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tv   News 4 Today at 6  NBC  May 1, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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overnight, two stabbing, crime scenes in two neighborhoods. in one, a car ended up stuck inside a building. scores! >> and all even. the caps hustle their way to a critical victory to tie up the series with the new york rangers. all right. good morning and welcome to "news4 today." i'm eun yang. >> good morning, i'm aaron gilchrist. first thing off the top, a change in the calendar bringing a change in the weather. noticeably warmer, and we could see spring storms. >> that's right. tom kierein is here with the latest on our forecast. tom, good morning. good morning. grab an umbrella before you leave the house this morning. before you leave your home, it is wet outside your door. we're getting quite a bit of rain moving into virginia especially where you see the areas of yellow and orange, coming down hard along interstate 95. prince william county to stafford and spotsylvania. farther west, moderate showers, northern prince william, fauquier into culpeper county. this has had a history of thunder and lightning. that looks like it's dissipated.
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closer to washington, the pockets of yellow, moderate showers now in alexandria. the mt. vernon area getting moderate showers as is southern montgomery county, around bethesda. and here in the district, northeast/southeast washington getting moderate showers, as well as right across the line into prince george's county, around suitland. farther to the west, moderate showers in leesburg and southern loudoun county and near herndon in northern fairfax county. and around the hometown weather network, the temperatures are generally in the 50s in fairfax, prince george's county, montgomery counties, manassas, prince william county at 60 degrees. for today, rain should be ending by 9:00. cloudy, near 70. by noon, lunch hour, sun breaking out, mid 70s. mid-afternoon near 80. a chance of a late afternoon thunderstorm. another update in ten minutes. danella? good morning. police on the scene of a crash
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at university boulevard eastbou eastbound, east at rigs road. follow police direction and slow down. also have a report of an accident, inner loop as you approach georgia avenue. chopper en route to check things out. i'll have an update in ten minutes. to i-95, in the hov lanes, a tow truck just on the scene in the right shoulder lane of the hov lanes making your way past the occoquan. under speed in quantico, 46 miles per hour, a 30-minute drive to the beltway now. back to you. >> thank you. breaking news in the district. two separate stabbings leave two people dead overnight. the latest happened at 5th and florida avenue in northeast d.c. we have the latest details. >> reporter: good morning. police have wrapped up their investigation, and they have reopened florida. let me show you part of what's
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left here from what was a terrible accident scene. you see the light post, that's what the one on the ground used to look like before it was hit by that car that crashed here in the tavern on florida avenue. police are investigating a fatal stabbing and a car crash. the person that was fatally stabbed lost control and crashed into the tavern. police are investigating to try and figure out what happened first. was the person stabbed and then crashed or did they loses control because of the stabbing. they have to figure that out. police are still looking for a suspect. so even though they have wrapped up the scene here, the investigation is continuing. reporting live in northwest, tracy will kee wilkins, news4. more breaking news. police looking into another deadly stabbing. this one in the 4500 block of quarrel street in northeast. police found a man stabbed in the stomach there.
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he was unconscious, not breathing. this happened about 1:30 this morning. that man later died at the hospital. our crew on the scene was there when police took someone into custody. police say they are -- police are not saying just yet if that man will face any charges. today jury selection begins for a man accused of stabbing more than a dozen men in virginia and two other states. five men died in michigan. the man will stand trial for the murder of arnold minor in michigan. officers discovered minor's dna and dried blood in the man's suv and inside luggage as he was trying to leave the country to his native israel in august, 2010. he is also charged with attempted murder in toledo, ohio. aboulazam is accused of stabbing men in leesburg, as well. leesburg police also suspect him in an unsolved murder in 2009. the montgomery county school superintendent is blasting reports that he says imply a cheating scandal in the county.
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highland elementary school in silver spring is one of 27 schools nationwide cited by a recent "atlanta journal constitution" investigation into possible cheating. the school made a significant turnaround in recent years, even earning a blue ribbon award in 2009. the highest honor from the u.s. department of education. the atlanta paper questions the success in part because many of the students come from poor households that don't speak english. >> we have experts who look at the swings in the school's scores and said they are highly, highly improbable. >> there's never been an allegation of cheating. no stranger ratios, nothing like that. they must have another agenda and are trying to unfortunately exploit our kids and the hard work of our staff to make their own point. >> "the atlanta journal constitution" previously uncovered a cheating scandal in atlanta. school officials denied the allegations which eventually proved to be true. the paper claims it used the same methodology to examine blue ribbon schools there.
