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tv   Mad Money  NBC  March 29, 2012 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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>> ambush makeover thursday. thirsty thursday. >> thank you for watching. >> looks good! -- captions by vitac -- >> i'm jim cramer and welcome to my world. >> you need to get in the game. >> firms are going to go out business, and he's nuts. they're nuts. they know nothing. >> i always like to say there's a bull market somewhere. >> "mad money." you can't afford to miss it. >> hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends, i'm trying to save you a little money. so call me at 1-800-747-cnbc. look, i know the market didn't go down today just because the public hates stocks. dow sinking 72 points. s&p giving up almost a half a percent. nasdaq also declining 4.9%. but this cnbc proprietary survey released just today, it took my breath away.
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it crushed me just to see how much stocks are truly despised. >> the house of pain. >> did you know that stocks are ranked third as an asset class behind gold? and get this, the most hated real estate, that's right, 37% say that gold is the best investment. 24% believe that real estate. and only 19% think stocks are the best place to put your money. it gets worse. when asked whether it's time to pull the trigger on stocks right now, whether this is the right time to buy, buy, buy, only 7% think it's a very good time. 24% said it's a somewhat good time. 33% said somewhat bad. and 16% said it's very bad. >> sell, sell, sell, sell, sell, sell. >> that's almost 40% of the people that think it's a bad time to do some buying. it's finishing its single best
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quarter since 1998. irony? i don't know. i think it's just wrong, people. just plain wrong. look, i'm not an apostle for stocks. it's the empirical verification of just how ripped off you feel by stocks. and a compelling explanation for why so many have stayed away from this market in droves. why don't we call it exhibit a for why we need a real sheriff at the s.e.c. it's not our job to pass judgment on merits on securities and it's merely a wrist slapping for wrong doing. it's the brutal verification of why the president seems like he couldn't care less about the 59% increase in the dow since he took office. think about it. who wants to champion or even affiliate themselves with this hated cohort? i'm beginning to not blame obama
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one bit. if i were him i would stay away from the darn thing, too. i bet very few of the swing voters out there even own stocks. there's just no payoff for embracing something that's so hated and maybe nothing more than a rich person's playland. this survey was nothing but bad news for stocks, except for the questions about apple. it turns out that about 53% of people have an apple product in their houses, many with multiple products, no wonder the stock is running like a racehorse. that's the only horse people seem to be willing to ride. i'm going to be real honest near. despite the fact that i'm an unmitigated gold bug, the fact that 37% of the people believe that gold beats stocks, that's a little crazy, especially if the gold has been up for eleven straight years. worse, real estate, more loved than stocks? it's been a horrendous buy.
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it's not even getting better according to the case schiller housing survey that comes out yesterday. that's a catastrophic black mark on stocks. this used to be a wealth creator. let's consider this miraculous cnbc survey, the ultimate witness for the prosecution. we're going to let it and tyrone power have a little break so i can play some defense. why should you stop hating stocks and love them? this quarter that's about to end, it's made you fortunes if you simply bought what you like. the aforementioned apple, if you bought that at the beginning of the year, you're up 50% now. i wait in line at two places. i wait in line at chipotle and panera. i use my american express card every day. i like it. i bank at jp morgan. 39% gain of the stock. this is the most straightforward market i've seen in ages.
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i shop at macy's, stock is up 24%. i wear pvh clothes. maybe those stocks are too risky for you. so you want to play it safe? i wear a t-shirt underneath my shirt every day. remember, you've got to preserve this brooks brothers shirt. 53 bucks at a jersey outlet store. i use clorox to wash that t-shirt. trying to suppress the cold, i'll take the 4% yield from kleenex maker kimberly clark. i'm giving out exhibit b for the defense. i'm giving you ipos. there have been more than 30 of them this year. and do you know that only six of those have lost you money while the vast majority have made you huge sums of cash? i see ten deals that made 40% and another five that made you more than 20%. that's certainly more than half the ipos. meanwhile, the losers, with the exception of two, the others have lost you only 6% or less.
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ipos have been a gold mine this year. which brings me to this annie-o-mid. we've been loving the natural foods. pounding the table all 2012. 23% in whole foods. i said over and over again people want the healthy alternative. sure enough, this morning, annie's became public. mac and cheese, snacks, all natural. all loved. number one in the category. who would have thunk mack and sleaze could make you so much money? and how did you do it? you nearly caught a double in a single day's trading. this is a food company for heaven's sake, not some internet tool company. it's a stock that looked like it was going to sell from 12-14, then 14-16. it got priced at 19. it opened at 31 and closed at $35.92 giving anyone who got in on the deal an 89% gain and i don't think it's done.
