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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  May 3, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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she likes to play the harmonica with big cress endos all the time. she was a gift from sri lanka. i'd like to go check her out. >> must be very soothing. good for her. >> we like her. >> yes, stay with us. "news 4" continues right now at 5:00 a.m. a live look outside at 5:00 a.m. 57 degrees outside our studios, and we're in for a pretty significant swing in temperatures, meaning if you driving from point a to point b you're going to find a big swing in temperatures. good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang for this mur thursday, may 3rd, 2012. oh, this hurts. >> scores. it's gaborik. >> one of the longest games in
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caps' hiftd ended on a sour note after the rangers slipped one by brayden holtby. we have reaction from players and fans throughout the morning. >> right now we turn to meteorologist tom kierein for a quick update on our forecast. >> yeah, we do have a front as you mentioned. one side's going to be warm, another cool. wide variety in temperatures. got to almost 90 yesterday in fredericksburg while we were in the 70s. and on the northeastern side of that front we do have some showers and thunder and lightning rolling out of pennsylvania. the closest any of that rain is to washington is in frederick county and carroll county near the pennsylvania border. 57 at reagan national. that includes much of virginia into west virginia, shorthan sh valley, it's in the low to mid-50s. much of northern virginia, but closer to washington as you get
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into maryland the high mace only be in the 70s. even around the bay and the eastern side of the bay, highs may reach near 70 degrees. could get showers and thunderstorms out of the mountains rolling east toward the metro area by late afternoon is the way it looks right now. for the d.c. metro area, we should have temperatures in the 60s by 9:00, a little sunshine in and out through the noontime and during the afternoon up around 80 or so. there may be a thunderstorm rolling in west to east and may linger into the afternoon. another update in ten minutes. danella, how's traffic? >> along 50, this is your commu commute. as you make your way inbound, travel lanes are open. at 301 at the beltway you're traveling around 60 miles an hour. westbound at chambers road taking away the right side of the roadway. right now travlt lanes are open and you're clear if you're traveling on 66. on the rails, marcus opening on a 14-minute delay.
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this is train number 401. metro, vre, aren't reporting delays at this time. eun, over to you. >> thank you. 5:02. former d.c. council member harry thomas jr. will be sentenced to embezzlement charges. he pleaded guilty to embezzling $350 milli 3 $350,000. he used it for a hlavic lifestyle. police are looking for two. the women is listed in grash condition. their names have not been released an so far no arrests. >> today the federal government will release thousands of documents from osama bin laden's pakistan home. s.e.a.l. team 6 confiscated more than 6,000 documents from five computer, multiple hard drives
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and other storage devices during last year's raid. u.s. officials say the documents did not discuss plans for spresk terrorist attacks but did talk about potential targets and locations. scholars and officials who reviewed the documents have called this a treasure trove which will help gain insight into osama's methods. hinn h ill rinne clinton urged them to protect the rights of citizens. this comes as dissident chen guangcheng wants to leave china. he does not believe his safety can be assured. he sought refuge at the u.s. em bas is for six days. yesterday he was taken to the hospital for a medical injury he suffered while trying to escape. a new amphitheater, a cafe and a walkway to the tidal basin. those are some of the sites you may see soon when you stroll the national mall.