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occupy wall street protesters are promising mayhem on may day. they're calling for a strike against work, banks, and anything which promotes commerce. organizations will hold demonstrations in 120 cities across the country today including here in d.c. the group will march to the white house at 6:30 tonight. and while things are expected to be pretty peaceful here, the may day protests could cause big problems elsewhere. in new york, occupiers will march from union square to wall street. there are reports protesters could block several major bridges and tunnels in manhattan. wells fargo shut down five branches after receiving envelopes containing a suspicious white powder. two other envelopes were sent to jpmorgan chase headquarters and mayor bloomberg's office. they were harmless. one of the letters had the message "welcome to may 1." occupy organizers hope the nationwide protest will re-energize the movement that started last september. the caps are looking to take advantage of the home ice after tying their series with the
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rangers. >> ovechkin scores! >> i love that announcer. i don't know who that is, i like him. alex ovechkin came through in the clutch, scoring the game winner. it's only the second -- the third goal of his this season. the caps led for most of the game thanks to two first-period goals. after the game, the team wanted to praise the play of ovechkin. >> he's our big game guy. he's got to be scoring to do well. great timing and timing severing in this game and playoffs. and having guys score at the right time and your big guys scoring and feeling great going into the next game can do a lot for your team. >> the caps will look to take the lead in the series tomorrow when they return to d.c. for game three. eun? >> go, caps. i like the home ice advantage. can lead the series. i hope they win two in a row, wrap it up here. >> this has been great playoff play. hopefully we can wrap it up. >> there you go. 6:07 the time. why members of the secret
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service are going back to college. plus, a month -- the month of may off to a wet start. weather & traffic on the 1s next. and the app you might want to download before your next trip.
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if you ever feel unfairly treated by airport screeners, there's now a new app where you can file a complaint. a civil rights group unveiled the app called fly rights. complaints if right to the transportation -- complaints go right to the transportation and security administration. it does support efforts it get more feedback. 6:11. time for weather & traffic on the 1s. meteorologist mostly cloudy in the storm center tracking rain in the area. tom? >> beneficial, welcome rain. unfortunately, of course, going to be snarling the community. everything is wet this morning. areas in orange coming down pretty hard.
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it includes fairfax, prince william, fauquier, and some really heavy downpours now moving into charles county. thunder and lightning between waldorf to la plata. quantico to fredericksburg, closer to washington, lighter showers moving through. temperatures around 60 in the metro area. 50s west and north. upper 60s south and east. a gray day with showers and a little thunder this morning. ending by 00, sun back this afternoon, near 80. maybe a late afternoon storm. seven-day outlook in ten minutes. danella? good morning. well, had a report of an accident, inner loop of the beltway as you make your way toward georgia avenue. chopper flew over it. chopper says lanes are open. no incidents to report on the beltway. now, over to i-66, this is where chopper is en route to right now. eastbound at centreville, have an accident there, and it is slowing you down. in fact, you're really slow making your way from the bypass. very slow as you continue eastbound. once you pass centreville, lanes open up. back to you both. >> all right. thank you. 6:12 now.
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60 degrees. they are out of the race, but still making demands. what newt gingrich and rick santorum want before supporting mitt romney. and next, on the anniversary of his death, new information about osama bin laden. why he was considering changing the name of al qaeda.
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conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden, the leader of al qaeda. >> defining moment for president obama and the country. today is one year since the raid that led to the death of osama bin laden.
