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tv   Mad Money  NBC  March 31, 2012 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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next monday actress jennifer love hewitt. and the latest hollywood buzz. have an awesome weekend, everybody. bye-bye. -- captions by vitac -- i'm jim cramer and welcome to my world. >> you need to get in the game! >> he's going out of business and he's nuts! they're nuts! they know nothing! >> i always like to say there's a bull market somewhere. >> "mad money," you can't afford to miss it. >> hey, i'm jim cramer. others want to make friends, i want to save you a little money. my job is to teach, coach, entertain. the market's best first quarter in ages came to an end today. the dow went out with a bang. apple down. what's it man? well, for starters it means when the opening bell rings on monday, we're dealing with a different market.
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there won't be any more hedge fund shenanigans like markups or window dressing pushing stocks up but we'll also probably see the end of the lock-ins that i told you about yesterday which put pressure on the year's best performers. what's the game plan for next week? first things first, i'm going to show you how i will invest my $640 million. yes. while some would say it is premature this -- not that one. this is the winning mega millions ticket. this one right here. i'm going to buy equal parts ibm, some gold. the actual bouillon, like the kind bond threw at odd job. apple. abbott and craft, you need safe charitable names. i feel badly for the people who lost to me but you at least have my megamillions game plan. i will be here monday night,
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even after i won. won't change me one bit. oh, does it have brinks? also we need to see a chinese rate cut before we come to work. if the peoples republic does not cut rates, there will be a lot of unhappy investors here in america. the big china on plays all caught bids this week. especially later in the week. on rumors that beijing would cut rates sunday night. if that doesn't happen, you'll see a real decline on monday, which will be further damped by the end of the first quarter markups. without those buyer underneath and without china, i think we could take a bit of a tumble. nothing much happening on tuesday. but on wednesday morning we hear from monsanto, the big genetically modified seed maker. the agriculture market took a real beating this week.
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i think monsanto is going to surprise the up side. stick with the hunger game feed and you'll be all right. bed, bath and beyond, this has been a horse. it's important to know the trading pattern of stocks before you buy them tends to hold up. the bears almost immediately hijacked the agenda and tell people to dump it. then the bulls come back in over time and move it right back. there's a lot of chatter how you're going to hear this company is being hurt bip amazon with people using the store as a showroom and buying the store online. i shop at bed bath and beyond beyond all the time and that is not true. bbby, it's not a best buy. thursday morning, we get ruts from carmax. how are used cars selling in carmax has been putting up terrific numbers but buying
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ahead of the quarter can be very unrewarding. my take, buy this one if it gets hit because carmax has one of the best secular trends imaginable. people love to shop for new and used cars. consolation brands comes on thursday. this is the world's leading wine company, as well as the maker of corona extra, the number one reported brewski. i myself am a corona light the guy. this stock is up 14% year to date. i bet there's more to come. on monday, we get a real morning purchasing managers index from germany. germany has the lowest unemployment rate in 20 years, they need to remain the locomotive and help everybody. we're also going to get atrocious italian numbers and europe pmi, which will be weak. hopefully the germans can lighten the load.
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tuesday we have auto sales numbers. the autos have been a huge part of the strength of 2012. we've talked about that possibility we might be building 15 million cars in the country. it's up from 9 million a couple years ago. and auto companies have been putting people back to work here in america. have they been hurt by high gas prices? we'll know that day. also on tuesday we get march truck sales data. the bull market in trucks has caused carmax to be one of the best stocks in this market. look for this to get hammered if this number is weak and if china doesn't cut rates. you might see a 10% decline. thursday the monthly retail sales come out. this is that same store sales number. if we really stopped shopping until we drop because of the price at the pump, we'll know this day. i don't think we have. i bet we hear the usual us expects, macy's, nordstroms doing well. here's who to watch, gap stores. they've moved up 41%.
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got upgraded again today. gap has the most on the line. it needs to maintain the same sales momentum if it's going to keep going high. and i saw a nifty khaki suit in banana republic this weekend, i saw it in the window. it would look good on me. and despite the holiday, the most important event of next week will be the last one. if we're going to keep up the momentum of first quarter, we absolutely need the employment number to continue expanding. i'm worried it's going to take a dip because of weakness in the drilling sector. courtesy of the sharp tumble of natural gas prices. we're not endorsing natural gas as a surface fuel in this country. and get america ipo, which will trade under rpai. it my be part of the facebook gamut.
