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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  March 30, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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take the quick pick? whichever way you go thousands of megamillions tickets are sold every minute for the chance to win the lottery jackpot of a lifetime. good afternoon. i'm pat lawson muse. >> i'm jim handly. 640 million dollars. that's more than half a billion. it sounds big no matter how you say it. >> it is so much money that it's hard to imagine how to spend it. there are a whole lot of people who are trying or willing to try. nbc's jay gray has more on megamillions fever. >> reporter: megamillions mania continues to sweep the country. >> everybody is excited, right? everybody hopes to win. so keep your fingers crossed. >> reporter: with the hope of hitting it big, and this time we mean really big. a world record jackpot of more than $600 million. >> that's serious cash. serious cash. >> reporter: so it takes a serious strategy to find the winning numbers. >> anniversary, birth date, tda
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we got married. those things. >> i have a special $1 susan b. anthony coin i'm going to use to buy it. that one is going to win. >> reporter: regardless of the method this psychologist says all the megamillions madness really does do something to our brains. >> we secrete that adrenalin. we have neuro transmitters like dopamine and endorphins and also the seratonin so that goes up. and that makes us feel good biologically. >> reporter: for many players it's simply a chance to dream. >> i'm dreaming big time, yeah. i'm going to take a fork. >> quit my job. >> reporter: why do people say that? >> why not? >> reporter: hold on. don't quit your day job and pack those bags just yet. in this numbers game the figures that often seem to get overlooked are the chances of actually taking home all of that cash. the odds of one person winning the entire jackpot are 176 million to one and i think i may have just found the one.
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okay. maybe not. for perspective, consider this. the chance of getting struck by lightning is one in 280,000. that means you're more likely to get struck 500 times than to win tonight's drawing. but the megamillions really only needs to strike once. jay gray nbc news. >> lightning never looked so good. strike me. >> the chance to win is making people batty. one of those people is our own pat collins. you don't want to miss his lottery story coming up tonight at 5:00. >> you turn him loose and anything can happen. we'll have the drawing for the winning lottery numbers tonight on news 4 at 11:00 so stay up with us. i don't know whether i'll go to bed and wake up a $5mann millionaire or what. >> we'll find out soon enough. if you own a mastercard or visa card listen to this. the credit card companies are warning banks about a potential
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security breach of card holders' account information. officials at mastercard and visa say the breach didn't impact their own system but rather happened at a third party company. mastercard has hired an independent data security organization to find out exactly what happened. they say customers should meanwhile monitor their credit card statements and contact their banks if they see any suspicious activity. millions of customers could reportedly be affected by this though no official number has been released. liz crenshaw will join us at 5:00 to explain just what you can do to protect yourself. >> the coldest day we've seen in almost three weeks today. >> meteorologist doug kammerer is in the storm center. going to warm up soon, doug? >> it is going to warm up a little bit over the next couple days. temperatures today below average. a high today so far of 54. yeah, as you said, the coldest afternoon we've seen in just about three weeks. i started looking at this on friday. or a little earlier in the week thinking, hey, friday is looking great but as time grew by i continued to see more clouds and
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that is exactly what we've seen today and some shower activity as well. 52 degrees out there with winds out of the northeast at 12 miles an hour. take a look at rest of the region. 48 in gaithersburg. 48 in leesburg. 63 in fredericksburg. there has been some sun in our southern viewing area. you can see stanton and charlottesville with temperatures into the 60s but we did see a chance or did see some rain showers move through. most of them coming through parts of northern virginia and then southern portions of maryland, too. but as we widen out here, notice there is a lot more rain to come back to the west. we'll continue to watch as this system down to the south and one to the north come together, come together right over our region. i'll talk about how much rain that we're going to see from this system as it makes its way in here overnight tonight and into the day tomorrow. obviously, tomorrow morning, we're talking about a saturday morning. we are going to start off i think with some shower activity around the area but will saturday be a washout? i'll have the complete forecast coming up for you in just a little bit. >> we'll see you then. thank you, doug. take a look at this video.
