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tv   Early Today  NBC  April 19, 2012 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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tonight. it's going to be very important. probably will determine tomorrow's action. i know. isn't that terrible? i always like to say there is a bull market somewhere. i promise to try to find it for right here on "mad money." i'm jim cramer. see you tomorrow. this morning on "early today," end of an era, the entertainment world mourns the passing of dick clark. mystery revealed, a retired illinois couple cashes in the final charlotte of the mega millions jack point. out of control car slams in a building in brazil and stays put. captions paid for by nbc-universal television this is "early today" for april 19 the, 2012. i'm lynn berry. dick clark died of a heart attack at age 82, after a
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television career spanning more than 60 years. the man once known as the nation's oldest teenager created "american bandstand" in 1956 and started new year's eve rockin' eve. stephanie stanton has more on the life of this tv legend. >> reporter: the record stopped spinning for america's oldest teenager. dick clark died of a massive heart attack. the 82 wassed a -- fans paid tribute to this american icon. >> new year's eve will never be the same. miss a big icon is all i can say. >> words of praise from ryan sea crest who opened "american idol" by honoring clark. >> without dick, a show like this would not exist. he will be missed greatly. our thoughts and our prayers go
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out to his family. i know that he's in a better place, saying "hey, let's get with the show, okay" you got it boss. >> reporter: he hosted "american bandstanlts" that hosted african american and white artists. >> he was on the cutting edge of what was new and happening now. >> reporter: in 1972, clark created new year's rocking eve and hosted the eventual stroke sidelined him in 2004. in 2006 he made a return and continued to wring in the new year, up until last year, re-establishing his credentials as an american icon. stephanie stanton, nbc news, los angeles. in the wake of an ongoing secret service veinvestigation
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a prostitution scandal, 3 of the 11 agents are out at the agency. one of the women at the center of the scandal is speaking out for the first time. tracie potts joins us from washington with more or this, tracie, good morning. >> reporter: lynn, good morning. we know from the secret service, one agent retired, one is in the process of being fired for kaur cause, the other resigned. this leaves eigh8eight personne under investigation, they have spoken with the women and hotel workers where the incident occurred. the new york times is reporting a 24-year-old single mother, a self-described escort there, says she was approached by these americans at a disco, that they were drinking and that she went back to the hotel of one of the agents, agreeing to have sex with him for $800 but they got a fight in the hallway when he only wanted to pay her $30.
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the police got involved, another one of the women across the hall got involved. they ended up settling on $225. the investigation continues. >> tracie potts, thank you. the white house is condemning newly surfaced images of soldiers posing with bodies in afghanistan. the two-year-old photos published by the l.a. times show u.s. troops with the remains of dead militants. leon panetta apologized and expressed concerns the photo cost cause new violence against u.s. forces in afghanistan. the photographs were provided to the paper by an american soldier, an investigation is underway. now here is a look at other stories makes news "early today" in america. in new york, someone is posing as a police officer and a woman. police say the fake cop is really a man who went in a bank, demanded a customer's wallet and
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stole a debit card. also snuck in the private offices of a hospital, so nothing was stolen there. in dallas, a burglar tried to smash his way in a pharmacy using a giant rock. police say he hurled it at the front door over and over again, but minor detail, it was made of plexiglass and wouldn't shatter. the would be-thief is still on the loose. in st. louis, someone vandalized a school crossing skien, altered to make it look like one of the children is carrying an assault rifle. that is not funny. the sign is posted at a place where some would consider unofficial boundary of the safer and dangerous side of town. public work crews plan to fix it. finally, who knew you could fit the olympic games in new york times square, pretty small but the crossroads of the world played host to volleyball, bmx