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we made a great deal of money with federal reality, up 9% year over year and a point off its 52-week high. i don't mean to -- there won't be any more markups to propups so we need a rate cut from the chinese over the weekend and a robust employment report on friday. and don't be sore losers. i worked every bit as hard to get these tickets as you did. let's go to patrick in arizona. >> caller: hey, skidaddy. >> what's up? >> caller: i'm holding on to my net stocks. i'm buying more. i don't see how we can continue to ignore it. what is your opinion?
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is this a smart thing to do at these prices in. >> no, because the president of the united states has stayed away from the notion of point blank saying this is our bridge fuel and until we get better biofuels, electric batteries, we're going to use it. because he hasn't, you're not going to make any money in those stocks. you got to be in i hybrid oil and gas place like eog. beyond earnings we have much bigger themes to keep an eye on next week, no more markups, maybe the end of the lock-ins and of course, if you're really good, i'll share it with you. "mad money" will be right back. >> coming up, epa versus aep. will the administration's war on coal dim america electric's progress for growth or will they power through? cramer's exclusive with the company's ceo is next. >> and later, supermarket spec. ipos have roared in the past
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week but tonight cramer's browsing the aisles for one that debuted earlier this year and is flying under the radar. time to load up your cart with this $10 newbie? plus, making it all add up. mountains of consumer data. what does it all mean to the bottom line? this company is helping businesses figure out how to capitalize on it. all coming up on "mad money." miss out on some "mad money," get your text alert today. text mm to 26221 to get cramer right on your phone. for more info visit or give us a call. [ male announcer ] this is lois.
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the quarter that's ending today has been down right phenomenal for the vast majority of the market but not for everything. there's one group that's been particularly out of favor, it's the defensive, it the utility. with the philly utility index down 6.8% in the same period. utilities have become something
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of a battle ground or at the very least they're collateral damage in the environmental protection agency's war against coal. it's the beginning of the end for old king coal as new regulations from the epa made it so no more coal fired power plants will be built as they existed today. that's what aep has seen its share price decline 6.6% for the year, since they get 65% of their base generation power from coal. i've looked them for some time, a nice consistent business model. this was exactly the kind of stock that actually worked last year. but does that mean we have to leave it behind in 2012 or can it move on? the analysts seem to think so.
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plus in the state of ohio the regulators rejected the previously approved electric security plan because of consumer's objection to higher prices. today they filed a modified plan with the ohio public utility commission so hopefully this can be put behind them. after a week, is it time once again for aep to shine. let's check with nick akins, the ceo of american electric power. >> great to be with you again. >> for those who don't know the company you says are first, i want to leave you with the notion aep is much more than coal and it's more more than ohio. why do we have to caveat things like at that? >> when you look at our company, the majority of our company is in other states as well, in transmission, barred supply
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operations, and i think when you look at our company, it certainly is one of those areas where you can invest and invest in a solid business model, as you said. >> why do analysts act as this is a columbus based company that doesn't have a single ounce of business out of ohio. so they say got to sell american electric power. >> ohio is a big percent of our business. 40% of our business is ohio. when we had the order that was pulled out from under us, certainly it changed the stable nature of what we see in ohio, but we're trying to get that back on track and we think it will be. >> with the 5% increase that you're asking for, this is that going to be something the commission might like? and what will your rate payers say? >> i think it more of a moderate increase. we had a situation in the previous stipulation that was rejected by the ohio commission where we had large changes in rates, particularly the small customers and we fixed that in this present filing.
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we think it will be seen more positively. >> seems like the street is saying this could be a done deal. now, we have an epa that is a non-legislative body, we don't elect the people, but they made a ruling which basically said you're never going to build another coal plant in this country, mr. utility companies. what's to keep them after let's say we get a house and senate democrat, what's to keep them from calling you up and say, you know, what i want all your electric power plants that use coal, i want them shut by year end? >> that would be terrible if they ask us to shut them by year end because much of this country, 48% of the energy supply of this country is from coal fired generation. admittedly it's dropped a little bit over the last few years because of natural gas prices being so low, but aep is repositioning itself.
