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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  March 5, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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was. >> reporter: it's hard to believe that anything can be found when you see the magnitude of the tornado. this home video provides the first glimpse of the massive ef-4 twister that ripped through henryville pushed by swirling winds of at least 170 miles an hour. the battered remnants of henryville high school are evidence of the power, the roof peeled away to reveal a gutted building with books and work scattered for miles. but the lessons so many have been forced to learn over the last few days don't come from any classroom. >> i felt the whole house just get sucked straight up into the twister. and then i blacked out. >> reporter: jason miller does remember pulling his neighbors from their trailer into his house right before the storm hit. the family of five did not survive. including little angel babcock removed from life support late yesterday. >> i went over to the neighbors, brought them over into my house, and then they died. you know, it's just hard to -- it's very hard to accept. >> reporter: grief that so many are dealing with as they
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struggle to somehow make sense of all that's happened here. that just like the cleanup and recovery is going to take a very long time especially difficult when you consider how early these storms hit. there are still two full months left in what has already been a deadly tornado season. in henryville, indiana, jay gray, news 4. >> the snow is also having an impact in our area. up to 10 inches fell across central virginia. darcy spencer is in thornberg, virginia in spotsylvania county with more. >> reporter: it's looking really on the slushy side. earlier today it was like a winter wonderland and a half hour ago we had a little snow shower that came through. now a lot of people thought their snowball making days were over for the season so today they were caught off guard. on the prince william parkway, no snow. a little further south in fredericksburg there was snow
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but not enough to delay. further south some residents say they got half a foot. were you expecting to hit this kind of snow? >> no. actually i was in south carolina where it was like 70 so we hit this and it was like oh, okay. >> reporter: this guy was walking his dog gemini in a pair of shorts in the middle of a snowstorm, traveling from north carolina, accumulating snow was the last thing he expected. how is gemini taking this? >> he's confused. he's from florida, so he's not used to the snow. >> reporter: jackson has to get his walk in, too, the first time this labradoodle's paws have been this cold. he's never been in snow before? >> never been in snow. we're from charleston, south carolina. >> reporter: the spring is just around the corner. this could be the last significant snowfall of the season and some people were caught off guard. they've already put away their snow scrapers and brushes. oh, well. you can always use your sleeve.
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this is thornberg, an unincorrespondented area off i-95 in spotsylvania county where you can measure the snow in inches. some had to sweep their way out of their homes and walkways. what did you think of all this snow? >> snowball. >> we went outside and played in the snow, walked the dog. he loved it. that's all we did today. >> reporter: gemini the dog apparently isn't the only one confused. look at the flowers in bloom under a blanket of snow. >> i've been waiting on it. i've been waiting on it. i love it. >> reporter: now the snow is coming down very heavily earlier this afternoon but, fortunately, no major traffic troubles were reported and people for the most part seemed to enjoy what might be the last blast of winter weather. reporting live from thornberg, virginia, darcy spencer, news 4. so a little snow down there but around here we've got about
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it. >> really a shame for those that really would love to see some snow. this was the typical snowstorm for this time of the year called alberta clipper making its way out of canada down across the states and right through our region. it did produce upwards of 6 to even 10 inches in some areas right through central virginia. you can actually see the white, the really white band that sets up right there. you see that just above richmond. that storm though is now out of here and behind it we are still seeing some light snow showers moving on through the region but most of those are going too. here is the parent storm and then here are the showers moving on down to the south. notice not too many left in through northern virginia and portions of west virginia and maryland. still a few though down farther to the south. we'll continue to watch out for those as they make their way down to the south. they will not cause any problems. temperatures? that's where the problems are going to lichlt especially down to the south. 37 in culpepper. 41 in fredericksburg. 40 in washington. but the wind chills right now in the 20s in many locations.
