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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  May 2, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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look inside the white house situation room. brian williams will join us to talk about it. man pulls over a woman on her way to church, flashing a bafrmg. now a warning for all drivers in the area. caps and rangers, overtime duel at verizon center. we'll have the highlights. >> we begin with rare inside into the situation room. it was about a year ago as president obama watched and navy s.e.a.l. team 6 carried out a raid on the compound. the talk was the liter of al qaeda, osama bin laden. the mission took less than an hour, but president obama said it with us the longest 40 minutes of his life. the final decision whether to carry out the plan took much longer and was made in the days before. >> we had been preparing for months now. at that point, you have some serenity in knowing that you've made the best possible decision that you can and, you know, in that situation, you just -- you
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do some praying. >> the most important day of your presidency? >> most important single day of my presidency. the most intense concentrated day that i've had as president of the united states. >> the president says everything was kept really close to the vest. the first lady didn't even know about it until after it happened. >> brian williams joining us on the phone right now. brian, we have to start by saying what an incredible look that was that you and your team provided inside what happened at the white house. there are a whole lot of things we'd like to ask you. what's the most amazing thing to you about the process of the whole bin laden raid and the strategy sessions that went into making that happen? >> well, doreen, jim, thank you. i think chiefly what we're proudest of is we were -- we asked for this opportunity. we were allowed in to kind of deconstruct and recreate that picture and talk to all the
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principles in it, the entire leadership of government. i think you happened upon it earlier. i think the secrecy, the close hold to use government parlance because if they'd missed that launch window for whatever reason that night, it might have been six more months. had it been in the wind or the water that this was coming, imagine had it failed. the phone calls, visits, and letters that could have had to have gone out to upwards of 50 american families, families who did not know for sure other than the fact their loved one was deployed, where they were or what they were doing that your father, son, or husband wasn't coming home. so the secrecy, the high-stakes gamble. they had internal studies that there was a 40% chance he was in the house. there was an 80% chance. but then they gave the go-ahead
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order. >> brian in terms of things like this, we're constricted by time. is there anything you didn't get to include in the special that you wish you could have shared with the american public? >> jim, since you're in the business, i'll tell only you, we could have done a second hour without breaking a sweat. there was a ton. there's going to be a direct 'eers cut. i hope we find an outlet for it. you find any tangent, the aspect of the story, all the people who sat down were nice enough to be interviewed. this is the first time any of them had ever allowed themselves to be asked. so i say the public record was added to. and a lot surrounding the actual confines of the mission, the death of bin laden, and so on. just the human drama in that situation room. say nothing of the in fact what you saw tonight the camera was the first time they every
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stepped into the threshold and showed you the interior of the room. >> what you did get in was extraordinary man. >> i can't thank you enough. >> brian williams. brian, thank you. wendy rieger got an exclusive tour today. we'll that coming up in a few minutes. >> a tea party is expected to welcome mitt romney. congresswoman michele bachmann will join him tomorrow as he campaigns in port smukt. a new public policy shows he is trail skroog somebody out there is acting like a police officer. police are warning people about that. this guy pulled over a woman on her way to church today, did it in the middle of the day and robbed her. jackie bensen has the story. >> reporter: it happened before
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noon. the 39-year-old victim driving the silver honda told police the man followed her as she existed. she said the man honked his horn, gestured for her to pull over and when she did, a man wearing black police-type clothes wearing a badge came out. >> he told her to pull over. came over as a an officer would. ordered her out of her vehicle and told her to sit on the curb. while she was sitting on the curb he went through the contents of her vehicle, took her purse and her cell phone and drove away in his vehicle. >> i didn't hear anything from the school, nothing, not on the news, nothing. >> it is not our policy to pull up to vehicles and motion people to pull over. >> police say they have not had any similar incidents in the area but they want to know if anyone is familiar with this suspect. h ee's a black man, about 5'10", 190, short curly hair and
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tattoos on both arms. reporting from silver spring, jackie bensen, "news 4." tomorrow is sentencing day for harry thomas jr. he's expected to get prison time for embezzling funds intended for city children and sports programs. the former ward 5 council member pleaded guilty to steal 3g $50,000 in january to finance a lavish lifestyle. he faces up to four years in prison. in montgomery county, they're putting in 18 more speed cameras. police say they're going to move those cameras around so drivers don't think they know where they always are. >> and instead of having them in the same place as they've been for a couple of years, we're going to start moving the cameras around so everybody has to respect the corridor. >> cameras bring in millions of dollars. last year alone montgomery county made more than $8 million from camera tickets. a member of the armed forces is in the hospital. the altercation happened in