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it gave away money for those who believed in this thesis. annie's isn't alone. brightco is making tv look great. i can tell you, i test using their service. it's terrific. yelp, use it. i do. yelp up 87%. exact target, this is a social media instructor well known. and with a web site that would be in the deal, up 38%. caesar's, up 55%. is that the real caesar's palace? this annie's really has me. unlike these other deals, there was plenty of stock for sale. you could have gotten into it. you could have bid on the mid, a mid, by the way, that should have been bought by a food and beverage company in a private market but didn't happen. i understand the hatred for stocks, but it's unwarranted. sure the world is uncertain. maybe iran is keeping you out, perhaps there's disgraces of the past. the dot com buy, the ripoff etfs.
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all horrendous. but there's just too much money being made for stocks to be this hated. plus, with so many people despising the market, there's plenty of skeptics that you can convert into buyers which makes me think this quarter's strength was not an aberration and there could be more ahead. >> yo, yo, what's shaking? >> caller: back in late 2005, you mentioned a stock called tenth air. and i looked at it and did a little research on it. a little homework. and i started accumulating a position in the stock. and i noticed yesterday, there's the news came out that the tyco flow unit was going to merge and the market seemed to love it. what do you think about it? >> well, i thank you for saying that, but pent air has been a not great stock. it's been stuck in the mud. now is not the time to abandon
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pent air. people hate stocks. that's what i hear. that's what the survey showed. but i don't think you should. i think there's just too much money to be made. think of me next time you think of doing some selling. >> announcer: here's the beef. all this week, cramer is putting tweet him. tonight, a few tasty tweets are pitting the golden arches versus the new king of beef. stick around for an all-out fast food fight. next. and later, hiring our heroes. this bank is not only leading the charge on getting our veterans back to work, they just may be leading the charge to get our economy back on track. don't miss cramer's exclusive with us bancorp's ceo just ahead all coming up on "mad money." >> announcer: miss out on some "mad money"?
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all week here on "mad money," we're pulling your questions straight from twitter @jimcramer. using the show to answer the ones that require more than 140 character response. let's get right to it. market sx writes. looking to add wendys on a pullback. please do a segment on wendys because the new fries and burgers are better than mcdonalds. we get a lot of wendys. i think it's because it's a five buck stock. if the new burgers taste better than mcdonalds, that's one of many factors you've got to consider. we've got like a million tweets and we're going to get a million more and i need to read them on air and you see them on the twicker. we've got to do a blind stock taste test. mcdonald's versus wendy's.
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the golden arches versus where's the beef. this is a good time to compare the two because just last week, we learned that wendy's had finally surpassed burger king to become the second largest burger chain in america. but dethroning burger king and being able to compete with mcdonald's, they're two very different things. if you would have asked me this question two weeks ago, i would have said there's no contest. mcdonald's is superior, end of story. wendy's is a speculative turn around play. companies don't see their stocks fall into single digits by doing things right. you don't get down there by being successful. but last week, we also find out that jim skinner, the fabulous long time ceo of mcdonald's is sadly stepping down. stock is up 230% since skinner took the helm in 2004 and i just don't know if the company will be the same without this great man. as much as i hate the fact that skinner is leaving, that's exactly the kind of handicap we
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need to make this match into something closer to a fair fight. the way i see it, both companies are at a crossroads here. mcdonald's is about to break in a new ceo. don thompson. old hand there. current chief operating officer. 22 years. i think he's a good choice. but these leadership transitions always have the potential to get messy. especially when the departing ceo was such a transformative figure. at the same time, wendy's is in a sweeping turn around with a bigger shake up of their work force. all in an attempt to completely remake their image with consumers. so which would i rather buy? let's start with what our tweeter mentioned. taste. apparently, the new burgers and fries at wendy's just taste better than what you get from the competition. something that's also cited over and over again as the reason why wendy's was able to beat out
3:16 am
burger king, turning it into burger pawn. the food at wendy's has always been better. that's why when i was fat as a stuck pig seven years ago, i always ordered the biggie fries with my bacon cheese burger. it's the premise of wendy's. you get a higher quality burger with a slightly higher price. mcdonalds is a hundred billion dollar company. wendy's is worth a little less than two billion. there must be some other factors that are more important than how the food tastes. what's the secret sauce thing? what's allowed mcdonald's to dramatically out perform wendy's for years despite having, well, some would think, worst tasting food. i happen to love the egg mcmuffin so much. anyway, it's execution. mcdonald's is the best execution in the food business, by far.