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and now we're learning more about the night of that raid as they waited for word at the white house. news4 joins us in the newsroom with more on that. melissa, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. there are new reports that bin laden often worry good al qaeda's public image and was conflicted in his vision for the terrorist organization, at one point considering changes its name. the public will get to see some of his last write. documents seized last may will be posted on line by the u.s. army. this now-famous photo taken inside the white house situation room shows the suspense and tension as officials waited on word of bin laden's death. president obama says this anniversary is a time for reflection, not celebration. it's become a campaign issue. at the time, mitt romney called the decision to raid bin laden's compound ill timed and ill considered. now he says he wouldn't have blinked. president obama, though, is defending his decision and challenging romney to explain. >> if there are others who have
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said one thing and now suggest they'd do something else, then i'd go ahead and let them explain it. >> you would have given the order, governor? >> even jimmy carter would have not given that order. >> reporter: obama has escalated drone attacks on al qaeda. the announcement made sunday despite the ban by pakistan. >> all right, melissa, thank you. mitt romney is beating the president to the punch in virginia. president obama is scheduled to hold a campaign kickoff rally in richmond saturday. romney announced he will visit the state first. he'll be in chantilly tomorrow for an economy-focused event. governor bob mcdonnell will also attend and is believed to be on the short list for vice presidential candidates for mitt romney. and former presidential candidates are making some demands of mitt romney before they pack home. rick santorum says he wants the former governor to include priorities of conservatives in his campaign. meanwhile, newt gingrich is looking to repair his reputation with the gop and pay down
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millions in campaign debt with romney's help. santorum and romney plan to meet friday to discuss his requests. today the wife of a former aide to john edwards expected to retake the stand in his campaign corruption trial. sherri young broke down as she testified yesterday. she tried while describing when edwards asked her husband, andrew young, to claim responsibility for fathering his mistress' baby. she said she was scared when she deposited money from a donor in her family's bank account. she said the money was used to care for edwards' pregnant mi mistress and hide the affair. edwards is accused of using campaign money to care for rielle hunter during histuate campaign. edwards denies the charges. we expect to learn if the hotel maid's lawsuit against dominique strauss cannes will go forward. she claims the leader tried to rape her last may. strauss-kahn denied doing anything violent in the
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encounter. prosecutors dropped related criminal charges last summer. the court is expected to post the decision on line. this morning, police say the driver of the suv that plunged off a new york highway killing seven people was going at least 18 miles per hour over the speed limit. investigators believe the woman bumped a concrete barrier that damaged a tire on that vehicle. the honda pilot then skidded across three lanes of traffic, hit a curb, and went airborne. the suv fell into a ravine on the grounds of the bronx zoo. new york city's aaa affiliate says there are serious safety concerns on the bronx river parkway, where the accident happened. the organization says it lacks modern transportation engineering features. some of the problems -- narrow lanes, steep hills, tight turns, and inadequate guardrails. starting tomorrow, about 100 secret service agents will begin a two-day ethics training. the move is in response to the prostitution scandal in colombia. the "baltimore sun" reports professors at the johns hopkins university will oversee the
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classes in laurel. the agency had planned for 20 agents to undergo training, but more agents have been added to the program. it's not clear whether the 12 agents involved in the scandal had ethics training before the alleged incidents happened before the president's trip to the summit of the americas. eight employees have resigned or left the agency. three agents have been cleared of serious misconduct. 20 minutes after the hour now. a lot of rain coming down in places around the region. tom kierein's keeping an eye on that. >> yes, it's fender-bender weather. everything is wet this morning. a big area of rain. it's beneficial, welcome rain coming through. unfortunately for the morning commute, it's going to be making things slow. leave your home early. getting thunder and lightning in charles county, farther north, getting moderate showers around washington and montgomery county, fairfax county, all these areas in yellow and orange, coming down hard. fairfax through prince william, into southern fauquier, western stafford and spotsylvania. that's now about to move on to the east, into the northern
