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tv   Today  NBC  May 2, 2012 2:05am-3:00am EDT

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captions paid for by nbc-universal television hello, everybody. it's booze day tuesday. but actually, it's a miracle! ♪ a clear blue spectacle because first of all, we're on the air. some mornings we say to ourselves -- >> this is a miracle today. >> -- how does it happen?
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second of all, you know who is here? one of my all-time -- i don't know how you feel -- >> love him. >> love him, love him, love him -- barry manilow is here ♪ >> this is real music, hoda, by the way. >> i like him too, okay? ♪ it's a miracle ♪ a true blue spectacle >> okay, i just saw him downstairs. i hugged him three times. he had surgery a few months ago. he's doing phenomenally. 30 years of unbelievable music. we had to pick out our favorite barry manilow song for us today. i kept changing my mind. it's always the one i'm listening to. >> because they're all so catchy. they remind you of a time in your life and that great feeling. >> it is not just that barry's a world class unbelievable musician. he is just a world class person. >> nice guy. >> yeah! >> who else? >> more than that, guess what? we have a guess. >> we have another miracle. this is huge. this is a huge deal. okay.
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we're only going to complain for one second. when you come -- we have a pantry upstairs. it has a toaster in it. now the toasters -- there are three toasters. just so you know, butting toast in that is like putting a blow drier on the bread because it sits there, it takes about six minutes. >> you have to put it down, then you take it out, everyone checks -- that's okay, it's plastic, then back in again. it usually takes three repetitions to toast the bread. >> keep in mind there are 200 people who want to use the toaster. who have a three-minute break during commercial. >> so someone felt sorry we were tweeting about how crummy our toaster is. >> kathie lee and hoda, we heard you needed a toaster. we love watching the two of you. then they said something nasty about somebody else. i won't read that. it's jenny and john perez from flt ft. morgan, colorado. we could have a little barry manilow music while we're doing this.
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it might take a while so guess that's not possible. >> are you going to take it out of that box? >> apparently that's going to be harder than we thought. take our word for it, we're so grateful. ♪ >> we needed the toaster. >> you know what we're going to do for them? they're getting kathie lee and hoda mugs signed from us. have we made their day or not? no trips. no nothing. no, you can't come and see us here in new york. no paid trip. but -- >> we will -- >> we'll keep going back to it for the next 20 minutes because it will never be toasted. >> we want to thank you for this. that was very, very sweet. >> a real quick shout out. yesterday i ended up going to an event, another great singer was there. elton john -- he sang at this event. >> he's no barry manilow! just kidding. >> it was for the breast cancer foundation. i tried to tape it. >> this should be disastrous. >> what? it's not terrible. ♪
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>> wow. that shiny dot is elton john. >> and pan down. anyway, but a thank you to -- >> elton john is amazing. another one of those 30-year careers that's just -- >> your former boyfriend john tesch wanted to say thank you. >> hay. >> john tesch was there, one of the guys from the giants. we also have -- >> he doesn't play for the giants. he half-owns them. >> yeah. that. >> couple of pictures. that's his wife lizzy. victor cruz, the one that does the salsa. he was there. that's victor's just terrific girlfriend. >> look at you. >> i couldn't help it. that's what you do. >> there's john. he's such a sweetie. >> if you were home last night, maybe you watched "the voice." >> i'm still jet lagged a little bit so i was trying desperately just to stay up until 8:30 so i
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could get back on some sort of a -- what i forgot to tell you yesterday -- you will not believe this -- there were no toilets where we went in israel. in the holy land. >> no toy-toys. when i saw that on the plans to go there, i said that's ridiculous. i've been to israel three times. there are facilities everywhere. not where we went! >> so what did you do? what does one do in that situation? >> i pee-peed like a pilgrim. i couldn't believe it! >> that's shocking. >> i am so -- i have never done that in my life! if somebody would have said the greatest trip of your life would be no toilet facilities, never dry your hair, hummus at lunch -- >> no lunch. >> and no makeup and no spanx, i go that is hell. that's hell. >> you're glowing still. >> it was unbelievable! for those of you who happened to be at home, we didn't get to see "the voice." but they're going to eliminate some of the contestants tomorrow by people voting.