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the roof collapses from underneath the roof. the detroit firefighters trying to put out a blaze and it was real team work to get to safety. the three were on this roof of a dry cleaning business when the roof began caving in. two of them quickly pulled their fellow firefighter to safety just in the nick of time. no word on what caused the fire but firefighters are all okay. supreme court justices were expected to take an initial vote today on whether president obama's health care law should be upheld. after the private vote the justices will decide who will write opinions in the case. those opinions will be read and justices will be given the opportunity to change their minds. a final ruling is expected early in the summer. today vice president joe biden said he expects the court to uphold the law. today the d.c. health department announced the winning bidders for the city's six medical marijuana permits. they are abatin wellness center, montana apothecary, district
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growers, holistic remedies, phyto management and venture forth all located in northeast d.c. tracee wilkins reports on one store that won't sell marijuana but will be able to help growers when they get the permits. >> reporter: as the district approves medical marijuana distributors and growers they need somewhere to go to get the supplies. that's where we grow comes in. they say they are the first honest hydro store because they don't hide what they are here to sell. it's the store grand opening that some washingtonians never wanted to see. >> it's been a little bit difficult just like it is. there's a lot of misconceptions as to what we grow does. >> reporter: we grow is a store with an emphasis on marijuana growing. it sells everything from leaf cutters for marijuana plants to bubble machines for thc extraction. this national retail hydroponics
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franchise company fought for space in northeast d.c. so it could be close to the licensed medical cannabis growers setting up in this quadrant of the city. the battle to explain the store's purpose is one the owner is used to. he had to do it in oakland, california when we grow opened its first store a year ago. >> being the first state to legalize medical marijuana not a lot of people knew exactly what it entailed and what to do. a lot of people didn't want to take the risk of being one of the first medical marijuana related businesses to open. >> reporter: the store also includes what they call the bloom room. now, they say this is kind of like the geek squad, a plant cultivation, be it an indoor plant or possibly a licensed marijuana plant. now if you don't know how to set up your cultivation center or you have questions this is where you would come for classes and also to learn about the latest technology in plant growth. >> marijuana cultivation exists within their neighborhoods whether it's legal or it's not.
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a business like we grow helps make that cultivation safer and responsible not only for the growers but also the communities that are involved. if setups aren't done properly, they can be major safety hazards for everybody within the neighborhood. >> while we grow opens its doors today they're still waiting for medical marijuana distributors and growers to get set up here in the district. so i asked who will your customers be? in the meantime? and they said anyone interested in growing house plants. in northeast, i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. a major boost today for mitt romney's campaign for the republican presidential nomination. representative paul ryan, chair of the house budget committee, endorsed romney this morning. ryan is considered by some to be one of the nation's most influential conservatives. he says romney is best suited to beat president obama this fall but ryan says he fears that dragging out the contest for the republican nomination will make that achievement more difficult. a warning for drivers of
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honda suvs. more than 500,000 crv and pilots, crvs and pilots are being recalled. honda says the low beam headlights can fail. the auto makers say the fix will involve the wiring. the recall impacts model years 2002 through 2004 as well as 2003 pilots. owners will get notices in the mail next month. no crashes or injuries have been reported at this point. french police arrested 19 suspected islamist extremists overnight during raids across the country. the arrests came just one week after an al qaeda militant was killed by police in a standoff. nbc's jim maceda has the latest. >> reporter: french president sarkozy had ordered a crackdown on radical islamists after that series of cold-blooded attacks last week left seven dead and this morning french s.w.a.t. teams swooped across the door
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arresting at least 19 individuals believed to have ties with islamist militant groups. sarkozy today also saying that there would be more raids and that some of those arrested would be deported who, quote, have no business in the country. >> translator: i don't know if these people are terrorist networks. we have questions to ask, very precise questions to a number of people. what happened this morning will continue. there will be other operations. >> reporter: however, police sources are saying that there is no direct link between these raids and the teluse killings or even with the ongoing investigation into that alleged gunman mohamed merah, the 23-year-old frenchman killed last week after a 30-hour standoff with police in teluse. many of those arrested today, however, were reportedly part of a band islamist organization who were still operating via the internet inside france. but despite claims that the gunman had been trained by al qaeda investigators are now saying he was more likely one of
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those so-called lone wolves acting outside any organized terror cell. i'm jim maceda, nbc news, reporting from london. now back to you. a suspicious package at a fairfax county school cost a lot of confusion this morning. students at andy anandale high kept in a safe location outside the building for a few hours while police investigated a package on the front lawn of the school. this was the scene from chopper 4. police took in a robot to check out the package but they declared it was safe. the threat disrupted not only the opening of annandale high but buses that were dropping students off at 18 fairfax county elementary schools. news 4 at 4:00 is just getting started. ♪ too late my time has come >> a suspect decides to sing the entire song bohemian rhapsody while in the back of a cop car.
