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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  May 4, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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virginia will be one of the most hotly contested states this election year. right now, president obama is ahead there in one poll. he leads mitt romney in virginia by 7% according to the "washington post." the president continued to do well amongst young voters. suburban "washington post"ians, women, and african-americans. however, the survey indicates many virginians are not happy with the way things are going in the country. that could help romney make up ground. 4:30 is the time now. we turn to meteorologist tom kierein. actually had to roll all the windows down on the drive in this morning. that warm. >> felt good. felt like summer. >> it was nice. we had the nocturnal thunderstorm that came through last night through montgomery county. lightning flashing in the air. that's long gone. now it's revealed and opened up a beautiful moon. i just took this picture on my way in. this is the super moon we've been talking about. it's at its closest approach and nearly full this morning. it's going to be full on saturday night. we ought to have breaks in the clouds.
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it's going to appear brighter than an average moon. looking at the view from space, there were storms that came through yesterday evening. now everything is gone. we have patchy fog forming in the rural areas. partly cloudy to mostly clear across the region. we do have a possibility later today, though, of some strong storms developing. we are off to a mild start. low 60s in montgomery county, prince george's, arlington and fairfax, upper 60s in washington, generally low to mid 60s southern maryland, northern neck, eastern shore, as well as much of virginia, including shenandoah valley and into west virginia. panhandle of west virginia, western maryland, low to mid 60s as well. here's your day planner for this friday. happy friday. by 9:00 we'll be around mid 70s or so with a few clouds around. for your lunch hour, should be near 80 around noontime. then by mid-afternoon, clouds building and late afternoon we could have some thunderstorms developing. before then, mid 80s around the metro area, warmer in virginia. some of those storms could be
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severe. i'll talk about that coming up in ten minutes at 4:41. danella has the friday traffic. good morning. good morning and happy friday. if you're taking to the roads now, let's talk about roadwork. traveling around the outer loop of the beltway making your way from braddock and even passing robinson terminal, you are seeing roadwork still in its final stages, blocking that left lane here. but stick to the right, you'll be all right. and you're driving about 60 miles per hour. about 13 minutes to get from the dulles toll road to the interchange. traveling 66 westbound, roadwork continues again today as you make your way westbound. you're going to see on the right side of the roadway here, that's what's blocked for you. stick to the left. again, clear here. westbound travel speeds from the beltway as you head to fairfax county parkway, 57 miles per hour. and good news, not only is it friday, it's not raining. haven't seen that in a while, right? all right. back to you. >> we'll take it. thank you, danella. we are following breaking news right now. at least 17 people are dead, 40 more injured from a bombing in
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northwest pakistan. this happened earlier today in the bajour region. five victims were local security force members. the pakistani taliban has claimed responsibility for this, calling it a suicide bombing. that attack comes a day after documents from osama bin laden's pakistan compound were released. right now, howard county police are searching for clues in a deadly church shooting. two women were shot inside st. peter's episcopal church in ellicott city. investigators say a janitor found the women in the church office before 5:30. he called 911. one woman died. a s.w.a.t. team and k-9 units searching the woods outside of the building found another man dead. investigators believe he shot and killed himself. police say they're searching for clues and trying to figure out if the man in the woods also shot the two women. >> we don't know for sure how long the bodies will there. we don't know who the man in the woods is. we don't even know for sure who the two victims are.
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>> the surviving victim is in the hospital this morning listed in critical condition. we are working to learn the name of the pedestrian killed in dale city. that man was walking along dale boulevard near forestdale avenue when he was hit by a car. police say the driver did stay on the scene. so far no charges have been filed. a developing story now. hours ago the chinese foreign minister announced a blind activist can apply to study abroad and leave the country. chen guangcheng says the situation is dangerous. american officials have been blocked from seeing him. he's asked the u.s. for help in leaving china, even escaping house arrest and seeking refuge at the american embassy last week. he was under house arrest for exposing chinese human rights violations. chen says his family must be able to come with him, otherwise they'll be targeted for attacks from the government. this morning, we're getting new insight into osama bin laden's final days. the military released documents the al qaeda leader sent in the
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years before his death. they indicate he was concerned about mistakes within his terrorist organization and its allies. bin laden was upset spinoff groups couldn't win public support. he blamed that on poorly planned attacks which he claimed killed too many innocent muslims. in fact, he wrote in 2010 that he planned to announce a new phase to his terror campaign to made. in the day the lawyer for the 100-year-old millionaire who sent hundreds of thousands of dollars to john edwards is expected to take the stand in his campaign corruption trial. an interior designer testified yesterday about his role in funneling secret money from the millionaire to pay for what was described as edwards' personal expenses. the designer, brian huffman, aá sent him checks that totaled $725,000 for fake antique furniture purchases. huffman said he endorsed the checks and sent them to a fundraiser for dwads' 2008 --
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edwards' 2008 campaign. the checks stopped after her lawyer learn good them. aides stopped efforts to hide the affair with rielle hunter. prosecutors are trying to prove that edwards illegally used campaign donations to do it. edwards denies the charges. 4:36. this morning a newborn baby is in the hospital recovering from dog bites. police say the family dog attacked the baby boy in his bassinet while the mother slept. this happened tuesday at a house on culpeperculpeper county. police say it appears the jack russell terrier bit the baby more than 30 times. when the father got home he pulled the dog off the baby and shot and killed the dog. that baby is in stable condition. a 4-year-old montgomery county girl recovering this morning after falling out of a complex in aspen hill yesterday. a witness said she saw the girl fall through the window screen to the grass. when she was taken to the hospital. no word on her injuries.