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you're looking at the whenning contest. the trust for the national mall will announce those winners today. flan on raising $350 million to pay for the makeover. i wants construction completed by 2016. heart broken. that's how a lot of caps feel after they played for several hours. marian gaborik scored in the third overtime to give the rangers a 2-1 win. the teams traded goals in the second period with defensiveman john carlson scoring the only goal for the caps. after that it was a goalie duel with rookie braden holtby stopping them. the caps fans flooded out of the verizon center. some of these folks looked pretty somber as they streamed into the streets on their way home, but most of the people we
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talked to are stick behind the team and were optimistic. >> wish they would have done it in first overtime. we'd rather have the caps win. what can you do. too bad. they stuck it out. hang in there. >> fans will be back at verizon center saturday looking for a win in game four. >> and we're going turn things around just like we did last time. >> exactly. talk about die hard fans. don't care how big a loss is, how tired they are. >> that's right. >> in it to win it. >> after you play five hours it's the last caps fans can do is stick by their team. my goodness gracious. >> keep screaming and clapping as best you can. >> like falling down. at this rate we're never getting any sleep. cap fans, forget about it. it's 5:06. high stakes in the commonwealth. we eek loot a focus they're putting on virginia ahead of the election and the big endorsement romney will pick up today. >> paying for a piece of history. how you can get your hands on a
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piece of will and kate's wedding indicate. meteorologist tom kierein will
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all right. well, apparently we are going to get a slice of history if you can pay for it. a piece of the royal wedding
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cake is going up for auction. it was part of an eight-tiered fruitcake that featured 19 layers. i knew you were going to laugh. it comes in a white and gold decorator sle eor container tha with a slip with best wishes in celebration of the wedding of the duke and duchess of cambridge. got all that? the cake is expected to fetch $1,600. they just celebrated their first anniversary. fruitcake, i can't imagine that keep very well. >> royal fruitcake. fruitcake keeps forever, i thought. >> i don't think so. i don't think it's that kind of fruitcake. brian doesn't know. >> for $1,600, i'll bake you a fruitcake. coming up on 11 minutes after the hour right now, you know what? we'll toss it to tom. won't. try to make a segue there.
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>> thank you. good morning. we're starting off this morning with low clouds. patchy fog. look at the radar. as those showers across the maryland border have moved into maryland, there is just some rain now. pockets of showers where you see in the yellow and orange, they're there in northern howard county, may move into the extreme northern an arundel county into the northern part of the eastern shore as well. around the region it's a cool morning. right now in the 50s much of the area. 57 at reagan national. later today, a wide range of temperatures should make it into the 80s throughout much of the area. around the metro area later this afternoon. day planner for the metro area should have sunshine in and out and the fog gone by mid morning. i'll have look at the end of the week weekend. seven-day outlook.
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danella, how's traffic? >> checking things out for you. you're clear heading in both directions. here's a live look right now at dumfries. northbound travel lanes are open. your travel speed not bad. you're traveling at 65 miles per hour. traveling on 395, no issues at edsall. now back over to you both. >> danella, over to you both. >> time right now, 5:12. past statements could come back. why his message on my space page could cause problems. >> plus, the questions being
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nearly impossible. but for me the most important
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thing he's done is to help save my daughter. >> a pro mitt romney super pac is paying more than a million to run this commercial. restore our future. it's called save in virginia and eight other states. it features romney's business partner describing how the presidential nominee find his daughter. she was found safe essentially days later. mitt romney's focusing his campaign on virginia right now. the republican presidential candidate will pick up a key endorsement in the commonwealth today. former rival and tea party favorite michele bachmann will endorse romney at an event in ports moukt. mcdonald will also be at that rally. he's rumored to be on the short list of vp candidates was also with him last night. he's holding his own right now when it comes to raising money in virginia. in just the first three months
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of this year, romney raised nearly $990,000 in the commonwealth. president obama not doing bad himself. he raised about $3,000 more than that. he knows virginia is key. he'll hold a campaign kick-off event there on saturday in richmond. the daughter of the former presidential candidate john edwards left the courtroom in tears yesterday during her father's campaign corruption trial. it happened as a friend of edwards' late wife took the stand. she described the graphic details of how elizabeth confronted him after the tabl d tabloitabloi tabloids said he was accused of cheating with a mistress. new details in the secret service scandal. it's clear they had no ties to
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drug cartels or terrorist organizations. officials are still trying to interview all of the women involved in the scan da. so far seven agents have resigned, one was fired and one retired. the football world is mourning the loss of one of the greats. police say former linebacker junior seau committed suicide yesterday in his california home. he play 20d years for the nhl, mostly with the san diego chargers. his death comes as a surprise and races more questions about the mental health of former footballplayers. he's the fourth to commit suicide and the eighth of the 1994 super bowl team to die before the age of 45. this morning police are looking into the deaths of four adults and an 18-month-old toddler shot and killed in a suburb. the shooter is among the dead. the shooter was border militia member j.t. reddy.