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>> james cameron talks about "the titanic" re-release. plus, he has worked here for more than three decades. morning anchor joe krebs says his trademark bye today as he signs off the air for a final time. his message to viewers. we've got it after the break. never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. (woman) the goal is to bring an end to breast cancer. (woman) there's no doubt in my mind that komen's funding helped saved my life. the 3-day is my opportunity to help save others' lives. (woman) i'll never stop walking, not till we find a cure. it is the most rewarding experience i have ever had in my entire life.
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(man) register today for the... because everyone deserves a lifetime. you can always expect more. like more on demand shows and movies than ever. and more ways to discover them too.
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plus more speed from america's fastest internet provider. so you can run more devices at the same time. ♪ feel a firework [ female announcer ] and best of all, it keeps getting better. no wonder more people choose xfinity over any other provider. ♪ love can be so mystical ♪ well he's not on the voice or america's got talent but the song sung by 29-year-old unemployed man from canada is bringing him a whole lot of fame. >> robert wilkinson was in the back of a royal canadian mounted police squad car last november under arrest on drunk driving
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charges. wilkinson decided to belt out an almost perfect rendition of the song "boehehemian rhapsody" dur his transport and it is caught on the car's camera. ♪ is this the real life is this a fantasy caught in a landslide no escape from reality ♪ >> the video was released to wilkinson as part of the state's discovery process because the suspect is defending himself. he posted it on youtube after a friend asked to see it. it then went viral. wilkinson is a care yoke singer. >> when i said almost perfect rendition -- i was talking about he knew every word. he's a little tone deaf and a bit off key. >> okay. you clarified that. >> the poor police officer having to hear that. >> yes.
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>> ooh. a popular boy band could be getting back together now. ♪ i'm losing my mind when you're not around it's all it's all it's all because of you ♪ >> rumors are swirling that 98 degrees is planning a 15-city reunion tour. no official word yet but yesterday the band's website was updated for the first time in a decade. 98 degrees was popular in the late 1990s and early 2000s. the band starred nikola shea and his brother drew with jeff timons and justin jeffrey. movie director james cameron is in japan promoting the re-release of the 1997 blockbuster movie "titanic. ". >> the movie is being released worldwide and coincides with the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the luxury liner. cameron decided to respond to
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claims that he is trying to cash in on the tragedy. >> i think the idea of releasing the film now around the time of the 100-year memorial of the actual titanic sinking is just a way to focus, you know, focus the interest of the world on the story of titanic. not just the movie but the actual story of titanic, itself. >> the movie returns to theaters on wednesday, april 4th. well, it's a big and a bit of a bitter sweet day here at nbc 4. after 32 years here at news 4 morning anchor joe krebs signed off the air for the final time this morning. >> and after hundreds of heart felt tributes, joe delivered his final message with his family by his side. >> this long good-bye is coming to a conclusion and now i would like to get a chance to say something to you. the something i want to say can really be said in just two
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words. those two words are "thank you" to nbc 4 for giving me 32 years of a wonderful career. thank you to news 4 for giving me 18 years on the news 4 today anchor desk and filling our newsroom with extraordinary broadcast journalists. thank you to all my co-workers here at the anchor desk and the studio and the control room and the newsroom and throughout this entire building. they are all dedicated, talented, committed, creative, and hard-working people who have become my dear friends, my work family. the love and affection i feel for them is overflowing right now. but most of all, i want to thank you. thank you who have invited me, us into the quiet of your homes every morning usually in the predawn darkness when you are just trying to figure out who am i, where am i, what am i doing? we understand we are guests and you are doing us the favor and we owe you the responsibility of
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giving you the information you need and you want as you start your day. thank you for trusting that we will do that. now, back when i was in the navy i attended several change of command ceremonies and i seem to recall that in the end they're really more about the new guy than the old guy. the old guy has had his time in the sun. i've had plenty of time in the sun. that's why i have all this nice, blonde hair. and now it's time to turn it over to the new guy, the new news guy in this chair, and i'm sure you will extend to aaron the same generous invitation and hospitality you extended to me. he understands what you want, what you need, and if you get the sense that he doesn't, you know where to reach him. while i also strongly believe he is exactly the right guy for this job, he is talented, dedicated, already anchored the morning news in richmond for six years, and, finally, i just want to say thank you to three
