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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  April 3, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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where violent weather is crashing through an area in dallas. i'm barbara harrison. >> a number of damaged homes, we've watched as tractor-trailers were tossed high into the air. >> storm 4 meteorologist doug cameron joins us live with information and pictures. >> watching this situation playing out in parts of texas right now, including the dallas-ft. worth area, where not one but two tornadoes were on the ground at the same time. one to the east of dallas, one to the west. a lot of severe weather going on all across this portion of the country. we'll zoom into dallas over the last couple of hours, and you can see one storm, one tornadic storm just west of dallas. another one just to the east of dallas. this was the one that came through that we did have some of that video. let's show you some of that video that we do have out of the dallas area. just down to the south and east. look at that tornado. you can see it right now, lifting up those semis. these are semi trailers. these are most likely empty semi
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trarlsz, but just picking them up like it's nothing, with winds most likely upwards of 120 to 140 miles per hour. we're going to continue to watch this dangerous situation. and we'll have much more from dallas coming up. right now, brian williams with a special report. this is an nbc special report. here is brian williams. good day. we're coming on the air to update you on a violent day in texas. numerous tornadoes in and around the dallas-ft. worth metroplex. this was the scene, a lot of it was recorded by television helicopters on live television. the storm ripped through the schneider truck yard south of dallas, texas, there along the lbj freeway. those are truck trailers aloft. that's some of the damage in the dozens. luckily they were vacant. but again, this line of storms, you see a nursing home there, ripping through the dallas-ft. worth area. arlington, texas, right now is under the gun. passengers at dfw where all
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incoming and outgoing flights have been grounded are being sheltered in place. we'll have the very latest, of course, on "nbc nightly news," as will your local news. i'm brian williams in new york. and once again, that same system is going to try to move our way. but we have good news. i'll talk to you about that in just a few minutes. right now, 71 degrees. plenty of sunshine out here. our weather could not be better, with what's going on out in the west right now. fantastic conditions across the area and we'll continue to see them through the night tonight. nice and mild. not nearly as cold as it has been. we'll talk much more about the tornadoes there, and talk about our weather here, we will see a chance for some shower activity here as a frontal boundary moves through. >> we'll see you then, doug, thank you. not particularly remorseful. that's how police describe the
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former nursing student accused of gunning down seven people at a college in oakland, california. police say the suspect was upset with school administrators and students for teasing him about his poor english skills. he apparently went there yesterday to talk to a school administrator, when he discovered she wasn't there, he began shooting. there's also word today that the suspect has deep ties to our area. the latest now from chris clackum. >> at least five down inside the building. >> reporter: the frantic scene at a small christian college in oakland monday, caused police say by a student whose shooting spree left seven people dead, and several others injured. at an early-morning news conference tuesday, police say after his surrender, the suspected gunman told them he felt mistreated and disrespected by others at the school. >> in terms of the suspect's cooperation, i'm told that he's being very cooperative with us.
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he is not not particularly remorseful, but very cooperative with us. >> reporter: he's identified as 43-year-old one goh, a former nursing student who was expelled from the school earlier this year for reasons that weren't immediately clear. but investigators are looking at it for a possible motive. >> we do know he was upset at administrators at the school. we do know that he was upset with several students here because of the way he was treated when he was enrolled here two months ago. >> reporter: gunshots from monday's shooting are heard in this cell phone video. as the chaos ensued. >> we heard a couple more shots ring out from the building. and i guess police fired back or something. so we all got on the ground. >> just stayed up in the class and started firing. shot a guy in the chest, shot another poern. he just started firing like crazy. >> reporter: all the victims with the exception of a school secretary were students at the university. chris clackum, news 4.
