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tv   Today  NBC  April 27, 2012 2:05am-3:00am EDT

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oduces the silver edition bed set, at incredible savings of $1,000 for a limited time. only at the sleep number store, where queen mattresses start at just $699. captions paid for by nbc-universal television hey, everybody, it's thirst day thursday, april 26th, 2012. once again i have the pleasure of co-hosting with msnbc's willie geist while kathie lee is enjoying the week off. can you believe you made it? >> thursday. two more days left. thursday is first day. >> and friday is try day because we need to try something new.
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do you need to dry out after your week with us. >> i think i do. >> especially after the chugging yoga. >> what's the malibu one, passages? go to the lohan rehab after this. >> you know how you went to your black tie the other night? i went to one last night, too, because you did and i wanted to be with you. it was the society of memorial sloan-kettering. there is this terrific gala at the met in new york. it is a beautiful thing. and it raises a lot of money for this charity. karen zucker was there. it was a bunch of people there. you know how sometimes they say the morning show people don't get along? wait a second! >> what am i seeing here? >> everyone thinks that everyone's rivals. but here's the great thing. kelly ripa who you see there and -- we got along beautifully. let's look at picture again. oh! i'm sorry. >> who did that? >> somebody. she's a sweet girl.
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>> was there any instinct to go tonya harding on her and just go after the kneecap? >> you are sick! >> just put her out for like a day. nothing serious, nothing lasting. >> she was really funny. >> you're competitive. >> i know, i'm terribly competitive. >> she's great though. >> they're not opposite us directly. they're on at 9:00, we're on at 10:00. >> but still. there was a cool article in the editorial section of the "times" on sunday and talked about when was the last time you had a good conversation with somebody. they said something about how conversations take patience because when you see someone you know their tone, you don't know whether you should ask for something right away or bring up a subject that may be sensitive. when you text there's no pre-game, i need, what are you doing, what's on your mind. you don't get to have the nuances and it talked about how we're losing sort of the art of just being real and having real conversations and really getting to know someone. because we're so busy. >> i think that's true. i don't know how you argue against that. i also think now it is so much easier to e-mail someone than pick up the phone. i even find myself drifting away
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from what i used to do, call a buddy, chat, okay, i got that done, i'll wait to hear back. you don't stop where do you would 20 minutes with your friend on the phone now you're doing a one-minute e-mail back and forth. >> what do guys talk about on the phone? >> that's the important part. i'm glad you brought that up. we weren't having deep conversations before we started texting. like hey, broke up with your girlfriend. sucks, dude. you see the yankees. wow. >> you don't ever call a guy friend and say, hey, i got something on my mind. i need to discuss that? >> no, never, i don't think i ever have. never. i think sometimes you'll be out having a few drinks and like you open up a little bit -- >> about what? >> i can't get into that. it's guy code. but i would say this is a gross generalization -- >> say it. >> the depth of male conversation is probably about six inches where women tend to open up and -- i know my wife and her friends will be on the phone, she pours a glass of wine, another one, her friend's
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in chicago, they're talking all day. they have a lot to talk about where guys just want to talk about the yankees pretty much. get it done. get in, get out. >> there's been a lot of talk about one man on one of our shows early today. matt lauer wore a jacket that captured a lot of attention. okay? this is the said jacket. can't really see there. look a little closer. he's got a nice -- um-hmm. right about there. now, matt came in the makeup room. he said i like this cut jacket. i think it looks nice. what did you think when you saw it? >> i'm down with it. you're on tv if you're matt lauer, you, me, you're like tv 250 days a year. one day a year, take a few chances. that's what being fashionable is alln't. >> i think it looks cute. >> i think it was ann who said you could also go right out after work and sell a car with that jacket on. matt, that was ann. that wasn't me. coach the carolina basketball team. there's all kinds of things. >> it had its own twitter handle.