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investigators say it appears to be a case of domestic violence. police say possible hazardous materials found in the backyard are slowing the investigation. george zimmerman's old myspace page is coming back to hasn't him. it made some disparaging comments about mexicans. his lawyers confirm this is his myspace page. he discusses leaving his hometown of manassas. he said, working 96 hours to work a decent paycheck, getting knifes pulled on you by every mexican you run into. he's half latino. he's charged with shooting trayvon martin. he says it was self-defense. zimmerman is currently out of jail on bond. tanning privileges have been revoked for the new jersey mother accused of letting her 5-year-old daughter use a tanning bed. 44-year-old patricia pled not guilty to a child endangerment charge yesterday. she said it's all a misunderstanding. she said she took her daughter
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anna to the tanning salon last week while she got in the tanning bed. she got a slight burn and then told classmates she went tanning with mommy. her father believes the teacher overheard the conversation and believes it was connected. new jersey law bans children under the age of 14 from going to tang beds. >> and the staff at that tanning salon said the little girl was, in fact, not in the tanning booth from their observation. maybe they've play cleaned that up now. it's 5:21 up. time for "weather & traffic on the 1s." tom kierein is here with a more interesting forecast. whaes going on? >> it's springtime. we get a wide variety of temperatures. over the last 12 hours those thunderstorms we had yesterday are long gone, but we have some showers in northeastern maryland and then draped across southwestern pennsylvania. they're drifting off to the south and east to areas just north of washington over the next few hours. may get a few showers and a
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rumble. right now 57 at reagan national. near 60 in central virginia and southern. but in the mountains and shenandoah valley and much of maryland, in the low to mid-50s. but the wide range in temperatures will be generally west to east event today. only around 70 on the eastern side of the bay. maybe the low to mid-80s. well into the 80s across much of virginia into west virginia and some of those isolated thundershowers popping up later may roll west to east through the metro area, then dissipate this evening. and tomorrow partly sunny. should be warmer for most of the area. in fact, we should make it to the low to mid-80s tomorrow. a bit cooler. there's about a 30% chance of an ice lighted shower perhaps later in the afternoon with a rumble of thunder and then on sunday much cooler weather moving in. highs in the low to mid-70s in much of the regions as well as on monday, but we'll have quite a bit of sunshine on monday the way it looks right now. more rain chances moving in. again, highs, cooler in the 70s.
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morning lows around 60. i'll be back in ten minutes with another look at radar and danella has a look at traffic now. good morning. >> good morning. volume very low in our area. a live look right now. if you're traveling across the dulles toll road in either direction, your travel lanes are open right now. had overnight roadwork but looks to be up. if you're making your way from the hunter mill road you're traveling at 50 miles an hour. traveling past the dulles toll road and making your way across braddock road, your speed not bad at all. you're driving about 60 miles an hour from the dulles toll road to the interchange. the drive is going to take you 15 minutes. the rails are open. the mark delay looks to be gone. not seeing any delays on metro or vre. aaron, over to you. >> 5:22. you pass by them every day on the highway, but do you need to worry about your safety? the "news 4" i-team tish ya thompson gives us a look at the
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investigation. >> they are big, they are heavy, and they can be very dangerous. about three months ago a huge highway sign fell down on interstate 66 onto a truck. virginia's department of transportation is still trying to figure out why it came tumbling down, but we wanted know what do the rest of northern virginia's highway signs and light poles look like? the "news 4" i-team spent months looking. then we went out to take a hard look at these giant structures to show you what you do and what you don't need to worry about. see what we found and why vdot decided to take action because of what our cameras caught. tonight on "news 4" at 11:00. tish shah thompson, "news 4" i team. four players punished for their part in the new orleans saints bounty scandal. three days to appeal. the punishments were passed down yesterday. jonathan vilma got a 16-game
5:24 am
suspension. linebacker scott fujita and smith and hargrove were also suspended. their suspensions range from three to eight games. a federal agent will return to the stand today in the retrial of the seven-time cy young award winner roger clemons. also yesterday, a setback for the prosecution when fellow pitcher andy pettitte admitted he could have misunderwhen he acknowledged using human growth hormone. the nationals' five-game losing streak is history. >> and desmond hits one high in the air to left center field. it is near the track, and that is a game-winning home run! >> very nice. ian desmond erased the gnats' slump with one swing of the bat. his two-run ninth inning homer
