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tv   Mad Money  NBC  April 13, 2012 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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♪ can you told on for one more day things will go your way ♪ ♪ just hold on ♪ hold on -- captions by vitac -- i'm jim cramer. welcome to my world. >> you need to get in the game! >> going out of business and he's nuts. they're nuts! they know nothing! >> i always like to say there's bull market somewhere. >> "mad money," you can't afford to miss it. >> i'm cramer. welcome to mad money. i'm just trying to save you a little money. my job is not just to entertain you but to educate you so call me. news flash. when we put our money in the stock market, we invest in -- wait for it -- stocks!
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despite a lot of weak data about jobs in the u.s. last week or bottom markets in europe, the dow soaring 181 point, specific as much vaulting 1.38%, nasdaq up 1.3%. i don't want to dumb it down or oversimplify on "mad money" but sometimes people overintellectualize this game. my job is to deintellectualize it. i'll show you just how much we need to reprogram ourselves and change the wave we think about the big news stories of date. first, this morning i get up on the exercycle at 4:40 a.m., my fault for being too late. i puzzle over whether europe will give us a decent lead in. in italy the government is
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selling three-year bonds but while i'm checking out europe, i notice that the chinese market, which has been a real bow-wow for a while is up 2%. so i'm thinking china's going to give us cover, even if italy is awful. italy is awful. a huge bummer, plummets 2% instantaneously you know what? is this me? nah. i'm not shaking it, boss. i'm not freaking out about it one bit. in fact, this day was a bit of a yawner. even after the italian domino knocked over spain, i was not sweating the program. while i'm checking out the china up 2%, i hear a rumor from a couple of guys saying the chinese gross domestic product,
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which comes out tonight, going to be a good one. which brings me to the cards i have here on my desk. i like cards. now if the stock market was a game of poker, then last year no matter what we did, we got a crummy hand. the most we could ever get, king high, right? that's because all throughout 2011 we never got two major markets going right at the same time. europe was always a drag. we never had a king there. this thing didn't even exist. it was suicidal. no face cards at all. a couple of suicidals. on occasion, china or the united states might give us a king but never at the same time. we never had a pair! now, though, our luck has changed and we're getting good hands all the time. all we need in this market is a pair of kings and that allows us to focus on individual stocks. we can invest in great companies without having to worry about the macro situation crushing the stocks for no good reason. in other words, i'm not dismissing the possibility that things could get rough again in
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europe. i'm simply saying we don't need to draw a european king to allow us profitably invest in our stocks as long as we get a king from the u.s. and a king from china. sure we can go a heck of a lot higher if we had three kings and a lot of days in the first quarter this is the hand we got, which is why we were able to have the best first quarter in 14 years. get this -- if we ever draw this one, if we ever draw the rest of the world, we don't have that right now, then we will have four kings. you know what happens when we have four kings? i have no doubt our averages will go to all-time highs. you get four kings, we're going all-time highs. let's circle back to individual stock investing for a second. again, i want to demystify, deoverintellectualize the situation of our stock market. i want to relate this process to you. i want to relate the stock
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picking process to you in a way that makes sense to you at home, not to an old hedge fund trading desk where everyone is making a gazillion dollars and whipping around his friend gamma, alpha and beta. this morning i'm getting a hair cut. you figure you should get dispensation, i don't have that much so i don't have to cut it. no. you still have to cut it. joe is cutting it and his partner comes over and he whips out his iphone has 4,568 apps. he said he felt like the speculators who dominated the market -- this is a guy who cuts hair, he's a smart guy, speaks to a lot of people count. he said i think all the speculators moved out, all those guys who dominated from last year, i think they're gone and now regular people are just investing in the companies that make products they like. it was a simple observation by a
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smart guy who does not sit on a hedge fund desk for a living, the kind of thing i talk about all the time these days. the big gun slingers who would drive down our market off an italian bond auction, they ain't playing. maybe they had their money taken away. maybe they went home to cry to their moms about that risk on/risk off that i will strangle if i hear because it's meaningless. maybe they're high stake scalpers or perhaps their break the stock market gain doesn't work now that we've got a pair of kings to go up and trump them. they're stock bashing off spanish unemployment figure, worries about the solvency of portugal or the fact a bond market didn't go well in italy, well it only seems to work if we have a weak hand, just a king, one king. but we have a pair. the absence of the gun slingers, we've reverted to the old fashioned investing that was the
