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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  April 11, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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tonight the first good look at george zimmerman after being charged in the death of trayvon martin. he is in a jail and will stand before a judge tomorrow. >> we're for the long haul. >> trayvon martin's parents tell news 4 it is just the beginning of the justice they seek. they're pleading for peace and nonviolence as the weeks ahead play out. >> the second-degree murder charge against zimmerman comes 45 days after trayvon martin was killed reportedly with a bottle
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of iced tea and skittles in his hands. it forced the nation to take a hard look at race relations. >> public opinion will not decide zimmerman's future. we have live team coverage as washington reacts to the developments. jay gray in sanford, florida. >> reporter: you could almost hear an audible sigh of relief in a city on edge more than a month when this afternoon it was announced a decision had been made about charges in this case. after more than a month of speculation about where he might be, tonight we know that george zimmerman is here behind bars in the seminole county jail. >> george zimmerman arrived here approximately 8:24 p.m. he is being booked and processed now. >> reporter: 44 days after the neighborhood watch volunteer shot and killed 17-year-old trayvon martin, special prosecutor angela corey ended her investigation and is
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preparing for a trial. today we filed an information charging george zimmerman with second-degree murder. >> a decision martin's family and thousand of supporters across the country had been demanding since his death. >> we simply wanted an arrest, we wanted nothing more, nothing less, we just wanted an arrest. and we got it. and i say thank you. >> after the announcement, zimmerman was moved from jacksonville to the jail in sanford where his new attorney plans to meet with him for the first time. >> mr. zimmerman needs a very good, focused defense, we are going to build him one. >> reporter: a defense that will enter the first plea during an initial hearing tomorrow. >> we plead not guilty presently. it keeps the process moving forward until you figure out what is going on. >> reporter: martin's family is still trying to figure out what is going on as well. struggling through the grief of losing their son, battling for more than a month for an arrest. and now understanding their fight will continue. >> this is just the beginning.
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we are a -- we have a long way to go. >> the high profile case, moving into the legal system clearly still being tried in the court of public opinion. >> that public opinion trial, as well as legal case, sure to continue for quite some time here. here the first hearing is set for 1. 30. tomorrow afternoon. live in sanford, florida, jay gray, back to you now. >> trayvon martin's parents watched the special prosecutor's announcement here in washington tonight, news 4s shomari stone caught up with them in the convention center. live with more. >> reporter: trayvon martin's parents told me this was a moment they waited more than a month for. >> i am feeling a sense of relief now. >> reporter: trayvon martin's parents breathe aid sigh of relief in an up close, personal interview. after zimmerman turned himself in. charged with second-degree murder for killing their son,
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17-year-old, trayvon martin, they thank the the special prosecutor. >> they appreciate the decision that she has made. >> reporter: they're comforted. >> to know zimmerman is off the street and that he can't possibly do this to somebody else's kid right now. >> how are you feeling now? >> feeling, we're exhausted. but with the news of the arrest today, it -- it helps us out a little bit. helps ease the tension. >> reporter: there have been tense moments over the last 44 days. a national outcry about racial profiling. the new black panther party putting out a $10,000 bounty to capture zimmerman forcing him and his family to hide in fear for their lives. >> reporter: when you hear that, what type of message do you want to put out? >> that we are not promoting violence with violence. we're certainly promoting peaceful resolutions. >> reporter: this heart broke een come wants justice for their son. >> we're in it for the long
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haul. >> reporter: trayvon martin's parents, tell me they want to thank all their sta porteupport appreciate everyone signing the online petition. >> trayvon martin's family members aren't the only ones asking for nonviolence. a short time ago, george zimmerman's brother made his own plea for peace. during an interview on cnn. >> when the wheels of justice turn, and when all of the system exonerates my brother, we are confident that will happen and that the truth will come out and that george has been telling the truth the whole time. please, for, peace's sake for the whole world and people observing our legal system, please accept that answer. >> robert zimmerman says he and his parents and his grandmother are all unhiding due to death threats. >> this case triggered a broad reaction. and tonight was no different. jackie benson continues our coverage at the newseum.
