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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  March 30, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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video builds. good morning, welcome back to "news4 today," i'm joe krebs. >> i'm eun yang. friday, march 30, 2012. it seems gloomy to me for some reason. maybe it's because it's joe's last day. >> please. >> it feels dark out there. >> yeah, it does. we just can't get over the fact -- >> whoa! >> how your glasses have changed over the years, joe. >> we're going down memory lane a little bit. >> seems like windshields on sticks. >> joe has covered many stories, he's been in the business over 40 years. 32 spent right here at nbc 4. this is him on the anchor desk, in the field. memorable stories for you. and we love saying that you aged really well. look at you. you look the same. >> this was two days ago. >> the glasses have changed for sure. >> if they weren't half the size of your head, they weren't in style. >> do you still have a pair? >> i think i do.
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>> with your red polyester suit. >> enshrined in my basement. >> the ones with the windshield wipers? >> exactly. >> my gosh. >> you might need those later today. we have the possibility of maybe a little light rain later today. right now we're dealing with a chill in the air. the counties in blue might have frost later today far north and west of washington over the next couple of hours. a chilly morning. temperatures now down into the mid 30s across much of northern virginia and maryland. it's actually near freezing in frederick county, maryland, most locations above freezing. shenandoah valley and into the west virginia panhandle. upper 30s, around 40. in southern montgomery county, low 40s and much of fairfax county and arlington in the upper 30s and low 40s now. near 40 in prince george's county, much of southern maryland from la plata over across the river toward manassas and prince william county. in the mid 30s there, too. quite a chill in the air.
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have a few sprinkles showing up, coming to the ohio valley. those may arrive later today. only a small chance. might have sun mid morning. 40s to near 50. by noontime, up into the 50s. maybe briefly near 60. a lot of clouds. cloudy the rest of the afternoon. small chance of a sprinkle. i think the greater chance is going to be later this evening. we'll look at that in ten minutes. danella? starting with the rails, not seeing delays on the metro, marc, and vre. now over to the roadways. 66 westbound at lee highway. the crash there involves a car that is now off of the roadway. please use caution as you're traveling 66 westbound. now traveling up i-270, no issues. if you're taking i-270 north, the beltway all the way up to frederick, maryland, i'm not seeing problems. we'll take the commute together southbound. 63 miles per hour at clarksburg road. no issues as you make your way through germantown, 69 miles per hour in gaithersburg. rockville, no issues at all. in fact, as you make your way to
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the beltway, here's a live look. inner loop speeds on the beltway, from i-270 to i-95, looking at 60 miles per hour taking ten minutes to make the trip. now back to you both. >> thank you, danella. breaking news right now. a u.s. drone strike killed four suspected militants and wounded three others this morning in the northern part of pakistan. intelligence officials say they do not have details on the identities or nationalities of the suspected militants. we're also following breaking news in afghanistan. nato says two of its service members have been killed in the southern part of that country. officials say one was killed in a roadside bomb explosion, and the other one in an insurgent attack. nato did not disclose any further details. so far this year, 88 international troops have been killed in afghanistan. this morning we're hearing more from the family of george zimmerman. his brother spoke out for the first time. robert zimmerman lives in manassas park, virginia. he describes george's current mental state after shooting trayvon martin to death.
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aaron gilchrist is here with that story. aaron? robert zimmerman spoke to piers morgan on cnn and said that the leak of a police report that details his brother's story allowed him to now go public because the investigation had been compromised. i want to show you video again. it was released wednesday showing george zimmerman after the confrontation with trayvon martin. if you look closely, it looks like zimmerman has no injuries in this video. robert zimmerman, though, told piers his brother is still recovering from a broken nose. he said it looked to him like his brother's nose was swollen in this video. he also said that just because there was no visible blood does not mean he wasn't injured. robert also said that his brother is now dealing with some serious emotional issues. >> he's been diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder. he was not right from the moment it happened. he didn't call his family and express anything but, you know sadness. there was a dark not. he had changed.
