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tv   Mad Money  NBC  March 24, 2012 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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you were the best. >> i'm just glad i didn't burn the kitchen down. >> kathie lee's coming back. see you next week. bye-bye, everybody. >> cheers. i'm jim cramer, welcome to my world. you need to get in the game. they are going to go out of business and he's nuts, they're nuts, they know nothing. i always like to say that there is a bull market somewhere. "mad money," you can't afford to miss it. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money," welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. i'm trying to save you a little money. my job is not just to entertain, but i'm trying to educate and teach you. call me 1-800-743-cnbc. remember our new mantra. 2012 is not 2011. the past, it's been brutal. and the present? well, let's just say it's pleasant.
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the dow gained 35 points, and nasdaq advanced .15%. we've completed, believe it or not, the worst week of the year. boo! >> the house of pain! >> and how bad was it? only down about 1%. that's right. the worst week of 2012, is about as benign as you can get. no wonder i'm so enthused about stocks here. one week left of this quarter, you have to be astonished how positive the whole year has been. amazed how different 2012 is from 2011. terrific performance reminds us that this is the year for picking individual stocks. for making bets on companies with great earnings and cleaning up if we get it right. that in mind, let's take a look at the game plan for next week to see where the best opportunities lie. first, monday's the day where we assess how much money the hunger games made for the lion's gate company.
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i've been a big supporter of this stock. i love the triology, and i am a big fan of katniss everdeen. that's why they call me the mocking jim. what has lion's gate done? they were low. but now they have gone through the roof if they don't ring up $120 million smackers, there will be a profound disappointment. so if we get a domestic box office number slightly less than $120 million and the stock above 14 bucks, don't wait for me to tell you to sell the darn thing. take action, ring the register. $120 million is the number that must be beaten for this stock to stay levitated. today, we have this incredibly hideous number from kb homes, it sent the home group into a tailspin. can they pull out before a crash? we'll find out from stuart lenar.
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a much stronger home builder than kb. we'll see all of the points that the housing stocks like nasco, usg whirlpool and, yes, lowe's have picked up in the last two weeks. can't live with the volatility of the home builders? if you decide to lower risk profile after a fantastic beginning of the year, need to be able so sleep at night? i have the ultimate sleep at night play for you. mccormick and company. they come out with earnings on tuesday morning. like the parsley, sage, rose mary and thyme story. when gas gets too expensive, people spend more time at home eating. and they put spices of mccormick's on it. that's a huge win for the spicemaker. mccormick gets hammered after reports. controversial numbers, we'll get
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numbers from walgreens tuesday. they have been in a life or death claymation struggle with express scrips. they no longer want to do business with them, and all this fighting has made cvs a big collateral winner. as much as i love shopping at walgreens, and i really do, i fear that they will miss estimates because of the decision to go it alone without express scrips. so the play is cvs. don't cbs. finally, pvh after the close. big maker of dress shirts and ties. incredibly well dressed. it makes me feel like a slump. brian williams did the same thing on "30 rock" that's a joke.
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the incredibly well dressed ceo has delivered time and time again. on the other hands, stock is up 55% year over year. should buy it? funny thing about pvh. people misinterpret the headlines and sell the stock down after they report without listening to the interpretation of the number. guess what? i bet this could happen again. you can wait until after hours if it's down to do some buying. is that yellow thing there to cover this up? thank you. regina, thank you. you might want to get your chance the next day. could be like lululemon. it each opened down after a big quarter. people got in, and people got in after a fabulous discount for the stink pants maker, and it rewarded them. wednesday, family dollar day. fdo. this dollar store cohort is the hottest part of all retail. can you imagine? dollar general, dg, terrific
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numbers this week and ratcheted up expectations for family dollar to a level that i don't think the company can meet. so what do you do? here is an idea. if family dollar kiboshes the whole group, pick up cramer fave dollar tree. we were behind this one for years, including the last one when it rallied 75%, in part because they have bonamo turkish taffy and mike & ike's for a buck each. that whees brought me into the store. it is also extremely well run. the play off the usually fdo disappointment is dollar tree. two juicy stocks. first is a paycheck, 4% yield, wait for employment to start growing among small and medium sized firms. i don't think we're going to hear anything great. the stock has been inching higher, the yield is optic. and it's traded a buck,