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matt's plaid jacket. >> that happened quickly. i think it's good. take a chance. >> i want to ask you another thing because you're such a guy's guy. a lot of guys are into man scaping or waxing or they call it -- >> don't look at me -- >> not brazilians but boyzilians. no, that's what some guys do. remember the 40-year-old virgin? let's watch this just for fun. >> i really didn't expect that. >> you got it. first one is the only one that hurts. >> yeah. well those hairs are pretty deep. okay. >> you ready. >> yep. >> i hate you! stop smiling you jerk! >> he doesn't have nipples. >> they came off! >> his nipples are missing. did you see it? look at the last shot if we can. that's very creepy. >> i can say full honesty, never
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done a wax. visit added benefit of being a hairless type. >> look, his nipples are gone. >> i saw this note last night, i asked my wife about it. she said -- wait -- without disclosing too much. she said she'd like me to go in for a waxing just once to feel the pain that all women feel. >> good, good. >> and she said if she were given the choice between a brazilian wax and giving child birth, she'd take child birth every single time. because they put the thing in your back. you don't feel everybody. high-fiving everybody in the delivery room. i didn't feel anything. it was fine with me. >> really? the question was if you could work on some of the hairy parts of your husband, what would you work on. this is what people said. nose hairs were number one. >> really? >> get rid of the -- no, there's nothing nastier than that. >> i didn't know it was that big of a problem. >> how am i cog -- doing? >> you're okay.
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eyebrows. when there's like -- guys don't notice because they're all over? ears. >> yes! >> ears. >> yes! get out of here -- >> by the way, all three you pointed to, that's old man hair. just keep it together. without waxing though. >> some guys -- i don't know if they wax or not but who cares because they are the hottest guys we've seen in a long time. they are the new york city firefighters! and they are here! >> hey! by the way, okay. i was holding this calendar out, you guys, to the guys -- to the ladies outside. check this calendar out. we see them with their clothes on but this is great. you're september? >> holy moses! >> bring september! >> that's a mountain of a man right there. >> gorgeous. okay, guys. do this calendar one for all of to us look at but this goes to a worthy cause.
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where does the money go? >> it goes to the jacoby medical center burn unit. it is for a good cause. we're all having fun, met a lot of nice people so far. >> you guys do some big gala. >> we do a signing on saturday night at 6:00 at night at the firehouse bar and known as a restaurant. it is a great party, everybody's welcome. >> willie, tell what just happened. >> i'm going to out you guys. right before we go on air, two minutes before, the guys are in the back doing the push-ups, getting the veins out. was that you? this guy. that's all right. >> do you guys fight to get on this calendar? is it a battle? >> sure. >> take your shirt off at the firehouse? what do you do? >> actually i ran into batman, the photographer for the calendar. he told me what it was all about. it's all about charity. it's not all about pretty faces
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and abs like this guy. i'm like i'm in. once i knew it was for a good cause, i'm like let's do it. >> you guys are great. it's a terrific calendar. it's called new york city firefighters and you can look up september or anyone else you want to look up. thanks, you guys, for coming to see us. >> i've never felt more lame in my life. you know what i get to do on thursdays? i get to play a song. this is a song, it makes you want to get up. it is by deejay laz. or something like that. it's called "move shake drop." you ready. ♪
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>> i don't really know what that means. i just keep rewrapping it. it's a good song. >> it's a little repetitive, if you don't mind my saying. >> i edited it that way because that way you can learn the words. >> where will you listen to that? >> in the gym. that's a workout song or at my apartment. >> i think i hear flo rida in there. >> if you guys want to work out, it is a good one to work out to. is it okay or not okay? our question is, is it okay to perform with the departed? you remember they had a lot of those holograms lately? so kathie lee says yes ever since natalie cole first did it with her father i felt it was "unforgettable." what did i say. >> hoda said, yes, it's okay, it brings the music back to life. >> i think it is okay. they -- there was one on kimmel that --
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>> this all comes from the tupac, hologram freaked everybody out. it was chilling at first, then cool. then your mind opens the possibility about all the other musicians you want to see on stage, right? can we bring john lennon back? >> we're going to give you a shout out for our mother of the year contest. this is the contest where you can win $120,000. $112,000. came together with us. $112,962. that's how much a mom would get paid for her work. go to kathie lee and and you can enter. the three finalists will come here for mother's day weekend. the deadline is april 27th. we'll pay for all your travel and accommodations. at least is. not us. we have a winner! tell us about the winner. >> we have a winner of the kentucky derby hat contest. lee edwards from florida made a
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hat with the help of her daughter-in-law. the hat rotates around her head making the horses run circles. so congratulations, lee. ha you won a trip for two to the kentucky derby. don't forget to wear your hat but also don't forget to tune in to the derby next saturday right here on nbc. >> that is the best hat ever! >> sara, did you just throw out the other ones after you saw that one? >> it moves! hello. it's interactive. done and done. jenna fisher gets out of the office for a big-screen romantic comedy. >> well modeled. >> we'll seat spectacular results also of "today's" "ambush makeovers." but first, these messages.