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he wasn't the same. he would never be the same. >> robert went on to say that his brother did not take his gun out and shoot trayvon martin but that he fought to "take control of his gun and prevent it from being used against him." george zimmerman expressed frustration to his family that none of the neighbors came out to break up the fight and said that maybe they could have stopped it before it became deadly. the outrage nationwide that george zimmerman hasn't been arrested or charged with any crime has really impacted the rest of zimmerman's family. robert says that there have been credible death threats against him and george zimmerman's mother and father, as well. his family is trying to deal with that. there were some -- there were groups that actually put out bounties of sorts on george zimmerman. the whole's shaken up. >> the problem is information. i think we all need more information about exactly what happened that night. >> you know, this -- again, the grand jury is supposed to meet and discuss this on april 10. that couldn't come soon enough. >> exactly. aaron gilchrist, thank you very
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much. director spike lee is literally now paying for a tweet that he thought contained the address of george zimmerman. he re-tweeted an address that was actually that was a couple in their 70s. that couple was forced to leave their home out of fear that someone would target them. spike lee reached a settlement with the family. however, the details have not been disclosed. lee also tweeted an apology and personally called the couple. five members of a fairfax county street gang are accused of running an underage prostitution business. police say donyell dob and other gang members approached high school-aged girls at metro stops, school grounds, and facebook. they're accused of parading girls around leak apartments to solicit sex -- alexandria feermts solicit sex. investigators are trying to determine what caused a fire that destroyed a furniture building in southwest virginia. the fire broke out last night and engulfed the bassett superior line's building. flames jumped the smith river
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and threatened homes on the other side of the river. firefighters let the fire burn itself out. turns out that the building that caught fire of set to be demolished. former president bill clinton will be in d.c. today, hosting the fifth annual clinton global initiative meeting at george washington university. he'll kick off the meeting at 7:30 tonight. more than 1,000 students from 80 countries will discuss different ideas on how to make the world a better place. the weekend-long event includes a one-on-one session between clinton and talk show host jon stewart tomorrow night. sunday is the day of service for the group. then students will repair homes and assemble care packages for the military. for the first time as governor, martin o'malley is commuting the sentences two of inmate serving life for murder. o'malley has asked the maryland parole commission to release tommara settles and mark farley grant as soon as possible. settles was convicted for setting up a robbery in which a man died. grant was convicted in the shooting death of a 14-year-old
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in 1983. the lone witness has since recanted his testimony. o'malley, who has a reputation for being tough on crime, says this is not a sign of more commuted sentences coming. 5:08. mega madness. people across the country are dreaming big dreams this morning as the record mega millions jackpot continue to grow. airing their frustrations. a group behind a new attack ad putting the spotlight on the president's energy policy. sneezing season continues for allergy sufferers. this one's for all us lawnsmiths.
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we're saying farewell to joe krebs. this is his last day at nbc washington. tribute are coming in from all over washington. one woman wrote, "i've had my morning coffee with you for the last 14 years. i hope that your retirement is all that you hope for." another wrote, "thank you for all of your service to the community as well as nbc 4. i just hope eun can adjust to the no coffee service by aaron. i think he will give in." fat chance. "congratulations." how do people know? >> i don't know. >> joe brings us coffee every morning. i'm trying to get aaron on board. joe, you need to train him! if you want to leave a comment, head to our facebook page,
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"news4 today." send us a tweet with the hash tag goodbyejoe. it could have been any number of our contact producers who sent that. >> i'll give my membership card to 7-eleven to aaron so he can do it. >> good. i hope you're listening. let's get a check on our weather and traffic. we'll start with tom in storm center 4. starting off, we've got a chill in the air. there could be scattered frost north and west of washington. in the 30s now. most locations are about freezing. it is chilly. by 9:00, in the mid to upper fourth. sunshine -- 40s. sunshine, cloudy the rest of the day. might hit low to mid 60s briefly mid-afternoon. small chance of a sprinkle. then a greater chance maybe this evening of a passing shower. that would not be until late evening. otherwise, a cloudy and cool evening, 50s. a look at the weekend and next week in ten minutes. danella, how's traffic? good morning, still pretty good in our area. traveling along route 50, it's great for you out of annapolis. in between annapolis and the capital beltway, not seeing any
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issues. i'll give you a live look, route 50 at 301. here's a look westbound. not a lot of volume at all. eastbound, almost completely clear at this time. travel speed westbound, 69 miles per hour. only eight minutes to get from 301 to the beltway. and no issues on the rails. back to you both. >> all right. thanks. 5:13. 46 degrees. ahead on "news4 today," a new move is shining a bright light on a problem for kids. a new movie. he was worthless, to hang himself -- >> a leak at the age groups most likely to be impacted by bullying. an alarming trend. what's behind the increase in autism cases.
