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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  April 23, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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of his life. good afternoon. >> first up today what did he know and when did he know it? those are some questions prosecutors will be asking at the criminal trial of former senator and presidential candidate john edwards. >> he is accused of using campaign funds to hide an extra marital affair from his wife and the public while he was running for president. >> good morning. >> how you doing? >> okay. >> a lawyer by trade john edwards began the trial of his life today, a jury of seven women and nine men seated at federal court in greensboro, north carolina, scheduled to hear their first witnesses this afternoon. prosecutors have charged edwards with receiving almost a million dollars in illegal campaign contributions. money used to hide his mistress rielle hunter from the public and the press while he was running for president in 2008. >> this particular section of the federal election law and the definition of a contribution has
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never been challenged in this way. >> reporter: edwards' attorney is expected to argue it can't be a campaign contribution when edwards never handled nor deposited the money into a campaign account. the government's star witness former aid andrew young is expected to testify edwards himself set up the hush fund though edwards says young pocketed a lot of the money. >> i think a central theme in this case is going to be one admitted liar against another. both sides anticipate at least a month-long trial where edwards might take the stand in his own defense. here most of us woke up to a damp day after yesterday's heavy rains but this is what they saw up in new york city. >> all along parts of the northeast people actually got a taste of winter. a nor'easter blanketed yards along the east coast in a fresh coat of snow. some parts of new york and pennsylvania were even expected
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to get up to a foot. meteorologist veronica johnson is in storm center 4 with a look now at what the storm did closer to home. veronica? >> yeah. as promised we got the two seasons in just one weekend, right? and now that the chill is here, the snow out west, how long is that snow going to be falling? take a look at this. deep creek lake, garret county, maryland. if you look really hard on the picnic table right there between the two log cabins it looks like 3 or 4 inches on the ground and that was taken earlier. the snow continues to fall in that county. there in garrett county and oakland down to the south still under a winter storm warning. adjacent counties just east of there like allegheny and mineral county in areas of maryland under winter weather advisory until 2:00 a am tomorrow. again, the snow continues to fall. they are on the southern edge in areas of maryland. pennsylvania, western pennsylvania, and western new york around here again things will be shutting off in a couple
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hours including the rain showers that most of us have had. we're in the mid 40s to upper 40s throughout the area. 49 degrees in d.c. 43 in hagerstown. 43 degrees even in winchester but by and by it certainly has been a very chilly day for us. it's going to be a damp evening. we'll watch those winds diminish because they have been gusting. for the rest of the week, which season are we going to get? we'll talk about it coming up in my full forecast in a couple minutes. >> all right. thanks, veronica. neighborhood watch captain george zimmerman is free again this time on a $150,000 bail. he still faces the second-degree murder charge and the continuing outrage over trayvon martin's death. jay gray has the latest from sanford, florida. >> george zimmerman walked out of jail around midnight but can't walk away from the controversy over trayvon martin's death. his attorney mark o'mara who orchestrated the overnight release says he is aware of safety concerns that follow his client. >> we're trying to keep him
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secure. there are several locations we considered having him in and we'll just react to what happens. >> another key figure in the trayvon martin case is also on the move. sanford police chief bill lee, who had temporarily stepped away from his post today announced his permanent resignation. so vocal and public before zimmerman's arrest, trayvon martin's parents have been silent since last week's bond hearing. >> the family is emotional. it's one of the things they would rather the killer of their child still be in jail but they accept the rule of law. >> reporter: zimmerman left the jail with a brown paper bag and according to sheriff's deputies a gps monitoring bracelet that provides immediate, realtime information on where he is. something his legal team will continue to keep a secret as they deal with questions about his safety. >> i think there's still a lot of emotion around the case and we're worried some of those emotions are negative and that may play out against george.
