dangerous. >> reporter: med star washington hospital center cardiologist dr. patricia davidson says some energy drinks are now sold in larger sizes and therefore have much higher levels of caffeine than the average cup of coffee or soda, but it's tough to know
4:32 pm
how much because not all the drinks list the amount of caffeine on their labels. the ones that do gift amount per serving, not what's in the whole can, which can contain as many as three servings. >> and how many people would actually spread an open can over three different days? >> reporter: wendy crosslynn says her daughter drank two of the monster energy drink, a total of six servings. while monster doesn't list the amount of caffeine in its product, a mayo clinic study found the drinks contain 80 milligrams of caffeine per serving, meaning fornier inge ingested 480 milligrams total, the equivalent of five eight-ounce cups of coffee or 1412-ounce soda. the american academy of pediatrics recommend that ado less cements have more more than 100 milligrams of caffeine a day. >> because of their size, this woe end up having a higher chance of toxicity because the amount within their body mass would be greater than that of a
4:33 pm
larger person's. >> reporter: anise sa's family and friends are still in shock about her death, but her mother is angry. she thinks these energy drinks should be regulated. i have seen kids 5 or 6 years old walking around with those. so -- >> reporter: food and drug administration does not regulate the amount of caffeine in energy drinks or who can purchase them. in a statement, the american beverage association says energy drink ingredients, including caffeine and their labeling, comply with all fda safety requirements. a spokesman for monster energy says as a company, we vehemently deny that drinking two caps of mop officer energy by itself can cause a death from caffeine toxici toxicity. two 16-ounce cans of monster energy drinks contain less or a similar amount of caffeine than one 16-ounce cup of filtered coffee from the leading coffee house. by calculation, essentially the same ratio would hold true for two 24-houns cans of monster
4:34 pm
versus a similarly sized cup of brewed coffee. >> she was beautiful. inside and out. >> reporter: for anise fornier's loved ones they can say they want to see a change in the way energy drinks are sold. >> could be somebody else's daughter, somebody else's son. >> tragic. that was dore lean gentzler reporting. the american beverage association stays is taking steps right now to keep people informed about energy drink and caffeine through a number of voluntary 2k3w50id lines. >> to he is guide lines is been adopted by the coca-cola company, dr. pepper, snapple group, pepsi-co and red bull. coming up tonight on news4 at 5:00, a closer look at why these drinks, these energy drinks can be especially dangerous to teenagers. and now a story for those of you trying to shed inches around the middle, a lot of folks do stomach crunches all the time but still can't get rid of those inches. many folks turn to liposuction to remove the unwanted fat. now there is a new procedure that is said to be less invasive
4:35 pm
t is called cool sculpting, a high-tech suggestion cup is placed on trouble spots, cold temperatures are applied and they freeze the fat cells under the skin. the dead cells are then removed by the body naturally. >> it was just smaller bull onlies that i didn't feel were big enough for lipo. there was no incisions no scars, there's no nothing. >> the entire procedure takes about an hour. of course, fat freezing may not do the trick for everybody because it does not remove as much fat as liposuction. >> put the beer gut on ice, she didn't even need it looking at the before pictures. >> only she thought they did. >> only she did. a maryland congressman is finding himself in a bit of a hairy situation today. >> yesterday, the american mustache institute, who knew we had one, claimed congressman roscoe bartlett spores what it called the stash act. the measure would provide a tax deduction up to $250 a year for
4:36 pm
americans with mustaches, to go toward facial hair grooming. bartlett's office said today, while the congressman is "pro-stash," he doesn't think americans should pay for people's personal grooming choices. okay, i'm a schaffer what about the raisers and the shaving cream? that's grooming, too we don't get a break. >> you buy those on your own. >> i guess you do. >> maintenance. >> uh-huh. still to come, our app of the day is perfect for anyone preparing to take the s.a.t. or for anyone who just wants to sound intelligent. plus, guess this woman's able. would you believe she is married more than 50 years? we will tell you just how old she is and what she credits for being her fountain of youth. and a woman accused of making thousands of calls and sending thousands of text messages to the man who eventually
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winter not done with part of the country. >> that's right. it's a all part of the same system that brought the devastating tornadoes to the south. on the northern side of that storm system, snow and a lot of it and even wind to go along with t this is fargo, north dakota, where they had several inches. yeah, they have closed parts of i-29 between fargo and south dakota. some cars are traveling but even some of the big tractor trailers are staying parked. so, that's the scene there in fargo, north dakota.
