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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  April 20, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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student who's accused of killing her roommate is free on bond this morning. 19-year-old alexis simpson is accused of stabbing dominique frasher in their dorm room last september. she was released on $250,000 bond last week. the two were allegedly arguing over loud music. her lawyer says her release signals support of frasier's claim that the killing was in self-defense. as part of simpson's bond, she is confined to her mother's district heights home, and she is not allowed any visitors. her trial is scheduled to begin in august. a prince george's county council woman caught speeding at more than 100 miles per hour will defend herself in court today. karen toles was pulled over on the beltway in february. initially she was given a ticket for an unsafe lane change. public outcry and an investigation led police to change the ticket to reckless driving. if convicted, toles has to pay a $510 fine and six point would be added to her driver's license. with three points already, six more would mean a suspended
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license. >> yikes. it is time to check the forecast for the first time this morning with meteorologist tom kierein. a little chilly, but yesterday turned out to be a beautiful day. >> and you want some more? >> we would absolutely. >> all right. bring it on. bring it on. does look like another gorgeous day coming up. no travel problems weatherwise this morning. and not as much fog as yesterday morning. maybe a little patchy fog in some of the rural areas, but most locations we've got a clear sky. here's a live view this morning from our city camera. jefferson memorial, washington monument under a clear sky. right now, 54 chilly degrees at reagan national. that's one of the warm spots. we've got a light breeze coming out of the south which will increase a bit today and sweep in some mild weather. as we look at what's been happening, the view from space the last 12 hours, we've got weak high pressure over us now. clear skies across west virginia, virginia, maryland, the district, eastern shore, and temperatures all around the region are chilly. we're just in the 40s in the suburbs and rural areas. that includes montgomery, arlington, fairfax, prince
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george's counties. 40s. mid 50s near the bay waters. away from the waters, eastern shore, mid 40s now. southern maryland, parts of that region from charles county and across the river into prince william county, only in the low to mid 40s. it's just in the 40s, as well, off to the west, shenandoah valley and into the mountains. but delightful details on friday. the day ahead, that will be in ten minutes. danella has our friday morning traffic. good morning. good morning. seeing a lot of roadwork in the area. let's start with the dulles toll road. traveling eastbound on the dulles toll road at 7, roadwork set up there. now traveling on the outer loop of the beltway right now, only the left lane gets by the roadwork there as you're passing the dulles toll road. and on the dulles connector heading westbound, you cannot get to the outer loop of the beltway. you're going to be forced to get on the inner loop there. now speaking of the inner loop, taking the inner loop this time in the college park area, you'll have that left shoulder lane taken away by the roadwork. you can see very light volume making your way on the inner loop of the beltway in this area.
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checking travel speeds for you, not bad on the inner loop. making your way from i-95 to route 50, you're traveling at 61 miles per hour. that trip just a nine-minute drive right now. i'm back in ten minutes with another look at traffic. aaron and eun, back to you. >> thank you. 4:33. breaking news. in afghanistan a u.s. defense official says an american military chopper has crashed. four u.s. troops were on board the army black hawk when it went down in southwestern afghanistan. defense officials say they don't believe anyone survived. the military says enemy fire could have caused the crash, but early indications show weather may have played a factor. election day is less than seven months away now, and president obama holds a sizable lead over mitt romney in the latest nbc news/"wall street journal" poll. the president leads the presumptive gop nominee 49% to 43%. news isn't all good for president obama, though. romney leads him by six points amid voters who were asked which candidate was more likely to have good yesterdays on
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improving the economy -- good ideas on improving the economy. mitt romney will meet with prospective business owners in arizona today. he's going after president obama on his handling of the economy. he spoke with supporters yesterday at a closed down factory in ohio. it's just a few miles from the job training center the president visited a day earlier. romney accused the president of failing to meet goals he laid out four years ago. a howard county man is in jail this morning accused of killing his wife 21 years after she disappeared. 34-year-old christine jarrett vanished from her home on claire drive in elkridge in 1991. police say they found her remains on wednesday. they were encased in concrete and buried underneath the floorboards of a shed in the back yard. police arrested 57-year-old robert jarrett. he was living in the home with his second wife. they recently separated. robert jarrett told police christine jarrett disappeared after an argument. neighbors say she would have never abandoned her two sons. >> just a feeling that something
