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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  April 9, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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the first family attended easter sunday services at st. john's episcopal church in northwest. the president and first lady and their daughters walked from the white house through lafayette park to the church. after taking communion, the obamas greeted other members of the congregation. firefighters across the region will be on guard today as all of maryland and virginia remain under a red flag warning. firefighters say strong winds and dry conditions kept them busier than normal this weekend. no massive fires, though. up to 100 firefighters battled a five-alarm brush fire in hartford county, north of baltimore. 6 0 homes had to be evacuated. an easter cookout caused problems in bowie after a grill ignited a near a family's home. today is a big weather day in terms of the easter egg roll. rain? >> a passing light shower, not a washout by any means. as you mentioned, the fire danger is high. we have low humidity. and so far this year, around the metro area, we're running about
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four inches below average for precipitation. now there is a live view from our city camera. there's the washington monument, the jefferson memorial. right now reagan national is at a cool 55. the wind is around 10 to 15 miles per hour. and we have some clouds beginning to move in from the west. conditions are dry. right now temperatures down into the low 50s around the shenandoah valley and the blue ridge. as well as montgomery, loudoun, frederick counties, points west. closer to washington, southern montgomery into arlington, fairfax, prince george's counties, in the mid 50s. southern maryland, near 60 in through central virginia, fredericksburg at 60 degrees. near the pennsylvania border, it's near 50. over the last 12 hours, there's been a weak fronts moving out of the ohio valley coming into western maryland. a few light sprinkles of rain there. that front will be coming closer to us as we get toward the middle of the afternoon and evening hours. we've got a greater chance of any showers coming through. mid morning, quite a bit of cloudiness. a slight chance of a sprinkle. we'll be in the upper 50s to
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around 60 degrees. by noontime, looks like mostly cloudy by then and rather breezy. winds gusting to around 30 miles per hour. temperatures by then into the 60s. then a cloudy afternoon, greater chance of a passing shower, mid to late afternoon. we'll be near 70 mid-afternoon, dropping to the 60s by late afternoon. a look at the monday evening planner in ten minutes. danella? good morning. our area's really quiet. heading out, i'm not seeing any problems. let's check travel speeds. a live look now at dumfries. travel lanes are open as you head southbound, as well as northbound this morning. northbound travel speeds really nice. 64 miles per hour from quantico to the beltway. that trip taking 23 minutes at this time. connecting to 395, a live look at duke. you see volume very light. in fact, no accident, no construction right now. northbound clear, southbound even clearer. your travel speed for northbound as you make your way over the 14th street bridge, you're at 55 miles per hour, just 12 minutes
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from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. now back to you. >> thank you. 4:32. a proposed rate hike won't be as steep for metro riders next year. that's on the agenda when the finance committee meets later this week. metro says it's lowering its 2013 operating budget by $16 million. as a result, metro doesn't expect to raise fares as much as projected. ceo richard sarles said consulting costs helped trim the budget. he expects higher revenue from more riders next year thanks to an improving economy. metro's board will also discuss its revised budget when it meets april 26. 4:33. researchers sas gas prices may have leveled off. the price at the pump has gone up about 11.5 cents in the last two weeks. that is the smallest increase for a two-week period since january. researchers say even though we're heading into a season of higher demand, unused splice should help keep gas prices lower. steady crude oil prices also helping things there.
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in fact, the lundberg survey shows gas prices actually are falling in cities like chicago and los angeles. checking prices in our area according to aaa, the average for a gallon of regular gas went up to a penny to $4.19 in the district. maryland, $3.99. drivers in virginia have paid about $3.92 all weekend. in west virginia, the average is $3.96, which dropped half a cent over the weekend. higher prices playing a role if driving up new car sales. dealerships saw a 13% jump in march compared to this time last year. analysts say a lot of customers are putting off buying a new car or did it in the past because of the recession. now a lot of people are looking for a car with good gas mileage. that is likely what they'll get. 22 different models on the market get at least 40 miles to the gallon. four years ago, there were only two models with that kind of fuel efficiency.
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today is the final day of the maryland assembly general assembly. they have to agree on a budget and a handful of bills including the future of gambling. lawmakers will vote on a bill that calls for adding a sixth casino in prince george's county. it allows table games at all existing slot venues. the general assembly will look at doubling the so-called flush tax, the $2.50 tax on water usage helps finance sewage treatment projects that protect the chesapeake bay. lawmakers will examine the governor's plan to develop offshore wind power plants near associate, as well. police in oklahoma believe revenge was the motive behind a deadly shooting rampage that triesed tulsa's black community -- terrorized tulsa's black community. melvin watts and jake england could be charged as earle as today. the two white men were arrested for shooting five black people on good friday. three of the victims died. police say messages on england's facebook page hinted at avenging the shooting death of his father two years ago pie a black man. >> it sicken me.