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bike racing and more to help usher in the 2012 summer games in london, now less than 100 days away. as you can imagine, team usa was well-represented. for a look at national and regional weather, here is bill karins with the weather channel forecast. anyone that lives in new york that saw that is just scratching their head like what a traffic nightmare, can you imagine? like the middle of manhattan shutting down. all for a good cause. >> they should down, there is a parade or something every day, good morning a weak storm system in the middle of the country. interesting forecasting concerns on the east coast through the weekend. as of now the system showers exiting areas in the mid-atlantic from new york southward, d.c. showers are exiting. eastern north carolina may have showers in the morning commute. very weak and heading out. next storm is reloading in the west, watching rain and
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thunderstorms in areas daireas dakotas and nebraska. this will move through sioux city and omaha, bring umbrellas in minneapolis, maybe chicago. you had a couple showers overnight. as far as severe storms, this storm system doesn't have the punch a lot of other ones have had a. slight risk of severe storms from kansas city to wichita, tulsa, oklahoma city, this is the area hit by those tornadoes last weekend. i don't think we have a tornado threat, some damaging winds and large hail probably just about the worst of it. today's forecast, showers and storms here in the midwest, dry in new england, looks like in florida a few showers, mild conditions from texas all the way through the gulf coast, here is a look at weather outside your window. today in areas like milwaukee a shower, possibly thunderstorm, won't be anything too severe. temperatures chilly in areas of the great lakes. in denver, late afternoon, a
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chance of a shower or storm after mostly sunny morning. i'll have details on the weekend coming up and looks like it could be a wet one. >> bill thanks so much. taco bell turns around. online payments pay off. mcdonald's takes a stab at another staple of french cuisine. the business headlines are straight ahead. demi moore is moving on from her ex, ashton kutcher and wants her fans to help. a coaching legend steps aside, another walk off for the brewers and penguins stave off elimination by scoring ten goals. you're watching "early today."
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good morning welcome back to "early today" i'm lynn berry. here are top headlines this morning. india says for the first time it has launched a new missile that could hit chinese cities including beijing.
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the rocket has a 3,000 mile range and is capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. authorities in texas say a woman has confessed to killing a mother and kidnapping her baby boy on tuesday. verna mcclain suffered a miscarriage but told her fiance they had given birth. an illinois couple collected a big check for their share of the mega millions jackpot. they will collect a lump sum payment of $158 million before taxes. a lucky driver in brazil escaped serious injury when the car flew through the air, crashed in a house and stayed there. the family was asleep just a few feet away. but they were not hurt. a look how wall street will kick off. dow opens at 13,032 after losing
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82 points yesterday. s & p lost 5 points, nasdaq down 11. in tokyo the nikkei dropped 78 points in hong kong the hang seng gained 214. earnings before the bell will drive markets today provided no major hiccups in spain's bond auction. worries about spanish debt resurfaced wednesday as traders worried stopping the auction could send borrowed rates to bail out territory. the bigger drag was disappointing results from ibm and intel. american express reported a 7% jump in net income as customers spent and repaid more in the first quarter. kfc and taco bell parent yum brands posted a whopping 73% profit gain thanks to taco bell's rebound and strong performance overseas. after hours, mobile chip maker qualcomm sank 3%.
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ebay blew past wall street expectations thank to paypal and e-commerce. halliburton rose 5% on record revenue fueled by rush to tap new oil wells in north america. the environmental protection agency is giving energy companies more time to begin using green completion equipment when they drill for natural gas. the 2015 deadline is the first federal mandate governing pollution from hydraulic fracturing or so-called fracking. new data from the labor department shows food prices are rising at a slower pace which could bring relief at the check out line. finally, mcdonald's new mcbagette launched to mixed review. some customers embraced the change, others critique the missing crunch from the crusty
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bread. the celtics charm the magic, the brewers walk off in extra innings, the penguins net ten goals to avoid elimination from the stanley cup playoffs. here with morning sports headlines straight ahead. a few thunderstorms could be on the strong side. the forecast coming up you're watching "early today."
