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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  March 20, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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captain shooting and killing an unarmed teen in a debated community in florida. good afternoon, i'm pat lawson muse. >> and i'm wendy rieger in for jim handly. today a state attorney in florida says a grand jury will meet next month to decide whether charges should be filed against that shooter. >> 17-year-old trayvon martin was shot and killed in february. martin was talking to his girlfriend on his cell phone just moments before his death. nbc's jay gray has more on the new developments. >> reporter: it's been almost a month. >> the guy is yelling help. >> reporter: still those cries for help and the controversy over what happened here echo through this florida apartment complex, and now across the country. >> so you think he's yelling help? >> yes. >> all right. what is your -- >> there's gunshots! >> reporter: today the justice department acknowledged investigators and agents with the fbi are now looking into the death of 17-year-old trayvon
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martin. martin was killed by a crime watch community volunteer, 28-year-old george zimmerman, patrolling the area with az 9 millimeter pistol after a string of robberies over the last year and a half. zimmerman was questioned but never arrested. he told officers he acted in self defense after a scuffle with the teenager, who has no previous criminal record and had only a package of candy and a drink in his pockets when he was killed. this morning an attorney for martin's family plated an audio interview with a friend of the young man. the teenaged girl said she was on the phone with him that night and he told her he was being followed and was trying to get away. >> the dots have all been connected. arrest george zimmerman for the killing of trayvon martin in cold blood today. >> reporter: a call for justice shared by a grieving mother trying to make sense of her loss. >> that was my baby, and he was pleading for his life. and i just don't understand how
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that's self defense. you can clearly hear him yelling for help. >> reporter: help that this community continues to search for even after martin's death, as the attention and outrage over the shooting continues to grow. jay gray, nbc news. a developing situation in mexico right now. a strong 7.6 earthquake rattled mexico city about two hours ago. mexican television shows plaster and debris falling to the ground from ceilings as people run into the streets screaming. no reports of any injuries at this time. take a look at this video of a tornado touching down near san antonio. the twister ripped through the city of divine, texas. it damaged several houses and trapped some people inside their mobile homes. several injuries were reported. power is now restored to hundreds in the d.c. area impacted by heavy storms.
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power lines fell on a tree on stevensons place in upper northwest causing power outages to that neighborhood. the storms also knocked out electricity to calverton elementary in prince george's county. lightning is blamed for starting a fire at a home in silver spring early this morning. two people were inside at the time. no injuries. the storms woke a lot of people up this morning. >> chief meteorologist doug kammerer tells us what the weather has been like and will be like. >> it woke me up, a lot of lightning and thunder. some areas picking up a pretty good amount of rain. temperatures have been on the nice side but we've been fairly dry so rain is a good thing. take a look outside. plenty of sunshine in parts of the area but a lot of cloud cover too. that's what we're seeing, a mixture of sun and clouds around the region. right now 72 degrees, winds out of the northeast at 9 miles an hour so another very nice
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afternoon. south and west, much warmer, near 80 in culpeper, 76 in fredericksburg. to the east where we have more clouds over towards annapolis and baltimore, temperatures there around 68 to 69 degrees. we are looking at a chance for some shower activity tonight but not a whole lot around the district and around the belt way. i don't expect to see too much in the metro area. as we widen out, take a look at all of the storms. if you're heading town 81, be on the lookout for very strong storms, even severe weather potentially. the closest storms in our area are around the rockingham area. we'll continue to watch as those storms progress on town to the south and west. again, they may make their way a little farther to the east so we'll continue to watch those throughout the evening hours. isolated showers around 9:00 tonight. temperatures down to 58 tomorrow morning. there will be areas of fog similar to what we saw this morning. i'll update you on where the temperatures are going to go and when we're going to see a major
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change. that coming up in my full forecast. let's take a look at a live picture of the cherry blossoms. they survived the stormy weather and that's a good thing because today marks the opening of the cherry blossom festival and is also the start of their peak bloom period. 70% or more of those petals will be opened. this is the 100th anniversary of japan's gift of these trees to our nation's capital. our website has everything you need to know from the centennial events to photos then and now. thousands of people are expected to take part in the celebration. it continues through april 27th at various locations in our area. it's now a done deal. star nfl quarterback peyton manning is now a denver bronco. manning signed a five-year, $96 million contract this morning. manning is a four-time league mvp and won a super bowl with the indianapolis colts back in 2007. denver is hoping he can bring