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>> there are reports today that the alleged shooter lived in both springfield and hayes, virginia. he left behind a string of legal problems. we'll have more on that in a live report right here on news4 at 5:00 tonight. 9 fbi is trying to track down the source of a chilling message on terrorism websites. new york city police commissioner ray kelly said this grask was posted on a website yesterday. it's heavily used by jihadi and al qaeda. the image, which likens itself to a movie poster, features the manhattan skyline and features al qaeda coming soon again in new york city. >> we're still obviously very much concerned about the origination of this message. it's not tied to any threat, nothing operational about this. >> kelly says it is a cause of concern. and reminds us that new york city is still very much on terrorists' minds. now to prince george's
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county where police tell us a husband shot his wife in a murder/suicide. police responded to a home in the 1000 block of nianga avenue. 52-year-old marilyn mace and 52-year-old william mace were found. she got home around 1:00 this morning. it appears the husband used a handgun to shoot his wife and then kill himself. at this point no motive has been released. >> this is an unfortunate situation. the family is grieving. and of course, just like we all want answers, i'm pretty sure they're looking for answers as well. >> police are still trying to identify additional family members. a car slams into a 7-eleven in silver spring early this morning. the vehicle went through a front window just before 4:30. as you can see, there is some broken glass. no one was hurt.
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customers didn't seem to mind. they just stepped around the broken glass as they picked up their morning coffee. former vice president dick cheney is out of the hospital now and recovering from heart transplant surgery. the former vice president's daughter, liz cheney, tweeted out this picture of her parents soon after they returned from the hospital today. mr. cheney underwent the transplant in fairfax hospital. he received the heart from an anonymous donor ten days ago. after more than 20 months on the transplant waiting list. his spokeswoman released a statement today saying the former vice president and his family, again, want to express their deep gratitude to the donor and the donor's family. now to the latest in the race for the white house. the district and maryland are holding primaries today. president obama weighed in today with his own take on the republicans' approach to taxes and spending. he called it laughable. steve handelsman is watching it all from capitol hill.
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>> reporter: president obama unleashed his full campaign attack from washington, as voters cast their primary votes in d.c. and in maryland today. and in closely watched wisconsin. the midwest battleground that some call must-win. for rick santorum, he trailed from prevote polls. >> i voted for romney. >> reporter: mitt romney campaigned with congressman paul ryan. whose gop budget passed the house last week, endorsed by romney. >> it's laughable. >> reporter: president obama charged, republicans double down on radicalism. >> and proposed a budget so far to the right, it makes the contract with america look like the new deal. >> reporter: spending cuts so deep, the president claimed, they gut education, training, research. >> our infrastructure, it is a prescription for decline. >> reporter: he said he would cut spending, too, but less, and
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hike taxes on millionaires. >> i'll repeat what i said before, that is not class warfare, that is math. >> reporter: the math most on mitt romney's mind is delegate totals. today's primaries are winner take all. but romney fired back -- >> this president is unwilling to take responsibility for his mistakes. and he's going to be looking everywhere he can to find someone else to blame. >> reporter: but the pressure is on romney. he's still got to win primaries and get delegates. while his opponent fires up the fall campaign. >> the president leads romney 49-45 nationally in today's gallup poll. results will be in from the wisconsin primary, and 9:00. steve handelsman, news4. there are other races to watch in the district and maryland. those coming up tonight at 5:00 and 6:00. former republican vice presidential candidate sarah palin took over some of the co-hosting duties on the "today" show this morning. the ex-alaska governor took part in a panel discussion along with
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dr. nancy snyderman. before she took on the co-hosting role, she sat down with matt lauer and talked about the republican presidential race. he asked if she would like to see a shakeup in the race at the convention. >> you know, anything is still possible. there can still be a bit of a shakeup. but the numbers are what the numbers are. yeah, he does seem to be obviously the front-runner. and i've been of the mind-set that anybody but obama will be so much better for our country. >> sarah palin also left open the possibility that she would consider being part of the republican presidential ticket, should she be asked. >> in virginia, democratic lawmaker david england said he's not going to seek a fifth term. in his statement, england admitted he had been unfaithful to his wife. he represents alexandria and
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parts of fairfax county. gas prices holding stetd i right now, but don't get used to it. more gas price hikes are just around the corner. in about two weeks, many refineries will undergo seasonal maintenance, that means less production and higher gas prices, according to right now drivers nationwide are paying about $3.92 a gallon according to aaa. d.c. drivers are shelling out $4.18. in maryland they're paying an average of $3.97. and in virginia, $3.91. would your workout be more beneficial if it were at the white house? we'll hear about the first lady's appearance tonight on "the biggest loser." like fathers like sons. are the kids of the beatles forming their own band. later we'll hear from the woman claiming to be the maryland winner of
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you're watching news4 at 4:00. tonight on nbc 4, first lady michelle obama will be on the big egest loser. it's part of a two-part makeover of the episode. watch "the biggest loser" right here at 8:00. wedding bells will soon be ringing for alec baldwin. he proposed to a new york yoga instructor over the weekend. this will be baldwin's second trip down the aisle and first for his 28-year-old spanish
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fiancee. he has a daughter with kim bassinger. here comes the suns, and a meal that will make you feel like you're onboard the "titanic." . >> for discussion today, good to meet you. >> i'm a huge fan of both of you. i like what you did with your compass suns. >> let's start with that. we're talking about the suns of the fab four. specifically james mccar any, the son of paul mccartney trying to recruit, to pull together a little band of his own. >> i smell reality show in the works here in some capacity. but some of the sons of the original beatles want to get together and form a band. to do beatles songs. and then carry on the tradition. now, is this a good idea? some are saying, not so much. james mccartney is trying to organize it. sean lennon is another member.