4:20 pm
remarkable women. to barbara, who kept me in beautiful ties and the final one was just delivered this morning. i think it is -- >> oh, wow. nice. >> right here. she has given me wonderful stories. she's been generous and giving to her job and to her friends and to her family and to her community beyond measure. to eun, whose energy and spirit radiate like the sunrise and who brings joy and care into every task she tackles and every room she enters. she is a gift. and to mary lynn, my wife of almost 40 years, who's been my strength and my fun, my partner and my love through this crazy career from greensboro to raleigh to baltimore to washington. so as i said after many words, it does come down to just two words -- thank you.
4:21 pm
and -- bye. >> as only he can say it. oh, we're going to miss him. >> yeah. there is no one like joe. you know, he brought coffee every morning for i don't know how many years. he went to 7-eleven and bought coffee for all of the producers and his co-anchor. every morning i worked with joe he brought me coffee. i said, joe, we have a coffee machine in the newsroom kitchen. he says i know but i'm used to doing this. >> it's tradition. >> exactly right. >> and it's been a tradition for us because you can never wake up on the wrong side of the bed when you turned on channel 4 and saw joe. he would just cheer you up every morning and got you going. great way to jump-start the day. the celebration continues tonight at nbc 4. we're looking forward to that and his lovely wife mary lynn and his family. he was generally surprised there. had one grand baby behind him too. >> the new joy of his life. joe, you have earned your retirement. >> you sure have. coming up on news 4 hear from the local officer who pulled over bat man and why he couldn't give him a ticket.
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the fight to keep producing the pink slime found in me
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[ female announcer ] what's new from ziploc?
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♪ if you're struggling to make portioning and freezing easier... ♪ ...try new ziploc perfect portions bags. just grab your portion, no touch no mess, turn the bag inside out, and freeze inside ziploc brand freezer bags for unbeatable protection. [ doorbell rings ] somebody order a wrecking ball? thanks, but i'm good. [ female announcer ] so portion and freeze with ease, with new perfect portions from ziploc. sc johnson. a family company. the mercury took a bit of a dive. >> took a big dive. the allergies better today?
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>> a little better today. >> not nearly as high as they were yesterday. still on the high side and we still need to see some rain to knock down some of that pollen but it does look like things are going to get a little better over the next couple days. yes, today chilly out there. only 52 degrees right now. it's all the cloud cover across the area. we did see a couple sprinkles. some light showers into parts of the area or a little earlier. those have since moved on and right now we're just left with the clouds. in most of the area. right now 52 degrees with winds oust the northeast at 12 miles an hour. that makes for a very cool afternoon and it's going to be a very cool evening tonight, too. you'll probably need the jackets although i do think the clouds will begin to break up just a little bit. they're already starting to do so back to the west. look at petersburg up to 60 degrees or at least close to 60. down toward fredericksburg they've seen sunshine so 64 degrees for them. 62 in charlottesville. a cool 48 in gaithersburg and 48 in annapolis. look at baltimore only 45 degrees right now. you could see the cloud cover
4:26 pm
coming right across the region and take a look at the clouds. philadelphia, sunshine. richmond, sunshine. washington, clouds. that's what we were looking at during the day yesterday. a little bit more in the way of clouds during the day today and, yes, we did see some shower activity and we're not done quite yet. right now the local radar, nothing to show you so we're not seeing any rain at the moment but watch what happens when we zoom out here. you can see shower activity back toward west virginia. but a bigger band around the -- to our west and we are going to watch this move in overnight tonight and into early tomorrow morning and probably right on through the day. tomorrow will not be a washout but i still expect to see some showers during the day as the area of low pressure moves off the coast. we'll also see winds shift to the northeast. tomorrow is still going to be another cool day with most of us remaining in the 50s. sunday, though, a better day. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy. nice weather. temperatures move back into the mid to upper 60s. this evening, mtly cloudy. continued cool and dry early. 45 to about 52 degrees. tomorrow morning, we'll see plenty of cloud cover and, yes, a few showers but they will be on the light side.