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neck, as well as across the bay and on the eastern shore. all that rain's coming your way, as well, over the next hour or so. then by 9:00, things should begin to clear a bit. by noontime, sun breaking out. late afternoon, could get an isolated thundershower, only about a 30% chance of that. highs near 80 today. overnight, near 60 by dawn wednesday and warm day tomorrow. up into the mid 80s. and a pretty good chance for afternoon and evening thunderstorms on wednesday. then thursday and friday, partly sunny, highs low to mid 18. only a slight chance of any storms. and then a greater chance again, perhaps saturday late afternoon and evening. drying out, cooling sunday, monday. danella? some good news, the crash 66 eastbound at centreville now moved to your left shoulder lane. still seeing delays, though. in fact, even seeing jammed red as you make your way past sudley. you see cars are pretty much at a complete stop. the good news is that accident's out of the roadway. hopefully you will see relief soon. now over to i-270 at father hurley. slow here, as well making your
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way toward gaithersburg and continuing to rockville. it is a slow commute, but it's especially slow as you hit the brakes at father hurley boulevard. no accidents on i-270. just delays. to the rails, two delays, minor seven-minute delay on the marc brunswick east train 890. and a long 25-minute delay. this one on the vre/manassas line. back this ten minutes. back to you. >> thank you. 6:22 now. after the break, it's a d.c. springtime ritual that conjures up movies of "anchorman." the reason virginia wildlife officials are giving for youth nationwiding a healthy bear cub rescued from the road side. and next, how you can
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[ female announcer ] allergy congestion? allegra-d d-congests, d-pressurizes so you can breathe. a fast, non-drowsy antihistamine plus a powerful decongestant. allegra-d. d-fense against allergy congestion. in "news 4 your health," you can sleep at night without worrying about gaining weight. that's the latest word from researchers who studied more than 1,000 pairs of twins. the study from -- i'm going to tell you what university this came from as soon as my producer tells me. the study found that sleeping more than nine hours a night can block genetic factors linked to weight gain. the research from georgetown and
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university of missouri. researchers say you should concentrate more on what you do while awake such as your diet and exercise. the study found those who slept less than seven hours a night had a higher body mass index average than those who slept more than nine hours. workers at the smithsonian's national zoo are using science to help the spring mating at the panda exhibit. last night's staff artificially inseminated mei xiang for a second time. apparently her natural mating with the male giant panda tian tian is not working. staff will monitor mei xiang's hormone levels and do ultrasounds in the months ahead to see if she's pregnant. she last gave birth to a cub in 2005. and that cub now lives in china. of course, you remember tai shan. the scientist at the zoo can't tell if she's pregnant until the very end. then there's like a high probability of false pregnancy, yes. for her sake, i really hope that she has the cub. i feel bad for her. >> yeah. >> under a lot of pressure. >> do you know what, come here. let's talk for a second.
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like beyonce said, you got to put a ring on it, friend. step his game up. >> doing it the old-fashioned way you're saying? >> good luck either way. >> that's right. >> all right. almost 6:27. ahead, an old debate reignited this morning. new information women need to know about mammograms. plus, a new clue in the search for a suspect running a clever scheme in an exclusive neighborhood. why this plane came crashing to the ground on purpose. i'm gonna make you breakfast. what?
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and does. if you're here that is. feel the fun. feel the hamptonality.
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caught on camera. police say this guy is using a clever scheme to target people in potomac. >> become able to observe -- being able to observe backups and changed lights. there will be a reason for drones in the future. plus, help from above. how drones could soon be used to make your commute run more smoothly. good morning, everyone, welcome back to "news4 today." i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. it is tuesday, may 1, 2012. and the month is off to a wet start. the rain started fall being an hour ago. it's making for a slick morning commute. meteorologist tom kierein is
6:31 am
tracking the showers. he's here with us now. good morning. yeah, that moving color on storm 4 radar is moderate to heavy rain. it is beneficial. we've needed it. it's moving in now. and we also had thunder and lightning associated with this in charles county, into the western part of the northern neck, around fredericksburg. this area of yellow and orange is coming down hard right now in fairfax county, as well as all across much of prince william county, into stafford and spotsylvania. right here in the district of columbia, just light rain to a few moderate showers just outside the beltway in montgomery county. farther west and north, rain is tapering off and ending. loudoun county into frederick county, shenandoah valley. temperatures are generally in the mid to upper 50s. closer to washington, near 60. upper 60s parts of southern maryland. by 9:00, just lingering clouds. temperatures around 70. then by noontime for your lunch hour, we ought to have sun breaking out. should be into the mid 70s by then. by mid-afternoon, near 80 degrees. there's a small chance of an isolated thunderstorm by late afternoon. i'm back in ten minutes with another update.