3:17 am
think of mcdonald's as a well oiled execution machine. they have service down to a science. literally. mcdonald's is rolling out new, more advanced point-of-sale terminals in its stores, improved customer satisfaction. it's almost like mcdonald's is a tech company. that's how devoted they are to the best systems. it is a joy for me to go there and i've been there twice in the last month. and even though i'm concerned about the fact that jim skinner is stepping down, he leaves behind an organization that's so good, it almost runs itself. wendy's has a real problem. it's got a problem of over-promising and under-delivering. wall street hates that. over this restructuring plan, i'm worried the company may have bitten off more than they can chew. see, wendy's isn't just trying to kickstart its growth or transform into more of an international.
3:18 am
the plan is more than that. wendy's is aiming to transform itself from a fast-food joint like mcdonald's into a fast casual chain. we know wendy's has arrived when people say hey, cramer, should i buy wendy's or chipotle. maybe wendy's can do it. but this rebranding takes time. it's always many more plans that this is working. i'm saying it's too darn risky. starbucks and howard schuhtz? let me put it like this. last year, mcdonald's saw a rise of 5.6%. the positive same store sales numbers across all of its geographic segments, every single quarter, including hard-hit places like germany. wendy's only achieved positive growth once.
3:19 am
mcdonald's saw a rise of 12%. wendy's experienced a dramatic decline. wendy's is looking at a 10% increase in beef prices this year. and then there's this international. we know mcdonald's works overseas because 50% of their locations are already outside of the u.s. wendy's, only 5% international. it's hard to say whether they'll be successful. i can tell you this, though. the fact that wendy's is trying to reinvent itself at home just doesn't give me a lot of confidence. you want to take over the world, you need to know who you are. that's the lesson. that's the lesson of domino's and starbucks. hey, look, chipotle has taken its darn time overseas. and if wendy's falls short, there's nothing stopping this $5 stock from falling lower, too.
3:20 am
much lower than the 2% yield you get from owning mcdonald's. we know that mcdonalds still has a ton of room to expand overseas. so i think mcdonald's is a better buy. it's only at 15.4 times earning. earnings with a consistent 10% long term growth rate. wendy's, at 22.6 times earning, 17.5% growth rate. but that may not come through. the company with the better product doesn't always have the better stock. you've got to learn that at home. wendy's might have the tastier burgers, but i'd rather buy mcdonald's with its yield and execution and new management any day of the week. i want to start with chris in massachusetts, chris. >> caller: jim, big booyah. >> hey, red sox, booyah.
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>> caller: i've got a local question for you on dunkin brand, dnkn. the stock has been strong but 22 million sales are going to be sold. is dunkin brands a buy here? it's a significant concern and will it be a full competitor to your coffee favorite, starbucks. >> let's not mince words. when i go to my dunkin donuts every saturday and sunday i don't every have to ask, which i love. i have a great feeling about this dunkin donuts. and when they want to sell the last couple dollar general secondaries. i want you in on a dunkin secondary. i think it's going to be terrific. i don't care if they're selling. i'm a buyer. all right. markets sx and all of my other friends on twitter. you're right, wendy's might taste better, but the secret sauce, or the special sauce, the stock sauce says make mine mickey d's.