4:45 pm
but guess what? that system is headed eastbound. upstate new york's gonna get some snow. boston is gonna get some snow. this is likely to be their biggest single storm of the whole season, where right now, expecting between four and eight inches of snow with ice on top of that same thing for albany, new york, they will probably get between -- about four to eight inches of snow as well on our radar. it's just rain that's showing up but rain is quickly advancing off to the east. you can see it there, around loudon county, around d.c. now. some light rain coming in. of course, by all these colors here, the shading of yellow, orange and red this is not only moderate rain it is heavy rain in storms right under that, several severe storm warnings inside of west virginia where they have got tornado watches up that go until 10 p.m., that southwest pocket as well as west virginia. rain should be ending around 11 p.m. temperature, 59 degrees to 53 tomorrow, it is not bad, it is going to be dry tomorrow morning. here it is for the overnight, big sales coming through,
4:46 pm
especially south of d.c. during the overnight. here we ared a midnight, lingering showers around the pennsylvania border, we are dry, the sun return tomorrow, breezy conditions around the area. as far as the highs tomorrow, take a look, 56, hagerstown, 68, fredericksburg, a big range of temperatures as this low gets off the coast with the northerly wind. some areas are going to be cooler up to the north now, high 67, some sunshine, more sun for friday, the high 57 degrees. and then for the weekend, 68, 68. so we are mild again on saturday. and as mild as it is going to be on saturday it is going to be a lot like spring, the possibility of more thunderstorms. sunday we dry out and back to a chance, believe it or not, of a little bit of snow monday morning to maybe around lunch time. a little bit of snow. >> all right. little tug-of-war going. not enough to do anything with.
4:47 pm
thanks, veronica. today marks a day four years in the making, it's leap day as you probably heard by now. and one lucky family is celebrating with a baby girl who is joining a very special birthday club. news4's megan mcgrath has more from the anova fairfax hospital. >> reporter: having a baby is always a very special event but having a baby on february 29th, leap day, well, it is all the more memorable. and the whitney family can't be happier. take a look at this little girl, matae whitney, actually due on march 4th, but she came a little bit early. actually born at 5:47 this morning. now, as a leap day baby, her birthday will only come around once every four years. now, while that may sound like a bummer to some, her parents are thrilled. in fact, her dad was pulling for a leap day birth. >> yes, from day one, i said right when we found out when she was pregnant and we found out the due date was march 4th, i'm like, that's right around leap
4:48 pm
year, be so awesome if we could have a baby on february 29th. >> and you got it. >> we got it. it is amazing, i can't believe t. >> we are excited. a lot of people didn't want to have a leap year -- didn't want us to have a leap year baby but we really wanted to, so we are very excited. >> i think it makes her four times as special 'cause she only has a birthday every four years. >> we are thinking we will do a big party every four years and then a friend of ours was telling us they do a celebration every 28th, like the minute before midnight between the 28th and march 1st and do a big, like, one minute, they go crazy, do a celebration, we may play around with that idea. this is the first child for amanda and daniel whitney. as you can see, both the mom and baby are doing well. from the fairfax anova women's center, megan mcgrath, news4. >> mom looks more awake, dad had a rough night, baby taking it all in stride, snoozing. >> so sweet. >> she is adorable. coming up on news4, she has
4:49 pm
been married for more than 50 years but you wouldn't know it by looking at her. so the called ableless woman shares her secret to looking youthful. you got to stick around for that and a deer comes crashing into a convenience store right into a little girl. i'm wendy rearing. at 5:00, a controversial ad at a metro stop insults the president. what the county councilwoman says about just getting a warning when she was pulled over driving more than 100 miles an hour. tonight at 6:00, a local woman denied communion a [ dog growls, barks ] bring your dog to work day... not our best idea. [ barking ] george! stop it! stop. oh. it was a nice thought. [ male announcer ] some business decisions are better than others. the best decision is switching to verizon. you're good to go. that was fast! thank you. [ male announcer ] speed, reliability,