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danella has traffic. good morning. busy morning in the traffic office. lots of delays in our area due to wet pavement. traveling along i-95, you're slow the entire way. in fact, from stafford as you make your way to the beltway. slow trip. i'll give you a live look now as you drive past lorton. very slow. your travel speed slow, 34 miles per hour from quantico as you connect to 395. your delays are going to continue as you make your way toward the 14th street bridge. here's a live look at duke. you can tell you the bulk of delays are as you pass seminary road. again, you're slow the entire way, under speed at about 37 miles per hour. 18 minutes to get from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. and the outer loop very slow in montgomery county. over to you. >> all right. thank you. new photos out this morning that police hope could lead to an arrest in a series of fender-bender carjackings. take a close look at the picture. montgomery county police are investigating two cases in which drivers were intentionally rammed from behind so they would get out of their cars. both happened on jones lane
6:33 am
earlier this month. in one case a man was bound and thrown into the trunk of his car and forced to withdraw money from several atms. this morning police are looking for three men that they say are involved in a home invasion near the university of maryland. two of the intruders had guns when they stormed into a home. this happened yesterday afternoon in the 8300 block of curry place in adelphi. two current university of maryland students were in the home at the time. one of them called 911 and described what happened. >> i woke up to one of them walking in my room and asking where my money and drugs were. he showed me the gun, told me that he wasn't here to hurt me, but that he was here to basically just take whatever. >> investigators say the masked men demanded money, computers, cell phones, keys to a honda crv, and marijuana. police believe the home was targeted because of that marijuana. no one was hurt. this morning, some people are upset at virginia wildlife
6:34 am
officials for euthanizing a four-pound bear cub. the baby bear was found alongside a road in southwest virginia. the bear was healthy and didn't have a scratch on him. wildlife officials say they put the cub down because they could not find anyone to rehabilitate the bear back to the wild. at least one organization in tennessee says it was never contacted and has plenty of room for the bear. virginia authorities say they did not feel comfortable giving the bear to that group because of a change in leadership. this morning, the man accused of killing his pregnant girlfriend is waking up in jail. prosecutors charged 22-year-old nathan rogers with second-degree murder in the death of 23-year-old jasmine moss. rogers will remain in jail until a mental competency hearing. that's scheduled for next month. police found the body of moss in the back of a car in district height last friday. they say she was stabbed to death, and rogers confessed to the murder. right now, d.c. police are searching for a missing 13-year-old girl. this is alexis mccain.
6:35 am
she was last seen on sunday along anacostia road in southeast washington. if you see alexics mccain, call police immediately. today the d.c. council will vote on a plan to repay workers for furlough days. more than 20,000 employees did not get holiday pay four times last year. the counsel cripple imposed the furlough days to make up for a budget shortfall. after all the spending cuts, the district ended up with a surplus. there's debate now that the $22 million to repay the employees should go toward a proposed tax increase and prevent cuts to social service programs. two d.c. council members are condemning plans to extend bar owners in the district. yesterday council chairman kwame brown and ward one council member jim graham both said the city does not need to make alcohol for available. graham is chairman of the committee that oversees city alcohol sales. he says extended hours would only add to neighborhood noise and other problems. mayor vincent gray proposed changes will to raise more city revenue. the council will vote in the coming weeks. in "news 4 your health" now,
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it is the age-old question -- should women in their 40s routinely get mammograms to detect breast cancer. two studies say yes, mammograms in your 40s have been debated due to a large number of false positives that lead to unnecessary and expensive treatments. now researchers say the lefts from receiving a mammogram every two years outweigh the risks. the studies say women with a family history of breast cancer or extremely dense breast tissue should start getting regular screening. there's a lot of information out there. can be confusing. researchers always say that women should consult with their doctor regularly to make sure they get the proper treatment and care. >> uh-huh. 6:36. breaking news overnight. d.c. police investigating two stabbings. in one a car ended up inside a building. we'll tell you how investigators say it happened. eye in the sky. how military technology could make d.c.'s rush hour run more smoothly. a celebrity softball game breaks out on the national mall, and brice harper takes a swing that will make all weekend
6:37 am
warriors feel better. and next, dog lovers listen up -- a study that you'll want to e-mail to your boss.
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6:40. the "today" show is coming up at 7:00. let's check in and see what they're working on. ann? good morning. that's right, coming up on a tuesday on "today," new security concern on the one-year anniversary of the killing of osama bin laden. this morning, we'll get an inside look at the daring mission from one of the men who was with president obama in the situation room. also ahead, ryan o'neil will be here after he was unable to join us on monday. we'll talk to him about his cancer diagnosis and new memoir. a revealing look at his turbulent relationships with farrah fawcett and his children. why critics are crying foul over this deliberate crash of an empty passenger jet. was it done in the name of science or tv ratings? that's when we get started here on a tuesday morning. aaron, back to you. >> all right. thanks.