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>> reporter: as zimmerman walks out of jail but back into hiding. conditions of zimmerman's release include that gps monitoring bracelet. he will have a curfew and be required to talk with a probation officer every three days. in sanford, florida jay gray news 4. >> a rude awakening this morning for residents of this home in prince george's county. take a look. a driver lost control of a car while traveling along old branch avenue in clinton. that vehicle left the road, rolled across the front lawn, then slammed into the house right where the garage and house come together. it happened around 7:00 this morning. despite the damage, no one inside was hurt, but the driver did suffer minor injuries. police are trying to determine what led to the crash. d.c.'s own chuck brown is in the hospital this afternoon. the legendary father of go-go was supposed to play to a sold out show at the historic howard theater on saturday but was unable to make it. the show's been rescheduled for late june. his next public appearance is saturday, may 5th at the
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maryland harlem renaissance festival in landover. the nature of brown's illness isn't clear. a statement on his facebook page today reads the brown family wants to extend their thanks and deepest appreciation to everyone for their concern, prayers, and best wishes for chuck brown during his hospitalization. they ask for your continued prayers. former e.r. star noah wylie was among more than a hundred people arrested inside the capitol today. they were demonstrating to urge lawmakers to stop cuts to medicaid. protesters many in wheelchairs were handcuffed and led out of the building. wylie and other members of the group say cuts to medicaid would force people with physical disabilities out of their homes and into nursing homes to get et services they need. new details today in the secret service sex scandal. a senior officialtors announced another u.s. military member is being questioned about soliciting prostitutes in
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colombia. that brings the number of service members under investigation now to a dozen. jennifer johnson has details. >> reporter: the colombia prostitution scandal has already cost six secret service agents their jobs and the chairman of the house homeland security committee predicts there will be more. the committee has sent secret service director mark sullivan a list of 50 questions it wants answered. >> did any of the foreign nationals have access at any time to any data, any information of any type that could have compromised the president of the united states? >> reporter: the committee also wants to know if any white house advanced team members were involved in the scandal. the white house says that has already been investigated. >> there is no investigation that any member of the white house advance team engaged in any improper conduct or behavior. >> reporter: as defense secretary leon panetta went on an unrelated visit to colombia monday the pentagon said at least a dozen military personnel
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were involved in the scandal. their security clearances have been suspended. >> what could possibly have been jeopardized by this kind of behavior. that's a key concern for me. >> reporter: congressional investigators want names of the prostitutes and a time line and whether any other secret service agent solicited prostitutes in the past five years. one former agent doubts that. this incident will show to be an aberration and prove to be an isolated incident. >> reporter: as many as 21 women were brought to a beach front hotel by agents and military personnel ahead of the president's april 11 visit. whatever the outcome this will be a quick investigation. members of congress want their questions answered by the head of the secret service by april 27th. jennifer johnson, nbc, washington. when news 4 at 4:00 continues jennifer hudson takes the trial in the man accused of killing her family. we'll have a report from
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chicago. >> plus the big baby news today from juliana and bill rans ek. we'll hear about it from "access live." kim kardashian's fashion statement about kanye west. and a d.c. band leader gets the surprise of his life from ellen.
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kim kardashian's tribute to kanye west, jessica simpson giving birth. >> that was the rumor. and a baby to be, but big news from a reality show couple who had a very public struggle getting pregnant. billy bush with "access hollywood" is here now with the scoop. let's start. juliana and bill rancic say their prayers have been answered. let's listen to their announcement on the "today" show this morning and get your reaction on the other side. >> we are finally having a baby. finally. after years of trying. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> when is the baby due? >> late summer.
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>> billy, they're having the baby by surrogate. >> yeah. gestational carrier, which is, you know, interesting. it's not even legal in some states, still, and it is officially only legal in a very few. so it's kind of a controversial thing i guess to some degree because it involves obviously a woman, you know, carrying ghoulian's egg, bill -- they made the connection. the woman carries. it's not the exact same as surrogacy. it is a division of surrogacy. but look. guliana found out about the breast cancer she has had. she's had a double mastectomy but she found out during ibm treatment. these guys have been through everything to get to this point. it is a tremendous relief and a moment of joy and we certainly all share it with them. >> we do. rumor had it that jessica simpson gave birth over the weekend. what's the scoop on that? >> well, if you ever needed another reason not to buy life and style magazine, which just is a giant piece of garbage.