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i'll talk about how cold things get tonight and what you could be waiting for and what could be waiting for you when you wake up tomorrow morning. >> thanks. we are just hours away from the biggest day on the calendar. so far in the republican race for the presidential nomination, super tuesday. there are more than 400 delegates up for grabs in 11 states around the country and that includes virginia. but the symbolic prize? ohio. steve handelsman is live in columbus with the latest on what voters are thinking out there. hey, steve. >> reporter: hi, wendy. thanks. good evening from columbus, ohio. a lot of voters out here in this big and more than ever important battleground state are thinking kind of lack passion for any particular candidate. that's what a lot of them told me today. but despite that, this state could determine who the nominee will be. mitt romney toured a sheep steel plant in canton, ohio. he figures if he does break out tomorrow and grab a lock on the
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gop nomination, it's because he's focused on jobs. during this campaign, there's been discussion about all sorts of issues but i keep bringing it back to more jobs, less debt, and smaller government. >> reporter: that's a swipe at rick santorum. he was in miamisburg, ohio talking about jobs but also social issues. >> whether we are a country that's going to believe in the integrity of the family, whether we're a country that's going to respect all human life. >> reporter: voters in 11 states cast ballots tomorrow but the world will watch ohio. santorum vs. romney. and in the latest nbc news/"wall street journal" poll the gap is narrowed to just two points. a statistical tie. on main street in bexley, ohio today at the cozy restaurant, it was a tie. >> i'm going to vote for mitt romney because i think he is more of a middle of the road candidate. >> i absolutely follow christ, like he is who i want to be a reflection of his perfection.
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>> reporter: does that mean a vote for rick santorum tomorrow? >> i would lean more toward that way. >> reporter: ron paul is looking for his first win in alaska, idaho, or north dakota, states that caucus tomorrow. in georgia, his home state, newt gingrich looks like a lock for his second primary win and he vows to stay in until the convention. santorum says he'll stay in. and romney told cnbc's larry kudlow he's resigned to a longer fight. >> anyone would love to be coronated if you will the nominee of their party but that doesn't happen. >> reporter: a near sweep tomorrow would be romney's next best thing. with this drawn out race it's helping president obama -- 40% of u.s. voters in today's nbc news/"wall street journal" poll say they're getting a less favorable impression of the republicans. live from columbus, ohio i'm steve handelsman, news 4. wendy, back to you. >> all right. super tuesday may not be so
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super in virginia. coming up in our next half hour julie carey takes a look at why some republicans may be taking a pass tomorrow. she'll have the report for you at 6:30. breaking news out of calvert county, maryland. route 2 in sunderland is now open again after a crash involving a school bus. chopper 4 was over the scene when it happened about 3:00 this afternoon. we're told a fedex truck rear ended a school bus near route 2 and push all station road. there were several kids on the bus at the time. police say none was seriously injured. route 2 was closed while maryland state police investigated that road now has been reopened. and in northeast d.c., a truck crashed into a safeway after a robber was trying to get away from police. it happened near benning road and minnesota avenue about 9:00 this morning. police say a security guard chased a robber into the parking lot, the guy jumped into a car, crashed the car into a truck. the truck smashed into one of the grocery store pillars. part of the store's roof
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collapsed because of that. the robber then tried to run away but the cops caught him a few blocks away. a former redskin defensive coordinator at the center of an nfl investigation and the results could affect his career and several teams he has worked for. dan hellie is here with the developments stemming from this bounty scandal. the nfl has uncovered what they call a bounty system. the league investigated new orleans saints where williams was the defensive coordinator and found the players were paid hundreds to thousands of dollars for big hits and big plays and some of the big hits actually knocked players out of games. the redskins had a similar system when gregg williams was in washington. former redskin shawn springs was part of it. he says it was player driven but knows williams is going to suffer a stiff penalty. >> the example is going to be made out of greg, unfortunately, because he -- >> reporter: he was involved. >> he was involved. but i will say this. if you are going to hold greg
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accountable and make an example out of greg if you start unturning some things around the league some things might unfold and you might realize that it wasn't just the saints or redskins. everybody's like, greg, take the blame, but there might be other stories. well we did this too. >> reporter: you think a lot of people are hoping this goes away quietly and ends with greg? >> the league wants it to go away quietly because the bounty, it's not a good image for the league and not what the players were out doing. i think it's a misrepresentation of the whole situation. >> he did say that the players were never, ever asked to take another player out of the game or seriously injure them. williams was scheduled to meet with nfl investigators in new york today so the question is, involving the redskins, when does that statute of limitations up? williams was here from '04 to '07 and is now with the rams. he coach the jaguars, bills, and