6:41 am
see you in a bit. >> sounds good. all right, folks. write this one down -- you'll want to let your boss know about this. taking your dog to work may help lower your stress. that's according to a study by virginia commonwealth university which happens to be my alma matter, had nothing to do with the newscast. researchers say dog owners who brought their pets to work had less stress throughout the day compared to workers who didn't bring their dogs to work or people who didn't have pets. that study also found employees who took their dogs to work felt their pets increased their productivity. all about accountability, the dog's barking at you to do your job. >> that what you think it is? >> no. >> it might be fun. all right. let's check the forecast. meteorologist tom kierein with our soggy forecast. good morning. >> good morning. you will need an umbrella for the bus stop. and darting across the parking lot, heading into work this morning. right now, moderates downpours now occurring. areas in yellow and orange, thunder and lightning in charles county, crossing the border into calvert county.
6:42 am
and all around washington, around the beltway, the area in yellow, pockets of moderate rain. coming down harder where you see the orange. that's in montgomery county from gaithersburg across the potomac into fairfax county. from mclean and reston, herndon to burke, and right near alexandria in mt. vernon. hybla valley, the area along 95 down to fredericksburg, heavy downpours now. this is fender-bender weather. the traffic is slow, and for your day planner, this morning rain is going to be ending by 9:00. we'll is clouds remaining, near 70. noontime, sun breaking out, mid 70s. by mid-afternoon, near 80 degrees and partly to mostly cloudy. then by late afternoon, a chance of an isolated thunderstorm popping up. seven-day outlook, 6:51. danella? like you mentioned, slow traffic this morning. your volume's very slow. here's a look at route 50. as you make your way from the beltway heading to new york avenue, that's where your delays are. in fact, you're under speed at about 27 miles per hour. you're going to drive 27 miles per hour, some spots coming to a
6:43 am
complete stop. to i-270 at father hurley, another very slow and sluggish morning for you as you make your way to rockville. that's where your delays are, stop and go for you, as well. and over to 66, here's a live look at fairfax county parkway. heading eastbound, really slow. jammed even from the bypass to the beltway. and from fairfax county parkway, driving at about 33 miles per hour. over to you. >> thank you, danella. when you think of drones you probably associate them with the military. the wave of the future could include seeing the unmanned aircraft over our skies. police departments in other parts of the country have been using styrofoam aerial vehicles mounted with a camera for surveillance. fairfax county police have considered using the technology to monitor traffic. a company in manassas that makes drones says the popularity of the product does pose a risk with more aircraft in the sky. >> like in a lot of areas, the technology moves quickly and regulations and social
6:44 am
adaptation have to catch up. >> one type of smaller drone costs about $2,000. aside from law enforcement, dr. langford says he sees other groups using it including scientists and news crews. now to breaking news in the district. we've been staying on top of this this morning. two people dead from separate stabbings overnight. the latest at an intersection that closed near the -- had an interesting ending near the intersection of 5th avenue and 5th street and florida avenue in northwest. news4's tracee wilkins live on the scene for us. >> reporter: good morning, aaron. let me show you what's happening now with the crews trying to get the light that was struck in the midst of this very strange accident on to the back of their truck here. and they're going to make repairs here to try and get that light replaced here in the 500 block of florida avenue. this is basically what happened. a car lost control, crashed here at the tavern. let me show you video of what it looked like a while ago. the person inside of the car, a
6:45 am
man, had been stabbed, fatally stabbed. he was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. now police are investigating. they've wrapped up the scene. they've towed the car. but they're still trying to figure out who their suspect is in all of this. and exactly what order all of this happened in. the investigation is ongoing. reporting live in northwest, news4. >> all right. thank you. more breaking news now. police are looking special another deadly stabbing in the 4500 block of quarrel street northeast. police found a man stabbed in the stomach, unconscious, and not breathing around 1:30 this morning. he later died at the hospital. our news4 crew was there when police took someone into custody. police are not saying just yet if this man faces any charge. 15 before the hour now. today jury selection begins for a man accused of stabbing 18 men in virginia and two other states. five men died in michigan. elias abualazam will stand trial first for the murder of 41-year-old arnold minor in michigan. police officers say that they
