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tv   NBC Nightly News  NBC  April 22, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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another battle that took overtime to decide. this time the caps fall to the bruins and the series heads to game 7 in boston. good evening, everyone.
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i'm chris gordon. we'll get to the caps in a moment, but we begin with a sunday soaker. it's been raining since the crack of dawn and it could lead to problems in tomorrow morning's commute. chuck is in storm center live. chuck? >> good evening, everybody. a soggy sunday for sure, most places picking up a half an inch to an impnch of rain. if you're making plans to go out to dinner or out to the movies, pack the winter coats and umbrellas. a cool 49 here in washington right now, so it's going to be a cold, wet night, a miserable monday, very slow go on the commute tomorrow. the question is, will it stay cold all week? i'll answer that coming up. chris? because of the weather, chuck, there are scattered power outages in northern virginia.
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dominion power says 257 customers are in the dark. novec has two outages and pepco has 83 outages. now to the caps. it came down to overtime and unfortunately today it didn't go the caps' way. erica gonzalez joins us live after the battle with the bruins. >> reporter: after they stole a game, fans were hoping to watch them clinch game 6 here at home, but i guess they'll have to settle for a game 7 in boston. it was simply one thrill after another. capitol fans came to the verizon center in full force to cheer on the seventh seed capitols. fans were on an emotional roller coaster ride until the very end. some say it's about never losing faith, but for others it's about
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taking it one day at a time. in this sea of red, we found a lone boston fan doing the best he could to cheer for his team while laying low. >> banging on the table and stuff, does that really work? >> it's intense. this sport needs it. this is all we can hang onto now. >> it's my gut feeling, we're going to boston. >> do you think they'll close it out, or are they going to boston? >> they're going to close it. >> it's amazing but we need these guys to get it done. i cannot handle going to game 7, so please, please, please let's do it. >> folks are going to have to handle it. they'll have to wait a few more days. game 7 will be played in boston on wednesday. in the meantime, there is a lot of caps fans who say they're as good on the road as they are at home. they'll have to be if they want to bring home the big w. we're live outside the verizon center, erica gonzalez, news4. >> thanks, erica.
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we'll have highlights with dan heli right here on news4. a minister is preaching despite being ousted from his church and stripped of his ministershi ministership. betty peoples and her husband founded the church years ago. but disagreement with the church's board of trustees led to joe peoples' ouster last week. today hundreds of his supporters worshipped with him at the ballroom at the metro point hotel in new carolton. >> here we have the opportunity to worship freely. we're just expecting god to work out the rest. >> the new church is being called city of praise. no word on how long they will call the metro point hotel ballroom home. a 19-year-old man is charged with murder tonight in the death of a woman in temple hills,
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maryland. police arrested joshua barlow on thursday. just hours earlier, police found latoya hall dead inside a vacant apartment in temple hills. investigators said her arms and legs were bound. barlow lives in that same apartment complex. police say the motive appears to be robbery. barlow is being held without bond. the murder of katherine fuller happened 28 years ago, 1984, but it will be back in the spotlight this week in a d.c. courtroom. fuller was beaten, raped and sodomized on april 14, 1984. workers were sentenced to 35 years to life for the crime. tomorrow a judge will listen to claims that some of those arrested were wrongly convicted. we're likely to hear from possible witnesses who were never questioned and other witnesses who are changing their stories. the mid-atlantic innocence project has taken on the case for the defendants. well, members of congress
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are sounding off on the secret service prostitution scandal. 12 members of the agency and 11 members of the military are the focus of the investigation. well, now some lawmakers are asking whether others were also involved. brian moore has new details. >> reporter: washington is bracing for more fallout from the secret service sex scandal. >> i would expect within the very near future to have several other secret service agents leaving. >> reporter: house homeland security agent peter king is asking whether white house employees were involved. and he's not alone. >> the white house ought to be conducting its own internal investigation of white house personnel who were in cardajena just to make sure none of them were involved in any of this kind of inappropriate behavior. >> reporter: the white house says they have no such evidence and they're letting the investigation run its course. >> you don't want a president who shoots first and asks
