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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  March 29, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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die now or die tonight. zimmerman said he wishes things had ended differently for both martin and his son. >> our whole family, i'm sure the martin family wish that one of them would have done differently. i'm 64, you know. i've done a lot in my life. i wish trayvon martin was able to do a lot more with his life. i hope my son can go on and do something more with his life. it's just very, very sad. >> zimmerman told a fox affiliate that his son who remains in hiding is not doing very well. >> the controversial shooting is getting more attention on capitol hill after a man was escorted from the house. he wore a hoodie while giving a speechlt he felt the hoodie was important to let them know he identified with him but he
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violated rules of wearing hats in the chief of commons. now we take a look outside in the nation's capitol. kind of warm. 62 degrees. >> we can look outside. let's not go outside. the pollen count is so high. it really jumped a lot in the last couple of days. in fact, if your throat is scratchy like mine is or your eyes are stinging or maybe you've got a sinus headache, it's probably because of the pollen. let's take a look at the poll encount around the region. it's jumped to 568. it's in the high range. it's mostly oak tree pollen. the little light yellow dust you see all over the vehicles and covering everything around our region. it's only going to stay high. we'll have our temperatures actually dropping back now. we're down to 50s in parts of northern virginia. mid-50s in arlington, fairfax. prince george's county near 60. so is the district of columbia.
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it's in the mid to low 50s near the northern bay. we'll bottom out in the 50s in the next couple of hours. we had strong thunderstorms yesterday afternoon. they produced wind damage and hail around the central shenandoah valley and central blue ridge. now this morning we calmed down. by 9:00, sunny and cool. it will be in the 50s to near 60. sunrise at 6:56. by noontime, mostly sunny and breezy. we'll be in the low to mid-60s with a few clouds coming through. by 5:00, we'll still have quite a bit of sunshine and we'll have temperatures in the 60s. and we'll have your planners coming up in just a few minutes for the evening. danella, how's traffic. >> good morning. new hampshire avenue, the roadwork looks to be in the final stages. at last check it was blocking the right lane at new hampshire avenue, but i did see crews
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picking up the cones. now, let's head over to route 50 head twargd annapolis, in both directions not seeing any accidents. your travel speed, not bad at all. 68 miles an hour westbound, tarecking eight minutes to get from the buowie to the beltway. outer loop speed, 62 miles per hour, 9 minutes from root 50 to i-95. joe and eun, back over to you. >> danella, thank you. right now crews are getting ready to move a duke ellington statue from the park to its new neighborhood. it will be put in the ellington plaza near the historic theater. beginning at 5:00 this morning the statue will leave american stripping company in manassas park. it will travel down i-66 and through the streets of d.c.
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before arriving at the ellington plaza. this 20-foot steel and granite statute was made by zachary. the 100-year-old theater has been undergoing a restoration since september of 2010. it once helped launch the careers of ella fitzgerald and marvin gay. today president obama will be urged to stop giving tax breaks to oil companies. about half of that money would go to green energy companies. the other half would help reduce the deficit. the bill supporters say this will help eliminate our country's dependence on oil. opponents say it will help make gas prices rise. mitt romney will pick up another endorsement today. former president george h.w. bush will support him. marco rubio endorsed romney last
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night. he's a tea party favorite. he said it's clear romney will win and the drawn out party will hurt the chanceness of beating president obama in november. two of romney's rivals will be campaigning. ron paul spoke to a capacity crowd last night at the university of maryland. more than 1,700 people packed the coliseum to hear the congressman speak and many students were turned away because of lack of space. newt gingrich spoke. this is his third speech since he dismissed a third of his campaign staff. gingrich did not discuss his campaign troubles yesterday. he did talk about what motivated him to run for president in the first place. this morning we're working to find out why a 17-year-old student from clinton died at school. she was a senior at sur
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ratsville high school. she collapsed while jogging on the track in gym class. she was taken to the hospital where she died. her father said she did not have a history of problems. she played basketball and volleyball and was in the rotc. her father tells us she was a natural born leader. >> i'm going to miss her candor. she's one of the most honest kids you want to interact with. she helped everybody. >> students at sur ratszville plan to wear pink. it was her favorite color. they oil provide counselors all week to help students deal with the loss. we now know who was involved in a shooting. when offers got to the scene, they saw people standing in the middle of the street. that's when 19-year-old kevin bolden pull out a gun and started shooting at them. they fired back, shooting him.