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zach is already a drummer with oasis and the who. he's also put out several albums of his own. it may not happen because of him. there are other sons out there, apparently. >> that's right. john lennon had another son. >> absolutely right. >> we'll see what happens. >> let's talk about an app out there. there are lots of apps to help you keep track of your friends' locations. now this's one to help you stalk other people? >> if you have facebook, keep in mind, this could warn you how much information you're actually putting out when you check in places. this app will allow men to find out what women have checked in around them on four square and facebook. if i'm walking through the mall, and my phone vibrates, i can see women within a 50-mile radius. it's been banned by the apple store already. and obviously facebook is not on board with it. neither is four square. they're trying to find a way around it.
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keep in mind that information when you check in, places could be there. >> women should know this. >> yes. >> a good heads-up. art students may feel pressured to perfect their craft. now, these are teachers who are asking them to take up a little drink before they -- >> right. in this tv world, radio, sometimes we need to listen up. get a little nip underneath the counter. i didn't say i did it, but find out tomorrow on the show. they say you get more creative. what teachers had people do is actually draw and paint sober, and then intoxicated. they say they get much more creative and relaxed when they've had a drink or two. you get to go drink and paint in our classes. >> it's 5:00 somewhere. >> it absolutely is. listen, on the anniversary, 100th anniversary of the sinking of the "titanic," there's a
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restaurant offering a meal pretty pricey. >> out of houston. how much do you think this would cost? you get a meal, that's 4 1/2 hours long, that's designed right after what the first-class passengers would have eaten april 15th, the night the "titanic" struck the iceberg. you get a ten-course meal. at the very end you get some 1900 brandy. that was around that they could have had on the ship. you get to bring 11 friends. what would you pay for this incredible offer, which available now through the 15th? how much? do you think? >> total. in the thousands. >> it's actually $12,000. >> $12,000? >> total. individually it's $1,000. $12,000 the total. you can't do it individually. you need to bring an entire party. so we need to invite some other people. kammerer is probably available. >> i hope you're full after that meal. let's talk babies. you know how people talk about how this baby is so cute. now they're trying to determine
4:19 pm
when kids start becoming less cute. >> did you just say when kids become ugly? that's not right. they showed regular people, pictures of babies, and they found that at kids grow up, their eyes get smaller and they fit into their grownup skulls and they're not nearly as cute. they have the big guys, little noses, they found that four and a half is when babies take the step or toddlers take the step from being not nearly as cute. >> they're not as cute at 4 1/2? >> i didn't say that. i did not say that. >> what's up for tomorrow? >> tomorrow, on the show, we want to send you to new york city to be in a video for nikki menage. at 7:05 tomorrow morning, we'll give you a chance on the cain show. >> a fake wig? >> anything you want. i already got you in. you're all set. >> we're good to go. as always, cain, thanks. coming up next on news4 at 4:00, much more ahead.
