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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  April 20, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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>> for the first time george zimmerman publicly apologizes for the death of trayvon martin. he is granted bail today in the shooting of the unarmed teenager. we've got a lot going on this afternoon at 4:00. good afternoon everybody. i'm jim handly. >> i'm barbara harrison in for pat lawson muse. the apology was a surprise twist in the bond hearing for george zimmerman. however, he maintains the shooting was self-defense. >> after hearing from zimmerman, his wife, and parents, the judge set a $150,000 bail, but he is not out of jail just yet. as jay gray reports now several conditions have to be met first. >> my client wants to make a statement your honor. >> reporter: the surprise move stunned the courtroom. george zimmerman reaching out to the parents of the teenager he shot and killed two months ago. >> i wanted to say i am sorry for the loss of your son. i did not know how old he was. i thought he was a little younger than i am and i did not
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know if he was armed or not. >> reporter: the apology came during a long and contentious bond hearing. >> wouldn't you agree a lot of his statement can be contradicted by the evidence either witnesses or just based on what he says himself? >> reporter: which ended with judge lester agreeing to the defense request to allow zimmerman to leave the seminole county jail. >> i am going to grant the motion, set bond in the amount of $150,000. >> reporter: he will spend at least one more night behind bars while details of the release are worked out including questions about whether he will be able to live out of state. we do know zimmerman will be required to wear a gps monitoring bracelet and will be under a 7:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. curfew. trayvon martin's parents left the courtroom quickly and without speaking. but their attorney did talk about the impact of zimmerman's statement and his pending release. >> tracy martin had tears in his eyes as he watched the killer of his son and it was devastating that he got to give a self-serving apology to help him get a bond.
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they were very outraged at that. >> reporter: outrage and emotion in this case is a concern for zimmerman's defense team as they try to decide where he will go when he walks out of jail. >> it's an enormously high profile case and there are a lot of angry or at least a lot of high emotions that exist. i'm just -- i don't want that to spill over on to the family or my client's safety. >> reporter: emotions that have been on edge since the night of the deadly shooting. emotions and anger that concerns zimmerman's defense team as they try to decide between a handful of secret locations where he could live after his release. in sanford, florida, jay gray, news 4. earlier today zimmerman's parents and his wife testified by phone telling the judge that he's not a flight risk or a threat to the community. we're following breaking news right now in prince george's county where two people have been sick at the hospital after a car crashed. chopper 4 live over the scene here on black swan drive in upper marlboro.
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take a look. we're told two cars were involved in this crash. no word on the victim's condition. we'll bring you more information as it comes in to news 4. a teenage girl stabbed at school and police tell us another girl was the attacker. it happened this morning at fairmont heights high school in prince george's county. investigators tell us the problems began after an argument on a social networking site. news 4's megan mcgrath has more now from capital heights. >> reporter: this all happened as students were reporting for class here at fairmont heights high school this morning. teenagers we spoke to say that there was some sort of back and forth on twitter yesterday involving the girls who were involved in this stabbing, that there was some sort of trash talk going on and that tempers really began to flare. apparently it turned into an argument in one of the hallways inside the school this morning. things really heated up and one of the girls stabbed the other in the chest. >> it was a regular day. people just walking, minding
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their business, and then arguing. and after arguing, people, gathered people and then everybody, oh and then everybody runs. everybody was locked down in their classrooms. whatever class you were in they put you in and you can't leave. if you just get to school they put you there and you have to stand there until they say you can leave. >> reporter: school officials say the student stabbed has nonlife threatening injuries and the other student has been taken into police custody. in fairmont heights, megan mcgrath, news 4. some parents pulled their kids out of school today because of what happened. pat collins will have more on that part of the story coming up right here on news 4 at 5:00 tonight. the bowie state university student accused of killing her roommate is free on bond tonight. 19-year-old alexis simpson is accused of stabbing dominique frazier in their dorm room last september. she was released on $250,000 bond last week. the two were allegedly arguing over loud music. her lawyer says her release signals support of simpson's claim that the killing was in
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self-defense. as part of simpson's bond she is confined to her mother's district heights home and is not allowed any visitors. her trial is scheduled to begin in august. a spotsylvania high school prank could be on its way to the u.s. supreme court. a civil liberties group is now asking the high court to review the case of a student who was suspended for shooting classmates with plastic pellets. andrew mikel was suspended back in december, 2010, for the rest of the school year. school officials say his behavior was violent, criminal conduct with a weapon. the rutherford institute is appealing on mikel's behalf. its attorneys say mikel's actions weren't criminal and his due process rights have been violated. the supreme court of virginia rejected the institute's initial appeal. it's an exciting day for space shuttle enthusiasts. "discovery" made its public debut today at the national air and space museum in dulles airport or in that area anyway.