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titans over the last 12 years so if you punish one team do you have to punish the rest? we'll find out the answer to that question in the next couple days. >> a lot of questions. thanks. a wrongful death lawsuit brought on by the 2007 shooting rampage at virginia tech is now going to trial. jury selection in that case, a civil case, began today. the lawsuit was filed by the families of victims aaron peterson and julie pride. the parents say university officials botched their response to the shootings and they want a full account of the actions taken that day. 32 people were killed in that massacre at virginia tech. the school president charles steeger and the campus police chief are expected to testify. coming up next on news 4 at 6:00 a dispute over a dog ends with one man dead and a d.c. campaign volunteer in handcuffs. tonight new details about the moments leading up to that confrontation. another apology from rush
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limbaugh but fallouts from his comments are not going away. it's costing him millions in
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there is a public hearing under way right now at which metro riders are getting the opportunity to weigh in on proposed fare hikes and metro's budget for 2013.
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that budget includes money for additional rush hour trains, increased security, and revamped escalators. officials from metro bus, metro rail, and smart trip all are on hand. that hearing got under way just a few minutes ago and is being held at washington high school in arlington. radio host rush limbaugh's attack on a georgetown lieu student leads to more commercial fallout but will there be any legal fallout? today aol and tax resolution services became the eighth and ninth companies to pull their ads from limbaugh's show in response to him calling law student sandra fluke a prostitute and slut on the air last week stemming from fluke's stance on birth control insurance coverage. limbaugh says he is not worried. he says the advertisers will be replaced. but now a maryland lawmaker reportedly says an apology is not enough. it is reported steny hoyer is encouraging fluke to sue limbaugh for slander.
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some leaders of the opposition movement in russia were arrested tonight during a protest of the recent presidential election there. former president vladimir putin won the election yesterday by a very wide margin but international observers say the election was unfair. tonight riot police were ready for the thousands of protesters who attempted to occupy the square in moscow. those police forcefully broke up the protest and arrested dozens of people. earlier today state department officials said they look forward to working with the president-elect but they also asked the russian government to investigate the reports of election irregularities. concern over iran's nuclear program in israel's reaction to it led to a top level meeting at the white house today. president obama and prime minister benjamin netanyahu want the same outcome but they appear to disagree on whether and when to use force. brian mohr reports. >> reporter: as he welcomed the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu to the white house,
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president obama voiced strong support. >> the united states will always have israel's back when it comes to israel's security. >> reporter: he focused on their most pressing concerns -- stopping iran's nuclear program. >> my policy is prevention of iran obtaining nuclear weapons. when i say all opss are at the table i mean it. >> reporter: while the president says he wants time to let sanctions work netanyahu isn't ruling out an israeli military strike. >> israel has the right, the sovereign right to make its own decisions. i believe that's why you appreciate, mr. president, that israel must reserve the right to defend itself. >> reporter: their meeting came as the u.n.'s atomic watch dog reported iran has tripled its monthly production of enriched uraniuim and the time for diplomacy is only getting shorter. >> israel i'm not sure feels as if there is much time before iran's nuclear program is essentially invulnerable to attack. >> reporter: in washington senator lieberman promised a powerful pro israel group the
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united states will disarm iran. >> by peaceful means if we can but with military force if we absolutely must. >> reporter: meanwhile in israel citizens are preparing for the worst case, getting bomb shelters ready in case diplomacy falls short. the latest nbc news/"wall street journal" poll shows just over half of americans support a u.s. military strike if iran gets close to having a bomb. in washington, i'm brian mohr news 4. israeli authorities have implied in the past that they would not necessarily give washington advanced warning if they do decide to attack iran. students at joplin high school in missouri have scored a really big name speaker for their graduation this year. president obama himself will deliver the commencement address in may. more than 160 people were killed including seven students when a tornado tore through joplin, missouri last may.