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good morning, if you're just waking up this is "early today." in sports excitement last night in the stanley cup playoffs as two nhl teams stafd off elimination, here is fred rogan with a early look at all the sports headlines. good morning with the backs against the wall and facing elimination the penguins not only found a way to win, they found the back of the net ten times, make it or break it time for pittsburgh. flyers 3-2 lead, pens offense came alive. exploded for unanswered goals, that's right, seven unanswered goals. seven straight goals. jordan staal had a hat trick, impressive 10-3 win. game 5 is tomorrow. big lift from daniel, assist on the goal, canucks beat the kings, game 5 sunday.
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kyle turris perfect shot, behind henrik lundqvist. series tied at two apiece. pat summitt has stepped down as basketball coach. she was diagnosed with the on set of alzheimers. she won eight championships during her 38 year career at tennessee. nba a month ago talk about breaking up the celts. boston is guaranteed a share of the title. paul pierce, 29, career high 14 assists against the imaginic, final seconds, pierce with the dagger, they win it 102-98. one guess who the yankees played, the twins. justin morneau was seeing double, two home runs, four in the last six games. minnesota won it 6-5. the brewers beat the dodgers in a walk off. fly ball to center field, matt kemp made the grab.
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niger morgan beat the throw by the slimmest of margins, brewers walk off 3-2 win in 10. that is the early look at sports on "early today" i'm fred rogan. britney spears is inching closer to the x factor. early morning entertainment headlines are straight ahead. one kentucky high school senior's fairy tale night all complete with a prince charming. you're watching "early today."
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welcome back to "early today." the weekend forecast looks interesting on the east coast. if you have plans on saturday, through pittsburgh, northern new england, cold front going through with rain. a lot of questions as to the storm in the gulf. how much moisture and how far to the north that storm travels will depend who gets the wet weather. in the southeast, pay attention to that. by the time we get do sunday the storm should be cooking off the east coast, along i-59 the best shot of rain heading north ward during date on sunday. stay tuned, update the forecast for you tomorrow. watching us in austin texas, play on ten, interactive mini golf holes, created by artists and architects at art on the green, austin museum of art, that is the "early today" event of the day. >> not a difficult thing to do. now here's an early look at
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the morning headlines in entertainment. michael jackson's former british body guard launched a legal bid to prove he's the biological father of the late singer's younger son blanket. >> here we go. >> the man tells the tabloid daily star he plans to ask the jackson family for a dna test. he claims he gave jackson a sperm donation in 2001, after the king of pop said he wanted an athletic child. >> didn't need the last paragraph. >> for background. britney spears is close to signing a deal to be on the next season of "x-factor" there are reports of $15 million contract in the works. people magazine reports anna paqquin and steven moyer are expecting their first child. they met on the set of "true blood" in 2007 they were married in 2010. congratulations to them. demi moore is asking for suggestions on a new twitter handle from her followers. the 49-year-old actress
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currently uses @mrs.kutcher after separating from ashton kutcher. she tweeted time for a change, any suggestions? >> original cougar. >> wow. wlex, 18 news in lexington, kentucky, nearby maysville, a high school student had a prom night. she asked a boy on the basketball team to be her date, he said yes, but headed off to college. she thought he forgot but he surprised her, to top it all off, her classmates voted her prom queen. i'm lynn berry this is "early today," your first stop of the day, today on your nbc station.
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4:28 on your thursday morning. 52 degrees outside our studios. we're still dealing with some clouds out there, but things are going to get better. we'll have a look at your forecast in a moment. first, good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. welcome to this thursday, april 19, 2012. more than an hour ago, crews lifted the shuttle off the back of the jumbo jet it arrived on and placed it on the ground as gently as it could. it will meet up with the space
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shuttle "enter prooiz." they'll sit nose to nose as visitors stop for photos and astronaut meetings. by 5:30 tonight it will take its permanent place in the hangar. the sheriff's office is investigating a deadly shooting. they searched the area and found a man dead behind a building on kent avenue. they're now working to identify the victim and track down the gunman. today hundreds of university of maryland students will urge the governor to call a special legislative session to solve maryland's budget crisis. they failed to meet an agreement during the meeting last week. a so-called doomsday deal will occur next week. it will include a half a million in


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