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college park this weekend. police say the airman was trying to get back into the bar after being thrown out. the bouncer marcus plumber is accused of choking the man and throwing him to the ground. he declined comment to "news 4" tonight. police say a chevy chase man admitted to setting fire to an apartment complex in silver spring. more than 100 people are out of their homes. 24-year-old abraham keflew is charged with arson. he confessed after sparks were put out. the fire cost more than a million dollars in damage and could take up to a year to rebuild some of the units. an activists in falls church is spends his first night in jail as a convicted child molesters. a jury found him guilty on three counts. he's accused of sexually assaulting two ten-year-old girls during a slumber party at his house last summer. the jury recommended 22 years in prison. the parents of one of the girls
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spoke out and asked that we not show their faces. >> we thought we had been extremely careful. we knew the family for almost six years. >> this verdict will definitely help us start the healing process. it's been a very, very long ten months. >> gardner will be sentenced in september. he's still facing a second trial on a separate molestation case. outside storms move through the area. let's check in with doug and find out if the coast is clear now. >> yeah, i think so, at least for the next couple of hours. right now temperatures on the cooler side. if you walk outside, you're going to feel what i'm talking about. it says 60 but it doesn't feel like that. 52 in philadelphia. we have that easterly flow coming in. much warmer down to the south. 72 in roanoke and take a look at what's moving down our way. this is a big line coming through portions of central pennsylvania. this, a frontal boundary along the warm front we've been talking about all day. this is going to continue to make its way or way and i think
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it could affect us early tomorrow morning. i'll show you when and what to expect for tomorrow and the rest of the week coming up in just a minute. >> thanks, doug. pleem in san diego are investigating the apparent suicide of former linebacker juni junior seau. he played 20 seasons in the nfl and made the pro bowl 12 times. he's also being remembered for his champion for children's causes saying i was 43 years old. coincidentally he's now the eighth player to die from the 1994 san diego chargers team that played in the super bowl. coming up tonight, a first look at one of those boats they call a duck when it got hit by a barge. wendy rieger takes us inside the fbi situation room and we learn more about the washington team that's keeping us
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a new jersey mom is accused of letting her 5-year-old daughter for using a tanning bed. she said it's all a misunderstanding. she said she took her daughter anna to the tanning salon with her last week while she got into the tanning bed. >> i tan. she doesn't tan. it's called a tanning booth and a tanning room. she's my little girl. i'm not going to bring my little daughter into 590-degree bed.
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i mean that's not normal. >> the next day anna got a slight burn while playing outside and then at school she told classmates she went tanning with mommy. her father things the teacher overheard it and things the burn was connected to the tan salon and called police. newly released video "tonight show"s an impact when a barge smash into a disabled duck boat in philadelphia. it happened in july. two exchange students from hungary were killed na that crash. a wrongful death trial gets under way in triechlt a video is expected to be used in court. the route seven bypass is opened back up in leesburg after a deadly crash. chopper 4 was even the scene. the crash killed one person. police are still trying to figure out exactly what happened tonight.
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earlier tonight rock center's brian wims took cameras to the situation room. the fbi has a situation room of its own. the center provides the eyes, ears, and intelligent support for agents out on the street. wendy rieger gives us an exclusive look inside. >> reporter: when it's busy, how full up does this place get? >> it's really standing room only. >> reporter: really. it's officially called ctoc. it was created after september 11th. recently when an fbi sting caught a guy who wanted to blow up capitol hill, the command scepter got hot as they waited for the agents to take the guy down stlachlt a hundred cameras at their disposal, but fear not. they're not this morning people on the street. >> we only have time to use them when we have spaechlk command post or a special event that requires us to have an wareness
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of what's going on on the street. >> reporter: that increases during presidential inaugurations, state of the union speeches, even the fourth of july. >> for example, the fourth quarter of july, we're working in advance to say who do we need working. >> reporter: even the security within the command center is an issue because everything going through is classified. something as simple as teleconferencing is special at the fbi because when they talk about the bad guys they use secure video teleconferencing so the bad guys don't hear them. and some events like the attack of 9/11 can keep them here for days. >> of course, we're dealing with rotating shifts, 24/7 operations and a the aspects of care and feeding of all these people. there's routine mans nenlt. >> an army runs on its stomach. so does the fbi. >> the pizza boxes start to stack up. >> even when it's hot, it's quiet. they actually use a clip from
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apollo 13, the movie, to train them to be calm under pressure. >> when the explosion happens, you have head harris in the room and ed harris says, hold on, people, slow down. work the problem. that's what we're about. >> reporter: and at the end of a tough shift, the fbi is just like the rest of us. >> do you go out for a beer? >> yes, many places are within walking distance. >> you can see them from your camera. secretary ray lahood says despite a sticking point there will be a metro line that goes all the way from dulles airport. today he brought the stakeholders together to try to work out a deal. at issue is labor. the airport's authority wants to offer incentives to contractors to hire union workers but officials in loudoun county say that would be too expensive. they have until july 4th to find