3:17 am
we built 5,000 megawatts of natural gas fire capacity to start adjusting to that. so i think given time we can do this in a much more manageable, responsible way. certainly we wouldn't want to be in a situation where we're told to shut out our coal generation. that's not a good outcome for not only this company but for this country. >> a lot of people i talk to think it's a run away epa. what would it mean to electric rates to the good people in your area? >> they'd shoot up dramatically. coal fired power is a low-cost energy producer in this country. when you take it away, not only are you taking away low cost production capability, but you're also having to replace it because that will impact the reliability of the grid, if we have to replace it with new generation, it's a substantial increase in cost. >> natural gas really incredibly low. is this the time to get to one
3:18 am
of these big gas producers and say we want a five-year contract for $2.30 for all our nat gas? >> absolutely. when you look at the shale gas activity, what it means to this country, what it production capability is, you do want to go to the producers and say lock in this supply and price. obviously one of the big issues with natural gas is you could have supply go down or everyone's trying to use that kind of capacity, the prices jump up and it has an impact. so really to have that kind of consistency would be a good, positive story, not only for the diversity of the fuel supply of this country but also for the natural gas producers themselves. >> now, you mentioned you're not just ohio, not just coal. when i was digging through all the documents, you have about 3,500 barges. that's a great business right
3:19 am
now. we know from kirby exploration -- it's a giant business. would you ever think of spinning it off? it could be worth a huge chunk to shareholders. >> that something we continue to look at in terms of what our business focus is for the future. you look at what's going on now, even with the coal supply. coal is going over internationally and our barge return is providing great return for us. >> do you think things like the epa, which some of us would say is running amuck, is that what gives president obama an anti-business reputation? >> oh, i think eight big part of it because if you have regulatory agencies that are running amuck and doing things that really are irrational because it makes absolutely no sense to have -- taking an
3:20 am
option off the table for future generation. it does have an impact on president obama's reputation. when you have regulations, the overall regulation scheme of what we're talking about in this country has to support business, can't be in the way of business. >> i can't agree more, mr. nick akins. i'm feeling real good about that dividend. you never let us go. thanks for coming on the show. >> thank you, jim. >> they can live with the regulations. if this has a good yield, has good growth. this is what you need that's part of your portfolio. everybody should try to get something in the portfolio that has about 5% yield that is safe and american electric power is safe. stay with cramer. >> coming up, supermarket spec. ipos have roared in the past week but tonight cramer's browsing the aisles for one that debuted earlier this year and is flying under the radar.
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tonight we're wrapping up tweet week here on "mad money." nick asks as an 18-year-old
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investor, what percent of my portfolio should be spec stocks? which spec stocks would you recommend? seeing as it's speculation friday, i figured it would be a terrific time to respond to this one. the younger you are, the more you can afford to speculate. speculator stocks, real risky. if you get it wrong, it possible to take huge losses. because something has a $10 share price, it doesn't mean you're down size limited. a $10 stock can go to zero giving you a 100% loss! but if you're an 18-year-old man or wore making that kind of mistake with your money hurts a lot less than if you're 58 years old because young people have a lot more time and a heck of a lot more paychecks to make back their losses. never put more than 20% of your portfolio in speculative specks no matter how old you are. anything more than that would be down right un diversified.
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this week roundy's, rndy, the midwestern chain in wisconsin, minnesota and illinois, they operate under five different banners, pick and save, rainbow cops, metro market. when you think speculation your mind wants to go to some tiny unfathomable tech stock or biotech company, not a grocery store. in order, something sexy, a little risque. not a supermarket. that's exactly what i think we have on our hands with roundy's. this is the unknown and unappreciated. the stock popped 6% on its first trading day, which compared to the other ipos, annie's and pretty puny.
3:26 am
roundy's has moved up 26% and in fact, i think it would have doubled if it had come public this week with facebook fever in the air and animal spirit, which i haven't seen on the market in over a decade. the reason i'm so excited about this one is notoriously b-i-g juicy dividend. roundy's pays a massive dividend, 8.5% yield. that's an incredible yield. i don't think this stock's going nowhere. i think it's going somewhere. i think it's going higher.