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guys, not every glance means something. life suspect about mattie. >> life is about mattie. >> that is actress jenna fisher as pam on the nbc hit comedy
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"the office." now jenna is stepping out from behind the desk for a big role on the big screen. >> "the giant mechanical man," fisher plays a woman unlucky in love until she finds an emotional connection with a painted street performer who turns out to be just the man she's been looking for. >> of course that happens. >> good morning! welcome. before we get to the movie, you guys are in the eighth season of "the office." i know a lot of people are wringing their hands and wondering if there's going to be a ninth season of "the office." >> i'm with those people! >> you guys are for it? >> we want it to happen. the actors are all ready to come back. the whole cast. i mean everybody. so we're just waiting now for a little -- >> the phone to ring. >> exactly. that old actor's life, i guess. >> there were questions when steve carell left, could "the office" survive without the boss. and it obviously has. how is the show different for you without steve carell around? >> oh, that's an interesting question. you know, it's a little bit more of an ensemble show now, so i
2:21 am
have to say we all are -- i think we get a little bit bits to play with. but i miss steve so much. just on a personal level, we used to get our hair and makeup done in the morning together every day and he barely had anything to in the trailer but he would sit and drink his coffee -- >> is he as funny off -- >> i should say diet coke. he would have his diet dock in the morning and we'd talk about our weekend. so sweet. >> let's talk about this movie. it is an interesting concept. you're sort of i guess a little bit unlucky in love. you're looking to find someone and you find a very unlikely partner in this movie. >> yes. it is a movie about one of those silver painted street performers and the woman who falls in love with him and my character of janice, she hasn't followed a traditional path in life. she didn't like go to college, find a husband, get married, have kids. so she's in her 30s now and she's struggling. she has to move in with her sister, she gets fired from her job and she's a quiet girl. you know, it's a very thought provoking film but it is very funny.
2:22 am
it's a sweet, charling love story. >> one of the men are introduced to is this irritating motivational speaker who everyone watching is going to want you to just flatten him. i love those scenes. >> it is so funny in this movie. he plays self-help guru who thinks he knows better for my life. he's got some great scenes. kind of steals the movie. >> woman falls in love with painted street performer. a story as old as time. you're also a producer on this film. what does that mean for you exactly? >> well, it means -- it was very exciting. what it means is when the credits roll at the end of the movie, i know every single name and what that person did on the film because i was with it from the ground up. i'm one of three producers. it also meant that i had to put the initial financing of the film on my credit card. >> oh, my gosh! >> personal credit card? >> my personal credit card. yeah. two weeks before the movie was going to start shooting the finances weren't in the escrow account yet which is how you hire everybody for payroll and i was afraid we wouldn't get the movie off the ground if we didn't get started.