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crowds poured in to be among the first to get an up close view of the historic ship. "discovery" flew 39 missions, more than any other single manned spacecraft. it is considered the first work horse of the fleet. museum officials say they don't expect the excitement to die down any time soon. >> we have been really thrilled that the public response to this from the fly in on tuesday which basically stopped washington, d.c. and people stood on bridges and roofs and out on the national mall and watched it come in to the switching out of the orbiters yesterday at the museum on thursday and the public response already has just been tremendous to come and see "discovery" in person. >> museum curatocurators say th don't plan to clean up discovery but want it to look as much like a working shuttle as possible. turning to the weather now it's going to be a tale of two seasons this weekend. we also have some thunderstorms to talk about, too. >> get ready.
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the weekend weather is all over the map. meteorologist veronica johnson is in the storm center with your first forecast. >> that's right. it's going to be crazy this weekend. we've got so much that's going to be going on weatherwise. out there right now we've got a sunny sky. just a few little puffy clouds in the distance there. we've had two dry days so that pollen count getting a chance to shoot right back up. it's at 134 grains per cubic meter. it's nowhere near where it was earlier this week. we were running around 1200 to 1300. the fact is, it's climbing. it's going to get squashed back down big time not only for the weekend but next week. you'll see why in a moment. that grass pollen, too, is coming along but it's not going to peak until we get to may. as far as clouds this morning, there were a few again and even some patchy fog just down to the south of our area. we're going to see some high clouds come in tonight then thick clouds for tomorrow and this weekend affected by these two storms. two areas of low pressure. one moves through. one moves up the coast.
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in the mid 70s we're already running a few degrees higher than we were yesterday at this same time. it's been delightful today. 74 in bowie and riverdale right now. chantilly, good afternoon to you. 69. germantown, maryland 75 degrees. love that. your fast 4-cast, gorgeous evening for us but a stormy weekend especially one day out of the weekend. and then as far as planning for the weekend, folks, you'll need your summer clothes, winter clothes, at least some of the lightweight ones, and your umbrella. have all the details coming up in a couple minutes. the secret service scandal and the investigation into it at this hour appeared to be widening. there are now 11 members of the military under scrutiny and nbc news has learned that more departures from the secret service are expected at some point today. brian mohr has our story. >> reporter: the secret service sex scandal got even bigger today as the pentagon revealed
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that 11 military members were involved. in colombia, the search is on for the prostitutes who partied with 22 americans who were supposed to be serving their president. >> right now they're trying to locate the 11 women. they have the names, faces, addresses. >> reporter: what reportedly began as a fee dispute has spun into a scandal that has embarrassed the secret service. the white house says it is too early to say whether the secret service culture and leadership are to blame. >> the president does not want to and i certainly don't want to get ahead of the conclusions of the investigation, make broader judgments while the investigation is still under way. >> reporter: nbc news has learned that two high level secret service managers, 48-year-old david randall chaney and greg stokes are stepping aside. chaney guarded vp candidate sarah palin and in this facebook photo wrote that he was, quote, really checking her out. palin responded on fox. >> check this out, bodyguard. you're fired.