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that twister also destroyed the high school. this year's senior class has been attending classes at a mall while they rebuild the school. let's check our weather. here we had a little snow to the south. squalls coming through. >> and some very windy and cold conditions. mother nature trying to allow winter to hang on just a little bit but don't worry. just like all the other little cold spells this one won't last long either. take a look at what we shot across the area today. first off a beautiful shot this evening of a sunset making its way down. by the way, on sunday, daylight savings time, the sun will set after 7:00, near 7:30 on sunday afternoon. how about that? daylight savings time less than a week away. take a look at the snowfall we saw today. snowfall pictures coming in this one from culpepper from janet furlong. she posted this on my facebook page earlier. she posts a lot of great pictures. and then down toward the west,
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matt pearson posted a picture on twitter showing a good snowfall there. front royal only a half inch to an inch around that area down toward culpepper 3 to 4 inches of snow. some areas saw even more. it was this little bowling ball of a storm, this little pin wheel coming through the atmosphere making its way through our region today. notice the really you can see the spin right here and look at the little band that's set up. that little band produced upwards of 4 to 6 inches of snow and one report of 10 inches in orange county, virginia so we did see a lot of snow in some areas but it was very, very small. that swath of snow very, very small. and then we saw more snow showers come through our region during the afternoon today including one that came right through montgomery county down through the district through prince george's and is now making its way into the chesapeake all of this falling as snow, too. down to the south and east. we're done with that for now. who saw what? you know we didn't see much in the way of snow in washington, d.c. just a few flakes today. in through southern portions of maryland only about an inch of snow. spotsylvania about 5 inches of
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snow. white oak 2.7. over toward earlysville, virginia 8.5 inches of snow, just to the east of thelue ridge here. a really nice snow event for them. most people just say this was a very nice and pretty snowfall. most of it not sticking on the roads. good news there too. 46 degrees the high temperature today with a low of 32. a trace of snow officially at the airport so it will go in that march officially did have at least a few flakes out there before this is all said and done. 40 degrees the current temperature. wind gusts now though 33 miles an hour so those winds are gusty and they're going to continue to gust throughout the evening hours. wind chills will be a factor down to 25 in winchester, 26 in leesburg. 27 in gaithersburg. now 32 down toward pax river as they're about to see that little snow shower pass across their area, too. it is going to be a rather breezy evening and it's going to be cold. you may actually need the coats. you haven't needed them a whole lot this winter. you will need them again overnight tonight. chilly air behind this area of low pressure as it moves out. a chilly day tomorrow.
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temperatures below average but during the afternoon, plenty of sunshine. not too bad. tomorrow evening we'll be back on the chilly side and high pressure moving off to the east. as it does so we'll see a return flow out of the south and we are going to get warm once again on wednesday and even warmer still on thursday. take a look at this forecast. flurries ending. skies clearing. cold. 31 to about 37 degrees. wind chills in the 20s as we make our way through the evening hours. tomorrow morning you'll start off quite chilly. 22 at some of the colder suburbs. about 29 in the city. and yeah we can call it cold for a change because last time we saw temperatures like this, three weeks ago. mostly sunny. below average for a change. temperatures 45 to about 50 degrees as you step out the door tomorrow afternoon. as we move on through the next couple days 63 on wednesday. near 70 i think on thursday. and then 59 degrees on friday. we will get a little cool this weekend coming in at 51 on saturday but even saturday and sunday temperatures in the 50s with sunshine. again, not bad at all. >> no. all right.