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sometimes two on consistently good earnings. give a listen, buck the down trend and unless it's a horrendous miss, and i will fill in on the "squawk on the street," do some buying. and cloud plays like sales and e.t. phone home, i think you should pick up red hat before it reports. i'm pretty darn confident that once again, ceo jim whitehurst who gave me this derby, whatever you call this. i think he's going to deliver again. stock up 25% year-to-date. i don't think it's done making its move. thursday, nothing but controversy. i think it's best to avoid best buy quarter after quarter. stock inching up all week. i'm hearing squawking how they might do something bold, something different to attract shareholders. goldman sachs chatter. you go to best buy to check out
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merchandise before you buy it on amazon. for the record, no longer as negative as i have been on best buy and i had a good experience in bridgewater, new jersey. i looked at prices at amazon and bought on best buy. best buy, if it does nothing good, the stock isn't going to go to 23. look out, after the bell, we have got research in motion. you know this may be like the ultimate terrible -- this is down 78% in the last year? and still not cheap. i expect a hideous number from them. terrible guidance from them and now they'll tell you everything is going well. that's kind of their game this one will trade at a discount to subscriber value. those subscribers are slowly but surely going away ever have rotten blackberries? they are awful. on friday we hear from finish line. after the spectacular numbers
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we've heard from dsw, not discount shoe warehouse, but designer shoe warehouse from foot locker, shoe carnival, pretty unlikely they will blow it. 52 week high, despite a huge sell-off from nike. like red hat, which reports wednesday, if we get a downer before finish line's quarter, maybe one of these days down big, i would buy finish line. why? i think finish line is going to be a blowout. bottom line. this year, we've been able to make terrific money actually buying stocks when they get hit making fantastic numbers. even when they snap back lululemon like. and china, off, america on. that means bargains in the best names, like mccormick, finish line, red hat, and it's time to
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give stocks the benefit of the doubt again. let's go to nicco in pennsylvania. >> caller: a big booyah from duquesne in pittsburgh. >> that place rocks. >> caller: my question is, regarding micron, ticker symbol mu. the third consecutive loss here, and i'm wondering, time to get out or stay long? >> not a fan of mu. it's not the worst of breed. used to buy that. 95, 96, made a ton of money, but, boy, that was a long time ago. wow. that's the last time i really made money on that stock on the long side. i want to go to brooks in fwluj we are. brooks. >> caller: jim, how are you? >> real good, brooks. how are you? >> caller: awesome. what are your thoughts on bank of america with their new rental program and if you would be a
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buyer of the stock right now? >> bank of america. such a tough call. i have not made good calls. i was joking with my friend, simon. and i said, listen, bank of america, don't ask me how i feel about it, because i haven't done a good job with it. so here is what i would do. if it pulls back, and maybe do some buying, but, brooks, i feel like brooks in shawshank redemption when i comment on bank of america, and remember how that ended? the first week of 2012, and only down 1%, and that makes me pretty darn enthused about the market. i'll see you at the hunger games. more after the break. new air wick and the national park foundation
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investing is just like comedy. it's all about timing. which is one reason why i'm so darn funny. when you are trying to buy a stock, a really hot stock, you have to be patient. keep your powder dry and wait for the right moment to pull the trigger. or maybe you're a baseball kind of guy. want to prefer that. because of spring training. keep your bat on your shoulder until you get the right pitch. like that. don't just swing at every ball that comes down the pike. that's a recipe for striking out. i say all this because tonight
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i'm finally going to tell you about a speculative stock i've waited literally over a month to highlight. called cornerstone on demand. sea side for you home gamers. a cloud-based provider as a software, you hear that a lot. about employer recruitment, training and performance management. in plain english, they let companies outsource. this is a viral trend. think cramer fave red hat or exact target. this prop has paid for itself multiple times over. all right. anyway, even in this smoking hot group, cornerstone is reporting some of the strongest year over year growth out there numbers are staggering for seaside. and cornerstone's competitors being acquired left and right.