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>> as you can see from the newspapers it does seem like everyone around the country and here in d.c. is following this case. outside the newseum there was reaction. >> i am actually glad to hear they arrested somebody. they really do need to go deeper into it and investigate see what happened. >> it is comforting that they have incarcerated him and put indictments. i'm in full support. >> we filed an information charging zimmerman with second-degree murder. >> the press conference was watched intently at howard university. the head of the school's naacp chapter. >> we are seeking justice for trayvon. ultimately justice for trayvon would be for him to be here. the student's biggest question, why did it take so long? >> i'm glad he did get charged with murder, i think that's what it was. i do feel that -- it shouldn't
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have talken this long. >> it took 45 days for justice to take one step forward. and i think that should never be the case, regardless of the situation. of course there is a race component. this is bigger than that. >> it doesn't take that long to deliberate and conclude thus was homicide. this was murder. this was manslaughter. >> the student pointed out to us that this was a case where new media, facebook, twitter, actually led the way for the more traditional media. reporting from the newseum, jackie benson, back to you. >> viewers flooded our facebook page with comments on the developments tonight. you can find that, and more on this case. on nbc breaking news now unadams morgan, police and hazmat on the scene of a high rise apartment complex, summit place northwest. authorities believe they discovered a meth lab there. they made the discovery serving a search warrant. we did see one person take any way in handcuffs. not clear if any one has been
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arrested in connect, with the suspected meth lab. following a developing story in northeast d.c. tonight. police tell us a man shot in the 600 block of 24th street has died. that shooting happened around 8:15 this evening. police have one suspect in custody. there is no word on a motive or on the victim's identity. >> in alexandria they made an arrest in at take last night on two women. police arrested 23-year-old james savage click, this evening. a spokesperson tells us, the same man seen here talking to officers earlier today. police say he lured the victims into a vacant building yesterday, under the guys of showing them an apartment. those women were able to escape. click has been charged with abduction, and felonious assault. looking live outside toni t tonight. it's kind of cold. some of us saw snowflake. doug, what is going on? >> what is going on.
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here we are in the month of april. didn't see snow much at all in march. we did see a little snow today. showing you a graphic we haven't used in a month. wind chill. right now. 33. right now winchester. 34, leesburg. gaithersburg, 37. right now at the airport. wind chill at 40 degrees. not only is it cold. we still have a little wind to deal with. we are going to continue to deal with a very cold tonight. but if you were hoping the warm weather will return -- wait fill you see my forecast. >> thank you, doug. your next trip in a taxi in the district could cost significantly more money. a decision made today is meant to help drivers. but passengers really will feel the pinch. wendy? >> reporter: this isn't a little extra change for you. cab fares go up from $1.50 to $2$ $2.16. if you leave the cab waiting it will cost you $25 an hour.
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it was unanimous. fares went up 44%. each piece of luggage in the trunk will now cost you 50 cents. right now that is the price for each extra piece handled by the driver. during snow emergencies, you'll pay an extra $15. this rate hike is to help drivers who long complained about the money they lost after changing from the zone system to meters. the higher fares are stet to talk effect a week from saturday. you could get a break as some cabs are going to take another week to recalibrate the meters. back to you. off awe thank you, wendy. new details on anti-bullying initiative. the mayor outlined the plan at e street cinema. creating an anti-bullying task force and specific bullying policy manual for use in district schools. the mayor says he hopes it will help victims of bullying to know where to turn for help. >> i think one of the things is to let adults know how to make children, especially feel comfortable to talk about being
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bullied. and then to be able to talk about some of the techniques that will address those who are bullies. >> those in attendance watched the movie "bully" which follows five children and their struggles with bullying. >> decision 2012 now, mitt romney focused on president obama. now that rick santorum is out of the picture. on the airwaves and the campaign trail, romney's attacked focuses the president's handling. focussed on the president's handling of the economy. a new "washington post" poll out this week shows the president ahead of romney on everything but the economy. today, president obama worked to change that. he is pushing to get rid of tax cuts for the rich. >> it's just plain wrong. middle class americans pay a hypershare of their income in taxes than some millionaires and billionaires. >> 92.3% of all the jobs lost during the obama years have been lost by women. 92.3%. >> nbc news contacted the bureau of labor statistics on that.