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fire officials are urging families to childproof window screens as weather gets warmer. it's a busy weekend in the district with the caps and nats in town for big games and the avon walk for breast cancer. getting to the events may be tough. metro's doing work on all five lines. four stations on the green line closing including greenbelt, college park, prince george's county's plaza and west hyattsville. metro says you can expect delays up to nearly an hour. because of the closures, yellow line trains will only run between mt. vernon square and huntington. it will also run single tracking on the red, orange, and blue lines. work starts at 10:00 tonight. metro is billing the capitals for staying open an extra hour for wednesday night's playoff game that went into triple overtime, according to the "washington post." metro's spokesman says part of the more than $29,000 bill will be charged to the caps. he says there's a prearranged agreement between the caps and metro to stay open later if needed during the playoff
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season. >> that's standard. they do it if they have to open early for different events. there's usually some charge that happens -- >> after such a heartbreaking loss, they should have cut them a deal. 10% off, right? >> that's something. your time now is 4:37. ahead, searching for answers in the death of junior seau. the decision weighing on his family. the mother of yeardley love is ready to go back to court. the latest person she's targeting with lawsuits following the death of her daughter. and the thunderstorms have moved out of our region, but another line of storms could be another line of storms could be heading this way.
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you're going down! it's all over! no! it's not over yet! sofas that can take anything life throws at them.
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right field, jayson werth has a play. the nats have a series. >> yes, sir. the nationals look like they're back to their winning ways. they beat the diamondbacks 2-1 last night, their second straight win. brice harper continue to impress. his sixth inning double scored what turned out to be the winning run. the nationals host the philadelphia phillies this weekend. steven straussburg taking to the mound tonight for the nats. and go, nats. we hope this is going to be a good weekend. play through sunday. high hopes. >> we all hope it doesn't rain on them, right? >> always in the back of everybody's minds. 4:41. tom kierein, we put the question to you. how are we going to do this weekend? >> there may be a rain delay tonight. be on the lookout.
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we could have thunderstorms developing later this afternoon. storm 4 radar showing thunder and lightning. that moving color there in eastern kentucky, southern west virginia. it's moving northeast now, but does look like it's had it gets toward pennsylvania, it will turn to the east and come our way. this yellow zone, chance of severe storms from norfolk to washington. from washington to philadelphia to new york. and that would be later this afternoon into this evening. here is the day planner -- partly cloudy through the morning hours. we ought to be near 80 by noontime. by late afternoon is when we could have some thunderstorms popping up. we ought to be into the mid 80s around the metro area. hotter in part of virginia. a little bit cooler farther to our north and east, but not that super wide range in temperature we had yesterday. and if you're heading out this friday, yes, we could have passing thundershowers tonight until around midnight. a look at your weekend, the seven-day outlook into next week in ten minutes. danella, how's traffic? good morning.
