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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  May 2, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> lucky you. more rain coming in? >> it is pool-like weather for sure. we're going to be into a summer-like pattern for the next few days. it's feeling summer-like this morning with a few flashes of light in the sky. lightning and thunder waking up our viewers. just to the south of washington in southern fauquier county and now into stafford county. yes, you're being awakened by thunder as we have pockets of thunder and lightning coming through. but not as widespread as it was yesterday morning. right now, 64 in washington. all this area in light green, low to mid 60s. off to a mild start this morning. here's the closer view. the rain moving in from west to east where you see the light green, just a few scattered, light sprinkles in prince george's county, montgomery, arlington and fairfax. the district is generally dry now. but this is that one thunderstorm cell. it's producing a lot of thunder and lightning and heavy downpours. right now just rolling through stafford county out of fauquier. just beginning to roll into
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prince william county, too. no thunder and lightning there. and farther west and north, a few scattered showers there. here the day planner. by 9:00, sun out. and near 80 degrees by noontime. during the afternoon, we could get more storms. only this time they could be severe with damaging winds and hail. another update in ten minutes. danella has an update on traffic. good morning. good morning. right now, marc is reporting a long delay. traveling on the penn south line, train 401 is experiencing a 20-minute delay. over to metro and vre, not reporting delays at this time. on the roadways, if you're traveling i-95 in virginia, not seeing a lot of problems for you at all. in fact, no problems at all. if you're making your way at dumfries, heading northbound as well as southbound, in the clear. northbound travel speeds from quantico not bad, 62 miles per hour. your travel lanes are open. continuing on to 395, no issues there. here's a live look at glebe. again, northbound continuing to the 14th street bridge. your travel speed, 55 miles per
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hour. that's a 1-minute drive -- 12-minute drive to the bridge. >> thank you. if you're planning on taking the metro today, expect to see police and k-9 units. this comes on the anniversary of osama bin laden's death. tracee wilkins is live at the l'enfant plaza station with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. you're definitely going to see and feel a police presence throughout the metro system today. and police are also asking for folks to let them know if they see anything suspicious. folks who awere leaving nationa park last night had the opportunity to get a peek at what we'll be seeing today throughout the system. the heightened secured marks the first year of the death of osama bin laden. patrols will be stepped up on plarm platforms, inside trains. there will be k-9 dogs and large guns. transit police say there isn't a credible threat against the system but say al qaeda is known
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to show an interest in anniversaries and significant dates in the past. so they want to be prepared. and also know that this heightened security will be both seen and unseen. metro officials aren't being specific about which stations they'll be targeting. we understand that they may want to target a lot of those metro stations in federal areas as well as other ones. reporting live, back to you. thank you. >> thank you. in a developing story, at least seven people are dead and another 16 injured in an attack in kabul. a suicide car bomber and other insurgents attacked a complexer in the city's airport. police got into a shoot-out with the militants for at least two hours after the attack. the taliban claimed responsibility for the shoot-out, the attack. president obama on his way back to the u.s. after a surprise visit to afghanistan. that visit coincided with the one-year anniversary of osama bin laden's death. the president visited bagram air
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base base where seale team six took off before raiding bin laden's pakistan compound. while there he signed a new ten-year treaty with afghan president karzai that will keep u.s. forces in that country until 2024. president obama says while u.s. forces will stay in afghanistan, the war is coming to an end. >> i will not keep americans in harm's way a single day longer than is absolutely required for our national security. we must finish the job we started in afghanistan and end this war responsibly. >> the president also took the opportunity to meet with soldiers stationed at that base. he thanked them for their service and sacrifice. many republicans criticized the visit saying it politicized the death of bin laden. supporters cheered the move, believing the president should be able to take credit for the raid. new this morning, police are searching for the three men who stole a car in college park. this happened before 11:30 at
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the intersection of princeton and hartwick road. police say a 35-year-old man was about to get into his lexus when the men approached. they say the suspects beat him and robbed him before taking the car. the car was later found in wheaton. police are not releasing details at this time. the victim is expected to make a full recovery. this morning, we now know more about the man who died from a stabbing in the district. police say 33-year-old dwayne brisban worked as a cat scan technici technician. he was stabbed in an altercation on florida avenue northwest on his way home from celebrating a job promotion at a u street bar. he reportedly tried to drive himself to the hospital but crashed into a light pole. police are looking at security video camera in hopes of identifying suspects. brisban is the fifth murder victim in four days in the district. today the federal government is stepping in to keep the second phase of the metro silver line from derailing. the transportation succeed, ray la hood, gathering officials from the state, fairfax, and loudoun counties and the airport's authority to try to
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smooth over major hurdles in that project. there have been disputes over union labor and how much each stakeholder should contribute. if a deal can't be worked out, the silver line would end at wheelie avenue, four stops short of the dulles airport. it's 5:05. 66 degrees. the spotlight of the presidential election is shining on virginia today. where mitt romney will be stopping as he picks up another big endorsement. april showers have carried over into may. a look at how much rain we're expecting this morning and how it might impact your commute.