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after the break, i'll try to make you even more money. >> announcer: coming up, hiring our heroes. this bank is not only leading the charge on getting our veterans back to work, it may be leading the charge to get our economy back on track. don't miss cramer's exclusive with us bancorps ceo just ahead. , where i spent the day with geico driver casey mears. i told him the secret to saving money on car insurance. he told me the secret to his car setup. first he adjusts... first he adjusts... (sfx:engine revving drowns out gecko's dialogue) then he... then he... (sfx:loud drilling noise continues to drown out gecko's dialogue) ...and a quarter cup of then he... neapple juice. or was that the secret to his barbecue sauce? hey, "secret" sauce. geico®. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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on an ugly day like this one, i always look for which groups go higher. even though the averages went down today, the banks went up. that's a terrific sign. the rally of the financials, i think it's far from over. when it comes to banks we have a fantastic opportunity to do well by doing good. courtesy of what may be may favorite bank in the country. u.s. bankcorp. , usb, for a long time i've maintained that it is the best-run bank in america. nobody else even coming close. that's why my charitable trust owns a big slug of it. it's been able to take share all over the country since the financial crisis began. usb remains number one on every metric that matters. if you go to citi financial services conference march 8th, 2012, you'll see it. better still, when the company
3:26 am
passed with flying colors, they brought the yield to 2.45%. believe me, they wanted to go higher. the fed is being tough here. along with a hundred million share buy back and that's going to reduce the share count by 5%. but u.s. bankcorp isn't just a good company. it's a good citizen. it's a company that does good things. this week, nbc news has joined the chamber of commerce's hiring our heroes initiative. and usb has been a standout when it comes to hiring veterans. that's one more reason why i'm thrilled to have richard davis, one of my heroes, the chairman, president and ceo of us bancorp with us tonight to help us understand why this bank has been able to do so much better than the competition and done so much more than so many other banks in terms of hiring veterans. mr. davis, welcome to "mad money." >> hey, jim, how are you? thank you for your support of our company. >> of course. i am told that lots of people want to hire veterans. you are not stopping there.
3:27 am
i am told that you actually are sending people over to where soldiers are deployed to make sure you get them as part of a newly founded employment resource team. how is it working? >> it's great. thank you for bringing that up. we just sent one of our special recruiters over to kuwait with a number of other minnesota companies to do on site training and recruiting, preparing these military veterans for coming into the work force, helping them with resumes, preparing for interviews and thinking about the skill sets they need or the ones that want to hone before they come back home. >> now, where are these people fitting in? keep me in mind that i know you were a proud teller at your bank. where do these soldiers want to go and where do you want to put them? >> perfect. okay. there's three kinds. we've got the enlisted personnel, we have the commissioned officers and the noncommissioned officers. we're going after all of them. the noncommissioned officers seem to have a perfect cultural match with the bank. the bank has 60% of employees
3:28 am
are brought from within. just like me. like a noncommissioned officer in the military, you learn from the beginning and you learn from your superiors and you learn loyalty and you learn trust and you learn the skills. and so we found all three to match well in the bank. but particularly, the noncommissioned officers have found a really special place in the bank as new leaders and they emerge as some of our best, most engaged, and probably best leaders that we could have anywhere in the company. >> and how are these soldiers doing for the bank once they're there, generally? >> right, well, here's the deal. they're not only good leaders, they're great followers. and you've got to be both to be a very effective person in business. so these folks can take the new rules, the regime and figure out what the goal is. we're in a service business. all we do is we're servants for other people. that's what military people do, as well. these folks understand what service looks like. they also know there's no specific rule. you give them the parameters to do the job but then they say go with it.
3:29 am
each situation is different. each employee needs to be led differently. these are the perfect matches we could possibly find. >> i went to my dad who -- distinguished service -- in world war ii with the 6th army in many hot landings in the pacific. and i said dad, what is it? why aren't more veterans being hired? and he said the media. he said, you know, you read the stories, you think that everybody comes back with traumatic stress, everyone comes back and they want to be like hurt locker. they want to be war fighters in society. is the media not doing us any favors here and making it harder for people to be -- or are they thinking twice to hire veterans? >> the fact that you're having this conversation today, the fact that nbc is running this entire special this week is doing just the opposite. it's creating visibility around a need that we need to take care of. there are hundreds of people coming back every day and they deserve our trust and our respect. we deserve to give them jobs. and they are going to be ready for it.
3:30 am
now, think about this, as well. a military veteran, in many cases, has left a company like ours to go serve, many national guard, particularly. each company is responsible to take care of them while they're gone. keep their job safe, communicate with them and protect them when they're gone and welcome them back to those jobs. it's not just about people coming into the work force. protect the ones that left us to do the service they promised they would do to our country and bring them back with open arms and protect them and give them a continued career. >> boy, this is great. i am so glad you're on the show. i just take a break out to say i'm so glad you're on the show. you talk about the kind of things you do. and i wonder if this doesn't jibe with vets or if that's wise. you talk about this ascent program that you have, there's a family psychologist in your different offices. understand family dynamics and family business. who would understand this better than vets and vets' wives?