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breaking news in france. police arrested 19 suspected islamist extremists in cities across the country. french president sarkozy said police are cracking down on extremists but gave no details where the people were -- why the people were arrested. he said it's in connection with a form of islamic radicalism. the arrests come a week after a police standoff with muhammad mera. he was suspected of killing seven people. french muslims have worried about a backlash after the attacks. french leaders have urged the public not to equate islam with terrorism. president obama hopes to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars for his re-election campaign today in new england. he'll flay to vermont and maine for a series of fundraisers. they include a $7,500-a-person luncheon in burlington and $5,000 dinner in portland, maine. the president will speak at the university of vermont. a concert will follow. demand was so great it was moved
5:18 am
to a larger venue. since obama became president, gas price vs. nearly doubled. he opposed exploring for energy in alaska. he gave millions of tax dollars to slol indra which went bankrupt. >> the american energy alliance is running the ad in eight states including virginia. it criticizes president obama's energy policies and the energy secretary. the president is squalling for an end to tax -- is calling for an end to tax breaks for oil companies. democrats call the american energy alliance a front group for big oil. mitt romney is picking up a key endorsement days before the wisconsin primary. congressman and house budget committee chairmen paul ryan is expected to support romney later today. ryan is considered a rising star in the republican party. he's downplaying rumors that romney could pick him says a running mate if he wins the gop nomination. the endorsement would come a day after former president george h.w. bush formally announced his support for romney.
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after 32 years here at nbc today, we say farewell for now to mr. joe krebs. tributes are coming in from all over washington and here in the newsroom, of course. our own wendy rieger has a message she wanted to share with you and our viewers. >> joe krebs, are you the gold standard. are you a great storyteller. you have a great moral compass when it comes to this business. and you have a wicked sense of humor. you are the full package and one of the last of the mohicans. we are going to miss you. celebrate by sleeping in. smoochy, smoochies. >> right back at you, wendy. smoochy, smoochies. >> nothing like a smoochy-smoochy from wendy rieger at 5:00 in the morning. >> any time of day. works for me. thank you. >> would go standard's right. goodness, joe. >> very generous, thank you very much. let's go to tom kierein, he's looking at the forecast.
5:20 am
>> we are off to quite a chilly start this morning. there's a live view from our city camera. there's the jefferson memorial. and it's partly cloudy now. reagan national now down into the mid 40s. but away from the city, temperatures are down into the 30s many locations. in fact, we've got a frost advisory. counties in dark blue including frederick and washington, panhandle of west virginia, shenandoah valley. farther west and north, lighter blue areas will probably have a hard freeze over the next couple of hours. the temperatures there are near freezing. frederick's near the freezing mark. much of montgomery county, arlington, fairfax, in the mid to upper 30s now. quite a chilly start. upper 30s, near 40 in prince george's county. and southern maryland, away from the waters, in the upper 30s as well as the northern neck, eastern shore. weather watchers are reporting this morning. for the rest of the day today, we'll have increasing clouds, highs reaching low to mid 60s. warmer temperatures in virginia. then we do have a small chance of a sprinkle during the afternoon. but a greater chance late this evening. and foun on saturday, mainly --
5:21 am
and off and on on saturday, mainly midday. highs near 70 midday. saturday night into sunday, the cloud cover should break up. we'll get sunshine back. on sunday afternoon, climbing into the upper 16. monday, bright and sunny. temperatures up near 70 degrees. and as we get into tuesday, we'll have increasing clouds again. there is a possibility of rain next week, maybe on wednesday. let's check the friday commute. danella? good morning, tom. well, on the roadways, still watching the crash. this is 66 westbound at lee highway. the accident involves a car off of the road there. i am seeing a delay making your way toward the accident. use caution. now, traveling along i-95 in virginia, not bad at all right now. i'll give you a travel speed, 66 miles per hour northbound at dale city. a live look at fairfax county parkway. your travel lanes are open as you head northbound. southbound, pretty much clear at
5:22 am
this time. northbound travel speed, though, 63 miles per hour from the occoquan to the beltway. right now only taking 11 minutes. eun and joe? >> thank you, danella. a new documentary about bullying in schools is opening. it's causing controversy because of the language that's used in the film. >> some kids had told him that he was worthless, to go hang himself. and i think he got to the point to where enough was enough. >> the documentary is called "bully." it's not rated. the movie follows five children over the course of the 2009/2010 school year. it shows how bullying has affected them and their families. fairfax county has been monitoring bullying. 56% of students reported bullying in the past year. officials say bullying is more prevalent in middle school, eighth grader. 49% said they had taunted or bullied someone over the past
5:23 am
year. in "news 4 your health," more american children are considered to be autistic. the classic symptom is a socially with drawn, nonverbal child. that's not always the case. the centers for disease control says one in 88 children has been diagnosed with autism spectrum disord disorder. when it comes to boys, one in 54. three years ago, the total rate was one in 110 children. many experts believe there is a greater awareness of autism. they also believe problems that were once labeled "other disorders" are being called autism. no matter the reason, huge numbers of children are benefitting from the extra care in treatment. 5:23. next week, legendary augusta national golf course will host the 76th annual masters tourism. it's already getting headlines and has nothing to do with golf. earlier this year, virginia romedy became the new ceo of ibm. it's one of the masters and chief business parters. often augusta national offers memberships to the ceos of sponsoring companies.