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the caps are looking for more second round success. after splitting the first two games in new york, the caps and rangers will face off tonight. game two was a boost for the caps who got a game-winning goal from alex ovechkin and another standout performance from rookie goalie braden holtby. and you can catch the game on the nbc sports network. the puck drops at 7:30. it's home ice advantage. go, caps. >> yeah, need to work magic this time to keep the series going and try to rack up another win here. >> i'm hoping they win three straight and just be done with the rangers. move on. >> think they're hoping the same thing. nine minutes after the hour. meteorologist tom kierein is in storm center 4. that radar has been busy the last couple of days, tom. yeah, storm 4 radar showing rain moving into the metro area. we just had light rain in washington and fairfax, montgomery, prince george's
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counties. to our south, where you see that area in the dark orange, quantico to north of fredericksburg, eastern stafford county getting thunder and lightning, that's now crossing the tidal potomac, moving toward charles county with some frequented lightning and brief, very heavy rain. that's heading west to east. it will roll right across charles county. it will be near la plata here in about another five minutes or so. then perhaps moving to northern st. mary's and then into calvert county oh maybe in about another 15 or 20 minutes. it's moving rapidly. it has gusts to around 35 miles per hour, 40 miles per hour. it's not a severe storm. there is a lot of the lightning with it and heavy rain. farther north, moderate showers in prince william county, just coming in to western fidel castro, and there's scattered showers and moderate downpours out in the central shenandoah valley. here's your day planner. sunrise at 6:09. sun breaking out mid to late morning. near 80 noontime.
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mid to upper 80s. mid-afternoon to late afternoon, we could get some strong storms. only this time they could produce damaging winds and hail. summer-like pattern continues. the seven-day outlook in ten minutes at 5:21. danella? >> good morning. if you're traveling across the wilson bridge right now, checking things out on the beltway for you. no issues to report at all. as you cross the wilson bridge on the outer loop and head into prince george's county, here's a live look as you make your way past landover road. again, inner loop clear in this area. outer loop checking outer loop speeds from route 50 to i-95. traveling at 62 miles per hour. and continuing into montgomery county, a live look at connecticut avenue. no issues to reportment a decent travel speed on the outer loop. lanes open as you travel 59 miles per hour. ten minutes from i-95 to i-270. and i am back in ten with another look at your traffic. pew both. >> looking forward to that. see you then. 5:11. ahead on "news4 today," staff shakeup. why one of mitt romney's aides is stepping down just weeks
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after joining the presidential campaign. driving and talking on cell phon phones, they get all the
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breaking news now. five protesters were killed this morning in egypt. the demonstrators were gathered at the defense ministry, calling for an end to military rule. at least 50 protesters were also injured in the attack. the attackers used rocks, clubs, and fire bombs on the protesters. today mitt romney will be in virginia. romney will hold two separate events today in the state. the presumptive republican nominee will hold a joint event with congressman frank wolfe in chantilly, then will be in pentagon city tonight for a private dinner with donors. governor bob mcdonnell will join romney at the dinner.