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and i hope his wife kicks his -- and sends him to the dog house. >> reporter: lawrence berger a lawyer representing chaney and stokes tells nbc news they are leaving voluntarily. and that stokes is going to vigorously defend himself in the administrative process that is available. the lawyer also points out that anyone who leaked the agents' names probably broke the law. one lingering question, whether any u.s. laws were broken in colombia. on capitol hill, brian mohr, news 4. in a separate development the secret service says its investigation into the rocker ted nugent has been resolved and no further action is anticipated. nugent sparked concerns about the president's safety after unleashing a volley of strong remarks at the national rifle association's convention last week. >> our president and attorney general, our vice president, hillary clinton, they're criminals. we are brave heart. we need to ride into that battle field and chop their heads off
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in november. >> nugent also said that he would be in his words dead or in jail by this time next year if president obama is re-elected. the secret service agents interviewed nugent in oklahoma yesterday before declaring the investigation closed. nugent says he explained that he was speaking mehtaphorically an insists he did not threaten anyone's life or even hint at violence or mayhem. expect some delays on the rails this weekend. three stations on the metro's busiest line will be closed. the tacoma, fort totten, and brooklyn stations on the red line will shut down at 10:00 tonight. free shuttle buses will run between the silver spring and rhode island avenue station to get you around the work. buses will also replace trains between the roslyn and pentagon stations on the blue line. on the orange line expect single tracking. all work should be done by monday morning. when news 4 at 4:00 continues, a huge shakeup on america's next top model. the major cast members who will
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be missing next season. >> get off of me! caught on camera a woman claims a railroad police officer attacked her while she was walking to work. i'm liz crenshaw. do you need to prerinse your dishes before loading them into the dish washer? that's the question. the answer is coming up on "ask liz" on news 4 at 4:00. ♪ hot girls we have problems too we're just like you except we're hot ♪ >> could this be the worst song since rebecca black's "friday?" the music video about how tough it is to be beautiful.
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♪ we're just like you except we're hot ♪ like it or not this music video has gone viral getting nearly 2 million hits. the song is called "hot problems" and the two teenagers in the video are singing about the trials and tribulations of being too attractive. according to mtv the two calls themselves double take reportedly two high school seniors from los angeles who made the video as a joke but the girls may have more problems
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than expected. some bloggers are already dubbing the track the worst song ever. well, you are not america's next top judge. that's what tyra banks told costars jay alexander, nigel barker and jay manuel. it is reported they were fired from the top model yesterday and an insider says it was a production decision. barker wrote on his blog today he'll always have a place in his heart for america's top model. manuel and alexander have not commented. top model is in the 18th season. next new year's eve will feature messages written by dick clark's fans. it'll be part of the confetti that is showered on times square. people can share memories of clark on square-inch pieces of confetti at the times square visitors center and museum. the messages will be displayed at the center's confetti wishing wall and new year's eve tributes can also be submitted online. dick clark died on wednesday at the age of 82.