5:24 am
since the course opened in 1933, it has never admitted a woman to membership. however, even if they do admit romedy, she probably will not play the course. she is said to be a big fan of scuba diving instead. a win over one of the league's best teams is giving the capitals a little more momentum this morning. >> the puck and scores! brooks laich -- >> he came through in the fourth round of the shoot-out to give the caps the 3-2 win over the boston bruins and much needed two points in the playoff race. it was a tight game with all the scoring coming in the third period. the caps got the two-goal lead but the bruins forced overtime. the caps are tied for the eighth and final spot in the playoffs. four more games to go. 5:24. today could be your lucky day. more than a half a billion dollars is up for grabs in tonight's mega millions drawing.
5:25 am
half a billion dollars. megan mcgrath is live in falls church with more on this record-breaking grand prize. megan? >> reporter: hey, joe. it's a lot of money. nobody has won since the end of january. the jackpot has just been getting bigger and bigger. take a look. $540 million. that's more than half a billion dollars. now if you match all six numbers, you have the choice of 26 annual payments of about $20.7 million or if you prefer, you can take a cash lump sum of $389 million. now originally, the jackpot was estimated to be $476 million. but as you would imagine, there's been quite a buying frenzy. folks snapping up tickets. that's griffin up the jackpot to a half a billion dollars or more than half a billion dollars. now keep in mind that your odds of winning, though, are just one in 76 million. tickets just a buck apiece. the drawing is tonight. reporting live in falls church, megan mcgrath, news4.
5:26 am
>> megan mcgrath, thank you very much. our time is 5:25. more milestones for medical marijuana. the decision the district is expected to make today as the walmart of weed moves into the city. here's something you don't want to say downtown -- what's behind the spike in rats. >> ouch. the line of rain is making its way toward the d.c. area.
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good morning. looking at the stories making headlines, speaking out in his defense. robert zimmerman says his brother is still recovering from a broken nose and is suffering from severe emotional issues since the shooting death of trayvon martin. members of a street gang are accused of running an underage prostitution business where police say the men recruited their young victims coming up. and people are dreaming big this morning as they line up to get their hands on the mega millions lottery ticket. the jackpot has climbed to a record $540 million. we still have time to get the ticket, joe. >> we need some. >> definitely need some.
