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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  April 30, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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officials are under fire for euthanizing a healthy bear cub. >> afghanistan, pakistan, washington why drones could fly over the beltway. >> the caps come with a huge win and head home to washington. first to night a news 4 exclusive, a teenager attacked with a claw hammer. her screams head police to the suspect and stopped a series of similar attacks in northwest. shomari stone spoke to her this evening. >> reporter: how are you feeling right now? >> i feel kind of scared. >> reporter: in an exclusive interview this 19-year-old young woman speaks out moments after being released from the hospital, recovering from a head wound. >> just traumatized about the situation buct happy to be goin home. >> reporter: police arrested with michael davis, accused of hitting this woman in the head with a claw hammer, unprovoke
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add take. >> eventually i got the strength to say, please don't hurt me. >> reporter: undercover officers patrolling the area heard her yelling for help. >> i just got the strength to wave my hands. >> reporter: police say michael davis was near the scene, tried to run away. and including one that killed a tourist. >> i'm very fortunate to be alive. >> she appreciates the officers who put davis behind bars. >> thankful and grateful that the police was -- was there when everything happened. >> a judge ordered no bond for davis. meanwhile police are questioning him in the other attacks. in the petworth neighborhood, shomari stone, news 4. >> criticism in virginia after authorities euthanize this 4 pound bear cub. the baby bear found along the side of the road in southwestern virginia. officials killed the cub because they couldn't find any body to
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rehable the bear into the wild. a tennessee organization says it was never contacted and has plenty of room. virginia authorities say they didn't feel comfortable giving the cub to the group because of a change in leadership there. from all accounts the bear was healthy and didn't have a scratch all. drones have made their name in the military. there is a question about whether the same technology used in pakistan and afghanistan might be coming to be used on the beltway. jackie benson has our report. >> it is best described as a piece of flying styrofoam with a camera. but it will allow local cops to do something that now requires expensive helicopter time. aerial surveillance. drones, unmanned, aerial vehicles are being deployed by police in other parts of the u.s. just this morning. fairfax county police chief, was asked about it on the wtop radio program "ask the chief." >> being able to observe backups and change lights and everything else. certainly a reason for drones in
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the future. >> werebottlic -- robotic aircrafts. >> he assembles s.k.a.t.e., it can stay aloft for an hour on a rechargeable battery. >> doing for aviation what personal computers did to i.t. >> reporter: it costs $2,000. langford sees it deployed during high speed pursuits or hostage incidents. >> law enforcement, scientific applications we see coming up. real transformation as the technology moves out of the military into commercial applications. >> reporter: its creators say it is only a matter of time until the eye in the sky during a beltway backup is coming from a drone. jackie benson, news 4. >> the man accused of killing his pregnant girlfriend will remain in jail until he can undergo mental compa tense comp hearing. police found the woman's body in
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the back of a car in district heights last friday stabbed to death. >> now we will never have the opportunity to meet the child and to jazmine's bright smile and witty sense of humor. we want justice for our family. she did not deser off ve to los life. mont g montgomery county schools are on the defensive after an out of town paper raised questions of cheating to raise test scores. it exposed corrupt leaders in atlanta. the superintendent says this report is way off the mark. angie goff has details. >> reporter: highland elementary in silver spring one of 27 schools nationwide cited by ape recent atlanta journal constitution investigation, into possible cheating. the silver spring school made a significant turn around in years, went from a nearby state
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takeev takeover to winning a blue ribbon award, highest honor from the u.s. dicepartment of education. many students come from poorhouse holds who don't speak english a cording to the report, 16% of fifth graders scored at the advanced reading level in 2006. by '09, three years later that jumped to 94%. the atlanta journal constitution claims this sort off chiefment is virtually impossible. >> we have experts who look at the swings in the school scores, and said, they're highly, highly improbable. >> there has been never an allegation of cheating, or strange erasures they've must have an jenn and trying to unfortunately, exploit the kids and hard work of our staff to make their own point. >> the atlanta journal constitution previously reported on cheating in atlanta. school officials there initially denied the allegations which,
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eventually proved to be true and led to a huge scandal. the paper claims it used the same methodology to examine blue ribbon schools there. jim. doreen. >> president obama is talking about the tense moments inside the situation room the night that navy s.e.a.l.s. killed osama bin laden. today, the president defended his decision to authorize that deadly raid on bin laden's compound in pakistan. but he admits there were moments of uncertainty. he does that in an interview that airs wednesday at 9:00 p.m. on "rock center." >> it is not a slam dunk. at this point i think all of us understand that, we are a long way to go before, before the night is done. and -- you know i have said, that this was the longest 40 min uf uts of my life. >> a campaign video questions whether challenger mitt romney would have made the same call to go after bin laden.