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this video seems hard to believe. these tractor-trailers just going up in the air. >> we were watching it live. when it was happening. fortunately the dallas station was on there, they had their meteorologist down there, really conveying to the public what they needed to do. then you see these pictures of these semi trucks literally hundreds of feet. like a toy. >> it's incredible. what's the situation there right now? >> the situation in dallas is betterment but for north texas they're still under the gun. they have numerous tornado warnings in parts of north texas. this is part of a bigger storm system that will continue to make its way across the country. for us, however, it is not going to move our way. that's some very good news. let's take a look and show you what's happening out there. first of all, right now, clear skies around our area. plenty of sunshine. our weather, absolutely fantastic. but that is not the case down in parts of texas. and many other parts of the country. you can see right around the
4:24 pm
dallas-ft. worth area where these storms are. you can see now a line forming around dallas. they're still dealing with severe weather. but the tornadic storms are now in this pocket right here. we're looking at the potential for tornadoes. and there are numerous tornado warnings in this area. more severe weather off to the east. and let's zoom in and show you what's been going on over the past couple of hours. this takes you through about 3:30. we had two distinct tornadic storms. this moves to the east of dallas. this one to the west of dallas, around arlington, and right around the airport where they had to take cover earlier. this was 2:40 in the afternoon, just a couple of hours ago. this is how close that tornado was. there's dallas. there's the tornado right there, right around there beltway just down to the south and east of dallas. the other one just off to the west between fort worth and dallas. there have been numerous reports of injuries. right now, i do not think the tornadoes were as strong as they could have been.
4:25 pm
maybe ef-2 tornadoes, as opposed to the ef-4s, ef-5s we've seen in the past. i didn't see any complete devastation. this storm part of a much bigger storm. notice the curvature re, all the way back towards denver. a typical spring storm. severe weather in the plains. denver getting snow, upwards of 6 to 10 inches in the suburbs. just down to the south of denver. for us, we're watching a front come through. this is a warm front. this warm front's going to continue to make its way our way. it's going to help us to warm up tomorrow before we start to cool down. we're going to cool down, i think, in a big way. 71 degrees out there right now. winds out of the north at about 7 miles an hour. it's going to be a very, very nice evening. 75 in fredericksburg. 68 in gaithersburg. temperatures very, very nice outside. once again, you are going to be looking at a great evening out there. the next couple of days, not too bad. we're looking at temperatures, nice and warm tomorrow. high temperature into the low to mid-70s. we are going to see temperatures
4:26 pm
drop on thursday. many of you will stay in the upper 50s on thursday. right now, friday looking pretty good with a high around 63 with a cold start. and then saturday, the weekend, looking very, very nice. and that includes sunday. we'll talk more about easter sunday and the rest of the holiday forecast coming up. >> okay. thank you. >> thanks, doug. still to come on news4 at 4:00, we hear from the maryland woman who claims she is winning one of the mega millions tickets. about $650 million jackpot. why some are questioning that claim, though. the jetblue pilot who >i should be arrested for crimes against potted plant-kind.
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and now, from washington's leading news station, this is news4 at 4:00. welcome back, everyone, at 4:30. >> oakland police say the former nursing student who shot and killed seven people inside a school felt bullied. and was out for revenge. they say he was upset with administrators and students for teasing him about his poor english skills. the suspect, 43-year-old one goh, is in custody now. he reportedly lived in virginia before moving out west. more on that coming up at the top of the hour. a tornado watch still in effect for parts of texas now. at least two large twisters tore through the dallas area.
4:30 pm
the twisters left tractor-trailers into the air, lifted them. they also tore roofs off of homes. the national weather service is reporting considerable damage in the suburbs south of dallas-ft. worth. it's another big day in the republican race for the white house. voters in d.c. and maryland are going to the polls. but the single prize is wisconsin with 42 delegates up for grabs. mitt romney is favored to win all three races. stocks fell on wall street today after the latest meeting with the fed. the dow jones industrials dropped 65 points, the nasdaq off about 6 and the s&p 500 also fell about 6. a maryland woman who claims she won the mega millions jackpot is making national news. mirlande wilson said she matched all the winning numbers but has not officially claimed her prize. and she would not show news4 that winning ticket. her co-workers who joined a pool said she's cheating them out of millions. >> i'm still shocked.