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the same success to the mile high city. >> i'm very excited to begin the next chapter of my playing career for the denver broncos. i am thrilled to be here. i'm looking forward to meeting my new teammates and doing everything i can to help this franchise win another super bowl. >> manning will wear number 18 in denver, just like he did in indianapolis. well, this is a day that could prove pivotal in the race for the white house. the illinois primary is under way. it is the latest face-off between mitt romney and rick santorum. steve handelsman has the latest. >> reporter: primary day in illinois. the usual march 20th temperature is 50. today it's 80 degrees. >> this has to be probably the warmest election day we've ever had in chicago, so we're hoping our voters come out. there are important races on the ballot. >> reporter: a big day for mitt romney. 54 delegates up for grabs. and for rick santorum. he needs to beat romney in the
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midwest after failing to in michigan and ohio. but santorum made a gaffe. campaigning against intrusive government. >> i don't care what the unemployment rate is going to be. it doesn't matter to me. >> reporter: mitt romney pounced. >> i do care about the unemployment rate. it does bother me. >> reporter: santorum had to back pedal. >> of course i care about the unkploimt rate. i want the unemployment rate to go down but i'm saying my candidacy does not hick on whether the unemployment rate goes up and down. >> reporter: the republican race might hinge on louisiana. newt gingrich campaigned there today, the primary is saturday. it's a chance for the front runner to prove he can win in the south. today could be his launch pad. if mitt romney can look this lead which looks to be near double digits in illinois, he could get a boost going into louisiana, which is one of those away games in the deep south. if he can win down there, he might begin to salt away this nomination. in a race that's already
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stretched into a new season. illinois has 69 delegates in all. they'll be chosen in a complex praurk process, but there's just one big question in illinois today. can santorum beat romney? the top american commander in afghanistan has told congress that the current u.s. plan to wind down the 10-year-old war is on track. and he insisted the u.s. has no intention of staying in the country forever. marine general john allen testified before the house armed services committee today. he said while the last few months in afghanistan have been trying, coalition forces are making progress in handing over security to the afghans. the current u.s. plan calls for a reduction of 23,000 combat troops by october, followed by a complete withdrawal by the end of 2014. an emotional day today for the family of a maryland national guardsman killed in afghanistan. major robert marchanty was shot
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in the head in an attack on a government building in kabul last month. he was buried today with mull military honors at arlington national cemetery. flags in maryland were flying at half staff in his memory. he leaves behind a wife of 24 years and four children. new details today about the shooting of a rabbi and three children outside a jewish schoolhouse in france. police say the victims were killed at close ranger and the shooter may have targeted them because of their ethnicity and they say he may have recorded the killings as he carried them out. jim maceda with more. >> reporter: we were at the jewish school today as the coffins of the teacher and his two young sons were placed in two black hearses beginning their journey to jerusalem. it was an emotional farewell with family members wailing at times with grief. earlier in the day the whole nation honored those killed in
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the school shooting with a minute of silence. french president nichololas sary at one point called the gunman a monster and pledgeded that all resources would be used to bring him to justice. meanwhile the manhunt is building momentum with at least 200 experts and police involved now. one possibility is that the gunman is a former soldier himself with perhaps racist or anti-semitic beliefs. one discovery is that an eyewitness today said that the gunman had a portable camera that he strapped to his chest. that means that there could well be video of the attack along, of course, with key clues to the gunman's identity. police are combing the internet for video. i'm jim maceda, nbc news. now back to you. when news 4 at 4:00 continues, a tsa patdown of a toddler quickly becomes a viral video. ♪
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♪ now there's no turning back ♪ when we say we belong to the life ♪ >> following an emotional performance last night on "the voice" local contestant erin willett got good news she's going through to the live shows. she dedicated her performance to her father who passed away shortly after last night's battle round. she is on blake shelton's team. ♪ what's love got to do, got to do with it ♪ >> meanwhile say goodbye to another local act. the shields brothers were eliminated after their performance. all the judges say the brothers looked like they were having fun but cee-lo green picked erin martin. there will be a lot of star power at this year's hall of