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hall mark of this stock market until be everything got so confused, so speculative. that's how we got those 400-point days. that was hedge funds going crazy. we reverted to the kind of thinking pioneered by the greatest investor in my time and i'm not talking about warren buffett. i'm talking about peter lynch, the man who made millions of people fortunes when he was runs the magellan fund. he wrote the best book i ever read, "one up on wall street." he preached if you found a product you liked and store you wanted to shop at and you researched the company to check out the fundamentals using many of the techniques i'm trying to teach you on the show, you can buy the stock and expect to make money, as long as you held on to
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it through thick and thin. that's what's happening now with this market the broad macro speculators have been crowded out by the neals of the world who like their iphones, have checked out the company and they own, 50, 70, 100 shares, people who own, not rent, who own a stock, the greatness of the lynch principle, you didn't panic when the stock went down because of weakness in the broader market, you bought more because you liked the product and the company, as i am sure many of you did during the five days of pain just ended back in june. you said, oh, i like the product. the stock is down, i'll buy more. that's the kind of market we have now. that's what 2012 is all about. no, i'm not ignoring the big macro numbers of the woes of the world besides ours. no. i'm just saying if you have a
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pair of kings and china giving you comfort it's off the table and can grow again, then you can focus on simply buying winning stocks the old fashioned way. it's why the other day i said, please, please don't give up on this market when we had five down days in a row. run to the sale, not from it. remember when we got a couple of kings in our hand, you are safe. not merely to rent sector baskets or borrow the s&p or trade risk but to invest. invest in great american companies that make products you like and you can profit what beyond what we ever thought possible just four short months ago. let's go to don in indiana, please. don. >> caller: first of all, here's a circle city without peyton, booyah to you. >> i love peyton. what's up?
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>> caller: conoco phillips, do you still like it? what's a reasonable -- >> yes. conoco is a giant natural gas company. you have horse sense, you're from indiana, it's flirting with a point below 2. that's taken a lot of upside off of conoco. you're going to need a strong market because it's got too much not gas to make the stock. i think it's got 10% in it between here and year end, it's still worth being in. you'll get some dividend when the company splits. >> it's a crazy game of poker with american companies doing well and china doing well. we only need a pair to be looking and buying individual stocks. you know what, i checked my hand, we got it. "mad money" will be right back. coming up, break bread? as one iconic food company splits into two, is it time to put their stock in the oven? cramer's chowing down on the
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details to see if you should take a bite. and later, hold still. cramer's ultimate growth portfolio gets a face lift tonight. can this vanity play help you inject profits and stay looking young for years to come? plus, under the microscope. dr. cramer is giving his long-term prognosis for a biotech play that could have the best medicine for your future. all coming up on "mad money." >> miss out on some "mad money," get your "mad money" text alert today. text mm to 26221 to get cramer right on your phone. or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc. hey, i'm joey aragon. see that film? people call me about this every day.
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with the major averages soaring today, i need you to understand something. this move isn't just a rally, it's a rotation! rotation into the cyclicals, the smoke stack stocks that need a healthy economy in order to grow and now the stocks of consistent companies that thrive in recession. you know what they're doing? they're throwing out the food stocks! not because there's anything wrong with the food business but because that's how the mechanics of a rotation works. the right time to load up on food stocks is when they are being tossed in the trash.
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in other words, right now. which brings me to sarah lee for you home gamers. a stock that i've been recommending. i've been waiting to recommend until it's come down a little bit. but this thing wouldn't budge from its 52-week high. in the last week and a half, though, at least it's finally pulled back. albeit subtly. about 70 cents off its 52-week high. i think you have to snap it up on weakness. even the tiny decline of today may be enough to get in. what makes sara lee so attractive? this is the maker of packaged meat product, ball park franks, hillshire farms. you get the picture, right? and it's cold cuts, along with
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desserts and it's more kind of a sausage fest. however, sara lee is breaking up in order to unlock value. that's right. it's splitting! you get the picture. and as i said many times, breaking up is not only easy to do, it can also be incredibly profitable. hence 22% gain we've racked up in beam and also in coviden. management in 2011 announced they would split sara lee in two companies, a meat business that
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will retain the sara lee name and a coffee and tea company that will call itself de master blender 1753. not that sexy. but anyway, i think it's a very smart move. as we come closer to the spinoff, which is expected to happen in late june, i think the stock will become more and more attractive and i think it will work. the new sara lee, meat company, will get all the north american retail and food service businesses except for beverages. that means you'll be able to keep the brands that you love, sara lee, jimmy dean. come back, jmy dean. oh, jimmy dean. ballpark franks, hillshire farm, chef pierre and state fair, among others. the coffee and tea company, de master blenders, that gets sara lee as international beverage and bakery business. and insenzio, the single-cup brewer that competes with keurig.