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mcdonnell has been mentioned as a possible vice presidential candidate. he also has a campaign event scheduled tomorrow. but details for that have not been released. newt gingrich says he's planning to endorse mitt romney for period. the former house speaker is expected to suspend his presidential campaign today. gingrich and romney will make a joint appearance in the next few weeks where gingrich will officially endorse romney. the former speaker says he does not believe he will make another run for president saying he's already a little too old for the office. romney's campaign is facing controversy. one of his top advisers stepped down just two weeks after being hired. richard grennell was advising romney on foreign policy and national security. he was also openly gay. some conservative supporters voiced disapproval. gw grennell is facing criticism for his tweets about the appearances of several prominent women including callista gingrich and hillary clinton. those tweets were before he was hired and have since been deleted. grennell said romney did not have an issue that he was gay. romney released a statement
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saying he was disappointed with the resignation. it took firefighters in atlanta more than an hour to put out a four-alarm blaze at the tyler perry studios. the 200,000 square-foot facility is home to sets, soundstage, and a 400-seat theater. no word on the cause of the fire or amount of damage. in march, perry hosted a fundraiser forresident obama at the studio. tyler perry is a director, producer, actor, and playwright. his film credits include "diary of a mad black woman," "meet the brown," and "i can do bad all by myself." a new look at a deadly collision between a barge and duck boat in the delaware river. look here. two hungarian students who were on the small tour boat were killed. their parents releasing video ahead of a civil wrongful death lawsuit. in the video, you see a member of the crew on the duck boat texting on his phone and getting off the boat just after the collision. a tugboat -- the tugboat pilot has also admitted to being on his cell phone at the time of the accident. he was sentenced in november to
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a year in federal prison. new this morning, pro-democracy icon aung san suu kyi is now a member of myanmar's parliament. she was sworn in earlier today, taking public office for the first time in nearly 25 years. aung san suu kyi was under house arrest for the past two decades, pushing for democracy in the military-run country. 5:18. this morning, several cities are cleaning up from may day marches that turned violent. in oakland police fired flash bang grenades to break up crowds that were blocking a major intersection. they also threatened to use more teargas if the crowds didn't go home. police arrested 23 people at least. in new york, hundreds of occupy wall street protesters clashed with police during the citywide protest. police arrested more than 35 people there. demonstrators demanded everything from wage increases to an end to cuts in education and health care. occupy d.c. demonstrators held a rally and festival at meridian hill park to mark may day. they called for a "day without
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the 99%." the occupy protesters met up with union groups who then marched to the white house. d.c. council member jack evans wants future demonstrators to give notice and obtain a permit before marching through the streets of d.c. he tells the "washington post" unregulated demonstrations put a strain on d.c. police resources. and that's why he says he introduced the legislation. it's also part flee response to occupy d.c. protesters marching through the streets without telling police. so the possibility of a little bit of rain, not the possibility, we're already seeing rain in places around here this morning after we got a little yesterday. >> that's right. it's also feeling a little like summer, too. humid and warm. yeah. meteorologist tom kierein here with the latest on our forecast. tom, good morning. good morning. we hit the low 80s yesterday. we may be a little hotter than that today. yes, this morning, need the umbrella. we have light rain in washington. and in prince george's county, montgomery, and in western fidel castro, there's moderate showers
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-- fairfax, there's moderate showers coming in. showers near burke, come information to falls church and fairfax city. farther south, there is one heavier downpour with a lot of lightning associated with that. it's moving to western charles county. that is drifting east, and it's going to be moving across central charles county through la plata, and then looks like it may hit northern st. mary's county, southern and central calvert county. about another, oh, 15, 20 minutes or so. farther west, light showers in loudoun county, fauquier. northern prince william. and just a few scattered showers, shenandoah valley and into the mountains. we've got some moderate showers now in northern anne arundel coun county. sunrise at 6:09. we'll have sun breaking out mid morning through midday. mid to upper 80s by mid-afternoon. certainly going to be feeling like summertime. mid to late afternoon, we could get a round of strong storms, some of which could produce damaging winds and hail. again, if you hear thunder, get
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inside, turn on nbc 4. we'll let you know if there are storms threatening where you live. that's between 3:00 and 4:00 p.m. this evening, maybe lingering showers and thundershowers. and then clearing by dawn tomorrow. sun tomorrow morning. and another summer-like day on thursday into the 80s again tomorrow. and we have a possibility of some afternoon storms again developing tomorrow. and then only a slight chance on friday and into the 80s, maybe near 90 for a brief time by friday afternoon. then on saturday, looks like partly sunny, into the 80s. and then a chance for some more storms as a cool front comes in. looks like those won't be until late saturday afternoon, into saturday evening. drying out by sunday morning. sunday, a delightful day. lower humidity, cooler temperatures, 50s in the morning, afternoon highs, upper 70s. first part of next week, cooler, too. monday morning near 50. afternoon highs just near 70. could get some more showers and maybe storms around tuesday into wednesday, way out into next