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fame induction ceremony. chris rock is tapped to induct the red hot chili peppers. he's been a big friend and fan of the band for a long time. other inductees including donovan, beasty boys and the small faces, the faces which included rod stewart. the ceremony will air may 5th on hbo. whitney houston's daughter is not getting married. 19-year-old bobbi kristina brown seen here in her interview with oprah winfrey has been wearing a big rock on her finger but it simply belonged to brown's late mother and there are no wedding plans. rumors started flying when brown was spotted cuddling with nick gordon. well, we know her as kim. real housewife of atlanta star didn't waste any time having another baby. she and her husband are expecting their second child. the reality star and the atlanta
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falcons defensive end have a 9-month-old son, k.j. she said she's four months along. she said her son was an oops pregnancy but this pregnancy was planned. the kardashians are about to have some competition. there is a jonas brothers reality show in the works for e! the show will follow kevin and his wife and look at their, quote unquote, marital bliss. nick, as he takes on how to succeed in business on prodway and then whatever joe is up to these days. so just keep those reality shows churning them out. a new service is helping parents during air travel with their kids. and the worst thing about losing your smartphone. and the strange case of a 64-year-old woman who's charged with stalking. joining us with details is cane from hot 99.5. so tell us the story of madeline of washington state. >> she's something else. she met a guy in 2010.
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they're not identifying who this gentleman is other than the fact that he was stalked by her. this is a story you have to read or see to believe. she's 64 years old. when she met him, she started following him around. he said, listen, i don't want anything to do with you. it was only after he got a bill for an engagement ring from a jewelry store that he realized this may be a little more serious than i originally thought. it ended with her in court. she actually reserved time at city hall to get married in washington without telling him, and now she's behind bars. >> as my friend mona would say, someone let crazy out of the bottle. >> that is the truth. >> okay. now, when you lose your smartphone. >> yeah. >> we all go crazy because it's going to cost all that much. but apparently it's even worse than that. >> the issue with losing a cell phone isn't just the money that it's going to cost to replace the cell phone, it's the content inside. so a company went ahead and lost on purpose 50 cell phones across the country.
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96% of them, the first thing somebody did was access the device when they found it. they tracked all this information. they wanted to see what happens when you lose a ecell phone. 89% of people went right for your apps, looking at your facebook, looking at your twitter. >> digging into your business. >> looking through your pictures. so it's not just a situation of the phone being lost but also the information. 50% of those phones that were lost were recovered. only half. >> which is why it's good to keep them locked. >> yes, keep them locked. there's apps to lock your pictures away with a special password. well, there's a new service that offer as a break for paren who want to fly in peace. >> i wouldn't necessarily say fly in peace. we talked about this on the morning show. it's more like if i have two kids, for example, 3 1/2-year-old and 1 1/2-year-old and sometimes my wife may want to fly to florida.
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the problem is she can't necessarily handle both kids. you saw the stories when they get unruly, that means the flight gets delayed. nanny in the clouds is the service. for $10, they'll pair you up with a baby-sitter or nanny that's flying as well. you get the nanny's name and you can contact them, make arrangements and a fee for the actual baby-sitting in the air is entirely up to you and the person you're negotiating with and that's the end of the deal. once you land, you get off the plane and continue on with business as usual. >> sounds like a deal to me. >> they also offer service where if there's no nannies on the plane, you could be alerted if one ends up on the flight. >> is the kid sitting next to the nanny? >> anywhere you want. little tiny bottles of alcohol. >> we love children. >> so you're not baby-sitting for us this weekend? >> if you can get me into the "hunger games." is that not the hottest ticket
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in town? >> you baby-sit for my kids. tomorrow on hot 99.5, every hour at five after, we'll get you into our sneak, which is going to happen on opening night. we reserved an entire theater for fans of the cane show and hot 99.5. so every hour five after the hour tomorrow. >> that is the hottest -- the book, that is enfuego. >> cane of hot 99.5. thanks. you didn't get the red memo. >> no, no, you didn't e-mail me. >> and we didn't call each other, this just happened. coming up next on news 4 at 4:00, the first lady goes on late night.