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thanks, doug. coming up next, a d.c. campaign volunteer facing charges in his neighbor's murder but tonight new court documents are revealing his violent past. more shoppers in maryland could soon be paying more at the checkout counter. and a new effort could make it
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several inches of snow are complicating efforts to clean up on this weekend's deadly midwest tornadoes. 39 people across five states were killed. home video shows one twister as it approached the town of henryville, indiana. a family of five including a toddler who was found ten miles in a field from her home, ten miles from her home, did not survive. weenchts had snow in spotsylvania, virginia today, several inches. it is starting to melt now and so far no major traffic problems have been reported. the public school system there canceled afternoon activities just as a precaution. a jury is going to hear a wrongful death lawsuit brought on by the shooting ram pang of virginia tech. 32 people were killed during a massacre on the blacksburg campus april of 2007. the families of victims aaron peterson and julia pride filed the lawsuit alleging university officials botched the response. the jury is now being selected. an argument over a dog led to a deadly stabbing in the
6:27 pm
district over the weekend. >> and the suspect happened to be a campaign volunteer for a ward 7 council candidate. the worker has been charged with second-degree murder for allegedly stabbing his neighbor on highwood drive on sunday morning. derrick ward has our report. >> reporter: it's a section of ward 7 in southeast where the residents take pride in their lawn and civic duty and their dogs and where they actively seek a peaceful coexistence among the three. >> they put something in my mail box about having a dog off the leash so i've been over here two years, a pretty nice neighborhood. >> reporter: the peace was shattered with deadly violence on sunday. according to court documents 37-year-old robert leroy wright was stabbed to death by a neighbor identified as 56-year-old ellsworth colbert. according to court documents the victim had been walking a neighbor's dog near colbert's home when colbert confronted him about the dog being near his yard and sources say that colbert may have been upset about the dog wright was walking relieving himself on his lawn.
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>> anybody who is telling you that this case had anything to do with dog poop doesn't know what they're talking about. this is much more complicated than dog poop. >> reporter: an argument began between the two men and a witness says they saw the accused holding a knife and walking stick and that he cut wright on the hand. the victim picked up a shovel and the two wrestled to the ground. when it was over the victim got up and collapsed stabbed several times. >> ellsworth has been in the community for a number of years. he loves the community and i don't see him picking on anybody. >> reporter: public documents show the accused has had past run-ins with the law among them an incident last year at the wilson building. a previous incident in 2009 led to colbert's being banned from the wilson building and in january of 2011 he was arrested after returning and making threats against an employee in the office of council chairman kwame brown in an argument over city services. now the judge cited prior
6:29 pm
violence on the part of ellsworth colbert in prince george's and montgomery county when she ordered him held without bond. he is due back in superior court on march 15th. at d.c. superior court, derrick ward, news 4. in a statement today ward 7 council candidate kevin chavous expressed his condolences to wright's family and also said colbert was in his words not involved in the leadership of the campaign. he went on to say that he did not make any campaign related decisions. the case of the prince george's county council woman given a slap on the wrist for driving a hundred miles an hour on the beltway, that case is being reviewed by the county police today. the executive review is to determine why district 7 council member karen towles was just given a warning when she was pulled over for driving 105 miles an hour at branch avenue. that incident happened late last month. towles has since apologized. she plans to enroll in a driver improvement class and the county
6:30 pm
car has been taken away from her. a d.c. man is facing several charges in connection with a crash that involved a crowded metro fwhus southwest d.c. yesterday afternoon. investigators say 23-year-old rodney miller was fleeing at the traffic stop in prince george's county when he crashed into the metro bus and also hit several cars at southern and pennsylvania avenues. prince george's county officer responding to the call was also involved in a separate crash. in all, six people had to be taken to the hospital. three of them were children. mitt romney is expected to have an easy victory in a republican presidential primary in virginia tomorrow. that's because the ballot in virginia is quite different than in any of the other recent primaries. >> reporter: the super tuesday spotlight will not be shining on virginia or its republican presidential primary voters. >> there just hasn't been much of a campaign here. you just can't see the literature, the robocalls, the coverage that you normally find. >> reporter: here is the reason.