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i'm sorry. they come out with their cover. she's delivered! she's had the baby! congratulations. then inside even more details. oh, and it's a c-section. this is news to everybody including jessica simpson who responds via twitter, hey thanks for all the congratulations i'm getting, but still pregnant over here. that said t. is one of the longest pregnancies in history i think. >> don't take it she is subscribing to life & style. >> i don't think so. you need to cancel your subscription. >> i know. it's painful. >> embarrassing that you still order that. >> yeah. >> let's talk about kim kardashian and kanye west looking more and more like an item. she's wearing a statement if you will. >> yeah, she's got some earrings that say k.w. on the side. now, small chance that stands for kate winslet. could stand for kate walsh. another small chance there. obviously, it's kanye west. here is the thing, right? they're currently shooting a season of "keeping up with the
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kardashians" and i'm sure he is a part of it. season six or whatever it is you got to take it up a notch. as soon as we're done filming the season, bye-bye, kanye. bye-bye, kim. thank you so much. come on, man. >> they're just making news? >> they're just making money. big time. >> what's coming up tonight on "access" billy? >> tonight we got all kinds of fun stuff. liza minelli, this is great, a fun interview, revealing her three-step man plan. she is not out of the game. she may have had four marriages and divorces but is not out of the game. she is coming back strong and of course we have the details on dick clark's death certificate. all of that information is in. it's informative and it's fun. >> we'll look forward to it. sounds like a busy monday. see you at 7:30 tonight. >> thanks, guys. >> if you are a fan of nbc's hit show "smack" there are treats
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coming your way. >> megan hilty says tonight's show has an element she calls epic and she also dropped a hint about the budding friendship between her character ivy and her rival karen. >> but tonight there is a huge bali wood number. it's epic. it's so beautiful. i can't wait for everybody to see it. over the next couple weeks it's going to get crazier and crazier. right now karen and i are very close and on the friendlier side of their relationship but there is something that is going to happen very soon between them that is so awful that i don't know how they can possibly be friends afterward. so stay tuned for that. >> if you needed another one, there is another reason to tune in. uma thurman guest starring as a film actress who lands the role of marilyn monroe. "smash" airs at 10:00 tonight right after "the voice." well, a high school band leader in southeast washington is soaking u his new found fame. >> how about this?
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last hour darryl watson appeared on the ellen degeneres show and was surprised with $100,000. the money will help him and his students at ballou senior high school continue their good work. ellen has spent all season spotlighting teachers and principals who are making a difference in their communities. >> you make me happy. you make me very happy. your energy is just like, i just, i do. i love you. when i said it i meant it and i still mean it. you are just an amazing human being. >> i think the same of you. you are so everything. >> watson's school can thank shutter fly for the jumbo check. the company is also gifting students with customized yearbooks. that's fantastic. >> good for them. >> for him and all of the students. >> look how happy he is. nice to see. coming up on news 4 a drag race takes a scary turn. video of a car going airborne on the track. plus another live episode of
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"the voice", yeah, who's singing for survival in tonight's eliminations? and veronica will be back with more on this april snow. nonstop foodies is all night. >> wow. mama mia. >> watch foodies on nonstop. experience what the hottest new restaurants, tastiest food trucks, and most influential chefs are dishing out. >> i think this is the easiest recipe. even i can make this at home. i bet you could, too. >> so many great places, right? >> foodies tonight only on nonstop. check us out on comcast 208, verizon 460, and cox 803 and over the air on 4.2. [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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i-68 and 219 meet. meanwhile, there's been some heavy snow as we thought there would be with this storm system and whole lot of wind. take a look at this. this is the higher spots of pennsylvania. johnstown. this is being referred to as not just a spring snowstorm or spring nor'easter but on twitter snowpril, 2012. areas hardest hit have been pennsylvania, again, this is johnstown. you can see the heavyweighted snow. how it just sticks to everything. you know? it sticks to the sides of trees, even. not just the branches but it has been the branches and some of the tree limbs that have been weighted down with the spring foliage now on the trees. it's coming down on the power lines leaving a lot of people without power. they're trying to tackle that and get power back. last time i looked it was about 50,000 people just in western sections of pennsylvania without power. as far as our rainfall goes, the storm totals around here, this