3:31 am
>> that's a great point. business and banking is based on trust. that's all we do. we either place a safekeeping or place for you to make that dream. it's what it's doing for you and what it means for you in your life and, frankly, beyond your life. we brought in social psychologists to help businesses work with a transition of generations and the money that moves between generations over those hard-earned times and periods. we're in the business of helping people. and it's a social business, one person at a time. and the more we can have our employees feel more aware of what the needs of people are, we've got to listen better. as much as i would like to do every loan on a handshake, i'm not exactly allowed to do that. but at this company, we inspire to feel that on a level of trust, their word is their bond, their handshake is the beginning of the transaction and we'll file the paperwork later. banking is a service business. people helping people get through a life and make it better. >> boy, i want to go there right now because in this -- more in the presentation.
3:32 am
momentum continues as both the momentum builder continues. you have a quote here that says, "i hope that sometime in 2030 somebody looks back at these windows of performance and would not be able to see there had been a recession due to the notes of the bank. how did you do it? you know the truth as well as i, no one else did it? >> first of all, this is not gratuitous. it's the 63,000 employees in this company who did it. what they did was they did the right thing when it was easy five or six years ago. we didn't take the easy road and we don't have any regrets and we're not apologizing backwards for actions that we took when things were easy. it's not so lofty as it sounds. we're actually shareholder-focused first and foremost. when we saw something that wasn't sustainable or repeatable or predictable for the next generation of banking, we don't do it. so we are basically unfettered, in most cases, by the same
3:33 am
business lines we had seven years ago. our strengths showed up more in a relative sense when things got worse and then we started buying and acquiring small portfolios and investing deeply in our markets. i wish it was more profound. it's pretty simple. we were very lucky, a little bit smart and smart enough to know we were lucky. >> right, but you also talk about the notion of what people think of as villain banks. you use the term villain. when is this business going to stop being vilified? and aren't there banks that actually, from your words, i felt that deserved the vilified title. >> okay, hold on. this is where your dad was right. the press is hurting this part of the story. there are some bad actors in every industry, jim. and you know that. and some regrettable actions and some of those you can't but say i'm sorry and atone for it. the industry didn't do well all over the globe. the banks didn't do very well. but at the end of the day, we need to celebrate what was right, identify those parties
3:34 am
that did the right thing, embrace them and let them do their job. honestly, the leverage of a bank, there's no other company that you will talk to than a bank that has more leverage in the recovery of this great country. we don't do anything to get behind anybody else. if we're given the latitude to do the job we can because each of us is trusted individually, not collectively, i think over time, it's going to be a very much different story and we will look back and the press will see amazingly good things. >> all right. well, let's follow up with them, mr. davis. we had jamie dimon, great banker, on earlier. he's talking about things getting much better in this country and there's more lending. i read through the success that you're having from the public documents and from speeches. and the success seems to be happening in spite of a weak economy. and i don't -- i hear you say housing in one of your presentations. it seemed you would differ with
3:35 am
the notion of jamie dimon. >> okay, two things there. number one is you're right, we are still doing well. and it's a bit of a hollow victory because our company is enjoying what i call a flight to quality where i think people recognize that it's a safe place to put their money or a safe place to get a line or a loan and they're giving us more opportunities and we get more relationships than we've had before. that's a wonderful benefit for us. but it's under a backdrop of uneven banking performance. however, what i will say is we have this opportunity to look at this recovery and reform it. look, jim, in three years, we're going to look back and not remember where we were in march of 2012. we're going to remember how we were. and did we start inspiring the belief that this country and the economy is built on cycles. we know it's going to end one day. it will get better and it's starting to. it's a very, very slow and yet a very sure recovery. i'll tell you, it took us four years to get to the structural downturn premised on housing
3:36 am
prices, unemployment and gdp slowing and it's going to take that long to get all the way through it, but we're on our way. we've had the inflection point. let's you and me and everybody else start talking more optimistically and let it get better. >> i know you're familiar with my work and i'm familiar with yours. we're very much on the same page. is the fed on the same page? the fed is worried that the economy is not that good. it sounds like the fed is listening to you and saying let's not take any chances. things are not really that strong yet. >> right, okay. so you heard bernanke mention we would be over our skis if we start celebrating too soon. i think when he informs the country that rates will be low, what he's saying is we will be accommodative. that just happens to be the way he says it. i predict he will not commit to that two future years but will make an adjustment sooner.