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it will be a $3 dividend and they put it right in your pocket for doing nothing but owning the stock. as much as we like the dividend, such as the one you got from dominos pizza, that's not the the reason i'm excited about the breakup. sara lee is a classic company where the whole frankly is worth less than the sum of its parts. goldman sachs did a terrific breakup of the company where they figured this business alone is worth $7 a share. the coffee business should be worth $16. this business alone, this is worth -- you get the picture. add it up and you got $23. you might say that that's up
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only 8% more than the current share prays of $21.31 but you also have to account, in addition to these, you have to account for the $3 special dividend. we're really talking about a 22% profit just from sara lee breaking itself up. how about that, huh? plus the split makes sense. does it really belong under the same roof with the domestic packaged meat maker that's growing earnings by cutting costs? now, i like the coffee side of things, not just because the price of coffee has been falling of late with arabic beans down nearly 18% as of date. the share takes should only get stronger with this spinoff. then there's the single-cup coffee brewer they've been working together on this since
3:20 am
2001. it may not be the keurig but it's a giant install base, 33 million appliances. sara lee played phillips 177 euros for full control of the trade market. as for the meat side of things, let's just see. what do we got going here? sara lee is holding an investor meeting on june 5th and they're going to talk about the future. i believe it's going to be a positive catalyst. this is more of a slow and steady business. it might end up with higher dividend than the coffee business. we'll decide whether the meat stub of sara lee is worth holding on to after the investor day and the split happens. i wish we had a bigger pullback. i think we're going to have to use this minor weakness and heavy rotation to get started right here. here's the bottom line -- nobody does a breakup like sara lee.
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see, breaking up is the fun thing to do here. it's fun and the sara lee breakup will be especially fun since it will unlock value and put a $3 special dividend in your pocket. in the old days everyone knew the slogan, nobody doesn't like sara lee. now i'm saying pretty soon nobody won't like sara lee stock. i want you ahead of the love fest that the breakup will inspire. after the break i'll try to make you even more money! stay with cramer! coming up, hold still! cramer's ultimate growth portfolio gets a facelift tonight. could this vanity play help you inject profits and stay looking young for years to come? and later, under the microscope. dr. cramer is giving his long-term prognosis for a biotech play. all coming up on "mad money." [ jim koch ] there is a rhythm of the seasons, so we've developed styles of beer to accompany that.
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tonight we're playing the rotation game, looking for the momentarily out of favor stocks that didn't rise to the average in today's red hot action. this move was all about the cyclicals. when these economically sensitive smoke stacks rally, others get left behind. that's a good thing. we get to buy growth at a rare discount when growth stocks have been getting their groove back. i've been highlighting my growth names for 2012 all week.
3:25 am
we have apple, starbucks, chipotle, ross stores. after the lightning round, i'll give you another one. here's one that is so driven. it's a fabulous secular growth stock. it was down today, slipped another 12 cents yesterday despite the rally. the stock is called allergan. they treat eye problems as well as migraines and a medical aesthetics business where they make you look better, smooth skin, larger breasts, thicker eye lashes. let's go through the rubric. i want to educate you. i want to teach you so that you can do your very own growth stock analysis. so much of this show is about teaching.
3:26 am
the first and most important criteria is the same, does the company have the potential for serious multi-year growth we can put a value on? check. virtually everything allergan does -- you've got degrading vision. huge issue. you've got a desire to look younger. come on. the need to maintain a high quality of life and of course there's the pull of vanity, something that is never, ever going to go away. but it's not just that allergan's products play into these multi-year and decade themes, with age products and macular degeneration to glaucoma and products to make your wrinkles go away, they have a business model to sustain growth, they call it the pipeline and a product model.