2:23 am
so i took a risk and i said, here's my credit card -- >> you're unbelievable. >> the crew, fly to detroit. i just crossed my fingers and luckily the finances came in and i got paid back. >> luckily also, you happen to meet your husband -- your future husband on this show. you have a baby now who's -- how old? >> he's 7 months old. there's my husband! >> you were lucky in love after all. >> my husband first pitched me the story -- he wasn't my husband at the time, 4 1/2 years ago. it took him 4 1/2 years to write the film. get the fpsing and get it off the ground. we say it was easier to fall in love, get married and have a baby than make a film in hollywood. >> we know you collect coffee mugs. this has our pictures on it! what are you going to do with that? >> thank you! >> when is that picture of you taken? >> from high school. >> that's a good photo.
2:24 am
this is nice. >> thanks for coming to see us. "the office" airs tonight at 9:00, 8:00 central right here on nbc. and "the giant mechanical man" opens tomorrow in new york, new york and video on demand everywhere. up next, those funky, funny photos that will leave you saying -- >> what the what? >> is that how you say it? on my, i found new ways to tell people about saving money. this is bobby. say hello bobby. hello bobby. do you know you could save hundreds on car insurance over the phone, online or at your local geico office? tell us bobby, what would you do with all those savings? hire a better ventriloquist. your lips are moving. geico®. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. is the pain reliever orthopedic doctors recommend most for arthritis pain, think again. and take aleve. it's the one doctors recommend most for arthritis pain.
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it is that time when we take a look at all those photos that make you say -- what the what? >> once again miss sara hains has spent countless hours laughing as she sifted through your submissions in search of the most unbelievable photographs. >> this week the kudos go to becky patterson from louisville, kentucky who sent us this photo -- it is the "newcomer" funeral home. i guess as opposed to repeat offenders. our next photo was sent in by larry jones from gooding, idaho.
2:29 am
that sign kind of leaves you wondering. first-time clients only. you might not be coming back and you might not be leaving. robert tibideaux from brandon, mississippi submitted this photo. this squirrel seems to be smoking. >> i know people don't like squirrels but that's mean. he doesn't need a black lung. he came up on a table and literally just put his mouth around that. i'm sorry -- but you've got to capture that. >> i think those are menthols though, the silver lining. they taste good at least. >> they're trying to wean him off. been a rough year. next is a photo from stephanie from wisconsin. check that out. it is the smoking area but it's no smoking. that's dramatic. that makes you say what? finally, kim from idaho
2:30 am
submitted this photo. i think we all know that's a child's training toilet seat around his neck. kim wrote my son clearly can't read because the warning says please don't place around your head. >> his head is large. >> they had to grease it up -- she goes if you knew how much vaseline we used to get that kid's head out of there. it is a funny moment right now -- and he did live to tell the story. >> as the father of a 2-year-old, that photograph makes entire sense to me. it happens every day. >> we'll be right back with "ambush makeover" right after this. [ male announcer ] cookies
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we are back on this thirst day thursday with "today's" ambush plaza makeovers and msnbc's willie geist who is not even getting a makeover -- none for you -- is filling in for kathie lee while she's enjoying some time off this week. >> i've been waiting the whole show for this moment, the ambush reveal. here to show off their hard work, "today" stylist and contributors to the stars louis
2:33 am
licari la-la-la-la-la. i didn't do that very well. and "today" and "us weekly" contributor -- >> and author. she's an author. >> jill martin. >> how was it today outside in the crowd? >> it is always fun. we were lucky enough to find two sisters that really wanted and deserved makeovers. >> that's always fun. first lucky sister is gail, 48 years old, who just recently moved to manhattan. when we asked her about her daily beauty routine, she answered stop asking me such difficult questions. but she was excited to receive her brand-new look. >> we love this sign. that's how you got our attention. gail looks the same, you say, in 1990 as she does in 2012. >> pretty much. pretty much exactly the same. i noted the pink ponytail and the pink polo shirt, exactly the same. >> why do you want this for her? >> first of all, she just moved
2:34 am