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common ground. dulles international is near the boom when it comes to customer satisfaction. it ranked seventh worst. dulles lost points for its location and for its staff. new york's laguardia airport ranked the worst. minneapolis was the best. bwi made the best list coming in six. all kinds of wild stuff bouncing around out teller earlier, but not right now. >> not right now. we had heavy hail and rain toward the panhandle of west virginia. now we're on the calm side, although we're on the cool side too. out there right now we have a mixture of cloud cover and we're going to continue to see that throughout the next few hours and in through the night. what we're going to see is a chance of rain increase. for the record today, a high temperature of 74 degrees. didn't real feel like that. only hit the 70s for a very short amount of time but we saw sunshine. all in all we saw mostly cloudy
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skies. the low is 60. that's where we sit right now. we saw a wide range of temperatures. take a look at the range of temperatures, high to the east. 65 in annapolis, 65 in baltimore. down to the south and west, 90 today in charlottesville, 83 in fredericksburg. i think the warm weather will move up to the north and east and everybody will be in the upper 70s and lower 80s. 650 degrees out there with the easterly flow. this is the key. the wind with the frontal boundary right on top of us. any time we have an east or northeasterly wind we're cooler. we need it to shift a little bit and think it will do so. right now, 59 in hagerstown, 53 in manassas, 20 degrees cooler up toward aberdeen. a much cooler afternoon for them as we make our way through the morning hours. this is what to expect. storm 4 radar, nothing to show you right now. we don't have any rain out there. so if you're thinking about heading out and about at 11:20
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at night, you're going to be a-okay. but watch what happens tomorrow morning. here's a frontal boundary to the north. this little front is going to continue to make its way down to the south. numerous showers and thunderstorms. right now that front to our north and east, but here comes those showers right down here by around 5:00 a.m. so just like the past two mornings, we could see some more shower activity, maybe some rumbles of thunder early tomorrow morning before this progresses down toward the south and east. i drop ourd rain chances down to around 30%, 40%. we still have chance. the best chance will be west of the district. very warm day tomorrow. same deal for fried but we will see it again. chance of showers and thunderstorms on friday. don't expect any of these over the next couple to be washouts. you may need an umbrella but it's not going be long. tomorrow, warm, partly cloudy, humid. 61 degrees. once again, not everybody's seeing the rain. tomorrow afternoon, nice and warm, sun and cloud.
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showers and storms possible. 80 to 85 degrees. winds shifting to the southeast. all the difference. 85 on friday, 83 on saturday. then we cool off down to the low 70s, which is actually where we should be this time of year, but right now the weekend is actually looking pretty good. >> that sounds great. >> sounds good to me. >> thank you. >> thank you. we've got sports up next. dan's down at the verizon
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. dan's down at the verizon
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center where there's one barn burn over a hockey game, right? >> wouldn't you know, they're in double overtime. played almost 100 minutes of hockey. the capitals really haven't played great at home this year, but this was a fantastic and is a fantastic game down here tonight. it's game three between the caps and the rangers. let's take a look what's happened so far in this game. capitals looking to keep home ice advantage in d.c. second period, caps down 1-0 on the attack. john carlson with the puck. marc staal tries to poke check, but it goes right back to carlson. unlucky for staal, but carlson will take it. beats henrik lundqvist. all tied at one. no score in the first. we're going to overtime. in o.t., anton stralman turns it over. he's not going to like this. ovie's right there. oh, man, he's going to want that one right back, right off the post. a great chance for ovechkin to
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get a game-winner for the second game in a row. just doesn't happen. less than a minute go in overtime. the rangers on the power play. he saves every single one of them. 40 saves through 94 minutes for both hopi and lundqvist, for your the second time we're still tied at one with less than 4 minutes to play in the game. man, this is a good one here tonight. speaking of good games, probably not going to get any better in terms of baseball game than what happened at nationals park tonight. the guys snapped their five-game losing streak, thanks to a couple of things. desmond, the bull pen, and bryce. yes, the kid had his best game in the biggs and ian desmond was the hero. let's go down to national's park for this this one. the nationals taking on the arizona diamond backs. harper with his single and first at bat picked off, steals second. bottom of the fourth. harper takes the joe sander's
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pitch to right center, off the scoreboard. danny espinoza comes in to score. harp 'eers second double of the year and we're tied at fourth. fast forward to the bottom of the ninth. nationals down 4-3. it's rally time. harsher leading off the inning and he drills another one off the scoreboard one more time. his second double of the night. he was three for four in the game. and then batters later, ian desmond, the last chance for the nationals with two outs and he gets into one. sends it to left field, over the fence into the bull pen. a walk--off two-run shot for desi. the nationals come back to win it, 5-4. they snap that five-game losing streak in dramatic fashion. >> frank robinson told me you've got to watch the pitcher, you've got to watch the pitcher, yo've got to watch the pitcher. he was throwing in the zone. fastballs were elevated. i knew if i looked for the heater i would be able to see the split-up and react.
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i was locked in it and everything clicked for me there. >> the gnats win. bryce harper, three for four on the night. davey johnson said not too long ago that if he keeps hitting pretty well they might move him up in the lineup. could happen for the 19-year-old. meanwhile at verizon center, thiel still going. second overtime, almost over. we're knotted at one. game three for the caps and the rangers. another night in the sports world.
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