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we got a little rain and a little bit of sunshine today. >> yeah, you guys -- were you woken up by the storms? >> yeah. >> they came through -- they came right down 270, came right
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down through frederick, through the district and a lot of us saw the rain this morning. some of us woken up by the thunder and the lightning, including both my kids. >> that was about 5:30 in the morning? >> yeah, about 5:00 they came through. and we need to see the rain so it's a good thing we did see that rain because we have been so nice over the past couple of days with plenty of sunshine, but yes, we need to see some of that rain. we're an inch to inch and a half below average for the month and it goes beyond that when you talk about for the year. out there right now we are seeing eanother gorgeous afternoon. the current temperature 72 degrees. winds out of the northeast at about 9 miles per hour and it just looks spectacular. a great day to get out there and see the cherry blossoms. the rest of the week is looking very good as far as that is concerned. 72 in martinsburg, 77 in culpeper, 76 in fredericksburg. 69 in baltimore, 68 in annapolis because of the cloud cover across the region. some areas did see some fog to
4:25 pm
start off. toward southern maryland, some dense fog there earlier. take a look at the rain. again, we're going to see the chance for a few showers. there's a couple of little systems here but the bulk of the rain will stay just down to our south and west. charlottesville, you'll pick up rain in through petersburg and west virginia, maybe strong storms here but this is nothing compared to what is coming our way this weekend. take a look at some video out of texas. this storm is the same storm i showed you yesterday that brought 4 feet of snow to arizona. this bringing a ton of rain to dallas. some very beneficial rain. they need the rain but don't want to see it all at once. fortunately there were not too many problems but we did see some flooding. we also saw a tornado around san antonio that did destroy about 50 homes, so this did cause some big impacts into that region. as far as our weather is concerned right now, once again, no shower activity here, but just off to the south and east watch how charlottesville, these
4:26 pm
two storms will make their way to the south and east the next half hour to hour or so. continued warm. we'll continue with our chance of showers tomorrow but only about a 30% chance tomorrow and on thursday. so when you can expect rain is this weekend. mostly cloudy, mild, humid, 62 to 67 degrees. as we make our way through the next couple of days, we are going to see those numbers on the increase. how about 79 on thursday, 80 on friday. friday is looking fantastic. but then that change comes. that storm will finally move in here and we're talking about the potential for a pretty good amount of rain both saturday and sunday. if you have some plans this weekend, you really want to continue to watch this forecast because it's going to be one that hopefully changes a little bit. >> thanks, doug. still to come in our next half hour of news 4 at 4:00, a toddler in a wheelchair gets patted down by the tsa. it's become a viral video. we'll have it for you. and we'll
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welcome backto news 4 at 4:00. i'm pat lawson muse. >> and i'm wendy rieger. today the justice department acknowledged that the fbi is looking into the death of
4:30 pm
florida teenager trayvon martin. last month a neighborhood watch captain shot the unarmed 17-year-old. he told police he felt threatened and claimed that martin attacked him. martin, again, unarmed. the watch captain has not been charged. the republican presidential primary is under way right now in illinois. there are 54 delegates at stake. the polls leading up to at that's vote suggested mitt romney had a comfortable lead, but rick santorum also has pockets of strong asupport. it's official, peyton manning signed a contract to join the denver broncos. it's a five-year deal worth 96 million bucks. the quarterback will wear number 18, the same number he wore as an indianapolis colts. and stocks took a hit today on the heels of two reports that suggest an economic slowdown in china. the dow lost 68 points to close at 13,170. the nasdaq fell 4 points. the s&p 500 was off 4. a viral video is renewing the debate over tsa patdowns.