5:30 am
we'll have much more throughout the morning. first, good morning you to, i'm eun yang. >> good morning, i'm joe krebs. it is friday, the it 0th day of -- the 30th day of march. 46 degrees. kind of cool right now. things going to warm up a bit, tom? yes, but it's still dry. we've got a lot of pollen floating in the air. you probably have noticed it if you're suffering from tree pollen. the pollen count jumped dramatically yesterday. we're going to get a new count late this morning. will probably be even higher than this one. in the high range now. that is for tree pollen. it is mostly oak tree pollen. and we've got some near-freezing temperatures to talk about. these areas in dark blue. it's down near the freezing mark. much of the shenandoah valley, panhandle of west virginia, and areas just to the east of the blue ridge. east of catoctin and south mountains. north central maryland, up into pennsylvania. a few scattered places may get frost. closer to washington, in the low 40s. parts of montgomery county, eastern fairfax, arlington, and northern prince george's. southern prince george's,
5:31 am
western fairfax, loudoun county, frederick county, near freezing as well as down toward prince william and fauquier. rappahannock, blue ridge. clouds closing in. sprinkles moving into western maryland, ohio valley. those might make their way here during the afternoon hours. a very small chance of that. we might have a little sun by 9:00. in the 40s to near 50. a chilly morning and chilly middle of the day, too. still only in the 50s generally around noontime. clouds around. again, a small chance of a sprinkle midday or during the afternoon. temperatures might peak in the low to mid 60s briefly mid-afternoon. a look at the evening planner in ten minutes. danella? good morning. right now i'm following two accidents in our area. the first one is in gaithersburg. this is at lost knife road and odenhall avenue. involving two vehicles. use caution. the other i've been following for some time now. 66 westbound at lee highway. have a crash there involving a car off of the roadway. and i am seeing a bit of a delay as you make your way toward the
5:32 am
accident. you're slow. then you're jammed closer to the accident. passing the accident, no issues at all. now traveling along i-95 in maryland, looks pretty good right now. northbound lanes as well as southbound lanes clear. here's a travel speed for you if you're making your way southbound on i-95 from 216 to the beltway. not bad at this time. 66 miles per hour. just taking nine minutes to make the trip. joe? >> danella, thank you very much. five members of a fairfax county street gang are accused of running an underage prostitution business. police say donyell dove and other gang members approached high school-aged girls at metro stops and school grounds and on facebook. they're accused of parading the girls around alexandria apartments to solicit sex. police say the girls were threatened and abused if they wanted out. >> young women including juveniles were allegedly targeted, recruited, exploited, physically abused, and threatened, and put at risk for financial gain by others. >> police say as many as ten
5:33 am
girls were recruited by the gang members over the last five years. today friends and family of a murdered maryland woman will rally calling for a local judge to step down. two weeks ago, montgomery county police say phillip gilberti shot and killed his wife heather mcguire. in november she filed a protective order again her estranged husband who was jail would multiple times for ha harassing her. the judge let gilberti go. jacob greengreenspun was ard in an undercover sting operation wednesday. he's charged with three counts of distribution of marijuana and a count of possession with intent to distribute. the arrest comes after a two-month police investigation. students at surratsville high school in clinton, maryland, honored a classmate who died earlier this week. yesterday students walked the school track wearing pink in honor of 17-year-old tekau
5:34 am
rasoyonm. her classmates also released balloons in her memory. rasayonm died suddenly on thursday while jogging during gym class. her father said he's not aware of any pre-existing condition. today we'll learn which companies can grow and supply medical marijuana in the district. the d.c. health department will announce the winning bidders for the city's six medical marijuana permits. they could start producing plants in as little as a month. growers may turn to this store to help launch their operations. it's called we grow. and it opens today on rhode island avenue in northeast. the store sells lights, food, and other supplies needed to grow indoors marijuana plants. it will offer consulting services for growers. >> the goal is really also to educate these cultvators to make sure that they're producing a high-quality medicine for the district of columbia patients because what we're seeing in areas where there's not a lot of education and resources available, the medical cannabis being grown is not very safe.
5:35 am
>> the we grow store will not sell marijuana plants or seeds. maryland lawmakers in prince george's county are ready to meet to talk about legislation that would bring gambling to the county. the house is debating the bill which would bring casino-style table games to maryland's five slot machine parlors. it would also authorize a sixth casino in prince george's county. the senate passed the bill earlier this week. its supporters must act quickly, though. maryland's general assembly adjourns one week from monday. gridlock costs us all the time. now it's costing construction crews, as well. a highway contractor is being fined for work delays that snarled rush hour traffic on i-95. commuters had to deal with five-mile backups in richmond and northern counties yesterday morning after a crew missed the 6:00 a.m. deadline to have workers off the highway. archer western contractors will have to pay between $13,000 and $18,000 for causing delays. vdot says the atlanta-based
5:36 am
company was unable to position cranes early that morning because of a lightning storm. the unusually warm weather is being blamed for the growing rat population in the district. experts say since more people were outside enjoying the weather, more food was left outside in trash cans. and for rats, more food leads to more rat babies. pest control companies say this has been one of their busiest years on record. the d.c. rodent control office says people should do their part by properly disposing of food and securing trash can. >> yuck. >> my skin is crawling. gross. >> creepy. 5:36. more roadblocks for drivers this weekend. the parts of the beltway you will want to avoid. plus, when the h.o.t. lanes project should be finished. growing safety concerns. why people driving certain bmws will want to keep their cars in the driveway. plus, the pain continues for allergy sufferers.