3:27 am
one of the reasons is because of the yield. i think it's perfectly safe, company expected to earn $1.49 a share next year, paying 92 cents a dividend. management is super committed to returning its cash to shareholders. the balance sheet could do with cleaning up but the recent ipo will help with that. when i say the yield is too high, it too high relative to other grocery stocks. it means as more people learn about roundy's, the yield will get smaller because buyers will pick up the share price, which is exactly what happened with cramer uber fave b&g fields. pickles! if roundy's were to see its yield fall, this could be a $16 stock.
3:28 am
it trades at seven times earnings. it's insanely cheap. roundy's is your classic stock. i normally don't like the supermarket business. the competition, let's just say it is absolutely cut throat. the margins, they're tiny! growth is stagnant. roundy's is difference. it's not like your typical grocery store. roundy's may be a small company but it's the leading player in a bunch of niche markets. it's the supermarket that made milwaukee famous. over 3 2% market share in madison, wisconsin. the company has built up a sizable position across the border of minnesota and is expanding into chicago. because its store basis is concentrated in the midwest,
3:29 am
they dominate local markets by understanding what their customer wants. this is the polar opposite of those struggling national chains, all that debt spread across the whole country. out of touch with the consumer just about everywhere. i do look whole foods but i will miss most of my favorite fish i buy there because of the new eco friendly rules handed down. teach man to fish, he'll no longer fish at roundy's. both the ceo and cfo joined the company in 2002. before that they held the same role at dominic's in chicago, an incredibly successful chain, did an amazing job there. they took dominic's public in 1996 and sold it to safeway two years later for three times the ipo price. if they can pull off the same
3:30 am
with roundy's, you're going to make a bundle. it's a small company that nobody knows about because nobody paid attention when it came public last month as opposed to this week. extremely well run, stock is cheap and it pays you a glorious 8.5% yield. take the weekend, do your homework. don't wait too long. with a stock like roundy's, you want to buy it before it starts gaining sponsorship. >> mike in michigan! >> caller: i notice you've been bullish on restaurant stocks recently and i ran across one last year in florida called carol's restaurant. it's rest -- no, it's tast -- >> brian shactan has been talking about this all week. go ahead. i'm sorry. what do i think of carrols?
3:31 am
they made an acquisition this week. the stock has doubled. i feel like i came in way too late on this. it went 13 to 15 in one week. let's wait for a pullback. >> brian from long island. >> caller: hi, jim, great long island booyah. >> booyah to you, too. >> caller: i know you like mcdonald's over arcos. i got in last year for 22. it's been all downhill since then. when can i expect to see a return on my investment? >> i got to tell you, it was not my favorite. i know that. i'm not going to police owning the darn thing, not when mcdonald's is off. something tells me rndy, roundy's, isn't going to be under the radar screen very long.
3:32 am
it's got the ingredients for a terrific spec. i like this one. stay with cramer. coming up, ride the lightning. take a nonstop thrill ride as cramer goes stock after stock. all your calls taking rapid fire on the lightning round. >> and later, making it all add up. mountains of consumer data. but what does it all mean to the bottom line? this company is helping businesses figure out how to capitalize on it. cramer's earnings exclusive with the ceo of tibco software is just ahead. all coming up on "mad money."
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it is time for the lightning round! are you ready? i'm starting with mary in california. mary! >> caller: cramer! >> yo-yo. >> caller: mary from california. i need your big daddy booyah on liz. >> ka-ching, you've hit it out of the park! move on. let's go to john in 'bama! >> caller: i got to ask you
3:36 am
about what i got in. research in motion on the hail mary. what do you think? >> got your attention. want to you be a seller monday morning. you don't need that headache. david in north carolina. >> caller: hey, jim, i need your help, buddy. coca-cola. would you buy it at the current level it's at? >> that's a very, very tough call. i'm going to not tell you to buy. joanne in florida. >> caller: hi. i'm calling about stock number arcc, it used to be allied capital. >> yeah, you're okay there. they've consistently delivered. i can't shy away from them anymore. they're making you money. john in arizona. john! >> caller: two words for you, cramer. shuffle master. >> shuffle master's a win per independent not a big casino equipment buyer. i would own it.