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remember the company that s.a.p. announced it was buying for $3 billion? and then in february, oracle has bought another human resources software name for $2 billion. featured prominent until their conference call. when we see this kind of consolidation in one area, what looks like success factors? and after these deals it turns out cornerstone on demand is really the only independent player left in this particular space part of the cloud, okay? yet the stock has been flying almost completely under the radar. in the clouds, nobody has been talking about cornerstone, this little company, billion dollar market cap and down right astonishing revenue growth. all of the names you find in limited awareness rocket propelled growth rate stock. and competitors taking each one out? wow. all of that positive, price does matter. remember as i said about timing? even though i'm intrigued by cornerstone and found numbers to
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be down right seductive. i waited to tell you about it. the reason? when the first learned about the stock, it was roaring --. every day, day after day. it seemed to be that it was in the grip of a parabolic move. any real takeaway, don't chase. when you purchase something with a massive amount of momentum, that's a great way to really hurt yourself. or at least give your portfolio whiplash. instead, we waited for a pullback and pick our moment, and it finally looked like you have a buyable moment in cornerstone. the stock pulled back by 10% from its high. actually a little more and it edged up a percent today, recommending it here doesn't give me a sense of vertigo. now we can consider the many things that cornerstone has going for it, without feeling like i'm strapping you in the passenger seed seat of a car, moving 200 miles an hour, with
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no airbags and a camera behind your head. first, the takeovers, if you value cornerstone the way oracle valued their acquisition, this stock could be worth 15% higher than where it's trading right now. that's not even why cornerstone benefits. with taleo and success factor taken out this is the last independent remaining software as a service play. when a competitor gets acquired by one of these giant firms, the other independent players swoop in like vultures to convince the clients of the companies being acquired that they are about to be lost within big, faceless corporations that don't care about their business. and as these acquisitions get integrated, companies being acquired tend to go dark for a period of time as they transition systems, tweak their operations. this creates an opportunity for places like cornerstone and to move in and steal clients.
3:20 am
there is not a lot of infrastructure, so they can do this. we have a couple of these. you know what, though? even if nobody wants to buy cornerstone and the company can't poach clients as they are being digested by new owners this say great story for one simple reason. the numbers are off the charts fabulous. in its latest quarter, cornerstone signed 119 new clients, including nasdaq, a very technologically savvy company. liz claiborne, black boat, and one of the world's largest insurance groups and a big investment bank. that brings the total to 805 customers. get this, 67% higher than a year ago. that's like with exact target. and cornerstone's bookings up 58% year over year. the key metric. deferred revenue, the most important way to look at cloud based service companies, which is what determined how moved. they stood at 55. million at the
3:21 am
end of december. an increase of 40% from the previous quarter and up 65% year over year. why does deferred revenue matter? remember at sales, cornerstone used a prescription base business model and customers sign up, allowing them to access cornerstone software over the web. however, means when cornerstone signs a new customer, they can only recognize three months worth of revenue. and the rest of the money in these contracts gets counted as deferred revenue and that's why this metric gives you a clear view of the future. we know this business is booked. we see huge increases in deferred revenue, we know the company's future is looking real bright. it's cash, guys. cornerstone knows it too, which is why management set initial 2012 revenue growth out like above wall street's expectations, looking for 48% to 51% increase in year. i'm focused on sales, because cornerstone, not earning anything.
3:22 am
in fact, the company missed the streets earnings per share estimate with a wider than expected loss. everybody else had lower numbers. sounds like a real drag, like a red flag, right? just terrible. i shouldn't be talking about it here is the thing. cornerstone missed because the company decided to invest in building out its business. they are trying to seize the opportunity created by the two acquisitions in the segment and to do that, they are doubling the size of the sales force. for me, that's smart. business growing as fast as cornerstone is, that's actual the right call. like to give you both the pros and the cons, bought ripple. r-i-p-p-l-e. and so it's not good news for corner stone. but i think the competitive thread is baked into the stock. that was a large part, including insider selling from equity firms, from private equity
3:23 am
firms, mostly venture capitalists which drove the stock down 10%. bottom line, even when you are speculating, keep your bat on the shoulder, wait for the right pitch and only then take your swing. a red-hot cloud based business. competitors snatched up left and right. and only safe to recommend after the stock pulled back 10% from its high. now the time is right. after the break, i'll try to make you more money. coming up -- >> what the heck. >> you think investors turned the page on this stock a long time ago. but how is a company that relies on magazine advertising for revenue up over 45% in the past six months? find out on a new edition of -- this italian b.m.t. is amazing.