5:25 am
helped the nationals beat the arizona diamondbacks 5-4 last night. it overshadowed bryce harper's game. >> i didn't realize they had lost five in a row they had been doing so well. the losses didn't register. >> there they go. still in first place in their division and we're excited about it. >> it's the place to be. 5:25 is the time. coming up, breaking the stalemate at maryland's state how. when they hope to end the budget stalemate. also ahead, not the real deal. the police warning about a man impersonating the police on the roads. >> thunderstorms and more may be on the way, what you need to
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looking at the stories making headlines this morning, former d.c. council member harry thomas jr. will be looking at a sentence for embezzlement. today we'll get our first look at thousands of pages of documents recovered by s.e.a.l. team 6 from osama bin laden's compound. and the caps will look to rebound on saturday after a devastating loss to the rangers in triple overtime last night. the team now trails new york two
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games to one in its stanley cup playoff series. come on. we can turn it around on saturday but that was crushing. oh, my god. we know many of you are tired from the caps game. i know you are. for the rest of you who don't know, it's 5:30, just about. good morning. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. first we want to take look at weather. some clouds is what you're wake up to this morning and the potential for thunderstorms for some folks later today. >> that would be during the afternoon. and actually for viewers north and east of washington, parts of anne arundel county, they have a little bit of rain falling. you can see on the radar. in addition to the rain dropping out of pennsylvania, we do have some light fog that's been gradually forming in the last couple of hours, mostly in virginia. the closer view showing the nearest rain is in northern howard county near the baltimore county line, about to move into
5:30 am
northern anne arundel county. this is moving northwest to southeast. the but the metro east is dry now. a damp and rather humid and temperatures are in the 50s. much of the region now across virginia and in the district and in the immediate metro area, it's generally in the mid and upper 50s. farther to the north where they've had the steadier rain shlg it's low and mid-50s. there is a cool front that's draped. way off to our west. but on the southwest of that front it's at 67 in charlottesville, but north and east of that it's all in the 50s. that front's going play a major role in the temperatures we're going have. highs in the afternoon, north and east of the front. we'll have it closer to maryland, western shores of the bay, just low maybe mid-70s this afternoon but around the metro area, around 80 degrees. so by 9:00, a little bit of sunshine in and out. temperatures into the 60s around
5:31 am
the metro area. and then by noontime for your lunn p hour, some sunshine and temperatures. should be climbing into the 70s in the metro area and peak around 80 by mid afternoon. by late afternoon is when we could have a passion thundershower rolling into the region from west to east. i'll be back with another update. danella's back with a look at traffic. good morning. >> good morning. if you're traveling along bw parkway, your lanes are a s ars both directions. continuing southbound passing laurel heading to the beltway, you're driving at 66 miles per hour. a live look at i-95 if this is your commute as you're making your way past 216. seeing some volume, no major delays just yet, no accidents to report. in fact, from 216 to the beltway, you're driving at 66 miles an hour. on 2780, guess what? i'm seeing some brake lights. i'll let you know where.
5:32 am
today former d.c. council member harry thomas jr. will be sentenced for embezzlement. "news 4" megan mcgrath is outside the courthouse with more on the today's hearing. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. harry thomas jr. is going to jail for em bezment and later he'll learn how long he'll spend behind bars. back in january he resigned from his council seat and pleaded guilty to stealing more than $350,000 in city money. the plea came after a lengthy fbi investigation and raid on thomas's home. a motorcycle, suv and other items were confiscated by investigators during that raid. prosecutors say thomas took hundreds of thousands of dollars ear marked for youth sports programs and used that money to fund his lavish lifestyle. the money was used on cars, expensive trips, restaurants, clothes. prosecutors are asking for a prison sentence of 46 months. that's a little less than four years. thomas's attorney is asking for
5:33 am
an 18-month prison sentence. sentence is going to happen around 9:30 this morning. reporting from the courthouse, megan mcgrath, "news 4." this morning a judge is expected to sentence a mother who pled guilty in her role of barricading her three children behind a dry walled wall. she and her husband pled guilty to child abuse charges last year. they nailed a 5-foot sheet of dry wall to keep the gerls from getting out of the room. the girls were 1, 2, and 4 at the time. the oldest managed to escape and got help for her sisters. a college park bar is cooperating with police as they investigate reports that one of the bar's bouncers bead an unriley patient so badly he had to be hospitalized. marcus plumber is facing felony assault charges. he kicked the man out because he threw a drink on somebody else.