4:31 pm
i don't know what's going on. >> so how does it feel to win the lottery? >> it feels good. >> mirlande wilson is still stunned. she says she has one of the three mega millions lottery tickets after the $650 million drawing. >> can you show us that ticket? do you mind? >> i don't have it. i don't even have it here. >> reporter: she hid it in an undisclosed location but she can't hide from the controversy. the single mother of seven is a haitian immigrant. she works at this baltimore mcdonald's last week co-workers chipped in to buy mega millions tickets for a pool. mirlande told me she bought the tickets down the block. she said she then gave money to a different co-worker who bought the winning ticket separately friday evening. >> how do you know that the ticket that won is not the ticket that you bought with -- in the pool? >> because everybody have their copies. >> reporter: i asked mirlande showed me the copies of the tickets. i can't match the winning numbers. the owner of the mcdonald's told
4:32 pm
us that the report that a manager at the restaurant could be a winner is purely speculation. maryland lottery officials say no one has claimed the winning ticket yet but confirmed it was bought at the 7-eleven. >> we've heard it's somebody's cousin, who works up the street, the guy who mows the lawn. it doesn't matter. >> reporter: mirlande plans to talk to her lawyer and then she claims she will claim the winnings. she said the first thing she will buy is a new house for her seven kids. news4. two other tickets matched friday's world record jackpot. neither of those winners has come forward. one is in red bud, illinois, the other in kansas. today we're getting a look at the jetblue pilot whose meltdown forced an emergency landing. this is video of clayton osbourn leaving the hospital in amarillo, texas yesterday. for the first time in almost a week. he had been undergoing a mental evaluation. he's charged with interfering
4:33 pm
with a flight crew. a conviction could bring 20 years in prison. yesterday prosecutors asked for him to be held without bond. a judge will make his decision on thursday. another airline is charging passengers for carry-on bags, starting tomorrow alegion ant airlines will charge up to $35 to use the overhead storage bins. passengers will still be able to carry one personal item free of charge. but it must fit under the seat in front of them. aleemant is now the second u.s. carrier to charge for carry-ons. in 2010 spirit started charging up to $45. healthy living, the robert wood johnson foundation has released the healthiest counties for each state in the country. howard county tops the list in maryland. it got top marks for like low premature death rates, healthy birth waits and quality health care. montgomery county came in second. fairfax placed first in virginia. petersburg city, virginia,
4:34 pm
ranked last in the commonwealth. baltimore city was last in maryland. when we come right back on news4 at 4:00, prosecutors reveal what they've got against the nfl cheerleader accused of having sex with a student when she was a teacher. food for thought, why you might want to pop a stick of gum in your mouth
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to people are dead in a powerful storm that's battering japan. it's bringing 60-mile-per-hour winds. more than 160 people have been injured in this storm. people in the area have been urged to stay indoors. many companies and stores have closed early because of those winds. >> wow. >> that is amazing. >> we thought we had winds to deal with yesterday. >> a lot of severe weather across the world right now. you look at japan and the tornadoes in texas and huge snowstorm in towards scotland right now. could be their snowiest day there. a lot of significant weather going on out there. don't think it's all one big thing happening across the
4:42 pm
country, or across the world. what we have out there right now for us, simply gorgeous. just beautiful weather. take a look at this. plenty of sunshine today. bright blue skies today. it's just about perfect for the month of april. absolutely fantastic. current temperature out at the airport right now, 71 degrees. plenty of sunshine. winds out of the north at about 7 miles per hour. what are we seeing around the area? well, temperaturewise, we're on the mild side. 75 in fredericksburg, 59 down towards the river. petersburg, virginia, 77 degrees. there's warmer air down to the south and west of us. that warmer air will make it in tomorrow. i think we can bump the numbers up here a couple of degrees tomorrow. that will come with cloud cover and maybe a few showers. here's a warm front making its way down through canada across the region. there is warm air in behind it. notice the showers and thunderstorms. even as close as southwest virginia. if you're traveling down i-95 or
4:43 pm
maybe down 81, you are going to most likely run into shower and thunderstorm activity as this warm front passes us on by. as it does so, we're going to continue to stay on the mild side. tonight a very mild night. considering where we were last night. many areas got down below the freezing mark, or at least around the freezing mark at both baltimore and dulles. today, simply gorgeous weather with plenty of sunshine out there. however, that's not going to last. tonight, this evening, fantastic. and then we'll see the warm front come by. and a cold front will sweep on through, too. that will give the way for showers during the day tomorrow. most of them, if not all of them, staying south of washington. maybe fredericksburg down around culpepper, southern maryland and the richmond area. not a lot in the way of rain, though. we really do need to see some rain. we've been very, very dry. not to mention you pollen sufferers, i know you would love to see some rain to get that pollen out of the atmosphere. tomorrow, however, it looks like it could be a very high pollen day.