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lately, we have been running a new series here on "mad money," called -- ♪ jim cramer's what the heck stocks, what the heck ♪ >> i try to explain the logic of stock moves that seem to fly in the face of all reason, all sanity. moves that make no sense whatsoever. stocks that are going up when you think clearly they should be going down. take meredith corp.
3:27 am
mdp for home gamers. fourth largest magazine company in america. publishes 24 titles, including some you no doubt cannot get enough of. "better home & gardens," "lhj," "family circle." love that one, right? easy organizing, "parents," "american baby" and, oh, man, one for the ages, "fitness" holy cow. anyway. meredith is one of the biggest conundrums in the market. a magazine stock rallying like crazy. print is supposed to be a thing of the past. print is dead, right? dead trees. the magazine industry was long ago left for dead. you know something? i don't even know if kids these days know what magazines are. they are more likely to think about artillery than they are about glossy paper. and they certainly aren't worth the paper they are printed on.
3:28 am
remember when "newsweek" is sold for a buck, not an issue, the entire publication," by "the in rid of the massive liabilities. this is so compelling. how come meredith has climbed 60% since october? now within striking distance of 52-week high. do the people buying this one not get the memo? didn't they notice when "reader's digest" went under in 2009? how does a magazine stock advance like this? what the heck? to be fair -- meredith isn't purely magazine. it gets a little from publishing and it owns 13 stations in market like atlanta, phoenix and portland. among others, mostly local affiliates for cbs and fox and has an integrated brand
3:29 am
marketing biz that has embraced digital, mobile and social. it is growing like wildfire. just a second. i have to switch magazines to every day. getting warm with that last one. still, meredith mostly a magazine publishing business and just not the kind of thing investors get excited about. not with google and facebook and not to mention zynga. how do we explain this action? i think this is a testament to the power of high yield. on october 25th, meredith came out with a massive 50% dividend boost, which brought the yield up to 6%. >> that was easy. >> the reason why it's caused the yield to shrink. still pretty substantial, especially when you think of treasuries. and they announced a $100 million buyback. and giving it enough heft to make a difference.
3:30 am
meredith has made a gigantic difference for shareholders themselves. since they raised the dividends, the stock up 37%, dramatically outperforming the dramatic gain of the s & p. meredith raised their yield, causing the stock to levitate. despite being way down by the moribund magazine business. more i wish other companies would consider paying bountiful dividends, instead of the silly buybacks. a buyback can be a real bad decision if the stock is too high. but a dividend, i'm calling that money in your pocket. meredith's marketing business is growing. this company is trying to become a digital player, not just for themselves but for others. an exact target, buried within the magazine business, and that exact target, all my marketing software play, just red hot. became public yesterday and a deal that made a lot of people money. up 5% today.
3:31 am
exact target, bigger market cap than meredith, even though it's losing tons of money. it makes a lot of sense, given the market's accelerated growth or arg. exact target has that, meredith doesn't. they might experience some shrinkage. and that marketing business appears to be one of the more successful efforts. third, we often forget this. local tv, a terrific business. and that accounts for 23% of meredith's sales. just a real cash cow. and local tv can be bountiful in an election year. especially given how much candidates and parties are going to spend on advertising this time around. the super pac guys, money in the bank. and the core business, not anything to scoff about. meredith, a really great demo, a woman's company, and it allows
3:32 am
them to do a lot of targeted marketing, the decade from 2001 to 2011, meredith managed to double its market share to 11%. isn't that amazing? these guys winners. they have a large and sticky customer base and the housing industry is coming back, they will sell more copies of better homes and gardens, believe me, these things diet, recipe, they work. people buy this. however, all that said without the dividend boost, i'm pretty confident it would be much lower. nobody complains about the underlying resilience of subscriber base and this woman, everybody loves this rachel ray. i cook like her if you want to come by my place. and the stock wouldn't be up by 60% since october. but meredith gave investors an umbrella of protection that made it safe to consider buying the stock. bottom line. what the heck is a magazine company doing within striking distance of 52-week high. it's about the 50% dividend hike which awarded shareholders and allowed management to call
3:33 am
attention to positives underneath the surface of this publishing company, including digital marketing and local tv. who knew better homes and gardens could be so darn exciting. let's go to justin in new jersey. >> caller: it's justin in hoboken. thank you for taking my call. >> what's going on? >> caller: reuter's corp. tri. their new leadership under jim smith and their diverse business range that they have, are they a buy or -- >> very inexpensive stock. i like tom gloucester, the guy who left. a very inexpensive stock, and people start coming back to the market, you will like it. i would say i'm giving it two thumbs up. buy, buy, buy. i want to wrap the segment up. is print a thing of the past? not meredith's performance.