4:27 pm
temperatures 45 to about 50 degrees. then on your day saturday mostly cloudy. a few showers. mainly light. so don't cancel any plans tomorrow. but you will probably see some shower activity. 56 to about 61 degrees. the next couple days we warm back up to near 68 on monday and by tuesday temperatures around 70 degrees with only a slight chance of a shower. so really it's today and tomorrow that are kind of the glum days and then i think we get better as time goes by. >> all righty. >> hang in there. thank you, doug. still to come on news 4 at 4:00, bat man versus the police. meet the local officer who pulled over a lamborghini with bat man behind the wheel. plus a pastor explains how his church got stuck with a his church got stuck with a $27,000 phone bill.
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new bounty. the clean picker upper.
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welcome back to news 4 at 4:00. i'm pat lawson muse. >> i'm jim handly. new at 4:30 right now megamillions fever in full effect. tonight's jackpot is $640 million. that is the largest in history. we'll have the winning numbers on news 4 at 11:00 tonight. >> mastercard and visa are warning banks about a potential security breach of card holder account information. officials at mastercard say the breach didn't impact its own system but happened at a third
4:31 pm
party company around january and february. customers are asked to monitor their statements and contact their bank if anything looks suspicious. stocks ended mixed today. the nasdaq had the best showing since 1991. at the closing bell the dow was up 66 points. the nasdaq was down four. the s&p 500 was up five. holy missing plates, bat man. that'll cause some trouble. >> that's how robin might have reacted to news that his boss got pulled over in montgomery county last week. news 4's jackie benson spoke with the surprised officer who describes the traffic stop unlike any other. >> he has bat man on it and he's dressed like bat man. >> reporter: this dash board camera video provided by montgomery county police shows an officer pulling over, well, batman, on route 29 in white oak
4:32 pm
last week. >> i like the outfit, man. >> thank you. >> as i got closer to the car all i could see was like ears and i'm saying to myself, god, i hope this guy is not wearing a bat man outfit. >> reporter: officer paul borja is a veteran police officer known as a fair guy but the car did not have license plates and the law is the law. he had to lay it down to bat man. >> okay. you got a front tag there? bat man? >> reporter: within hours just about everyone not just in the d.c. area but around the country knew about the cop who pulled over the batmobile. the vehicle is actually a lamborghini that lenny b. robinson uses when he dons his costume to entertain sick children on his own dime. >> that's the real story right there, what he does. >> reporter: in the end the officer ended up giving bat man a warning. ♪ bat man >> reporter: luckily the 29-year veteran cop has a good sense of humor. he's going to need it. >> that really made my day. it's like, you can't give bat
4:33 pm
man ticket for what he's doing. come on. he's a super hero. >> reporter: thanks to facebook and twitter the incident made national news even before officer borja finished his shift that day. >> hum. well, if you've been wanting to smell like donald trump, smell like money, you're in luck. the celebrity apprentice star has released his second fragrance. >> i don't know about this guy. it's called success by trump as in the sweet smell of success perhaps. we're told the fragrance is a clean and spicy mix of juniper and red current and a heart of ginger bamboo leaves and geranium. >> smells nice. >> it will be sold at macy's, pat, in case you're curious, and priced between $14 and $55. >> sounds like it smells nice. >> and a reminder you can watch donald trump on "the celebrity apprentice" sundays at 9:00 here on nbc 4. i think it may be 8:00 this
4:34 pm
sunday. it's a biggy this week. $5 extra on a phone bill not so bad but one church in chicago was surprised to find a $27,000 phone bill in the mail. >> it appears a mystery hacker stole the church's phone line and then used it to make international calls. reverend earl says all the calls were made in just 24 hours. >> but the calls didn't come from inside the church which the reverend says makes it difficult to track the hacker down. >> i think there's a caution here for all consumers. check out your systems. these are parallel to your banking cards, credit cards, and bank cards. they're so easily hacked and accessed by the internet. >> reporter: here's the good news. at&t has agreed to cover the church's bill. we've got a whole lot more to come on news 4 at 4:00 this afternoon. the controversy over the pink slime takes another turn. we'll take you inside a processing plant coming up.