4:44 pm
as this front continues to move on down to the south, we'll see that cooler air move in. during the day on -- or late wednesday into the day on thursday. most of us will struggle to get out of the 50s on thursday. but with sunshine, that's still a pretty good day for this time of year. even though it is a little bit below average. this evening, mostly clear. a great evening. 58 to about 63 degrees. that's about 8:00, 9:00 tonight. tomorrow we start off on the mild side. 46 to 53 degrees under mostly cloudy skies. we'll see a chance of a shower tomorrow. once again, they will be mainly to the south. we will see some sunshine, and the more sunshine we see, the warmer we get. how about 70 to 76 tomorrow. thursday, 60 degrees there. saturday and sunday, the weekend looking very good. still going for a high of 70 on easter sunday. >> wow. >> now, that's pretty good. looking good. >> great. thank you, doug. tonight, two local favorites
4:45 pm
will learn their fate on "the voice." >> big night last night. it was all live for moses stone and erin willette got a chance to perform in the first live round. stephanie stanton joins us live from los angeles with reaction to last night's show. they sounded great last night, stephanie. >> reporter: they did. you know, they got some positive reaction from the judges. so we will see now if america agreed. and if they're sticking around. we did see 12 amazing performances last night here at "the voice." it is the first live show. tonight, of course, the results show, we will see the top three from each of those teams. blake and christina moving each judge will pick another one to move forward. so tonight when this is all said and done, we'll see four folks going home. of course, your local favorites, moses stone and willette, they hope they're not among those to leave the show. after last night's show, i had the opportunity to catch up with
4:46 pm
both of them. first, let's listen to what moses had to say about his live performance. ♪ >> i see my coach out there dancing. she got up and she was moving her body. i felt like i really made her proud. and i love doing things like this. and really pushing the boundaries of it. >> he's quite an incredible young man. he talked about his inspiration for music, and how music actually kept him from living a gang lifestyle from really getting into trouble. i also had the opportunity to talk to erin. and as you might imagine, she has been so emotional throughout this whole experience. her father, of course, passed away back in december. she was very excited that her father got to see her take part in the auditions. and she really got emotional when she talked about how she's moving on in the competition. she's giving it her all. and she's doing it not only for
4:47 pm
herself, but for her dad as well. take a listen. ♪ >> no matter what happens in this competition, kind of the hardest part already happened for me. because it was such a mentally draining situation. so it's kind of just -- it's a struggle every day. but, you know, i feel like i have to do it for him, and for me. >> and another one you're going to want to keep your eye on is jesse campbell. he is the once homeless divorced father. he's originally from chicago. he wowed the judges with a performance of "what a wonderful world" by louis armstrong. the judges, at least of a couple of judges looking for him to take this competition. the results show gets under way at 9:00 eastern tonight. we'll see four people going home. that is the latest live here in los angeles.
4:48 pm
i'm stephanie stanton. >> got to ask you, what was up with cee lo's look last night? >> i know. and the hair. >> reporter: oh, yeah, really. that was kind of a surprise of the night. we had cee lo with a wig. i don't know if he's sporting a new look. we also saw what was interesting, we saw a little bit of unfriendly banter between adam and christina. so they had a little bit of a feud last season. looks like that might be ramping up, too. you can't have a show without drama, right? >> no, you need the sparks. >> do we get the winners at the top of the show or do you find out at the end who gets to stay? >> reporter: i think they'll do it as they go along. if i remember correctly from last season, i think they spread it out throughout the show. i think we'll know as we go along. >> all right. >> we'll be watching. you've got a front-row seat. stephanie, thanks so much. coming up on news4, how you can tour the white house without having to find a place to park near pennsylvania avenue.