3:34 am
this company has a fabulous yield. i say read all about it.
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it is time. time for the lightning round. buy, buy, buy, sell, sell, sell, sell. and then the lightning round is over. are you ready, skedaddy? let's start with jerry in south carolina. >> caller: big anderson university booyah to you. >> you bet you, go ahead. >> caller: i want to ask about smith & wesson holding corporation. >> the move has been made. too late to that program. i'm going to ross in california. >> caller: booyah, jim cramer. >> what's up, chief? >> caller: triangle petroleum? >> too speculative.
3:38 am
mhr, not giving up on that. i need to speak to chris in massachusetts. chris. >> caller: jim, booyah. >> booyah. >> caller: a question for you on inwood pharmaceuticals. >> we looked at that. it's a cholesterol and gastrointestinal, and it does fit this space for speculation. so i'll bless it. buy buy buy. i need to go to shique in california. >> caller: hi, mr. cramer, how are you doing? >> real good, how are you? >> caller: awesome. what do you think about hexla mining? >> come on. i thought you had horse sense on a friday afternoon. no. i'm going to sell, sell, sell on that particular name. let's go to ted in texas.
3:39 am
>> caller: a long-time viewer of the show and a daily watcher. i want to give you a big hook 'em horns booyah. >> i'm loving that. >> caller: howard hughes corporation. hhc. >> man, you just stumped the chump. i do not know that name. i do not know it at all and i've got to come back. woe wow, like a housing play. let's go to -- guy with the name of a stock. cisco in georgia. >> caller: booyah, booyah, great southern booyah to you, jim. my question is with netflix, you think because of the rates falling they can rebound? >> i think that they can rebound. i think it can rebound. technically, a great level. you know, i'm going to say it's okay.
3:40 am
your name, cisco not a buyer of cisco here. let's go to crystal in mississippi. people call from everywhere. crystal. >> caller: booyah, jim, from mississippi. >> ole miss. speak to me. >> caller: the ibm stock. >> oh, ibm, a great faulkner novel. buy, buy, buy. charitable trust owns it, inexpensive, and i think it's a -- two solid buys here. and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round. >> jimmy, how you doing? >> i've been taking a lot of tums here. go ahead. >> actual on air eating of tums.
3:41 am
i have the same salad every day for seven years. and i have never, ever, ever, going to deviate from that again. there's a monster in my belly. i've had over 60 tums today. i need pepto bismol. no better time to look at men's warehouse, then i got to hang out with "mad men," an actor people are constantly confusing me with. now, that guy is a tremendous dresser. the 5:00 shadow thing at 9:30 a.m., hard to fathom. i'm a little speechless. don't look like don draper? the best markets are like a high-intensity volleyball game. i mention the word spike, i want you to throw it. you serve, you ace, then you rotate to the front, you set up,
3:42 am
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before we answer a few tweets ahead of next week's tweet week, what the heck? tweet week. we have some homework to take care of. on march 12th, isaac in virginia asked me about map pharmaceuticals, symbol mapp, and i said i would get back to him. it's a bio pharma company
3:46 am
focused on a late-stage product called levidex. it treats acute migraines in adults. you may have heard us mention this company on the show, before. in relation to allergan, which collaborated with a company that for its botox migraine. this is a bionary trade. they have been very volatile and will likely trade up or down sharply on the news. if you are a risk-associated trader, then go with this. if you are less of a risktaker, go with allergan. also on march 12, fred asked me about oxford industries, oxm. this near $800 million market cap company is an international apparel designed company.