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he was taken to the hospital and now died. two officers are on leave pending an investigation. authorities arrested bryant livingston and charged him with five counts of running a prostitution scheme at the crown plaza hotel. they say livingston would rent a room and charge people $100 to go inside. they became suspicious of livingston because he was bringing multiple people to the room. >> when police got to that room, what did they discover? >> the door was opened, and they observed males and females in various stages of undress. >> livingston was a manager for the tsa at dulles since 2002. the tsa say these allegations are unacceptable and fired him
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immediately. police are trying to figure out what caused this fire. this is on esworthy drive. firefighters say it started in a large garage which is attached to the house. it appears that someone might have been living upstairs in the garage. it was a complete loss. they were able to keep the fire from getting to the main house. the lottery is $500 million before taxings and that works to an immediate cash payout of $359 million. the next draws is tomorrow night. the tickets are on sale in d.c., maryland, virginia, and west virginia as well as 39 other states. >> our time is now 4:39. ahead of "news 4 today." more fallout after a pilot's
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meltdown in mid flight. what we're learning about the jetblue captain and the charges he now faces. >> plus, ready to fight her traffic ticket. why it could force her off the road. and brace yourself. allergy suffers, sneezin' season is in overdrive this morning. tom has a look at the pollen count
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. our tiemt right now, 4:41.
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we have 60 degrees but a lot of yellow stuff in the air. >> that's right. we're suffering. all that pollen out there. i hope it's a nice day, tom. >> yeah, good morning. ga suzanne tight. it's all the areas in green. mostly in the 50s. west virginia. sunrise, 6:57. we'll have lots of sun today, maybe a few midday clouds rolling through. temperatures climb into the upper 50s by mid afternoon. sunset is 579:29. a clear and cool evening. temperatures by midnight should be down to the upper 40s to around 50 degrees. we'll take a look at friday, the weekend, and into next week. that will be in ten minutes. danella has a look at traffic. good morning. >> good morning. taking look at the outer beltway, had construction taking up the side of the roadway. looks to be gone.
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not seeing any problems for you right now. very clear. this is the outer loop of the beltway. i'll given you a travel speed. not at that bad at all. only ten minutes to get from i-95 to 270. a live look at the 14th street bridge, no issue. from the beltway organization're clear. travel speed there, 63 miles per hour. 12 minutes from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. if you're traveling along, i have your commute coming up in 10 minutes. now back to you both. 4:343. 61 degrees. still to come, they're due for more money, but is the timing right? what d.c. council members are saying about the proposed raises they're expected to ge
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welcome back. a jetblue pilot forced to land after a bizarre outbuffet is facing charges. he started acting irradically shortly after takeoff from a flight from new york to las vegas. investigators said he began rambling about religion to his co-pilot and yell at air draft controllers. witnesses onboard say that is when he flew into a rage. that he was screaming things out like let me in, let me in, we've got to get this plane down. you'd better start saying the lord's prayer. we've got to get out. we've got to get out. >> he came running down the aisle screaming afghanistan, there's a bomb, you know, i've got to get in the cockpit and started banging on the door. passengers helped restrain him
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till they got on the ground. he's been flying for 25 years and is add a medical facility in texas. the soldier who killed 17 afghans was suffering. his client is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. he's being held in a u.s. military prison at ft. leavenworth, kansas. he's charged with 17 counts after attacking them three weeks ago. the man accused of sending white powder to members of congress has pleaded not guilty. earlier this month the grand jury indicted him on charges he mailed letters to congress last month. all of the letters tested negative for toxic substances. new developments in that deadly wildfire out in colorado. the governor of colorado suspended the state's use of
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controlled burns like the one that might have caused the wildfire in denver. the fire is suspected of killing at least two people. it destroyed dozen os homes and continues to threaten hundreds of others. the ban is in effect until review of the wildfire is complete. the federally controlled plan is not effective. this morning pope benedict xvi is on his way back home to rome. he left cuba last night. the pontiff demanded more freedom for the catholic church in the communist-run country dufrmting his two outdoor masses, he urged an end to cuba's isolationism. castro grilled the pontiff on changes in the church's liturgy. >> three days of oral arguments concluded yesterday afternoon. in their final sessions the justices tackled the question of whether the health care law can survive if the insurance mandate is struck down.