5:34 am
when he tried to get back in, the bouncer hit, choked him, and threw him to the ground. he was in critical condition at one point. they may appear later this month to resolve a budget crisis. they want to call a special session a week from next monday. they hope to reach an agreement on a spending plan so they can avoid the so-called doomsday budget. that would leave the state with a half billion dollars in spending cuts. the state of virginia asking them to set aside a negligence verdict against virginia tech. jurors ruled school officials waited too long to alert students and faculty about the campus shooting five years ago. they say the evidence presented back in march did not support the ruling. families of two students killed in the shootings say they could have survived if the school had warned them earlier. well, if you stayed up for the caps game, unfortunately all you got was heartbreak. >> batted down richards. centering pass.
5:35 am
scores! >> after nearly five hours, just a crushing loss. the rangers beat the caps, 2-1, in three overtimes. the teams traded goals in the second period with defenseman john carlson scoring the only goal of the game for the caps. a that it was a goalie duel with rookie brayden holtby stopping 47 shots on the night and he's letting the loss roll off his shoulders. >> it was a good hockey game. very tight, very good hockey game. we weren't able to get the goal but no reason to hang your head or pout. we were right there. we've got rebound, get a couple of days' rest and come back for game four. >> that's right. game four is back at the verizon center on saturday. despite the fact that the caps played nearly two full games, it was only the third longest contested team in history. they cam back in 1996 against the rival penguins and that one ended in four overtimes and so did the longest game against the new york islander in 1987. that one was dubbed the easter
5:36 am
even pick. if you notice from the scores, three overtimes were not kind to the p cass. they're 0 her 4 all the time whelp the game stretches into overtime. it's a good thing it didn't go any longer. at one point they tweeted out closing time was 1:00 a.m. no matter the state of the game. i don't know if they were going to reassess that decision. >> we're glad they didn't have to because a lot of people might be stuck. they said they were expending an hour anyway and at 11:48 they tweeted the metro would close or the last train would run at 11:00 a.m. that was right up to the wire there. >> there you go. it would have been a disaster if there were no metro trains running. >> 5:36 is our time right now. giving the national mall a makeover. the designs that will soon transform that popular park space. a price that will make you scream. the astounding amount of money this world-famous painting fetched on the auction block. expect some pretty dramatic temperature differences today depending on where you are.
5:37 am
tom has a look at what to expect, plus some potential th
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[ woman ] before allegra, my allergy medicine took hours to work or made me drowsy. after allegra, i have the only one that's both fast and non-drowsy. after allegra, i have it all. purchased the 1895 ed vard munch
5:40 am
masterpiece for almost $100 million. that shattered the record for an old picasso painting a few years ago that went for $6 million. a friend sold the artwork. he plans to use the proceeds to build a museum, art center and hotel in norway. so this friend -- there were four versions of the scream. he painted four. three are in museums already. this last one was in a private collection for a friend and hopefully the person who bought it will add it to a museum collection somewhere even though he could hang it in his living room or bathroom. >> the buyer was anonymous. i don't know what you were doing yesterday evening. >> i with nouts buying a painting. >> mm-hmm. let's check the forecast. tom kierein talking about wacky whether out there. >> that's the look of eun when she sees her alarm clock go off in the morning. with dough have some dampness in the air and a chill too. the radar and the cloud cover
5:41 am
showing some low clouds, fog around virginia. yes, they area in color, those are some showers northeast of washington. the nearest that rain is now is in far north an arundel county. we're in the 50s around the area. a wide variety in temperatures this afternoon. maybe an isolated thunderstorms as well. 70s in much of maryland. i ooh el show you the forecast for friday. the seven-day outlook in ten minutes. danella, how's traffic? >> i'm watching i-270 making your way southbound. you're familiar with this. slow as you travel toward clarksburg. your travel speed 20 miles an hour as you approach 80. herb on the brakes. the good news is once you get past clark spur road it's clear. clear connector to the beltway. back over to you bought. >> thank you, danella. it's now 5:41. a word of warning if you get pulled over. why the man who walks up to your
5:42 am
vehicle may not be the real deal. a trip to the zoo