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traveling along i-270, we will take the trip together right now. looks really good as you're making your way from urbana passing through clarksburg. northbound and southbound, really clear right now. again, approaching gaithersburg, making your way through rockville, nothing to report as you connect to the beltway. i'll give you a live look if this is your commute at the beltway. traveling on the inner loop on the beltway, making your way from i-270 to i-95, you're driving at 61 miles per hour, just a ten-minute drive now. back with another look at traffic in ten minutes. back to you. >> we will see you then. thanks. the time now, 4:43. still to come, firing back. what the mother accused of letting her child tan is saying to her critics. plus, he really is the king of pop. when you'll start seeing these ca
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this morning the san diego
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medical examiner is waiting for junior seau's family to decide whether to turn over his brain to outside researchers for study. boston university has analyzed the brains of dozens of former athletes. and according to "sports illustrated's" peter king, they have requested to do the same in this case. the former nfl star committed suicide on wednesday. seau's death follows the suicide last year of former chicago bears player dave you doerson who also shot himself in the chest, bringing up questions on the long-term effects of concussions. this morning family and friends will gather for a funeral mass for the seven people killed when their van plunged off the highway into the bronx zoo. the victims were part of the same fame and included three small children. dozens turned out last night for the family's wake. police believe speed was a factor in the accident. today the city of sanford, florida, will introduce a new interim police chief.
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richard meyers replaces current chief bill lee. he stepped aside in light of the trayvon martin case. so far city leaders rejected lee's offer of resignation. they say they will not make a final decision until several reviews are completed on how the martin case was handled. a baltimore man faces up to ten years behind bars for attacking a black teenager. a judge found the 24-year-old guilty of second-degree saul and other charges. in november, he and his brother attacked then-15-year-old corey osbee. they were part of a jewish neighborhood watch program. the judge didn't agree with the lawyer's claim of self-defense but did clear one brother of all charge. sentencing for the other is set for june 27. a prince george's county developer and physician will spend more than a year in prison for bribing former county executive jack johnson. a judge sentenced a doctor to 18 months in prison yesterday. the fbi caught him on
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surveillance video handing johnson $15,000 in cash. prosecutors say he paid johnson and county housing director james johnson hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes over several years in exchange for federal housing funds. a judge sentenced former d.c. council member harry thomas jr. to three years and two months in jail for stealing taxpayer money meant for kids. now the question is where and when thomas will serve his prison time. his attorneys asked his service time in florida be in florida or alabama. no decision was made. prosecutors agreed to let thomas begin his prison sentence at a later date. the former ward 5 council member pleaded guilty to two felony counts. thomas apologized at his sentencing hearing. he said he'd put himself ahead of the needs of his constituents. the state of virginia as well as the university of virginia may have to pay for the murder of yeardley love. love's mother, sharon, filed a
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$30 million wrongful death case against the athletic director and state. she claims the school ignored what she called erratic behavior by george huguely. earlier this year, huguely was convicted of murdering love. he'll be sentenced in august. last week love's mother filed a $30 million lawsuit him. virginia's attorney general denies that the state or university did anything wrong. this morning a montgomery county family will see what they can salvage from their burned out home. a car exploded inside a garage and caught the house on fire. it happened last night in the 5100 block of baltimore avenue in bethesda. jerry gilwreath and his two family members got out safely. he tells news4 the warning came when the lights inside gbegan t flicker. >> we heard a boom. i came upstairs to the door that goes to the garage, and there was a flame there. >> firefighters say a car exploded in flames and quickly spread to the house. no one was hurt. the family's three cats are
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still missing. the family says they are staying with friends, and they do have insurance. one of baseball's all-time greatest pitcher could be forced to retire. new york yankees' closer mariana rivera tore a knee ligament before a game with kansas city yesterday. he was catching flyballs during batting practice when he twisted his knee and fell to the ground. you saw it there. the 42-year-old will most likely be out for the year as he recovers from knee surgery. he told reporters later he doesn't know if he will ever pitch again. the new jersey mom accused of letting her 5-year-old daughter use a tanning bed is firing back at critics. since the story broke, 44-year-old patricia krenczel has become the butt of jokes on talk shows. yesterday she told reporters she's an excellent mother and the victim of "fat and ugly critics who are jealous." that's according to the "new york post." she's charged with child endangerment after her daughter
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showed up at school last week with a slight burn. she says her child has never been in the tanning bed, and it's all a misunderstanding. >> i think people are starting to accept the notion that with the kid it was a misunderstanding, but her appearance is something that, you know, the comedians and folks are going to jump on. >> yeah. and a lot of tanning salons, i believe it's law that you cannot bring a second person into a bed. there might be some liability there with the actual place. >> boy. all right. >> into a room. so to speak. >> right. >> 4:51. tom kierein is back with us. keeping an eye on the skies for us. >> yes, indeed. and we had some overnight thunderstorms. those is exited. we've got patchy fog in rural areas. if you're traveling today, there may be flight delays around chicago, detroit, and into new england from boston to new york city, too. some storms may be moving that way later this afternoon. no travel problems generally down toward the atlantic seaboard, near atlanta and down
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toward florida. and as well out in the west coast. if you're heading there, should not have trouble, as well as much of the nation. now this morning, all these areas in green, the lighter green, 60s, the darker green, 50s, that includes parts of the eastern shore, northeastern maryland, most of our region. maryland, virginia, west virginia, in the mid 60s now. and here's what's been happening the last 12 hours. there were thunderstorms that came through last night. now they're gone. there's a big cluftder of showers and thunderstorms, kentucky, western west virginia, those may be coming up our way here by later this afternoon. and this whole area in yellow is under a severe risk zone. includes a lot of virginia, mostly areas east of i-95. it does include washington, baltimore to philadelphia, new york city. and that could cause flight delays that way later today. hometown forecast for manassas, prince william county, by noontime, around 80 there with some clouds around. and sunshine, too. then by late afternoon, into the mid 80s and scattered thunderstorms developing. and they could be severe with damaging winds and hail.