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they say women account for only over 39% of job losses since 2007. >> criticism for republican congressman allen west from florida. the retired army veteran accused about 80 democratic members of congress of being communists. the comments came during a townhall meeting in florida. a man asked west how many members of congress were marxists or international socialists. >> well, i believe there is about 78 to 81 members of the democratic party that are members of the communist party. they actually don't hide. >> the congressional progressive caucus issued a statement today saying west's comments bring the country back to the days of mccarthyism. developing story in morocco, where a norfolk-based u.s. navy helicopter crashed killing two u.s. marines. that crash severely injured two others. the mv-22 ospry part of a joint
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exercise between the u.s. and moroccan militaries. the ospry helicopter has been plagued with design flaws. the problems led to a number of crashes and more than two dozen deaths. in virginia beach tonight, crews are working to remove parts of the navy fighter jet that slammed into an apartment complex there. the engines will be an important part of the investigation. into what caused the plane to go down. the officials from the epa were also at the scene today. to make sure no hazardous materials were leaking out. no one was injured when the f-18 crashed last friday. >> still ahead -- bloody hands, banging on doors, a bed sheet sent out the window. the lengths one bank robber went to to avoid capture. >> a kid jumped up and showed true heroism in the face of incredible danger. he is 13 years old and he will tell his story. >> plus how you can
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a bizarre bank robbery ended with saving the suspect's life. two men allegedly held up an m & t branch in largo. police stopped their get away van in new carlton and arrested the driver. they say the second guy scaled the fence and quut hcut his han. ran into an apartment building. banged on doors, begging residents to let him in.
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officers were closing in. the man grabbed a bed sheet. tried to jump out the window in an attempt to kill himself. >> it was scary, i mean the guy was hanging out the window. started twitching. all i saw was him fall. >> police were able to break his fall. that man is underguard. and in the hospital. >> soon, we will get to hear more from the 13-year-old boy who saved his school bus. the 7th grader from washington, will be on the "today" show tomorrow morning. the video shows him jumping up and grabbing the wheel. monday, a school bus driver passed out. he was able to steer the bus to the side of the road. the bus driver survived. >> 50 lucky people witness history as the space shuttle "discovery" lands at dulles next week. giving you a chance to enter a contest through friday. winners will be on the airfield as the shuttle piggybacks on a 747 tuesday.
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discovery's resting place at national air and space museum's center in chantilly. you can enter the contest on line at airport authorities website. you think they could accommodate more than 50 people at the airport wouldn't you? >> it is a large space that airport, i have heard. >> you will be able to see it from the mall. >> really cool. i am excited to see that. a lot of people have been asking me, where is the best police la look at that. we don't know the route, until the day it occurs. from the harbor, national mall you will see it. vantage point from that location, expect a pretty good view. if they're going to fly at 1,500 feet. >> very cool to see. >> pretty cool. hopefully the weather holds up. as of right now looks like it might. out there right now. it is on the chilly side. not just, chilly. let's just call it what it is. it is cold out there right now. wind chills in the 30s. for just about everybody. this today, one of the coolest days we have seen in quite some time. the sun did come out a little bit during the afternoon. we did get up to 56.
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56 and plenty of sunshine. no problem. the wind gusting upwards of 30 miles an hour. kept the cool air around. today was 7 degrees below average. average high is 65. we were 9 degrees below there. we were also below the average low. all and all. you average the two together. 7 degrees below average today. the most we have been below average since beginning of february. we have seen a lot of above average afternoons. 52 in cull pup kuculpepeculpepe. tomorrow we'll rebound a little bit. out there right now. on the chilly side. 46. chilly temperatures. wind at 13. wind chill at 40 degrees. most everybody is in the middle 30s right now for wind chill. you need to make sure you bundle up as you head outside. already down to 36 in culpeper. 37, martinsburg. going to bea very cold night tonight. once again there are freeze warnings back to the west. here's what was going on to day. you saw the cloud cover.