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
america's front yard is getting makeover. today the trust for the national mall will unveil the wall of the winners to renovate the mall and these were some of the proposals the trust received last month. and if you think these are impressive, wait till you see the winning sketches. "news 4's" tracee wilkins is live on the mall with more. tracee, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. it really is exciting because we have been living with the mall in this condition for some time now, so some folks have been thinking how are we going to improve it. yes, there's been a competition, there's been money raised, and people have had an opportunity
5:46 am
to submit what they think would be a great makeover for the mall and now they're announcing the winners. what's exciting about this the public had an opportunity to weigh in as well. in the end they chose a couple to design the washington monument grounds. they designed a wooden canopy to define a new amphitheater, a new pavilion with a cafe would include a walkway to the new tidal basin and partners will transform the constitution gardens near the lincoln memorial. they're designing an overhauled water basin for water boats an ice-skating. a third team's design to overhaul union square will be sent to the capitol's architect for approval. the national mall's fifth anniversary will be held at 11:30 a.m. laura bush has l be the key note speaker. she's been a huge part in
5:47 am
raising the money for the trust to do this remaking and remodeling. we're expecting construction to start in the next two years and be completed by 2016. but, man, is it exciting. aren't those perfects remaining? >> they are. i can't wait to go finish -- visit it myself in several years when it's finished. tracee, thank you. we want to know what you thing about the plans for the national mall. join the conversation on "news 4's" facebook page. ray lahood says he's confident the silver line will get the green light. he e met with key figs which is supposed to expand metro to dulles. he wants to get phase two back on track. they want to offer incentives to contractors who hire union workers. state as well as fairfax and loudoun county leaders say those incentives are too expensive. montgomery county police are
5:48 am
warning residents of a man who is posing as a police officer. yesterday afternoon a man said a woman driving behind her showed her to pull over and showed her what looked like a police badge. the man made the woman get out testify car and sit on the curb. he grabbed her cell phone and purse and drove off. police say the driver should pay close attention to the officer who is pulling them over during a traffic stop. >> when an officer is cop ducting a traffic stop. they will use the lights and siren. it is not our policy to pull up to vehicles and motion them to pull over. police say he was wearing a hat with a police logo and a police-style vest. he was driving a small black car with blue maryland plates. if you have any information on this case call 301-565-5835. the victim of the an alleged car jacking is now facing charges himself. the 35-year-old lied to them when he claim he was jumped by three men wednesday night in college park. he said the men armed with guns beat him, robbed him, and stole
5:49 am
his lexus just before 111::0011. turns out the car was found in silver springs 45 minutes before the alleged carjacking. this morns a falls church community leader is waking up in jail as a convicted child molester. the jury found michael gardner guilty of three counts of child molestation. prosecutors say he sexually assaulted two 10-year-old girls during a slumber party for his daughter at his house last summer. the parents of one of the girls spoke after the ruling. they asked that we not show their faces. >> we thought we had been extremely careful. we knew the family for almost six years. >> this verdict will definitely help us start the healing process. it's been a very, very long ten months. >> the jury recommended 22 years in prison. a judge will sentence gardner in september. prosecutors say they will retry him on another count of grag vated sexual battery.
5:50 am
the jury deadlock on that charge connected to a third victim. today a loudoun county couple is expected to stand trial for sending their children late to school. loudoun county schools say amy and mark denicore sent their three children late to school more than 85 times since september. if convicted they could face $3,000 in fines for violating a virginia school attendance law. for those who wanted to go for a really late night drink at a d.c. bar, it won't happen any time soon. the d.c. council rejected mayor gray's proposal to extend the bar hours. he proposed to keep the bars open an hour later to generate 3 million additional dollars for the district. the bill was defeated in a 3-2 vote. a group opposed to same-sex marriage says it's more than halfway toward getting the signatures it needs to let maryland votere side if it's legal. they've gathered more than 30,000 signatures from registered maryland voters.