6:31 pm
only mitt romney and ron paul are on the ballot. other presidential contendors newt gingrich and rick santorum failed to gather enough signatures to meet virginia's tough ballot access rule. even the paul and romney campaign offices were quiet today. romney volunteers will gather tonight to work the phone. the front-runner last visited northern virginia volunteers way back in october. he later won the endorsement of the virginia governor mcdonald. ron paul drew hundreds of supporters last week at a brief rally in springfield but most republican voters we spoke with today say they are less than enthused about the two-person ballot and will likely sit this primary out. >> i am not ready to make a decision yet so only having two of the four on the ballot isn't compelling enough for me. >> for romney he'll probably get it so i can't see really getting excited about it. >> reporter: other political activists want to use frustration over the presidential primary to reform the process in the future. this tea party leader says he
6:32 pm
thinks that convention would be a better way of selecting presidential candidates. >> it's very disappointing to a lot of people. our members are disappointed. we need a process that focuses on virginia and getting support of virginians rather than one that was really kind of designed to get the establishment favorite as the nominee. >> reporter: even if turnout is low tomorrow the fairfax county republican party has decided to use the opportunity to try to boost its membership. about 900 volunteers have signed up to work the polls to look for new members. in fairfax county, julie carey, news 4. people living in prince george's county could be next in line to pay a bag tax. a bill moving through the maryland general assembly would allow prince george's county leaders to put a tax on disposable plastic bags, plastic and paper bags. the county council supports that tax but the issue has to be approved by the assembly before they can implement it. right now montgomery county and the district are the two
6:33 pm
jurisdictions that charge a five-cent bag tax. also in maryland a new plan to make it tougher to fight speeding tickets. the senate is considering a bill to allow contractors to review violations from speed cameras. right now a trained police officer has to validate them before the tickets are sent. supporters say that move could save money for local jurisdictions but critics say the bills could make it more difficult to dispute the flawed tickets. ♪
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and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering. do you plan to do something? at the virginia hospital in arlington, a man named albert murray police say threatened his manager with a knife on saturday. he demanded that she open the safe. he want epd the combination in
6:41 pm
he want h%d the combination in the cafeteria. the manager refused. so police say murray tied her up with an electrical cord and then grabbed the safe and took it. he tried to put it in a trunk of a taxi cab waiting outside. but the cab driver didn't think that was a good idea. so the cab driver just drove away. h that left murray standing there that left mui%ay standing there with the safe. finally he decided to run away. didn't take long for the cops to catch him. somebody spray painted racial slurs on the back of a local church over the weekend sometime between 8:00 saturday night and 8:00 sunday morning. at the bethel primitive baptist church in stafford, virginia. sheriff's office says it is not yet released any information about who they might think is responsible. the virginia treasury department has tens of thousands of dollars in unclaimed money n% dollars in unclaimed money and some of it could be yours. t% treasury officials took part in a workshop today at the fairfax county government center trying to match consumers with that money.
6:42 pm
money. % the money could come from an estate, uncashed pay checks, lost stocks or bonds, insurance claims. %laims. even if the money was sent to the treasury 20 years ago you can still claim it now. last year more than $30,000 in unclaimed cash was returned to consumers. > >> one out of four virginians is owed money and they have no idea. t%ea. it could be money that's missing. t it could be money that is owed to them that they didn't know th they needed to collect. it is a free service. everyone can come down and check to see if there is money owed to them. > >> representatives will be there again tomorrow from 10:00 a.m. p to 3:00 p.m. it's the south county center on it's%the south county center on richmond highway in alexandria. a whole lot of stuff going on out in your world. >> oh, yeah. scandals and benchings. we have a lot of stuff to talk about. the capitals doing something t they haven't done in ten years. but it's not something to write home about. plus, two former redskins speak %lus, two former redskins speak out about the pay for
6:43 pm
performance scandal involving their former defensive coordinator gregg williams.