3:37 am
let's go to ruth in washington. ruth! >> caller: hi, jim. how are you? >> not bad, ruth. going down there for the white house correspondent's dinner. >> caller: i want to thank you so much. i thank you for teaching us and educating us. i just think you're great. >> you're terrific. i might share some of the mega millions with you. splitting it with you and me. >> caller: that's a deal. my stock i'd like to know what you think of net app. >> we're going to pass on netapp. stock looks like it's rolling over. i'm a buyer. let's go to dee in wisconsin. >> caller: booyah, jim. i'm a first-time caller. i love you and your show. i'm wondering what you think of ling. i understand it owns 90% of cqp? >> yes,does.
3:38 am
i think the stock has moved up. i say too much. i would wait for another secondary offering and then pull the trig person let's go to john in illinois. john. >> caller: hey, jimbo, how's it going? >> not too bad. how about you? >> caller: good. arena pharmaceutical. >> it's not my favorite but i'll bless it as a spec and that is it. and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the special megamillions lightning round! the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. >> we got to do a blind stock taste test. >> when i was fat as a stuffed
3:39 am
pig seven years ago, i always ordered the biggie fries with my bacon cheeseburger. red hat, knocked it out of the park. >> wow. >> always feel like sinatra here. ♪ your fabulous face >> that's why the ladies -- >> never mind. >> and now this week's installment of jim cramer explains twitter. >> i'm reading your tweets. not just to prove that i'm hip. >> thanks for tuning in to this week's edition of cramer explains twitter. >> cooking it again off the collateral damage and -- it's not like the hedge fund, jim. remember, you don't do that stuff anymore. >> it's 25, it's 25. i want a thousand! >> that's old.
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even unfortunate tendency to assume whenever a stock gets slammed -- you have to do the homework, read the release, make up your own mind for heaven sakes because the market often overreacts. take tibco. it's a big data analytics play, a company that helps businesses
3:44 am
quickly analyze massive amounts of information so they can spot important pattern and glean valuable insights fast enough to act on them. tibco's platform allows its data to be accessed across multiple systems. when it's still relevant to make a difference. this company is behind so much of the software you use on a regular basis you don't know it. buy and look on amazon and they recommend half a dozen other books you might like, it's tibco's technology that makes these incredibly accurate suggestions possible. tibco reported today stock got planned. but there wasn't anything wrong with the quarter. its revenue news came up slightly above estimates. it had soared 4.6% yesterday.
3:45 am
people were looking for tibco to shoot for lights out. when company delivered a modestly better than expected quarter, the stock gave back all its gains. it has an excellent long-term record. i think today's pullback to represent a real buying opportunity. don't take it from me. let's talk to the chairman of tibco's software. learn more about the quarter and the company's prospects. welcome back to mad money. >> thanks for having me, jim. it's always great to be on your show. >> one of the most important lines in this conference call was when you talked about the two-second advantage. and you mentioned it in respect to mgl. a lot of our viewers have been to casinos and hotels and figure out why do you need two seconds? what happens in the two seconds you give these companies? >> i know you're about to get unhappy even before you know it.
3:46 am
so i give you a reward so that you stay in the casino and have more fun and spend more money. who doesn't want to know that their customer is about to get unhappy. this applies to every industry, jim. >> in other words, when someone is about to check out or someone wants to go to another casino, your guy instantly knows there may have been a problem and adjusts it ahead of when the complaint comes. >> or if you lost a certain amount of money, i can predict you'll be unhappy. i know there's a show you like. you like the performing artist, there's a seat that haven't sold. why not make you an offer on the seats and make you a happy customer. we know what's about to happen before it happens and we can take advantage of that opportunity or that threat. >> you know because i know you watch the show. we've been talking about big data. we've been talking about the storage of it but without your software, we can't use it, can
3:47 am
we? >> no. it's like putting it in a filing cabinet. it doesn't do you any good. we make it actionable. can i walk into an office of the ceo and have had a 10%, 20% impact on their revenue. when you can make that kind of claim, they want your stuff. >> i talk to hedge funds now and then. most are pretty brainless. they tell us they have a big business in europe. europe's going to kill them. europe growing 46%? >> that's right. they told us that europe was going to blow up. i told my head of europe that. he doesn't speak english very well and he confused blowup for blowout. it's the 15th consecutive quarter where we outperformed consensus and i just -- you said our stock was down.