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at progressive, you can bundle your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at 5:39. 46 degrees. >> chilly out there, but what a beautiful picture. the golden jewel of the capitol on the horizon. what a pretty picture of the city. makes you just happy to be here. what a great place to live. >> and a great place to work.
5:40 am
it's not going to be the same after today for some reason, joe. >> it's a wonderful place to work until you stop working, and then it's even better. i'll find out:may not be the case. we'll go to tom kierein in storm center 4. tom? >> good morning. we are starting off this morning, yes, a chill in the air. in fact, some locations are near freezing. some of the rural areas in loudoun, frederick county, point west and north, near the freezing mark this morning. closer to washington, montgomery, fairfax counties in the mid to upper 30s. arlington county, low 40s. mid 40s in the district of columbia. upper 30s to near 40 in prince george's county. much of southern maryland, the northern neck, eastern shore, in the mid to upper 30s. all above freezing in those locations. as are much of the regions in virginia, too. the rural areas are generally above freezing. it's going to get near the freezing mark over the next hour or so. then here's the day planner. sunrise at 6:55. 40s by 9:00. sunshine, cloudy the rest of the afternoon into the 50s by
5:41 am
noontime. and middle of the afternoon, may hit low 60s around the metro area, perhaps upper 50s farther to the north for the high this afternoon. then maybe mid 60s in north central virginia mid-afternoon. then this evening, if you're heading out for this friday evening, you might have -- want to have an umbrella around. we might have a passing shower. there's a slight chance of that late in the evening. by then, down to the low 50s. a look at the weekend as well as my latest school visit and into next week. we'll have a look at that, too, in ten minutes. danella? good morning. following breaking news in montgomery county. if you're making the commute on lost knife road this is at odenhall avenue. the intersection is shut down due to a crash in the area. police are on the scene. a moment ago the fire department was there, as well. for now avoid this intersection. if this is your commute this morning. over to i-66 westbound, this is at lee highway. had a crash with a vehicle off of the roadway. and i was seeing a significant delay as you made your way toward the accident. right now, not seeing a delay. and i think this crash has moved
5:42 am
off to the side of the road. i'll be back in ten minutes to confirm that. right now, that's the way it's looking. if you're crossing over the 14th street bridge, here's a live look, no issues as you make your way southbound into the city. back to you. >> thanks. our time now 5:42. they don't call him man's best friend for nothing. >> been a long eight months. >> the priceless greeting this dog gave his master as he labored breathing ]
5:43 am
5:44 am
[ coughing continues ] [ gasping ] [ elevator bell dings, coughing continues ] [ female announcer ] washington can't ignore the facts. more air pollution means more childhood asthma attacks. [ coughing continues ] log on to and tell washington: don't weaken clean air protections.
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this is it. our friend and colleague joe krebs begins his next chapter tomorrow because today he retires after 32 years at nbc 4. 18 here on the morning show. >> exactly. >> all week you heard about the impact that you've had on your co-workers and on thousands of
5:46 am
viewers across the region. today we honor you and the commitment to the communities you've served. to the untrained eye, a baby with a rattle. but look closer -- a microphone-wielding baby joe krebs, interpid even in youth and quick after the story. okay, maybe that's a stretch. but joe did get an early start teaming up with his brothers to launch kfg radio. broadcast all over his house from a basement in st. louis. baby brother rob krebs. >> broadcast about 100 feet around the house. when my aunt margaret would come to take care of the kids, we'd broadcast the news. >> my dad was a doctor, and his -- he always raised me with the idea you either become a doctor, lawyer, or dentist. >> off to law school joe went. he earned his degree, then joined the navy where wouldn't you know it, a broadcast operation was set up on the
5:47 am
"u.s.s. john f. kennedy." before long joe would trade pens for paper in north carolina. dedicated to learning his craft he ascended to join the newsteam at wbal in baltimore. now 1980, washington came calling. >> the wind was coming from the east sending the waves crashing into the sea wall. this morning it looks like the target end of a firing range. there are bullet holes and bullet hits everywhere. >> joe says 14 years working as a reporter at wrc was like making a mini movie every day. but what makes joe krebs a giant among journalists? sure, there were eyeglasses. many, many, many pairs of glasses. and yes, the hair sometimes was a tall tale of its own. but joe had mastered the art of storytelling. >> the early morning sun glared across the clear sky, and the flag flapped in the brisk breeze this morning at the dome.