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that would be late afternoon, into the evening hours. in fact, might have thundershowers all the way until around midnight. we'll clear out by dawn saturday. could have fog around saturday morning, too, and partly cloudy tomorrow. near 80. there's only a slight chance of a late afternoon or evening thunderstorm on saturday. cooler weather moves in for sunday and monday. partly sunny maybe rain. high 70s on tuesday, wednesday as we get into next week. danella? pretty nice now if you're taking to the roadways. especially traveling route 50. checking things out for you. taking a live look at davidsonville road. making your way westbound. no issues to report. eastbound, you're in the clear, as well. westbound travel speed, from 301 as you make your way to the beltway, 66 miles per hour. just looking at an eight-minute drive now. now to 395, checking cameras there, as well. looks nice and clear as you make your way past washington boulevard. in fact, as you're heading northbound, seeing a little more volume than southbound. nothing you should worry about because your travel speed, driving at 60 miles per hour. just a 12-minute ride.
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i'm back in ten with a look at the rails. back to you both. >> thanks. how much are you willing to pay for parking in the districtd where you look for parking. according to the "washington examiner," mayor vincent gray wants to expand performance parking citywide. this is a program that allows parking officials to change prices several times a year based on demand. for example, a spot on h street in northeast runs $2 an hour after 6:30 p.m. that's it triple the price from during the day. performance parking is already used in wards 1 and 6. it's estimated about 30% of traffic downtown can be blamed on drivers who are looking for parking. he was the king of pop, and this weekend pepsi will start selling a limited edition can with the image of the late michael jackson. it will be available first in china but should arrive in the u.s. later this month. the late king of pop who pitched pepsi in the 1980s will appear in some of his iconic dance
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poses for the promotion. the jackson cans are part of pepsi's new live for now campaign. >> could be a nice collectible for fans of his. >> they said it'scommemorate 25 years of when "bad" came out. 25 years. >> boy. it's -- i'm getting old. >> same here. 4:55. coming up, getting first-class treatment even if you're not a frequent flyer. how one airline is letting you cut to the front of the line. plus, tossing out the textbooks. [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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you can always expect more. like more on demand shows and movies than ever. and more ways to discover them too. plus more speed from america's fastest internet provider. so you can run more devices at the same time. ♪ feel a firework [ female announcer ] and best of all, it keeps getting better. no wonder more people choose xfinity over any other provider. ♪ love can be so mystical ♪
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software is usairways -- usairways offer issing a preferred passenger program that gives you priority lanes at check-in counters and airport security checkpoints. you'll get to board zone one. that allows you to board after first-class passengers. this preferred access program will remain free for members of usairways' dividend miles program. this morning you will not see students carrying heavy textbooks at one school. >> the students ditched the books for a high-tech stool. students at longbranch middle school in new jersey are using a new kind of tablet. school leaders say it's motivating the children and giving teachers instant information on homework. >> this tool keeps the students engaged. >> the kids are so -- so
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interested in class. >> if i'm on a trip, i get to see it quicker because i'll have a computer with me. >> it's like faster and you access more stuff with it. >> the students have been using the samsung galaxy tablet for four months. school officials say they do not have any test scores to measure the change from tech book over to tablet, but they say they noticed an improvement in readability from students who use the tablet. >> i guess it's a sign of the times. makes sense if you can put the information in a more compact place. >> they can put literally textbooks in there. volumes and volumes of textbooks. they're not lugging them around andz3i-heirack. >> in middle school i had science and all of the work was on the computers. i resented that. i felt like the teacher didn't engage us. i guess it was a sign of the times, too. >> maybe kids are so much more connected than ever before. >> i shoul s


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