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romney disputed the idea that he would not. he said in his word. even jimmy carter would have given that order. >> mitt romney made comments about bin laden with the new hampshire senator, considered to be on romney's short list of possible vice presidential candidates. 10 to 15 people are believed off to be on the list according to a source with knowledge of the campaign. other potential runningmates include wisconsin's paul ryan, marco rubio, and senator rob portman of ohio. >> tonight speeding is what police say caused the crash that killed three generations of a new york family. the crash happened sunday near the bronx zoo. police say the driver was going at least 20 miles over the speed limit when she clipped a highway divider and lost control. that van plunged 60 feet into a ravine. the driver, her parents, her sister, and three young children, all were killed. >> cell phone videos show the
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frantic moments in saint louis when a large tent collapsed there, killing one person and injuring dozens more. it happened after a cardinals game this weekend. high wind from a thunderstorm lifted the tent and tore it apart. while a crowd of people was inside, metal pipes, wiring and other rigging materials came crashing down on, top of about 200 people under the tent. one person died. nearly 100 others were hurt. it is pretty pleasant night for us outside right now. even after, though it has been cold lately. doug, what's next around here? >> aufeight of nine days below average. as far as temperatures are concerned. don't think that is the case tomorrow. we have warmer weather moving our way. take a look. big time thunderstorms back to the west. heavy rain in portions of ohio down through kentucky. now entering west virginia. that line is going to make its way our way overnight tonight. we have got big changes over the next 12 hours. i will let you know what you can expect for your tuesday. the first of may coming of in just a couple minutes.
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>> thank you, doug. in the big apple tonight. must win for the caps. and they did just that. dan. >> vance, it was great. we were standing outside the locker room. matt hendricks gave his best ric flare yell! somebody give us love, we are going back to our own barn with home ice advantage. exact same thing they did against the bruins. man they needed this one. the capitals never trailed in this game. they have now evened the series at one game apiece. let's take a look at a couple highlights. this was intense the whole way. the caple talz. looking to avoid the 0-2 in the series. caps up 2-1. rangers on the power play. and blasts one. ryan callahan there to deflect it. and we are all tied up at two. later in the period. caps on the power play now. nick bakstrom, ovechkin. rips a rocket. scores. the third goal of the playoffs. that's the game winner.
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capitals take it 3-2, the series now all square at one game apiece. alex ovechkin, limited minutes. dale hunter wanted defense. he stepped up when he was needed most. >> of course it's important. and, of course i want to be there. as the i said before -- but, you know, you just have to play for the team. and -- it's -- it's, you know some times when, you know, it's out there, and you just said like, you have to use your chance what you have. and, you know i think i have a pretty good chance tuesday. and first period. and, in the second. i hit the post. but after that, like, my shift was not that good. but again. i use what i -- what dale gave to me. and it worked. so we'll see how it goes. >> not a lot of minutes. ove took advantage. game three. wednesday. complete highlights coming up unjust a few minutes. see you again in a couple. guys. >> good stuff. thank you, dan.