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no worries for the 11 million people who used to follow nicki minaj on twitter. she may return. the rapper deleted her twitter account earlier this week. her last tweet was, quote, good-bye expletive good-bye. she told the bbc show that the voices in her head told her to quit twitter and she hopes her 11 million followers will wait for her. nicki also added that she misses her fans and may return. twitter allows you to deactivate your account for 30 days before removing it completely. the website even consults with celebrities before knicksi inix accounts. why does it take an international check such a long time to clear at the bank? do you really need to prerinse all your dishes before loading them into the dish washer? why is there no j street in washington? we've got the questions and liz
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crenshaw of course has the answers in this week's "ask liz." happy friday. >> nice to see you. >> our first one, liz, comes from an e-mail from carme who does business with folks up in canada and wants to know why it takes four to six weeks to clear an international check at her bank? >> four to six weeks is a long time. we turn to the american bankers association for the answer and it says foreign checks take longer to process because it simply takes more time for a bank to ensure that the check is not fraudulent. foreign checks have different standards and different sizes which mean they simply take longer time to process. but clearing time may be shorter if the customer frequently deposits foreign transactions. other ways to avoid long wait times? ask the funds to be wired to your bank or deposit online directly into an account instead of being paid by a check. four to six weeks is a long time. >> a long time. next question comes from alan in virginia. liz, alan wants to know if he really needs to prerinse all his
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dishes before putting them in the dish washer. i'm all ears for this. >> this sounds like a fight waiting to happen. we took alan's question to "consumer reports." it says that it is not necessary to rinse most dishes before putting them in the dish washer. doing so according to "consumer reports" actually wastes time, energy, and money. in fact, prerinsing dishes can waste more than 6,000 gallons of water per household per year, so if you have stuck on food, try using your dish washer's rinse and hold cycle which uses half the water you'd consume if you hand wash your dishes. and to get your dishes their cleanest, load the large items at the side and the back so that they don't block the water from reaching the smaller dishes. you don't have to prerinse. give it a shot. >> all right. except with peanut butter. that's stubborn. >> okay. try it once. >> i will. >> put it in without prerinsing and see what happens. >> okay. last question comes through e-mail from a viewer named yvonne. yvonne wants to know, why there is no j street in washington?
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>> a good one. we took your question to the heritage programs from cultural tourism for d.c. it says when d.c. streets were first planned in the 1790s the written letters i, s, f, j all looked similar. the same is true for popular fonts for type setting in general so leaders thought having both an i and j street would be confusing so they tossed the letter j out. there you go. if you have a question you'd like us to consider for "ask liz" send it to ask liz@nbc or on twitter by searching liz crenshaw. at 5:00 tonight, how long should you keep important documents like your tax return? can putting acetone in your gas tank increase your gas mileage? why are there different colored lights on the wings of airplanes? the answers at 5:00. >> that's a curious one. >> you be there. i'll tell you the answer. >> i'm not taking offense over the j. >> they could have left out i
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but they left out j. >> they could have. thank you, liz. barbara, back to you. coming up on news 4 a virginia teacher accused of rounding up students and shooting blanks at them. video you saw first on 4:00. a man takes after a thief who stole his ipad on metro but the man says he'll never try that again. and veronica is back to tell us when we could see storms this weekend.
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two words. get ready. >> and stay abreast of what is going on with the weather. it is going to be a wild weekend. we have storms to talk about and cooler temperatures, too coming our way. let's talk about how much rain we could get out of the system and what it's looking like now where the temperatures will be as we take a look at all the sunshine across the area. it's a tale of two seasons again for this upcoming weekend. we've got summer on one day with highs that'll be in the 70s and then we've got winter on another day where it's still going to be chilly, wet, and even a little windy around here. all right. let's talk about what's happening -- taking place right now. mid 70s your temperatures. light wind out of the southwest at 8 miles per hour. manassas, virginia at 68 degrees. in the 70s right now andrews