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take a look at this video. a surveillance camera was rolling when a deer came crashing through the glass door of this convenience store and ran right into an 11-year-old girl. this happened on sunday in suburban atlanta. while bystanders ran to help the child, the deer continued running around the store, slipping and sliding on spilled drink much the girl suffered a slight concussion and a few cuts and bruises, but she is expected to be fine. unfortunately, the deer had to be put down because of the injuries. a horse in australia had to be rescued after getting stuck in quicksand-like mud. astro, seen here, began to sink while his owner was riding him on a beach. the owner called rescue workers. three hours later, astro was free with the help of local farmers and a tractor. he suffered some minor bruising in the accident but he is
4:53 pm
otherwise okay. >> wow. florida resident has become known as the ageless woman. >> annette larks soin is her na lives in miami-dade county. she is 70 years old when she husband owned a butcher store in the '70s, she became a vegetarian, than raw vegan, she eats nothing but seeds and her husband never changed her way of eating and now he is regretting that. >> that's 70 the new 30. coming up, bizarre new details when we come right back, in the
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
the prosecution has rested in the trial of a georgia man accused of killing a father of two outside a day care center. nbc's thanh truong reports. >> reporter: even though henry newman is on trial, the case centers on the victim's wife, andrea snyderman. before resting its case, the prosecution prevented snyderman's cell phone records. in the seven months leading up to the murder, she exchanged more than 1400 calls and text messages with hemmy newman, the defendant, more than 600 more than to her own husband. a detective testified about the
4:57 pm
prosecution's claim that the murder was driven by an elicit affair between andrea snyderman and newman, who was also her boss. >> what you do know is that hemmy and andrea, at least at this point, were having an affair? >> yes. >> having sex? >> it would seem so. >> let's bring in the jury. >> reporter: on tuesday you can the jury watched the end of newman's interrogation video. for hours, he denied shooting rusty snyderman but as detectives dig deeper, newman gets more uneasy. one day after that interrogation, newman went back to police. his attorney read a part of his statement to inter gators. >> and the statement was, "i want to talk. i want to end the circus." >> reporter: newman has pled not guilty by reason of insanity, claiming an angel looking like olivia newton-john told him the snydermans' children were his own and he needed to kill rusty to protect them. the detective told prosecutors
4:58 pm
that newman seemed stable. >> was there anything about his demeanor that seemed off? >> no. >> reporter: missing from court, andrea snyderman. the judge kicked her out of the courthouse last week after she awkwardly hugged this witness in front of the jury. the close friend had just testified that she believed snyderman was having an affair. outside the court, prosecutors say snyderman then told her they were no longer friends. >> there was no affair. >> snyderman testified earlier that a week before newman's arrest she suspected he was the killer. despite that, she didn't tell police. that's news4 at 4:00. news 4 at 5:00 starts right now. did a councilwoman receive special treatment? what she said today about getting just a warning after she was pulled over driving more than 100 miles an hour. good evening, everybody, i'm jim handly. >> i'm wendy rieger.
4:59 pm
a lawmaker are a lead foot ignites a speeding controversy in prince georges county. karen coles is a member of the prince georges county council. police clocked her more than 100 miles an hour on the beltway and yet, she just received warning. news4's pat sconce live at police headquarters to explain why. pat? >> reporter: wendy, police believe she was doing 50 miles per hour above the speed limit. but they say they didn't think they could prove it so they just gave hear warning instead of a speeding ticket. they say the fact she is a council member had nothing do with it. it appears that she can walk fast, too. prince georges' councilwoman karen dolls, with some help from some security officers she moved quickly today to avoid reporters' questions about an incident a week ago where a cop says she was doing 105 miles per


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