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we'll decide along with you guys. >> because we didn't see it last night. >> here's team adam. ♪ ♪ >> do we have to cut one of those two? >> katrina or tony. you have to cut either katrina or tony? >> no, we have to. >> that is awful! shall we write it down? >> we have four to go. >> that's tomorrow. >> tomorrow. >> they're both talented. next, team cee lo. ♪
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♪ >> okay. >> i like her dress. >> i think you revealed a little bit of that. >> okay, team christina. ♪ ♪
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>> this is fun. >> team blake. last one. ♪ ♪ >> ooh! >> that's tough. it's not fair to only hear like ten second of somebody. >> we have our cards. let's give them to jo ann. >> i never look at them anyway. thank you. we were all gathered around the makeup room watching ryan o'neal. >> you know, i've been around
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long enough to have met pretty much everybody at some point. never really had a conversation with him. i met farrah once doing letterman or the "tonight" show. one or the other. i remember when they were first a couple, i was walking here on the west side and they had just come from a tennis match. and they literally were so breathtakingly beautiful that you literally went -- that's not -- not in that picture that's later. they were just absolutely so flawlessly perfect that they took your breath away. but i was stunned by the interview. first of all, matt was master full, as usual. but i thought he was -- amazingly candid. >> he was very revealing. >> it was raw. you felt like you wanted to take him home and help him heal. >> you wrote this book, "both of us, my life with farrah." he said he just wanted to stay connected with her when matt asked him why are you writing the book now and he said he missed her. >> you talk about some vast
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highs and lows in her life. she would switch almost on a dime between the two and you say at one point, "we were watching her become unhinge it seemed, before your very eyes." did she seek some kind of treatment for those vast mood swings? >> no. >> did you talk about them? did they make life very difficult in that -- in the home when you were living together? >> a little bit. a little bit. i felt that she was uncomfortable with me. and maybe i was -- i had grown boring to her. it was tough. it was tough. >> you and farrah were fighting. and which was a common occurrence. redman walks in the room at 6 years old wearing winnie the pooh pajamas and a kitchen knife in his hand. said if you don't stop it, i'm going to stab myself. i'm not going to hurt one of you, i'm going to stab myself. this is 6 years old. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> what gets a 6-year-old to that point? >> he didn't want to see this. he couldn't stand it. it stopped us.
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i must say. put a stop to that. >> at the end, a priest was called to her bedside to perform a wedding and instead ended up delivering last rights. >> yes. >> what were those moments like for you? >> i'm not over it yet. >> it went on and on. i would suggest you all go on the website, and look at the whole thing. it was heartbreaking. talk about a man who is filled with regret. >> yeah. that's exactly. >> we never have these things to do over again. you know? i just felt my heart just ached for him. >> he looked like he was in a lot of pain. >> he did. the tony nominations came out. >> yes! yes. we're excited. a lot of our predictions -- >> you're right. you're right. >> yeah. one which is one of our all-time favorites, received 11 nominations, the most of all of
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them. the leads were both nominated in their respective categories, and nobody knows the day that they were here at our studio singing that, they found out just moments before the performance that his mother had just been taken to hospice and he was a broken man and he was such a pro. and his mom passed away right after that. so best musical. some nominations. nice work if can you get it which we're seeing tomorrow. and our beloved "once." now we loved peter and the star catcher but that was nominated for best play because it's not really considered a musical. i haven't seen clybourne park. that's supposed to be amazing.
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and "venus in fur" is a lot of fun if you like sadomasochism. >> and porn. >> terrific performances. best revival of a musical, "evita," "follies," and our very own norm lewis. and "jesus christ, superstar." anyway, congratulations. i think the tonys are the 10th or 11th of june. we're excited because barry manilow's in the house. >> it's always so much fun. and where is he? >> he's probably down -- >> he's in the green room but we have a hot dad announcement to make. >> what is hotter than a hot dad? we are repeating the contest we did last year. ivillage is holding one to find the hottest dads in america. the grand prize is a royal caribbean cruise. you go to to enter. we'll reveal the winner, the hottest dad in america -- i can think of a bunch right now -- right here on "today" on june 12th. >> is frank gifford not eligible
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because he knows me? >> yes, he's definitely not eligible. >> are there still those stupid rules about that? >> i'd like to see you logon to the website. >> find out -- that's hot. that is hot. >> i'm going to reveal among other things why we're wearing these particular dresses -- >> the toast -- >> just, just came out! >> 13 minutes. >> jenny and john perez, everybody sends you their love. all 280-some people here who fight over that daggone toaster. coming up next, fans, gather around. >> barry's in our house and we're so excited right after this. mited mobility. what do you do when you can no longer get around like you used to? when you fear losing your independence? who do you call? call hoveround now, to see if you qualify for america's premier power chair. hi, i'm tom kruse, inventor and founder of hoveround. now you can do more, see more, enjoy life more. here's why hoveround makes it easier than any other power chair.