5:48 am
while the geese flew in formation, the air crews prepared planes for the fight. the main mission is to be a hospital that can go wherever it's needed quickly. >> on the "comfort," doctors and nurses from the bethesda naval hospital, was one of many hallmark moments in joe's 42-year-long career. >> we put together a documentary that appeared within three or four days after we got back. >> in 1996 joe answered the call of the anchor desk. effervescent with the fast-paced news cycle. alongside eun the last few years, he's a font of knowledge. >> one of the problems with ocean city is that everything is so low once you get to the coastal highway, it's almost down at sea level. >> i'm barbara harrison. >> i'm joe krebs. >> for the first 16 years, it was joe and barbara. >> it was like a marriage being together that long. he really does care. i knew he care good me. i know he cares about everyone that he's ever done a story
5:49 am
about. >> nearly 100 of those stories were cold cases, families who lost loved ones to murder, never to know why. >> so for them to let me tell their story, i see as sorted of a sacred trust -- sort of a sacred trust. i want to tell the story well. >> it's the selfless way joe lives every part of his life. even after a heart attack in 1999, he donned a spandex shirt and hopped on his bike for the d.c. aids ride. he did it five times, hundreds of miles, and millions of dollars raised for groups like food and friends. >> the way joe rides is the way joe does everything. he's methodical, he's careful, he's expert. he really sets a high standard. >> serious though he may be, joe has had his fair share of fun over the years. >> we're not going to jump over any of these things. no, we're not. almost straight down. whoa! >> gamesmanship. >> in front of these f-18s, from standing still on the flight deck to airborne in about two
5:50 am
seconds requires a carefully choreographed dance. >> joe, you've created this stupendous concoction, a glazed tonight put trail mix topping. let's see what it tastes like. >> the tool of the trade. >> the super duper red poor people scooper. >> thankfully those days are over. here's toy in more early morning drives to work and times with your beautiful family. >> there is one last thing i would like to say -- bye. >> he stole my line. my little brother, he always did. little brothers always do that. >> rob was completely an enabler. so much of the video and photos, he was able to help put together. >> thank him for that. that was great. wonderful. >> what a nice tribute to you, joe, and your amazing career. >> it's been wonderful. it's been a wonderful way to spend my life. it really has been. >> and really when people say that you set the standard, we look up to you in so many ways. i admire and respect you for the
5:51 am
work, journalism, commitment to this business and the way you live your life. i truly have learned a lot from the man that you are outside of the work, as well. >> thank you very much. just make sure you filler the bad stuff away. keep the good stuff. >> not going to be hard -- >> not today, though. >> there's so many of us that look for leaders. not the person who says, hey, i'm in charge, i'm the leader. the person who sets the example. you've done it, and that's made it easier for us to do what we have to do every day to get the job done. we appreciate -- appreciate the person that you are. >> thank you very much. and i thank you all for being here. this has been an extraordinary experience working with all of you at the anchor desk. i think you'll be absolutely terrific when you move a couple of feet over to this chair. and i look forward to watching you. thank you for everything you've done this last week. >> if i can add, scott eisenhuth has done a great job the past week. thank you.
5:52 am
>> a wonderful friend and editor. thank you very much. >> okay. there is just the beginning. >> we're not done. there's more. >> okay. do it. give me the hook. >> i got tissues waiting. >> you guys go ahead and weep now. i'll do weather while you weep. this morning, right now off to a frosty, cold start. areas in dark blue, it is down near the freezing mark on this friday morning. it's not freaky friday, it's freezy friday. starting off, temperatures down, frosty cold, all the areas in dark blue across much of northern valley, north central maryland near the freezing mark. the view from space showing a few clouds drifting in. those areas in green, well, those are areas of a few sprinkles of light rain now into western maryland, northern west virginia. looks like they're going to dry out by the time they head our way in the next few hours. might have an isolated sprinkle around the shenandoah valley here over the next few hours. sunrise at 6:55. might have sun in and out. by noontime, 50s. might hit low to mid 60s the middle of the afternoon. overnight tonight, cloudy, might
5:53 am
have an isolated shower, maybe after midnight. a greater chance tomorrow, cloudy. 60s to near 70s in the afternoon. sunday, 60s to near 70s as well as monday and tuesday. might get rain on wednesday. earlier this week i traveled to the westland middle school in montgomery county in bethesda and talked to these eighth graders about careers. it was a career day at the westland middle school. i want to thank emleap greenburg for the invitation to visit these -- emily greenberg for the invitation to visit these eighth graders. we had fun at the westland middle school in bethesda. danella? good morning. facility following breaking news in gaithersburg -- still following breaking news in gaithersburg. lost knife road at odenhall avenue. police on the scene, the intersection shut down. it's difficult to see, but i can tell you the intersection is completely shut down. i'm going to keep watching the accident and let you know when you'll get the lanes back.