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week. i'll be back in ten minutes with another update. danella has a look at traffic. good morning. good morning. i'll have good news for you if you're traveling i-66. earlier we had construction westbound at 123. it's out of the roadway. and i'll give you a live look now. travel lanes are open. getting by with no issues at all. now, continuing eastbound, you're at 63 miles per hour from fairfax county parkway to the beltway. 11 minutes. inside the beltway on 66, travel lanes are open. not seeing any construction, no accidents to report. a live look at glebe, continuing eastbound from the beltway to gw parkway, nice drive. 63 miles per hour, just 11 minutes. and i'm back this ten with another look at traffic as well as the rails. over to you. >> thank you. 5:22. distracted driving is definitely dangerous. a new study says improper use of turn signals causes twice as many accidents, according to the society of automotive engineers. the study found that 48% of the time drivers either neglected to
5:23 am
use their turn signal when changing lanes or failed to turn the signal off afterwards. researchers also found 25% of drivers did not use their turn signals when making a turn. that's what they're for. turn signal issues caused about two million accidents a year. one of my biggest pet peeves is someone who's trying to make a left turn and he or she, the driver will stop without turning -- >> dangerous. >> you're behind the person. what's going on? >> makes more sense to use the turn signal. the group pointed out that it's odd that a study like this has never happened before given that turn signals, they started putting them in cars because they were a safety feature so you could let people know what was going to happen. they're suggesting carmakers start using smart turn signals so your sensors in your car will automatically tell that you're trying to merge, you know, move over or make a turn and automatically turn on the signal or turn it off when you're done. people apparently aren't turning them off. >> that's the next. they can parallel park, some of the cars. now they'll turn signal for you. it's not just safety, it's
5:24 am
courtesy. let's use courtesy on the roads, please. >> absolutely. states around the country are seeing a huge spike in organ donations thanks to facebook. you can register to be an organ donor through your facebook page. this morning the "baltimore sun" reports maryland's online registry of donors registered 130 new donors yesterday afternoon alone. that might not sound like a lot, but consider this -- april was national donate life month. the day with the most number of new donors in maryland in april was just 55. in california, donations soared 800%. doctors say the added facebook attention should not distract people from the lengthy and difficult organ transplant process. >> we do have processes in place in this country. really regulates strongly so that there is no coercion, no monetary benefit. >> no word on how many new donors signed up in virginia and d.c. the redskins are officially saying good-bye to their leading receiver from last season.
5:25 am
the team released mark gaffney after several failed attempts to trade him and informing him he didn't need to show up for the offseason program. gaffney led the team with 68 catches for 947 yards last season. the team recently signed receivers pierre garcon and ash morgan. pitcher andy pettitte will be back on the witness stand in the perjury trial of roger clems today. today clemens' lawyers will try to discredit his testimony. clemens who told congress in 2008 that his friend misremembers the conversation is accused of lying to congress when he said he never took hgh or steroids. brice harper is just 19, but already a superstar in d.c. >> left fielder, number 34, brice harper! >> must have felt good. harper making his home debut last night. but the nationals fell to the arizona diamondbacks. harper was 0-3 at the plate but
5:26 am
wasn't alone. the nats only mustered six hits, losing their fifth straight 5-1. the teams are back at 7:05. >> put a lot of pressure on young guys. they come in, make them superstars. >> only 19. a lot of pressure. >> cut him a little slack. got, what, five more games i think this run at home. got time to turn it around. >> first home game, they call out his name, announcer. >> they'll keep calling your name, don't worry. 5:26. coming up, a deadly day in afghanistan. the message from the taliban following president obama's visit. plus, new developments in the secret service scandal. what we're learning about the investigation as agents prepare for new training. line of storms rolling into the d.c. area. what makes the sleep number store different?
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looking at the stories making headlines at 5:29, president obama is on his way back to the u.s. after spending the day in afghanistan. we've got the violence that followed his surprise trip in moments. transportation secretary la hood will sit down with local leaders in an effort to save the second phase of the metro silver line.
5:30 am
that project is in jeopardy after disputes concerning union labor. mitt romney will spend the day raising money for his presidential campaign. governor bob mcdonnell will join romney at at least one of today's events. we'll have much more throughout the morning here on "news4 today." first, good morning to you, i'm eun yang. >> good morning, i'm aaron gilchrist. welcome back to "news4 today" on this wednesday, may 2. we see the capitol dome out there this morning. will be wet very likely today. storm 4 meteorologist particular s here, an active radar all morning. >> viewers have been rudely awakened by thunder and lightning in southern maryland, charles county. and that rolled across stafford county over the last half-hour or so. right now, all that moving color on storm 4 radar is rain. and it's light rain in the greens. that's part of the shenandoah valley and into the mountains right now. closer to washington and just south of us, that's where we have those areas in orange and yellow. those are zones getting heavier downpours. that includes central fairfax
5:31 am
county to mt. vernon to quantico, across the potomac to charles county. this is the heaviest rain right now, and a lot of lightning associated with this one. it's right along the tidal potomac from near cobb island and that area, port tobacco, that is drifting to the east. passing just south of la plata and waldorf. that's going to be moving into st. mary's county the next, oh, perhaps ten minutes or so. now we do have a large area that could have some severe weather later this afternoon, includes about all of virginia, maryland, west virginia, the district, there could be storms producing damaging winds and hail between 3:00 and 7:00 p.m. if you hear thunder, get inside, turn on nbc 4, we'll let you know what's going on. the time frame, 3:00 to 7:00 p.m. and what a warm afternoon, too. we ought to be making it well into the 80s. in fact, ought to be near 80 by noontime. i'll show you the latest radar, that will be in ten minutes, coming up at 5:41. now danella has a look at traffic. good morning.