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hands on the famous healy clock at georgetown university are still missing tonight. they disappeared sunday morning. it is kidded a tradition for students to steal the clock hands. the university says the prank poses serious safety violations. >> a dog food recall, including some food sent here to maryland and virginia. >> college students, working women, and -- the kim kardashian look. >> they call this new trend getting pumped. leading all kinds of women into danger, silicone injections. >> monumental day in manhattan, the city celebrating a milestone for the new world trade center building. could the
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dog food has been recalled because of concerns about salmonella. diamond pet foods announced it is recalling dry dog food in 40, 20, 8 pound bags, called diamond puppy formula. so far, no dogs have been reported sick. it was made in the same plant in south carolina linked to food contaminated with mold that killed dozens of dogs back in 2005. jennifer lopez, kim kardashian, nicky minaj, all women known for their generous back sides. well now women are going to extreme measures to look like their favorites, including an illegal procedure leaving some
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victims sick or disfigured or even dead. >> because i could have lost my life. i put my life in jeopardy. >> it really failed me. i wish i would have gone to a doctor. >> reporter: ashley and nicole ask we not show their faces or give their names, because these two baltimore women underwent an illegal medical procedure to get their backsides enlarged. >> look a secret society. i had to know some one who knew some one. >> both women say on multiple occasions they want to hotel rooms and apartments, in d.c., maryland, virginia and philadelphia where they had some one inject them with liquid silicone. it's called getting pumped. doctors say the is becoming increasingly popular. >> regular college students, housewives, working will come in and they siay i want the kim kardashian look.
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>> according to this doctor, the injections are illegal because the they're not safe. he is seeing more and more women developing complications. >> have reactions to the skin where the skin turns dark and hard, leathery appear pans ance tip. inflammatory reaction, the body makes the scar tissue, it descends with gravity and they have these, feel like little bowling balls essentially at the bottom of buttocks pulling down. >> ashley says areas of her skin became hard and lumpy. for nicole some of her lymph nodes started swelling. in some cases people giving the injections dilute the silicone with substances including motor oil. that can cause kidney failure. last year, a woman died in philadelphia, when the silicone traveled to her heart. >> these cases are arising. >> maryland u.s. attorney says he became aware of this problem last year when federal agents arrested kimberly smedley at
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this d.c. hotel. she was injecting clients with industrial grade silicone. the same substance used for furniture polish. one client ended up in the hospital after silicone entered her lungs. >> earlier this month, she pleaded guilty to use of a misbranded or adulterated drug. she faces up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine. for ashley and nicole, they're now under doctor's care. awe because people are dying. you really going to die to have a -- to have a big butt. >> bottom line here, injecting free flowing silicone is not approved by the fda, it is not safe. there are legal and safe procedures for enlargement in which doctors take tissue from one part of the body and transfer it to the back side. the doctor says some patients don't think those procedures do enough. >> new yorkers celebrate aid
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milestone for the new world trade center tower today. once again the tallest building in manhattan. steel beams for the 100th floor were put in place. one world trade center edges out the empire state building. the new building serves as a symbol of recovery after the terror attacks on 9/11. >> god to sod to see. >> doug, more about our weather? in a warming trend? headed in that direction? >> maybe a big one. last week, little over a week. 8 out of 9 days below average. i don't think we are going to see the trend continue. matter of fact i think the next six out of seven at least should be above average. maybe well above average. many of us will get back into the 80s again. a lot of you've out there have been looking forward to that. out there, during the day, high temperature of 67 degrees. cloudy conditions. did see quite a few people out on my facebook. hey, today was a beautiful day. they like the cooler weather. below average during the day.
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tonight, the sun set at 8:00. it will set after 8:00 from now all the way through august 18th. how about that. so long nights out ahead as we move in towards the, towards the end of spring into the early summer months. 62 out there right now. wind out of the south. at 9 miles an hour. the temperatures have fallen five degrees from where thapt were earler today. temperatures should not go down much more. 57, gaithersburg. just the other day we were talking about frost across the region. that its not going to be the case tonight at all. satellite/radar, showing the cloud cover that we saw earlier today. that's what kept us on the cool side during the day today. just to the west, though, no clouds. and much, much warmer. 86 in morgantown. 84, elkins. 85, charleston. that warmer air will move our way. what stopped it today? it was the mountains. the mountains pushing up. clouds coming in from the east. that's what kept us on the cool side today.