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saw the showers. yes, we saw -- some snow. we also saw some snow pellets, or soft hail, a lot of people saying hey we got hail here. no, not hail. it was actually grapple, mixture of ice and snow. coming down across the area. interesting day, weatherwise. something for us meteorologists to talk about once. and storm 4 radar. not a whole lot left. few light showers coming through here. most of these continue to dry up tonight. they will continue to do so. now, i mention the freeze warnings -- just to our west. look how much of the country is under freeze warnings. from minneapolis, down through saint louis, chicago, charleston, west virginia, nashville, raleigh. lot of cold air, continuing to make its way down. we will be on the cool side during the day tomorrow. high pressure will settle in. see less in the way of cloud cover. but i think some cloud tomorrow. by friday, though, we're going to get rid of the clouds and going to see some nice weather. friday looking great. but then, look at saturday. notice that -- little, little
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word right there. warm. it is going to be really, warm as we make our way through the weekend. temperatures not just a little warm. how about 73 saturday. how about 83 on sunday. and we're talking about, partly sunny skies. just about both days. we are going to keep it in the 80s. 80, monday. 81 tuesday. drop it to 70, wednesday. thinking the cool air might stick around. no all. no. awe signed good. thank you, doug. >> we have sports up next.
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looking good out there. >> i was hoping we could talk
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about grapple, a couple minutes. super cool water drop lets, dan. >> all right, all right, enough about it. >> let's talk sports. good news here. nationals closer had surgery on his elbow. he is not going to miss the entire season. his agent, described it as a minor procedure to move a small bone fragment from his elbow. and he also said storm will recover in plenty of time. to make a meaningful contribution. this season. meanwhile, the other pictures look pretty good up in new york this afternoon. and a dandy. bottom of the second. up 1 -- 0. strassberg. strike three. and the filthy curveball, the tejeda. davey johnson knew this would be a good one. and then he gets jason bay with a little, help from the umpire. they argued the call to no avail. strassburg, in six innings.
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draws the walk with the bases loaded in the seventh. the nationals actually had more walks in the game. 10 than hits nine. they take the series from the mets. with a 4-0 win. they improve to 4-2 on the year. home opener tomorrow. meanwhile, buck showalter and the ochs. based loaded adam jones. yeah, he strikes out. we are going to extra innings. top ten. kevin greg. nick swisher. and this ain't good. that's out of there. two-run shot. gives the yankees a 6-4 lead. that's the final -- the yanks, sweep the series, from the os. caps up in boston where the puck drops on their playoff series with the bruins tomorrow night at 7:30. we will be there with a live report. if the capitals are going to win the seven-game series they will likely need to one at least one of the next two games in boston. the bruins aren't just the better team.
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they're by far, the more physical team. boston's best player. biggest in the league. seven feet tall on skates. intimidating as they come. johannsen. knows all too well. took a beating on the hit. capitals going to take it to the bruins. on both end of the ice. big hit. a couple weeks ago. chimera. yeah, penalty there. doesn't feel like the caps are going to be in tip dated m d in. >> and with the exception, not too bad. pretty big guys. not like we're a small team. we're not afraid of the fizzle cal pl -- physical play. >> for me, more physical game is going to be better. personally. our line, ready, and i think everybody, they're ready. it's the playoffs. you know it's -- it's going to be -- it's going to be hard but fun. >> you have to find a way to be
11:28 pm
effective. every night. and, it's tighter. a little more hitting, probably. now all your little things come into play. really becomes a game of mistakes. >> should be an enjoyable day. for d.c. sports fans tomorrow. playoffs kick off in boston. national home opener. didn't predict any gram over
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in argentina, a child born after six months in the womb. they declared her dead. took her to the morgue and put her in a coffin. 12 hours later the parents asked to stay their last good-byes, opened the coffin. the mother fell to her knees when she saw the child tremble. the child was still alive. they say they don't know how that child survived, being refrigerated for 12 hours like that. the child is in good condition and said to be improving. they're also incredibly
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