5:32 am
good morning. starting out in maryland, have an accident along 301. traveling northbound at frank tippitt road. right in front of the veterans cemetery. please look out for this accident here. it is blocking a couple of your lanes and the fire department is on the scene. going give you an update on the accident in about ten minutes. over to i-270, if you're traveling on i-270, no issues to report now. travel lanes are open. live look at falls road. making your way southbound. in fact, checking out speeds and volume, in between gaithersburg and rockville, no issues to report. connecting to the beltway, you're clear, as well. this time on the inner loop. traveling on the inner loop, making your way from i-270 to i-95, not bad. you're driving at 57 miles per hour. aaron, back to you. >> thank you. a developing story now. explosions, gunfire, and death in afghanistan this morning. this is all just hours after president obama made a surprise visit to that country. he also addressed our nation in a live televised speech on the anniversary of the death of osama bin laden. news4 has more live from the
5:33 am
newsroom on the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, two hours after the president left, a car bomb exploded in kabul. at this point this morning, we know at least seven people are dead, and many of the 17 injured are schoolchildren. nato says all of the attackers have been killed. a witness says the suicide bombers were dressed in burqas and carrying black bags. they struck near a private armed compound that houses hundreds of foreign workers. taliban says the violence was in response to the president's visit. during his six-hour surprise visit, president obama met with troops at bagram air base and shortly after arriving under a cover of darkness signed an agreement promising support when the war in afghanistan ends. >> this time of war began in afghanistan, and this is where it will end. we have a clear path to fulfill our mission in afghanistan while delivering justice to al qaeda. >> the president insists 2014 is a hard and fast deadline for u.s. troops to come home. the agreement does not say how
5:34 am
many troops will stay, though, in the meantime. the president is now heading back home. he is expected back in washington sometime later this afternoon. aaron? >> all right. melissa, thank you. today metro is stepping up security for the first anniversary of osama bin laden's death. the transit agency says there is not a credible or specific threat against the system. but al qaeda has shown interest in anniversaries and significant dates in the past. riders say they appreciate the extra police presence. >> very comforting to see the extra police support. >> safe, makes me feel really safe. you know, not really worried about anything. it's -- feels good to have extra protection. >> transit police say they're stepping up patrols at major cross stations, on platforms and inside trains. 5:34. today the retrial of a prince george's county woman accused of masterminding an acid attack on a mother will resume. prosecutors say tamera jackson arranged for another woman to carry out the attack in an oxon hill parking lot in 2010. they say jackson was upset
5:35 am
because the victim was dating her ex-boyfriend. jackson faces assault charges. this case is being retried after a judge declared a mistrial. the woman who carried out the crime already pleaded guilty last year. she's currently serving an eight-year prison sentence. maryland's attorney general wants the state's court of appeals to reconsider a ruling that struck down part of the state's dna collection law. the ruling prohibits officers from taking dna samples from people charged but not convicted of crimes. attorney general doug gansler filed a motion to stay the court's decision. his spokesperson says he will file an appeal to the u.s. supreme court if the maryland court of appeals, that state's highest court, does not reconsider its decision. today the wife of an ex-aide to former presidential candidate john edwards is expected to retake the stand for a third day. yesterday lawyers for edwards questioned sherri young's motive to come forward. edwards' attorneys asked young whether she or her husband have a financial incentive to lie about edwards. she says she was subpoenaed to tell the truth, and she
5:36 am
testified the couple made money from selling the story. she said her husband wrote a book because edwards would not tell the truth about fathering a baby with his mistress. edwards is accused of using nearly a million dollars in campaign funds to hide his mistress and their child. about 100 stretch agents will start a two-day ethics training course today. this comes as we're learning more about the colombia prostitution scandal. the house homeland security committee says the secret service interviewed ten of the 12 prostitutes involved. so far there's no indication that any posed a national security threat. eight agents have resigned or left the agency since the incident happened before the president's trip last month. three agents have been cleared of serious misconduct. 5:36 now. much more ground to cover on this wednesday morning. trying to get a major project back on track. what's at stake today as leaders meet on the future of metro's silver line. it's ready to be sold, but the price will probably make you want to scream. what this world-famous painting is expected to fetch on the
5:37 am
auction block. >> pretty good. did you do that by yourself? good stuff. be ready for more rain this morning. ♪ jimmy bond