from charlotte to the city and i miss her and she's my best friend and -- i really want to to have a little bit of an update, just somebody give her some tlc. >> we're giving you tlc. you ready to go. >> yeah, for sure. >> again, julie we'll make her over next but we are all going to react to gail. here's gail before, all right, gail, let's see the new you. oh, my gosh! >> wow! >> okay. wait, wait. gail, when your sister sees you she's going to freak. you want to see yourself. put your glasses on. i know. >> wow! >> you look awesome. what do you think? >> i don't know who that is. >> look right in camera 12 if you wouldn't mind. >> louis, tell us about that hair. >> automatically you look like
2:35 am
the chicest new yorker. dana gave her this great haircut. she layered it, took the long straightness around from her face and just lifted everything. i gave the color a little bit of warmth and she looks beautiful. >> i can't believe the difference. jill, that dress pops. >> i like when i put someone in a dress and they go yikes. this is great with the color blocking. the bracelets with jennifer miller jewelry. >> we'll ask you to stand right over by jill and just face the wall so you can't see your sister. right there. >> we saw julie with jill earlier. she was so busy asking us to make over her sister she was completely taken by surprise when we ambushed her as well. let's take a look at her story. >> all right, gail. we're turning the tables because julie's getting one too! why do you want it for your sister? >> i'm so excited. i had no idea. i just think it would be great
2:36 am
if she got it too on the same day. it would be great. >> a little sisters pampering day. are you ready to go? >> so excited. >> it's exciting! >> let's take one last look at before of julie. >> don't turn around, gail. >> then let's bring her out. come on out, julie. >> oh, wow! wow! wow! wow. you want to see yourself first? >> yes. >> turn and see yourself. >> oh, my goodness! >> okay. now on three -- gail, you're going to turn around. one, two, three -- >> you guys look awesome. >> come stand right over here. tell us about that hair. >> don't they both look chic and younger? number one, dana gave her these bangs which all of a sudden instantly gave you style and took off years.
2:37 am
it just made her complexion perfect by using a face primer. i added a few highlights to soften her hair, grow out naturally. >> jill, tell us about the look here. >> i love jeans all the time but have you to be able to spruce it up. this is a little sequin top available at macy's. not your daughter's jeans. show how cute it looks. >> adorable. julie, what do you think of your sister? >> i didn't recognize her. i really didn't. she was standing back there, i thought it was another person. >> gail, what do you think? >> it's wild -- yeah -- wow. >> big round of applause for both of our lucky ladies. again, if you want a head to toe redo, come down to the plaza bright and early thursday mornings. >> one of the stars from "dancing with the stars" is with us. greetings from the windy city of chicago.
2:38 am
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have you ever wanted to learn how a samba, salsa or cha cha like the stars? >> yes, indeed. the time has come to put your dancing feet to the test with the new "la blast," dvd workout that will teach you how to turn up the heat to burn off the pounds. >> gladys knight says healthy eating and "dancing with the stars" helped her lose weight. 60 pounds. guess what? louie is here with some moves. what a great way to lose weight, by the way. you always see the transformation on "dancing with the stars." the before and afters are astonishing. >> yes, it is amazing because dance something a workout in disguise. you don't realize you are working out. then what you just said about gladys, she had such a great time. the more you have fun with something, the more you want to do it. that's what the dvds offer. >> what's unique about la blast different than like zumba? >> first of all, it is the same dances people see on "dancing with the stars." that is the number one dance show right now and also it is
2:43 am
many different forms of dance, cha cha, samba, salsa, disco, hustle, all these fun dances. like i said before, you forget that you're working out. >> you were here about a year ago. you showed us the salsa. are these things that people at home if you put the dvd in you can get it or is it one of those it is a little too complicated. >> that's my number one rule. i wanted to make these dvds available to people who think they can't dance. to left feet people. level one "let's dance" is for everyone. the tutorials. i filmed them differently. i'm facing my back to the camera so people don't have to learn in mirror any more. >> we're learning today -- >> we're going to be doing jive. that's the fastest swing dance, the lindy hop, jitter bug. >> oh, my gosh. >> apparently my dress keeps falling down so i'm going to tie it tight. tell us where to stand.