4:35 pm
plus if you're afraid of heights don't travel to the world's highest and longest bridge, which is about to open. nonstop foodies is all night. >> wow. mama mia. >> watch foodies on nonstop and experience what the hottest new restaurants, tastiest food trucks, and most influential chefs are dishing out. >> i think this is the easiest recipe. even i can make this at home. and i bet you could, too. >> so many great places, right? >> foodies tonight only on nonstop. >> check us out on comcast 208, verizon 460, and cox 803 and over the air on 4.2.
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tobacco companies will soon have to show consumers exactly what's in their cigarettes. the food and drug administration issued new regulations today. cigarette makers now have to report the amount of 20 chemicals that could pose health risks. some of those chemicals include ammonia, carbon monoxide, and formaldehyde. the new reporting requirements take effect next april. well it's friday and the app of the day is a competitive one. >> angie goff shows off draw something. >> okay. today's app of the day, this is one that is sweeping the nation
4:39 pm
in popularity. it's called draw something and pretty much it is just pictionary for the digital age. you get to compete with your friends via e-mail or if you're friends with somebody on facebook so i'm going up against one of my buddies, producer calvin here at nbc 4. i'm going to push the play button and basically my word was taco. we'll wait and see. calvin is actually outside the studio right now playing and there is my drawing. let's see if he guessed it correctly. looks like he did. right? calvin, way to go. all right. and now it's going to be my turn to guess what calvin is drawing. hum. sign maybe? i guess you can use letters. that gives it away. i'm going with the word compass. we can find out. i am correct. so the whole point of this is to
4:40 pm
win coins. when you're competing with each other. what's great is that it's pretty much serving as a social guessing game. i can continue to go and draw and choose what words i want if i wanted to do acts and what i love is there are more than 100 million different times. 100 different types of drawings in here and it can create a lot of fun between you and your friends, kind of like word games but through pictures. put your creativity to the test. while online remember to check out nbc 4's iphone app at nbc stay up to date on all your news, weather, and traffic. >> this is what i'm drawing. take a guess, pat. >> jim has drawn something here. we want them to see this. >> it's a work of art. >> this clearly looks like -- no it's not clear but let me tell you what he drew. clouds and rain drops. >> two words. >> a hint. >> yeah. that's what we got. >> rain drops. how much rain are we going to get for the weekend, doug will tell us next.
4:41 pm
plus the makers of the pink slime allow cameras to take a tour inside the plant. i'm liz crenshaw. one of the first things you should do if you end up winning the megamillions lottery tonight -- the answer is coming my dad was a union electrician. sometimes i'd tag along to a work site, carrying his lunch or tools. it was good, honest work. i went to college with the help of a union scholarship, then started a maryland business, creating jobs by providing financing to small companies wall street ignored. today, congress is ignoring our need for jobs. my dad the electrician taught me, if something's broken, get in there and try to fix it. i'm john delaney, and i approve this message.