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one of the most famous paintings is up for auction. "the scream" guess on the block at sotheby's in new york. proceeds from the sale will go toward a new museum and art center in norway. this painting is expected to fetch about $80 million. >> wow! >> that would be among the highest ever for a single piece of art. >> one of the most recognizable pieces of art -- >> i remember learning about that in elementary school. five or six years ago. >> going back to support the arts. always a good thing. >> we'll see how much it goes for. let you know. 5:40 now. tom kierein has the forecast. you may have a look your face this afternoon. we could have strong, severe storms. right now getting thunder and lightning here predawn on this wednesday morning. all this lightning associated with a couple of thundershowers. one is in southern charles county. the other one now about to move
5:41 am
into fredericksburg, across spotsylvania county. heavy rain, thunder and lightning. closer to washington, moderate showers in fairfax county. that's going to move to the district shortly. temperatures now are mild, in the 60s all around the region. and later today, by 9:00, sun out to be breaking out. into the 70s by then. for your lunch hour, it ought to be making it up to near 80 degrees. then stronger storms later this afternoon, to the mid to upper 80s. another look at radar in ten minutes. danella, how's traffic? fender-bender weather. we have a medivac operation in progress on 301, traveling northbound at frank tippitt road. use caution. avoid the area if possible while crews are on the scene. to southbound i-95 at quantico, three left lane are blocked. the fire department on the scene of that accident. back in ten. back to you both. >> thank you. it is now 5:41. 67 degrees. new concerns this morning for pit bull owners. how a court ruling in maryland could impact you financially. plus, how the late steve jobs is being honored for his accompli
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the blind chinese legal activist at the center of a diplomatic debate between the u.s. and china is at a medical facility in beijing. chen guangcheng left the u.s. embassy this morning. chen's lawyer says he's talked to his client. chen is receiving medical treatment and will be reunited with his family soon. he escaped house arrest last month. he's won worldwide acclaim for exposing forced sterilization and late-term abortions under chinese policy. the release arrives after hillary clinton arrived in china for a scheduled visit. this is video of her arrival yesterday. clinton will be in china for two days to talk about strategic and economic issues. she's expected to push beijing to put more pressure on iran and north korea about their nuclear programs. treasury secretary tim geithner
5:46 am
will also attend those meetings. today the federal government is stepping in to try to clean up the mess that has become the second phase of the dulles metro rail project. transportation secretary ray la hood is pulling together all the major shakeholders to try -- stakeholders to try to keep the project alive. we have more from the superscreen on the meeting. >> reporter: the point of the project was to get metro service to dulles. but without a consensus, there's a chance the silver line will never make it there. right now phase one of the project is scheduled to be completed in august of next year. it will run from east falls church to wheelie avenue. if all of the major players can't come to some sort of agreement, and that second phase isn't completed, six stations including that stop at dulles airport would be left on the drawing board. everything from politics to money has kept the second phase from getting off the ground. the airport's authority's decision to use labor unions cut the state of virginia -- kept the state of virginia from contributing $150 million.
5:47 am
it's also an issue for leaders in loudoun county. now virginia's transportation department is threatening to take over the project which could lead to a legal battle. la hood's aim today is to clear up the hurdles and make sure a project that could be a big boost to the economy doesn't get derailed. back to you. >> thanks. also today the d.c. council expected to hold a hearing on d.c. mayor vincent gray's proposal to extend bar hours. the mayor wants to keep bars open an hour later as a way to generate revenue. chairman kwame brown and ward one council member jim graham say the city does not need to make alcohol more available. graham said extending hours would only add to neighborhood noise and other problems. d.c. council rejected a plan to repay city workers for furloughed days. the council voted 7-5, defeating the bill. more than 20,000 city employees did not get holiday pay four times last year. council imposed the furlough days to make up for a budget shortfall. the district ended the year with a $63 million budget surplus. the fbi says it's followed up on hundreds of tips in search
5:48 am
for a former d.c. elementary school teacher accused of taking pornographic pictures of children. the fbi added eric toth to its ten most wanted fugitive list last month. he taught at a school on the grounds of the washington national cathedral. he lost his job in 2008 amid allegations that he used a school camera to take pornographic pictures of children. he vanished without a trace. the fbi says it's pursued every lead in this case, including an extensive search recently in south america. the man suspected of raping more than a dozen women along the east coast will undergo another round of mental health evaluations. police linked aaron thomas to 17 attacks in virginia, maryland, and connecticut over the past 20 years. he claims he suffers from a split personality. thomas' defense attorney says he was a patient at georgetown university's psychiatric hospital. a doctor who examined him determined he was faking his mental illness. thomas' jury trial is set to begin in july.