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4:51 pm
most of you know the story of the "titanic," of course. now you can own a piece of it. 180 items from the ship will be sold through an auction house in new hampshire. the relics include a wooden deck chair. one of seven known to exist. there's also a locket with the photo still inside. and several letters, the auction begins april 19th at
4:52 pm one of many events taking place to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the "titanic." now you can tour the white house without ever leaving the comfort of your own home. >> hello, everyone, and welcome to the white house. >> google art project put an interactive virtual walk-through of public spaces online. visitors can click on famous works of art. for more details as they scroll through the rooms at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. though the white house is one of nearly 30 buildings in 16 different countries available on the google art project website. making it easy for us. three of the best nationally rated supermarkets are right here in the washington area. surveyed by "consumer reports" found wegman's, trader joe's and costco at the top of the list for their service and cleanliness. pathmark and walmart received their lowest marks for services. but walmart got the highest
4:53 pm
marks for prices. complaint for most of the supermarkets, not enough checkout lanes. >> we've stood in line so many times. a surprise twist in the case of the nfl cheerleader who's accused of having sex with a student while she was a teacher. prosecutors think they've got the goods on her, but the alleged victim m
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
revelations this afternoon in the case of an nfl cheerleader accused of having sex with a student while she was a high schoolteacher. prosecutors say they have the proof they need, e-mails, texts and phone records. but as nbc's jeff rossen reports, there's one thing they may not have. >> reporter: this is how sarah jones pays the bills. cheerleading captain for the cincinnati bengals. her outfits are short. but in court monday -- >> i'm sarah jones. >> reporter: facing felony sex abuse charges, she looked demure. sarah used to dress like this all the time. as a high school english teacher. prosecutors say she got into a sexual relationship with one of her students. >> are there forensics in this case? >> yes. >> computers, e-mails, texts? >> that's correct. >> reporter: it was enough for the judge to order this
4:57 pm
cheerleader, and model, to home confinement. she has to wear an ankle bracelet. same for her mother, a school official herself, charged with covering it up, tampering with evidence. mom and daughter both pled not guilty. but can't have any contact with the victim or his family. but then came a bombshell in court. from sarah's lawyer. >> the victim's family -- the alleged victim's family is here supporting these defendants today, your honor. the families are friends. >> reporter: yes, the teenager's family, the boy sarah sexually abused is reportly on sarah's side. his family sat with sarah's family monday. in fact, sources close to the case tell nbc news the boy may not cooperate with prosecutors going forward. sarah, is there anything you want to say? sarah wouldn't speak about that, or anything else outside of court. while prosecutors don't need the victim to testify, legal experts say without him at trial, it's harder.
4:58 pm
>> the jury wants to in fact see the victim and they want to hear from the victim what exactly happened to them. if you don't have that, then it's going to be very difficult to convict somebody. >> reporter: but now silence from the woman who cheers, as prosecutors try to lock her up. >> this is an extremely rare event where you do have a teacher who's very glamorous like this, is a cheerleader, people are going to sit up and pay attention. >> that was jeff rossen reporting. the trial is set for june. meanwhile, the "chigao sun-times" is reporting that sarah jones actually got married nine months ago. she has since left her husband and they are seeking an annulment. that's news4 at 4:00. news4 at 5:00 starts right now. breaking news at the top tonight. tornadoes barrel through texas. carving a path of destruction. the twisters tore the roofs off of homes and flattened
4:59 pm
tractor-trailers along highways and parking lots. and the threat isn't over yet. good evening, i'm doreen gentzler. >> and i'm jim handly. cameras caught the tornadoes as they touched down, blowing transformers and tossing trucks like toys. this video shows the scene about two and a half hours ago. there is considerable damage reported in areas south of dallas. we are still waiting to hear the latest on injuries. but the danger hasn't passed for people there. tornado warnings are still in effect. storm 4 chief meteorologist doug kammerer here is with the latest. >> tornadoes still on the ground around the dallas-ft. worth area. showing where the most severe weather is, severe weather all across northeastern texas, but also to the east in through louisiana and arkansas. but this is the area that has the tornado threat. we'll zoom right on down towards dallas. this takes you through between 2:00 and 3:30. that's when dallas was really


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