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was wrong. and it didn't work out, you know. she would have never left those boys. never. >> after all these years, my heavens. >> police say they tried to search the home when christine jarrett disappeared but were never allowed on to the property. after nearly three months, a prince george's county firefighter could finally be going home today. kevin o'toole was one of seven firefighters hurt while battling a blaze at a vacant home in rivedale. that was back in february. that fire was later ruled an arson. o'toole is suffering from second and third-degree burns to about half of his body. fellow firefighters from the station plan to be there for his release. o'toole will leave the burn unit in the same ladder truck he rode in the night he was injured. metro expecting to finish inspections of all the defibrillators today after one device failed during a man's heart attack. the 51-year-old was on a train approaching the pentagon station monday. metro said the battery on the defibrillator wasn't fully charged and didn't work properly. the man died later at the
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hospital. metro now upgrading defibrillators at every station kiosk. >> on the new generation, it's right on the face of the unit. it's a flashing green light if it's working properly. if you don't see the flashing light or if it's a red light, that means that there's a problem with the unit. >> right now metro has 46 defibrillators for more than 80 stations. the transit agency plans to put devices at every station kiosk by the end of the month. station managers will be required to inspect defibrillators several times a day. if you enjoy delay-free months on metro, prepare for weekend track work to come back with a bang. three stations on the busiest lines will be closed. the tacoma, ft. totten, and brookland stations on the red line will shut down at 10:00 tonight. flee shuttle buses will run to get you around the work. buses will replace trains between the rosalyn and pentagon stations on the blue line. on the orange line, you can expect single tracking. it journeyed into space 39 times. today the space shuttle
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"discovery" begins a new journey as the centerpiece of the smithsonian's air and space museum. nasa turned over the shuttle to udvar-hazy center yesterday. it took crews minutes to pull the 200,000 aircraft into its new home. "discovery" replaces the pristine looking shuttle "enterprise" which never left earth's atmosphere. astronauts say "discovery's" appearance tells the story of her faithful service. >> it was certainly a vessel that took good care of us, got us up into a very difficult place to reach. brought us back safely. >> it's a big deal. important piece of history to see. >> the "discovery" display opens to the public at 10:00 this morning. "enterprise" will head to the air and space museum on the "u.s.s. intrepid" next week. >> cool. i want to see it for myself. >> absolutely. we should go out. >> field trip. >> let's do it. i'm on board. 4:37. 55 degrees. ahead on "news4 today," a chance at freedom. why the man facing murder charges for the death of trayvon
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martin could walk out of jail this afternoon. no ordinary adventure. meet the people making a splash with the sport of iceberg diving. a nice day, but changes rolling in.
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mountain climbing just not dangerous enough for you?
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try scaling an iceberg. that's right, these two buddies try to do it. just in emberly and a friend climbs giant chunks of ice. are you kidding me? at any moment the ice could roll and kill the men. if that wasn't scary enough, they jump off the icebergs into the frigid water once they're bored with the climbing. some people really thrive on that rush. look at him jumping back into the water in newfoundland. >> thrillseeking at its best, worst, i don't know. >> i will never, ever, ever, ever see me close to doing anything like that. >> no rope, no ice picks. good for them. >> good for them? >> somebody had a camera and now you have seen it. >> adventure-seekers are crazy. another word i would like to
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use. 4:41. tom kierein, awesome weather? >> yeah, but a chilly start. this afternoon, a contrast. right now under a clear sky, down into the 40s throughout most of the region. reagan national at 54. annapolis, 54. those are the warm spots near the miellder waters of the potoc and bay. dress accordingly, you'll need the jacket this morning. by 9:00, near 60. bright, snooerks clouds developing by noontime. ought to hit the low to mid 70s by mid-afternoon. more pollen coming back, but not nearly as high as it was earlier in the week. and by late in the afternoon, clouds rolling in, back to near 70. sunrise at 6:24. sunset, 7:50. big change for the weekend. storms saturday, colder sunday. we'll look at that, chances for rain, and into next week in ten minutes. danella? good morning, looking great if you're traveling along i-270, checking cameras and travel speeds. clear from frederick making your
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way down even on this germantown. here's a live look at germantown, father hurley clear connecting to the beltway. traveling the beltway from i-270, making your way this time to i-95, traveling at 58 miles per hour. a ten-minute drive. still to come, not willing to give up his gadget. the crazy chase at a metro station after a man tried to swipe an ipad from a fellow passenger. soldiers are rolling into town for an annual event. ♪ ♪ hit the road, jack ♪ and don't you come back no more ♪ ♪ no more, no more, no more ♪ hit the road, jack ♪ and don't you come back no more ♪ [ male announcer ] want your weeds to hit the road? hit 'em with roundup extended control. one application kills weeds and puts down a barrier to stop new ones