5:49 am
today a task force will review florida's controversial stand your ground law. it's come under fire since the trayvon martin shooting. the law gives immunity from prosecution to those who use deadly force in response to what they perceive to be a threat of great bodily harm or death. george zimmerman told police he shot the unarmed 17-year-old martin in self-defense back in february. he was arrested for second-degree murder on april 11. zimmerman is out on bail. today the defense will begin laying out its ways in the baltimore trial that's drawing comparisons to the martin case. two brothers are charged with assaulting 15-year-old cory osbee a year and a half ago. osbee is black. the brothers were patrolling for a jewish neighborhood watch at the time of the shooting. at the time of the assault. the lawyers say their clients acted in self-defense. they asked for charges to be dropped after the prosecution rested. that request was denied. prosecutors are expected to announce criminal charge today in the hazing death of a florida
5:50 am
college student. last year florida a&m university's robert champion died while on the school band's charter bus. authorities say champion died during a hazing ritual after a game where pledges run down the aisle while being attacked. hazing that involves bodily harm is a felony in florida, but prosecutors might announce charges of manslaughter and second-degree murder. at least 80 people are out of a home after a fast-moving fire in silver spring. it broke out yesterday afternoon in a garden-style apartment complex along terrace drive. firefighters found heavy flames on the second floor that quickly spread throughout the complex. up to 20 units were damaged or destroyed. >> it's really bad. i feel very saddened. i don't know where to start. we have to start all over again i guess. >> two firefighters were hurt fighting those flames. they are expected to be okay. investigators are still trying to figure out what caused that fire. all right. it is now just about 5:51.
5:51 am
we've been talking about change in the weather and boy, they here. we had a lot of rain yesterday. then it turned out to be a summer day. sunny, humid, and some kind of mixed weather today, as well. >> yeah. raining now, getting thunder and lightning to the south of the metro area now. looking at the storm 4 radar the last three hours, we can see the rain moving west to east. closer view of the radar, areas in yellow and orange where they're getting heavier rain. that includes fairfax county into prince william, and then across the potomac into charles county. there are two thundershowers. they're not strong storms, a lot of wind. they've got a lot of lightning right along the tidal potomac and southern charles county b. to move into st. mary's county. there's another along interstate 95 from quantico all the way to fredericksburg. they're getting a lot of lightning there with heavy rain along i-95 there. farther west and north, getting a few lighter showers in the shenandoah valley and into the mountains. here's your day planner. we may see sun breaking out mid morning and through noontime. by then, near 80 degrees for your lunch hour. then 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., we
5:52 am
could get more storms. only this time they could be severe. we could have damaging winds and hail from isolated thunderstorms, 3:00 to 7:00 p.m. if you hear thunder, get inside, turn on nbc 4. we'll let you know what's going on, if anything's threatening where you live. for the rest of the day today, highs reaching mid to upper 80s. maybe some lingering thundershowers through this evening. then tomorrow, partly sunny, upper 80s again. afternoon storms possible tomorrow. and then only a slight chance on friday. hot, near 90 over the weekend. saturday might get some thunderstorms, looks like late saturday afternoon into saturday evening. highs mid 80s. then cooler weather, beautiful day on sunday. sunshine, into the upper 70s. and cool, as well, on monday. morning lows near 50. afternoon highs, 60s to around 70 degrees. could get more showers and storms on tuesday. on monday, i travel to falls church and visited the thomas jefferson elementary school. a wonderful school there. talked to these students about all the different types of weather. had a lot of fun. i want to thank teacher there in
5:53 am
the back, way back there, standing next to me, mary kelly, for the invitation to talk to these fun fourth graders h. a great time at the thomas jefferson elementary school in falls church. that was on monday. i'll be back with another look at radar in ten minutes. danella has traffic. good morning. good morning. right now i'm following breaking news in prince george's county. have a serious crash. it happened northbound 301 at frank tippitt road. right now, a medivac operation is in progress. all of your lanes are blocked. please avoid the area. i'm going to keep following this right now. again, if you're traveling northbound 301 at frank tippitt road, this is right at the veterans cemetery. all of your lanes are blocked. now over to new hampshire avenue at 108. still have an accident here. police are trying to actually push this car out of the roadway. you see them trying to do that now. this intersection is being directed by police. so please avoid it if you can. if you approach it, use caution. they're trying to get the vehicle out of the roadway. now over to southbound i-95 at