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[ gasps ] think again. try charmin ultra strong for a clean with fewer pieces left behind. its diamondweave texture is soft and more durable so it holds up better for a more dependable clean. fewer pieces left behind. charmin ultra strong. ♪ i write the songs that make the whole world sing ♪ ♪ i write the songs of love and special things ♪ >> never get used to his voice. i wonder if he does. barry manilow is an entertainment legend not only has he written the songs that
2:22 am
make the whole world sing, he's sold more than 80 million records in his career and that started in the '70s with the mcdonald's jingle. >> now he's getting ready to tour the country celebrating the release of his latest edition. it is a cd and dvd deluxe and it is called "live in london," featuring barry manilow and the royal philharmonic orchestra. hi! >> that was a thrill. i'm used to going on the road with my band. >> which is great. >> five guys -- six guys -- 14 guys. 75 musicians playing weekend in new england? can you imagine? >> and great back-up singers. you are such a fan of other people's musicianship. that orchestra is world renowned. >> 75 guys in the wings with me, the audience going crazy when the lights went down. >> they were like -- it was a mosh pit for you. i know! but it begs a good question. we never get tired of hearing you.
2:23 am
do you ever hear -- like if you're in an elevator and your song comes on, do you go, oh, that guy again. >> no, i can't believe i'm still here. i'm still playing my music. please, i'm very grateful. >> crowds must be different than your hometown crowds overseas. what's it like playing there? that crowd clearly is rocking out. >> it is like going to passover dinner. what we new yorkers have you can't do baloney to new yorkers. they can spot a phony a mile away. i've got to be truthful on that stage in new york. if i do something that i don't really mean, they get it. >> i would think they'd forgive you anyway. i don't think you're trying to fool anybody. >> no. but new york you've got to be very careful because they want the real person up there. >> when you're in like japan, and it's all asian audience and
2:24 am
they're all going -- that's got to be -- >> [ speaking foreign language ] >> japan was great! >> what is the craziest thing any fan has ever tried to do to get to you? >> i don't know. somebody sent me a roll of toilet paper on it once. i wasn't exactly sure. >> what these about? >> she wrote "i love you" on every little piece. >> that's disturbing on so many levels. >> i don't know what you make of that about i think of it in a positive way. >> you had some surgery a while ago. how are you feeling? you had your hip done? >> i'm all right. it was rough. they didn't tell me about the recovery. four months. that's why we had to postpone. the jewish guilt was killing me. i tried to do this radio city gig but i couldn't even get out of bed, let alone walk up the stairs. >> i talked to you ant
2:25 am
valentine's day. you were sick about it. >> it was going to be great on valentine's day. surgeon said you're going to be ready in six weeks -- please! i couldn't even walk. >> i think sometimes if they tell you four months you won't do it. >> plus i think the surgeon thought i just sat at the piano and played little ballads. >> he never went to a barry manilow concert? >> why would he say i'd be ready to go in six weeks? the reason i got this is 30 years jumping around to "copacabana." >> "lola" did this to you. you didn't send him free tickets. i sense just a tad of bitterness. >> in the notes they were saying that you sort of felt like a justin bieber of your time. yes, you were. >> i was. yeah. no, i'm a very grateful guy that i can still do this kind of business. last night there was a wave of energy. you know how radio city is. i'm sure you've been on that stage. in the afternoon when you can actually see all those people. you put people in those seats,
2:26 am
it is like -- it's like a physical wave! you know? >> and i'm going to get one thing signed for a friend named johnny that's been your biggest fan since "mandy" came out. he brings his kids now. are you discovering there is a whole new group of kids growing up? >> absolutely. i did a benefit and people rushed the stage at a benefit, they rushed the stage and they handed me their children. i said you're giving me your child? >> i'll give you cody any day. >> great to see you, barry. radio city. i'm sure you're sold out. right? yeah. >> sold out! >> yeah! but he's got his tour. go on his website. he's all over the country and abroad. we're going to try to see you tonight or tomorrow. love our barry. still ahead, bobbie thomas is going to fill you in on the latest fashion trends. but first these messages. over 1 million homes each year. regular tank maintenance can help avoid backups, disgusting
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it was very delicious. could you please taste car insurance y? this one is much more expensive. ugh. it's really bad. let's see what you picked. oh, geico! over their competitor. you are a magician right? no., oh. you're not?, no., oh, well, give it a shot. i am so, so sorry. it was this close.