4:23 pm
is some of the highest amounts that i found. most locations were around 3/4 to just over an inch. st. mary's city over 2 inches of rain. st. michaels, maryland over 2.5 inches of rain. for the belvoir, virginia over 3 inches of rain. most locations were like gaithersburg, maryland coming in with almost 0.8 inch of rain. area of low pressure with this storm system way up here. again, you have the wrap-around moisture, so for spots of western pennsylvania, western new york, really getting hit hard with this and just a little bit of snow left around in areas of western maryland. it's been areas of western allegheny county, certainly garrett county there. but that's going to be ending pretty soon that snow there. even our rain showers will be ending soon around here. we're at 45 degrees. plenty chilly considering that our average high is usually in the upper 60s. factor that with the wind and we've had a real chill out there all day long. it's felt more like it's been
4:24 pm
around 39 to 40 degrees. those winds gusting up to 23 miles per hour. gaithersburg to d.c. right now camp springs gusting up to 24 miles per hour. our winds will settle down a bit here over the next couple hours. up until about during the overnight period but they will be picking up again tomorrow. chilly start to the day. 40 to 41 degrees. other locations starting out in the 30s. again, there is the area of low pressure. so for tomorrow we're still going to have some spin there in the atmosphere and that means still some cloud cover rotating through here. it's going to be a partly sunny to mostly cloudy day at times. i think we'll start out partly sunny then get the clouds filling back in for the afternoon. then for wednesday you've got it. there are some partly sunny skies expected across the area. here is a look at your four-day forecast. for tomorrow the high 61 degrees. it'll feel 10 degrees warmer certainly. 68 degrees for wednesday. we bring some showers back on thursday. so still kind of camped out. a little on the cool side for
4:25 pm
most of the week. we'll take a look at your weekend forecast coming up in a couple minutes. >> boy, did we need that rain. >> we sure did. a lot of greening and before long the grass pollen from all the rain that we've got. >> all right. catch 22. thank you. still to come on news 4 at 4:00 one of the great mysteries of life could be solved. scientists reveal what could be behind the brain freeze we experience when eating ice cream. plus a vicious dog attack in d.c. caught on surveillance video. we'll hear from a man who risked his life to save children from the snarling animals. we'll take you to chicago where jennifer hudson broke down on the stand today at the trial of a man accused of killing her of a man accused of killing her
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welcome back at 4:30 everybody. i'm jim handly. >> i'm pat lawson muse. here's what's happening in the news that the hour. the criminal trial of former presidential candidate john edwards is now under way in north carolina. edwards is accused of using campaign funds to cover up an extra marital affair during his presidential campaign. his late wife elizabeth edwards was battling cancer at the time. john edwards is charged with six criminal counts. >> george zimmerman out on bail today, back in hiding. he walked out of a jail in sanford, florida overnight and is still charged with
4:29 pm
second-degree murder in the shooting death of 17-year-old trayvon martin. sanford's police chief today meanwhile bill lee has tendered his resignation in the wake of the controversy. >> new developments today in the secret service sex scandal. white house lawyers wrapped up their investigation saying no white house staff members engaged in improper activity in colombia. the prostitution scandal has already cost six secret service agents their jobs. the chairman of the homeland security committee predicts the number will increase. tonight on nbc 4 "the voice" is back with an all new live episode. >> so we've heard from team blake and team christina. now we'll see contestants from team cee lo and team adam tonight going head to head. nbc's stephanie stanton is live in hollywood with a preview of tonight's big show. >> hi, stephanie. >> hey, jim and pat. it's good to see you guys again. indeed, we are just a few hours away from this two-hour live show.