3:48 am
maybe they got us and rim mixed up. you tell me. >> you mentioned rim. now you used -- i was at the american natural history museum when i read this. why? you said sap and oracle are two dinosaurs competing with 20th century technology. everybody thinks oracle and sap's real start. what do they do not have that you have? >> well we shall have the realtime technology that they don't have. it's kind of like using a land line versus using a cell phone or using a filing cabinet versus using an iphone. based off information into a filing cabinet, you have to go find it, you have to sift through it. by the time you do that, the customer is gone. if can you click on your favorite basketball player, i want to sell you a shirt, a jersey before you leave the web site, not a week after you're
3:49 am
gone. that's the difference. >> you're the owner of the warriors. there's no clicking. i don't have a favorite guy on that team. but i know you're coming back. >> we're coming back. >> let me say in defense of sap because bill mcdermott said his hannah system is every bit as fast of what you have if not faster. you're saying empirically that's not true. >> it's a nice effort but they've largely paved a cow path. what i mean it's still a database where you have to ask a question to get an answer. a database is kind of like a phone that doesn't -- if you tried to improve the field of transportation and you just poured asphalt offer it, you'd have some improvement. they are still paving the cow path, putting it in memory so they're bringing it closer to the user but it's still using an old model of a phone that
3:50 am
doesn't ring and you don't really know what's happened. >> fair enough. when i go to my amazon, it says "you might like," how does tibco know what i like? >> that's a good example. it has to happen in real time. we cross reference, look at you, we find a pattern and we make you the offer on what else you might like. macy's applied the same thing recently and had a substantial boost in their revenues. what we're seeing is what amazon did with that kind of capability, every retailer on the planet wants that. it's no surprised our revenues in retail doubled from a year ago. >> one last thing quickly, you say your crushing chatter at you use is it fair to say crushing? you guys are buddies. >> yeah, mark's a good friend but the problem with chatter is it would kind of be like buying
3:51 am
a tv set that ran only abc and if i wanted to watch jim cramer, i couldn't. so we recently replaced chatter for a customer and it was a happy customer. what you have on the desktop or in the palm of your hand, you want a tv set that works with every channel and chatter doesn't do that. tibco does. >> i use that example. if i can't watch the show, i may have to fire somebody. the chairman of tibco software, congratulations on a great quarter. >> well, thank you, sir. thank you, jim. >> stocks run up, stocks come down. i tell you whether a company is doing better than expected. tibco is doing better than expected. it's a scrappy company, too. stay with tibco, stay with cramer.
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to heck with the ipos as a way to judge the market. i think secondary offerings tell a much better story. why would you put in for a stock in the secondary unless it was priced deeply in the hole? yet we got not one but two secondaries this week that showed the true power of market. first dollar general and second dunkin brands. people are willing to pay up for secondaries and when they do, they still make money.
3:55 am
in the case of dunkin, a whole slew of directors bought stocks. while the sellers might have been private equity, the buyers are the ones that know better that anyone. it's true the dollar stories have been all the rage. this is fabulous secular trend which i've been riding for a while. however, dunkin brands, you can't modify, was it unique? it's part of a big secular coffee drinking trend. it did put through a wonderful dividend and the stock has gained on the year. it turns out there was so much demand they had to increase the size of the deal and raise the price of the offering.
3:56 am
while they want to draw the conclusion that red hot ipos are signs of froth, i think the success of dunkin and dollar general deals bodes incredibly well for the second quarter of 2012, a really huge statement after the best first quarter since 1998. stick with cramer. of the seasons, so we've developed styles of beer to accompany that. we brew octoberfest, winter lager, alpine spring and right now, there's summer ale. [ bob cannon ] samuel adams summer ale is a flavorful wheat beer. it has a very nice spice note. [ jim koch ] it has a little lemon zest and a historic brewing spice called grains of paradise. it's citrusy. -lemony. -flavorful. -refreshing. -wow. [ man ] sam adams summer ale, there's just something about it. it's like, totally reminds you of summer, you know?
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megamillions, we're not going to spend it all in one place. i might buy a suit tonight in anticipation of the fact i must have won. 1998, it's been that long since we had this kind of great quarter. let's not be greedy but i do like the set up for the rest of 2012. there's always a bull market somewhere. i'm jim cramer and


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