6:46 am
discovered the victim's dna and dried blood found in the man's suv and inside luggage as he tried to leave the country to his nask israel in august of 2010. he is also charged with attempted murder in toledo, ohio. abualazam is accused of stabbing several men in loudoun county. leesburg police also suspect him in an unsolved murder in 2009. this morning a woman who survived a hammer attack says she appreciates the officers who answered her cries for help. the 19-year-old woman left the hospital yesterday. she is recovering from a head wound. she asked us to conceal her identity. she tells us she was walking home in the petworth neighborhood thursday when a man hit her in the head with a claw hammer. she called for help. officers happened to be in the area, and she waved to them as they approach. >> i'm very fortunate to be alive. thankful and grateful that the police was there when everything happened. >> police arrested 19-year-old
6:47 am
michael davis. police are questioning him to see if he is connected to similar attacks in the neighborhood. a judge denied him bail. he remains in jail this morning. the montgomery county school superintendent is blasting reports that he says imply a cheating scandal in the county. highland elementary school in silver spring is one of 27 schools nationwide cited by a recent "atlanta journal constitution" allegation into possible cheating. the school made a significant turnaround in recent years, even earning a blue ribbon award in 2009. that's the highest honor from the u.s. department of education. the atlanta newspaper questions that success in part because many of the students come from poor households that don't speak english. >> we have experts who look at the swings in the school's scores and said they are highly, highly improbable. >> never been an allegation of cheating. there are no strange ratios orring in like that. they must -- or anything like that. they must have another agenda and are trying to unfortunately exploit our kids and the hard work of our staff to make their
6:48 am
own point. >> "the atlanta journal constitution" previously uncovered a cheating scandal in atlanta. school officials there initially denied the allegations which eventually proved to be true. the paper claims it used the same methodology to examine blue ribbon schools there. occupy wall street protesters are promising mayhem on may day. organizers will hold  demonstrations in 120 cities across the country including here in d.c. they are calling for a strike against work, banks, and anything which promotes commerce. members of occupy d.c. will hold a festival and rally at meridian hill park. that starts at 3:30 this afternoon. the group will march from the park down 14th street to the white house at 6:30 tonight. right now police say they have no plans to shut down lanes of traffic to accommodate the protesters. and some pretty incredible video now of tv producers crashed a 727 in the same of science. the discovery channel says it's part of a new documentary series called "curiosity."
6:49 am
the jet was deliberately crashed in the mexican desert. it was packed with crash test dummies. the cameras recorded the crash from inside the plane, on the ground, from other planes, and from the ejecting pilot's helmet. no damages or injuries occurred. this is causing a controversy, though, and that's up next on the "today" show. 11 before the hour now. if you owned your own gas station, you wouldn't have to pay as much to fill up your car, that's the idea behind delta's latest purchase. jackie deangelis has the interesting story. jackie? >> reporter: good morning, aaron. delta airlines getting into the oil business, buying a refinery near philadelphia from phillips 66 for $150 million. delta is going to get a $30 million subsidy from the state of pennsylvania for job creation at the plant which was idled last year. bp is going to supply the crude oil, and delta will exchange gas and refined products for jet fuel from bp and phillips. delta says the refinery will supply 80% of its jet fuel needs in the u.s.
6:50 am
it spent nearly $12 billion on fuel last year. meantime, more job cuts could be on the way at bank of america. the "wall street journal" reports that b of a plans to cut up to 400 people from its corporate banking and sales and trading units. last year bank of america launched cost cuts called project new b.a.c., aiming to cut 30,000 jobs over the next few years. not great news. back to you. >> all right. thank you. a new report says a woman's well-being is linked to where she lives, and good news, d.c. is the best place for a woman. the foundation analyzed information on health and income in the city. d.c. scored high on all of those measures. women in this city earn more than anywhere else in the country. pulling in a median income of $38,000. the district also ranked first in education. san francisco and boston rounded out the top three cities on the list. all right. go d.c. >> go women. >> there you go.