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still ahead, bobbie thomas is going to fill you in on the latest fashion trends. plus, a couple of wonderful performances when our teams battle it out on "today's voice the kids edition." plus you'll meet celebrity coaches. we're keeping them secret. come back after your local news.
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2:33 am
we're back for more on "today" and bobbie's trends. 24 >> today to get some pep in our step, "today's" style editor bobbie thomas. >> hello. you mentioned peplum a couple days ago and i didn't know. >> it's something that we're seeing on a lot of clothing. it is the overskirt that kind of pops out on -- or the ruffle that goes around the waist. >> you can hardly buy anything without it these days. >> what's the point? to make you look thinner?
2:34 am
>> it is an architectural detail. it changes your silhouette to look more hourglass. you may be afraid of a little extra fabric in that area but it is flattering on so many shapes. we have one picture of jessica chastain. i'm not sure who the other girl is, because we didn't originally include her. she's wearing alexander mcqueen. you see jennifer hudson and fergie both in different peplums. it hits at a different point on their waist. of course, kate middleton. on the runway we saw them everywhere, on dresses, tops, jackets. it's really something that's just kind of tricky when you look at it -- if you're not into sort of how you're going to pull off the shape, you want to figure out where to put. >> some are rather diagonal. like mine. they're all different. >> mine you can't even tell i have it. it just blends in. start off with chastity. >> chastity is wearing a dress
2:35 am
from fashion to figure. what i love about this line is a full figure line. it is something that looks like a two-piece but it is actually a dress. it comes with a belt so it is a great price. it is an easy peplum that doesn't come out too much. it flows over her shape. this may make you feel it hides a problem area. i love if she turns to the side, it gives you a little booty pop. it's a good thing. i think that this can be a very feminine shape. >> thank you, chastity. >> sue's next. she's got the peplum skirt. >> this is great for the office. little fashion detail that looks polished. this is a tweed skirt. her peplum is celebrated in the front, it is a modified twist. you can look at different types, some are cut on an angle, some
2:36 am
only go on the side. whatever feels like works for your hips. it is very feminine. i really like it. it is a grown-up pretty. i like it a lot better than the grunge and oversize. >> sure. >> you're not a grunge girl. >> no. >> thanks. next up, we have judy. >> judy, judy, judy! >> judy is rocking a more fashion-forward peplum top from h & m. judy's someone that at first was like i'm not sure if i want to put the extra volume around my midsection. she realized it really helps carve out a waist. if you turn to the side, you'll see it gives her a booty pop, too. if you're bigger on the top, add a necklace or something that will draw the eye line up to the middle so you won't feel like it's overpowering. >> thank you. >> i love it. >> that leaves julie. she has peplum jacket. >> what i really like about
2:37 am
julie's looks -- these are classics, blouse, jeans and turns to the back you'll notice it has that cropped little peplum look. what i really love, you can create this in your own closet. over any blouse. i do this a lot on the show when i wear a pencil skirt. i'll pull my blouse out. just belt it and leave it over the jeans. you can create that feminine hourglass shape without having to go buy it. you can really do that today on your way out the door. >> thank you, bobbie! for more information on "today's" trends, go to coming up next, our teens will battle it out on "today's voice," the kids edition. [ degeneres ] what's more beautiful than a covergirl? two covergirls.