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the same mountains, appalachians, blue ridge. will keep most of the rain from making its way. and this looks like a lot of rain. if we were to get this. we would pick up half an inch. expecting out towards ohio. much of this is going to fall apart. some of it will make its way in here. ahead of the cold front. the cold front moving through our west. just to our west. 6:00 a.m. notice the line of showers will stick together i think. right around rush hour tomorrow. we could see showers, maybe a rumble of thunder or two. then the frontal boundary will pass on by. another chance of ape shower during the afternoon. i do think we will see sunshine. i also think we will see temperatures that move up to the 80-degree mark in some locations. there will be a chance of showers wednesday. as this frontal boundary kind of meanders around the mid-atlantic. wherever it sets up that's where we'll see the best chance for shower activity over the next couple days. tomorrow morning, cloudy, mild. a few showers. maybe a rumble, two, thunder. nothing severe. 56 to 63 degrees. tomorrow afternoon. once again. expect to see at least a chance of some showers. and maybe some thunder.
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i do also expect to see some sunshine. high temperatures in the upper 70s, to around 80 degrees. a nice, warm day. and speaking of warm. let's just raise the temperatures a little bit. 82 on your wednesday. 83 on thursday. friday, coming in. potentially, in the mid to upper 80s. and we say warm as we make our way in through the weekend. lot of events this saturday. a lot saying what is it going to be? right now a slight chance of showers. i would not bet on them at the moment. >> bring back the flip-flops. >> i got mine. >> thanks, doug. >> sports up next. go back up to new york. dan is there with the ca
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>> hi, it's a five game series and they're coming home? >> yeah, right, vance, doreen. home ice advantage for the capitals. they wanted to bring two things to night. they wanted to bring intensity. and they wanted to score, both of them, they took a 2-0 lead. this did not lack drama. the game was not decided until late in the third. a dandy here at madison square garden. caps hoping to bounce back after the game one loss like in boston. scoreless in the first period. caps fourth on the attack. how about passing? joe ward, aucoin, ward, and second goal of the playoffs. caps up 1-0. later in the period. the puck past, carlton, and fast on the breakaway. and, comes up with the huge save. he had 26 on the game. caps going the other way. chimera, races, puck from
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lundquist on the boards. feeds it out front, hendricks misses, chimera puts it in. and watch the replay. pokes off the skate. caps up 2-0. third period. capitals up 2-1. rangers on the power play. and ryan callahan passes it right by. we're all tied up at 2. later in the period. caps on the power play. nick bakstrom. ovechkin fires. scores on a rocket. and the third of the playoffs. the game winner. caps win it 3-2 to even the series at one apiece. game three, wednesday night at verizon sern verizon center. teammates not surprised when ove stepped up. >> you know these are -- our big game guy. scoring to do well. a big moment. great timing. timing is everything in the game. in playoffs.
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having guys scoring. and your big guys. and in the next game. >> again, we have a pretty good, we feel fresh. and, you know -- we are coming home. and you know -- probably, the crowd is going to be there. fun place to play. >> rocking the red. >> rocking the red. >> ha-ha. >> sickest crowd ever. i love it. baseball. nationals in action at hope. tomorrow. trying to snap the four-game losing streak. the home debut for 19-year-old prodigy, bryce harper, batting .333 after two games. with the nationals. meanwhile the os in action tonight. taking on the new york yankees. and jason hammel, for baltimore. bottom of the second. orioles up by one. and until eric chavez, taking this one deep to right. a two-run shot. the yankees take it 2-1 lead. top of the seventh.
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same score. os with runners on second and third. uh-oh. wild pitch here. tries to score. the catcher, russell martin. flicks it back to him. tags him out. not good. yankees hold on, win, 2-1. orioles, 14-9 on the year. but, fall to 14-9, if you do, orioles, into the shabby. back at msg, rocking the red on nbc 4. running a contest. we have a were in. go to nbc to soon up to, win tickets to game four, coming up at verizon center. tonight's winner. mary c. white, from south riding. call -- mary, that is -- hope you are watching tonight. congratulations. you can claim your ticket. all tide up at one, guys. a whole new series coming back
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