3:37 am
i do believe the best interest of the federal reserve of the united states of america is to help this country get through the difficult times. they certainly were a perfect defender when times were really bad and now you need to see how well they play on offense. >> thank you both for what you've done for shareholders. but also what you're doing for your country. it is just a joy to have you on the show, sir. thank you so much. >> thank you. i appreciate it. >> that's richard davis. you see why my charitable trust has a big position? do you know that this company actually has earnings? you could place a multiple on it. it is the cheapest and it may be the very best. stay with usbancorp. stay with cramer. >> announcer: even when we have a hundred year supply of our cleaner energy right here at home. cramer is drilling for answers just ahead. ogether for breakfast
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it is time. it's time for the lightning round. rapid fire calls. play to this sound and then the lightning round is over. are you ready, skeedaddy? it's time for the lightning round. roger, in new york, roger? >> caller: booyah, jim. how are you doing? i just want to say i make you a must-see every evening and i thank you for all you do for us.
3:41 am
>> i thank you. >> caller: great. there's been some insider buying last week on the stock and the street has this as a sell rating. what's your take on ock? >> i like the stock. and, by the way, just for a two for of the $4 kind, yes, i still like it. i would still buy it on the way down. let's go to jaclyne. >> caller: a big booyah. i've been listening to you for about two years. my portfolio has been performing so much better. i've had some great tips. tonight, i'm calling about sdt. >> let me think of that. that's got a 10% yield and i like it a whole lot. let's go to bill in wisconsin. bill? >> caller: hi, jim, thanks for taking my call. love the show. >> hey, thank you very much. >> hey, i buy, sell or hold atko? >> hey, i like office supply. i'm going to say i like that.
3:42 am
i want to be in acco. let's go to john out in nevada. >> caller: jimmy, jimmy, jimmy, i was wondering if glw is a broken company or just a broken stock? >> i'm going to have to say don't buy. i think company credibility is on the line until we see a better quarter. i don't like how they came on the show and said things were good. how about chris in california? >> caller: booyah from san diego. love san diego. love the dads. dads getting ready to play what's going on? >> what do you think about cloud software provider vocs? >> it's not in focus. i don't know and i've got to do work. i know it's been a real bow wow, but i've got to do some work. what's up next? oh, come on, don't hurt me. what's up? how about mike in utah? mike? >> caller: b-b-b-booyah, dr. cramer. beautiful saint george, utah. i'm a long-time viewer.
3:43 am
my stock is slca. >> that's got fracking sand and as much as i like fracking, i think that stock may have gone too far. i don't want to own it. now i want to go to debbie in massachusetts. debbie? >> caller: hey, jim, a boston booyah to you. mako surgical? >> a lot of people betting against this stock. a lot of people also think it's the next intuitive surgical. i'm going to have to say don't buy because both sides are at war and i don't want to be in the cross fire. no one ever made any money going in and out of that battlefield. and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round. >> announcer: the lightning round is sponsored by tdameritrade. anything done.
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if people hated stocks as much as today's survey says they do, then this quarter strength doesn't make any sense. today may have been a rough day for the market, but there's still plenty of money to be made. there are still stocks that work because this is not 2011. there are still plenty of opportunities to be seized. so when we play am i diversified, look, we make sure that you've got stocks that will hold up in any market. stocks that have a lot of strength ahead in different sectors. this is where you call me and i tell you if your portfolio is diversified enough. joseph in wisconsin? >> caller: jim, it's great to talk to you. booyah from oshkosh, wisconsin.
3:48 am
i just want to tell you that i'm in my early 30s. i really learned a lot from your show, so thank you for that. >> thank you. >> caller: my five stocks are lin energy, annaly capital management, kraft foods, conoco phillips and nrgy. am i diversified? >> oh, boy, all right. well, this is just -- nah, oh, boy, i'm like thumping and thumping here. i've got some issues with the portfolio. kraft foods is absolutely terrific. splitting into two. phillips had to lighten up today. too much oil. too much oil for the charity. all right. here's the deal. annaly is converting more into common stock, but i think that's the best of the financial reits. so you have inergy, which is a very, i think, dicey situation. you have lin energy which is a terrific, terrific yielder and conoco.