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airforce base. 74. 68 pax river and jessup, maryland, 73 degrees currently. it will be a very nice evening for us. some high clouds around. we'll see increasing clouds late tonight and low to mid 60s for temperatures. so an evening that'll be very easy to take and you'll want to make the most of it. see the big storm here with showers and thunderstorms down around texas? that's all driving this way, one long system with two areas of low pressure. so here it is as we take you into the future. this is 9:00 tomorrow morning. you can see that we're really dry. 9:00 a.m. but by the time we get to the noon hour, some showers and by the time we get to the afternoon especially 3:00, 4:00, 5:00, stormy. these are thunderstorms that could with this cold front produce a little bit of small hail and even some high winds. then for sunday area of low pressure will start moving up the coast and give us more rain, mainly east of i-95. so let me start you on sunday morning here and show you the
4:26 pm
one-inch totals. maybe an inch and a half now in some locations. here's east of i-95. still rain with that area of low pressure that's going to be moving east and then finally out of here by i think late sunday. nonetheless, though, still some clouds and some showers that'll be rotating through and early monday morning that white that you see there up north, there could be some snowflakes in pennsylvania early monday morning. the cold stuff is really going to come in. 59 to 64. gorgeous evening for us. tomorrow morning some fog. 54 to 60. so it's not going to be too cool to start out. but pretty warm tomorrow. it's going to feel like a day in may and very much like summer and then 55 degrees your high on sunday. folks, that's going to be like late february. so as i said, you might want to pull out the winter wear, the thin winter wear to stay warm because you're going to go, what happened? >> wow. >> cold rain for sunday. >> been a while. thanks, veronica. thank you. still to come on news 4 at
4:27 pm
4:00 a man catches video of the moment a flock of birds flies into his plane's engine forcing an emergency landing. plus the sears worker accused of using as many as 60 cameras to spy
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welcome back everybody. at 4:30 i'm jim handly. >> i'm barbara harrison in for pat lawson muse. during his bail hearing today, florida shooting suspect george zimmerman apologized to trayvon martin's family for the teenager's death. he maintained that he acted in self-defense. the judge set bail at $150,000. zimmerman won't be released until several requirements, though, like electronic monitoring, are met. the shuttle discovery made its public debut today at the air and space museum in dulles. it will be on display from 10:00 a.m. until 5:30 daily. officials tell us they don't plan to clean up discovery because they want it to look as it did when it flew the space missions. police say a 15-year-old girl stabbed a fellow student in prince george's county this morning at fairmont high school. the 17-year-old victim was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. investigators say the feud between the girls began on twitter. the secret service scandal and the investigation into it appear to be widening right now.
4:31 pm
we now know that 11 members of the military are under scrutiny. previously authorities said there were ten and nbc news has learned tonight that more departures from the secret service are expected at some point today. a metro rider took matters into his own hands when someone tried to steal his ipad the other day. he chased his would-be robber, running after him on and off the train and around the platforms. >> derrick ward reports with the video seen first on news 4. >> reporter: at the train near national airport someone in the seat behind him reached and snatched his ipad from his lap. it is happening less than it used to. >> due in part to increased public awareness. >> reporter: it still happens. in no time the train pulled into the air station and the thief jumped off doors closing behind him. end of story end of ipad right? wrong. it was the beginning of a chase. >> the doors closed on the metro
4:32 pm
train. the guy stayed right there on the outside of the door. >> reporter: then the doors opened. you can see the suspect walking away with the ipad at the bottom of the screen there in the jacket with the white stripe down the front. a few seconds later the victim is in hot pursuit headed toward the bottom of the screen. he had already broken his arm swinging at the door just as the doors partially closed again. video surveillance from the station caught most of the action. by now another commuter joined in. they run on to the train then off then on again then off again. it's tough to make out but the action moves toward the top of the screen and finally the most desperate actions by the thief. he jumps down on to the track bed, crosses the rails, then gets back up onto the platform on the other side boarding a train opposite where the chase began. fortunately for him he never touched the electrified rail. but that had turned out to be the extent of his luck. before the thief could board the other train another commuter had grabbed the ipad from him and got it back to its rightful owner.