4:30 pm
as you said, we're going to see competitors from team adam and team cee lo. we will see eight performances tonight, four men and four women. then at the end of the night comes the instant elimination so each coach will have to send one person home. you know, here on "the voice" there are fan favorites who are starting to emerge on these two teams. among them 19-year-old matai from dallas. also rocker jew eer juliet sims. also jamar rogers. now, he is not only winning hearts of americans all over with his singing but his inspirational back story. he is a recovering drug addict who announced he is hiv positive. another one to keep your eyes on is tony luca from michigan originally and he is if you may recall a couple weeks ago a mouseketeer who once worked with christina aguilera but a couple weeks ago during the competition christina aguilera had few kind
4:31 pm
words about his performance. she called him one dimensional. america disagreed. they sent him through in this competition so, again, we will see eight performances tonight from the contestants from these two teams and this all happens just hours from now here in los angeles. we'll send it back to you guys in washington. >> stephanie, will we see any surprises tonight? >> well, from what we understand, we'll see each coach do a number with their teams just like we did last week. we'll see cee lo and adam rocking it out with their teams and also i understand there are going to be some new hair dos so they're not saying who or what. we'll have to wait and see. >> okay. >> stay tuned. that's a teaser, stephanie. thanks so much. have a great time out there tonight. >> thanks, guys. >> and "the voice" airs at 8:00 tonight and don't forget to check out nbc and vote on our local contest. we received more than 50 entries and now we're down to the top 25. contestants are competing for a v.i.p. audition on the next
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season of "the voice." the top four vote getters will sing for a panel of judges that includes our only dinella ceelock and doug hamburg. voting ends tonight. that is on nbc you didn't send anything in. >> no i didn't and that's a good thing for our judges. >> okay. we'll take your word for that. >> didn't want to hurt their ears. we'll turn to serious news now. singer and actress jennifer hudson got emotional while testifying at the trial of the man accused of killing three members of her family. >> she was the first witness to take the stand today at the high profile trial that is expected to last for several weeks. reporter anthony ponce is outside the courthouse in chicago with more. >> reporter: the trial officially got under way at 11:15 chicago time which is about 45 minutes late. 30-year-old william balfour is julia hudson's estranged ex-boyfriend and is accused of
4:33 pm
killing her mother, brother, and 7-year-old nephew in october of 2008 in a jealous rage. the judge has spent about the last half hour or so prepping the jury explaining all the rules to the jury making sure everyone can hear and also escorting in the media, which as you can imagine, there is a significant amount of media coverage. national outlets and also from a number of entertainment outlets like tmz so, again, everything just getting under way here in chicago. that is the latest from the criminal courthouse here in chicago. i'm anthony ponce for news 4. today when a prosecutor asked hudson to identify the defendant she pointed at balfour. her voice broke when she recalled how upset she was when her sister told the family she was going to marry him. prosecutors say balfour shot the victims because he was jealous of julia's new boyfriend. he has pleaded not guilty. a vicious dog attack in northeast washington caught on surveillance tape. a warning. this video you are about to see
4:34 pm
is very graphic. >> it shows two teens trying to get away from two dogs. friday night in the 1200 block of queen street. the kids even stood on top of a parked car to stay out of the dogs' reach. it took several neighbors with weapons to fight the dogs off, including a man who was severely hurt during the ordeal. >> started running and jumping on the car. i sacrificed myself. >> look at your arm. >> yes, yes. so all that mattered, i just ran out there. so i got stitches there but i got three big holes. >> andre hawthorne is now getting rabies shots because of his contact with the dogs. animal control officers are still trying to find the owner of the dogs. what a frightening scene. you know, the dogs were just smelling the fear on those kids on top of that car. >> horrifying ordeal. there is more to come on news 4 at 4:00. weapons so cruel they seem like
4:35 pm
they belong in the middle ages somewhere. the wicked booby traps found on a hiking trail. >> big news about prince harry today. when he is planning a trip to d.c. and what he said about lliam and kate that has landed him back in
4:36 pm
4:37 pm
prince harry caused a stir yesterday with a remark he made at the london marathon. >> he's topping it now.