3:27 am
they take existing products and extend it to new indications, which they've done with botox, which is now being used to help migraine safers. second, are they in a market that's big enough? check. the glaucoma market alone is worth $5.7 billion globally, 5% clip from growth. plus in america alone about 9 million people suffer from chronic dry eye. allergan is the only fda approved treatment for it. the market will grow by leaps and bounds every time it invent as new way of making people look prettier and younger. don't forget the gigantic migraine opportunity. third, can they stay competitive? check. they keep reinvesting in r & d to invent new products and
3:28 am
improving good ones. >> four, does it make more sense to grow products itself? mainly the company spends its company on r & d to fuel future growth. their expenses came in an astounding 16% this quarter, the highest of any drug company i found. fifth, can they expand internationally? check. they already have. internationally makes 40% of sales, up from 30% two years ago. and they're growing sales three to four times in the emerging markets. six, is their balance sheet strong enough to support the level of growth we need to see? check. at the end of the fourth quarter, they had debt and investment of $2.6 billion and that's plenty. seventh, is the stock expensive when it comes to the out years? it sells for 19 times next
3:29 am
year's earnings with a 14% long-term growth rate and sells for less than 17 times expected 2014 earnings, it means it has a peg ratio that is reasonable for a country. eighth, can the management execute? check. remarkable job steering the company. nine, are they hostage to global or economic growth? no, it ain't. their businesses do well in good time and bad. last but not least, can allergan grow margins or will it be overcome by roll cards? you need to take the pullbacks when you can get them. the stock is more than 3 points off its high. i think it's a terrific buy into any more weakness. let's go to jerry in florida, please. jerry.
3:30 am
>> caller: jim, rejenneron is a pharmaceutical company i own stock in and it's been going up against negativity of wall street firms for the next year, even though they have many drugs in clinical trials for cancer and eye disease. >> i've been staying the course. if you bought it when we first recommended the stock, take your capital off the table but what a great stock. >> chuck. >> caller: i want to know what you thought about irobot. i know they got hit big on earnings guidance in february. i think they're doing a good job with diversifying away from defense. i think a lot of people misclassify them as a household item with tupperware and whirlpool. what are your thoughts? >> the stock has been so weak melissa lee has been talking about it on her show. let me come back on that and say it sounds fine to me.
3:31 am
they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? i think growth is beautiful and i think allergan's growth is best in show of the major pharmaceutical companies. stay with cramer. >> coming up, can you handle the heat? cramer gets you fired up for a searing hot lightning round. and later, under the microscope. dr. cramer is giving his long-term prognosis for a biotech play that could have the best medicine for your future. all coming up on "mad money." sometimes, i feel like it's me against my hair. [ female announcer ] end the struggle with weak, damaged hair with new aveeno nourish+ strengthen. it nurtures hair back to strong, healthy life. our exclusive active naturals wheat protein formula works with your hair, targeting damage, restoring strength and resilience for up to 90% less breakage in just three washes. find peace with your hair. [ female announcer ] and discover strong, healthy hair with life.
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it is time for the lightning round! >> sell, sell, sell! >> and then the lightning round is over. are you ready skeedaddy? i start with dustin in south dakota. >> caller: booyah! >> good to you have from the dakota, my friend. what's going on? >> ticker sto. i think they're good growth. >> leon? >> caller: i was wondering what you thought of express scripts? >> we were thinking do we take some profits?
3:35 am
it's had such a big move. and the answer is no! we still like the stock. what a combination with metco health. i think walgreens capitulates. rob in illinois. rob! >> caller: how you doing, jim? >> i'm doing real well. hit me, hit me. >> caller: i'm wondering about auq, aurico gold. >> sell, sell, sell. we like the gld, gld, gld. we're not messing with individual gold stocks. they haven't worked. nancy in arizona. nancy. >> caller: booyah, jim cramer! i've been watching you since you had big rock star hair. ticker today is kors. >> i think kors is done going down. i think they got hammered because they did this equity offer and people decided it was too expensive. put me up kors. i like it at this level. craig in california. craig. >> caller: hey, jim. sunny silicon valley booyah to you. thanks for taking my call.