2:44 am
rachel is standing next to me. right foot forward. one, two three. one, two three. then kick for the legs. kick kick. kick, kick. now twist. twist. fix, seven, left foot back, rock step, triple step, rock step, triple step. now we're going to twist, five, six. you know what? we can do this together. same thing. there you go. triple step, triple step, triple step. now you're going to kick. kick! kick! work those legs! twist, twist, good. rock step. other side. other side. >> back to the beginning. triple step. triple step. oops. >> we're still going over here,
2:45 am
hoda. >> we don't see anything. did you fix it? >> twist it out. twist it out. >> how we doing? >> we did good. we did very good. you can twist and kick. good morning. getting close to our weekend and let's see what's in store as far as the weather goes. for today, your friday afternoon, we're going to be tracking showers and thunderstorms across the northern tier. we will see a chance of severe weather through the middle of the country, including around the kansas area. temperatures are cooler to the north, warm tore the south. we only have 55 in minneapolis. 51 in chicago. 50s in new york city. beautiful weather across the south, drying out nicely. remembering the severe weather
2:46 am
outbreak, the tornado outbreak of 2011, which occurred on this day one year ago. by saturday, showers across the northern plains, down into the southern lakes and mid-atlantic. it will stay dry across much of the south as we head through the weekend. in fact, we don't expect to see any active weather for the south saturday and sunday. 86 in atlanta, temperatures warming up. 50 in billings. salt lake city, 60. and we rebound across california, follow thing week's storm. by monday, changes for the middle of the country across the southern plains. texas up into oklahoma and kansas, as well. that's going to be the beginning of another severe weather maker. isl that will shift further to the east by the time we get into monday as far north as chicago we'll watch for thunderstorms. 62 degrees and near 90 in atlanta by monday. tuesday, rain showers across the ohio valley, starting to push into the northeast.
2:47 am
it's not until wednesday, places like new york city and boston will get some of the showers down into d.c. we may see a little bit of rain. the southern tip of florida looking at showers, as well. we'll quiet down in the middle of the country by the middle of the week. get your latest weather updates, your forecast, of course, "wake up with al" 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. weekday mornings on the weather channel. [ male announcer ] when do you take 5-hour energy? when i'm on the night shift. when they have more energy than i do. when i don't feel like working out. when there isn't enough of me to go around. ♪ when i have school. and work. every morning. it's faster and easier than coffee. every afternoon when that 2:30 feeling hits. -every day. -every day. every day is a 5-hour energy day. [ male announcer ] 5-hour energy. every day.
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a new report from american express says the number of women owned businesses shot up more than 50% in the last decade. >> that number is music to the ears of mel, who is here with us today. her organization, count me in, it helps women grow their businesses into million dollar companies. >> with us, the ceo of baby be hip, a personalized baby accessory company. in honor of take our daughters and sons to work today, she's brought along her daughter molly. the gang's all here. were you here from the inception.
2:50 am
you've seen how the workplace has changed for women. what are the biggest changes you've seen? >> the biggest changes for girls and women, there are more women going to college than ever before, and also there are more women starting and growing businesses. that number american express cited is just tremendous. the thing that we really focus on is out of the 8 million women who are in business, 1.6 million of them are really starting to grow beyond the normal. most women are at $50,000 or less in revenue. 1.6 million who are moving toward the million dollar mark. there is progress in terms of the sizes of business, income. all kinds of great things. >> colleen, how close are you to be a million dollar business? >> since i've been in the program, my revenue's increased 40%. my confidence has gone up 100%. look at you. what kind of business do you have? >> a personalized baby gift business. we showcase the new name on products that parents will love and use.
2:51 am
>> a lot of women have businesses that start like yours and they wonder why they can't make it over the big hump. why they're stuck in a certain thing. what were you doing that was incorrect do you think that was preventing from you moving forward that you learned from this organization? >> i wish i learned it ten years ago when i started. really the best thing is find a community of support, people to help you, as well as to hire good help. that makes all the difference. >> molly, you wrote a letter to your mom. can i read this? >> yeah. you wrote a letter to your mother on christmas. dear mom, merry christmas. you accomplished so many things this year. i couldn't have been more proud of you. you eve been taking great care of us. i'm so proud to have a mom with an awesome business. i love you more than the world. love, molly. is it fun to watch your mom with her business and help you out a little bit. >> yes, it's really fun. i love how she teaches me that if you set your mind to something and work hard you can achieve your goals. >> how sweet. >> that's so sweet.