4:33 pm
the fleeing, fleet-footed thief got as far as plaza station. turns out an off-duty d.c. police officer had seen some of the incident unfold. >> we were able to hold the trains and with the help of an off-duty metropolitan police officer were able to identify the suspect. he was taken into custody without incident. >> reporter: derrick ward, news 4. police arrested 18-year-old kayvon stoddard of landover and charged him with grand larceny. they tell us thieves often trial to resell ipads. mr. wanger says he doesn't think he would run after someone like that again. police arrested a sears maintenance worker accusing him of using dozens of hidden cameras to tape women in store dressing rooms and bathrooms. police say the spying happened at the north hollywood store over a three-year period. 27-year-old alejandro johnson is accused of using 60 cameras to tape unsuspecting customers and employees. a loss prevention officer noticed something suspicious during a routine sweep when the
4:34 pm
peeping was uncovered. now several employees plan to sue sears. >> we don't know if our face has been on it, if it's just been our body parts. we don't know anything about it. all we know is he had us on film. >> the employees claim sears knowingly allowed the taping to protect its image. a spokesman says that is not true and pledges to discipline any employee who knew about the taping. gomez has been released on bail and will face a judge next month. a teacher in southwest virginia is in hot water now for an incident in his welding class earlier this month. he is accused of pointing a gun at his students and firing blanks. as we report now it could land the teacher in jail. >> reporter: it's a hard lesson for this teacher, manuel dillow now facing 12 felony charges for brandishing a firearm on school property. >> one for each student who was in there and basically the
4:35 pm
charges are as a result of inciting fear i guess if you would into the students. >> reporter: washington county virginia sheriff fred newman tells me it was a blank firing hand gun. what you're looking at is an exact rem caplica of the gun. the sheriff tells me everything is realistic about the weapon except it cannot shoot bullets. dillow borrowed the firearm from a teacher in another department. the sheriff explains what allegedly happened after that. >> he basically lined the students up in some form or fashion and displayed the weapon and discharged the weapon in the direction of the students. >> reporter: newman tells me between four and ten shots were fired at the students. he says no one was hurt but those students were very frightened. i asked the public school superintendent jim sullivan why a firearm like this would be at the neff center in the first place. >> we have a criminal justice class at the neff center and it
4:36 pm
is normal to have a blank pistol there or training gun. >> sullivan tells me right now diallo is not working and since it is a personnel issue he couldn't comment on his future. parents i checked with didn't want to go on camera but tell me an incident like this is simply scary. >> it's concerning to us and we'll work through it. >> as for a motive there are reports tonight diow was trying to get the students' attention. that would do it. he is out on bond until a court hearing next month. youtube may face a huge bill over copyrighted music posted to its website. a german judge ruled today youtube is responsible for all music on its site and the court decided the site needs to install filters to prevent copyrighted music from getting posted without permission. youtube could be forced to pay royalties for all the clips used on its site. a german governing body representing 60,000 musicians and writers filed the suit
4:37 pm
against youtube. we have a lot more to come. move over ice cubes. how your kitchen counter top could keep your drink cold without watering it down. police explain what prompted this fight with a
4:38 pm
4:39 pm
it's another sign that preparations for the london, 2012 olympics are in full swing. today the organizing committee
4:40 pm
held a full dress rehearsal for the torch relay in central england. they're testing the route, crew, communication, procedure, and other logistics. the torch relay begins may 19th. the flame will travel on boats and trains and through dozens of cities and small towns as it's carried to the olympics stadium in london. the opening ceremony is july 27th. a baseball card for one of the first five members inducted into the hall of fame sold today for more than a million dollars. a new jersey man bought a rare honus waggoner for $1.2 million. a missouri dealer auctioned it off for a seller from houston. only 200 of the cards were made between 1909 and 1911. just 60 are still believed to exist. waggoner played between 1897 and 1917 mostly for the pittsburgh pirates. we don't say the 1800s often. >> no. we really don't.