6:51 am
>> or come women, i guess should we say. >> come on down. d.c.'s a good place to live. just about 6:51 on this rainy tuesday morning. tom kierein has all the action outside for us. >> why am i smiling? i'm smiling because we needed this rain. >> okay. >> and farmers are jumping for joy. they're smiling, so are gardeners this morning. we're happy to get the rain. unfortunately, if you're a commuter, you're frowning. yes, this is causing some major traffic delays, as usual, with wet-ment. the area of rain moving west to east is coming down hard. areas in orange and yellow. hard rain in washington. southern montgomery county into southern prince george's county. western charles county where earlier there was thunder and lightning. a lot of thunder and lightning now with one thunderstorm cell now moving across calvert county. another on the east side of the bay to the east of cambridge. and farther south, from quantico to fredericksburg, it's raining hard, as well. but behind that, the rain is tapering off and ending west and north temporarily. might get another isolated
6:52 am
shower later this afternoon. the bulk of the heavy rain moving through with temperatures generally in the 50s. near 60 in washington. mid to upper 60s, southern maryland, northern neck. here's the day planner, a gray morning, sunrise at 6:10. we'll see a little sun by late morning, during the afternoon. peaking near 80 degrees. might get a late afternoon thundershower. a small chance of that. a greater chance tomorrow. partly sunny. and warmer tomorrow, mid 80s. into the low to mid 80s on thursday and friday. only a slight chance of an isolated storm both of those days. over the weekend, maybe an increased chance of late evening thundershower on saturday. most of the daylight hours saturday should be dry. warm, into the mid 80s. cooling down, drying out sunday into monday. danella? slow and sluggish this morning. traveling 395, a live look making your way past duke. you're slow as you continue to the 14th street bridge. not seeing accidents, seeing delays. look at that volume as you head into the city. your travel speed under speed at about 24 miles per hour.
6:53 am
now over, more slow to the outer loop of the beltway in montgomery county. hitting the brakes as you pass colesville road. stop and go as you make your way from i-95 to i-270, very slow at 25 miles per hour. and if you're going to watch these delays -- we'll watch the delays all morning long. 66 inside the beltway slow. and the inner loop of the beltway slow from the interchange to the dulles toll road. aaron, over to you. >> thank you. sports fans may not be metro fans by the end of this weekend. metro plans to do major track work that will affect all train lines a pretty big sports weekend here. on the green line, metro is closing the greenbelt, college park, prince george's county plaza and west hyattsville stations. there will be single tracking on the red, orange, and blue lines. work will start friday night at 10:00. this weekend the caps and nats both play at the same time on saturday. >> could be tricky on the rails. and the caps returned home tied up after a tough game one. the caps took giem from the top-seeded rangers.
6:54 am
>> ovechkin scores! >> alex ovechkin scored the game winner. only his third goal this post season. the caps led for most of the game thanks to two first period goals. ove says the game winner is a relief. >> of course it's important. and, you know, of course i want to be there. as i said before. but you know, you just have to play for the team. and i use what they'll give it to me. it's work so we'll see how it goes. >> the caps will look to take the lead tomorrow when they return to d.c. for game three. go, caps. a man who helped save kids from a vicious dog attack in northeast d.c. will be honored by the nationals. andre hawthorne is an usher at nats park. he was returning home last month when he saw two pit bulls trying to take bite out of kids. hawthorne suffered severe injuries to his arms and had to undergo rabies treatment, as
6:55 am
well. the nats will honor him during a pregame ceremony tonight and present whim a nationals jersey. >> nice. tonight nats' fans will get to see the debut of rookie star brice harper. harper joined the team during their trip out west and had two hits in the first two games in the big leagues. the nats are looking to snap a four-game losing streak. and harper got extra batting practice. check out the video posted on youtube. apparently a group playing slow pitch softball offered the rookies a couple of hats while he was doing a promo shoot last night. look at this -- ooh. wiffs on the beach, then ultimately hits the deep flyball. the description on the video said harper was a good sport and good guy for accepting the offer. what a treat for them, too. >> i bet you the -- the people in risk management were sweating, though. that ball hits them -- done something to his arm. >> a professional, though. all right. we've got a lot of rain this
6:56 am
morning, wet pavement. allow yourself extra time off to work and school this morning. the rain coming down pretty hard now around the region. some thunder and lightning in southern maryland. small chance of an additional thunderstorm later today. danella, how's traffic? 66 eastbound is a mess from the bypass to the beltway, very slow. on i-270 from father hurley connecting to the beltway. aaron and eun? >> thank you. that is "news4 today." thanks for starting your day with us. >> the "today" show is next. we'll be back in 25 minutes.
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