3:36 am
>> my pleasure. >> caller: the stock is westport innovation. is it safe to get back in the water here? >> listen, skipper, what happened is their partner decided to go against them and that's freaking people out. i personally think it's still a good stock because of the low price of natural gas but understand that cummings thing was a bummer. i'll bless a buy but i can't be as enthusiastic as before cmi decided to come in. john. >> caller: jim, i'd like your opinion on pandora, simple p. >> i'm done eating pandora. i think you should sell, sell, doesn't open that box. janet. >> caller: what do you think about dri? should i pull the trigger? okay. it doesn't have the fame of
3:37 am
cramer chipotle and panera has a lot more panache. let go to lamont in pennsylvania. lamont. >> caller: jim, great big booyah for me and my puppy roscoe. good to have you. >> caller: roundys. >> i think -- >> let's go to chris. >> caller: chesapeake energy, what do you think? >> i think oklahoma city will go further in the nba than that stock. audrey mcclenen, we think he's really smart and has done a terrific job but he's he needs natural gas prices higher. marks times, treads water. and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round! >> the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. ♪
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with the market rebounding beautifully again today -- ♪ hallelujah >> -- just about everything can feel like a winner.
3:42 am
don't trust those feelings! it's important to keep your eye on the prize. in this market the prize is growth. in fact, would i use the strength in this market to sell some of the big industrials that are around and buy in growth at a discount is what i'd be saying you should be doing right now. this market is finally giving high quality turbo charged secular growth stocks the appreciation they deserve, which is why all week long i've been focused on getting you into the right kind of growth stocks at the right levels. while the market wasn't all that kind of growth stocks today, that's precisely where the opportunity comes in. we've been making a shopping list of growth names can you buy in weakness. some have exploded since we featured them. monday we gave you apple. that is down today. starbucks is up, tuesday chipotle up very big. yesterday we hit the racks at ross starts. of course you just got allergan.
3:43 am
now that growth is back in style, you need to be able to put them through a rigorous inspection of your own so can you identify long-term winners and feel comfortable if they go down. we don't just want companies with fast growth. we want fast growth that's sustainable and consistent enough to endure the spanish bond turmoil, italian yields going higher, chinese hard landing fears, unfounded as they might be. with that in mind, please allow me to introduce celgene, it remains incredibly cheap up here, even though it's not even 2 points off its 52-week high. it has a $34 billion market gap, deep pocket and a host of drugs on the market for cancer and blood disorders. it's the polar opposite of those speculative one-drug wonders,
3:44 am
that many of you call in on. i don't mind it in the lightning round but this is a breed apart. let's run it through our ten-point checklist. first, does it have multi-year growth potential with high visibility? oh, yeah. it's the fastest growth rate among large cap biotechs. they're forecasting annual revenues and earnings growth in the mid teens. those numbers could be conservative. the analysts expect the company to deliver an average of 25.5% earnings growth for five years. that puts them among the handful of the fastest growing companies i follow. they have the drugs in the pipeline to back this up. the company's biggest franchise is a blockbuster drugs that treats various cancers of the blood. right now the drug say proved as a second line treatment for patients who don't see benefit from first line drugs but it's
3:45 am
coming up for fda approvals of the front line drug this year and doctors prescribe it off label because it's so good. it's expected to generate nearly $5 billion in revenues, one drug, up from $3.5 billion last year. as it gets approved for new indications and it's introduced to new geographies, peak sales $7 billion expected in 2019. in short, sales could double. this is amazing. i look at so many companies. a handful have this kind of growth. that's just one drug of a company with multiple revenue streams. there's a $384 million breast cancer drug, potential for multiple end cases. it could get approval for nonsmall cell lung cancer and it's in phase three trials for melanoma with another phase three study for pancreatic cancer on the way.
3:46 am
it could boost sales by 1.5 billion through 2015. overall the company is conducting nine phase two and phase three studies, phase three being the last one, to expand the use of its products that are already on the market. each one of these has the potential to produce more than $1 billion in additional sales. that's why i like this company. people stop me in the street, i need a biotech, i need a cell stock. 18 programs in phases two or three, nine drugs in the pipeline. they plan to submit a new drug to the fda for another drug cancer drug with multi-billion dollar potential that could be approved later this year. catalyst, catalyst, catalyst. i'm betting the fda smiles on this one. it's already received fast track designation to speed up the approval process. there's so much going on here. no other drug company i follow,
3:47 am
biotech or otherwise, that robust an fda calendar for 2012. checklist item number two. are the end markets big enough? absolutely. the market for cancer drugs in the u.s. alone is currently worth $50 billion. and expanding rapidly. with blood cancers, celgene's specialty. three, can they stay competitive? it's very important for a drug company. the answer is yes. why? because the patent doesn't expire until 2019 and they may able to extend further to 2023 thanks to their patent on the drug's mechanism use. that should provide them with many new opportunities as the current crop of drugs matures in eight to ten years. we talk about these patent cliffs for so many drug companies and they're staring them in the face. celgene is miles away. is there any chance for dividends?