4:41 pm
can you imagine what he is going to do with that card? take it out and look at it? >> put it back under lock and key fast. when news 4 at 4 returns a drunk man wanders into traffic nearly getting hit by several cars but it's what happens next that really leaves drivers scratching their heads. plus a man catches a video of a flock of birds flying into a plane engine forcing an emergency landing. and veronica will tell us how long the storms could last this weekend. nonstop foodies is all night. >> wow. >> mama mia. >> mama mia. >> watch foodies on nonstop. experience what the hottest new restaurants, tastiest food trucks, and most influential chefs are dishing out. >> i think this is the easiest recipe. even i could make this at home and i bet you could, too. >> so many great places, right? >> foodies tonight only on nonstop. check us out on comcast 208,
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verizon 460, and cox 803. and over the air o
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it's green is universal week here at nbc 4. stories that protect the environment. a company in vermont found a creative approach to recycling the vermont marble granite slate and soap stone company cuts and ships countertops and sinks all
4:45 pm
over the country. when the cutting is done there are stone remnants left over. they use them to -- they used to throw them away. now someone came up with an idea of cutting them into three quarter inch squares and using them in place of ice cubes. company officials say that unlike regular ice, soap stone rocks will not absorb flavors in your freezer. they're reuseable and they don't water down drinks. >> there's a way around that where the whole drink stays cold and no dilution whatsoever. >> but can you chew on that ice? no. don't try that at home. paul thompson says his company has sold 500,000 soap stone ice cubes in the last year and $13 for a pack of six or a six-pack. >> we know he's a hot ice eater. >> what happens when you go from whiskey to tequila or something? >> that's what i wonder. >> it's porous. so we're talking about it's green. you have on your green. we're going to be greening things up next week.
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>> all right. >> after the rain. because more than an inch of rain still looking like that. i said yesterday it depends on not so much the first system coming in because that'll be a cold front, but the low moving up the coast and how close to the coast will it make its way? and the intensity of that area of low pressure. all right. let's go on and head on over to the weather wall while i try and get my clicker to start advancing. a weekend with some wet weather and as i said earlier this will be one of those weekends where you'll need everything from your summer clothes to your winter clothes by the time we get to sunday. it's going to be quite chilly across the area with highs only in the 50s. as far as our temperatures out there right now we've got 76 degrees in rockville, maryland. 75 degrees in d.c. 66 in annapolis, maryland right now. mostly clear skies. clouds will be on the increase. some fog for tomorrow morning. and it's going to be a little cool to our north and west but
4:47 pm
not as cool as it's been. we'll only drop down to the mid and upper 50s across the area. there are some of the cooler spots. martinsburg and frederick and winchester, 50, 52, 53 degrees. then tomorrow almost 80 degrees down to the south with again quite a bit of rain coming in with the storm system. let me advance it for you here. there is 4:00 storms. by the time we get to early sunday morning that area of low pressure off the coast but just take a look at the rainfall totals there. more than an inch in a lot of locations. by monday morning, just a little bit of light snow that could be falling up across areas of pennsylvania. so your four-day forecast, 79 for saturday. 55 for sunday. and next week we're in the 50s to low 60s. that's crazy now. you know, spring, it kind of brings everything. >> up and down. >> all right. thanks a lot. a terrifying take off for passengers on a delta flight
4:48 pm
from new york to los angeles. moments after flight 1063 departed yesterday a bird hit one of the engines. >> the engine sputtered and the cabin filled with smoke and the smell of a dead bird. the plane returned to jfk for an emergency landing and as beverly white reports now the passengers had some story to tell. >> just flight 1063. that was the scariest thing i have ever done in my life. >> l.a. businessman grant cardone fast walking through jfk airport after a bird strike forced an emergency landing of this 757 with 171 other passengers and a seven-member crew. rattled travelers changed planes whilt aircraft was grounded for inspection. >> i have a video of the birds striking the engine and hearing them grind through the engine. sounds like a volkswagen going through there. >> reporter: this is his video of the birds in flight before he dropped his camera to make what he feared might be his last phone call home. >> hit the right engine.