5:54 am
quantico, now the crash here blocks the right lane. and as tom mentioned, i'm seeing a lot of lightning along i-95. so i want you to be aware of that. coming out of stafford, you're jammed making your way to the occoquan. at the occoquan, travel speeds not bad yet as you make your way to the beltway. i'm seeing wet pavement and electricity -- lightning. so i want you to use caution this morning. slow down, give yourself extra time. right now, traveling at 61 miles per hour. tough commute already. now back to you. >> thank you. 5:54. this morning it is easier for victims of pit bull attacks to file a lawsuit against the dogs' owner and others in maryland. the maryland court of appeals declared pit bulls as an inherently dangerous breed. that means owners are strictly liable for damages if their pet attacks someone. a landlord is also liable if the attack happens on his or her property. animal adoption advocates say behavior, not breed, should determine whether a dog is dangerous. >> our concern is that we will
5:55 am
see an increase in pit bull abandonment here at the shelter. and in addition, fewer pit bulls will be adopted. there are pit bulls that are in loving family homes now that will -- owners will be forced to give up their pets. >> prince george's county has banned pit bulls since 1997. today a better unanimous expected manufacturing report is purveing u.s. futures higher. the dow closed at the highest in four years. the day ended up 66 points at 13,279. overseas, european stock markets are mixed at this hour. asian stock markets ended the day up. and looking for a job where all you do is go on facebook and twitter? goldman sachs is hiring. the investment bank is looking for social media strategists to help with its struggling image. despite having 3,600 hundred -- 3,600 followers on twitter, it hasn't sent a single tweet. it will help monitor conversations about goldman sachs on social media sites. the smithsonian is set up --
5:56 am
is set to open a new exhibit featuring the contributions of apple co-founder steve jobs. that exhibit opens may 11 at the ripley center. it's called "the patents and trademarks of steve jobs." it includes copies of more than 300 documents as well as some of jobs' famous products like a 1985 apple macintosh and an ipod. the exhibit runs through july 13. it is the first in a series of smithsonian exhibits planned with the patent office. if you're looking for a fun place to take the kids, try virginia. the nonprofit group called can boom named for -- kaboom named four cities on the list of playful city usa communities. the group recognized alexandria for its childhood obesity network, checked its 86 playgrounds. norfolk made the list for play day. danville received the honor for the summer camp fun day. and hopewell is on the list for working with organizations to enhance parks and playgrounds. the group recognizes communities that have taken action to increase the quantity and quality of play and playground.
5:57 am
sounds like a really good cause. >> yeah. and that list covers every part of the state. you can find someplace everywhere you go. >> very good. get the kids out on the playground. old-fashioned fun. you may remember a story we told you about yesterday about a motorcycle that -- from japan that washed up ashore in canada. >> this morning, the owner of that harley has been found. after seeing pictures of the motorcycle, a japanese tv station ran the license plate number, and they tracked it to this man. he's living in temporary housing in the hard-hit state of miyagi and lost three relatives in the tsunami was floored that his motorcycle had been found. when he saw the photos, he told the tv station, "this is unmistakably mine. k" "it's miraculous." the shop that sold him the harley will help ship it back to japan. if it's usable, hopefully we can use it or give him a new one. >> what an incredible story and the journey and to find that -- the fact that this man found the motorcycle after everything he's
5:58 am
been through. >> impressive. >> uh-huh. hope they can repair it. >> yeah. 5:57 now. an active weather morning yet again. we'll tell you about the impact on your commute, as well, when we continue. ♪ strea-ea-ea-ea-eam ♪ stream, stream, stream... ♪ strea-ea-ea-ea-eam ♪ stream, stream, stream... ♪ when i want you... ♪ my arms... ♪ when i want you... ♪ ...and all your charms... ♪ whenever i want you, all i have to do is... ♪ [ female announcer ] introducing xfinity streampix. stream your favorite movies and full seasons of shows instantly on any screen.
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