4:31 pm
it shows a toddler in a wheelchair getting swabbed by security in chicago. >> this incident happened two years ago but the boy's father has recently posted the video to youtube. rob elgas reports on why the patdown should never have happened. >> they have got to just check you, okay, it's no big deal. >> she's starting to shake. >> reporter: dad's voice behind the camera remains calm but even two years later matt has trouble watching this video of his son, roc rocco, being patted down and swabbed by a tsa employee. now we're two minutes in and what are you thinking? >> i'm pretty angry. i'm talking to my wife and noticed that he's shaking. >> reporter: he recalled how difficult it was to stay uninvolved, told by tsa he could not touch or get near his son as his legs, feet and wheelchair were swabbed for possible
4:32 pm
explosive. >> i can't get close to him. they said you can't touch him because we're going to swab him. >> reporter: he did help with the most awkward part of the search, lifting his son's t-shirt to expose his bare back. >> my biggest problem is looking him in the eye and telling him this is okay and this is no big deal of the and that's the part that i regret, because i don't believe that. >> reporter: near the end of the video, he points out for us the next traveler who was screened after his son. >> and there's the next threat, by the way. she's about to get the same treatment. >> the senior citizen? >> yeah, with the cane. >> that was rob elgas reporting. tsa officials say rocco couldn't go through normal screening because his wheelchair wasn't able to go through the metal detector gate. they add new modified screening mease patting down of children. first lady michelle obama shared some laughs last night during her first visit to david letterman's late night show. she talked about her family,
4:33 pm
living in the white house, sneaking out of the white house, like the time she snuck out to shop in a target in alexandria. >> no one knew that was me. a woman walked up to me, i was in the detergent aisle, and she said, i kid you not. she said excuse me, i just have to ask you something and i thought, oh, cover is blown. she said can you reach on that shelf and hand me the detergent? i kid you not. and the only thing she said -- i reached up because she was short and i reached up, pulled it down and she said well, you didn't have to make it look so easy. >> how are your daughters? >> they're great. our youngest could care less. she's still at the age where she is not turning on the news, doesn't know what's going on in congress. our oldest daughter is far more, you know -- she's very precocious, very smart kid. she knows what's going on. one of the things she said,
4:34 pm
because they were reviewing something in school, and i think somebody was critical of her father. and she said what did you think when that happened in class? and she said i thought that's his job, that doesn't have anything to do with me. >> so the first lady is buying her own laundry detergent. interesting. let's think about that for a second. the first lady also described her husband has always upbeat despite the issues that he has with congress. a popular celebrity has signed up to take a trip into space. ashton kutcher wants to take the suborbital trip through virgin galactic. he's the 500th person to sign up for the commercial space trip. it includes a flight 62 miles above the earth. passengers can see the planet and experience zero gravity. no firm date for the trip has been set. virgin galactic reps say they hope to start the new service sometime next year.
4:35 pm
the flight costs about $200,000 per person. when i saw you, i believed that something new can come into this world. >> disney's newest movie will be one of hollywood's biggest flops. they expect a loss of $200 million. to date the movie has brought in about $184 in ticket sales but had a production budget of $250 million and another $100 million was spent on marketing. ouch. a landmark theater has helped launch the careers of duke ellington, ella fitzgerald, marvin gay, and it's about to shine again. the 100-year-old howard theater will reopen april 29th after a $29 million restoration. it's located on t street near howard university and it's been closed several years. we are told the revamped theater will feature a state-of-the-art sound system as well as new seating, a gift shop. a big rib on-cutting is planned and the public will be invited. wendy's is moving up on the
4:36 pm
food chain. wendy's is now the number two fast food burger joints behind mcdonald's. wendy's passed burger king in sales in 2011. wendy's had sales of $8.5 billion. there's more to come on news 4 at 4:00. why people are using the new why people are using the new ipad and they're getting
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apple's brand new ipad is already on the hot seat. consumer reports is looking into complaints made by users that the ipad gives off a large amount of heat. apple says the ipad is, quote, within our thermal specifications. the third edition of the ipad went on sale friday and three million have been sold. so far they are really selling. consumer reports is testing the ipad and will release its findings as early as tonight. a memento of the 60th anniversary of queen elizabeth rain was unveiled today. it's called the diamond jubilee window. it's made of 1500 pieces of glass, specially commissioned by parliament to honor the monarch. it will be on public display until it is installed at west minim minimumster hall later this year. a teenage prank went terribly wrong. a shopping cart lands on a
4:40 pm
