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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  March 6, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EST

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the ballot. polls on open at 6:00 this morning and stay open until 7:00 tonight. newt gingrich and his wife will not cast ballots -- votes today in virginia where they now live. a family spokesperson told nbc news the gingrichs could not vote between mitt romney and ron paul. the former house speaker didn't get enough valid sits for his name to appear on on the ballot. perhaps trying to steal some of super tuesday thunder, president obama will hold his first news conference of the year. white house officials insist the timing is coincidental. you can watch the news conference live at 1:00 here on nbc 4. things are back to normal this morning at george washington university after students were warned of a possible gunman on the loose. an alert went out last night that a man possibly armed with a gun was the specialed running from the white house -- was seen running from the white house. a man fitting the gunman's description was seen changing clothes in the building. police searched the library and
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campus. the gunman was not found. we are following overnight developments from a suspicious package found in franconia. investigators with the bomb squad are on the scene trying to determine if a box is an explosive. this is happening at the townhouse in the 55 -- 6500 block of gilder street. this is an ongoing scene that started around 5:30 last night. fairfax county police roped off the area. a cleaning lady found a box covered in tape containing nails and wires. a realtor called her in to clean a vacant home. police say the owner of the townhouse recently moved to afghanistan. new overnight, firefighters are crediting smoke alarms with saving the lives of a virginia family. a fire broke out at their home in the 5400 block of broadmoor street in fairfax. everybody was able to get out of the house. a rechargeable battery may have overheated and started the fire. time for a first look at the
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forecast. it is freezing out there. very cold temperatures to wake us up. >> yeah. i got up at 2:00 as i devery morning, and -- do every morning, and whoa -- cold and getting colder toward dawn. right now in washington, we've got a clear schooday. nearly a full moon. reagan national at nearly freezing. a wind coming in at ten miles per hour, feels like in the low 20s. elsewhere temperatures down to the low 20s. 23. so it frederick. mid 20s in montgomery and prince george's, arlington, fairfax counties, much of southern virginia as well as southern maryland through central virginia where they had the snow yesterday. it's only in the mid 20s there and subfreezing around the region. over the last 12 hours the sky has cleared. we've been clear all night long.
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here's your day planner. sunrise at 6:32. sunny, cold morning. above freezing by mid morning, then hitting the 40s. by 50 at mid-afternoon. a look at the planner and highs in ten minutes. how's traffic? good morning. so far roadways look really good. if you're taking the trip along i-95, not really seeing any issues for you. a lot of green. that means roads are open. as you make your way anywhere between dale city and 395. a live look now if you're passing through the occoquan northbound. travel lanes wide open. no delays at all. southbound, clear. northbound speeds really good. 64 miles per hour. only taking 11 minutes now to get from the on occoquan to the beltway. traveling 395 making your way from the beltway crossing update sal and heading to the 14th street bridge, no issues northbound on or southbound. northbound, nice, 61 miles per hour. only 12 minutes to make the trip. aaron and eun, over to you. >> thanks. four days after a series of
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tornadoes ripped through the midwest and the south, the death toll has gone up. a string of violent storms killed 40 americans across five states. a total of 46 separate tornadoes have been confirmed. people cleaning up the mess in indiana are now dealing with snow, adding insult to injury. this morning we're hearing from an indiana mother who used her own body to shield her two kids from the storm. stephanie decker picked up her children from school early in henryville, indiana. all three went into the basement before the tornado and waited out the storm. from her hospital bed, she talked about what happened once the tornado hit. >> as soon as the glass broke, the house started shifting. he was crying, and he was screaming. he's 8. so -- and reece is 5. i took a blanket, and i -- i pulled it over my children, and i tied it in a knot. i tied it so they were in this blanket tied in a knot.