3:48 am
i don't see a dividend in their future any time soon. last year they did spend $2.2 billion on buybacks but they were opportunistic. they were well timed. they got them at an average price of a little below 58. that's more than 20 points lower than where they are right now. they're smart about their buyback. fifth, can the company expand internationally in celgene is an international power house. rather than partnering up with many overseas, they deeped to go it alone. it's fully integrated with affiliates in over 50 companies. they're working on getting approved in brazil and china. last year 42% of their sales were international and their overseas revenue should increase by more than 50% over the next two to three years.
3:49 am
sixth, balance sheet. is it strong enough to sustain the growth? heck, yeah. i mean, they've got a rock solid balance sheet. $2.6 billion in cash at the end of the third quarter, $1.5 billion in senior debt. seven, is the stock expensive on what we call the out years, in other words, 2014, 2015, 2016? not only is it cheat based on its earnings, it's selling only 13.8 of next year's earnings. if it simply traded in line with its peers, avant garde is peerless because they aren't that good, it would be a 91 stock and be 12 points higher. if it were commensurate with its growth ray, it would be at 139. can they execute their plan? yes. the ceo has held every important management position in the company.
3:50 am
he was president and chief executive officer before taking the helm in 2010, up 30% since the last time we spoke in june of 2011. he was with that at that terrific university of virginia show we did. nine, is it hostage to economic growth, foreign or domestic? so many companies are. no way. this is a dug company that works even when the economy stinks. ten, can the company grow its margins? celgene has a 90% growth margin and it's still increasing. these are pills! the bottom line is this market is embracing growth and celgene is one of the greatest growth stocks out there. the stock was at $1.64 yesterday and barely moved today. i'm blessing picking it up here,
3:51 am
so long as you don't chase it on the way up. hop on celgene before it gets hot again! "mad "is back after the break. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] nothing will keep you from magnum. ♪ silky vanilla bean ice cream and rich caramel sauce all covered in thick belgian chocolate. magnum ice cream. for pleasure seekers. those spots are actually leftover food and detergent residue that can redeposit on your dishware during the rinse cycle. gross. jet-dry rinse agent helps wash them away so the only thing left behind is the shine. jet-dry rinses away residues for a sparkling shine.
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sometimes you can take clues and build them into something that adds up to be a potentially terrific stock pick. this morning tractor supply
3:54 am
reported a number that was almost double what people were looking for. the stock of this uber cramer fave jumped immediately. it's already up 40% of the year. if you browse the aisles of the beautiful tractor aisles? you see a lot of products that must be selling like flap stacks. earlier we got a number from titan machinery, a distributor of case, new holland farm and construction equipment. it was so stellar the company felt compelled to release it ahead of its usual earnings time just like tractor supply did. jumped to the 52-week high list. and then titn reported a revenue increase of 51.6%. again right to the new high list, even as it was already up more than 25% when it preannounced to the up side for sherwin-williams.
3:55 am
especially at a time when employment is weak and small businesses are getting less optimistic. they tell me can you now separate employment growth from earnings. you are making money riding earnings, not dissing earnings because of employment reports. which brings me to like edgar allan poe, we can take those clues and come up with home depot. even up here, a few pennies from the high, goods they sell are all complementary of what tractor supply and sherwin-williams sells, then it must be booming, too, at home depot. you'll hear they've been beating the numbers and tell me the tail winds may be in place.
3:56 am
i think it is worth buying even up here after this terrific run. the growth is back and the despot could be heading nicely higher. other companies allow us the confidence to take a swing at one of america's greatest retailers. stick with cramer. anything done. it makes for one, lousy day. but when you're alert and energetic... that's different. you're more with it, sharper, getting stuff done. this is why people choose 5-hour energy over 9-million times a week. it gives them the alert, energetic feeling they need to get stuff done. 5-hour energy...when you gotta get stuff done. and got this one free. wow! [ tires screech ] buy one 6" sub? [ tires screech ] ...and get another one free?
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listen, i've come up with a new indicator to use exclusively on "mad money" from now on. when i get to twitter at night and i see a lot of responses that are scatterogical and ad hom nen attacks, i'm going to come out here and tell you got to pull the trigger and buy something. two days ago when i said i like the market, i have never been flamed like i did my life like the did @jim cramer at twitter. we're going to use a hostile


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