4:38 pm
today we learned harry will visit washington next month. he'll receive a prestigious humanitarian award. michelle kosinski has our story. >> reporter: get ready to see prince harry on american soil once again only this time it won't be military training or official duty for the queen but he is being invited to be honored for all the work he's done for soldiers. the military and in particular wounded warriors has been a cause very close to his heart. ever since he served in afghanistan back in 2007 where some of his fellow soldiers were hurt. the last time he was in the u.s. two years ago he visited american soldiers, paid a visit to the aircraft carrier intrepid, and just earlier this year the dedicated soldier harry was in arizona and california for elite apache helicopter training which he passed with flying colors. over the weekend when harry said oh, next year william and kate will be running the london marathon, that created a buzz of people saying oh, if they're going to be running certainly they're not going to be having a
4:39 pm
baby. which then led to talk that the palace today might put out a press release saying, no, no. harry was just joking. but so far they have not done that. and it is understood that it was all just a joke. he was kidding. as far as we know william and kate will not be running a marathon. back to you. >> michelle kosinski, prince harry will be here may 7 to receive the humanitarian award from the atlantic council. the visit is expected to be a quick one, though. when we come right back on news 4 at 4:00 a routine story turns into chaos. now a man is facing charges for interrupting a reporter on live tv. and up next you've seen the pictures. snow in april. now chuck bell will join us live from western maryland to show
4:40 pm
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4:43 pm
are in for a real treat, a real looking treat that is. a wax figure of the flamboyant pop star is now on display at madame toussoue's in downtown washington. it features gaga dressed in huge platform shoes, black gloves, one shoulder black latex body suit with her hair styled in the shape of a bow. to celebrate today's grand opening any visitor dressed in gaga inspired clothing got into the museum free. the figure will be on display here in washington until the 30th of june. >> i had on shades on a rainy day but that didn't get me in. no shades on her. mix it up with that if they want to. >> yeah. what a south carolina man thought was a funny prank has landed him in some serious trouble. >> ashley taylor reports on what happened to her during a live shot last week. >> ashley taylor joining us live in myrtle beach. >> reporter: as i prepared for my live report wednesday night i knew instantly something was
4:44 pm
about to go terribly wrong. there are some the hardest hit -- >> i'm [ bleep ]! >> reporter: the irony of this attack? i was reporting on a new crackdown on crime in myrtle beach. little did i know that i would become the victim. this is the guy police say caused the problem, 20-year-old justin moore. what he thought was a good idea last night has him facing some serious charges tonight. >> it's very odd. in my 25 years here i don't remember an incident like this happening. >> reporter: only minutes after the assault myrtle beach police had moore in custody. >> through a lot of good police work and luck in having the connections with the news agency to get the photograph of the subject that came on to the camera. >> reporter: every day i tell victims stories to give them a voice but now i've experienced first hand how important victims' advocates are. they notified me when moore got out on bond. >> victims have a right to know the whole process of the judicial system. they have a right to know every hearing that -- from the time the person is arrested to bond
4:45 pm
hearings to a trial. >> reporter: danny gibbs, the victims service coordinator for the county sheriff's office and the detention center says advocates help make sure victims don't fall prey to crimes again. >> they're supposed to know before the person is released from the detention center so that they have advanced notice to protect themselves. >> we've had, turning to the weather, some flakes moving closer to us. >> just a little closer. we got a report just a couple minutes ago. a few flakes just northwest of leesburg, virginia, and of course there was a flake or two earlier in the high spots of frederick county, maryland around south mountain and braddock mountain so that's about it around here. the conversation a little flakes coming on down and dying on their journey but our own chuck bell went in search of the real stuff, the real snow. he is up high in western maryland in kaiser's ridge.