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george zimmerman could be released from a florida jail. he has a bond hearing later this morning. zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder in the death of trayvon martin. he pled guilty -- not guilty, rather, and has said he shot the
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unarmed teen in self-defense. legal analysts say the fact that he doesn't have a criminal past and turned himself in could help show the judge that he is not a flight risk. the judge could allow him to live outside of sanford, florida, for his protection. a texas nurse accused of killing a mother to steal her newborn will be back in court on monday. a judge ordered verna mclean to get a psychiatric evaluation during a court hearing yesterday. she's accused of shooting kayla golden in the parking lot of a pediatrician's office and taking her 3 day old son. the infant was later found safe, but his mother died at the hospital. mclean faces the death penalty. police say she had a miscarri e miscarriage, never told her fiance, and was desperate to find a child. she has a bond hearing monday. today is the 13th anniversary of the shooting massacre at columbine high school. two teenagers shot and killed 12 classmates and a teacher before taking their own lives on april
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20, 1999. investigators later discovered that the gunman, eric harris and dylan klebold, had been planning the attack for a year. that incident remains the deadliest shooting ever at an american high school. police in fairfax county say human remains found two years apart belong to brothers. the dna matches manuel norweles garcia and jesus garcia. they were reported missing from prince william county two years ago. their bodies were found in lorton. the first discovery was made in july of 2010. the other a year later. no arrests have been made. a hyattsville man is facing attempted child sex abuse charges this morning. police say he tried to molest a little boy at a d.c. daycare. they arrested randolph king yesterday. they say he worked at the zion baptist church of eastland gardens in northeast d.c. police say a woman caught him trying to abuse a 3-year-old boy at the daycare as the young boy slept. that child does appear to be okay, but other parents from that daycare are furious. >> what do you think about this guy coming in here and doing
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what he did allegedly? >> it's horrible. he needs to stay locked up. he needs to stay locked up. it's awful. >> that daycare is shut down. but police say it closed for unspecified code violations. a northern virginia man faces a long list of charges after a wild chase. it started on i-66. virginia state police say a trooper and an arlington county police officer approached a pedestrian on the interstate. police say 37-year-old dexter gibson started banging on a patrol car, hit one of the officers in the face, then stole one of the cruisers. police say they caught up to gibson in centreville but not before he grabbed a shovel out of a pickup and started swinging. officers eventually arrested him. his 13 charges include carjacking and felony assault on a police officer. a maryland woman accused of hoarding animals will be in court. elizabeth lindenow will hear the charges against her. howard county police got a call about a towel smell coming from
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a home in january. inside officers discovered 40 dead animals including birds, rabbits, and a guinea pig in the freezer. that house didn't have heat or electricity. police say the woman worked with a nonprofit animal rescue group and moved out of the house. she now faces up to three years in prison if convicted. and take a close look at this video. d.c. police hope this will help them find the person who stole two laptops from the city's auditor's office. they say somebody stole the computers over the weekend from the office on the 14th street -- on 14th street. they're not saying what was on the computers. the auditor's office works for the d.c. council and examines government accounts and operations and does not handle criminal investigations. a delta flight was forced to make an emergency landing after hitting a bird. the bird hit one of the engine. the cabin filled with smoke and passengers said they could smell something burning. the plane returned to jfk where
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a grounds crew inspected the engine for damage. none of the nearly 180 people on board was injured. president obama will welcome members from the wounded warrior project's soldier ride to the white house today. [ cheers ] >> this annual cycling event began earlier this week. this was the scene in annapolis where wounded service members rode 17 miles. they floed ashburn, virginia, on wednesday. the washington, d.c., ride willing take place tomorrow. one veteran of the ride says there is a lot of healing power in the camaraderie that comes from the event. and down one of their best players and with the series on the line, the caps pull off a huge win. >> lurking on the back side -- scores! a bullet from alex semin. >> the goal turned out to be the game winner as the caps tied up their series with the bruins with the 2-1 win. johanson got the scoring started early with a pretty goal a
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minute into the game. take a look. the big story is rookie goaltender braden holtby. he stopped 4 shots on the night. four short -- 44 shots on the night. four short of the record. go, caps. awesome. fortunately, the -- unfortunately, the nats could not share the caps' success. >> unfortunately -- >> i said unfortunately. they scored five runs in the first and five more in the sixth, snapping the three-game winning streak. they're still 10-4 and in first place in the national league east. the nats host the marlins tonight. >> tough there. still going to hold out hope for a good season here. only one -- >> yeah. we've been playing so well. >> yeah. 4:51 the time now. meteorologist tom kierein is here this morning with a winning forecast. at least for today. >> yeah. off to quite a chilly start now. it's feeling more like march. again, we're doing this flip-flop between april and march. this morning, only in the 40s in