3:49 am
i want you to keep linn and then i want you to take the conoco phillips money and i want you to buy some wayerhaeser. i want you to get out of the energy and i want you to buy a bank. why not buy usbancorp? only then -- let me give you something else. let me give you -- okay. i've got to give you something. just a second. i don't want to cuff this thing. let's give you costco. let's give you a retail. then i think you've got it. okay, let's go to mike in texas. >> caller: hey, jim, booyah to you, baby, how are you? >> real good, how about you, partner? >> caller: man, trying to hang in there, jim. hoping you can tell me if i have enough sauce on this taco with this mix i've got. >> all right. >> let me know when you're ready, jim. >> oh, i was born ready.
3:50 am
>> caller: okay dunkin donuts, sandridge energy, netflix, wendy's corporation and diamond foods. >> diamond, oh, boy. all right. okay, dunkin, i already verified it's a great restaurant chain. netflix, talk about spec. wendy's, we covered that. you've got two restaurants, so we're going to get rid of wendy's, keep dunkin and add a health care company. we cannot own diamond. i need that to be sold and sold immediately and just pick up a little ibm. and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of "am i diversified." let's stick with cramer. wet cleaning better doesn't have to take longer. i'm done. i'm gonna...use these. ♪ give me just a little more time ♪
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this country is the saudi arabia of natural gas. abundant reserves the rest of the world is now craving. it should have been a huge positive for the economy and it's now turning into a negative. the problem? the natural gas collapse is happening too quickly. there's such dramatic ratcheting back of drilling. at the same time, we haven't been able to harness this incredible fuel in any way. sure, the epa has issued regulations that are absolutely pro-natural gas. that's by default, though. the alternative, coal, is just so terrible for the skies, not to mention our lungs. the epa is following a court mandate. it can be accused for its timing. it will most likely lead to a new new step down in the coal business.
3:54 am
so a decline in coal of dramatic proportions isn't necessarily crushing the u.s. economy. but unless we officially, as a nation, declare natural gas as the bridge fuel and not just one part of a solar/wind mix, then we'll soon be causing an industry that's been responsible for creating a huge number of jobs to hit the wall. you know i've long been a champion of this cleaner, cheaper, domestically abundant fuel because it would allow us to smash down opec while bringing down the price of gasoline within the foreseeable future and make a lot of money for shareholders. we know that trucks are responsible for burning 25% of our country's oil imports. we know that locomotives use a huge amount of diesel, too. there are locomotives and truck engines with a relatively quick pay back period right now. the one thing stopping us from making a switch is we don't have enough clean nat gas stations.
3:55 am
all new federal trucks including the post office, including the military have to be able to run on natural gas. there has been zero support from exxon mobil. they want the stuff to be used exclusively by utilities. even if pretty much every utility that can switch has already switched. natural gas will not be adopted fast enough to get the price of gasoline down or to provide domestic energy security. it could be caused by a war between iran and israel. not farfetched these days. new york times, cover story, the leadership of israel is in favor of launching a preemptive so we've got the worst of all possible worlds. sky-high oil prices and this endless climb in gasoline. we have an abundant fuel that's being ignored in washington. and we remain as dependent on energy from our enemies as we've ever been.
3:56 am
put simply, the situation is nuts. it makes no sense. but a combination of chemical company lobbyists, the green movement, a dysfunctional congress and a president who's on record as abhorring all fossil fuels has doomed the extended use of natural gas. it's a sad commentary. i've got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to change our nation's future and our fortunes. stay with cramer. of that head? uhhhh... -i don't. -no. ♪ oh!, that's cool, like i said. sweet mamasita [ koch ] a good head on a beer tells you that beer was made with a lot of malted barley. and that's going to deliver a lot of flavor. [ cannon ] a good thick rocky head -- that's really releasing a lot of the hop aroma. you taste the barley, you taste the hops, feels bold. good head on a beer shows that you did your job right and it's going to add to the enjoyment of boston lager. [ experimenter 2 ] what do you smell? light floral, lilac. wispy white curtains.
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okay, here you go, this little piggie or rabbit or whatever made you 90%, actually a little more than that, had you been in the ipo. meanwhile, everybody hates stocks according to survey. there is something that doesn't compute there. all of those stock haters, they are going to be converted to likers, but we're in ahead of them as obviously, this quarter,


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