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questions later. >> 11 members have been caught in the investigation, and of 12 members being investigated, six are out or already leaving. others want to know more about the secret service culture before the president's colombia trip. >> i can't help but wonder if there had been more women as part of that detail if this ever would have happened. >> reporter: and if some lawmakers have their way, the scandal that has rocked the secret service may end up reshaping it. the president is standing behind secret service director mark sullivan, and today so are some key republicans here on the hill. at the capitol, brian moore, news4. still ahead tonight, the virginia woman who won $1 million with powerball twice. how mother nature interfered with her own earth day celebration. plus, katy perry throws a high school prom, and that's not
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two brothers accused of beating a black teenager while patrolling a predominantly orthodox jewish neighborhood on friday go to trial tomorrow. the brothers, who are white and jewish, are claiming self-defense. they are accused of beating a 15-year-old who was walking through the neighborhood back in 2010. they face 15 years in prison if convicted. civil rights leaders are trying to point out similarities
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between this case and the trayvon martin case down in florida. opening arguments are set to start tomorrow in the perjury trial of roger clemens. the former baseball great is accused of lying to a congressional committee about using performance-enhancing drugs. there is a dispute over what the jury will hear from that exchange. this time the defense wants to use the part where clemens denies telling a former teammate he used the drugs. prosecutors call it hearsay. last year the government improperly used part of the exchange, leading to a mistrial. virginia lottery officials say a variable woman is the first person to win two $1 million powerball prizes. virginia fike bought both from the same store. different numbers, but both won. she will take home $1.4 million after taxes. pike says she hasn't made any plans of spending the money beyond paying bills.
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starting to return to normal. students at a local high school went to prom thanks to singer katy perry. brandon richards takes us to the big night. >> reporter: it's been a busy couple days for morgan butler and kelly stringer, seniors. >> we've been getting prom shoes, earrings, dress, all that. >> reporter: like most of the students, kelly and morgan are looking forward to the big night. >> it's kind of the last hurrah before graduation. >> reporter: most of the school was destroyed in the twister, but there was never any doubt there would be a prom. only most were not expecting one quite like this, something resembling a hollywood awards show. the red carpet, news cameras, and plenty of screaming fans. all of this would not have been possible had it not been for the so-called dream team, a team of special events planners. >> we worked until 4:00 this
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afternoon. >> reporter: the final result, something all the kids seemed to enjoy. >> these kids, every single one of them have a chapter, and this chapter of 2011 was obviously something hopefully no one else has to go through, but to bring it together at the end of the school year and celebrate their year, their story, is amazing. >> reporter: this year's theme is "once upon a time. a dream is a wish your heart makes." >> pop star katy perry picked up the tab for the prom. students were also hoping she would make a guest appearance, but that part didn't work out. a soggy appearance on the national mall. the event included the band cheap trick along with appearances by the reverend jesse jackson and mayor vincent gray. it also included demonstrations on how to be energy efficient and help save the environment. you have to figure earth day
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participants are going to appreciate the rain. >> absolutely right. we desperately kneeleded tneede. before the weekend started, we were below average. today has been one of our rainiest days of the year so far. our third rainiest day of the year. hard to believe. outside we go. it is still raining. moderate to hard at times across much of the area. the boats along the potomac here looks like the spirit of washington. i can't quite make out the nameplate on the back. no, it's not, i'm told, but it's not a good night to be out on the water. a good night to be nestled comfortably on the couch with a good book or a nice blanket. 57 our high today. that occurred just after midnight last night. our current temperature of 49 is loet for the day, and weekend rainfall so far. yesterday before midnight we picked up .16 of an inch, today