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it angers me. this is not what tulsa, oklahoma's about. >> police say the victims of the she spr shooting spree did not know the suspects. it's too early to tell if the deaths are racially motivated. today students will hold a town hall to discuss the trayvon martin case. the naacp will be on hand for the event. it starts at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow a grand jury in florida will decide whether to charge the man who killed martin. george zimmerman maintains he shot the 17-year-old in self-defense this past february in sanford, florida. martin was unarmed. critics believe zimmerman's decision to shoot martin was racially motivated. a developing story now. north korea invited journalists to tour the area where it's believed they'll launch a missile. the country says it's an observation satellite that will gather environmental data. the u.s. military believes it's a ballistic missile that has the ability to reach the united states. north korea plans to launch that missile within the next week.
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the u.s. is sending a team of experts to pakistan to help search for 139 people buried by a massive avalanche. the snow cascaded down the glacier near the indian border sunday. troops from both countries have fought in the region for decades. pakistani soldiers have been searching the remote area and are digging through 80 feet of snow and boulders. so far no victims have been found. the world is remembering the life of a legendary journalist who made a name for himself by asking the tough questions. >> why would brian mcnamee want to betray you? >> mike wallace died at the age of 93. he defined the notion of a no-holds-barred interview while spending decades as correspondent for "60 minutes" news magazine. in 2005 he told the late tim russert that he wanted his epitaph to read "tough but fair." >> fitting to have tough bifair.
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>> definitely. that's -- tough but fair. >> definitely. that's the mark of a good journalist, you want to ask good questions but be bare. 4:37. 55 degrees. coming up, why some people remember their dreams vivedly but others don't. and next, a masterful performance. the american golfer who shocked
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the hook -- oh, what a shot! look at it. >> guy's unbelievable. he was so deep in the woods he couldn't even see the green. that did not stop bubba watson from hitting the shot of his life sunday to secure his first master's championship in dramatic fashion. watson outlasted the south african on the second hole of sudden death playoff at augusta to secure the famed green jacket. the shot stole the show from the player who wowed the crowd earlier with a rare double eagle earlier. congratulations. here we go. >> come to papa! yes! >> come to papa! there you go. good stuff. after an up and down season, the washington capitals wiped the slate clean and begin their quest to win the stanley cup. the caps open the playoffs on the road against the boston bruins. game one is this thursday at 7:30. game two is on saturday at 3:00
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p.m. then the series shifts to d.c. where games three and four will be play monday, april 16 and thursday, the 19th. all of these games will be broadcast on the nbc family of networks. for a complete look head to >> go caps. trying to get to at least one of the games. let's check the forecast. >> tom kierein's in storm center 4. it's blustery, temperatures in the low to mid 50s. a few clouds beginning to move into the mountains with a few sprinkles there. elsewhere, clear now. here's the day planner -- sunrise at 6:40. cool, breezy morning, increasing clouds. during the afternoon cloudy, small chance of a shower. then a greater chance late afternoon after we reach near 70. we'll be back into the 50s this evening. about a 30% chance of a passing shower this evening. sun sets at 7:40. a look at the week and weekend. how much longer will the cool weather last? more in ten minutes. danella? area's looking really nice.
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taking the drive early this morning, driving along bw parkway, travel speed southbound at 32, you're at 55 miles per hour. northbound, not seeing any issues there. you're at speed. on i-95 southbound, you're 64 miles per hour at 32. i'll give you a live look at 216 traveling north and south. no issues at this time. travel speeds 63 miles per hour. just nine minutes from 216 to the beltway. i'm back in ten with a look at your rails. aaron and eun? >> thanks. 4:43. ahead, an alarming study. why some women are at a much higher risk of having an autistic child. plus, protect your pets. the danger the four-legged family members are facing.