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
this gregg williams thing is going to be around for a while.
6:46 pm
>> i don't pleasienn't think it away any time soon. you are asking what is driving this. more players continue to talk and different teams come out h that the system has been alive and well for a long time in terms of paying players to make big plays. gregg williams the central piece in an investigation by the nfl that discovered williams and several players on the new orleans saints had what the nfl called a bounty system that financially rewarded players for big plays and big hits that oftentimes knocked opponents out of games. williams has apologized for his involvement calling it a huge i%volvement calling it a huge mistake saying it'll never ha happen again. th the nfl is promising massive penalties for the saints and williams, who has since moved on to the st. louis rams. but what about the other teams that williams coached for like the redskins? h where a similar pay for performance plan was in place. former redskins defensive backs say their system was player driven but williams was involved. % >> ray didn't like keeping --
6:47 pm
when guys were late. he always told us, listen. you guys, i don't want to have to like fine you and i don't want to treat you like kids. you are men. i expect you to do the right thing. o so be on time. if you're late we're fining you. and so if you did get a big play in a game or tackle for a loss or something there was an incentive there but most of the money did not come from out of his pocket saying here is the money for hurting somebody or i want you to hurt kurt warner or eli or tiki barber. no. no. h% that was never the case. that was never stated. it was more if that was the case it might have been like us with each other saying, i'm going to get a big hit on jerome bettes. no you're not going to get a big i% you're not going to get a big hit on jerome bettes. i'm like no you're not. you're scared. so we're going at it and then he is like okay. we'll get a big hit. i was like i'm going to give you a hundred dollars.
6:48 pm
and sometimes that's how it started and we're like friendly competition and then wow. that's not what the league is about or what we were about. >> first of all i want to correct everybody. t it was never a system. let me tell you something. this was a thing i think started in training camp with us as players. t%ayers. it started out with who could get the most interceptions. who could get the sacks. and we took it in to games. gregg never -- i'm sorry. when i play football we used to actually hit people. %ctually hit people. it was legal to go out and hit people. % >> right. >> we wanted to be the most physical team but in no way possible did we ever want to go out there and take somebody truly out of the game. >> yeah. i think that's important. those guys are professionals, n%ose guys are professionals, and they have a few years to make a living. and from everything that i hear from all the players, nobody
6:49 pm
wanted to go out and end some player's career or any other p kind of thing like that or even take a chance that you're going to end somebody's career but you do want to put a hurt on somebody else. >> the first thing they teach o you in peewee football, run through the man. pretend they're not there. % >> yes. % >> so the one thing said earlier at 5:00 we didn't show there was that if they dig deeper they're going to find this is with every single team so gregg williams will likely have to fall on the sword and the rest of the league is going to hope this goes away quickly. >> because where does the fine stop? o%op? not just new orleans and washington but don't you have -- >> the bills -- i mean, there are so many teams. > >> where do you stop? how do you manage that? >> that's what we're going to find out in the next couple days. days. e'% we'll keep you informed on that. the capitals' season, truly at a critical juncture. we've been saying that for a while. caps back in ninth place out of the playoffs after getting shut out in back-to-back games. how about this? it's the first time the caps
6:50 pm
have suffered consecutive shutouts at home in over a decade. i since 2001 the player taking the most -- who else? the captain alex ovechkin. last night against the flyers caps on the move in a scoreless game when ovi turns the puck over right there and then in the ensuing philly possession the flyers score the only goal of flyers s%ore the only goal of the game. check out the top left of your screen. ovi fails to block the shot. kubina takes the shot here. that led to the goal. two key mistakes. ovi would sit on the bench for over seven minutes following that goal. many calling it a benching but dale hunter the head coach had another explanation. >> you know, definitely -- you know, it wasn't a great match. i didn't want him in jagr's line and had the brooksy line against him. % >> trying to make a play in the offensive zone and go.