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get two miracles in one product. new tone rehab 2-in-1 foundation. covers spots, lines... and wrinkles. and helps improve skin tone over time. new tone rehab from easy... breezy... beautiful... covergirl! covergirl! ♪ ♪
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now it is time for "today's voice the kids edition." we've made it to the battle round for these past three weeks. hoda and i have listened to some
2:42 am
very talented kids sing as we have narrowed down the contestants to create our teams. >> yesterday both teams met with their celebrity coaches and spent the day learning their songs. leading my team is the fabulous raven-symone who is currently starring in sister act and who i fell crazy in love with upon meeting her. she's my coach. >> my friend kara lee says she's doing an unbelievable job. coaching my team is the talented stephanie lee who plays mary poppins herself on broadway. we're so happy to have them both. we went over to david friedman's apartment and you take a look. take a look at how it all went down yesterday. >> where's team gifford? yeah! you guys, guess who you're going to be working with today? mary poppins herself! stephanie lee. ♪ >> i have an 18-year-old
2:43 am
daughter. i said cassidy, what taylor swift song should they learn? you guys like "fearless"? >> yes. >> never heard of it. >> well then you've got your work cut out for you, don't you, sweetie? you'll be great. i'm going to step aside for a moment. stephanie, it's all yours. >> each of you will get a solo. one, two, three, four -- ♪ >> i'm going to write these down as we go along. good! woo! >> first of all, amazing job. what's the song called? >> "fearless." >> so i'm going to need you to be a little more fearless. wherever you are tomorrow just sing it. like fearlessly. do that, be fearless, let it
2:44 am
out. >> all right. so did you guys have a good time? >> yeah. >> little scary, right? it's got to be. well that's david! all right, you're going to be singing taylor swift's "fearless." and they didn't know the song. really, didn't sing it before yesterday. so take it away, kids, you're going to be awesome. ♪ ♪ there's something about the way that she looks when it's just faith. ♪ ♪ you know i'm going to ask you to dance right there in the middle of the parking lot ♪ ♪ we're driving down the road i wonder if you know i'm trying so hard not to get caught up ♪ ♪ but you're just so cool
2:45 am
♪ run your hands through your hair making me want you ♪ ♪ and i don't know how it gets better than this ♪ you drive me head first and i don't know why ♪ ♪ but when you and i dance, i feel it ♪ ♪ when you stood there with me you pulled me in and it's the first kiss, it's flawless, reallying? ♪ and i don't know how it gets better than this ♪ ♪ and i don't know why but when you and i dance ♪ ♪ i feel fearless >> all right! >> woo-hoo! >> yeah! >> you guys!
2:46 am
that rocked. that was really, really good. >> so proud of you guys. >> we're going to take a commercial break. when we come back we're going to hear from team hoda! >> good job. good morning. tracking the forecast here over the next seven days, and today, this wednesday finally halfway through the workweek, we have a chance of severe weather. most of it will be in the northern states, as a system just hangs out here around the great lakes. so minneapolis under the gun again, back into parts of the high plains. northern iowa included and western wisconsin. we'll see some showers scattered into the interior northeast and rain up around the intermountain west. temperatures up to 82 in minneapolis. so we have a lot of heat in place. 91 in louisville. chance for records to break
2:47 am
again across the southeast and into the mid-atlantic as the heat really gets turned up a notch in places like atlanta. well above 90. 81 in denver. low 60s, cool across the southern california coast, getting into that may gray time of year. across the northwest, tracking the next system, coming in with mountain snow in the higher elevations of idaho. isolated severe weather possible there on your thursday here. 88 in kansas city for thursday. temperatures cooling off into the 50s in the wake of that fold front across the northeast. by the time we get into friday, we'll lose a lot of the severe threat across the upper midwest and around the lakes. we'll see a few lingering showers and we're going to soar into the low 80s in new york 80s. we'll drop down by the time we get to saturday and tracking another storm coming in out of
2:48 am
the pacific northwest for the second half of your weekend. 59 degrees there in minneapolis for sunday. you can always get your latest weather weekday morningings on the weather channel. (sfx: car garage sounds) today my journey brings me to charlotte, north carolina, where i spent the day with geico driver casey mears. i told him the secret to saving money on car insurance. he told me the secret to his car setup. first he adjusts... first he adjusts... (sfx:engine revving drowns out gecko's dialogue) then he... then he... (sfx:loud drilling noise continues to drown out gecko's dialogue) ...and a quarter cup of then he... neapple juice. or was that the secret to his barbecue sauce? hey, "secret" sauce. geico®. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. i'm here to unleash my inner cowboy. instead i got heartburn. [ horse neighs ] hold up partner. prilosec isn't for fast relief. try alka-seltzer. it kills heartburn fast.