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and everything started hitting my back, beams, pillars, furniture. everything was just slamming into my back. but i had my children in the blanket, and i was on top of them. and i was reaching around holding them. they were screaming, mommy, i can't live without you. i don't want to die. >> even a storm isn't stronger than a mother's love. stephanie lost parts of both of her legs in the storm. neither of her two kids was hurt. once the tornado passed, the 8-year-old ran to a neighbor to get help for his mom. her husband was at work at the time. president obama will speak at joplin high school's commencement in missouri a year after a tornado struck the same day as graduation. the 21st killed more than 1 -- twister killed more than 160 and destroyed much of the city. the high school had to be demolished. seniors have been attending class at a nearby mall. graduation is may 21. today the montgomery county council expected to give the
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green light for school bus cameras. the devices would monitor drivers who illegally pass a stopped school bus. violators could get a ticket up to $250 in the mail. the montgomery county council expected to vote on a bill this afternoon that would authorize police to install and operate those cameras. the montgomery county school board is considering changing its rules on flyers after students took home a controversial message about gay people. according to the "washington post," a flyer from the group of parents and friends of ex-gays and gays was distributed with report cards at five high schools. the nonprofit organization urges gay people to change their sexual on orientation. a school board committee is reviewing the policy that allows nonprofits to distribute flyers at schools. revisions could include adding disclaimers or banning backpack messages. the committee is expected to take up the issue again march 20. today opening arguments will begin in the civil trial brought on on by the 2011 mass shooting at virginia tech. -- 2007 mass shooting at
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virginia tech. the family of two students killed are suing the school. they say the university waited too long to alert the campus of 30,000 allowing the body count to rise. virginia tech officials say they acted appropriately. a jury of seven should be seated sometime today. opening statements will immediately follow the jury selection. the trial could go into next week. the teenager accused of opening fire inside an ohio high school will be in court today. prosecutors say t.j. lane walked into the school cafeteria last monday and started shooting at random. five students were hurt, three died. lane is charged with three juvenile counts of aggravated murder. he could still be charged as an adult. 4:37. 32 degrees. ahead, it is not the ipad 3. what apple is expected to call its next big product. also, what tests navy sailors are going to have to take before coming aboard. and next, surprising allegations of sexual harassment and racism behind a lawsuit against cele
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welcome back. paula deen is being sued for sexual harassment. the former general manager of a restaurant in savannah co-owned by deaen and her brother filed the lawsuit. lisa jackson's brother said deen made sexually inappropriate comments, distributed inappropriate pictures at work and watched pornography in the office. jackson is also accusing deen and her brother of racism. deen and her brother have not
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commented on the lawsuit. jackson is seeking unspecified damages. a live look outside now on this tuesday morning. a chilly 32 degrees outside our studios. and it's likely right now very cold wherever you are, as well. >> that's right. it was definitely cold when i walked out the door. right? >> i'm with you. let's check in with tom kierein for the latest. is it going to warm up at all? >> with the warm smile on, it will, that you have. >> aw. >> yeah. you warmed us up a little bit. right now, cold. we're down into the 20s throughout most of the region. yes, even though the car radar says march 6 -- calendar says march 6, it feels like a february morning. these are the highs -- around 50 around washington. it will be chillier around the bay, though, and through central virginia where there's still snow on the ground, only in the 40s. fredericksburg, the snow melted yesterday, ought to make it to the mid 50s. a view from space showing a clear sky. high pressure giving us plenty of sunshine today.
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sun sunrise at 6:32. highs near 50 mid-afternoon. the evening planner, 30s. a look at the week and weekend come ten minutes. danella? checking cameras around the beltway, your commute looking really good in montgomery county. a live look at new hampshire avenue. inner loop speeds, lanes are open, no issue there. outer loop speeds, you're at about 5 miles per hour. only taking -- 58 miles per hour. only taking ten minutes from i-95 to i-270. the beltway in virginia, same story. you look pretty good, especially at robinson terminal. from the change to the dulles toll road, 65 miles per hour. only 14 minutes to take the trip. i'm back this ten with another look at traffic. back to you. >> thanks. 4:42. still will to come, a well-traveled pup. where the dog found wandering the beltway may have come from. next, the feature that sets the
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welcome back. the newest speculation about the next generation ipad is that it will be able to play voe in h.d. there are several reports the ipad will be named the ipad h.d. instead of the ipad 3. reports say it will be thicker but will sport tapered edges so it feels thinner. everyone wants to feel thinner. apple is expected to unveil the newest version of its hit tablet tomorrow. no comment from d.c.'s mayor on the fbi raid involving one of the city's most prominent and politically activity contractors. the home and accounting offices of jeff thompson were raided friday as part of a year-long investigation into vincent gray's campaign fundraising. thompson, who holds a $300 million contract with the city, is considered to have played a key role in early fundraising