3:47 am
including tommy bahama, lily pulitzer and ben sherman. they have invested in the manufacturing piece of their business and acquired lily pulitzer. so now oxm is a retail/life-style brand versus a vendor. all of the oxford brands are growth brands. ben sherman, a turn around to boot. it has traded above valuation 15 times. and it could be underestimated, given the transition. drive growth and dry drive a higher multiple. boasted impressive performance and looked well positioned. the company reports, and start a petition monday and wait for more color. finally, back on march 1st, rick in illinois asked me about magic jack vocal tech. it's call. i said i would get back to him this is a $500 million company,
3:48 am
provides voice services largely for home use. it has strong value proposition and remains very well positioned. as magic jack plus product is gaining traction, a strong retail distribution network and rolling out new products with potential bundle offerings. the caveat, though. the stock had a rouge run of late. up over 80%. that puts me on the sidelines. all next week, celebrating the sixth birthday of twitter with tweet week. send me a tweet @jimcramer, #madtweets. let's get to tweets. one from brandton rave. mr. jim, all of the chatter about the china 7 1/2% driving the miners down, that's the growth of the gdp slowing -- is this the time to buy vale? #madtweets, #madmoney. big iron ore company. i would rather see you in cliff.
3:49 am
i think it will do much better. here is one from king cocoum. do you think coin star will continually drop? or go back to $63. only three points from its high. i'm a seller of coin star. other better safer stocks to own. here is @peoplemonica. a big syracuse orange booyah, with a pullback in smcd, is it time to pull the trigger? and go 'cuse #madtweets. they have been doing a lot of work. and this gets the 3% yield. yes, i want you to buy it. mr. skinner, leaving a terrific, terrific group of managers behind. and, yes, when you get 3% yield, i want you to own mcdonald's. @miketheraven.
3:50 am
fact or fiction? dar has a similar growth story to sclh and shek? #madtweets. hek, everybody hates it because it's in the four and change. i think it's the best long-term play. clh, not a spec. a very, very good company. here is one, dsfxnn 1, that's easy. that's what a call a lot of my friends that. hey, jim. what are your thoughts on arm holdings and nvda, see how well they're doing in mobile products? if you want safety and yield, you go with intel. oh, man. come on, just getting my mad tweets. hey, listen. all next week, we're doing that ticker thing down here. right there is where you will see your twicker. "mad money" back after the break.
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all next week on "mad money," celebrating the sixth birthday of twitter, doing it in grand style, taking your tweets and answering them on this show for all to see. going back to our twicker to show your tweets. we'll print answers in a format longer than 140 characters. send them to @jimcramer #madtweets and we'll do a segment a day, all next week,
3:54 am
inspired by you, cramerica. what's the motivation? simple. we're constantly motivated by the thoughtfulness, kindness, and respect we get on jim cramer on twitter. this is an interactive show where we try to make as much money. well, we certainly try to make as much money as we can for you. which brings me to tonight's no huddle. after yesterday's show, i got a whole bunch of tweets about carrizo. the $1.2 billion oil and gas play we featured last night. many wanted to know if i thought it would be a good buy. all on twitter. these do not lend themselves to the 140 character answer. they are too complex. do i think it's worth buying at $30? i think eagleworth is worth buying for $30. you get the rest of the company free. that's worth much more than $30.
3:55 am
i can argue if the company sticks to its game plan, they'll be generating so much cash next year, they better get the stock price up or they won't be able to stay independent. notice the caveats. net asset value analysis, only matters if the company does sell itself. i don't think that's chip's goal. it might take a year for people to realize carrizo's worth. it would help if natural gas would stabilize. i think 70% oil, 30% gas in two years, up from 50/50. but in the interim, there will be plenty of questions about when they have the cash and if the price of oil will hold up long enough for the switch to be worthwhile. here is where twitter's total lack of subtlety plays a role. i'm actually adamant that oil isn't going down big. but the market doesn't share my
3:56 am
view on a lot of days. they sell and every other oil service company i like, this would be a whole lot higher otherwise. you have to take heed on the emphasis on patience. without it, you will get sick of carrizo on a three-day oil streak blow it out. as we go into mad tweet mode, many times the answer to buy a stock or not is complex. i don't know when stocks in the oil patch will rally, they are so darn cheap, i'm willing to risk the short-term pain with long-term gain. stick with cramer. and needs a different product. with so many choices, it always feels like you're just playing the odds. [ dinging ] take the gamble out of stain removal. introducing resolve all-stains! the pre-treat that combines a chamber of oxygen formula with a chamber of enzyme formula in the same bottle. resolve removes all types of stains in the first wash,
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okay, remember i said we're playing a game of volleyball. today, we rotated back into the china on stocks, which are principally the oil stocks and a lot of rumors around that china is going to cut rates as early as next week. i don't traffic in rumors. what i think is happening here


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