4:49 pm
the plane shook. i thought we were coming down. i choked on the video and closed it. and went to grab my phone to see if i had reception because i was literally calling my wife to say, hey, we could be freaking -- this might be my last flight. i was that scared. >> reporter: a bird strike three years ago leaving new york laguardia forced pilot chesley sullenberger to safely land a u.s. airways jet on the water, sparing everyone onboard in the so-called miracle on the hudson. as for delta flight 1063 the airline says we are proud of our flight crew and the professionalism and training that was on display during this non-routine event. next on news 4 at 4:00 a drunk man wanders into traffic and that's not the strangest part of this video. thrill seekers get a bird's eye view of downtown honolulu. coming up on news 4 at 5:00 we're following breaking news. a break in the case of a rite-aid employee shot one week ago. plus, could drinking too much
4:50 pm
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keep an eye on the construction worker in the orange vest. he stumbles and falls right in the middle of the road, right in front of oncoming traffic.
4:53 pm
one car on the right lane missed his head by just mere inches. this happened yesterday. the guy then gets up and as if nothing happened at all goes back to painting the fence along the road. there are reports that man was drunk and, no doubt, very lucky. to hawaii where base jumpers are creating a lot of buzz. this video shows five men leaping off a 37 story building in honolulu. no law against base jumping in hawaii but honolulu police say the jumps are incredibly dangerous. the organizer of this event says the jump was well planned. he also called it a spiritual activity. that is some perspective. next, a violent confrontation caught on tape. a woman says a police officer a woman says a police officer attacked her while she
4:54 pm
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what are you doing? get off of me. >> these startling images show a man who appears to be violently attacking a woman, but the man is actually a police officer in oklahoma. the officer claims the woman was trespassing near railroad tracks but did he go too far? >> i wasn't thinking at that time that this man wants to do harm to me. i wasn't thinking like that.
4:57 pm
>> reporter: on may 27th, 2010, a union pacific police officer stopped mary hill for trespassing. hill believed she had a right to be there. she argued and then it got physical. >> what are you doing? get off of me! i did not! i do not do that! >> quit. quit. quit. >> her shirt became dishevelled. her bra and shirt came up over her breasts. she was exposed. >> reporter: onlookers at local businesses were shocked and at least two people called 911. >> grab her and start beating the [ bleep ] out of her. >> okay. >> reporter: one of the callers was chris young. >> for her turning her back and just taking a step away it was completely uncalled for. >> after the incident the union pacific officer alan simmons arrested hill. he has jurisdiction around the tracks. >> this officer, who said he wasn't going to arrest her, said he wasn't going to issue her a ticket ends up charging her with resisting arrest, assault and battery on a police officer, and
4:58 pm
trespassing. >> reporter: the case went to criminal trial and hill was found not guilty and exonerated of all charges. >> i was relieved because i know i didn't do anything wrong and now they also know i didn't do anything wrong. >> what we're trying to do now is hold mr. simmons accountable for his inappropriate actions on that day. >> reporter: according to a union pacific spokes person alan simmons is still an employee with the company and they will be reviewing the civil case in the days to come. >> what are you doing? now a teenage girl stabbed, police say another teenage girl is responsible. a direct message to trayvon martin's parents. today hear what george zimmerman said on the stand as he tries to get bail. >> a viewer videotaped a school bus on fire in maryland today. >> a fight between girls at a school escalates and one of them ends up in the hospital. good evening, everyone. i'm doreen gentzler in tonight for wendy rieger. >> i'm jim handly. we begin tonight with our top
4:59 pm
story out of prince george's county. it began with a fight on social media. a teenage girl was then stabbed in the stomach at fairmont heights high school. news 4's pat collins joins us now live from the school in capital heights. >> reporter: jim, sources say this all began with a dispute over a wig last week. that led to angry exchanges on social media. those angry exchanges led to a fight inside the school today and the 17-year-old teenage girl is stabbed in the stomach with a paring knife. the cops had the place surrounded, the school on lockdown. the scene, fairmont heights high. the crime, stabbing. the victim a 17-year-old teenage girl. the suspect, a 15-year-old teenage girl. they say it happened around 9:00 this morning in a hallway. now with the permission of


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