6:51 pm
it was my mistake. my mistake was two points and it cost us the game. all right. college hoops college seen or jason clark named sportsman of the year in the big east. charles stogeland for the maryland terps named second team and how about the maryland women? these ladies win the acc p championship last night. congratulations to them. maryland's second acc title in the last four years. >> good for them. >> they're always competing. > >> they're playing great right now. >> >> they are. > and let's get another look at our lovely forecast. it was kind of raw and cold out there, doug. >> it definitely is. we'll see the temperatures go down through the evening and as far as the wind chill is concerned, that is the one number that you really want to pay attention to this evening because it's the number we really haven't been talking %eally haven't been talking about all that much across the area. %rea. first off let's show you some snow that did come through the washington area. %ashington area. a lot of you here in the d.c. area thought, hey.
6:52 pm
we're not going to see anything. all of that snow stayed to the south. h this was right outside a little bit earlier of our studios here in northwest washington. in northwest was%ington. you could see some of the blossoms on the trees and then this was downtown a little bit earlier. earlier.a% take a look at the people off in take a l%ok at the people off in the distance there. cold as that snow was coming down. winds were also gusting up to 30 to 40 miles per hour. that little brief snow shower came on through. when i say brief, 15 minutes. that was about it. take a look at the storm. the satellite and radar showing that storm wrapping itself up. this was an alberta clipper, the types of systems we get this time of year. very quick movers down to the south. upwards of 4 to 6 inches in some locations. h the highest total i saw in orange county upwards of 10 inches. 40 degrees right now with winds gusting to 33 miles an hour. those winds are going to create some very chilly wind chills. look at the temperatures out there around the metro region. college park right now at 41. congratulations to the lady terps. 7 i% 37 in rockville. 8% 38 over toward fairfax county and reston and down toward manassas at 39. look at the wind chill. 34 in reston.
6:53 pm
31 in dulles. leesburg a current wind chill of 28 so, yes. it is cold outside right now and %t is cold outside right now and is going to stay that way. we did see a couple more snow showers this evening but those were all since gone. do not expect any of those to continue around our area. you will expect those cold numbers down to 29 in the city. these are actual low temperatures tonight. o could be the first time below freezin freezing in nearly three weeks. 25 in frederick. 24 manassas. look at temperatures tomorrow. yes we'll be on the chilly side but with plenty of sunshine. 49 degrees. not too bad at all. considering where we've been th this winter though it's actually on the cooler side. so 49 and sunshine not bad for a tuesday. >> all right. >% coming up next, actress lindsay lohan was on "saturday night live" and the critics are weighing in. weighing%in. they did not like it. for all your news we invite you to follow news 4 online.
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lindsay lohan was on "saturday night live" saturday and it was her chance to kick-start her career. h how did she do?
6:57 pm
>> you know, this studio feels like a home to me. the alarm goes off if i leave the stage? i thought it was only if i left the studio. i thought you guys trusted me. >> she was poking fun at her well documented legal issues but the feedback on her performance has been pretty negative. many critics said she flubed her lines, relied heavily on cue cards and there were a lot of comments about her looks. h this was her fourth time hosting "snl." can't get a break. >> really. my goodness. coming up at 11:00 tonight a new plan to give breathalyzer tests to navy sailors before they board their ships. they say it could extend to the marines. al also the latest on rush limbaugh as the first radio station pulls his program and advertisers leave. pa also the incredible journey of a dog found running along the beltway. a tracking chip tells the story of thousands of miles of travel all the way from california. >> wow.
6:58 pm
all right. an can't wait to see that. well, that is our show. >> that's what i was getting ready to say. "nightly news" coming up. you said it much better than i did. we'll see you at 11:00.
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