4:46 pm
how many inches have you gotten there? is it causing any travel problems? >> well, the good news, veronica, first of all it's winter. winter has lasted up here in western maryland thanks to the 80-degree weather on saturday. the road beds are toasty warm so very little is sticking especially to the bigger roads. interstate 68. some of the big u.s. highways. absolutely no problems at all. they put a little salt down just to be sure but the roads are very, very clear. boy, get on to the grassy surfaces? 6 inches of snow right here in kaiser's ridge. get out to deep creek lake, about the same thing. 6 inches. most of garrett county 4 to 6 inches of snow. you can probably see in the picture it's actually still coming down right now. luckily as i mentioned haven't had a lot of problems. my guess is we're probably pretty much done but the reason of course we've got 6 inches here and you have nothing but conversational snowflakes, we're at 2,800 feet above sea level. and, boy, as you know, every thousand feet you go up you lose about 5 degrees of temperature. the difference between where you
4:47 pm
are and where we are about 10 or 12 degrees and it has made all the difference. winter raging on here in the middle of april. >> that is so cool. even the secondary roads you're saying are okay because a lot of the municipalities put their equipment away and that's been trouble for up in pennsylvania. >> yeah. they probably had a little more snow there and the ground in pennsylvania is probably a little colder as well. but here it was really, really warm over the course the weekend. even way up here high in the mountains. it was in the 70s. mid 70s on saturday. so that made a big difference. some of the real quiet secondary roads you can get a little bit stuck but anything with a nice, black asphalt surface like this, no problems at all. they did close schools today in garrett county. >> all right. chuck, well great job there. make sure you keep sending those pictures in to us. here's where chuck is. right there in western maryland, right there at that location there where they've gotten about 6 inches. laurel summit up in pennsylvania 13 inches of snow. again, the big problems up around western pennsylvania.
4:48 pm
look at the temperatures up there. in the 30s. 36 in st. college. 40 degrees now. 41 in elkins, west virginia where we'll be overnight dropping to about 34 to 40 degrees. it's going to be plenty chilly tomorrow morning which still some cloud cover around the area, some of the cooler and lower spots 34 in hagerstown, martinsburg, leesburg, too, dropping down to 34 degrees. maybe even 33 in manassas, virginia. your high for tomorrow, 61 degrees so it's going to be feeling a little better around this area. in fact, it is going to be breezy and cool. late sunshine coming to us. 57 to 62 degrees. okay. so we'll be warming up a little bit this week right? 72 degrees for a high temperature on thursday. but thursday right now looks as though it will be our next chance of rain and it's rain showers. not these snow showers that april here seems to have brought. it's confused right? 66 for a high temperature on friday. then our upcoming weekend as
4:49 pm
promised right now we do carry a chance for some showers. maybe even some thunderstorms on saturday late with a high of 70 to 73 degrees. >> was chuck in the middle of the snopril you were talking about? >> just on the tail end with it moving out. >> wearing a steelers cap almost. thanks, veronica. coming up on news 4 the reason you get brain freeze when eating ice cream. >> it's not the snow. and an amazing crash during the drag race. a car leaves the track and goes airborne. >> then tonight on news 4 at 6:00 new clues in a cold case and the local connection that could break a 33-year mystery.
4:50 pm
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
that's what you call a front row seat, folks. a camera got an up close view of a drag race crash and lived just long enough to tell the story. 21-year-old lizzie musy loses control of her 1968 camero, which spins out, rides the wall, and slams into the camera. the cameraman narrowly avoided the collision by jumping out on to the drag strip. the driver also walked away unscathed, which is more than we can say for the car or that camera. >> wow. what a picture. a new study aims to unlock the mystery behind those jarring ice cream headaches we get.