woman. and a 9-year-old boy is getting used to getting summoned in
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4:44 pm
he's a huge kayaker. >> isn't that great? for the weather to be this nice. 76 degrees yesterday, that was the high temperature at dulles airport. this morning we got down to a low of 60. you think, oh, that's really nice. no, that is the warmest temperature that we have ever been for an overnight low temperature. that's a record, how about that. >> and for march too. >> and for march. it's simply amazing how nice we've been. you know the pattern has got to change a little bit and i know you continue to ask are you sure it's going to be bad this weekend? are you sure it's going to rain this weekend? right now i'll say yes. pat, you asked me to put a number on it. i'll say i'm 60 to 70 to 80% sure it's going to rain this weekend. >> sounds like you're pretty sure. >> i'm pretty sure it's going to rain this weekend, depending on where. it may rain the entire weekend so enjoy what we have. 72 grdegrees, winds out of the northeast at 9 miles an hour. if you're thinking about getting out this evening, it's looking
4:45 pm
quite nice. 73 in rockville, 75 in manassas. 82 today, annapolis coming in at 68 degrees. on the storm 4 radar, nothing to show you around the metro area. there are a couple of showers just to the north and east of frederick, but down to the south and west, this is where the shower activity and thunderstorm activity is. we could see the chance of a shower around the d.c. area throughout the evening hours but most of us will stay dry. here's the area of storminess. around shoerlcharlottesville, ss up if you're in that area. now, as far as the weather is concerned tonight, not too bad. 58 degrees in washington, 54 in fwair gaithersbu gaithersburg, 52 in manassas. tomorrow we could see dense fog early tomorrow morning, especially towards washington,
4:46 pm
annapolis, la plata, right around calvert county. that's the area that could see the potential for the heaviest fog. but there may be fog just about everywhere so watch out when you head out tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon no such problems. i think we'll break out into the sunshine. 74 in washington, 75 in leesburg, 77 in culpeper and around the fredericksburg area. could be a shower chance tomorrow but once again most of us should remain on the try side calling for a 30% chance of showers. 79 on thursday, 80 on friday. beautiful weather to see the cherry blossoms. yes, i think that monster storm from the west will finally move our way. by the time it gets to us, it's just going to be rain. i don't anticipate any significant weather as far as severe weather is concerned. it would just be rain and we do need the rain, but it is going to come on the weekend. >> okay. unless you change your mind. >> you know what, i'll think about that. i've been known to change my
4:47 pm
mind in the past. >> thanks, doug. a cast member from the harry potter films will spend the next two years in jail. >> today a judge sentenced jamie wailet for his role in riots that flared against england last summer. he played hogwart's bully crab in the potter films. today a jury found him guilty of violent disorder but cleared him of intent to destroy or damage property. the 22-year-old has a previous conviction of growing marijuana. most people dread when they get summoned for jury duty. >> so imagine you're a 9-year-old boy in massachusetts and you have been picked now several times. amanda grace with his story. >> i got jury duty. >> reporter: when 9-year-old jacob clark received this summons for jury duty at orleans district court, the third grader only had one question. >> i said what's jury duty. >> reporter: at this stage of the game, jacob is more interested in riding his bike, but he seems to have a good handle on how it all works.
4:48 pm
>> if you're picked, then you go up to the judge and you say if they're guilty or not guilty. >> i think he'd do well. i think he's impartial. he'd be able to be objective. you know, as long as there was no jury tampering and someone offered him an xbox game, he would do as they asked. besides that, he's a very impartial kid. >> reporter: according to the state's jury commissioner, census records in jacob's hometown indicate he was born in 1982, which would make him 30 instead of 9. >> it could have been a data entry error at the town, it could have been -- it could have been on the census form that the parents fill out. >> summons for jury service. >> reporter: but this is not the first time jacob was called for jury duty. he first got summons when he was 2, which he describes in one word. >> weird. >> reporter: and if he gets smons summonsed again, then he's ready. >> if i was 18 or over, i would
4:49 pm
have to go. >> well, jacob's father is worried about potential i.d. theft since his son has been called twice. coming up next on news 4, a rare giraffe makes a comeback. and some upset women are not happy with rush limbaugh and the missouri house speaker. and then coming up on news 4 at 5:00 in just a few minutes, new developments in the shooting of an unarmed teenager in florida. plus a fire on a montgomery county ride-on bus and it's not the first time it's happened. tonight some question the safety of the vehicles as officials search for a cause. stick around for news 4 at 6:00 where we've learned about ♪
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♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] virtual wallet can help you be that person who's good with money. see what's free to spend. move money with a slide. save with a shake. feel good about your decisions.