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15 before the hour. a drunk driver accused of
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causing this fiery crash north of los angeles. check out the tanker on fire under the bridge. a honda sedan rear-ended the truck. it was carrying 9,000 gallons of fuel. it took two water-dropping helicopters and about 150 firefighters more than an hour to put out the fire. man, look at that. that crash happened at the intersection of two freeways. both couldn't be safely roped for more than 12 hours. despite the dramatic scene, nobody got hurt. >> wow. a prince william county man is a hero after saving his neighbors from their burning home. bill kim saw the fire saturday afternoon and ran into the home and found two women inside who had no idea there was even a fire. kim and the women got out just in time as the roof caved in minutes after they left. >> he's our hero. you know, he's my neighbor for ten years. i see him every day. i didn't realize one day he's going to save my family. >> i don't really feel that i'm a hero. i mean, it's just -- you know,
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something that you do. you don't think about it. you know, i'd want the same from somebody, you know, if that was happening to me. >> it took more than 60 firefighters to eventually contain the fire. crews say a candle on the front porch is to blame for the fire. this morning a man wanted as a fugitive in mexico is locked up in virginia. spotsylvania deputies were called to a home on gal way lane for a domestic dispute. the 30-year-old took off running. authorities found him hiding under a neighbor's deck. turns out he's also wanted in georgia on weapons charge. deputies are working with immigration officials to sort out his charges in mexico. a worker at donald trump's virginia golf club is recovering after rolling a golf cart. emergency workers were called to the trump national golf club in sterling sunday after the accident. the general manager says the woman's injuries were not serious, but she did need stitches. she was taken to inova fairfax
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hospital as a precaution. the club is not commenting on the circumstances surrounding the crash. rick santorum taking a break from the campaign trail to focus on his ailing young daughter's health. santorum's 3-year-old daughter bella was hospitalized friday for the second time this year. she suffers from the rare genetic condition t-18 which typically proves to be fatal. earlier this year, bella spent time in the hospital for pneumonia. a campaign spokesman says the santorums are grateful for prayers and messages of support from people. while he refuses to drop out of the race, it appears that newt gingrich is talking about how he thinks the republican nomination process will likely end. during an appearance on fox news sunday, gingrich said mitt romney is far and away the most likely republican nominee. he has twice the delegates as rick santorum and more than 500 more than gingrich. despite the likely outcome, gingrich says he won't give up trying to influence the party
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platform heading into the election. in "news 4 your health," a mother's weight or diabetic condition may increase the risk of her unborn child for developing autism. the study in this week's "journal of pediatrics" found mothers-to-be who were obese were 67% more likely to have a child with autism. they were two times more likely to have a child with developmental delays. the study also says having type 2 diabetes also increasing that risk. researchers say conditions that cause a spike in insulin can starve the mother's tissues of oxygen, lowering the oxygen supply to the unborn child and potentially affecting the baby's brain development. >> her biochemistry has a profound impact on development including brain development. if you are planning a pregnancy, you might think about losing weight and getting your exercise routine in order and making sure you're controlling your blood sugar. >> right now, more than 60% of women of child-bearing age in the u.s. are considered
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overweight or obese. want to show you breaking news now from philadelphia. are you looking at some live pictures coming in of a five-alarm warehouse fire. this started about 3:30 this morning. there were reported explosions inside that building. this is happening in the kensington neighborhood in philadelphia. several homes nearby also caught fire. there are several blacks around the warehouse that had been evacuated. again, live pictures coming from philadelphia this morning. a massive, five-alarm fire at a warehouse. red cross on scene trying to help some of the people who have been displaced. and reports coming from some in news organizations in philadelphia say at this point there don't appear to be any injuries as a result of this fire. we will, however, stay on top of this and update you throughout the morning. veterinarians and other pet experts say the mild winter will present serious problems for dogs and cats this spring and summer. warmer temperatures usually trigger certain parasites like fleas and ticks to die off.