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he also considered the challenge of the expansion or the challenge to the expansion of medicaid for low income americans in which states would eventually have to pay. a decision is expected in late june. two families who won a wrongful death lawsuit against virginia tech will now try to circum vent a limit $100,000 damage against the state. they were awarded $4 million each because the administrators did not warn the students about a deadly shooting in the dorm in april of 2007. the same gunman is responsible for the shooting or that shooting killed 30 people two hours later. the family's attorneys filed motions to try to recover $2 million each family from the risk management plan. the owner of two pit bulls faced hundreds of dollars in fines after attacking two teenagers. a 14-year-old girl was walking
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home when one of her neighbor's pit bulls attacked. her brother ran hope to get hem and got bit as well. the owner was fined for not having control of his dogs. well, we now have a copy of the original ticket give to prince george's county member karen toles. police pulled toles over for gopher over 100 miles an hour last month but they ticketed her for an unsafe lane change but not speeding. toles plans to fight that ticket and if convicted she would have to pay a $510 penalty and she would get six points on her license. toles already has three points on her ticket. six more could mean a license suspension. some d.c. council members are thinking about 'twas about taking a scheduled pay raze this year. it's coming on top of their
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$125,000 salary. diggs strict employees have not received a raise at all in years. that has some council members thinking twice about giving themselves more money. >> i think that when our employees aren't getting raise or getting a cost of living increase, we shouldn't either. >> the law provides for automatic inflation adjustment. we've put it off several years. >> i am going to accept it. it's been turned into sort of a symbolic gain. some members make twice their salary outside the council. i don't take outside ploemt. there is good news for district workers. the revenue is up and they're canceling four unpaid furlough days they had been facing. a new poll shows that even though maryland lawmakers pass add law leaguizing same-sex marriage, residents are split on the issue. they found if a referendum on the issue is on the november ballot, 43% said they would vote
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to make ill illegal while 40% would make it legal. they release add poll showing that 52% would probably already definitely vote to make it legal while 4% would probably or definitely vote against same-sex marriage. >> well, as tom always said, spring is a battle between spring and summer. let's see who is winning today. >> it's sort of in between. we've got temperatures that are cool but not cold like we had earlier this week. starting off this thursday morning, we do have a clear sky. there's a live view from our city camera, and there's the jefferson memorial, the washington monument. 62. at reagan national. and there's a gentle northerly breeze there now and the breeze is just swirling the pollen around in the sky. pollen count is high for tree pollen. it's mostly oak tree pollen. it's going to stay high here for the next couple of days. we might get some relief from
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the rain friday night. right now near the region it's generally 50, prince williams county, manassas, st. charles county, near 60. it's going to be holding steady in the 50s in our rural areas over the next several hours. we've had the evening thunderstorms passing south of us. they're clearing out. and we've got a clear sky now. for waldorf and st. charles county, it's going to be typical. by mid morning we'll be in the mid-50s to upper 50s. peeking in the mid to upper 60s middle of the afternoon with lots of sunshine. then overnight tonight we'll be clear and by late evening back down to the mid-50s. and by dawn tomorrow starting off friday morning we'll be down to mid 40s and upper 30s west and north of us and friday afternoon into the 60s. saturday might get a morning shower, perhaps late friday night after midnight through mid morning on saturdays. that might wash some of the pollen out of the air. sunny sunday.
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highs near 70. and it looks like a dry start first part of next week. now, danella, how's traffic? >> if you're traveling along i-66 in most of our area, checking for accidents and not seeing anything. here's look at i-66. you're flowing in both directions without issue. from the by pass and the beltway, travel lanes are open in both directions. travel speed from the parkway to the beltway, you're at 60 miles an hour. only taking 11 minutes to make this trip. inside the beltway, here's a live view. you can see as you make your way on eastbound i-66, very light volume. same thing with the leftbound side too. only taking 11 minutes to get from the beltway to gw parkway. now, if your trip involves i-270, well, i'll have look at your commute in ten minutes. now back over to you both. >> thank you, danella. >> well, tebow maybe ya has sparked a legal battle between two of the world's largest sneaker companies.
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nike is now suing reebok for using tim tebow's name on its jets memorabilia. the broncos traded tebow to new york last week. nike accuses reebok of capitalizing on that by saturating the market with tebow mtsz. nike will replace reebok as the nfl of eun forls and shoes this coming sunday. it says fans who bought . >> quarterback danny o'ryan will soon be a badger. o'ryan has decided to transfer to the university of wisconsin. he'll be eligible to play this season because he's grauding from maryland. he was the 2010 ac rookie of the year. several schools including florida and penn state also supported him when he announced he was leaving maryland.
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>> a lot of people thought he was leaving to go to vanderbilt. wisconsin. >> we wish him well. >> exactly. our time right now is 4:5. rai raising concerns about safety. plus, ready for a comeback after being flooded out. what you can expect when several popu
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good morning and welcome back. bus drivers in montgomery county have filed a lawsuit. they've called for two bus models to be pulled out of service. the europe onsays its contract is being violated because it promises a safe working environmental. montgomery county responded with a statement that says in part it is clear that the reliability of the champion buses no longer meets ride on's standards. that is why we're replacing all of the diesel champion buses over the next six months. some brand-new hybrid buses metro bought only a year ago are already in need of repair. they can develop shorts in their batdry systems. the batteries sit on top of the buses and debris and water can cause the systems to fail. bae, the company who makes the system says that the buss are safe to operate. and last year metro calle


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