5:51 am
it needs to collect more than 55,000 signatures to put the same-sex marriage law on the ballot. this morning there is a battle over plan to tear down a 56-year-old church in montgomery county. he wants to replace it with a new church and a mixed use apartment complex. it's on the corner of fenton street and wayne avenue. he says the current church is an important skpak example of architecture from the '50s. >> 5:51 is the time right now. we geesht clouds out there. meteorologist tom kierein is keeping an eye on all of the details. >> it's kind of humid and cool. that should wake you up, stifle ons, caps fans. >> th will wake you up. sarah brunetti sent this in. a butterfly having lunch at the
5:52 am
cafe. if you have an interesting photosend it to we're in the 50s now. as you look at what's been happening in the last several hour, we've got light showers around baldwin and northern county here along the basement showers in northern part of pennsylvania. they may make their way where temperatures there are in the mid to upper 50s. low to midst 50s around montgomery and into loudoun county but it's in the upper 50s right around the beltway from montgomery to prince george's, arlington. much of southern maryland, mid-50s. mid-50s through much of virginia except on the western side. charlottesville is at 67. ought to get into the upper 80s. this afternoon, only in the low 70s around the bay. quite a wide variety of temperatures around this afternoon. should make it around 80. maybe an isolated thundershower
5:53 am
rolling around as well. by noontime it ought to be in the '70s. during the afternoon, 80s. much warmer in virginia and about a 40% chance of an isolated thundershower popping up and a smaller chance tomorrow. maybe a morning shower, otherwise partly sunny, mid-80s on friday, low 80s on saturday. a small chance of a late afternoon shower or evening shower on saturday. into next week, maybe some more rain, tuesday, wednesday. danella, good morning. how's traffic? >> watching on i-95 seeing the crash here, the crash is moved to the left shoulder lane but you are slow as you approach. in fact, traveling about 27 miles an hour delays starts right out of stafford. you can see the accident just in the left shoulder accident. i'll give you a live look at i-95 on theoccoquan. you're driving at about 56 miles
5:54 am
an hour. and if you're traveling in maryland along 29, here's a live look at university boulevard and traveling along 529 you're clear in both directions. low volume and no accidents to report at this time. aaron and eun, over to you. >> thanks danella. heads up for drivers in montgomery county. police are adding new speed cameras and red light can kam ras. they say they'll ad ten speed cameras and 20 red light cameras before next year. they also plan to move existing portable cameras. >> instead of having them in the same place they've been for a couple of years, we're going to start moving the cameras around so everybody has to respect the corridor. >> the county already has 72 speed cameras and 40 red light cameras. last year alone they generated more than 8 million dollars for montgomery county. dulles international aerpt is near the bottom of the list when it comes to customer
5:55 am
satisfaction. it ranked seventh worst in a recent magazine poll. new york's laguardia took the top spot for the worst airport followed by l.a.x. and philadelphia. the airports were cited for having outdated infrastructure, overcrowding, and chronic delays. minneapolis, best airport, charlotte's douglas international airport took the second spot followed by bwi, which also made the list -- the best list coming in sixth j for those who use debit cards, we have good news for you. the fed has cut the price in half. retailers must pay 24 cents per transaction and that's down from roughly 44 cents. the rule is expected to have a major impact on profits for big banks ja a s banks. and instead of turning on the tv, you could be clicking on youtube for viewing your new shows. they unveiled 100 programs with
5:56 am
original programming. executives say they're planning to spend $200 million to market the shoes. it will include pramg designed specifically for women as well as a team usa olympia olympians. an elephant at the national zoo taking center stage for her new talent. take a look. ♪ yes, that is shonte. she is 36 years old. zoo officials installed a set of instruments for her to play. her faith, as you see here, is the harmon kachlt she likes to play songs with big crescendos at the end of them. the asian elephant was a gift from sri lanka. >> maybe i should go visit her. >> maybe you could take your guitar. >> i used to play the piano many, many, many years ago.
5:57 am
a toddler visited the zoo in oregon and this visit could have been a very different experience where it not for very strong protective glass that separated the wildlife from the visitors. take a look at little jack, the 1-year-old who doesn't see the lion behind him. presumably looking at jack like she's lunch. she can't seem to get enough, even biting at the glass there. it's hard to tell if she was hungry or just wanted to play? what do you think? >> i'm guessing hungry. the oregon's zoo director saysite note uncommon for lions to interact with visitors through the glass, especially if it looks like a yummy morsel dressed like a zebra. >> the stripes probably set her off. >> i know it's protective glass but i'd be like, come on, little jack, let's move along. >> the zoo says it's completely safe. i don't know if i would let the
5:58 am
kid sit there that long. >> i don't mess with the lioness. stay with us. we'll have the latest on all the top stories and "weather & traffic on the 1s."
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