2:52 am
with women owned businesses, say a handful of things that women could be improving on that you say gosh, i know they would make it if only -- >> not do everything yourself. so many women because they do that at home they think they have to do that in their business. you can't make more money if you're doing it all yourself. think about hiring people or getting into a community of people that help you figure out more. pay attention to your money. we go into business to make money and yet it's like we're doing it kind of -- sometimes it is kind of for fun. you got to figure out where the money is and have a big enough vision. too many of women, their vision is too small because you are only doing it yourself you only think what you could do instead of what could four or five of us do. we have a big event in l.a. may 10th and 11 in los angeles. it helps women come together. women like colleen, there are thousands of them out there who have a greet idea and they just need a push from an organization like ours as well as a
2:53 am
connection to experts and resources that help them get over these humps. because it's a bigger business is in a lot of women. i think we've learned to unlock the keys and colleen and her business are just a testament to that fact. >> thank you. colleen, congrats. and molly. >> thank you. i wonder what's going to happen with molly. >> she'll be running the business. up next, how to kick off your day and turn back the clock with the right breakfast no matter what your lifestyle is. but first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪
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help raise our flag, add your stitch at it's never too late to try to turn back the clock and kick-start the antiaging process. >> the best place to begin is with what we eat. we're tackling four different breakfasts filled with super foods.
2:57 am
>> oprah's personal trainer bob green is here with tips from his new book called "20 years younger, look younger, feel younger, be younger." i like the sound of that book. you talk about breakfast and how important that meal is for everybody. we've heard that a lot. >> it is the most important meal. there are some keys to get good nutrition, more important good nutrition that has antiaging qualities. there are four things you want in a really good breakfast. whole grains, you want antioxidants, you want omega-3s and you want calcium. get those components in every meal in particular at breakfast. >> go through some of these. what are we looking at here first? >> this is shredded wheat that would provide the whole grains. you're going to put almonds and flaxseed, both rich in omega-3s with strawberries. you can use soy milk, skim or 1%. >> this is something you'd have in your house in the morning before you head out. >> this is breakfast at home, quick, easy to make and loaded with nutrition. >> 440 calories should be spent
2:58 am
on breakfast. that seemed like a lot to me. >> 400 for a female, 440 for a male. those are general terms. adjust if you're active or not active. you want to move calories lower in your day. in a perfect world, you would have equal amounts of calories at every deal. but we don't live that way. get more calories lower in the day. >> not enough to grab a granola bar on the way out the door necessarily. >> not at all. on the go, you can make this the night before and keep it in the refrigerator. this is acai almond butter smoothie. smoothies are great because they're quick to make, loaded with nutrition. raspberries in there. acai has been shown to improve memory and protect brain cells. >> this is a frozen version of that? >> it is. >> can you get that at a grocery store? >> you can. especially these days. >> grind it all up. wow! no dairy in that. >> no dairy in this. >> i'm going to try it.
2:59 am
what is this? >> this is just a yogurt parfait. you can premake that the day before. refrigerate or freeze. people use granola. so many calories. use a crisp bread or whole wheat cracker. with the fruit and walnuts you don't need the sweetness of a traditional granola. >> should you work out before or after breakfast if you're a morning workout person? >> if you have the time, have a little snack, then you'd work out, then you'd have breakfast. >> if you have more time, it is a weekend, these are blueberry oatmeal pancakes. they're amazing. very healthy. we use again walnuts, high in omegas, blueberries, super food. the key to good nutrition is to get rid of empty calories and replace it hopefully with super foods. >> bob, thank you so much. good luck with your book. they're all best-sellers.


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