5:54 am
over to i-66, not seeing delays from the earlier crash at 66 westbound at lee highway. looks to be out of the roadway. and a live look at the beltway in college park. inner loop getting a little volume. your inner loop speed not really bad at all. look at this -- 61 miles per hour. only taking nine minutes to get from i-95 to route 50 at this time. eun? >> all right. thank you very much. maryland commuters are seeing some of the best train service in years. so far this year marc trains have been on time more than 90% of the time on all three of the system's lines. two years ago, trains ran late it 1/3 of the time and marc experienced high-profile breakdowns including one where passengers were stranded for two hours without air conditioning. passengers say since that incident, conductors are giving out more information and backup trains and buses are arriving more quickly. a traffic alert for drivers in northern virginia. a new ramp is about to open to help ease traffic at i-66 and the beltway. first you have to deal with more delays. beginning tonight at 9:30, three
5:55 am
right lanes on the outer loop at i-66 will close. the old exit ramp from i-66 west to the outer loop will also close. it's to allow crews to open a new ramp from 66 west to the beltway. that new ramp should be open by 7:00 tomorrow morning. and the new beltway express lanes in virginia should be open by the end of this year. here's a look at what the new four high-occupancy toll lanes will look like. they include two lanes in each direction. vdot crews rebuilt 58 bridges and overpasses. vdot officials say those who use the lanes could cut their commute times in half between springfield and tyson's. it will cost drivers and not everyone's happy it the prices. >> the models we're using show an average of 3.5-mile trip on and off. for the trip, it would be in the neighborhood of $5 to $6. >> philosophically that they're not going to have a set rate for the toll. so it seems almost like a perk just for the rich.
5:56 am
>> the h.o.t. lanes will be called express lanes. they should be open by december. drivers will need to use a special twice called the e -- device called the e-zpass transponder. virginia state officials are reminding homeowners to check their insurance policies to see if they have earthquake insurance. a law recently passed by virginia's general assembly requires that companies that don't cover earthquakes give a written notice. they must also let people know that coverage can be purchased separately. the new notice applies to policies renewed or issued after january 1 of next year. federal safety regulators and bmw say some owners should park their cars outside until a battery cable problem can be fixed. the premium carmaker issued the recall earlier this week. it involves 1.3 million of its 5 and 6 series cars. bm ws a battery cable cover in the trunk was installed incorrectly. the problem could lead to an electrical malfunction, prevent the car from starting. if extreme cases, the defect
5:57 am
could lead to fire. bmw is contacting car owners, and the repair will be done for free. no accidents or injuries reported so far. dogs are certainly man's best friend. >> we have proof. a new video reinforces that as this pooch welcomes his owner home from the military. >> daddy's home. >> that is chuck the boxer saying hello and welcome home to his owner nick after an eight-month stint overseas. chuck can't stop showing his love and affection, making sure that nick isn't going anywhere. this is not the first time chuck has been a youtube star. he was taped with the same sort of reaction a year ago. this video was posted a week ago. it already has two million hits on youtube. what a great picture. what a wonderfully exuberant dog. >> great pet. loyal. that's why they're called man's best friend. >> beyond loyal. yeah. >> my kids don't get that
5:58 am
excited. >> exactly. joe, own what you're in for. i'm just warning you now. it's -- ahead at 6:00, surprises and a special sendoff for our dear friend, joe krebs my dad was a union electrician. sometimes i'd tag along to a work site, carrying his lunch or tools. it was good, honest work. i went to college with the help of a union scholarship, then started a maryland business, creating jobs by providing financing to small companies wall street ignored. today, congress is ignoring our need for jobs. my dad the electrician taught me, if something's broken, get in there and try to fix it. i'm john delaney, and i approve this message.
5:59 am
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