4:53 pm
researchers at harvard medical school induced brain freezes in 13 healthy adults and then they studied the brain activity. it turns out mini migraines are triggered by an abrupt increase in blood flow. when something chilly hits the mouth's upper palate. the pain goes away when arteries constrict while drinking warm water. doctors hope this knowledge will help us treat brain pain. >> boy, i love ice cream but i would not want to be picked as a participant in that. >> we'll just keep eating our ice cream slowly. coming up on news 4 at 4:00 much more ahead. the wicked booby traps discovered on a hiking trail. for all your news be sure to follow news 4 online. just search nbc washington
4:54 pm
♪ [ female announcer ] the vertical chair-climb. it's not an olympic sport, but it takes real effort and it takes a diaper that fits their every move. pampers cruisers with 3-way fit adapt at the waist, legs, and bottom for up to 12 hours of protection and all the freedom to play like a real champion. pampers. proud supporter of babies' play. ♪
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two men are under arrest today in utah accused of rigging booby traps near a hiking trail. the devices were so wicked it seemed like they belonged in the middle ages. >> this is a local trail. people mountain bike, hike, i think take courses up here. >> reporter: on a warm, sunny day hikers are a common sight on the big springs trail in provo canyon. you don't expect to have to be trained to identify booby traps when out enjoying nature. >> reporter: that is what an officer with the forest service found last week just off the
4:57 pm
trail near a makeshift shelter where people often gather. two booby traps waiting for someone to set them off. the officer who found them was in the military and trained to find devices like these. >> both had potential to cause some very serious injuries to people if they came across them without being aware of them. >> reporter: one of the traps involved sharpened sticks wrapped around a 20-pound rock. this video shows how it was supposed to work when tripped. >> it was off to the side and designed if somebody stepped on the trip wire the device would come down about head level. >> reporter: the officer found a second trip wire designed to make someone fall on to a set of sharp sticks. >> it took some time. it wasn't just they came up here and threw a few things together. >> this shelter has been here long enough and is known to locals as the fort. the two men set up the booby traps at both entrances. >> it makes me sad that some people choose to do things to hurt other people. >> just another part of society that's kind of getting that way. >> reporter: during the investigation authorities turned to facebook as word spread a man
4:58 pm
who frequents the trail told authorities he may know who did it. >> the guy who gave us the suspect information, he was really concerned that people get the wrong impression about those who frequent the area. most of them are good kids. >> reporter: the tip led authorities to 19-year-old benjamin rakowski and kai christianson from utah county who admitted setting the traps saying they wanted to catch wild animals but authorities aren't buying it. >> i think they had to know whoever came to the area would be human beings not animals. >> authorities say the suspects have confessed to placing those traps along the trail and have been charged with reckless endangerment which is a class a misdemeanor. now at 5:00, snow in april. tonight at 5:00, new information about the suspect in the murder of an alexandria activist. why police are taking a closer look at his past. the trial of former presidential candidate john edwards begins today. how he plans to defend himself.
4:59 pm
and the new guidelines that could help some migraine sufferers. good evening everybody. it is damp, cold, some parts of the region even snowing and it is april. from western maryland all the way up to central new york, a nor'easter is giving people a taste of winter. >> we're calling it snowpril. we have team coverage for you to enter. we begin with chief meteorologist doug kammerer. >> right now still seeing mostly rain around most of the area. have gotten a few reports of light snow mixing in parts of loudoun county even parts of montgomery county here. even a little bit in the way of some grapple. we talked about that two weeks ago. most of this is on the rain side and will stay mostly rain. even areas of moderate rain right now. as you widen out this is where the snow is back toward the western portions of maryland back into portions of west virginia and of course portions of west rg


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