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for gray's mayoral campaign. some council members say the raid is concerning. i don't know what's happening. but i do share your feeling that something is very wrong in the district. you know, the influence pedaling, the money, you know, people working for the government, showering other people with money. it's just -- it's disgusting, and it has to stop. >> sources tell news4 the fbi is looking into thousands of dollars in suspicious money orders given to vincent gray's campaign. the fbi is now analyzing suspicious powder found inside a letter sent to a restaurant near the verizon center. hazmat teams were called to the amarini panini restaurant in northwest. no one was injured but the situation caused a traffic mess when police blocked off the area. investigators believe the incident may have been linked to other envelopes mailed in dallas and new york. today on capitol hill, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu will meet with house
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speaker john boehner and a host of congressional leaders. netanyahu wrapping up a five-day trip to the u.s. and canada. yesterday he met with president obama and then spoke at the america/israel public affairs committee. he told the group his country should have the right to take military action if it learns iran has developed a nuclear weapon. president obama has led a campaign of economic sanctions against iran for continuing its nuclear program. vice president joe biden headed to honduras this morning in his second leg of a trip to mexico and central america. yesterday, he met with mexican president felipe calderon who wants the u.s. to legalize drugs as a way to ease a war on cartels. biden said the issue is worth discussing but won't happen in the obama/biden administration. he's expected to repeat the message when he meets with central american leaders in honduras this afternoon. the white house abruptly changed the location of this year's meeting of leaders from the world's eight largest economies. the g-8 summit will happen at camp david instead of chicago. president obama says camp david
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will provide a better setting to meet with international leaders. chicago will still host the nato summit right after the g-8 on may 20. 4:47. today eight current and former american service members will file a lawsuit accusing the top brass of tolerating a number of sexual assaults. two of the women say they were raped while at the elite rain barracks in washington. officials at the barracks strongly dispute the allegations. military officials are cracking down on sexual assaults. the pentagon estimates there are 19,000 incidents in the military each year. one of the women filing the lawsuit will be on the "today" show. she says she was raped by her superior. >> since i wouldn't give in to him kissing me and consently engaging in sexual relations, i believe he forced himself on me, and i know that he raped me. >> you can hear the full interview coming up on the "today" show at 7:00 on nbc 4. the navy is going to start giving sailors and marines breathalyzers before they board ships.
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the decision is in response to concerns about alcohol abuse among younger members of the military. breathalyzers will be installed on every ship. crew members coming on board to work will be tested. people already on board will be randomly tested. those found to be intoxicated will not be punished but could receive counseling and treatment. an appeal is in the works after a federal judge ruled that maryland's handgun permit law is unconstitutional. it required residents to prove that they had a good reason to carry the gun. the law said -- the judge said the law infringes on the second amendment right to bear arms. a maryland man whose permit was denied filed the lawsuit. defense attorneys say the ruling affects public safety, and they will seek a stay of the ruling pending an appeal. the arrest of 30 women's rights protesters in richmond has created a free speech debate. according to "the richmond times debate," some democrats took to the floor and criticized the way the police treated the
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protesters. the protesters were protesting a law that requires women to get an ultrasound before an abortion. senator peterson called the heavy means presence at a mostly -- police presence at a mostly female rally "over the top." governor mcdonnell blasted democrats for their criticism and called for an apology. the aclu has offered to help those arrested. this morning a former redskins defenseman is coming to the defense of greg williams. the defensive coordinator is being investigated for running a bounty system. the nfl discovered williams was running the system during his time with the new orleans saints, awarding players hundreds or even thousands of dollars for big plays and big hits. the redskins had the same reward system when williams was in washington. but former redskin sean spring says it was a player-driven system. >> the example is going to be made out of greg, unfortunately, because he's -- >> he was involved. >> he was involved. >> everyone's going to be like, greg, took the blame, but we did