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we had the mild winter so vets are worried that the arrival of ticks and mosquitoes will cause outbreak of diseases like heartworms. >> we anticipate that we'll have more mosquitoes, and of course since heartworm has moved from an infected dog to a noninfected dog by the mosquito, the mosquito plays a pivotal role. >> as a precaution, most veterinarians recommend year-round flea and tick prevention for pets. the warm temperatures in march fried national records. normally march averages 42.5 degrees across the country. this year the average was 51 degrees. that's closer to the national average for april. the only other time the country as a whole was hotter than normal for an entire month was january of 2006. march definitely felt warmer. now april seems like it's way cool. >> big cooldown. >> it flip-flopped the temperatures. >> there is a risk that this april may be cooler than march this year. the last time that happened was
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way back in 1907. it's been a long, long time. here we are dealing with dry conditions, blustery winds. as a result, our outdoor fire danger is up. and with these dry conditions, don't set any outdoor fires. right now, low to mid 50s throughout the region. 55 at reagan national. in the suburbs, west and north of i-95, generally near 50 degrees early on this monday morning. near 50 around the blue ridge, shenandoah valley, into the mountains. southern maryland, from prince george's county into charles, calvert, st. mary's, mid 50s. then west of the potomac, prince william county and in to stafford, spotsylvania, low to mid 50s there. here's the view from space. we have a weak front triggering light sprinkles of rain. the areas in green, western maryland, northern west virginia into ohio. that weak front will be moving in midday, bringing in showers. for la plata in charles county, it will be into the mid 60s by noontime. upper 60s middle of the afternoon. that's when we'll have quite a bit of cloudiness running
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through. we have a small chance of a shower. a 20% to 30% chance in the evening. by midnight, low 50s. by this time tomorrow, 40s as we start off tuesday morning. we're going to have a big cooldown after the front goes by. winds gusting to around 30 miles per hour. into the evening hours, a chill moving in after midnight. down to the low to mid 40s by dawn on tuesday. and during the afternoon tomorrow, highs just in the upper 50s to around 60 degrees. we'll have a blustery wind tomorrow, too. gusting to around 30 miles per hour. then the wind diminishes a bit on wednesday. mostly cloudy, another front coming in. might trigger a passing shower. otherwise, partly sunny and still cool with highs only in the mid 50s. morning lows, 30s. 30s on thursday morning. a bit milder thursday afternoon with sunshine. sunny on friday, highs into the mid 60s. milder for the weekend. danella, good morning. how's traffic? good morning, still quiet. i-270, northbound traveling at speed. no incidents to report at this
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time. southbound travel speed nice, as well. 66 miles per hour at clarksburg road. a live look if you're making your way past father hurley boulevard. clear continuing southbound. no issues through gaithersburg, rockville. beltway, no issues in this area. traveling on the inner loop or the outer loop, inner loop speeds, though, 57 miles per hour. just ten minutes from i-270 to i-95. i'm back in about ten minutes with travel speeds if you're traveling along i-66. not bad. we'll get into more details in ten minutes. aaron, back to you. >> all right. thank you. today the howard theater officially reopens its doors. the legendary theater on t street will reopen after being closed for more than 30 years. the howard theater underwent a $29 million renovation. it includes more seating and a 20-foot statue of native duke ellington. mayor gray, the congressional representative eleanor holmes
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northern, and others who helped restore the theater will be on hand for the ribbon cutting. it's part of a week-long celebration ending with the grand opening gala and benefit concert on thursday. >> very exciting. >> it is. looks good. >> yeah. have you ever had a dream and the moment you wake up, you know you had a dream but you can't remember? this happens to me all the time. >> i never remember dreams. i can't tell you the last time i remembered a dream. i assume i don't dream. >> the one i can remember -- a nightmare that i missed -- >> a dragon? i have h one as a kid -- >> that's more serious than mine. i have a nightmare that i'm late for work. >> we digress. a study says that taking vitamin b6 will help solve memory problems when it comes to dreams. doctors -- [ snoring ] >> wow. doctors say most people have between four and six dreams a night. the study says vitamin b6 will not only help you remember your dreams, it will enhance them. the vitamin is found in meats, whole grains, vegetables, nuts, and bananas.
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doctors say you shouldn't overdo it on the bananas. that fruit can cause insomnia. >> interesting. b6. but i do want to remember my dreams? >> some i would imagine so. not the nightmares, though, obviously. makes them more -- >> no. i don't want to jinx myself but haven't missed a show yet. >> enhance your dream. more colors. >> okay. now 4:56. 55 degrees. coming up, why police in virginia locked up a bad guy dressed as the easter bunny. and next, the cruise setting sail with a very unusual
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welcome back. this week marks 100 years since the "titanic" sank. to remember this fateful anniversary, a cruise ship has set sail to retrace the famous voyage. the "m.s. balmoral" left southampton yesterday. it will feature lectures from "titanic" experts, similar food to the crew's, as well as a stop to where the "titanic" sank. many descendants and survivors are booked on the trip, as well. tickets up to $9,500. it's not your traditional easter scene. an easter bunny handcuffed at a virginia mall. that's what happened to joshua lee bowling at the piedmont mall in southwestern virginia. he was still in costume when he was arrested for illegal


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