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almost .8 of an inch. 48 now at national airport. winds out of the north at 22, gusting to 28 miles per hour, putting wind chills in the upper 30s and low 40s. temperatures, mid to upper 40s. that's not going to change much for the rest of the evening. your sunday temperatures holding steady, drifting back one or two degrees between now and 1:00 at night with a steady batch of rain showers coming in. there's washington right there, annapolis, moderate rain now, anne arundel county. a band of showers just to the west of the metro area, spreading from leaesburg to the metro area. the main area of low pressure is still well down to the south of us off the north carolina coastline. it's pushing all that moisture. the good news for us from a flooding perspective, the heaviest of the rains is going up into northern new jersey,
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parts of new york and new bla engla england. the bad part of that, people on the eastern seaboard, it's going to be a mess along the eastern seaboard tomorrow. air travel, train travel will likely be impacted. the heavy rain is moving northbound by late tonight. showers only by around morning time. 6 inches or more likely of heavy wet snow could cause big power outage problems where the snow does actually pile up. for us we'll be left with a chilly, cloudy, spitty, grizzly day. overnight, cloudy and cold. rain tapering just to showers by late tonight. overnight lows, upper 30s and low 40s. back to work and school tomorrow. highs tomorrow only in the upper 40s to near 50 with some passing showers around. another chance of a quick shower on tuesday, staying quite chilly
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there. our first real break of sunshine comes on wednesday. it doesn't last long. more rain on thursday, but the early look at next weekend, looking dry. coming up in sports tonight, it is home heartbreak for the
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yet another one-goal game. hi, dan. >> many thought this would be the game for the capitols to sneak out with a win. another overtime game, lots of drama in this one and the series again tied at 3, going back to boston for a game 7 on wednesday. let's take a look at how things went down here. alex ovechkin and the guys desperately wanted this game. first period, andrew ferrense takes the shot. rich beverly feeling good. 1-0, brewers on top. a caps killer at verizon center all season long. nice patience here by mike green. he waits and then fires off greg
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xanon for the goal. it's 1-1 after first period. first goal in six months. later in the second period, capitols on the move. sweet pass by rich baxter. he beats thomas for the goal and we are tied at 2. fast forward now to the third period. things not so good here. alex yemen with the cup. alex ovechkin making things happen for the capitols. o.b. ties the game up and we are headed to overtime. in o.t., just a couple minutes in, baxtrim turns it over. kyle sagan for the game winner, 4-3 is the final score and we are going to a game 7. >> i don't think it's going to be easy.
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it's going to be a 50-50 game. we can see how we play every ga game. it's going to be decided this year, and again, we'll just have to play. right now it's always sad, but tomorrow is going to be a new game. >> all right, it's all on the line in game 7. meanwhile, the penns and flyers going at it. less than ten seconds in at the top of your screen, claude jerau. the flyers set in their tone very early this one. 20 seconds later, the flyers win the battle for the buck, and guess who? it's jerau beating mark flurry. 1-0, philadelphia on top. second period now, flyers up 2-0. soft defense by pittsburgh.
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eric gustafsen takes advantage. flyers go on to win 5-1. they sent pittsburgh packing. philadelphia advances to the second round for the third straight year. nationals and marlins rained out today so the marlins taking their 12-4 record out west. they start their west coast roadie on tuesday. brian harper gets his first home of the season for their affiliate harper. he's been waiting for a while for this. first game harper takes the first three pitch. his first triple run comes 16 games in the season at his 61st at bat. syracuse wins 6-1. harper now batting .242 on the season. it's the orioles taking on the angels now. scott downs in the game for l.a. after a gem by dan heron.
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o's down 1-1, robert andino coming to score. or t the orioles take a 2-1 lead. that's the solo home run that ties the game, but in the end, the o's win 3-2 in 10 innings. orioles playing good baseball right now. nascar, the good old boys in kansas city. denny hamlin climbs into the top five. gets his first win ever in kansas city and his second win of the year. martin truex, jr. really ruled this race. but when the sun piqueeked thro, it was all denny hamlin. jimmie johnson finished third, hamlin now fifth in the sprint cup standing. good day for the 11.
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not a great day here for the capitols, but they are still alive. one more chance, game 7 on wednesday night in boston. it is all or nothing for both teams. >> win or go home or you're going to go home no matter what. >> win or you're going fishing. >> or playing golf. thank you, dan. that's the news for now. we'll be back here for news4 at 11:00. drive safely tonight. >> stay warm and dry.
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