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i'm wendy rieger. coming up on news 4 at 5:00 outrage over the death of the maryland mother shot in kensington by her estranged
4:44 pm
husband. the victim's family is now fighting to change the law to save others. relief for you allergy sufferers. there are natural remedies that can help you deal with this record high pollen. see you in a few minutes at 5:00. right now let's see what the weather is going to be like tonight. >> tonight looking okay. if you have a hot date, if you, i don't know how many of you do. i know you and i don't. >> hot date on a cold night. >> no hot dates out there right now. actually i got two buddies in town. that's what we'll call a hot date. exactly. out there today temperatures not hot at all. 52 degrees the current temperature out there right now. it is cloudy. it is cool with winds out of the northeast at 12 miles per hour. so definitely on the cool side. as you look toward the numbers around the region, 49 right now in rockville. we're at 48 in gaithersburg and right now 52 in reston. so it is going to continue to be on the cool side. i don't see these numbers really changing a whole lot over the next few hours. we may see a few breaks. there's also a few showers right now into west virginia but look
4:45 pm
at all the rain down around atlanta and then a thunderstorm, pret good batch of thunderstorms just south of chicago. those two systems are going to try to come together over our region but they'll have a tough time doing so, so i do not anticipate too much in the way of rain. you see those thunderstorms right there in west virginia, you see the lightning? those should fall apart as they make their way our way as we are going to be in a little more of a stable atmosphere. over night tonight into tomorrow morning 46 in gaithersburg. 45 in leesburg. oo in washington. we are talking about a rather cool and damp start to your morning tomorrow. but not too wet. i do not expect a lot of rain from this system. that's very good news. tomorrow, don't expect or don't cancel any plans. temperatures should only be in the upper 50s to around 60 degrees. maybe 62 in places like fredericksburg. we will see some shower activity during the day so it will be a little bit on the wet side at times but once again not a washout so don't cancel any plans and just take that umbrella with you wherever you go. by the way, you should just need the little purse umbrella.
4:46 pm
we talked about it a lot. 59 tomorrow. 65 on your sunday. monday and tuesday. temperatures are going to be rebounding back up well above normal so that is good news. if you don't know quite what a little purse umbrella is ask liz. >> okay. i know mine is too big. >> clever. >> you can't fit it in your purse. your purse is big too. >> thanks a lot, jim. i've been looking for my purse. i can't find it today. that's my problem. forget the umbrella. hey, why is pollen hitting us so much harder this spring? why is tax day april 17th this year instead of the usual april 15th? if you win big bucks tonight what should you do? >> you and i are leaving town. >> we are hitting the road. >> right. >> okay. our first question comes from ann in vienna, virginia. ed says that pollen has hit him hard. join the club, ed. and wants to know if the warmer weather is to blame.
4:47 pm
>> well, dr. jackie of the allergy and asthma care in gaithersburg gave us this answer. she says that an earlier allergy season has caught us by surprise this year simply because the warmer temperatures have made the pollen counts higher earlier so what we've seen over the past few weeks is what we wouldn't normally expect until april. and allergy season is expected to last through june. joy oh, joy. however, it's important for allergy sufferers to figure out exactly what they're allergic to so they can get the right treatment. yes it is earlier. yes it's hitting us with a double punch. we get to have it through april, may, june. oh, well. >> sure is. we're hoping for rain tonight. >> yes. >> our next question comes from rachel in northwest. why is tax day april 17th this year? >> the internal revenue service gave us this answer. it said federal taxpayers have until tuesday, april 17th to file their 2011 tax returns simply because of the way the calendar is working this year. april 15th falls on a sunday and
4:48 pm
emancipation day, which is a holiday in d.c., falls on monday, april 16th. and according to federal law, d.c. holidays impact tax deadlines the same way that federal holidays do, so taxpayers have two extra days to file this year. >> we bought a little extra time. >> that's good news for you. >> that is. >> you're done? >> for once. >> it would be a first. >> hey, we could use it to pay off though a few hundred million dollars. >> yeah. >> our last question has to do with the megamillions. some viewers hope to win the big lottery jackpot so, liz, what should i do when i end up with that winning ticket? >> write this down. "forbes" magazine actually has an answer to this question. the first tip "forbes" says is, remain anonymous if you can. now, unfortunately, in virginia and d.c. they both make the names of lottery winners part of public record eventually. maryland winners though can remain anonymous if they choose
4:49 pm
to for as long as they want. next, see a tax professional before you cash your ticket. there are lots of different payment plan options. so make sure you're picking the right one for you. and "forbes" also says carefully select a team of legal and financial advisers you want to hand pick a lawyer and accountant and investment adviser that check out with state disciplinary authorities. so considering we're all going to win this, we just all need to know if you have a question you'd like us to consider for ask liz if you're not a billionaire send it to ask liz at nbc connect with me on twitter. just search liz crenshaw. and on facebook by searching liz crenshaw's consumer watch. what would you like me to get you tomorrow morning? >> a villa in tuscany. >> okay. >> cool. >> it's yours. consider it done. >> a good answer. >> good answer. you thought it through. >> yes. >> all right. pat, back over to you. >> dreaming is so wonderful isn't it? coming up on news 4 a ten-foot tall robot is getting
4:50 pm
his groove on.