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a rare giraffe is making a comeback from near extinction. the west african giraffe is distinguished by its light-colored spots. it is one of the most endangered animal on our planet. in 1996 there were only 50 recorded living in the wild. now there are 310. that's still not a big number, but it's better than before. conservationists are expecting that number to climb. the west african giraffe's recovery is due in part to a rise in eco-tourism. money from visitors goes toward several conservation projects. locals are also involved in preservation efforts. a group of people showed up
4:53 pm
at the missouri capitol monday to deliver hundreds of toilet paper rolls to house speaker steven tillie. the national organization for women planned this unique demonstration after tillie nominated rush limbaugh to receive a statue in the hall of famous missouri anz. the idea comes from a campaign against limbaugh in the '90s called flush rush. tillie also dominated freedom fighter dred scott to receive a statue. a woman was severely injured when a shopping cart was thrown off a mall parking garage and landed on her. she's talking for the first time. don't forget to watch [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
4:54 pm
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a new york woman is left partially blind with severe head trauma because of a prank at a shopping mall. >> and now she's speaking out for the first time. nbc's jeff rossen has the story. >> i'm going to a doctor's therapy and i just hope that i feel better and get better soon. it's been a long haul. >> reporter: you're watching a
4:57 pm
miracle in progress. marion hedges beating the odds. this surveillance video shows the moment of impact outside a target in harlem. two teenagers pushing that shopping cart off of this parking garage, smashing into marian 50 feet down. she collapsed in a heap as her 13-year-old son watched. at the time mere survival seemed unlikely, let alone this sidewalk interview taped monday. >> thank you. a little makeup and hair helps. i'm doing one day tight. i have no vision out of my left eye so my optical nerve was damaged. so it affects my walking. i only have one eye that works, so it's hard to see close or far. it's a work in progress. >> reporter: marian was here buying candy for needy inner city children when it happened. before the accident, she was a well-known social activist, but on this day, halloween day, 2011, these two teenagers in the very neighborhood where she
4:58 pm
volunteered dumped the cart as a joke, a prank. >> what about the two young boys who did this? >> i have nothing to do with sentencing, i have nothing to do with that. i'm only focusing on recovery and focusing on helping other young boys that need help, but i really can't help those young men. >> reporter: the boys have both pled guilty to assault, now serving time in group homes. if you're impressed by marian's bravery, listen to what she said about the teenagers that nearly killed her. >> i haven't heard from them but i wish them well. >> reporter: marian's father-in-law, not as for giving. >> they should be hung by their toenails. >> reporter: there was one teenager that tried to stop the attack. in the minutes before he pushes the cart back inside. but some something happens and the two boys lift it over, ceiling hair january's fault. >> a shopping mall is not a
4:59 pm
place for young children to be hanging out. >> that was jeff rossen reporting. and that's news 4 at fou4:00. >> news 4 at 5:00 starts right now. calls for justice after the shooting death of a florida teen. the victim's family claims the attack was racially motivated and now the fbi is getting involved. good evening. i'm pat lawson muse. >> and i'm wendy rieger. jim handly has the night off. this controversy over the shooting death is growing tonight. a neighborhood volunteer says he felt threatened and opened fire after he said he was attacked pie the 17-year-old last month. but 911 calls tell a very different story. now the justice department is taking a closer look at thises case. darcy spencer has new developments. >> reporter: the justice department is investigating to make sure everything was done properly by authorities in sanford, florida.


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