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many locations. in fact, a few spots were down into the low 40s. around the hometown network, germantown down to 43 right now. it's in montgomery county. in prince george's county, andrews air force base, that area, down to the mid 40s. meanwhile, southern maryland, hollywood, maryland, st. mary's county, down to 46 degrees there. fredericksburg in spotsylvania county at 51 this morning. we have a clear sky. a little bit of patchy fog in some of the rural areas, not nearly as much as we had yesterday morning. temperatures all these areas in blue in the 40s. the only place that's above 50 is washington. and annapolis. elsewhere, 40s, eastern shore, most of maryland, virginia, most of west virginia. a chilly 40 degrees at elkins, west virginia. hometown forecast for charles county, la plata now in the 40s there. but a rapid warmup. by 9:00 or so, near 60 degrees. near 70 by noontime. during the middle of the
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afternoon, ought to peak in the mid 70s to mid to late afternoon. a beautiful day coming up. more pollen in the air, though. overnight for your friday, if you're heading out tonight, it will be a clear evening. temperatures by late evening down to near 60. then by dawn on saturday, should be in the 50s with increasing clouds tomorrow, into the upper 70s. a good chance it looks like for thunderstorms. some of which could be severe with damaging winds and hail late afternoon into early evening saturday. then rain and maybe gusty winds and much chillier weather for sunday and monday with highs only in the 50s. morning lows 40s. so looks like a wet day sunday and monday. then drying out. still on the cool side for tuesday, wednesday, thursday next week. danella, how's traffic? right now checking things traveling along route 50 making your way from annapolis to the beltway in both directions, you're in the clear. not seeing major delays at all making your way eastbound or westbound. travel speed making your way westbound, looking at 67 miles per hour. eight-minute drive from 301 to
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the beltway. continuing on route 50 inside the beltway, this is a live look at landover road. you see a little more volume making your way westbound heading into the city. in fact, connecting to new york avenue, not seeing any issues to report at this time. nice and clear in the d.c. area. now back to you both. >> thank you, danella. it's now 4:54. a metro rider broke his arm chasing after a teenager who tried to steal his ipad. >> this morning we're getting a look at the video that shows the virginia man running after the robber. this happened last friday on the blue line. 50-year-old daniel wenger said a man reached from behind him, grabbed his ipad, and jumped off the train at reagan national airport. >> doors closed on the metro train. the guy never left. he stayed right there in front of me. but on the outside of the door. >> he took off after the robber, breaking his arm when it was caught in a metro door. it's tough to see, but from the video, you can see the two men running on and off the train.
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stoddard eventually jumped to the opposite platform. that's when -- another passenger grabbed the ipad. stoddard jump ed on the yellow line train. police did manage to catch up with him. he's charged with grand larceny and charged as a fugitive because of five open warrants. 4:55. 55 degrees. the virus once thought to be eliminate sudden making a fierce comeback. coming up, why the number of measles cases is soaring in the u.s. first, continuing the fight over poor gas mileage. how honda is responding to a case involving their hybrid cars. a virginia bus driver is being hailed a hero.
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welcome back. pedestrian accidents and deaths are dropping in prince george's county thanks to a safety initiative. the police chief says the number of accidents went down by 14 in one week. the chief says they have identified ten specific areas in the county with a high number of incidents, especially involving pedestrians. officers are overlapping shifts to add a half-hour each to the areas. the initiative is based on a successful program in baltimore county. honda is fighting a lawsuit in small claims court that's getting media attention.
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a judge sided with a california woman who claimed her hybrid civic stopped getting good mileage after a system upgrade. she argued on the grounds of false advertising, and the judge awarded her nearly $10,000. now new lawyers will represent honda in the appeal. the plaintiff happens to be an attorney herself, and she says she opted out of a class-action lawsuit because the $200 award was puny, she says, and more like a coupon. a quick-thinking bus driver being credited with saving a virginia teenager from a dog attack. a 13-year-old boy was waiting for his bus in newport news when a pit bull charged and knocked him to the ground. that boy kicked the dog away, but it chased him down the street. he ran into an empty school bus outside of a house. the puss driver saw what was happening from her porch and told the boy how to close the doors while she tried to lure the dog her direction. >> the dog was on his heels. the dog was right there on his heels. i was -- come, boy, come here. >> a police officer shot and


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