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4:52 pm
that's rock 'n roll blasting out of the garage in berlin and you might be surprised at who is behind the tunes. it's a ten-foot tall robot made of scrap metal. it was created by a 39-year-old inventor. this guy is a bass player but the inventor says he is planning
4:53 pm
to create an entire robot band soon much to the delight of neighbors. >> okay. yeah. that is a big headache. give me some aspirin with it. the world's highest and longest bridge opens tomorrow in china. this bridge connects two tunnels. it sits 1100 feet high and is more than 3,800 feet long. it can accommodate four lanes of traffic and it took about five years to build. >> a high bridge. still ahead makers of pink [ male announcer ] for making cupcakes
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4:56 pm
the controversy continues to grow surrounding a common ground beef filler the critics have dubbed pink slime. john yang reports from a beef processing plant in nebraska. >> reporter: the beef industry calls it lean, finely textured beef. critics call it pink slime. it has become a punch line for tv talk show hosts. >> have you heard the story about the pink slime in your meat? >> i finally got you. >> you're a jerk and a liar! rncht governors in beef producing states aren't laughing. >> this is a safe and reliable product and this company has gone out of its way to protect the safety of the consumers. >> let's call this product what
4:57 pm
it is. and let pink slime become a term of the past. >> reporter: they're fighting back, showing news cameras how the product is made from what's left over after butchering roasts and steaks. it is treated to kill bacteria. for nearly two decades it's been in ground beef with little notice. about 850 million pounds a year. >> say hi. >> then on network tv, celebrity chef jamie oliver launched a crusade. >> we're taking a product that would be sold in the cheapest form for dogs and after being processed we can give it to humans. >> reporter: earlier this month the bloggers started a petition drive to get it out of school lunches. >> people are very upset that this is in 70% of our ground beef, up to 15% and it's not labeled. >> reporter: the public outcry was heard. now schools can choose not to serve beef with the product and big grocery chains including
4:58 pm
kroger, safeway, and food lion have stopped selling it. as a result three processing plants in texas, kansas, and iowa have stopped work idling more than 650 employees. defenders say the product is 100% meat and actually makes ground beef leaner because the fat has been removed. food experts say it's posed no health threat. >> americans have probably been eating it for a long time. it appears to be safe. >> reporter: here in the heart of beef country diners have no plans to give it up. >> i prefer to have this meat versus the regular meat with the fat in it. >> the beef industry says if consumers continue to reject the product, it could result in tight beef supplies and that could result in higher prices. that's news 4 at 4:00. news 4 at 5:00 starts right now. a violent attack outside the verizon center.
4:59 pm
police say it all started after an argument about a taxi cab. >> license to grow. a hollywood celebrity gets the green light to cultivate medical marijuana in our area. >> but first megamillions madness. the biggest jackpot in history. people everywhere lining up hoping to get their hands on that winning ticket. feeling lucky this evening? we're not. i'm wendy rieger. >> i'm jim handly. here we go, folks. for the faithful, $640 million is a lot of zeros and tonight there are a whole lot of people hoping to hit that jackpot. news 4's pat collins joins us now live from the tinley town mini market where people are feeling it. pat? >> reporter: jim, you might want to get a pen and some paper while you watch this story. there are some numbers you might be interested in. we're at the tinley market where people are lining up hoping to get that lucky ticket to put them on easy street.


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