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we are back with "today's voice the kids edition." we're in the middle of a battle round. my team just performed. stephanie, what did you think about them? >> they did a great job. it's not easy to learn a song the day before. >> you learned it yourself. >> exactly! >> david didn't know it, and still doesn't. that's what i'm most impressed about, that they learned it yesterday and never faltered and their pitch was good. yeah. >> came out, performed. >> you're going to them in a little bit. >> now it's my turn.
2:51 am
my coach is raven-symone. we're going to take a look. yesterday they had a little pow wow session, they learned the song. let's take a look. >> look at our team! lilia. stand right over there. hi, christian. we have some big news for you. your coach is the one, the only -- raven-symone. you guys know raven-symone. "that's so raven," "the cosby show," "sister act." >> raven's going to teach you a song. the song is called "hey soul sister." you know it? ♪ hey soul sister ain't that mister mister on the radio ♪ why don't you go gather around with raven. >> hey soul sister. ♪ i don't want to miss a single thing you do ♪ >> let raven take good care of you you.
2:52 am
>> is that going to be too much to learn? so what's going to happen she's going to king going to sing ♪ hey soul sister ain't that mister mister on the --" then everybody goes "stereo radio." >> is that cute? can we have chairs? ♪ hey hey hey >> i'm done. >> hey, team, how are you? you guys have fun? >> yeah. >> you guys just enjoy. you had a great coach. you're going to sing a great song for us. you're going to sing "hey soul sister." take it away. ♪ hey, hey, hey
2:53 am
your lipstick stains on the front lobe of my left side brain ♪ i knew i wouldn't forget you ♪ ♪ so i went and let you blow my mind ♪ ♪ your a sweet moon beam, the smell of you in every single dream i dream ♪ ♪ i knew when we collided, you're the one i have decided ♪ ♪ who is one of my kind ♪ hey soul sister, hey, mister, mister ♪ on the radio, stereo ♪ ♪ hey, soul sister ♪ tonight, hey, hey, hey
2:54 am
♪ just in time i'm so glad you have a one track mind like me ♪ ♪ you gave my life direction mister, mister on the radio, stereo ♪ ♪ hey soul sister, i don't want to miss a single thing you do ♪ ♪ tonight [ applause ] >> that was so fun. >> okay. how, how do we feel? anxious? can i just say something? >> it is so good, right? >> i was there for one minute in
2:55 am
that taped piece and i said goodbye. i can't believe what just happened here. what was the game plan? >> the game plan was, we're singing, we're in school, we just had this wonderful idea to sing this song. and like sing it together as a group and each one helped each other. i love it, christina aguilera. >> great job. >> so what's going to happen now is when we come back, this is not the favorite time of the show, but we're going to have to narrow it down. so only one person left from my team and one person from cathy's team. the coaches will be doing the elimination. we'll be right back. but first this is "today" on nbc.
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2:58 am
we are back with "today's voice the kids' edition." we've just heard each team perform. they did a fantastic job but now it is time for the not-so-easy part. >> luckily we don't have to make that decision. it is up to our celebrity coaches, stephanie lee and raven-symone to decide who moves on to the final next week. >> so hard. i'm so proud of each of you guys. you improved so much from yesterday. but, i have to make a decision. okay. so, i'm going to go with -- miss jillian.
2:59 am
>> congratulations. >> we're going to move on real quick to my team. raven-symone has a decision that she's got to make. >> she does not want to make it. >> you all three did a terrific job. >> you really did. >> i feel really bad and i'm saying this -- i have two seconds. so i'm going to say christian. don't be mad at me, chris. you're going to be amazing. everybody's going to be amazing. you're going to win, little boy. >> christian. >> it went by real quickly. you picked christian. so next week it will be jillian and christian. raise your hand jillian and christian. >> you guys should all remember what happened to jennifer hudson. she didn't win "idol" but she went on to the biggest career of everybody. okay? yes! everybody's a major, major winner. >> we love you. >> thank you, stephanie. thank you, raven. they're in mary poppins and sister act.


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