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this, too. >> you think a lot of people are hoping this will go away quietly? >> if i was the league i would want it to go away quietly. >> williams met with the nfl yesterday. it remain to be seen how the league will punish teams where williams instituted the bounty system. besides the redskins and saints, williams has coached for the jaguars, bills, titans, and the rams over the last 12 years. can you say final four? if you're a fan of the rams, you definitely can. vcu won the colonial athletic association conference title last night. we beat drexel 59-56. that means an automatic bid to the tournament. vcu broke drexel's winning streak and led by 16 points at the half. the rams made an improbable run to the final four last year. >> best story last year. >> so says everybody else. i think it was very probably. that earned them an at-large bid. this year we hope to repeat the same success. stormed the floor last night,
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hard to sleep, watched the game on espn. >> wearing black and gold. representing. >> absolutely. >> the head coach has a new baby, too, right? >> he does. the wife and baby were at the game as they often are -- yeah. it's going to be great. >> exciting. let's get the forecast. cold out there, tom. >> march madness in the weather. down into the 20s right now around the region. so dress accordingly. it's a puffy coat day. starting off this morning feeling more like february than march. reagan national at 32. under a clear sky. that's the live view from our city camera this morning. we've got a breeze coming in, too, that's giving us a windchill down into the low 20s there. the temperatures are only in the mid 20s now in fairfax, arlington, montgomery, prince george's counties, as well as much of southern maryland. right near the bay waters, above freezing this. elsewhere, it is only in the 20s. shenandoah valley, into the mountains, here's the wider view, temperatures are frigid out in central west virginia. elkins down to 14 degrees right
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now. we're not alone. it's subfreezing all around the region. from new england all the way down to the carolinas. it's a big area of high pressure over us giving us plenty of sunshine. sunrise at 6:32. a sunny, cold morning. mid 30s by 9:00. by noontime, making it to the mid 40s. we may briefly touch near 50 by mid-afternoon. here's your evening planner. sun sets at 6:07. and a chilly evening, too, under a clear sky. upper 30s by midnight. and then by dawn tomorrow, back down into the 20s. but a tremendous warmup tomorrow afternoon. a nearly 40-degree jump from the morning lows tomorrow. we should make it into the low to mid 60s on wednesday afternoon with bright sunshine. that will make the daffodils happy. and danella, too. and then on thursday, we'll be in the upper 60s to around 70. and we might get a few showers, looks like friday through midday friday. that will be going as a cold front comes through, triggering showers, bringing in some
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chillier weather behind that for the weekend saturday and sunday. highs in the 50s. danella, how's traffic? i'm smiling now because you told me to's going to be nice and warm through today. if you're ready to head out, you have something to smile about if you're taking i-66. volume is light. you see at sudley road. if you're traveling eastbound or westbound on i-66 outside of the beltway, no issues to report right now. travel speeds great, 61 miles per hour. eastbound as you head from fairfax county parkway to the beltway. inside the 20beltway, no issues. 66 miles per hour traveling eastbound. back to you. >> thank you. 4:54. scary moment for students in maryland. a fedex truck rear-ended a school bus on route 2 in calvert county yesterday. several people including a student were ticken to the hospital. everyone is expected to be okay. a maryland family is still looking for the owners of a dog they found on the beltway last week.
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now we have clues to where he has done. rex was found friday dodging in and out of traffic on the beltway near old georgetown road. since then, cheryl laicaly lea spent hours caring for the dog and found a microchip found on rex, the name the new family gave the dog, shows he's lived in california, illinois, and north carolina. in each place, near a military base. cheryl says she thinks he's likely from a military family and says she will continue searching for rex's parents. >> she's going to have a hard time letting him go. lawmakers will design the controversial design promotioned for theize -- proposed for the eisenhower memorial. the subcommittee on national parks, forests, and public lands will hold a hearing on march 20. eisenhower's family says they want the plan scrapped because the concept overemphasizes his kansas background. the family wants the memorial to put more emphasis on his achievements during world war ii and in the white house.
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five minutes before the top of the hour now. and coming up at 5:00 this morning, a medical mystery. we'll tell you about some local health officials investigating the deaths of four members of the same family. and next, the annual list that creates worldwide enemy. who is noticeably absent from the list of ri
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how many pls does it take to
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be -- billions does it take to be the richest person in the world. we know now -- i'm not on that list. bloomberg compiled a list of the top 20 richest people in the world. nine are americans. three are from the sam walton family which owns walmart. the executive of oracle, larry ellison, also on the list. warren buffett came in third. bill gates came in second place. carlos slim is the richest person on earth with a net worth of about $68.4 billion. that's since the market closed yesterday. he lost a little over $135 million yesterday. >> can you imagine losing that in a day? >> got to hurt. probably not. the 72-year-old is a telecommunications tycoon in mexico. facebook founder mark zurickerbg is not on the top-20 list. but he's worth $21 billion or will be soon once the facebook ipo thing gets through. so not feeli


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